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Make space for the issues that matter. The Guardian app gives you breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism. Keep reading when you're offline, tailor your home screen with the sections that matter most to you, follow your favourite writers and stories using personalised notifications, save content for as long as you like, and get compelling journalism at any time on your devices. • Access the full range of Guardian journalism, specially designed for your iPhone or iPad • Stay up to date with live news and sport • Receive breaking news alerts to be informed of the big moments • Enjou award-winning audio, video and interactive content, as well as full-screen galleries, with stunning Retina-quality images • Keep reading even when you’re offline • Make it yours by choosing the sections and topics that appear on your home screen • Follow your favourite stories, series, writers and football teams for personal notifications • Save any content you want to keep for a later date • Read comments on articles and share your own thoughts • Search by keyword, topic, series, section, or contributor • Upgrade to the premium tier for our daily crosswords, specially curated content, extracts from Guardian Books, and an advert-free experience This app is totally free to use. You can choose to support the Guardian and independent journalism by upgrading to the Premium Tier. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier your payment can be taken immediately and processed by Apple. Premium tier subscription automatically renews monthly unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You may turn off auto-renewal after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Please note - while Apple's Family Sharing feature can be used to share apps between up to six family members, it does not support the sharing of in-app purchases (as described in This includes the auto-renewable subscription to the premium tier of the app, and you will therefore not be able to share any subscription purchased via iTunes Store with family members. If you have any questions please email who will be able to advise you further. Terms of use: All content in the Guardian app is copyright Guardian News & Media 2018. All rights reserved. Terms of use and privacy policy apply when accessing content via the Guardian app. • Privacy policy: • Terms and conditions:


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The Guardian app reviews

  • Delves a little deeper 5/5

    By Sarghosesalonist
    This is my favorite news app. I really appreciate the Guardian's perspective on international affairs, and I love the in-text links to other news stories that provide more depth or breadth.
  • Important app 5/5

    By Proletariat1234
    One of the easiest ways for me to get informed on the go. Thanks, The Guardian.
  • Trustworthy News Source 5/5

    By Supernik
    I love the Guardian app. It updates frequently and always has interesting content. It is easily my favorite news source, covering stories I don't see in the American press.
  • Paid But Still Seeing Advertising 3/5

    By DrewMerkle
    I pay to support journalism but I also pay to eliminate advertising. Not happy to be seeing ads. App has me logged in but when I click to eliminate the ads I’m asked to enter credentials again. Not ok. Also, sorry, not impressed with the redesign TBH. Form should follow function, not the other way around.
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By Ejaazi
    It's the best news app I've tried so far outside of apps that pull from many sources. However, I'm not a fan of the new logo and color scheme. Blue and white was so much better. Update 2/8/18 Still the best, but now the tab button to get to the menu and settings does not stay at the top but scrolls along the side as you scroll and sits on top of articles partially blocking your view.
  • great app 5/5

    By exumaslim
    excellent news source, unique and original articles, thought-provoking editorials.
  • The best news app 10 stars 5/5

    By BetaCancri290
    I purchased the monthly subscription and it is well worth it. The news that is covered and the links within articles is simply “Outstanding!” To be able to read current news and link to older stories concerning issues is incredibly fascinating and informative. Each day I find new information and detailed stories I didn’t know existed. I love the stories. Was reading up on Chernobyl and the newly installed enclosure and went through each of the links reading about life within the exclusion zone and the possibility of a solar farm. The content and how easy it is to navigate is simply awesome. One article and its associated links can lead to hours of fascinating information at your fingertips. If I could change one thing it would be to include easier crossword puzzles for novices like me that are working our way up to the more difficult ones.
  • one small fix suggestion 5/5

    By cuahieugiatla
    The splash screen still shows the old logo when opening the app from widget. Just some inconsistency quirk, otherwise 10/10. Love the Guardian.
  • New Logo is Heartbreaking 3/5

    By alkel101
    Why? That’s all I can ask. It’s one thing to update a look - see the extraordinary job Slate just did. You should read the hows and whys of Slate’s completion of the update. It took place over a l o n g period of time. It’s another thing to change your brand. What you had was a logo that was iconic. If you wanted to color it black, fine, but what you did was replace an icon (in the true sense of the word) with an ugly ‘update’ that looks like an elementary school class project did it. Did you pay someone for this horror or, perhaps, the big boss has a grandson (no granddaughter would ever create something so ghastly and forgettable) who is dabbling in graphic… well, one hates to call it design but there it is. Just go back. Do it quickly while it’s not so painful. Make it black if you must and I promise we will never mention it again. I would have given you four stars but not with this very badly managed process of ‘design.’
  • Great redesign! 5/5

    By anna-aaaa
    I love the new redesign! I had mostly stopped reading after the last redesign a few years ago - the light weight font (especially in white text over magenta half-device-width squares) was really hard to read. I also found it cartoonish, but the main problem was I couldn’t read it. I went from a daily reader, to just checking occasionally for balance against my other news sources. The new design is bold, more serious, and easy to read. Thank you for respecting my larger type preference. I’m back as a reader! I have ignored, with some guilt, your donation requests. Going forward I’m happy to donate, as the format now allows me to enjoy your valuable content.
  • Much better than NY Times app 5/5

    By BathroomBuddhaha
    The newspaper and the app work together in harmony to deliver great and interesting news articles. It seems The NY Times is bought out by the “liberal” elite while The Guardian is more radical and grass roots.
  • New design is horrible 5/5

    By magic1
    One of the world’s best papers but I have no plans on ever updating my app if it means I don’t have to look at the cartoonish new design
  • Nearly perfect 5/5

    By Nelson0307
    My only complaint is that there is no dark mode.

    By EDWARD12211
    When you're looking for introspective news about a plethora of current topics, where else would you look, but to The Guardian?
  • Well done. 5/5

    By SBG779
    Honestly, well done developer team/UXUI team. It's an incredibly fluid app, and stable. Thank you!
  • New logo/icon is disappointing 4/5

    By The Ludz
    The Guardian is great. I read it everyday. I'm dropping a star from my review though because the new icon is so bad. I loved the old logo. The blue circle-masked lowercase "g" was distinct, unique and popped out in a sea of apps on my home screen. The new, black and white, times roman, capital G in a circle feels like any generic news publication. Worse, the app is hard to find now when I scroll through my apps and the widget icon, wow, I can't even tell it's a G. It could be that stupid new uber icon for all I know. Seriously, I understand the world is a depressing, polorizing place these days and the new black/white logo might be meant to represent the times, but please, when Trump leaves office, can we have the old logo back? Finally, Yahoo and the Gap both changed their iconic logos an few years ago. The Gap changed theirs back and still have a business, yahoo not so much. Please don't be the next Yahoo!
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Mom Emy
    I was looking for news and all I found were articles like the Enquirer would run. Deleting app.
  • Love the update 5/5

    By Reganwarren
    Thanks for giving the app such a huge overhaul! Absolutely loving the fluidity of the app and the new aesthetic, minus the prominent red colors. I was definitely much more of a fan of the blue colors, as it comes off more trustworthy and benevolent. That might sound crazy but I think that’s definitely backed up by some psychology. Something to consider, but doesn’t take away from my review at all.
  • Great redesign 4/5

    By Mark in Brooklyn
    This is a great app, as long as you have connectivity. I really wish it would allow for better offline reading without having to find the stories, save them, and then remove them from save later on. The daily edition downloads the entire newspaper but that’s a separate subscription. Still, awesome newspaper that’s keeping up with the times without compromising journalistic quality or integrity.
  • Something borrowed, something blue 4/5

    By chrislowder
    The new design is growing on me, and I think I’ll embrace it eventually. However, the app itself is still a mess, with Android design elements, hamburger menus, and sluggish performance. I know it’s a new tech, but I’d love to be able to preview stories with a force touch. I’ll still resubscribe, but I wish they’d follow iOS design guidelines and make an app that I’d *love* to use.
  • Disappointing Redesign 1/5

    By Annoyed user1726
    The new app is visually inferior. Fonts are bolded, making them blocky and heavy, letters atop each other with improper spacing. The color change is also bothersome: where cool blue predominated we now have reds and blacks. The excessive use of red (especially in the Spotlight section) gives an ugly vibe of Alarm. It used to be the headlines and content that gave reason to be concerned: now just scrolling through the app and getting hit with bold, red words causes anxiety. It seems a step backward. There’s also much more dead white space. Would love to see a reversion to cooler colors and crisper, unbolded lettering. The content here will keep me coming back but probably not as frequently or happily as before.
  • Gratitude 5/5

    By Spacenought
    Thank you, GUARDIAN. Your contributions to international discourse and efforts to combat the miasma across the pond are invaluable to me and the world. I share your articles weekly. Best regards.
  • Problem for voiceover users 4/5

    By Temple Musiq fan 81
    The update is good with accessible larger print but there is now a problem for voiceover users. You cannot access the menu button with voiceover and have to turn off the screen reader to access it.
  • Great journalists 5/5

    By Séank
    Love reading Guardian writing, some of the best in the business Martina Hyde, Barney Ronay, Donald McRae.
  • The World News in your Hand 5/5

    By Ludovicus Andros
    Great to Know & See What is going on in the world!!
  • Excellent source of news 5/5

    By Luchi Alex
    The app works very well. It's very easy to use and of course the content is superb.
  • Great Guardian 5/5

    By Anerican Patriot
    The Guardian App is timely and informative and delivers the news -- REAL news -- in a professional and no nonsense matter. The journalism we have come to expect in the daily newspaper, is delivered online. It is my favorite newspaper app is the first one I read every day. And I am a Guardian supporter, I believe in its mission and journalism so much.
  • It's great! 5/5

    By Abai
    Very easy to navigate and get the gist of the news around the world during my commute.
  • Excellent content 4/5

    By StupendousMan
    The one thing this app is missing is either a dark mode or support for the new Smart Invert Colors feature of iOS 11. Sometimes light text on dark background is easier on the eyes.
  • Trusted reporting of the news 5/5

    By gamzoid
    I highly recommend the guardian. I read many news organizations everyday, the Guardian stands out as the best for overall integrity and even balanced news.
  • Brave and In-Depth Journalism 4/5

    By SaturnRinger
    My phone is not on the cutting edge, but The Guardian app on my phone is.
  • Like Having a Brilliant Friend 5/5

    By LaRougerie
    This is a terrific news source. I read it first now, and it’s like a smart friend who’s always done the research and gives you a news story AND the background AND a fair-minded but able-to-be-outraged perspective. I started reading it because no other news source had so many reporters globally. I stayed because they’re right on top of breaking news AND they have a great arts section. Now I’m starting to find the recipes tempting ....
  • Great 5/5

    By brynetta
    Great app!
  • Daily must read 5/5

    By DonnaU504
    The Guardian is great- I visit several times a day, looking for new content. Perhaps there are other providers of important information that the Guardian covers, but I've yet to find them. I also like coverage from around the world which is woefully lacking from most US providers. The app is simple to use and laid out consistently, day to day. No downside to downloading.
  • I need to know 5/5

    By Nine Times Six
    Getting to read articles from different areas of the world. And all sorts of interesting points of view
  • I'm all about the human interest stories. 4/5

    By JDRockefella
    I've always loved The G for their often visceral coverage of very interesting human experiences, their investigations, and the power behind the fact that they can stand up and say 'We are The Guardian, you can only ignore us for so long.' Even if you don't like the sometimes obvious political slant, there's no denying decent, credible journalism. I live in America and I check The G and two other U.K. news outlets before I even consider my local news. In this data crazed world, I would say The G is an essential part of any well balanced 'news diet'. The app is pretty well designed, too.
  • A newspaper worth supporting 5/5

    By Belindalalinda
    The Guardian reports the news in depth and with integrity. The app is easy to use to read main articles and to follow links down a hundred rabbit holes, if you've got the time!
  • Not Fake News 5/5

    By One Thousand Dollars
    This is a fantastic news source.
  • The latest news and easy to navigate 5/5

    By Retired Guy 27
    The Guardian app is fast to load and easy to navigate. The news are current and the commentary is well-researched and presented.
  • Great reporting and free to users 5/5

    By SJ2926
    I like the reporting on the Guardian App - it is detailed, and covers most important world news, especially for US, Europe, and Australia. The best feature of the app is that it is free for the general public - this provides great options for readers who want good reporting, but can't afford to pay steep prices for it. In the new digital age, this is a noble gesture by Guardian, and must be applauded. The app itself has evolved over time - earlier versions had glitches, but these have been worked out now. Auto-updates and video features work well in the latest versions of the app.
  • One essential read each day 5/5

    By crna in az
    The Guardian has been an essential source of news and opinions. The app is excellent
  • Love The Guardian 5/5

    By BWPM
    Real actual journalism.
  • Dependable and unbiased 5/5

    By Perduyn
    I depend on this source, and voluntarily send money because I don’t want to risk losing it. Great selection of articles, journalism like it ought to be
  • Just the best (still :-) 5/5

    By Frameflow
    Highest quality news, and best navigation of any web site I've ever used - news or otherwise. It doesn't get any better than that.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Pigney8
    Used to work fine now all it does is crash. Can’t even open. Cannot contact app support either. Very disappointing!
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By NewYorkerM
    I have problems since I updated my device to iOS 11. The Guardian App keeps asking me to subscribe, I am already a paying subscriber! Now it just keeps crashing! I have been trying to open it but it crashes every time. Terrible!
  • Crashing forever 1/5

    By CaptSaltyJack
    Something is happening today with the app. I can’t even open it without crashing, and of course I can’t use the app support link here in the AppStore because it just opens the app... which crashes.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By GraPhXLight
    First time I have a problem with this app; this last update broke it all the way. I launch it, the screen goes black and then I’m immediately taken back to my iPhone’s desktop. This happens every single time I try to open it.
  • Support Solid Journalism 5/5

    By austin_tx
    David Frum said - you want to make a difference? Support journalism! Subscribe to our local, national and international papers. Make a difference. This paper goes above and beyond. The app is user friendly - easy to save and share stories. Reading this paper has become a daily habit!
  • Timely & thoughtful 5/5

    By AMcQuaid:)
    The Guardian news app is my go-to source. User friendly & fast, the site is relevant no matter where you live.

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