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The CW App

The CW App is the only way to watch FREE EPISODES of your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want…and now you can watch on your TV! You don't need a subscription or password. Just install the app and stream the hit series Riverdale, as well as The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Jane The Virgin, The 100, iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Originals and more. Missed last night's episode? Watch it now for free. Behind more than one? Catch up on the last five episodes aired anytime. And coming soon to The CW, get ready for Dynasty, Valor, Life Sentence and Black Lightning! What’s New: * CHROMECAST AND AIRPLAY SUPPORT: Big news. Now The CW App streams to your TV! Features Include: * FULL EPISODES: Watch the latest episodes of every primetime show the day after broadcast * NO LOGINS: No cable subscription, no credit cards, no passwords. Ever. * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Get reminded when your favorite shows air and when they're available to watch in the app. * EXTRAS: See previews for upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes extras, cast interviews, and more. * PHOTOS: Browse extensive photo galleries for episodic and publicity stills. * FREE ACCESS TO CW SEED: Binge on new classics like Constantine and Forever, digital series like DC's Vixen, and every episode of Whose Line.

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The CW app reviews

  • Won't cast 2/5

    By Shiachia
    Refuses to cast to My chrome cast. NBC, abc, Netflix all work.
  • Problem with Chromecast 2/5

    By Anonymous RV
    Connection with Chromecast keeps dropping when I try to play an episode. Never had that problem before. Hope this gets fixed soon! I'm trying to catch up on iZombie.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Right house app
  • Great App. Needs Improvement 4/5

    By Fabxoswthrt
    *You don't have to sign in to your current provider. *I have a Samsung SmartTV but the app isn't available. *This app should also allow you to connect your phone & the app to SmartTVs. This way you can view the episodes on TV. Like all other viewing apps. Hulu & Netflix.
  • Other episodes? 3/5

    By Yolo20162015
    I love this app and it's great for watching newer episodes of shows! The thing is I have wanted to start watching riverdale and when I saw it was on the app for free I was so excited... but I can only find episodes 1-3 and then episodes 12 and 13. I really want to continue watching and not have to pay for it. Is this just because I can't find the episodes or is the app just used so people can watch the newer episodes?
  • APp crashes upon launch every time 1/5

    By Nomadcosmology
    Every single time I've tried to open this app it has crashed... Every time
  • Chromecast issues 2/5

    By Ms Angie
    This app currently does not cast to chromecast. When selecting to cast, it will show the CW app is connected, however when you select a show to watch, you receive a spinning wheel on the television. Then after a while it drops the connection and reverts back to your default chromecast screen - it does not even go back to the cw screen. Sometimes it will start playing the show on your phone after dropping the connection. As far as I can tell, there are no issues actually playing it on your phone but I really don't like to be in my home with an available television yet looking into my tiny phone screen to watch a show. That's just not for me so I really hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks.
  • Woot 5/5

    By ɑɾí
    This app definitely works well when you are watching episodes
  • Endless wait for it to load an ad 1/5

    By mboninco
    I can deal with the large number of ads. This app used to work well, but goes into an endless wait cycle trying to load an ad.
  • Works fine . 5/5

    By wsazxder
    Works problem.

    By Montropolise
    The app doesn't work I downloaded it on two devices and didn't work and I deleted it. It doesn't work please fix it I will give you a bad rating #Doesn't work
  • Unable to cast to my television 1/5

    By Bulldawg23173
    I am unable to cast using The CW app to my television and when I am able, major buffering and being disconnected issues. Very frustrating. I use other apps for cast as well and rarely ever have any issues only with CW app. I only use the app to Cass to my television, so I won't be giving you any stars for hopes that you will fix this problem. OK, I will give you one star since you're forcing me to give you a star. Not cool! Thank you
  • Does what it needs to 5/5

    By SBsing13
    I don't see why anyone is giving this app a bad review. I've never had a problem streaming a tv show. I have chrome cast and I stream to my tv a few times a week to catch up on my favoriteCW shows. Streaming is seamless unless my husband is also using the internet, but that's not an app issue, it's a slower internet speed issue. I love the app.
  • It's OK 2/5

    By catisascienctist
    Ok so I just got hooked on Riverdale and I'm on episode 3 but y'all only have certain episodes THAT made me VERY mad!!!! FIX THIS please!! I don't know if I have to do something extra to see all episodes but right now I'm ticked off!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MuslimSister
    The app won't even open! I deleted it and redownloaded it to see if it fixed the problem but it did not. Please fix this issue! I will only change the rating after this issue is fixed! I really love this app but I really hate is the commercials are annoying and it quits by itself too much n I'd have to play those annoying commercials again! And it won't let me skip ahead if I missed a part! And I agree with everyone else posts as well.
  • Never Plays 1/5

    By nlsj33
    This app is so frustrating! Every time I try to watch a show it quits playing when the first commercial break comes. This app would get 5 stars if it worked!
  • Ohhh yeaaa 5/5

    By Piink_panda_2005
    Greeeaaatt appp
  • Does not work on iPhone or iPad 1/5

    By Zrock0069
    I know I have used this in the past. Not tonight though. It starts and then goes back to home screen after about 4 seconds. It tries to open up, but, for some reason cannot.😐
  • Poor 1/5

    By Kraisbeck462
    Sound doesn't match up half the time or cuts out. So many commercials and takes forever to load
  • Doesn't work 5/5

    By RLcolor
    Update: it was my fault and bad internet connection that deterred it from working. Not a useful app. 0 stars. We used to be able to watch the 100 on Hulu and amazon. After trying this app I'll just wait until it's on Netflix.
  • S_A_7 5/5

    By SaRdAr_007
    its great but i can't watch movis after the last update
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Cc1234cc0987
    I'm very annoyed with the CW network. Shows not running on time. Causing the DVR to miss recording shows. I missed the ending of reign. If this keeps happening I'll stop watching the CW network all together.
  • After Update App no longer works 1/5

    By Piql
    Ever since updating the app recently, the app now classes within 10 seconds of launching. I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, to no avail. I cannot even watch it in the browser on my iPad. It tells me to to go the app, which is not working. Please fix the problem! Thanks!
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Jillmomof2
    The app doesn't work. I constantly get a server error message. It has worked in the past, but lately, NOPE. And there is no way to notify them of the error. So you have to download the app to watch anything, and then it doesn't work. 😑
  • Lots of problems 3/5

    By Spazgrl
    On and off through the seasons of Reign. This app made it complicated to watch the show. I stuck it out every time. Now the Reign isn't coming back I will be deleting my app. Nice run. Hope this app gets less frustrating for those who will still use it.
  • most annoying repetitive commercials ever 1/5

    By The Honey Zhuang
    too many consecutive 3 - 4 times repeated unnecessary commercials that take too long making viewers like me lose interest in cw. would be best to fix by putting only 1 commercial that's not repetitive and keep the commercials short.
  • Very useful! 5/5

    By E84468
    Since I was in japan I didn't get to watch all my favorite shows on the CW so I got this app and I can watch all the shows!
  • No good 1/5

    By Abdulwajid
    Since the last 2 updates the app says cannot connect to server. Please fix it i got to watch Supergirl and The Flash please.
  • I wish it would work 3/5

    By Hobo_Bull
    I loved this app the adds and stuff would not bother me o actually watched the whole season of flash arrow ect. But now every time I go to watch it it says unable to play the video so if you could fix that I would be greatly appreciated.
  • Works good 5/5

    By Jarek Bannister
    Not sure why the bad reviews. Free shows. They work every time commercials in between but you expect that with free. A great app really.
  • After update... nothing 1/5

    By gsu0990
    I went to open the app and when I click it nothing happens. I deleted it and re downloaded it. Same thing. Nothing happens. What the crap. I just want to watch the 100. Please fix this issue.
  • Preforming 1/5

    By LEZ997
    The app does not work.!!! Is the reason behind my location... am from the Middle East countries..
  • Used to be good now 1/5

    By Fredtheman111
    Try to fast forward and it totally crashes says unable to play video
  • Good but 4/5

    By Bad😞
    Ok this is a good app but like their is so many ads and it's annoying to be honest but it's complete free which is good if you don't have cable or Netflix but so much ads if it didn't have as many ads I would give it a five star rating but for nah it's a four star rating but it is a lot better than it used to be :)
  • Won't stay open 2/5

    By @thatsnickrut
    Before the most recent update it would allow me to keep the app open and watch episodes. Now the app will only stay open for 30 seconds before it closes and I have to reopen it.
  • Just keeps crashing 1/5

    By Jen ann1016
    App is horrible crashes after 45 seconds
  • Not good 1/5

    By Gnghj
    Can't watch all episodes and waaaaayyy to many commercials for when you accidentally fast forward and want to rewind back
  • Can't watch all episodes 1/5

    By [Jordan_Kidd]
    For some reason they only allow you to watch recent episodes instead of being able to watch the whole series of episodes that were all ready out that's stupid... I hate what they did to this app.. FIX IT
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Felcot
    I just updated the app and now that I try to open it, nothing happens .... at all .... nothing .... nada .... isn't an update supposed to "fix" bugs no to create them? Please .... fix this ASAP ....
  • Keep shows on app longer 4/5

    By Nothimagain
    I'm ok with this app and love that I can watch CW shows. BUT. I think only being able to watch the last 5 shows is bad for business. I used to watch CW shows on Hulu. I waited and waited for The Flash to start and for Supergirl to start, on Hulu. But it never did. Then I find out about this app, and the agreement with Netflix. So I couldn't watch either show (DC Legends included in this review) until it ended and showed up on Netflix (which I use thru a coworker). But if CW wants people to watch their shows and know what's going on they should, at the very least keep the whole season on their own app for newbies to watch. I may watch other shows offered but I can't see them from the beginning on this app. To sum up. Keep all the shows and every episode available on your app and you will get more viewers.
  • No cross platform syncing 2/5

    By Mred4804
    I start an episode on one device and have to finish on another device. Since there is NO cross platform syncing or remembering where you were in an episode if you have to stop watching part way through there is no way to go to the spot where you left off without watching all the commercials you already watched 3 or 4 more times before the show starts up again. It's just a way for them to pad the statistics on how many ad plays they get so they can charge the advertisers more. Not to mention that there are only 3 spots, so if you stop halfway and try to skip to that point again, you see all 3 commercial breaks which are the same spots 4 times. Useless and time wasting.
  • Server error 2/5

    By deenalasha
    I've been trying to watch using app for two days without any luck. Keeps saying service error. Please fix thanks
  • Stopped working last week 1/5

    By ssayler
    Streaming either doesn't start, or fails on commercial breaks. Please fix!
  • Hard to get started 2/5

    By Soundman245
    Tried to pick up in the middle of an episode I had watched partly on TV. nearly impossible to find my place because every time i tried to seek the spot, a million repetitive ads. and once you are in an ad or a show, backing out is really difficult. Let us find our place and watch for a few minutes before you turn us off with all the crap. Note to advertisers, it is a turn off to be forced to repeatedly watch the same ads. No way am I buying a subaru or patronizing the other companies after this experience. Lame, lame, lame. And it seems to want to show closed captions no matter what. Goofy.
  • Awful 2/5

    By chickenxwing
    So bad. As others have said, if you rewind it'll replay ads. And there's A LOT of ads... I tried to cast this from my app on my phone to my smart tv and the picture doesn't fit the whole screen. It cuts out a bunch on the bottom and the right side. I thought i could live through that so I could finish an episode of izombie I missed, but then I can't fast forward or rewind properly. It skips and keeps jumping after I get to a spot I want to start from. There's also no way to skip to a different time once you start casting....please fix 🙁
  • Casting is broken 1/5

    By Itsmaec
    Casting to Android TV shows gray bars on bottom and right side of screen. Been this way for months.
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By Fred the fishdragon
    The app is great but it stopped working after the update. I know that I am not the only one this happened to. They need to fix it.
  • Too many ads and takes to long to load 2/5

    By Dnarvaez423
    This app has way too many ads and it takes way too long to load. It takes me hours to watch just one episode. I use to be able to watch my fave shows on Hulu which would work way faster but since they've been taken it away from Hulu I can anymore...
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Chahim
    So. Many. Commercials. I hate it.
  • Stopped working smoothly 2/5

    By C@1ser$
    I can no longer airplay to my Apple TV from any of my Apple devices. It's always annoyed me that there's not a CW app for the 3rd Gen Apple TV, and that I had to use a roundabout way to get it to play on my television screen, but I dealt with it. Now it's so incredibly jumpy and bajankety that it's nearly rendered unusable. This makes me sad.

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