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A smart guide to the forces that shape the future, readers can access their essential global briefing on current affairs, business, finance, economics, science, technology and the arts from The Economist each week. Download the free app to: - Enjoy three free articles a week, including the cover leader - Stay up to date on US & global issues, political developments, business and financial news - Get comprehensive economic reports, a regular briefing on current affairs, science and tech articles and news on cultural affairs - Enjoy the content of the weekly newspaper in an easy-to-use format - Save articles to read offline later - Save and share your favourite articles via email and social media -Get alerts when the new issue is available along with notifications on cover stories, breaking news and analysis. Download the free app now and have the latest US and international news, business reports, political commentary and financial analysis at your fingertips, as well as insight into the world of arts and cultural affairs. Haven’t made up your mind? Key sections and benefits include: • Each week’s issue available from 9pm London time every Thursday, with authoritative insight into the latest news about current affairs, from Brexit and the Trump administration, to big business mergers and driverless cars, and much more • Download each issue to your device and read offline. Wherever you are, you can catch up on insightful news articles on current affairs from all around the world including US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas • Switch easily between reading and listening with The Economist in Audio. Download the audio edition to listen to each week’s issue of The Economist, read by professional broadcasters • Purchase single issues in the app for world-renowned business news and economy coverage, including economic and financial indicators, world GDP data plus much more • Store and access back issues • Subscribe within the app and get full access to and The Economist apps • Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook • The app presents a great digital native reading experience for readers allowing for font size changes, Night Mode and other convenient user friendly qualities. • The World in 2018 is now available within The Economist app. Install the app and scroll down through the issues to The World in 2018. Find out how big thinkers, industry leaders and Economist journalists predict 2018 will unfold. In today’s changing world, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with The Economist. SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • Purchase a quarterly subscription to the full edition of The Economist for USD $45.99 or an annual subscription for USD $189.99. • Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again. • The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit for more information. • Full terms of use can be found at ALSO AVAILABLE ON iPAD Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free. Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.


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The Economist: US & World News app reviews

  • Speed of audio is unbearable. 1/5

    By BJclimb
    Speed of dialogue is unbearable. Cannot use without the capacity to double speed audio.
  • Best newspaper app 5/5

    By جوبز
    Can’t find a word or sentence than can describe how wonderful this newspaper is. I’m so in love with how the choice of topics to clear descriptions of events all over the world. I had to write this review because everyone has to download it and subscribe!
  • Terrible Application 2/5

    By Jon shamalalalon
    The Economist is worth subscribing to for its content, but this application is, simply, bad. It seems to be a web frontend that is worse than Apple News. This application isn’t even optimized for iPhone X screens and it feels very sluggish during such things as animations or clicking buttons. Literally the only reason to have this application installed is for the audio editions. I just wish this application was a reason to subscribe and not in the way of the content. I’m giving it 2 stars because it manages to at least let me listen to the audio without too much pain. Please update your application with iPhone X support, native components, and a better/more native UI/UX.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By Honest Jack
    The audio download feature is broken, the app automatically deletes the download whenever it’s closed. I’ve had to download the same issue 4-5 times to finish listening. You had a good product, stop ruining it.
  • Need to add sleep timer on audio 4/5

    By Harold77171
    Overall good but need to add sleep timer on audio. Also need to add speed adjustment (1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x) on audio.
  • If I could give half a star I would 1/5

    By f4seth
    I have never felt the need to complain about an app but The Economist App is the most infuriating thing. It never keeps its downloads leaving you to have to redownload every time you re-open the app. Normally I would just delete the app but cancelling a subscription with the economist magazine is not simple. If you’re considering subscribing to the digital version of the economist DONT. Go somewhere else that works in this decade.
  • What can I say? 5/5

    By onioncellar
    Simply the best English-language international paper.
  • finally 3/5

    By LTR2
    Great content. Place retention is much better. Small problem: can’t expand graphs that are too small to read and font reverts to small unpredictably.
  • Horrible app, with ads and lack of audio speed 1/5

    By David LLLL
    As a loyal subscriber it pains me to see an otherwise beloved newspaper deliver so poorly on their use of technology. The mobile app is slow, bug prone and lack the most essential features such as controlling the speed of the audio.
  • Bugs & Missing Features 3/5

    By Seamus Teletubby
    - The app frequently forgets the 'Night Mode' setting between articles and start-ups - The app frequently forgets the 'Text Size' setting between articles and start-ups - 'Night Mode' is missing a progress bar that is easily visible
  • Sensible information 5/5

    By RayTrader
    The best source I know for perceptive discussion of events through a lens of wry humor.
  • Frustrating and disappointing 1/5

    By RandoGuy123456789
    This is the only app I’ve ever used that gets progressively worse with each update. The audio speed toggle button has been hidden for some inexplicable reason, downloaded content frequently disappears and has to be downloaded again, the once seamless transition between articles is now buggy, and the audio quality is reduced. The only thing that seems to consistently work is the advertisement you’re required to swipe through every single time.
  • Poor audio quality 1/5

    By Tmeyers2323
    Please restore the audio quality. At 1.5 speed it is unlistenable. How does this possibly have 4 stars? I mainly listen to the audio, but in addition to the terrible sound quality I have to constantly download the same issue which really drains my data. Fix this or I'm done. Update: well instead of listening, I tried to read the world in 2018. Like many other users, my downloaded issues keep disappearing which forces me to continually download the same issues. How can an app be this bad? Why won’t you fix it? It has been 6 months!
  • The worst app update ever 1/5

    By Wizard Archer
    I’ve been using the app for well over 3 years and in brief, I should confess that it is the poorest least functional update I have ever seen. They just made everything worse! Nothing works properly! It’s hard to go forward using a bar with no indicator and not to mention for going backwards while you’re on your lock screen, there’s no way! Have to open it while driving and do all the modifications. At the same time, I have to download the mag and audio almost every day since it removes it not because of settings, but because of a glitch, authorisation progress is a routine for me in Melbourne Australia on a daily basis. Not sure about other countries! Really hope someone reads my comment from the Economist and try to change the app developer or push them for a major app debugging with structural changes.
  • Abc 2/5

    By Greatgirlsea
    New updates often messed up IOS pronunciation function by pronounce words in different language. And text size and night mode control is a mess too.
  • Objective, thorough and witty 5/5

    By Zeki Ünver
    I have enjoyed the Economist for 30+ years. I appreciate the values it represents. I am grateful for your insight into an ever faster changing world. I particularly enjoy Espresso. You truly make the world a better place. Thank you. Zeki Unver
  • Disappointed in audio 1/5

    By jeremym93
    Has anyone at The Economist tried listening at 1x playback? Disappointing this app has lost key features going back to 2012. I was excited to subscribe again, but the terrible audio experience is making me think twice.
  • economist 5/5

    By *lgs
    yes yes good app good publication. let's me read seamlessly on the go.
  • How can this app be so useless? 1/5

    By Bevanski
    Download the magazine and make it readable offline. That’s all this app has to do. Yet it fails miserably at this simple task (see also reviews regarding audio edition). The download speeds remain atrocious no matter the network and, for a lesson in frustration, try downloading the magazine, putting your phone into airplane for take off, then being told you need to download again. In fact every time you exit the app it resets the cache and wants to download again. This behaviour has carried between app versions. Please consider the cost to your brand from useless developers
  • Reform 5/5

    By Dan1734
    An aging liberal I find myself stuck with the Economist because you offer the most information and the audio edition is great for long runs. I regret that you invariably cheer the loss of labor protection as market rationalization and use the term “reform” uncritically. If Donald Trump re-establishes slavery in Alabama the Economist will accept his calling it “labor contract reform”. You are great on gay rights and the environment outside Britain. Too bad you don’t appreciate your own excellent zoning laws. If you were based in the states you would be Kasich Republicans and intolerable. Keep up the great work but lighten up on people who work for a living. Maybe Populism would have less appeal if intellectuals truly respected them. Dan Patel
  • Refreshing 5/5

    By TheDeeZone
    In a time when information about the world is being manipulated and only served in 15 second sound bites it’s wonderful to have a source of refreshing quality.
  • Untied Kingdom 5/5

    By Denboys
    Spotlessly Spot on , and pretty witty , as always!
  • Good app and publication but major issue with background color on app 3/5

    By JG0822
    Love the economist and have for years. Their app is one of the better ones compared to other publication. With that said, I have been very disappointed with the recent bug that defaults the background color to bright white (instead of black) and has to be switched to “night mode” (black background) with EVERY article that is opened. Previously, if I was reading at night (very common) and wanted the black background (much easier on the eyes at night), i would select it and all articles would appear like that. With new update, there seems to be a glitch where every new article i open requires me to go and change the settings to make the background black again (instead of white). Very annoying, and defeats the whole purpose of reading with a black background at night, in order to promote falling asleep easier. May seem minor, but it makes me not use app much any more at night til fixed
  • One bug gets fixed....more appear 1/5

    By Marine gunner
    I too had the issue of the app losing your place every time you opened it. Was highly annoying and I spent a lot of wasted time rereading the first half of articles over again. That seems to be fixed for about 2 weeks now. Now there’s a new, worse, and even more time consuming problem! When going from article to article, the font size is automatically changing. Every time I finish an article and swipe to a new article the font shrinks to super small. But the “text size slider” shows it at the exact same level, right in the middle. I move the slider one notch and, holy crap, the size jumps to old blind lady size! Then I have to open the text size slider again and move it back to my original spot in the middle to get the same exact normal size I had on the previous article. Ironically, the only time it remembers the settings is when I open the app for the first article! I read the article and swipe to the next one....I have to go through this whole multi-step text sizing exercise all over again. And for the next article. And the next one..... Now I’m wasting more time per article on playing with the font size.
  • Bring back speed controls for audio version 3/5

    By Ahmed Haroon
    This version needs to be fixed right away. The loss of variable speed audio playback is a big problem.
  • Slow update cycle 1/5

    By newmac317
    I’m still waiting for audio speed options to return, which were removed from the app several months ago. I found the option to listen at 1.5x/2x speed to be a critical feature of previous versions.
  • Audio Edition is Unusable 1/5

    By gniKleumaS
    I use the app to listen to the audio edition of this weekly publication. Unfortunately, removing the ability to listen at preferred speed (2x) has caused me to abandon the app completely. The only way to listen now is at “normal” speed which sounds like someone on ether trying to “mansplain” the topic to me. It’s truly awful. Pro tip: get the podcast link from your account page and listen in your favorite podcast app at your favorite speed. The podcast app remembers your preferred speed and doesn’t make you swipe left from an advertiser’s splash page every time you open the app. Less clicks, better experience. I abandoned the app when the ability to select preferred audio speed was removed and am writing this now because I can’t get “The World in 2018” in my podcast app so came back to the app to see if it was fixed. It’s not and I so I’m forced to listen at dumb speed. To the “The Economist” team behind the app: come on folks, fix this terrible user experience. You’ve lost a user and my eyeballs on your ads because you’ve made a worse experience than for me than older versions of your app. I love the “The Economist” for its excellent reporting and finger on the pulse of current events. Plus, it gives me a great window into the future. Unfortunately, the app does not live up to the quality of the publication. Rather than a window to the future, it feels like a step backwards.
  • Interface could use work 3/5

    By Judge us ushers
    Great journalism but the interface is cumbersome. Can’t close app and reopen to same page later. Often have to re-download issues not scheduled to delete.
  • Needless use of bandwidth 1/5

    By Sfocdn
    Irritated with this app, makes me continually download my weekly issue, are they in cahoots with carriers to needlessly chew up bandwidth
  • World Class Journalism 5/5

    By Sarwat91
    Supported by the Economist Intelligence unit, The Economist is the light in a world of “fake news” and ad driven media culture. Most stories are accompanied by extensive research and data analytics. The App is also great. I love how I can download audio for when I’m traveling.
  • Night mode not working 3/5

    By parbledobbler
    Love the economist but night mode has not been working since the newest update. Please fix!!!!!
  • Audio works amazing 5/5

    By Bclan13
    So good I might have to quit the paper copy; I always end up listening before the paper copy arrives!
  • Need to re-download issue EVERY DAY! 1/5

    By Halcyon_Ways
    I open the app, download an issue, and set up my audio playlist. I open the app the next day to find that issue has been deleted from my phone; back to square one.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By enginxxxx
    I love the articles. My horizon widens any time I open this app. But there are just too many ads. I already pay a good amount for the subscription, why do I need to see so many ads? It's not like other magazines where you pay $12/year and have to endure ads all over the issues. I pay a hefty sum and I think I deserve not to be bothered with ads.
  • Bugs in latest release 2/5

    By jrjumo
    Generally like the app, but it has been buggy as of late. For the most current release: when I swipe from one article to the next, the app seems to forget my text-size and night-mode settings, forcing me to reset them each time. Not good.
  • Good app, good articles 5/5

    By sjs1681
    Simple, easy to use format and good articles. Worth getting
  • Design worthy of fish wrap - content excellent 1/5

    By Elon Shai
    The Good - content is great. Audio is fantastic. The Bad - ADs? Insulting, inconvenient and Frankly cheap. It makes your magazine look like common click bait, is that what you are becoming? By forcing us to swipe through the advertisement you make playback inconvenient. For the longest time I was able to preserve the original iPhone app. It was simple and easy to use. It however could not withstand the many iPhone updates. Please return to a simple version.
  • Obvious Problem Not Fixed 2/5

    By jkreviewer74
    Kudos for the ability to listen to articles using audio, although the cheesy synchronic music between articles gets old real fast. The biggest problem which I see has already been stated numerous times in previous reviews is that you lose your place in an issue once you exit the app. Not only do you lose your place within an issue but among the issues too. Please incorporate an ability to remember what article and in what issue you were previously reading/listening. This seems obvious so please address this. Thanks
  • Best education... 5/5

    By stefan nyc
    I have two Ivy League masters - business & international affairs. I read the Economist (almost) cover to cover every week. Doing so for a few years will teach you almost as much as these degrees and at a much lower cost.
  • Night mode broken 1/5

    By Vdblt
    This version breaks night reading mode. Requires reapplying the mode twice on a per article basis. Maddening.
  • Great format from a reliable news source. 5/5

    By Robert in San Francisco
    I love the quality of writing in The Economist. Having each issue on my mobile device promptly on Thursday is great. The fact that it comes with the audio addition every week is super useful when I'm on the go. (I like to listen while I commute on my bike) Worth every penny.
  • Hate the current version 1/5

    By vladcoh
    Loyal reader for years and years. But this latest version of the app removed the ability to play the audio version at more than 1x speed. It is PAINFULLY SLOW to listen to at the default reading speed.
  • New version much worse than the old... 2/5

    By Austinliver
    Great Idea. I'm so sick of biased unprofessional news sources on the radio and the audio download of Economist is a great alternative. However, the main grip is that the readers are a bit slow and it takes too long to listen to an article. The old version of the App enabled users to adjust and set the speed of the reader. The New version hides the speed control and makes the user re-set the speed after every story. adjusting the speed after every article is not safe or practical if the user is driving. Especially since the speed button is hidden. With just a slight modification to the readers' speed, I used to be able to get through most of the issue on my commute. No longer the case! Why Hide the speed control?? Why can't the user set it once and leave it alone?? Please bring back the old speed control button next to the play button and make it a 5 star app.
  • Dysfuntional 1/5

    By Wangsondon
    I'm not clear on what improvements have been made to this app. It doesn't look very good and the audio is terrible. The voices sound tinny and the speeds are screwed up with normal being very slow and 2x being too fast. The app will lose your place in whatever you were listening to if you are closed out of the app for too long and the speed resets as well. I'm sorry I updated it. I actually deleted it and reinstalled the old app it was so bad. However, I don't believe I can install iOS 11 and it still work. The Economist really needs to get its act together. The app in it's current form is just terrible.
  • Ads? Really? 2/5

    By El Shane
    I'm annoyed I have to swipe past ads every time I want to read an weekly edition on the app or listen to audio. The way these ads insolently sulk off the page after the fifth time you swipe them away makes me angrier still. We are paying customers- please remove these!
  • iPhone X support 4/5

    By 21zhou
    Can we have iPhone X support?
  • Looks are not everything 1/5

    By call me fran
    The new app does look much better and some notorious hiccups have been...well...replaced with others. A bit disappointing though, I'm sure, if one were to see the bill the Economist received from their developers after the launch party. I don't much care for the audio features although it seems plenty of other readers have an effigy to burn in that mess, but the fact that charts and other graphics are not zoomable seems absolutely surreal; yes I do actually look at those. I have other gripes of course but no need to air them here. Due diligence and all to the Economist chaps - but please go back and dot the i's once you are done congratulating yourselves. Also.. Night Mode is broken... cheers
  • Inexcusable 1/5

    By Stef Geiger
    This app is incredibly buggy, to the point that it's clear the Economist group has no respect for its subscribers. Nov 21 update: still no fix for playback speed after nearly half a year of it being broken. Also while the app SOMETIMES remembers where you left off, it ignores your playlist/downloaded articles and instead reverts to streaming all articles.
  • Broken night mode 1/5

    By Bdobbs
    The latest update seems to have broken night mode - it resets for every article. Very jarring for someone used to 100% night mode reading. Also annoying how often it loses place within an issue, defaulting to the table of contents (after an ad impression each time). Overall, the reading experience has degraded in the past year.
  • More bad than good in the new app 1/5

    By GenericTadpole4
    Love the The Economist. I use the app mainly to listen to the audio, the quality of which seems to have suffered in the recent update. Also the button that controls audio speed is now invisible for some reason. This continues to be a problem. They removed the incredibly annoying collapsing audio control menu (please NEVER bring that back). But the old version had the ability to order your playlist. PLEASE bring that back. Otherwise, the design is kinda simple and sorta meh. I don't understand why the quality of the app seems to be deteriorating over time rather than improving. Quite frustrating. No support for iPhone X yet and is therefore buggy on that device.

The Economist: US & World News app comments


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