The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

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  • Current Version: 6.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: PONOS
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Battle Cats App

-= Weirdly Cute Cats rampage across the world! =- Command your Cats with simple controls in a battle through space and time! No need to register to develop your own Cat Army! BATTLE WITH ALL THE CATS!! =Super Simple Battle System= Just tap on the Cat you want to fight for you! Fire the Cat Cannon to blast baddies getting too close to your base! Overcome weird enemies with the right Cat squad and take down the enemy base! =Super Simple Leveling System= Clear stages to get XP and items to level up the Cats! What will they evolve to at level 10? Can you unlock their True Form? =Super Simple Fun!= Collect glorious treasures while you take over the world! Recruit dozens of rare and exotic Cats(?) and create the ultimate feline army!! Hundreds of stages across three Story Mode adventures and the Legend challenges. Presented by PONOS


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  • Energy Problema? 5/5

    By Fuzzyone66
    For people who are frustrated with the Cat Energy system, do not quit playing. There is a way to speed up the accumulation of the Cat Energy. One way is heading to the upgrade screen, like you would when you would like to upgrade cats. Now, scroll right all the way until you can see “Cat Energy”. Now you can increase the maximum limit of Cat Energy (and how fast you get it) for hard-earned experience. Another way is to look for Treasure in the levels you already have completed. Getting Treasure will improve various aspects of the game like how fast you accumulate money, how long the cooldown before putting out another cat is, how much experience you gain by winning. Looking for treasure is easy, but may be time consuming. All you need to do is play the level over and over until you see either a bronze silver or gold star above the level name. The golden treasures (called superior) are the most beneficial, and the bronze (inferior) are the least beneficial. You can utilize treasures to make your cat base stronger, your cats deal more damage, and more. You really should take research into what you enjoy, if you are having trouble, to really enhance the experience. Dont just complain about the energy on the reviews. thats going to get you nowhere. You can look up a guide on how to improve your situation, or you could just sit there and whine, its your choice..
  • Love the game but the cat food is too expensive 3/5

    By jimmy1990
    I love the game and want to be able to spend money buying cat food to support the game and unlock more of the rare cats but $50 for enough cat food to do an 11 cat draw is way too much!!! If it was closer to $5 or $10, for an 11 cat draw I would be spending nearly every week on this game but as it stands I can't justify it, even during the last guaranteed uber event I wanted the new white rabbit cat so bad but $50 for a 1 in 4 chance to get her is too much. I would gladly spend $50 on five 11 cat draws at $10 each in order to get her but $50 for a 1 in 4 chance is too much and the other uber sets have even lower odds of getting the specific one you want...
  • Elemental Pixies need an earth element 5/5

    By Needs more elemental pixies
    You have the fire, the water, the air, and the lightning in the elemental pixies event, but where's the earth? Please add an earth pixie.
  • Add multiplayer to the battle cats!!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By Becki1031
    If u do dis I get all u games
  • Great game 4/5

    By Gunslinger gk
    I only have one complaint. Why is it that the Japanese version gets more and better colab versions than the U.S, for example:Fate/Stay night Heaven's feel was a recent event in October only for the Japanese version. I know they are releasing a trilogy of movies now. So can you release a colab event for both the Japanese and U.S apps when the next movie comes out, thank you. Also can you add zodiac cats in the stories of legend. These cats would appear only during each respective dates for the zodiac, and they would only appear during those dates in the stories of legend. With a rarity of rare. These are my only requests.
  • i'm in love with this game! 5/5

    By alexisasdfgh
    It has been a really long time since i found a new game that i love, i am so glad i found it! The thing i probably love most about this game is how many different cats there are to be unlocked, every cat is different and keeps gameplay exciting! For example, in Plants v Zombies, i've played it quite a few times and i can easily get through it in a week because of the lack of levels. Thank you to the creators of this game. I am excited to keep playing this game and i have a feeling it is just going to get better :)
  • Amazing Game!!! 5/5

    By EpicGamr1234
    I’ve only had this game for like 3 months and I just got to chapter 3, this game is super fun. Don’t listen to those people about the cat food, it’s actually super easy to get, they give 30 cat food to u as as daily reward, I’m fine with the energy, just to sum up everything, this is game is just amazing!!!!!
  • Chap 2 moon impossible 1/5

    By if u read dis u gay
    So I’ve had this problem for weeks. I have everything i can maxed up. Every single cat. Every single cat base trait and a ton of cat food. I have used baby boom at least 4 times each battle and still i fail to get the boss to less than 80%. I have sent out every area attack, heavy hitting, distraction, Tank, i have sent out everything i can and still every time i kill a mini- boss (such as the red rhino) it spawns again instantly. Uninstalled.
  • Buff the attack speed of super galaxy cosmos 5/5

    By Cactus elly
    This is the best game I have ever played in my life, but the first Uber I ever got was Super Galaxy Cosmos and I look up his stat on the battle cats wiki and I look at the attack speed and I start to moan because the attack speed is over 20 seconds, and to me game that is super slow now I wouldn’t mine that attack speed is super slow if Super Galaxy Cosmos did very high damage but Super Galaxy Cosmos only does 39,000 damage which make is one of the weaker uber actually that would make around in my calculations it is around the fifth worst uber but if you raised the attack speed of Super Galaxy Cosmos and raised the damage of the cat it would make it so much better and easier for newbie players that get the grateful crane (first form of cosmos) and think hmm oh wait isn’t that the Uber that is very good for destroying floating and that would conclude my request but another thing you might want to add to Super Galaxy Cosmos is a true form that is just a thought by now that concludes my request to make the attack speed of Super Galaxy Cosmos faster.
  • The wall 5/5

    By probattlecatsplayer
    Guys some of you might think you will hit a wall if you don't buy cat food.But it's always possible to overcome it at one point.I hit a wall once but I got my cats leveled up,got true forms and I overcame the wall! It just takes some effort into surpassing the wall.Now I heated all the chapters in empire of cats into the future and cats of the cosmos and am on stories of legend cutpurse coast 2nd stage and has not spent a SINGLE PENNY.You guys can overcome the wall.
  • Good time consumer 5/5

    By 🐕 shiba inu lover
    Really like it. Not much else to say.
  • Is there anything wrong with game?! 5/5

    By Bunny da bunny
    Ive been playing for a month and it is THE BEST GAME on my iPad. Ponos keeps the game fresh and adds new cats all of the time! The only thing wrong is energy, it’s annoying.
  • 9+...? 3/5

    By nyantoaster
    Great I love it I’m eleven but the app says thing not for children take a look at the evolution of the leggy cat and the desc of the elephant I might undownload just because this game has bad things
  • Uber’s 1/5

    By Haljorean-3
    So I’ve been playing for a month now and I have one Uber and I bought cat food with money, and got no Uber’s from the Epic Fest.. I going to uninstall and I suggest you do to. Before this game hands out free, Uber’s to popular YouTubers.
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By Player7562
    I was introduced to this game by my friend and I thought I should install it. After one battle I could barely stop playing this game! I definitely do not regret downloading The battle cats and also, my favorite cat is true form bahumut cat. This game is awesome and another one of my friends is playing playing this game and they also love it! Thank you for making this game!
  • New updates are meh 4/5

    By Frank frank fank
    The updates are kinda stale, the true forms are alright. The stages however are super boring and unmemorable, I liked it better when effort was put into these stages
  • Good but parts are inapropiat 4/5

    By Cat girl ld
    Look this games fun and cute but thundia and devine tnundia have her boobs hanging out and thats bad and bondage cat needs to be renamed like rope cat or tide up cat and white enemies need to be a trait and event enemies need to be in the enemy wiki thing and event enemies need to be an trait and thats all and dom cat needs to be removed cuz shes you know inaporpret and thats it ether way awesome game
  • Broken 1/5

    By Blak skarface
    Battle cats is broken I tried 19 times to get an Uber on an epicfest and only got rare cats. When I did it on an Uberfest I got two Uber’s in a row don”t waste your rare tickets on an epicfest when most lickly you will only get rare cats.
  • A good idea 5/5

    By Bob1234577
    Do you know how you have to wait one day to get a cat ticket? Well how about we can buy cat tickets and 1 costs 10 cat food so that way it can't be to overpowered since it can give you true forms and rare cat tickets by trading the little things in But to me it's a good suggestion
  • This is the best game ever 5/5

    By Misterman1987
    This game is the best ever. The beginning is kind of boring but once you get past that, it gets amazing. And the fact that updated don’t take too long to come out for the English version after they released it for the Japanese version. Overall this game is just amazing
  • Review 3/5

    By Jjknkn
    Very good game, but please don't make as wait when it loads and please delete the cat god, as it is not so respectful. But I love this game a lot
  • Chapter 3 is to hard 4/5

    By Dw61623
    I've been playing for a while now and chapter 3 they spawn like three of each boss but think about it that sir seal three times and I can't defend because they knock my troops back and one shot them before they can even land one hit and my troops are high levels that I use witch make this pretty unfair so I can't get past Mexico now because they just spawn elephant after elephant plus the elephants get a meet shield from other enemies making it impossible for me to do damage to them and the attack and health of the elephant is way to high so plz lower it and the cost it takes to deploy troops
  • Amazing game 5/5

    This is one of the best games I have known in my life! Addictive, not too hard, and fun! It’s pretty easy to not use money on the game and still get a lot of good cats( just like Paris cat, it’s OP for me) you can hit a wall in the game if you don’t have enough Ubers, but it feels very satisfying to easily beat the levels you struggled with with your new Uber(whatever one you got). When I got megaphrodite, I felt pretty satisfied zooming past some levels that used to be hard. But, of course, I hit another wall and got warlock and Pierre in the 2018 New Years event! I was proud! K, this is getting off topic. But basically, this game is amazing and fun and all kinds of positive words! Like, you literally can’t put a bad review on this game!!!
  • In app purchase centered 2/5

    By Mewmyongmeow
    Fun for a while but immediately gets frustrating with difficulty spikes and the energy limitation is obviously designed to get you to spend loads of money on the cat gatcha. Been there done that, I’m not spending money on a gambling mechanic thank you very much.
  • TRASH 😡😡😡 1/5

    By BATTLE CATS H8R 🐱❌🚫
    This game is an absolute abomination of a game. You should never play it because you start out loving it but when you beat ch. 1 you get bored as ****. You need all these “Uber Super Rare” cats that you only get from rare cat capsules, the loot boxes of this game. I spent over 25 dollars on this game and now I look back and see my mistake. I ONLY GOT 1 UBER!! 1 Uber out of almost 15 cat capsules. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON A PLATINUM TICKET THOUGH. Look them up in your own time. (Spoiler alert: THIER 15 DOLLARS!!!!!!!) I’m ashamed of myself for playing this game. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME!!!!!!!!
  • So addictive 5/5

    By All hail poopypants
    This game is so addictive I highly recommend, it is both challenging and entertaining and overall a great game. I would want a mode that you play as the enemys and face off against the cats, I just think that might be cool. Also the energy is annoying so I would take that out all together. Yeah that pretty much sums it up an amazing addicting game. You guys should definitely consider playing this outstanding video game.
  • Hello 2/5

    By jxbeue hdhdhrkeu
    This is a great game in all but I was playing and I was going to do my first 11-draw and it only opend one capsule and then ended then I checked to see if I clicked the wrong thing but I spent all my 750 cat food and I was asking if I could have a refund for it or something.this is an amazing game though.
  • Cat ideas 5/5

    By Xhvvghhdndgfhfjgd
    Ugandan cat Ugandan warrior/queen cat Blob fish cat Meme cat
  • Great but.... 5/5

    By csdavies925
    I'm barely mid-game but I use delquient cat often and I would like a true form.
  • Why T-T 3/5

    By Termsign
    I've recently moved and my time changed since i moved from korea, my engery wont regen. I have no other way of deinstalling it to fix it
  • Was great while it lasted. 4/5

    By thughyung
    I've been playing for years now, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. That is, I was enjoying it while I could still play. Unfortunately, I'm quite poor and have an older phone that doesn't support IOS 8, therefore the update that changed the compatibility screwed me over. I can no longer open calsules, which pretty much ruins the game. I had a great ride and had TONS of cats (super rares, etc.) but I believe it's about time for me to delete the app. If I can't use it, there's no use in me having it take up space on my device. I'm mostly reviewing this app now for sentimental value, but I guess this is the end of me and the good ole cats of battle. Thanks Pono. I do wish you'd not made it impossible to play without IOS 8 or higher, but shrug shrug.

    By imonthetoilet
    I got this a year ago and ITS SO AMAZING!!! Sure there are some kind of annoying parts. It gets really frustrating if you’re like me and never do any kind of in app purchases (and there are a few). But even I got past most of them fairly fast and I have not spent a penny on this game. Also the people who say you never get any ubers, well all you have to do is wait. I’m at chapter 3 out of 12 (the chapters are super long and hard) and i only STARTED to get ubers at all at the beginning of chapter 3. You just have to be lucky and patient. There are a few walls in this game that are frustratingly impossible *coughcoughchapter3Canadacoughcough* but the key is try again. Only until you are sure and absolutely sure the level is almost impossible then thats when ya go back for exp, treasure and cat food. Another tip is to remember to update your battle formations. And remember TO ALWAY HOARDE THE CAT FOOD. CAT FOOD = LIFE. BE VURY CAUTIOUS USING IT YOU MAY NO GET SOME FOR A WHILE. And every once in a while you gat 30 free cat food for a month to celebrate another 10000 new players (we are currently at 34000).
  • Great game... help. 4/5

    By JasonPuppy7
    Ok, so, this game is pretty great. The energy is HORRIBLE though. Please remove the energy or increase how fast the energy refills. Also, I upgraded my worker cat efficiency twice, but now it says my wallet is full when I don’t have enough to get the next upgrade in-game. Like, I will have the max amount of money I can have (350), but to upgrade it costs 360 so please fix that. Besides the energy and that problem you should fix, the game is great!
  • Uber Super Rare 5/5

    By awesomedewey41
    Can you guys give a poor little kid get a Uber Super Rare cat please
  • My thoughts 5/5

    By blueredstonemc
    I love this game but sometimes RNG is a complete jerk with only giving me bad cats that I don’t need I want more anti black cats I try my luck but don’t really ever get anti black units if there was an event called black busters which had only anti black units that includes the rare and super rare cats. Why does swimmer cat not have a true from yet it would be very helpful plus an event with Japanese exclusive cats in the American game because those cats are op it is to bad only Japan get them. Those are my thoughts otherwise great game just needs more cats in it.
  • One of the most addictive games 5/5

    By Tesla2018
    This game is so much fun to play and challenging at the same time. All of the music is so beautiful especially cats of the cosmos ,and the cats look so cool in there own way even the ones that are just a copy.Keep up the work on this game.
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By CuzImBatman99
    This game is super fun and addictive. The only thing I would change is cat energy, we should get a lot more.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By TreeTurtle97
    Such a great game. I’ve been playing since it came out, and it only improves. Should cost money for how good it is.
  • Why can’t we make our own 5/5

    By mepmong
    I want you to make a game where you make the enemy’s the units everything plz make a game like battle cats but you make your own plz good game tho
  • Probably the best mobile game ever 5/5

    By Supergoat999999
    Honestly though, it is. Congrats on making a game this fun, addictive, and challenging ponos! Can't wait to see what you can cook up in the future for this game! (yeah I probably sound like a bot)

    By IvorTheEngineDriver
    I paid like $40 on cat food to get a dragon emperor but got NOTHING. currently trying to get refund
  • Great game:) 5/5

    By MLG_Madness
    Best game ever the design of the cats are great the controls are easy to handle very fun only one problem sometimes my cats can’t attack the keep getting knocked back other than that very nice game I’m addicted to it keep up the good work
  • Fricken fish maniac 5/5

    By Christopher Gagnon
    Dear PONOS, Hi, I just want to say I think that you should make the fish maniac a strategized stage instead of being pure RNG. It’s so annoying just having you lose because of luck. Please, I hate that this stage is based on luck, please make it strategized. Thanks!
  • IHateMyLife 4/5

    By Dash12823421
    I love the game but you need one thing to make this five stars instead of four. THE GAME NEEDS TO BE SAVED IF YOU DELETE THE APP. Plz add this in because now I have to restart the whole game because of my sister. My sister deleted this game because she wanted to download one of her own games. #IHateMyLife
  • Game is outstanding 5/5

    By Supercellcat
    Been playing. Phone got broken. Downloaded it again. Forgot about it. Friends play it. Goes back playing it. This really is a gem.
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By GavBug2
    This game is great. I would rate it 5 stars, but it’s not optimized for the iPhone X. Please optimize!
  • Great game but what about this.... 5/5

    By Dragoninator
    I think this is a great game, and I just wanna write something short and simple. It would be cool if you considered letting players be the animals as well. I would really enjoy something big like this.
  • Love it, but...... 4/5

    By nsb127916
    This is a great game. Ive has it on three or four different phones. One problem I have come across on all three or four phones is that once you clear a few chapters, gain some ground on stories of legend, and start acquiring some cool cats, suddenly it seems the game stops loading. Without WiFi I cant even load up the game I love to play. Its not a storage issue. I don’t know what it is, but it has happened on every single phone I’ve had and I’m fed up. Will probably delete if a solution cannot be found. Otherwise, if you like getting into a game until it just wont let you anymore, it’s still a good game.
  • Soooo gooood 5/5

    By Pin_A_Pun
    This has to be the best mobile game ever made #notsponsered
  • Pure Excellence 5/5

    By Wow! Best spongebob game.
    The design, gameplay mechanics, the simplicity, all these combined together make an enjoyable and addictive game. This game is not getting the love it deserves.

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