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The CW App

The CW App is the only way to watch FREE EPISODES of your favorite shows whenever you want. You don’t need a subscription or password. Just install the app and stream the hit series Riverdale, along with The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Dynasty, Jane The Virgin, The 100, Valor, iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Originals and more. Missed last night’s episode? Watch it now for free. Behind more than one? Catch up on the last five episodes aired anytime. And coming soon to The CW, get ready for Black Lightning and Life Sentence! Features Include: * FULL EPISODES: Watch the latest episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they’re available to watch in the app. * EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more. * PHOTOS: Browse extensive photo galleries for episodic and publicity stills. * EASY ACCESS TO CW SEED: Binge on new classics like The Secret Circle, Everwood, The Game, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, and Constantine, digital series like DC’s Vixen, and every episode of Whose Line.


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The CW app reviews

  • Helpful review 5/5

    By Akaflyboy1
    Great app, easily accessible, great shows. Sometimes runs slow but I don't if it's the wifi or the app.
  • Almost Perfect! 4/5

    By Lyogirl
    This is an amazing app. It lets me watch any show anytime for free! Except that's not exactly the case... The app is amazing but it has one underlying flaw. You can only watch the latest 5 episodes of a tv show. Let's say you wanted to start a show from the beginning because it looks like a good show, you would not be able to. Apart from this, the app is amazing! Thanks for reading!

    By |||Bæ|||
    This app is great! I downloaded it not to long ago and already I’m having difficulty. When I try to watch the new Riverdale episodes I can’t scroll down!! Please fix this
  • Omgg 4/5

    By xxbbgxx
    I loveeeeeee it but the only thing is that I can't watch ep 1 s1 of a serie. But still I loveee it❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋
  • It good but not great 4/5

    By Sara Hollister
    I want to watch previous shows of the flash, but it didn't have them.but other than that the app is great🙂
  • Great app but needs one more feature 3/5

    By AdamMatt13066
    Love this app. Love the TV app integration so that I never miss an episode, but the app seriously needs auto play controls. I accidentally fell asleep off of WiFi but my phone continued to play shows. Basically Supergirl episode 2-7 and burned through my data. Would love to have turned off auto play so I watch just one then done.
  • Aliakbar 5/5

    By aliakbar.t
  • Great but… 3/5

    By Cranmore1324
    Love the clear picture and sound quality is excellent.. only problem. Ads on overkill The farther into the episode the less I’m actually watching the show and more of watching the ads. The worst part is that the ads are on repeat. So you get the same ads over and over. There needs to be less ads or a no ads option.
  • It's pretty good 4/5

    By lizzy dizzy 12
    I really like this app! There's just not a lot to choose from...

    By Aly Starfishing
  • One of the Worst TV APS 1/5

    By AdamBeThyName
    Looks pretty but bogged down with commercials. Loses connection often can't skip forward a little bit without watching a commercial. I swear. When my DVR fouls up for Arrow or Flash and I realize I have to watch the CW app I can literally feel myself get sick knowing I have to wrestle with the app for 90 minutes to watch a 50 minute show.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Calebthebeast_42
    Love this app but please no ads
  • ..... 1/5

    By C͟ s͟k͟e͟t͟c͟h͟i͟e͟r͟
    Every single time I go on the app it says “ sever error” when my WiFi is fine and everything is working the the f*ck is wrong
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Tayy18772839
    Jane the Virgin ❤️ & Riverdale❤️
  • Stuck with subtitles 2/5

    By ABiondi
    Just loaded this hoping to catch up on Arrow as a cord-cutter, and on relatively new hardware (iPad Pro 9.7) I’m stuck with subtitles I can’t turn off. I wouldn’t even mind watching the ads, but the subtitle bug is too much. Sorry, guys. Fix it and it’ll be a 4-5 star rating.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Teetharoni
    It keeps crashing and it won’t let me use it. I just want to watch riverdale! I have an updated IPhone 6s.
  • cable subscription login 1/5

    By supermansaga
    We prefer that to watch live programming when we don’t have a tv. Pls make it happen
  • Won’t let me watch 1/5

    By Flaaappppppyyy
    When I get into the app and try to watch something it says theres an error so I shut my phone off then turned it on but it’s still saying there is an error so I deleted it and got it again but still will not work
  • Love this app,but can be annoying. 4/5

    By hispanic.sharon
    I really love this app. I think it is amazing because it prod-cast some of my favorite shows.But the only thing is if a show is coming out at 8/7c it comes at 10pm sometimes. And it’s just annoying cause I don’t know what time the shows I want to watch are going to be shown. But over all I really love this app ❤️!!!
  • Too many bugs 3/5

    By DrCiprian
    It is very difficult to use this app with airplay to my Apple TV. It crashes every few minutes then I have to watch several commercials over again to start it again.
  • CW app show nothing to me! 1/5

    By Amirrezasport
    Hi.please explain me why your app nothing show in its first page and all parts of app I can’t watch nothing and my favorites tv series
  • Nice app but 3/5

    By katy reza
    There has been some issues like when im watching this on my ipad it just turns it off out of no where and i cant connect it to my TV so please fix this
  • App closes every 5-10 minutes 1/5

    By I really hate this app
    This app has been awful to use. I can’t even get through ten minutes of a show without the app just all of a sudden closing. Not sure what the problem is but I have the most recent version of this app so I can’t blame it on the need to be updated. I’m super unhappy with this app.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By RickyD23
    For iPhone X I am having issues with pulling down settings while the app is running in case I want to adjust the brightness or turn on WiFi. I have to close the app in order to get the swipe down to work. Also the home bar while watching is a bright white. I kinda would like to see if fade while watching a video to avoid potential burn in.
  • It’s AMAZING but.. 4/5

    By QueenKylieee
    I really love CW it’s amazing it has the TV shows you don’t have on Netflix or Hulu etc.. but the thing is they should keep the episodes a little longer for example riverdale season 2 episode 1. Just at least have it for 2 weeks more or so. I really really like the app tho. Spot on (;
  • Problems 4/5

    By hurtboy34
    My phone is old and I can't update it past like iOS 10 when I try to watch it just says server problem
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Nebraskagurl165
    I can’t get through a full episode of anything. It’s not my WiFi! ): kinda bummed
  • Broken Cast 1/5

    By ec140893
    CW could you please fix the chrome cast on your phone app and web site. It hasn’t been working all week and I’m missing out on my shows
  • Service is great! App is craptastic. 2/5

    By PerfumeShoesPolishBaby
    Have to leave the iPad screen open to lean back onto the TV, and it LAGS SOOO BAD!!!!
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Bolon16
    This app used to be my favorite, but recently its been crashing WAY too much. The screen went black then closed the app a total of 8 times during the duration of o e episode. I absolutely love the CW shows but are they really worth this much aggravation?
  • Ads 3/5

    By DuckForever21
    It's great and I love watching the free shows on there(Riverdale especially) but the ads are really bugging me. Yes, I understand in order to keep it free, there has to be ads, but I'm getting a multitude of ads a lot in one episode. In the beginning, it had over five or six ads, possibly more, in the same ad break. But besides that, it's a good app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Hggjjtvnjjnvvnbillybon
    The best tv app. Sure, there’s ads, but it’s free, they post the episode next day so you can catch up w the next episode on tv easily unlike other apps that make you wait til the day after the next episode, and it hardly ever messes up while streaming. If it does, you can still resume where you left off.
  • Riverdale 1/5

    By Snoopy48562
    Why would the CW app not put the first episode of the second season of a show on the app. It doesn’t make any since if they don’t want us to watch it from the beginning we should watch it all. I got the app to watch Riverdale and now i can’t watch it all so thank you CW app for wasting my time.
  • Useless 2/5

    By Eleph8
    Would be stellar if the dumb shows would load on chromecast. Would love to not be staring at an endless loading circle.
  • Does not even load 1/5

    By neotropic2023
    Open, see brief intro. Then closes.
  • Love it!! Just wish there wasn't SO many commercials! 4/5

    By 👑P!NK💗er🎀
    Love The CW app!! They have the BEST shows!!! I just wish they didn't have as many commercials, and that you could watch the show the same day it airs!!
  • Subtitles always 3/5

    By Perpetual kllr
    Subtitles are always showing. When I tap the CC button, another set of subtitles show in a different font. :/
  • Uggggg 1/5

    By Turtlelady06
    I just got this app and I really wanted to watch riverdale! I clicked an episode and it began to lode and then it said unable to lode! Plsssss help!
  • Episodes expire 1/5

    By HeadSlap
    Hey CW, Why do you expire show episodes? I went to catch up on season 3 of Supergirl and episode 1 has “expired” and isn’t available anymore. This is nonsense.

    By rockwutugot
    Seriously impossible to watch even one episode.
  • Supernatural 5/5

    By Barbiedollofficial_
    Works great! I downloaded this when I was in Miami for vacation and will keep to continue to watch at work! #ILoveSupernatural #Winchester
  • Great app, but crashes on iPhone 8. 3/5

    By 124spike
    I love this app, but please update it, because I can’t get into the app without it crashing.
  • Chromecast 2/5

    By Mcmcmf
    Please fix it is not full screen for the CW app I love all the shows just wish it was full screened when I use it
  • They actually listened!!! 4/5

    By C0rtez
    The shows that air on this app have about 5 or 6 commercial breaks. Each break has about 3 commercials and they are normal length. Even though some CW program commercials repeat that is understandable they want us to watch their shows. I just watched a show and didn't see the same non-CW commercial more than once or twice. CW needs the commercials to keep these episodes free to watch. However, they listened when people complained about how the play bar was staying on screen, the fact that commercial breaks were showing the same commercials over and over again, and there were too many commercials per break. I am more than happy to support a company that doesn't try to take advantage of mobile users when their desktop or laptop website gives viewers an easier experience. Well done CW.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BaileyReviews
    The ads constantly buffer, and the actual quality is ugly. Makes trying to watch Supernatural a nightmare.
  • Super Buggy 1/5

    By Arctic.Fury
    Same commercials play over and over and it's constantly buffering, I've downloaded the app to tv, phone, tablet, Xbox and PlayStation, doing the same thing on all the devices. Re-up your contract with Hulu please! The streaming was much better.
  • Commercial spoilers 3/5

    By Digz77
    I really like that I can watch all of my favorite shows. Just remember to stay current and don’t binge- the commercials are for the current episode and 90% contain spoilers. Be warned!!
  • Wellllll 3/5

    By Fiercefoxy87
    It’s a great app but it would be better if I could stream it to my tv
  • Nonstop ads 2/5

    By Fjdeixbdjkk
    I understand that this is a free app, but does that mean there has to be ads every 5 minutes? And really lengthy, repetitive, annoying ads at that. Relax with the advertisements, it's obnoxious!
  • Entirely Stopped Working for Me 1/5

    By Samzgirl
    I used to use The CW app all the time and it was a pretty smooth experience. A couple of months ago it just stopped functioning. It crashes immediately after loading, every time. I keep coming back and trying again to see if it’s been fixed. It won’t run on my phone or iPad. Frustrating and disappointing, especially since my DirecTV app doesn’t seem to have all this seasons episodes of the shows I want to watch.

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