The Holy Bible - King James Version

The Holy Bible - King James Version

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  • Current Version: 7.10.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tecarta, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Holy Bible - King James Version App

The Holy Bible - King James Version is a beautiful, easy to use, full featured Tecarta Bible app designed for quick navigation, easy note taking and powerful Bible study. The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is included with the app, and all the other popular translations (NKJV, NIV, NLT, ESV, NASB, MSG, etc.) can be affordably purchased in the app. Also available for purchase in the app are a large selection of Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals -- with all of their extra content integrated beautifully in the app so it is easy to navigate, search and study. The app does contain a single ad in the verse of the day screen. For customers who have made an in-app purchase the app remains ad free. As our user base expands, we have made this change In order to continue our efforts. All Bible translations, Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals can be downloaded to your device so you can use them off-line (without an Internet connection). Tecarta Bible makes it easy to navigate, search, highlight verses, bookmark, make margin notes, and copy and paste into your notes.   FEATURES - Fast and easy to use - Flip back and forth from your Bible to note-taking during lessons with one touch and not miss a thing - No internet connection needed for downloaded Bibles, Study Bibles, Commentaries and Devotionals - Use either Study mode, Parallel mode or Reading mode (pages turn like in a book) - Select, copy and paste multiple verses easily and quickly - Quick navigation either by using predictive entry or table of contents - Margin notes allow you to write notes for a specific passage - Night mode for low light reading - Both word and verse selection for highlights - Facebook and Twitter sharing - Highlighting allows readers to easily emphasize verses or passages - Full-text search by OT, NT or current book allows users to quickly find words and study topics - Bookmark your favorite passages for quick future reference or make your own personal studies - Powerful folder system allows users to organize notes and bookmarks - History folder and back button - Portrait / Landscape mode - Font sizes can be easily changed - Easily e-mail notes to yourself, friends or family - NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV, and NASB are red-letter editions, which can be optionally disabled - Users can expand Bible translations library easily and affordably through in-app purchase - Split-screen capability for parallel translations or for seeing Bible study with personal or study notes at the same time - Autoscroll with adjustable speed - Synchronize all your notes, bookmarks, margin notes and highlights across all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices - AirPrint enabled ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: - NIV (New International Version - 2011) - NIrV (New International Reader's Version) - NLT (New Living Translation) - ESV (English Standard Version) - NASB (New American Standard Bible) - MSG (The Message Bible) - CEV (Contemporary English Version) - NKJV (New King James Version) - AMP (Amplified Bible) - NCV (New Century Version) OTHER LANGUAGES: - NVI (Spanish NIV Bible) - LBLA (La Biblia de las Américas) - CUV (Chinese Union Version) - CUVS (Chinese Union Simplified Version) - Korean Bible STUDY BIBLES: - NIV Study Bible 2011 version - NIV Quest Study Bible - NIV Women's Devotional Bible - NIV Women's Study Bible - NIV Men's Devotional Bible - NIV Student Bible - NIV Teen Study Bible - MacArthur's Daily Bible - Couples Devotional Bible - Mom's Devotional Bible - Real Life Devotional Bible for Women Try all of the above Bibles, Study Bibles, Devotionals, and commentaries for free using our in-app trial feature. Or if you would like to use these Bibles offline, you can do so by purchasing the license from inside the app. Purchasing any Bible license will also remove ads from the app. Are we missing any translations you would like to see? Do you have any suggestions? Email us at

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The Holy Bible - King James Version app reviews

  • Search options? 1/5

    By Su Servido especial
    What happened to searching in a specific book for a word or phrase? It was a great app. I'm sorry, but It appears your desire to make money has made it worse. I'm not surprised, just dissapointed. 1Timothy 6:10.
  • Holy Bible King James Version 5/5

    By Athenshotglass
    AWESOME I'm very happy with this Bible app on my iPhone!!! Love to read God's word!!! I take my phone with me so I can read anywhere!!!
  • Don't update!!! Welcome screen is annoying!!! 1/5

    By Wulkant
    This app used to be nice and simple. The 'welcome screen' gets very annoying VERY quickly! It is enough to drive someone CrAzY!!! It now requires a fee to disable the annoying welcome screen $$$
  • Amazing 5/5

    By José Scales
    This app is awesome and I can find verses fast on my iPhone and it's awesome
  • Don't like new home page 2/5

    By Mz.JG
    I don't like that the app opens to a home page and that I can't turn this feature off because I made a purchase. It's like I'm being punished for making a purchase. Would love to change rating once this feature is fixed.
  • Very good. app but now has unavoidable popups 4/5

    By Tangled up in tangled
    I really liked this Bible app, and I used it for five years. However, The new popups irritate me. I uninstalled the app as soon as I saw by your message that I have to make an in-app purchase in order to stop the popups. That ruined the app for me.
  • Great app 5/5

    By slward78
    The only thing that could possibly improve the app would be to put the tabs of those purchased along the side by settings tab. Other then that, wonderful. Love the specials that are offered and the variety. One of my favorite apps.
  • Love 5/5

    By Nicole Gonzolas
    I love this bible. When the pastor has a verse to go to I can easily search it with no problem. I would note try it out before church to make sure you know how to use it.
  • WOw 5/5

    By Ehisvshela
  • Have loved this app for a while and now... 5/5

    By Poodle mom 7
    The read aloud feature is excellent!!! It's nice that I can start in a book and then it just keeps rolling through books until I stop it. My favorite setting is the dramatized setting.
  • Great KJV bible app 5/5

    By Isaac lee scruggs
    Lots of nice features. Notes, highlights, parallel bible reading with different versions. I really like this app. Use it for bible study a lot.
  • Bug & More Highlighter 5/5

    By Itvvist
    There is a bug or a missing feature where the KJV with the Strongs Concordance doesn't work in book mode. Also pleas put more highlighter colors.
  • Love the Bible - paid app, latest update has ads 3/5

    By Omninico
    I love this Bible app and use it daily. But with the latest update they have added a verse of the day and two advertisements that pop up after the app has not been used for a while. This has gotten to bother me as a nuance. I paid for this app given it was no more than $4.99 but now they are trying to get more money from me by using these google ads and advertisements for other translations. They think they are slick with the verse of the day. But what they are really doing is using the advertisements to make even more money. Please fix with next update or I will look for another Bible app. It used to be the best app bc it was simple, just the Bible. Please update again without ads.
  • Porn advertisements 1/5

    By Reuie
    Forced advertisements for soft core porn- not cool when I'm just trying to read the Bible
  • A Good app! 5/5

    By A Senior Pastor
    This Bible app is a blessing. The fact that I can search phrases rather than single words makes my searches much easier. If you can remember "some of the words" in a verse, this app will find all verses containing those words. Plus, the "Verse of the day", though not expected, has been a pleasant surprise!
  • Sometimes translations are off 3/5

    By Learoy1
    I have noticed on several occasions the scriptures are totally off in this app for instance psalm 66:3 reads "how terrible" is he but should read "how awesome"????
  • Welcome screen toggle 4/5

    By Jeremy221
    Dear Tecarta, I foolishly updated to the current version on my phone. The welcome screen and verse of the day are unneeded. The reason I use this app is because it didn't have those fluff features. It is a place to meet with God in His word, not some other person's interpretations and silly unbiblical illustrations. Please provide a toggle in the preferences to switch off the home screen. Thank you for seriously considering this request. Please add an option to turn off the welcome screen. Thank you for your time.
  • AV1611 5/5

    By Howie Boles
    This is a great King James Bible app! I enjoy this Bible app very much.
  • 7.10.6 Review: Back to 5-Stars! 5/5

    By GypsyVoyager
    7.10.6 Review Thank you for providing settings to remove the painfully annoying Welcome screen. Please don't bloat this great bible app with anymore unwanted/unnecessary features. Programmers need to know when they have a great app and leave it alone. ***************************************** 7.10.5 Review I submitted a service request to Tecarta to provide a setting to disable the annoying and unwanted "Welcome" screen that was forced upon users in version 7.10.4. The help desk emailed me back and said they would be providing a setting to remove this unwanted annoyance within 2 weeks. Unfortunately the 7.10.5 release did not address this issue. ***************************************** 7.10.4 Review Previous review by Jadespace said it all. This was a great app until this latest update, which forces the user to endure a "Welcome" screen with advertisements on start up, which cannot be disabled in the settings. Please add a setting to turn off this painful annoyance. Once an app is paid for, the user should not be subjected to further ads. Also, I'd like to see the Holman Study Bible made available for the actual Holman Bible Translation, instead of just the KJV. Hopefully this update trend doesn't portend the end of a another great bible app. :-(
  • Unwelcome Welcome Screen 1/5

    By Unspecified User
    Always really enjoyed this app because it was simple and straightforward, until the Welcome Screen with Verse of the Day, ads, and unwanted messages. You can't disable the Welcome Screen in the setting. The app has been ruined by the ads and the pop up.
  • Please let us remove the welcome screen! 5/5

    By LoBridge
    Update: I was happy to see that this app now has an option to turn off the splash screen when you open it. It has long been my favorite Bible app for teaching and preaching, I love the bookmark features and the ease of use. Excellent app… Previous comment: I had posted a glowing 5 star review on this app before, but the new welcome screen with adds attached is a terrible idea. I paid for the app and several add ons and I want the option to remove the welcome screen. I use this app for teaching and do not want to have to encounter it every time I open my Bible.
  • Everything I Need 5/5

    By T. Williamson
    This app is all I need to get the word and I get it while off line. It's easy to navigate with the ability to change the font sizes etc.
  • Nice app but... 3/5

    By Demo#1
    Nice app but the welcome screen is very annoying. I wish there was a way to disable the welcome screen from popping up every time you open the app.
  • Don't download until it's fixed 1/5

    By FreakingAmazedGuy
    What was once my favorite Bible app due to it's simplicity and ease of use has now become an utter cash-grab. Adding a welcome screen that you can't turn off was a bad choice, and anti-consumer; the subtle ads on it really annoy me as a faithful, long time user. Your app has become clunky and over saturated; please revert back to how it was before the new features were added with the 7.10.4 update, and please add in an option to turn off the welcome screen.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By The awsomedude
    I don't like how they ask for money for other versions besides the KJV

    By Shsjdkelsn
  • Welcome screen 1/5

    By js91r
    I am not ever updating until the 'welcome' screen is removed. The whole reason I got this app is because it didn't have a stupid welcome screen like all the other apps. I want something that opens right to where I was reading.
  • Good app with one annoyance 3/5

    By WinterSonata
    This is the primary Bible app that I use, and I have downloaded several Bible versions. However, an annoying welcome screen pops up frequently without an obvious way to disable it.
  • Welcome/Tracking 2/5

    By Dik42
    It used to be a fine app until the annoying welcome screen appeared. While reading their site on how to dissable that annoyance I read the privacy statement. I will be deleting the app as I do not need The Holy Bible tracking me, the good Lord already does that in a benavolent way.
  • Great app. 4/5

    By Left Overs
    I really like this app. Except I wish it had a timer on it. So when your listening to the audio portion of the book, you can set the timer to turn it off when needed. I listen to the Bible being read to me while at work or even when I'm in bed, relaxing enough to go to sleep. Having a timer would help a lot.
  • Just the Bible no more 2/5

    By Jadespace
    I switched to the Tecarta Bible app from YouVersion because the latter became increasingly bloated with "features" that distracted from the Bible itself. Sadly, the latest version of the Tecarta Bible app seems to have begun a similar transformation. There is now a "welcome" screen when starting the app that includes advertising from Tecarta and that must be manually dismissed. I expect this is the beginning of the end for me and Tecarta, despite my making purchases within the app. I just want to read the Bible at dawn, not be engage in social media, not watch videos, not be "welcomed" with a Bible verse and some advertising. I think it may be time to return to the analog world. I recommend The Books of the Bible from Zondervan.
  • change in operation 4/5

    By Agrammatos
    Still my 'go to' English Bible App when Greek or Hebrew texts are not needed. However, the latest version with 'Welcome Screen' is slightly inconvenient. Screen display on launch. Doesn't seem to want to turn off. Last 'tab' contents displayed on previous shutdown of App no longer displays on startup. After dismissing the unwelcome (from this reviewers perspective) 'Welcome Screen', instead of the 'Recently Used' tab being displayed (as it was when the App was last shutdow), the 'Bible Translations' tab is consistently displayed. It is slightly inconvenient to need to tap to dismiss the unwelcome 'Welcome Screen' and then tap to once again display the last used tab (for me, it is virtually always the 'Recently Used' tab). What is wrong with adding another user configurable option similar to the 'Reminder to Read' option? Leave it up to the user to decide whether or not to display the 'Welcome Screen'. Also, return the default tab to the last displayed (active) tab when the App was shutdown (unless y'all are simply tryin' to sell another Bible translation??? don't know). User 'configurability' is a major contributing factor for 'happy' users. Also, allow user to increase/decrease the number of recently used items. It would also be nice to allow user to once again open commentaries (or even Study Bibles this time around) in the parallel translation column—there's that user configurability matter once again!!). Oh well, y'all get the idea i am sure. Great app, nonetheless.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Ralph10101
    Just downloaded and is meeting my needs fine.

    By H3lovenote
    Blessings to the creators of this app in order for people to have access to the Living Breathing Word of GOD! It's a Blessing to have quick reference to the Word in studying and sharing. I love my Bible to hold in my hand and now also for the Word on my phone. Prayers for people to come to know the LORD and all who do to draw closer to Him day in and day out!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Tymom5
    I really love this Bible app. I recently discovered the audio Bible- there are several choices for how to have it read- I like the dramatic one- it's wonderful to be able to work around the house while listening to The Word. Someone else mentioned that we would like to have a way to put key words in a search box to find a certain verse- and I agree that this would be nice to have.
  • Wonderful Bible App 5/5

    By Twynkle50
    Have had this Bible App for a long time love it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Pic collage addicts
    A superior bible app for anyone.
  • Jesus 5/5

    By Jesus is King and Lord
    I love the voices
  • Always Satisfied 5/5

    By Fashion P
    I have been using the Tecarta app for years. I am always satisfied. It has made my studying and preparing for sermons so much easier. I always recommend it to others. Thanks to all who make it happen! God Bless!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Menofgodpbc
    This is my favorite Bible app, very simple to use, and let's you focus one what is important: the word. The highlighting and underlining options in this app are brilliant, and the controls for it are intuitive, and in my opinion better than those in some of the other apps out there. The ability to tap and send a verse(s) via a text message to anyone is brilliant! Thanks for this app!
  • Good app 3/5

    By Chadmanblue
    I will give you 5 stars when you get an app for Windows PC. I would love to have it downloaded on my pc and be able to use it without Internet.
  • A M A Z I N G 5/5

    By Neymessimmons
    A M A Z I N G 💯💯💯
  • Awesome bible app 5/5

    By Miahfovever
    I love it it's easy to use and it's free no ads and no things you have buy to use it love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By dannerville
    My go-to reference…
  • Nice!! 5/5

    By Gntlmn8989
    Great app!
  • Tecarta Bible app 5/5

    By Fwn8
    I love this app the best! It's easier to navigate and find your notes in this app than any others that I have tried. The thing I like the best is the way you can change the color of the letters to highlight rather than having a whole line blocked out which can make reading more difficult. I like to use the black background and changing the colors of the words make the words much easier to read and are gentle on the eyes. I was having some difficulty with some of the functions in the app, but the it is resolved thanks to Tecarta's Help Desk.
  • I love it so much fun 5/5

    By Nifgfhhhhhhh
    I love this app
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Susnec
    This app is so wonderful. It is easy to navigate, and quick to access.

    By Bingo-tastic
    This app is very user friendly; the options in the app are superb! Thank you to the makers of this app!!
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Savonnie J
    It's easy to use and I just love it!

The Holy Bible - King James Version app comments

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