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  • Current Version: 1.1.1310
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  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Assistant App

Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. Find answers and get things done while on-the-go with the help of your Google Assistant. Remind yourself to stop by the store, pull up your travel photos to show a friend, or make a dinner reservation. With the Assistant app, you can: - Make quick phone calls (e.g. "Call Mom.") - Send text messages (e.g. "Text my bestie.") - Email your boss (e.g. "Here is the latest TPS report.") - Set reminders (e.g. "Remind me to buy a birthday gift for Sarah.") - Set calendar events (e.g. "Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9.") - Play music (e.g. "Play jazz music on YouTube.") - Navigate places (e.g. "Get me directions home.") - Weather information (e.g. "Do I need an umbrella today?") *Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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Google Assistant app reviews

  • Doesn’t even work with Google’s own music app 1/5

    By Zidd04
    Despite having settings for using Google Play Music as a music app it doesn’t actually use it to play any music or playlists it wants to use YouTube or Apple Music.
  • No GoogleVoice support 2/5

    By SeecoolGuy
    It has better voice recognition but if I can’t text using GV what good is it?
  • Great app love it! 5/5

    By Johnger1234
    Keep the updates coming
  • Waaaayyyy better than Siri 5/5

    By bernie&yvonne
    Please give Google assistent a try even if you are a diehard Apple fan. I was amazed by its functionality and its more human voice.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ahutchens19
    I've been waiting to use Google Assistant for such a long time! Finally I have it! 😊
  • Google baby 😁 5/5

    By Dracejr
    Way better than Siri!!
  • Best assistant 5/5

    By Notsooomuch
    I can actually talk to my phone and have it do stuff for me. Siri is garbage.
  • Best virtual assistant on iOS 5/5

    By C.nelson2
    This is better than Hound Cortana and Siri all together the best virtual assistant on iOS better than any other app. It even was manners! Like "thank you"
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Rickilustracion
    I know GA can't be perfect, I mean talking about integration 100% with iOS echo system, but for me is fair enough. I'm completely happy with his or her performance 😊. I hope you continue adding more languages, Spanish would be wonderful, that would let many Spanish speakers enjoy a lot all the capability GA could bring in their iPhones.
  • Arabic language 5/5

    By Saud allkmi
    Please add the Arabic language
  • Simply wow! 5/5

    By Zensant
    This is the only app that saves time and improves productivity. Period!
  • Google is so much smarter than Siri & Bing 5/5

    By TreLeonBey
    I like being able to text or speak what I need.
  • It works fine, but it's pointless... 2/5

    By Mikey123red
    We already have Siri to do everything this app can do. Maybe this could be useful for Android but not iOS.
  • Changing the language 1/5

    By Berrmi
    the default language is French on my iphone :/ , i can't change it to English
  • Help 5/5

    By Synystermick99
    i love google so much, but can i use this on a Mac??? i just got this thing
  • No Landscape Mode? Really? 2/5

    By Mr. EJ
    NO Landscape Mode? Really? In this day and age? Thats a minimum expectation. HHCTB? Delete!
  • App bien utile, avec une proposition… 4/5

    By fidele007
    Ce serait bien de pouvoir changer la language de l'assistant comme Siri. Merci et j'attends vivement la prochaine version de l'appli.
  • Allow manual set language 3/5

    By Bryan Kuro
    Please let users choose the language they want to speak to Google Assistant. My phone is in Japanese, but I want to use Assistant in English. Thank you!
  • Useless 1/5

    By murich
    is unable to connect to my calendar.
  • Needs IPad optimization 3/5

    By Mastag1
    Needs horizontal landscape mode for iPad then I'll be happy with it. The widget is useful but needs to be perfected
  • Almost Tops..... 4/5

    By Ejaazi
    There are a few things it cannot do as well as Siri like make direct calls or send direct text. But as for many other functions it is faster and better than Siri. The widget is worthless and I sent in feedback about it. Lastly, the web browser needs landscape support.
  • Newest update 3/5

    By annd33
    Ditto on the Unable to Download App message. Also the widget is no longer working properly.
  • I. LOVE. This. app. 5/5

    By SadAboutNoBall
    It's finally here - and there is so much going on- just get it and play. wish this app could replace the useless Siri. Hmm.. "hey siri, open google assistant." 19 seconds later.. "my web search for open google assistant..."
  • Update problem possibly? 4/5

    By Person_99
    I was updating all my 5 apps and this was the only app that wasn't able to update. It kept saying "unable to download app" not sure what the problem is. The app itself still works I'm just unable to update it. Very good app when you need information fast!
  • Very helpful app! 5/5

    By Herunsheng
    The Google Assistant app is fantastic, smart, funny and very helpful. Only one little problem. The size of the app described in the app store is about 70 MB. BUT when it installed on my iPhone 4s, it shows more than 120 MB. My opinion is, the little, the better.
  • Google! 5/5

    By Edzilla_2000
  • Not reading calendar 3/5

    By Darth Los
    I love the app but it doesn't read my Google calendar app on the iPhone (which syncs to the Apple calendar anyway). It will say I have nothing on my agenda for today when I really have several things on my actual calendar!
  • Notifications NEED to be consistent and reliable 4/5

    By Just another iSheep
    I had written a long, informative review about Assistant before iOS simply wiped the entire thing due to a half second device lock, but anyway..... Long story short: you need to improve reminder notifications. They need to be consistent and reliable. I experienced this same issue with the Google app back when it handled reminders; I'll set a reminder, but never get notified about it. If I'm going to be trusting you over Siri, you need to fix this now. I don't know if it's iOS' still terrible notification system (if it is, just say so), or if you're dropping the ball, but I can't be missing my reminders.
  • seriously no iPad app?? 3/5

    By Ryderrrrrrrr
    cmon Google...
  • Finally here... 5/5

    By Pythag10234
    After I heard about this wonderful release, I sold my Samsung phone and went back to my favorite, an iPhone. Hope it gets more integrated and flawless with time.
  • Really good app 5/5

    By Dp2006
    This is far and a away the most accurate voice assistant when it comes to voice recognition, at least in my case. There are some limitations like the fact that we can't wake it up by using a catch phrase. But I have a feeling that has more to do more with IOS and the restrictions that apple puts on developers. Which it has better integration with native iOS apps too. But when it comes to actual searches it is much, much better than Siri. A real shame I can't use this as the default assistant.
  • Frequently crashes 1/5

    By Prdparent
    This at frequently crashes when trying to find the shopping list. I'm guessing this is because Google keeps the shopping list in the cloud, which is dumb.
  • It neads an iPad version. 3/5

    By Popolo27
    When installing on an iPad it has black borders all around it like the Instagram app.
  • iPad version plz 5/5

    By Wellyute
    Please develop iPad version thx.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Parsa Majidi
    This app is very helpful and I love it.
  • This is amazing, but... 4/5

    By MajorCattiude
    Like the Android, you should be able to wake up your phone by saying the wake word. If the company could add this, I would give it 5 stars.
  • Gives actual answers to questions unlike Siri's "i didn't quite get that." So much better 5/5

    By ypaolamg
    What I hope for on a virtual assistant
  • Just a more annoying Google search app 3/5

    By dllnldr
    There might be in the future, but for right now, there is no value to this app. Unless you just want to mad lib.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Henry Singer
    I am a Home user that loves to have access to the Assistant on my iPhone. The voice recognition is uncanny. And getting better by the day
  • Assistant doesn't know how to open apps 3/5

    By Ki2rin
    It can cowork with other google apps but it couldn't collaborate with my other iOS apps..
  • I love the app but.... 4/5

    By Mihkail
    I love the app but I would like an iPad version even though i will still use siri. This is more of a game suggester to me and its good at that
  • Just need this 5/5

    By Ryancraftkyle
  • I love Google assistant 5/5

    By Louie Lynn
    I missed her when I left android for iPhone but I'm glad I can have her over Siri
  • Best 5/5

    By notrealmichalle
    It's much better than Siri!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Dddderrick
    Love the text to assistant feature.
  • Great 5/5

    By Zedmonkey
    Does everything it should.
  • Better than Siri by far 4/5

    By Snn5
    I use google apps. Siri can't interact with G apps correctly. Just better at search and results and contextual content. Needs to replace Siri as home button search agent.
  • Cool app 4/5

    By 1Nelly2002
    Just started using this app & don't know all that can do yet, but what I have explored, is pretty cool. There are things to still be worked out, for example, when I ask it "where am I" or "what's my current location" or "gas station near me", it defaults back to where I live.
  • Needs work! 1/5

    By Andrewlovesjenny
    Needs a lot of work. Period.
  • Can't find settings. 1/5

    By OldSheep44
    This app keeps sending me a daily weather forecast that I don't want. I can't find settings anywhere. Delete!

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