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  • Current Version: 5.12.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: T.G.I. Friday's
  • Compatibility: Android
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TGI Fridays App

TGI Fridays ™ In Here, It’s Always Friday ® With our latest version of the app, not only is going to Fridays for our signature entrees and amazing drinks even easier, but you can also mobile order to enjoy Fridays on-the-go. Use the app to: • Order food and select beverages on your mobile device for easy and convenient pick up • Pay your check at the table easily by credit card on your mobile device • Find any Fridays using your current location by zip code or city and state • Get maps and driving directions to the Fridays nearest you • View and browse our menu for our daily handcrafted food and drinks • View your rewards balance, claim and use your rewards Download the Fridays mobile app now to start enjoying many more convenient and time-saving features. Please note, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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TGI Fridays app reviews

  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Hovtherid
    Can order online occasionally. Never been able to login and use rewards
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Bowhunt67
    Can't ever login. Server said they are very frustrated as customers blame the local franchise.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SophiiAmor
    NEVER WORKS! Can't even sign in or redeem points properly!!!
  • NO Good 1/5

    By Franko$&
    Cannot sign in, it has difficulties working even at Fridays they couldn't get it to work. Tried for 2 Weeks
  • Constant technical difficulties 1/5

    By Techdd
    That's all I ever see with this app. Ridiculous.
  • App is terrible. 1/5

    By MarcNjSmithMd
    I am always experiencing technical difficulties during checkout. I have not been able to order using the app yet.
  • Straight up! Doesn't work. 1/5

    By G8rchomp88
    This app needs some serious help. Unusable. Doesn't work. For such a big company you'd think they could pull it together with an app that works.
  • It's okay 4/5

    By Bzzzfest
    The app is good, shows you the menu and able to order online to pick up. I gave it a 4 star because it would be better if it had a menu to make a reservation. It's would be the best if you can make a reservation, lets you save a place to eat with a group and don't have to wait.

    By LoveSammie
    I was originally requesting ability to use rewards with a pickup order via the app, but it doesn't even work to redeem points in the app for an in store visit. App has been deleted, re-downloaded to no avail. Please fix.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LCMfrosr
    This app has not worked in months now. It's just trash now
  • Useless 1/5

    By Scionluver
    I cannot order on the app even though there is a specific tab to order. All I can do is see how many points I have. 😠
  • Interesting idea. Doesn't work 1/5

    By Branden Russell
    Doesn't stay logged in. Crashes and looks ugly.
  • Gift Card payments 4/5

    By nr1242
    I like the app but would like to be able to pay with gift card through app and be able to pay part of the bill with gift card then pay balance with credit card through the app
  • Same crappy non working app 1/5

    By Cpf Stifler
    I've been a regular at Friday's since 1990 at the first store ever opened. They can't seem to get with the technology times. This app has been broken for 2 months. First the camera would never ever scan, and now you get a message when you try manually submitting saying "this is embarrassing our system is down try later"...same message for 2 months now??? If you email customer care at Friday's they either don't reply or if they do, come up with zero solution. Yea yea I know "give your # to the waitress for points". I have tried in the past and it was difficult to get them to do that after the fact because they need the manager involved and it takes too much of their personal time to get the manager out. Fix your app on here because you are losing regulars like myself who decided to go to your competitor next door until it's fixed :(

    By Mrs.segna
    I have tried countless times to enter rewards code by scanning and manually entering as well as trying a day later and each time I get an error message!!!
  • Can't enter rewards 1/5

    By Relsiswb
    I have tried multiple times over the last week to scan in my rewards for my last purchase at Fridays, and every time it fails because their system is down.
  • Can't Set My Favorite Location! 1/5

    By rod.musselman
    Another Indianapolis location is set, but I want to change it, so I select Change & then choose My preferred location. Then what? How do I mark this alternative favorite as my NEW preferred location? Otherwise, the app is fine. Do ANY of the locations offer Wi-Fi? Advertising that benefit would be valuable, as I'm already aware that the food & service are both excellent!
  • Bad app! 1/5

    By Jolene.55
    I have a Friday's reward account but it won't let me sign in or request a new password. It freezes up after I type my email address. On an I Phone 6, with current IOS. This the worst business app I have, and I am deleting it!
  • "Oops this is embarrasing" 1/5

    By elbilo
    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I have not been able to get stripes for 5 days now. From reading the same complaint from many other people, I can't believe that you are not aware of the problem. There is a rumor that TGIF is going out if business. I hope that this issue with the app has nothing to do with the rumor. I went online filled out my request for more stripes three days ago and no stripes awarded.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By ExecGlenn
    Impossible to add rewards using this app. The scan receipt feature does not work. Manually entering receipt number does not work. You wind up holding on to a pile of receipts. The pay your bill feature does work and is very convenient in a busy restaurant. So, in summary, when you need to pay them, the app works. When they need to pay you rewards, the app doesn't work. Hmmmmm... Not sure why they would want to irritate their customers. As for now though, don't waste your time downloading the app. It's worthless.
  • Can't get credit!!! 1/5

    By Chelsea Sprite
    It's annoying trying to keep receipts with the scan barcode only to have it NOT scan, and when I punch in the numbers, it says the exact same thing "oops! This is embarrassing! Our service is down. Try again later." It's been a week, and I've tried every day! How long do I have to wait!?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By c4celia
    App doesn't work for rewards.
  • Let's you claim but not enter points 1/5

    By EricP12
    The server is always down when trying to scan in my receipt. ALWAYS! This app has been bad for YEARS!
  • Problem getting rewards 1/5

    By Soulofmazda
    I scan my receipt and always get prompted that it cannot connect to the server
  • The app doesn't work 1/5

    By Yoomother
    The account has plenty of flaws and doesn't work. I wouldn't waste the time on the download
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Belly 2011
    This app is useless. Never works. It doesn't even deserve one star.
  • Nice 4/5

    By GizmoNoH8
    Update: Overall nice app. Mobile ordering seems easy, but unable to use Rewards during checkout. Integrate access for Touch ID & Passbook for the Rewards program.
  • It's okay 2/5

    By idk1320
    This app is okay but it's extremely annoying that you can't edit all the dishes to add or subtract the items that you don't want. There should at least be a section to put special instructions. That would make this app a lot better
  • Works great! 4/5

    By Scyanide
    The app works great! Easy to use! It'll get 5 stars from me when it supports Apple Pay!
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Strestoutblond
    Can't log in... Someone messed up big time on this one!
  • Horrible Upgrade 1/5

    By Miracle's Mom
    After the update I can no longer get into my account.... This is wrong I have over 600 points
  • Not signing in 1/5

    By Littletrinigyul
    It won't let me sign in to the app. When I request to change the password it's telling me that there is an error. Please fix this!! I need my rewards!!
  • Does not keep me logged in 1/5

    By Wes89
    Complete garbage app. Can't sign in, can't reset my password. Completely useless
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By BriR1326
    I have a stripes account and when trying to log into the app it always says error. I have an iPhone 6s with recent updates. It's really frustrating when I want to use my rewards while in the restaurant and have to use safari which takes forever to load. This could be an awesome app, if it allowed people to login!
  • Freezes up!! 1/5

    By djacks222000
    Do not download this app, it freezes after you submit your payment!! If you pay the waiter regularly after the app freezes ensure you check your statement because you will be double charged.. Save the headache and don't use this app!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Machinegunkeellyy
    Scanner nor number works. Wouldn't let me enter the number or scan.
  • There's no options 2/5

    By Bamba72
    The app need to add some options in ordering... I try the app to order a cheeseburger but there is no option to add a bacon on it... Please add this option so I could rate this app higher...
  • Horrible, doesn't work and they don't care 1/5

    By Jolive4273
    The credit can't be loaded with by camera or manual. It doesn't work and they don't appear to be fixing it.
  • Not bad, but needs some work 3/5

    By 25992
    Although I like the tiles on the homepage, the app doesn't store the closest restaurant location. This results in having to open the location tile on the homepage & enter the zip code. It would be (really) nice to be able to have my Friday's listed all the time on the homepage (like Lowe's allows you to do) so I could access the restaurant's info (i.e., phone #) effortlessly instead of having to type in the zip code or find the restaurant in my (lengthy) contacts list.
  • No way to order online 1/5

    By RazrHog111
    Thumbs down. There is no way to order online even though there is a button for it. That is the only reason I wanted the app.
  • Let me pay the bill with the app while I was logged out 1/5

    By Bob Van Ess
    The app's got a big flaw. I open the app, pay my bill then find out later I was not logged into my account so did not receive my stripes. The app arbitrarily logged me out but I had no indication that had occurred until after I paid my bill. The app should've told me I was logged out before I was able to pay my bill. It knew my credit card number however while being logged out.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By 4S Sprint
    Nice to have an App to redeem reward and can scan receipt to get reward. Thank you.
  • Service 5/5

    By Sgt.Pwnage
    We were there on a Wednesday night. It had to be at one hundred degrees outside . We went into the restaurant to have a nice meal and to have a cold beverage . However, that's not what we received. Their air conditioning unit was not working. Who in their right mind keeps a restaurant open, full of hot angry customers , a nasty hot waiter , and who knows what was going on in the kitchen. My husband and I never saw a manager when we were there. Then, to make matters worse the electricity went off !!! At that moment like an angel from heave a woman with a big headband, that covered all of her hair approached us. " Would you folks like something to drink?". We were both flabbergasted. In the middle of chaos, this lady offered us a drink. We both kindly accepted her offer , while she retrieved us two cold beverages. The waiter that we had was having a nervous breakdown in a corner somewhere. She was calm and cool as a cucumber . We both were drinking coke. I asked her , how she could get us a coke and the waiter could not. She explained that " she had skills". She also told us that bar coke will run without electricity . What a wonderful experience !! We learned from the host that her name is Amy , and she had many regulars. We know why .. When put in a sinking ship, this gal put on the captain's hat and sailed to safety. We will back and ask for Amy, a true gem in a world of servers that cower in a corner in a moment of adversity !! Thanks Amy
  • Online order 1/5

    By Lady Kay 085
    I can't order food through the app like it states you can. Fix asap!
  • Needs help 2/5

    By Hazelnutmami
    The app always has an issue says contact server. I can never see my points, rewards or even add my points at that time! It is horrible and needs to be fixed right away
  • Registration problem (Massachusetts) 1/5

    By JanellyMarie
    App is not letting me register, it's telling me it needs a 5 digit zip code. I am entering my zip code properly, app needs to be fixed!!! 😡
  • It Won't Let Me Register!!! 1/5

    By Big D 64
    The app won't let me register because it doesn't accept a NJ zip code because it starts with a zero! What good is that?!? 😡
  • Fix needed 1/5

    By Prglow
    I like the application when it is working as it's easy to redeem rewards but has not been working since at least Friday (5 days now). It says to see waiter about it but they have no idea how to fix it. Bummed that I couldn't redeem my reward because of this. Please fix it!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By tianagorham
    I took a survey AND tried to enter stripe credits. TOld me the stripe code was invalid whether I scanned or typed it in. What's the good of this other than cluttering up my phone?
  • Mobile pay doesn't work 1/5

    By dnbreyen
    No one at restaurant knows how it's supposed to work. Would rather just pay server with #ApplePay since they are using tablets to take orders anyway.

TGI Fridays app comments

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