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Welcome to a brand new way to experience The Atlantic, wherever you go: Our redesigned app, designed for the iPhone and iPad, is now available exclusively to subscribers. Read offline. Bookmark anything. With no ads. Access every new story from the magazine and website, along with an expanded archive of magazine issues—dating back to 2004—that can be downloaded in full for offline reading. With easy browsing, The Atlantic app gives you a seamless way to engage with all of our daily reporting and analysis. Note: You’ll need to purchase a subscription to The Atlantic to use the app fully. New users get a two-week free trial through iTunes—or, if you'd like access to special bonuses and the opportunity to receive the print magazine, head to Monthly iTunes subscriptions are sold for $3.99 and annual subscriptions are sold for $23.99. Payment will be made through the iTunes store to your iTunes account. Subscriptions automatically renew, unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for the renewal 24 hours prior to the start of the following period. You can turn off the auto-renewal in your device's Account Settings. iTunes typically does not offer refunds for active subscriptions. The two-week free trial period is available to new iTunes subscribers. iTunes subscribers will not be billed until two weeks from the trial start date and can cancel any time prior to the billing date. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:


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  • lame handling of mandatory upgrade 3/5

    By elektronen
    New version of app requires iOS 10, but for those stuck at iOS 9 (original iPad Mini), last 'compatible' version of app is offered, but then this pops up 'update required' over and over after you launch the app, until you give up. This is a sucky way to handle this - just tell your users of barely-obsolete tech upfront that they can piss off.
  • Can’t access saved articles offline 3/5

    By CHR-Seattle
    On my iPhone 7+ with iOS 10, I saved 3 articles to read offline later. When I went to read them offline, I was told no articles were saved. In settings, however, it says I have saved 3 articles using a total of several MB. So they are there but not accessible. Frustrating. Other than that sore point, I’m generally happy with the app. Love the content.
  • Only works if you have iOS-10 3/5

    By Pebble 57 user
    Works fine on my iPhone, with iOS-10, but not on iPad which for some reason I can't upgrade to iOS-10.
  • No offline reading 1/5

    By Matthew PDX
    I’m a magazine subscriber and since the newest release I haven’t been able to read the articles offline on my iPad. The app works well when connected to WiFi but if you’re like me and use your iPad for reading on flights then it’s a complete waste of time. I’ve been hopeful they were going to release a fix by now and I’ll change my review/rating as soon as this major flaw is fixed.
  • C'mon. Fix the app! 1/5

    By Masoon2313
    I can't get new subscription or my archived versions. How hard can this be? Seriously.
  • Magazine is great - but this app is far below sub-par 1/5

    By BayouJefe
    Rather than listing complaints, suffice to say that over the 2 years, it seems that everything that can wrong, goes wrong. Blank screens, current episodes unavailable, and limited help. For such a great and esteemed magazine, it’s shocking how bad the app is
  • Update works only on IOS 10 1/5

    By Coripe
    If you own an iPad three years or more old, it doesn't upgrade to 10, so no more access to The Atlantic. You just lost a big audience.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By chriscrans
    Keeps telling me I need to update the app at the Apple Store. There is no update. So instead... A black screen
  • Why did you destroy a good thing? 1/5

    By Ssgrf
    I opened my app, and got a screen msg telling me to update my app. I went to do just that and there is no update to be had. I preferred reading the magazine through my app, and accessing the articles there as well, as opposed to the website. Fix this, or risk losing a subscriber. My impression of the magazine business is that paid subscribers are a valuable commodity. Pay attention to them. There are enough bad reviews here to learn from.
  • Still not there 2/5

    By WStGA
    Still asking me for login details. Even though I have a print subscription that I have linked to the app, there appears to be no option to select appropriately. I didn’t buy via iTunes; I am a print subscriber BUT I have used the app before. In any case, selecting this option takes me to a blank screen. Infuriating. Meanwhile, the Atlantic sends me ludicrously early reminders to renew my subscription, which doesn’t expire for another year at least. How hard can it be to fix this?
  • No no no 1/5

    By realmadrid4
    This is almost there, id just like to not ha e to try to relink my account over and over. Also loved that you used to predownload articles, flip to airplane mode and still read. The latest UI overhaul caused major login issues. Latest smaller update didn't fix any issues linking to my Atlantic subscription.
  • Love the magazine, don't love the app 1/5

    By Janed396747465284
    Update: since the iOS update it’s no longer possible to log into the Atlantic app as a subscriber. You just get a blank screen. What’s the point of subscribing. I don’t want to read the paper magazine only! Fabulous magazine, great content. App has some pain points. First, I periodically and mysteriously get logged out of the app and logging back in is a huge hassle. Be great if I could just stay logged in. Second, if I flip the screen all the text gets smushed together and weird, and the only way to fix it is to completely shut down the app (not just close, but force quit). Third, if I close my iPad or power off with the app open, the text gets all wonky and the app has to be force quit to reset.
  • App no longer works on iPad 2 & Earlier 1/5

    By TripleJ82
    Open the Atlantic Mag today 10-04-2017 and you will receive "Update Required " message. You can't open the app ever again. Check your software under Settings - General - Software Update, and you will have the latest version of 9.35 on your iPad 2. Call into Atlantic Mag Customer Service, get transferred twice, and they will tell you that you must have IOS 10. This is the 1st time I that was effectively told me that I must buy a new IPad to continue accessing my paid subscription. Terrible way to treat a long time customer subscriber.
  • Worthless if offline 1/5

    By Captlonestar
    Can’t read downloaded magazines offline. Very inconvenient considering this is how I use the app the most. It’s been awhile since this new app was made. I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed yet. If this ever gets fixed will update rating
  • Brilliant articles held hostage 1/5

    By Phaedrus1
    By garbage technology that prevents subscribers from reading articles.
  • Impossible to access for subscribers 1/5

    By Roachcoach77
    Theoretically great... if you could actually get to the content you’ve paid for. Figure it out.
  • No option to Unsubscribe from daily emails 1/5

    By Dave McA
    Unfortunately I signed up for daily emails, and now cannot stop them coming.
  • Only a paywall now 1/5

    By Aqua TRock
    You used to be able to read stories without a subscription. You only needed that for the magazine articles. Now to access anything you need some type of subscription. For what it's worth you can still access Atlantic stories through the Apple news app.
  • Unable to link to existing subscription 1/5

    By MarkPEngineet
    Once app updated I was unable to view content until my print subscription was linked. If instructions are followed You get a blank page without any way to actually complete the linking process. Emailed support twice with no response. App is now useless. Bring back the old app!
  • Why such a buggy app? 1/5

    By dan8901
    Asks me to link subscription. Click to do so and up pops an empty window. No access via the app.
  • They removed the Sexes heading 1/5

    By Arthur Fhardy
    No more collection of rib-tickling gender stories en mass.
  • Don't Bother - This Version Is A Waste of Time 1/5

    By wrherndon
    Hoping to finally be able to view my subscription and The Atlantic's articles on my iPad, but no such luck. This app is worthless. Anytime you are off the Internet for more than an hour, the app dumps all your saved stories and freezes when you try to look at one of the downloaded magazines. But even more frustrating, all of the saved stories are still in your iPad's memory, you just can't get to them. In other words, this app has a significant memory leak. Your only option is to delete all the saved stories...which you couldn't get to anyway. The money you've paid for your digital subscription is wasted.
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Wheeler Home
    Running on an older iPad. OS 9.3.5. App keeps showing "Go to App Store" message with OK button. Click OK and shows a brief updating app progress bar and message reappears. Deleted app and tried restoring from the App Store. Said the app requires OS 10 something, but could load an earlier version of the app. Clicked OK, but when the app opened got the same message as before, "Go to App Store" with OK button. Don't pretend that your changes won't have an impact. If you aren't truly going to support your app on older devices, just say so.
  • Forgets Subscriber Credentials on Update 2/5

    By Vcxzghj
    I like the new app interface. But a major annoyance is that the app forgets my subscriber credentials when it updates. Please fix.
  • Wasted 1/5

    By Security chair
    Now requires iOS 10, and I only get 9.5. Guess I'll drop my subs to this elitist screed when my subs expires!
  • Genius devs pull support for IOS 9 1/5

    By Jrb1953
    Thanks for nothing!
  • Password problems 3/5

    By IceIceDavey
    Forgot login credentials on update, won't log in. Reset my password, won't accept new password either. Update: tried resetting to shorter password. Devs, if you have a maximum password length, say so!
  • Best update! 5/5

    By crasshipster
    The Atlantic content is fantastic, as always. At last, the app does some justice to presenting the content. Bare bones but highly usable, stable, easy nav, article sharing and saves, newly included video content - from which I discovered Atlantic content on YouTube without leaving the app. All a long awaited relief for app users. I read another review - I disagree: I'm glad NOT to have comments and user-based data. The website is for that. Please keep the app clean! As a subscriber, I just want to read unobstructed content with nothing begging for my input or forcing me to work around others'. I work with the articles - save, share, get info from to other sources, quote from for blog posts and discussion. It's nice to open the app instead of just glancing at the Atlantic icon on my iPad and going to the website. I kept the app as a reminder (I enjoy a lot of sources and I lose track). Big thanks to the devs for the desperately needed update!
  • Big improvement but ... 4/5

    By RGSilvers
    The rearrangement is helpful, especially putting Saved in its own section instead of subsumed in the unintuitive Settings Forwarding an article does include the URL. Sometimes in the previous version, the email would have lack the very URL that was supposedly forwarded Easy ability to save magazine articles and build a personal library is also useful However, three shortcomings: First, the magazine should have a table of contents with check boxes so readers can flag what we've read Second, each article should immediately have a link to the comments, as appears when viewing the article through a web browser Third, why are all articles free through a web browser, but no articles are free via the app? $24 for a year when I can read on the same device and even save to a reading list, ...
  • Sadly Uninstalling 1/5

    By John0626
    Paying for a subscription to read articles in the app when you can read the same content on their website for free is throwing your money away. Make the app a one time nominal fee to download and I would've considered it, but requiring a subscription for what you can get elsewhere for free is sheer stupidity.
  • Night and day difference. 5/5

    By Smrvl
    This new app is a world apart from the old one—it's clean, fast, and a delight to use. Kudos to the Atlantic's digital team!
  • New update restricts non-subscribers 1/5

    By Ngffj56777453288gbj
    After the update the app became for subscribers ONLY. What a fine idea! I'm better off deleting the app and accessing the magazine online.
  • Significant update 5/5

    By joeyquarters
    The new interface is a major improvement over the previous app. Everything feels slick and responsive. Great job!
  • App won't open after downloaded. 1/5

    By Sbasun
    tried several times. Waste of $. Using iPhone 6S.
  • Pay wall is the antithesis of 'of no party or clique' 1/5

    By Hamburger2147
    Introducing a pay wall is neoliberalism incarnate. The Atlantic famously decries they are "of no party or clique." If this were truly the case there would be no pay wall for using the app. The subscription is affordable enough for me but I do wonder if it is affordable for everyone. Why should news be only for those who can pay for it?
  • Bravo! 4/5

    By Roof Pig
    The new version of the app is a huge improvement. 5 stars if you synced bookmarked articles across devices.
  • Mixed bag 4/5

    By MacGenius
    The layout is cleaner and in general things seem a bit smoother but some loss of usability. I was using the app a couple of times a day and the ability to flick from one article to the next/prior one was very useful to me. Also the fact that articles now show up multiple times in different areas in the main screen is truly annoying.
  • Great improvement 5/5

    By Kerpa5725
    I love the new app set up and it feels like most other good news apps I have used. The only minor issues I would like added/fixed are a search function for past articles and to have your saved articles carried over or attached to your account so they are not wiped for major updates. I am not sure if that was because of the major redesign this time but it is an annoyance.

    By HeyJudeJES
    unbelievably bad requires a login but no "forgot my password" link
  • Hooray! Great new version! 5/5

    By strikeseason
    Thank you thank you for making a modern, quick loading, browsable Atlantic app! Major improvement over the old version. It's so easy to read the great magazine and web content now. Love the magazine issue download for offline reading too. 😁
  • Srsly? 1/5

    By WillyMc2
    The Atlantic app was one of my most used. I love the style. Most trusted source of news and analysis. From time to time I would buy the digital issue through the app if something interesting was behind the paywall. Now I have to subscribe to view what was free, and what is still free through the web experience? Mind boggled. Delete.
  • Greatly improved 5/5

    By EmmetPismire
    Version 5 is a significant improvement over previous versions. Updates and magazine issues update and download quickly, settings allow for customization of text style, and downloading or removal of magazine issues is clear and simple. So is navigation within issues. Nice job!
  • Mr Theodoro 1/5

    By Mr Episode
    One of the best magazines ever; one of the worst apps ever. C'mon, people, hire the guy who the New Yorker app.
  • Continued frustration 1/5

    By Apple is bossy
    I'm in the same boat with most of the other one star raters. It's incredibly frustrating to have to find your mailing label every time they decide to update the app. As someone else already said, I'm traveling and using the app, therefore I didn't bring a hard copy with me. That's much of the point of using it.
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By JamesP2012
    I have a print subscription. I logged in to the app. I can't access all issues. I can't search for an article. I want to read a particular story in the latest issue that has not been delivered yet. I can't. What a hassle. Don't bother.
  • I wish I could give it ZERO stars 1/5

    By Gaylie J
    Accessing content is a nightmare. All too often -- like others who have reviewed this app -- I am denied access and receive a message telling me to white list the magazine (but I'm not using an ad blocker) or fork over $39.99 to see content that I believe I have already paid to read. Has anyone at The Atlantic tried to use this app? I find it hard to believe that a publication of this stature provides such an abominable app experience. Time to think about giving up this subscription.
  • Bad app design 1/5

    By Pmjk
    If the app followed the design of the mobile website, 99% of my complaints would be resolved. I just use the mobile website, this app is such a waste. Not sure why this app totally disregards decisions made for the flow of the pc and mobile websites. Totally disjointed.
  • Works fine for me 5/5

    By dimroc
    Don't know what all the fuss is about. Although, I didn't login.
  • Disappointing! 1/5

    By f+h+b
    I'm preparing for a long flight so I thought I would download a couple of recent issues that I missed. However I can't figure out how to do so. The current issue is available, and that's all I can see. But, it doesn't appear I can access any other issue. I've been a subscriber for years so it's not as though I don't have legitimate access. The app is so poorly designed I just don't know how to navigate it!
  • Awful app. Can't even log in. 1/5

    By mistercrusty
    The process of subscribing to a digital-only account is made chronically frustrating by a poorly designed and implemented website and app. Although I received email confirmation, I am unable to log in to the Atlantic iOS app. Not worth the aggravation. Just requested a refund. They are holding back a few bucks to cover the print edition they allegedly already sent. (I ordered a digital-only subscription).

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