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Teladoc App

A DOCTOR’S CARE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Teladoc® connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video consults. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. * It’s healthcare when and wherever you want it! Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary, for many medical issues, including: - Sore throat and stuffy nose - Allergies - Cold and flu symptoms - Bronchitis - Poison ivy - Pink eye - Urinary tract infection - Respiratory infection - Sinus problems - Ear infection And more… HOW DOES IT WORK? Request a consult – Open the Teladoc App and request a consult, provide medical history and pay for the consult. Your Teladoc account is also available online at or toll-free at 1-800-Teladoc. Talk to a doctor – Within minutes, a state-licensed doctor reviews your medical history and contacts you via phone or video. Teladoc consults have no time limit; you can speak to the doctor for as long as you’d like. Pick up prescription – The doctor discusses the issue with you, answers questions and recommends next steps. If medically necessary, a prescription can be submitted to a local pharmacy of your choice. HOW DO I GET TELADOC? Teladoc is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance, or other organization. Visit to learn more. This app allows Teladoc members to: - Authenticate your Teladoc account. - Talk to a doctor, anytime, anywhere. - Create and update your medical history. - Update personal, contact, login and billing information. - Utilize Apple Health integration to enable your provider to form a better diagnosis.


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  • Ridiculous Waste of Time 1/5

    By Suekat5150
    I was on vacation and have a history of chronic bronchitis. I called in so I can start on a prescription of antibiotics. My prescription was basically chicken soup and over the counter medicine. Gee why didn’t I think of that....what a waste of time over 45 minutes from start to finish.
  • Can’t get an appointment. What’s the point? 1/5

    By chelleparti5
    I’ve tried to make an appointment three times with three different providers. Each time, I wait three days and then get an email that the provider is not available and to try with someone new. Each time, I have to reenter all of my info and reasons for an appointment, choose a new person, and guess at their availability (it doesn’t seem to be connected to their calendars or desired times, because all times and days are always available). I tried contacting Teladoc via the app and received an error and could not get in touch with them. I tried calling them during their available times and got their voicemail. Useless service unless you like doing tedious tasks over and over again with no outcome.
  • Fast! Easy! Convenient! 5/5

    By Mana38382950302
    So I used TeleDoc today for the first time. Amazing. I have a sinus infection/grossness....and as I’m about to make an appointment to go to a walk-in clinic, I remember I have TeleDoc. I was connected with a doctor immediately, he spent a few minutes going over my symptoms and sent me a RX to my pharmacy. It was soooo fast. No sitting in a waiting room with other sick people. No waiting for the doctor forever in a cold room while sitting on a piece of paper. It was easier than FaceTiming my bff. Now if only my pharmacy would be as fast.....
  • Used Teladoc several times 5/5

    By baseballnut
    No issues, no problems, we have used this service several times with great satisfaction.
  • "You should see a doctor" 1/5

    By Crlaozwyn
    Teladoc is by far the most useless medical service I have ever used. My three-year-old has had a persistant raspy cough that has progressed to his lungs. Rather than take him to urgent care, I thought I would try Teladoc as the service is covered by my insurance. After technical difficulties prevented me from adding him to my account, I called in and it took about 25 minutes on the phone for the guy to read disclaimer after disclaimer. Finally I had him added, then I wrote up his medical history. Time to schedule an appointment - I chose "As soon as possible." In this case, that was about an hour and a half. Finally I get a call from an unrecognized number. The lady was polite, confirmed my identity and my son's and then said "I know that you requested a video conference but the Dr is having technical difficulties. Is a phone conference OK?" I asked if we could get another Dr if the first Dr was unable to help on the phone without video, and was assured that would not be a problem. 15 more minutes go by and I get another call. More verification. The coordinator tells me that the Dr is sick but I should be able to understand her. What? Finally I'm speaking to the Dr. She sounds like she's on some heavy medication. She asks what's wrong with my son and forgets his name repeatedly (the coordinator keeps refreshing her memory). I share his symptoms and - I kid you not - she says, "You should see a doctor." WHAAAAT? You ARE a doctor! She continues, "A cough like you're describing could turn into pneumonia." I know. I just told you that it's moved into his lungs. I politely say that the reason I requested a consultation is precisely because I suspect pneumonia. Are there any symptoms, pictures, or anything else I can provide so she can make a recommendation? "No. He should see a doctor." In the time I spent signing up and waiting for the call, I could have gone to urgent care and picked up the prescription. Now that will have to happen tomorrow instead. My first time with Teladoc will be my last. I'll be talking to my employer about how horrendous this experience has been. There must be a vendor who employs actual doctors, instead of whatever I got. Yes, you read from a script that you are a doctor. Now act like one. Update: I received FIVE automated outreach attempts from Teladoc asking me to contact them. When I responded to one of the CS emails, they never bothered to respond. I responded to a survey as well; they called back after about two weeks. The person listened to my experience, tried to justify why their doctor had made no attempt to help, said "thanks for the feedback," and that was it. There was no attempt to actually improve my experience whatsoever. I got spammed and then excuses - no actual customer service. If I could take away that last star, I would.
  • The process is worthless. Collected information but got no help this is discussing. 1/5

    By cpowel21
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By aaa6648
    Had a mail order prescription refill that was taking a long time to show up, probably due to the holidays. It was now the weekend and had run out, hoping to get a few day supply locally. Had a 60 second conversation, they said they can’t prescribe anxiety medication and to call our Doctor. Total waste of time (and $40).
  • Bad UX 1/5

    By Betty Flippin' Crocker
    The initial experience with the mobile app is horrible! Getting an account setup so you can actually do anything is extremely cumbersome
  • Not listening 1/5

    By Lizzy Nugen
    I worked in medical field. Thought I used Teladoc because what was going around was bacteria from my husband to his co workers. Which happened to get sick at different times needed antibiotics to recover. The doctors argument that it’s viral was really annoying. Statically, if multiple people recover at different time only when they get antibiotics then more likely than not, it’s bacteria. So the argument was it was a coincidence that that it happens that when they took antibiotics the viral infection went away. If I thought it was viral I won’t need to call a doctor I can take care of it myself.
  • Total fail 1/5

    By Harrygem
    Tried for the first time and sat and waited by the phone and no call. Finally got an email telling me they were unable to contact me and cancelled the appointment. After calling the number they provided I tried again. Same result, unable to contact me. The phone works fine.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By LtApd
    This was my first time using the service. I filled out my symptoms and requested a call back as soon as possible. The doctor called me within 5 minutes at 10:00 pm. I spoke to the doctor and he called in a prescription to my local pharmacy which will be ready for me in the morning. This couldn’t have been easier, no waiting and no copay. I will use this service again if necessary.
  • Don't waste you time with Teledoc 1/5

    By lititzpenna
    Just had my 1st interaction with Teledoc as it is part of our companies benefit package. If you like being read to from a script, this may be the service for you. Feeling sick and thought it would be great a have a video call and not have to leave the house. Video call requested, received phone call. The what I hope was a physician whom called me, went through a very brief medical history which was fine. Then he asked symptoms. I related my symptoms and he then I felt read from a script of what I had and told me 4 or 5 over the counter products I needed to take. I assured him I have had this before and it's not viral, as was his assumption. I told him I wouldn't have wasted his time, my time or the money to call if over the counter products had worked in the past. He got irate and said "no antibiotics for you, it's a cold" and then hung up the phone. Entire call lasted 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Have left a message at Teledoc NY office. Will be interesting to see if I hear from them. Guess I should have known better....... Will try and get an appointment with my physician.
  • Issue with login and website 1/5

    By Styerj
    Website kept saying I had wrong password (which I didn’t). Tried password reset and it sent me a link that only directed me to the app. Downloaded the app which let me put a new password in (wouldn’t let me use the one I wanted to since it said I used it before). Tried the password on he website, did not work. Also, the app keeps asking me to enable location services, alerts, etc... which is annoying.
  • Cancelled Consultation 1/5

    By GeekyHDub
    I set-up my account and requested a consultation. I received an email confirmation. Almost 2 hours later, I received an email stating that someone tried to contact me 3 times and was unable. Therefore, my consultation was cancelled. My landline phone never rang nor is set-up to block private/blocked numbers. I called the number on the email. The customer service representative was extremely nice and placed another consultation request for me. I also gave her 2 phone numbers to contact me. Almost an hour later, I received another email stating that my consultation request had been cancelled due to not being able to get in touch with me 3 times. Neither my landline nor cell phone rang. I give up...
  • Can't open app = worthless 1/5

    By tnehren
    Just installed this app. Went to open it but all it did was a quick splash screen for the logo which disappeared and then just showed a him blue bar at the top of the screen. The rest of the was entirely white and empty. Couldn't click on anything. Simply deleted it. Running 10.3.3 on iPhone 7 Plus. Several coworkers rave about Teledoc but I was disappointed with this first experience.
  • Always There 5/5

    By Peyton Midd
    Every time I use the app and service, I’m so impressed by how easy the process is to request a visit. Each doctor has been quick and efficient. I love having my information stored so we’re not wasting time discussing the same general information. This service is a must have, it has really helped our family through some painful issues. Great app, easy to use.
  • Used to be valuable terrible service now 1/5

    By Decap15
    I could understand lecturing me about viral vs bacterial if I called at the first sign of symptoms but being sick for 14 days and worsening doesn’t seem like the time to continue a home care program for 10 more days. Got two different Dr.s and they were both rude and dismissive of what I was experiencing as a patient. Seems like there was a corporate mandate not to prescribe antibiotics anymore which makes the service useless. I can research Home care on my own.
  • HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By Teach427
    My first few experiences were great. They trusted me when I would say “I need Azithromycin for a sinus infection.” But now they’re telling me to go to a doctor! You’re useless, Teledoc.
  • Overly Dramatic Doctor 1/5

    By WillAMurray
    Called in for stomach issues. Doctor jumped straight to appendicitis in panicked tone without asking what side pain was on. I calmly replied, “No, wrong side.” Her next guess was cholera, because of course we’ve all heard about the nasty strain of cholera going around in the United States. I then told her thank you but I’ll go talk to my primary care provider. She recommended I skip that visit and go straight to the emergency room and provide a stool sample, get blood work, and get admitted as something very serious was happening and she could not put her finger on it. I went to my doctor, not the emergency room, got an antibiotic, and feel much better.
  • Wow! This is great 5/5

    By DonaNobisPachem
    I used to have sinus infections frequently. Although I haven’t had one in a while when the symptoms started and stuck around I knew what it was. It’s frustrating to have to lose time off work, sit in a waiting room full of other sick people, only to be told what you already know! With a phone call, I explained my symptoms, how long they have been happening and what I’ve done so far and a prescription was called in for me! Finally something in healthcare that makes sense and REALLY saves money!
  • Just got my Teladoc Membership Card 1/5

    By BtheNotoriousPAT
    I just received my Teladoc membership card in the mail via my place of work. Initially I thought, “Wow this is a great idea and a huge time saver!!!” Then I started to read the reviews about the lack of compassion patients are receiving from doctors to the instances where people are being rushed off the phone without feeling like they were probably “treated” by the physician that they paid for to talk to. After reading these reviews and doing more research on Teladoc this evening I got off the couch, walked over to the shredder, and placed my Teladoc membership card ever so gently into it and turned it into a hundred pieces. From what I’ve read, the shredder probably treated me better than some of the physicians would. It’s a shame that a few rotten apples can ruin the bunch because it is a great idea, but when you have people who truly don’t care about either their job or the people they’re treating it’s just a recipe for disaster. Sounds like it’s time for an internal team meeting to discuss customer service and schedule sensitivity training.
  • Waste 1/5

    By Jewels9320
    Do not waste your money on this. I signed up and and spent 25$ for a doctor to tell me to go see someone else. Make sure you read ALL the fine print before using. Seems like a huge scam to me. They refused to give me a refund.
  • Piss poor service 1/5

    By Teladoc No More
    A complete waist of $25.00 and my time. Hell, I know I have a sever cold. I need medication for it. Never ever again will I use Teladoc. To bad there is no option for a ZERO star rating!
  • Crashing issue BACK- NOT resolved. 1/5

    By JesusBenNazareth
    The timer based crashing issue is back with a vengeance. :-( Previous review: The timer based crashing issue seems to have been eliminated. :-) Original review: Incredibly frustrating. Crashes before a booking is complete. Over and over and over.
  • Amazing service! 5/5

    By GODD13
    Fast, courteous, caring. I will never go to Urgent Care again!!!
  • Love teledoc 5/5

    By Cheergirl.14
    After setting up the appt for a call back in less than 15 minutes. Basically didn't think I could bear to sit in an urgent care waiting room while suffering from a UTI. Took a home test for it told the dr my symptoms and the result of the test and he sent in a rx. Warned me if I didn't improve to go to the er incase the infection would speed to my kidneys. So satisfied with my care
  • Buggy 2/5

    By lsaragusa
    App is buggy and keeps telling me access denied or my password is wrong while I’m in the application editing my information. Frustrating as my employer is basically demanding I use this service and setting it up has become a real PITA.
  • Worked great 5/5

    By WCork
    Did a video call and it worked great. Had a nasty cold and upper respiratory infection that induced a pretty bad asthma attack. Got the required meds and a renewal on my inhaler. The video service worked great and I opted in to share my health data on iPhone which helps too. This service saved me a $300 visit to a GP and the hassle of waiting, driving etc. I hope the technology advances to be able to use remote diagnostic equipment and others to be able to expand the range of services, such as wellness consults, chronic disease Mgmt etc. this is the future, folks, and teledoc seems to be a pioneer.
  • App still crashes on iPhone 1/5

    By Pianist Diva
    The latest update on 10/11/2017 made the app crash soon after launching. :(
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Runnerme19
    With a busy work life this app is truly a lifesaver. I don't always have time to schedule an office visit if it's not an emergency it's Teledoc 100% of the time I have never had any issues with them they are fast efficient and so convenient.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Sniper719
    Just spent the $40 fee to be told to go to a doctor.
  • Lazy People 1/5

    By Dogmove
    I waited app for 1hr for a so called dr and no one showed. One dr was reviewing my medical record then end the call. I would not trust these people to save a life. If you can’t help people don’t use the app
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Krissygettingfit
    I used this service for the first time. I was very impressed. This service is provided as a benefit thru my employer and saved me the high cost of an urgent care visit. It’s great for non emergent issues that you may not necessarily want to wait over the weekend for treatment. I would definitely recommend to others.
  • Google could have done same thing 1/5

    By "Big'un"
    So We have used Teladoc a couple of time a over the last few years and can say it was pretty good.. No issues getting a antibiotic called in and was a lot better than driving 30+ miles to a “doc in tha box” that over charges by $75 . But this last call was the worst I’ve seen or heard of. The lady asked all the right questions and then told me we was doing everything right and to keep it up.. REALLY?? Been sick for week and this is the care you are offering? Goggle said the same thing she did . Seriously wondering if that’s not what she was reading from. So guess we will load up and spend the $100 for a z-pack .. I will not recommend this bunch to anyone!! Beware!!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Grayfam6
    We have this service for my husbands work and today was my first time trying it. I was honestly a bit skeptical and I had to call to have help setting up my account. The account representative I talked to was very friendly knowledgeable and personable. She also stayed on the phone with me to make sure I knew where to enter medical history and everything else relevant to my call she was even able to explain to me how the process would work when I scheduled a "visit". There is also a list of symptoms and things that they CAN treat. This list was incredibly accurate and helpful. It seems like this app is either hit or miss based on reviews - I am very happy with my experience and will continue to use them for applicable symptoms. I know this is a great tool and resource and there is no substitute for actually seeing a doctor in person, however the convenience of having them call in a prescription for my infection and the quality of the doctor I talk to you were simply outstanding in my opinion!
  • Don’t Bother. 😡 1/5

    By Lady Old Soul
    They’re all over giving you a call when it involves minor crap. But as soon as you have questions about a potentially major issue, they play hot potato with you for hours until they finally drop you altogether. Not sure what the hell their definition of “care” is, but I’m 100% certain it’s exactly the opposite of my own. For that, I’d call them worthless.
  • Easy and quick 5/5

    By statstunes
    I’ve used this twice now for a sinus infection. Got called back within 6 minutes each time. So easy! And didn’t even have to leave my bed. The best idea for simple medical needs that don’t need 2+ hours to take care of.
  • Teladoc doesn’t listen to their patients 1/5

    By Cstwoman0"7
    Just called teladoc to get an antibiotic. Been sick and running a fever and didn’t feel like going out to regular doctors office which is 30 minutes away. Used teladoc service only to get a doctor that wants to argue with me as if she knows my body better than I do and quote statics to me about when people need an antibiotic. She preceded to tell me that 75%-85% of the time it’s a viral infection which I totally understand. But what about the other 15%-25% of the time. I know my body and I know the difference of when to get an antibiotic and when not to. I am normally the kind of person that toughs out a cold or sinus infection with plenty of hot liquids soups teas etc hot baths and nasal spray and mucinex d. I know that this feels different than what I would normally tough out. So basically they are just taking your money and not providing you with any real treatment and then tell you if you don't like their opinion you can request another consult they they are going to charge you to do again. It’s very frustrating to have no way to get a second opinion from them when there’s an issue without having to pay again. Very disappointed with the service and care I received today. I’ve done nothing but rave about teladoc to people in the past but I will not recommend them after today.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By arattay
    I've now used this three times and I cannot say enough good things about the entire experience! Highly recommend!!!
  • So bad I couldn’t even get help to get started! 1/5

    By littletipper
    My husbands employer offers this “service”. Don’t waste your time! It is ridiculously difficult to figure out how to add a your (the spouse) medical information because it says you need your own account but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to figure out HOW to set up “your own account” to put in your medical info to begin with TELEDOC! So I call the Teledoc help center (which is of course answered by an automated system) and I get a recording about a medical alert bracelet or something and how to get it. When I push 2 to decline it, the robot IMMEDIATELY tells me “Congratulations!! You’ve been one of the lucky selected callers today that could win a free Carribean cruise just by taking this quick survey!!” But it DOESN’T give you a choice whether you want to take it or NOT!! It just starts asking questions. Like an idiot, I thought if I just didn’t push anything that it MIGHT put me through to a LIVE human, but that was wishful thinking and it promptly disconnected me!! That was my VERY brief but lesson learning experience with Teledoc and it will be my last. Thankfully I will be able to help so many others at my husbands workplace before they attempt this ridiculousness!! I am so glad I didn’t go ahead and waste my time and money like some others unfortunately have trying to dredge through this nightmare!! Not sure why they don’t understand that people are calling in BECAUSE THEY DON’T FEEL WELL AND CERTAINLY DON’T FEEL LIKE DEALING WITH IDIOTIC FREE CRUISE NONSENSE! This is one “business” (very loosely said) I would like to see go under! Will be deleting the app as soon as I am done writing this review! Good luck everyone!
  • A waste of my time 1/5

    By 4sAppleUser
    Unhelpful and better off to just go to my primary care doctor.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hatinglife1
    Very quick and simple.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By vhill1224
    Not helpful at. I will never use them again. Called because I had a bad ear infection. I was in extreme pain in my right ear and could not hear out of it. Was told to take allergy medicine. I then made an appointment to go to a real doctor and my ear drum had ruptured from fluid building up behind my ear drum. I had to get a shot, steroids and antibiotics. No allergy medicine was going to clear that up. So basically I was out 2 copays. They aren’t going to give you a prescription for antibiotics and are going to tell you to take over the counter meds. It’s free to go talk to the pharmacist and get the same list from them.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Camalama_dingdong
    Fast responses time and friendly doctors. I travel a lot for work and this service has been very useful.
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By Newmomma123
    It took 25 minutes to get my daughter set up. She’s 2 with an ear infection. I thought Teledoc would be better than trying to get ahold of the pediatrician on call. I am a mother of 2 that works full time that does not have time for this. An unknown number calls while I’m speaking with customer service and asks if I’m my daughter. They cannot speak with me because they are not a pediatrician. 15 minutes later, same deal, they think I’m my daughter and cannot speak with me. 2 doctors were given the wrong information. I called customer service again (mind You my daughter is screaming), they put the wrong birthday in. It gets corrected, I get a call from a 855 number 10 minutes later... they had to confirm the birthday, again. It’s 7pm and I have not heard from anyone. Our pharmacy closes in 2 hours. We will not be using Teledoc again.
  • Joke 1/5

    By zoo_york926
    Waste of time and money. I get the same sinus infection every year at the same time. This doctor seems to think it’s a virus. 30 bucks down the drain. Thanks Teladoc.
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By jk3715
    I called Teledoc and was told they couldn't help me because I did not have a fever. They basically said I had a virus. Not so!!! I ended up going to my primary doctor a couple days later (weekend) I received a shot, cough syrup and antibiotics. I have bronchitis. All in all, I ended up with 3 shots, 2 antibiotics, 2 inhalers and cough syrup. I was very sick and was blown off because I didn't have a fever.
  • Wasn’t worth the cost 1/5

    By spaceynyc
    I requested a video call, the doctor contacted me via phone after waiting a half hour after he scheduled time. The doctor didn’t apologize for the delay and gave me a rushed explanation for why he didn’t video call me instead. The doctor didn’t seem very interested in hearing me out and felt like he was rushing me off the phone. I paid $40 dollars for a 2 minute call that I felt wasn’t even worth a dollar. Wouldn’t recommend.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Kaileeia
    Great app. My work pays for Teledoc so I decided to use it since I am sick and had to come home from work. The doctor quickly called me and was able to send a prescription to my local pharmacy. Here’s to getting better quickly!
  • THANK YOU!!! 5/5

    By Bbpierced
    I have a lot of medical issues which compromises my immune system. I try so hard to steer clear of dr offices & the general public during cold/flu season. Once I requested a visit for my little one, it was two minutes & we were video chatting with a doctor. Thank you for creating an easy to navigate app. I am very pleased with Teladoc & the service it provides.

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