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Telegram X

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
  • Compatibility: Android
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Telegram X App

An alternative Telegram client built in Swift, with higher speed, slicker animations, themes and more efficient battery use.


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  • The best by a mile 5/5

    By forbiddenfruitIII
    How ppl can complain about this app is way beyond me. I have tried EVERYTHING ELSE there is when it comes to texting apps, and telegram x or telegram is the best, faster and more reliable than any of its competitors. The functions it brings to lite are a one of a kind and customer service, if you ever need it, is spot on. Believe me I have tried to find fault with this app and there aren't any to be found. In this reviewers opinion telegram x and its sister are the very best texting apps the world has to offer. Even iMessage takes a back seat to these. The devs are to be congratulated on their efforts to bring these to us. Keep up the awesome work guys. I'm sticking with you.
  • Full of bugs but fast 3/5

    By Pouya dlt
    Gotta admit its faster than the original telegram but it has lots of bugs. I disabled gifs autoplay but it still downloads and plays them automatically. And when i wanna join a channel from link in safari it wont open. Please fix it!
  • Please add url scheme 4/5

    By SJDSM
    It is a great improvement and it is a lot faster but i miss ur scheme man!!!
  • Good 5/5

    By mahziyar5
    This is beta version?
  • Faster but has some bugs 4/5

    By Muh4mm4d
    Actually telegram x is faster than telegram but it downloads photos automatically while auto downloading is off
  • Messages never send 1/5

    By Drujon
    I “upgraded” to Telegram X and now whenever I open it, the top bar constantly switches between “Connecting” and “Updating”. Happens both on wifi and cellular. Now I get twice as many notifications and have to remember which telegram I can actually reply on.
  • hassan 4/5

    By hassan_payan_
    plase update bug fix
  • Ipad design.... 3/5

    By Torajx
    Why ipad design is the same as iphone vesion. In original telegram app, the view is splitted.
  • Swift and smooth, but full of bugs 3/5

    By Weril
    Bugs: - first attempt to call often fails - mute in calls does not work at all or appear to be working, but by fact not!! - send number button in bot does not work (KeyboardButton request_contact: true)
  • Keeps Signing Me Out 2/5

    By ChrisGillGraphics
    I thought this was going to fix some of the issues I was having with the regular app on my iPhone X. It did solve the issues I was having, but this app won’t stay signed in to Telegram for any more than about 8 hours.
  • Well done indeed! 5/5

    By Se7erian
    Telegram is the most popular social network in our country. Publishing a podcast on the channel of our online magazine was very inconvenient. On Telegram X the sound streaming in particular shines as one of its best features. The whole experience, the design and themes and everything; you feel it going forward every other day. Facebook messenger would force you to download 200mb updates with no apparent change every week but with Telegram you see it, you feel it, and you appreciate the effort. Well done!
  • Lacks “Copy to” 1/5

    By Capn Delirious
    I’m not able to share a music to telegram via “Open in” or “Share”, Only “Copy to” works for me which the previous App used to have.
  • autoplay gif !! 3/5

    By M0JTABA
    plz fix autoplay gifs !!
  • Acceptable 3/5

    By Mehrankd
    While trying to choose a photo from gallery to set a profile,the photos cannot be edited completely . They will be shown in a incorrect way in which they cannot be identified....
  • Works well, but with a bug. 4/5

    By DimsMusic
    It crashes as you try to share a file with another app (for example, sharing a received EPUB file with iBooks).
  • vote 4/5

    By mahmood hanafi
    Hello, In polls, it would be better if the result would not be cleared before. And the person who participates, would be able to see the poll's result right after his/her vote. Because people most likely pick the option that mostly others did Also, before voting, it would be great if there would be an option called "the results" for whom who dont wanna vote and are interested in seeing the results. Also, its better to clarify our picked option by a blue tick.
  • Гораздо лучше старого клиента 3/5

    By Verylucky808
    Быстрее, во многом более удобный клиент, чем старый. Не хватает нескольких фишек: 1) При приближении к уху запись голосового сообщения; 2) Отправка сообщения с физической клавиатуры по нажатию кнопки "enter"
  • Need update 4/5

    By Mohammady7596
    Can’t transfer music to other app like orginal telegram when connected to vpn disconnect from wifi and stuck in connecting and choose another color like red icon
  • Doesn't have pop up for old iPhones 1/5

    By Sayed Aly
    There's a huge deal breaker for old iphones. There is a pop up messages functionality in the original app for old iphones that doesn't have 3d touch. Here we don't have it and I'm just deleting it.
  • Waiting foe apple watch support 3/5

    By Hootan Ltd
    Thanks for this app but I can not use this at the moment because it does not support apple watch since Many people check messages with apple watch, please add this feature as soon as possible
  • Great for a new App 3/5

    By eleanayoo
    Missing Siri integration and Pinned Char reordering... Also loading Animations are un-iOS-like. Apart from that, great! Waiting for these features to appear until i switch - unless support for multiple accounts come first, then i will be switching to X immediately!
  • Bug 1/5

    By پوريا طلوع
    Channel , Auto Download 👎🏻
  • Add more native support 5/5

    By Kamyar Ghajar
    Telegram X is really faster than the main Telegram app, but does not support native iOS features like 3D touch on the icon and the most important one, it does not have an apple watch app. So please add these features in the next app update.
  • bug 3/5

    By ahura'mazda
    sometimes don’t work many option in app! I inactive automatic download of picture but it don’t act and gif format downloaded!
  • Fast and smooth 5/5

    By thecapnamerica
    This edition does actually run faster than the original "Telegram" app, but I'd love to see the blue app icon as the original app has, and there's no need for this "X" thing, I think better way to work around this is to rename original "Telegram" to, say, "Telegram Classic" and name this newer version just "Telegram"
  • No support for Gif-keyboard :’( 3/5

    By Shadow V.
    A shame for the most advanced messenger out there
  • Still has bugs 3/5

    By MehdiAziziNaghsh
    Bugs: 1- autoplay gif is not working 2- when auto download is off, it downloads gif and some other type of video files (with circle shape) 3- message notification sound has a bug, it changes automatically and I dont know why. The default should be note and it is note but after a few hours notification sound changes (without being chaned in setting) and I have to select another sound to work.
  • Many Bugs 2/5

    By Khorzoo
    I Can’t Change Background. I Can’t Clear Cashe. It Doesn’t Work Good. :)
  • Clear cache at the same time 4/5

    By Vahid Askari
    In this app, I can’t clear all the cache at the same time but at “Telegram” I can do that.
  • Can be better 4/5

    By Esavoak
    Waiting for bugs fixing
  • Constant notification of... 3/5

    By Lance Herrins
    I get a constant notification reminding me that to keep sending messages, you must return to the app. You really don’t think someone won’t know this? It’s mildly annoying, because I have ‘show details of notification’ off, so I keep thinking I’ve gotten a message from someone. I’ll be watching YouTube, I’ll get a message, I’ll go text my response, then go back to YouTube. But 5 seconds later, ‘Please open the app to continue sending messages’. Change this, the review will go back up to a 5. I’ve used Telegram for a few years now, I love it. It’s a good app. But please, change the notification I get CONSTANTLY.
  • Not as good as the old one 3/5

    By Ali$ali@ali&ali
    Voice recording stops when lock screen enables.
  • Great but there’s one BIG issue 4/5

    By Aymenamamra23600
    I can’t open links , i think it’s just me probably cause I’m on iOS 11.3.3 beta 2 , but it’s annoying i have to copy the link then paste it to Safari. I wish it get updated and fixed as soon as possible.
  • ailin 1/5

    By ailinmvz
    Why is the song open because the option is not to delete the profile, please see
  • 😕 1/5

    By Ręzâ
    چرا نمیتونم عکس های قبلی پروفایلم رو حذف کنم و باید ب ترتیب از انتها ب ابتدا حذف کنم مشکلات تلگرام ایکس خیلی زیاده مثلا برای زمینه ی چت ها نمیشه تصویر شخصی استفاده کرد موزیک ها رو نمیشه تو برنامه های دیگه save کرد و چند تا مشکل دیگه لطفا رسیدگی کنید
  • Needs so many fixes 2/5

    By DimoDimo
    1- Way of “forward” and other options appearing are not updated into new form 2- Audio FILES (nor voice recordings), seem to have bug, they’re not downloaded and play icon is being shown on them 3- audio file are downloaded automatically despite auto downloads are turned off. 4- 3d touch accessibilities must be back (viewing profile pic, app shortcuts etc...)
  • RTL Language 3/5

    By Aaryoosha
    Please fix the way messages in RTL languages are shown. It is indeed upsetting to see my Persian messages in LTR form.
  • Not perfect ☹️ 2/5

    By Amir Takro
    ✅ Really faster than normal Telegram ❌Can’t delete posts on your own channel ❌Can’t preview messages by tap and holding chat section ❌RTL direction problem ❌Can’t change chat background
  • bug 2/5

    By mohammadjalili
    lot off bug ...multy madia ..screen ..
  • Priviwe 1/5

    By Ali Khalaj
    Why in iPad pro tap and hold on any chat to preview its content without opening isn't work while this option is workin in iPhone
  • full bugs the app 5/5

    By pedramrostami
  • request contact not working 2/5

    By araaaaaah
    request_contact (in bot requested keyboard) is not working in telegram x
  • auto gif download 1/5

    By Jobslover
    the gif auto download is off but unfortunately it downloads all of them in groups sup i cant go into groups
  • bug 1/5

    By siya.barca
    please place new update this version has so many bugs
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Mazdak KH
    Unfortunately this app has a very bug
  • Great app but... 5/5

    By Arash.Kh
    I have a problem here, I cant disable automatic gif play, I disable it from setting but in fact it plays all gifs automatically Since its new version it has some bugs and I hope develepors solve it and release updates more frequent Thank you
  • Great app 5/5

    By [ComeRun]
    hi guys Telegram X is great and sooooo much better then Telegram. But, why can't we share a music with other player apps???!! while, we can share videos!!!! Thank again guys GREAT JOB👌👍💪
  • Apple Watch 3/5

    By _Lo23
    No Apple Watch support 😪
  • Not good enough for ios 2/5

    By Alirafi
    No diffrent,even not good in front of original telegram app
  • Very bad in telephone community 1/5

    By Persian UnAme
    I cant connect to my Bluetooth on this version when someone calls me I will delete and install the normal telegram version...

Telegram X app comments


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