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A smart guide to the forces that shape the future, readers can access their essential global briefing on current affairs, business, finance, economics, science, technology and the arts from The Economist each week. Download the free app to: - Enjoy three free articles a week, including the cover leader - Stay up to date on US & global issues, political developments, business and financial news - Get comprehensive economic reports, a regular briefing on current affairs, science and tech articles and news on cultural affairs - Enjoy the content of the weekly newspaper in an easy-to-use format - Save articles to read offline later - Save and share your favourite articles via email and social media -Get alerts when the new issue is available along with notifications on cover stories, breaking news and analysis. Download the free app now and have the latest US and international news, business reports, political commentary and financial analysis at your fingertips, as well as insight into the world of arts and cultural affairs. Haven’t made up your mind? Key sections and benefits include: • Each week’s issue available from 9pm London time every Thursday, with authoritative insight into the latest news about current affairs, from Brexit and the Trump administration, to big business mergers and driverless cars, and much more • Download each issue to your device and read offline. Wherever you are, you can catch up on insightful news articles on current affairs from all around the world including US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas • Switch easily between reading and listening with The Economist in Audio. Download the audio edition to listen to each week’s issue of The Economist, read by professional broadcasters • Purchase single issues in the app for world-renowned business news and economy coverage, including economic and financial indicators, world GDP data plus much more • Store and access back issues • Subscribe within the app and get full access to and The Economist apps • Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook • The app presents a great digital native reading experience for readers allowing for font size changes, Night Mode and other convenient user friendly qualities. In today’s changing world, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with The Economist. SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • Purchase a quarterly subscription to the full edition of The Economist for USD $45.99 or an annual subscription for USD $189.99. • Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again. • The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit for more information. • Full terms of use can be found at ALSO AVAILABLE ON iPAD Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free. Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.


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The Economist: US & World News app reviews

  • Distinct journalism and opinion 5/5

    By Tompuo
    The Economist is second-to-none in terms of bringing the right kind of detail to the right kind of story. It is a blend of deep analysis and rich story-telling. I found The Economist when I was just starting my profession and it went some ways to shaping my career into what it is today.
  • Audio needs more options 5/5

    By the Sush
    Loved it until they removed the 2x playback speed on the audio edition. The 1x is far too slow and now cannot be changed.
  • Review 5/5

    By Thepatone
    I look forward with great anticipation for the moment my e-subscription becomes available. Several days later I also enjoy holding a hard copy in my hands and re-reading the main pieces!
  • This app is disgusting 1/5

    By Bobbbbbbb
    Disgusting. Hire some developers and beef up the app.
  • Same as previous poster. 1/5

    By tessari1800
    Have to start from beginning every time I exit. Can’t speed up audio. See the stupid ad all the time, every time I open the app.
  • Audio is painful now 1/5

    By Edboone
    What happened to the ability to change playback speed on audio? This was how I read the Economist almost always, and now there’s only 1x playback which sounds painfully slow. Being able to listen to the magazine at 1.5x, 1.75x, or 2x would be a substantial improvement (or rather, the return of a much-appreciated feature).
  • Buggy, feature regression 1/5

    By Anonfr
    Regularly run into bugs. - App forgets I’m logged in temporarily - App loses track of an already downloaded issue, forces redownload - App loses track of audio pieces I’ve added to playlist - App no long offers option to speed up audio That last one is unforgivable. I have a limited amount of time to listen, 1x does not cut it, particularly with the pace of speech.

    By narb1
    Terrible update!!!
  • More robustness required 2/5

    By PetitAgite
    EDIT: Why does it keep deleting the issues I downloaded? WHY?!?!? I don't read the Economist anymore, I listen to it. The audio player is not robust enough in remembering the issue, article, and position in the article I stopped at in my last listening session. It is really annoying to have to find those again almost every time I want to listen to the Economist. Also the audio sound is somewhat distorted if you use a play speed other than 1x, and I always use 1.5x speed.
  • New update makes problems worse 1/5

    By Hckondos
    In the old version, when I left the app, it lost my place. Now, when I leave the app, I have to re-download the entire issue!!
  • Very Suspicious 5 Star Reviews 1/5

    By Ategev
    Hideous new design, poor functionality, doesn’t open to current issue. It’s so so bad. What happened?
  • Re-download often. 1/5

    By Wcnngt
    Lose audio play position often. It re-download text and audio. Worse than the previous version.
  • Terrible Update - bring back variable speed selection 1/5

    By alexc41
    Please bring back variable speed selection - listening at 1X is PAINFULLY SSSLLLOOOWWW. 2X in the previous version was like normal speaking speed
  • Good app made worse 2/5

    By Jhwade
    Now only 1x audio, and the app loses your place every time you exit and come back. What is going on with the development of this? Have used this for years now, and the only constant has been slight fixes, then making it worse again.
  • A good place to stand 5/5

    By AppleAnnoyed
    While it seems every other news outlet has fallen to the habit of a Facebook-like snapshot of news impressions of the moment, while it seems every other news outlet leaves you to put together pieces from clues strewn all over many disorganized paragraphs in multiple articles, while it seems every other outlet has run to the corner of its political extreme, I am relieved to find each week an island of sanity, a place from which I can read about the most important of events and how they evolved, written in clear prose that stays within a reasoned view of the facts. I would read The Economist even if for no other reason. But there are always so many more reasons. It presents a consistent and clearly stated editorial viewpoint, one I can live with. As the prime thoughtful information source, it is the one I choose not to live without.
  • A complete mess ! 1/5

    By jb44x
    Decided to get one year print+digital sub. Download app looking forward to reading most recent mag on 6S device. Open app and blocked on UBS advertisement. Maybe I'm stupid and there is some obvious way to kill ad page. Full screen ad with no visible "x" close or kill button on a PAID sub from what I figured would be a quality app experience. What a mess!!!!
  • A convenient app 5/5

    By 迷失东京湾
    Very convenient , I can take it anywhere, and can use my time efficiently.
  • What a disappointment! 1/5

    By urib
    ———— Review on 2017-10-07 ———— If you plan to use the audio capabilities of this app to “read” the magazine, prepare to be annoyed. Unless you listen to the whole magazine in one pass, when you return, there is a good chance that it will not remember where you left off. This is terribly impractical and a waste of time. The content is great but the audio usability on the app is atrocious. This was a problem a long time ago (see my old review below) and it got fixed at some point but now it has returned. ———— Old Review————- The content of this magazine is excellent, world-class even; but the user interface for the app is atrocious. The whole point of having audio versions of all the articles, is that you can build a playlist of the articles that you're interested in so you can just hear those as you're commuting, doing errands, exercising, etc. This new version of the app does not allow you to build a playlist! I cannot fathom who or how that design decision was made. This is a gargantuan misstep. The app is almost not usable to me anymore. Furthermore, the app does not remember what article you were last listening to or what part of the article you were in. So, when I quit the app and come back to it later, I have to keep track myself of where I left off. How ridiculous is that! I have to manually make a note of where/what I was listening to so I can come back to the same spot. (Is that not what computers are good for?) Did anybody bother to do any kind of simple usability testing over there? No one ran across this issue? Do they expect for everyone to listen to the entire magazine in one single go? The two shortcomings I list above, when combined, make this completely impractical!! I like the economist magazine, but they are making it really hard for me to listen to it. (My preferred mode of consumption) Furthermore, when you're looking at the list of articles in audio mode, all you see is the titles. You can no longer see the useful article summaries. So, even if you could build a playlist, you only have the short (and often quite pithy and even whimsical) article titles to go by when selecting what to listen to. Whoever designed, built and tested this app does not use the audio feature at all. It is almost like they are daring you to try to listen to the content. It is that impractical. I hope people at the economist magazine read these reviews and get their act together. Does no one that works at the magazine also listen to it on a regular basis?
  • Fix your app's bugs 1/5

    By Grant.E.2014
    Content is good, but the app is still very, very buggy
  • The Best!! 5/5

    When you want real information and real analysis get The Economist.
  • The old app was much better 1/5

    By brezzap-pdx
    This new app now forces you to view an advert when you open it, forgets which article you were last on and frequently crashes. Rewriting your app was a poor decision, Economist.
  • Joining the chorus for the better, older version 1/5

    By Awhite_mt
    I keep needing to edit my review to add new awful things about the last update. The new version frequently loses my spot in the audio addition if I start and stop it, and begins again at the beginning of the section. It forgets that I was listening at 2x speed and reverts to 1x, something that never happened in the old version. Also, the audio at 2x degrades significantly in quality. BUT that's way better than not having 2x at all! It's excruciatingly slow! Bring it back immediately! The audio also starts playing sections I haven't downloaded (because I don't want to listen to them) if I'm connected to wifi. Very annoying. Also, the text version loses my place and kicks out to the cover everytime I return to the app. Please just make the old version available. It was perfectly fine.
  • Audio controls Missing previous features 1/5

    By PMC Rider JK
    The current iPhone app (4.0.14) on iOS 11 is not working like the older version for audio. It is missing the speed up button that lets me listen faster than 1x speed.
  • Missing features 3/5

    By John Gält
    I predominantly listen to my articles. The app used to have the option to change the speed of the audio. I found it very useful as the regular replay was way too slow and phlegmatic for me. However that is no longer the case, hence the 3 stars
  • What a downgrade! 1/5

    By alfa07
    The new version is piece of sh*t in comparison to previous one. One example, try turn you phone into landscape.
  • Oh 5/5

    By NovaMan
    The ratings and comments do not correspond. Lesson learned. Works great for me. Have zero complaints. Faster scrolling. Easier to read.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Promethean Ice
    Does not download reliably and exits mysteriously. It appears a timid ignorance is holding back this newspapers app.
  • Enjoy no drama in your reporting 5/5

    By Mike P67
    I enjoying reading and also listening to your articles. Less drama than other magazines and newspapers with just the facts.
  • Where did 1.5x speed option go?? 1/5

    By Keep it Stiff
  • What happened with the update? 2/5

    By ericofboston
    1. Why can't I change the speed of audio playback anymore? The readers are painfully slow. 2. Why do I always have to start at the front page each time? Why can't it just open to my last spot? I don't understand why they would make the app worse with the update.
  • Another horrible update 1/5

    By Reader1192
    Stops playing when screen is locked or when not in the app. This makes it unlistenable. The fact that they’ve removed faster speed options means I no longer have time to consume the whole magazine. Please fix these atrocious changes. The faster play options were completely fine before. Awful. Simply awful. Get a QA team for these app releases. It’s hard to believe how often you guys screw up this app.
  • A serious downgrade 1/5

    By USbritPete
    I very rarely write reviews. But this “update” is so infuriating that I have to. Did you do any testing or get any feedback from users? The problem is that the app now reboots each time you open it so it takes you 3 to 4 clicks to get back to where you were? Why? My guess is so that they can show you an advert again. If I were an advertiser I would not want to be associated with repeatedly annoying readers this way. The Economist - this is not big and it is not clever. Please revert to previous version.
  • Audio no longer usable 1/5

    By andersala
    I typically use the app to listen to the audio edition while driving. Useful features such as playback speed have seemingly been removed. The interface is now so awkward to use that I'll probably just download from the website and use another app for playback.
  • Audio 5/5

    By adswfasdfasdfafd
    Please make the audio player better
  • Please add back playback speed adjustment 1/5

    By @xW777
    Could you add back playback speed adjustment for IPhone Economist app? The default audio speed is just too slow for me, I usually turn it to 1.5X.
  • Breaks the Only Part of App I Use 1/5

    By sburlz
    Eliminating the option to speed up audio makes this app useless.
  • Add Back Audio Speed Adjustment! 1/5

    By Sad Audio Listener
    Please add back the ability to speed up the audio. Listening to the audio is how I consume the Economist and 1x speed is so painfully slow!!
  • You’re killing the app! 1/5

    By JB in DC
    As someone who listens to the audio version of The Economist weekly, there was very little wrong with the app before the “upgrade” and subsequent “fixes”. Now the app is buggy, they’ve removed the 3D Touch shortcut to audio played, and inexplicably removed the option to speed up playback. Yes, the audio was pretty back at higher speeds after the upgrade, but the person who decided to remove the option should seek employment in a new field. Why don’t you let the listener decide if they want to put up with crappy audio vs. inanely slow speech. It was already a difficult task getting through an edition in one week at 2x speed. At 1x it’s impossible.
  • Scrolling in night mode 4/5

    By Sir Humphrey Appleby
    Enjoy the app but scroll bar is invisible in night mode. Also adding a tap top of screen to display menu bar (share button, night mode, etc.) instead of finicky scrolling up would be nice
  • Bring back 1.5 speed! 1/5

    By Samp789
    The 1.5 and 2x speed of the previous version want perfect but it was better than nothing! Bring back the functionality WHILE working on a better solution! I will not renew my subscription unless this feature comes back soon!
  • Excellent for global affairs! 5/5

    By kamandanization
    As a constant learner, The Economist has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to diversify my knowledge on world affairs, business, and science.
  • Great Articles, Easy to Use App 5/5

    By ballet_lovzer
    I always read the politics, business in brief, and world leaders sections. The economist boasts fantastic, knowledgeable writers who bring a their characteristic perspective to issues ranging from health care to humanitarian crisis around the world.
  • Better but still not there 1/5

    By Izwu
    This is a review for the App, not the content. The content is absolutely great. I find it unbelievable that after so many years The Economist can’t get it right. The app is awful, just awful. Crashes, forgets listening place, difficult to navigate, uncomfortable controls, no link between reading and listening, now no speed control, etc. Not even the BASICS are well implemented after years of trying. Getting to article suggestions, automatic playlists, etc seems a fantasy. Why don’t you just make the audio content available via Podcast. You are ruining The Economist experience. This is what I wrote years ago. Today it is worse: The App has improved significantly over the years but still needs some work on the interface. The way the App works when swiping down or up in the audio section is VERY clunky and messy. The controls and/or article list keep getting in the way. You should add easier audio controls from lock screen like rewind 30 secs. There should be a link between the audio section and the reading so that you can advance by either reading or listening to playlist without getting lost on where I was. Listened-to and read articles should be highlighted in different color.
  • Why no faster audio replay speed anymore? 2/5

    By klaw826
    I am not sure why but the economist has had a difficult time with this app over the years. The last major update was a futher disappointment but now they have completely removed the ability to listen to the podcast at a faster speed. As someone who has come to rely on the podcast to get through the magazine this is a major disappointment. Enough to make me consider my subscription. The normal speed is so oddly slow it is painful to listen to. If the Economist is listening, put it back (in any form, they say they removed it because the quality was poor) or you will lose a 10+year subscriber.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Polyglot72
    This app is a disgrace. You pay so much for subscription and still get bombarded with ads. And if you think, once you downloaded an issue, you can read it without internet connection you are mistaken. Every time you open an issue, the app tries to connect to the internet to show you ads. Also, sometimes it forces you to download the whole issue all over again.
  • Audio option could be better 3/5

    By Nitmani
    As always great content Why Audio list is separate not integrated in the main Contents At times I read at times I play it in car, it's so hard to switch between reading and listening
  • Bring back audio speed controls 2/5

    By Argentarius
    The audio quality may not be perfect but having the controls is better than having none.
  • Wonderful!! 5/5

    By TravPerk
    The Economist is the best and my #1 source of news, along with The Financial Times!! The app works perfectly on my 7 Plus!!
  • Approachable and well written! 5/5

    By BWillers01
    Now that I'm in my late 30s (gasp, how did that happen?), my interest in news has changed. I want to learn, and I don't care what our reality TV society is doing. I want to know about the world. I want to grow. I was always scared of the Economist in my youth, thinking it was beyond me. What a mistake! I wish I would have started reading earlier. I love the stories and writing style. It is approachable and educational without being presumptuous or only speaking to "one demographic". I am thrilled with our decision to subscribe, and I love the app for when I'm on the road.
  • Economist 4/5

    By londonbatley
    Very good. The deep dives are excellent. As a weekly EACH article MUST give more than I can get from the daily papers. I would like to see more forward looking macro financial analysis.

The Economist: US & World News app comments


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