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The Home Depot App

More saving. More doing. On the go. ENHANCED SHOPPING FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE Search, browse and shop for over a million home improvement products: appliances, bathroom, decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, BBQ grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans and more! Plus, save with free shipping to home or store on hundreds of thousands of products. BUY NOW, PICK UP IN STORE OR SHIP TO STORE The Home Depot's Pick Up In Store and Ship to Store options offers you the convenience of placing an order on the app and subsequently picking up your item(s) at a Home Depot store location. This feature not only saves you shipping charges but also helps you expedite any time-sensitive projects. Our Ship to Store features hundreds of thousands of products that can be shipped free of charge when you order online or in our app. STORE LAYOUT View detailed store maps to help you find your way to what you need. Tap on the aisle location of a product and see that item plotted on a map. VOICE & IMAGE SEARCH Simply speak the item into our search for a fast and convenient way to find what you need. Snap a picture of an unfamiliar item and we will show you a list of similar products. IN STORE EXPERIENCE If your GPS and location services are turned on, the Home Depot app will detect when you are in the store and provide a special store specific menu that helps you find items in the store, see local ad, and see what workshops are scheduled for that store. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. STORE LOCATOR Find the closest Home Depot location by using our Store Finder. It directions, store phone number, hours of operation, and services offered (truck rental, key making, tool rental, etc..). REVIEWS Use the barcode reader to scan an item and read what other customers have to say. Use the Home Depot app to write your own reviews and even upload an image. GIFT CARDS & PASSBOOK Need a last minute gift for someone? Send an eGift card to someone’s inbox instantly from the Home Depot app. Plus, iPhone users can even import the eGift card into Passbook. Keep the great feedback coming – email us at and let us know how we are doing.


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The Home Depot app reviews

  • Cannot filter by department or search for items 1/5

    By LosingOutOnSales
    Cannot filter by department or search for items since I updated the app on my phone. Everything worked great until then. I have been using the app for at least two years; both on Android and iOS.
  • Screen orientation for iPad is messed up 1/5

    By noahjh1
    This app will only open in landscape mode, and it somehow locks my iPad in landscape mode, even when I switch to a different app/screen, until I close the Home Depot app.
  • So easy to find things in the store! 5/5

    By lewiskanderson
    This is amazing. All stores should have apps like this. It is so easy to find exactly where objects are, even in the large stores
  • Consistently frustrating 2/5

    By soyfarra
    I love Home Depot, but the app is terrible. The inventory is never correct in the stores and the search feature is subpar.
  • Slowest App to load 1/5

    By StormG505
    This app takes so long to navigate, the message page takes me nowhere and when I’m in store and trying to locate an item it would be quicker to send a carrier pigeon to find it. It makes me aware of “messages in the message center and when I click there it tells me the topic of the message but absolutely no content. Don’t click on it if you have something to do this year though. Love Home Depot, but the app can use some work.
  • Lowe’s app works fine on iPhone X 1/5

    By Scooter Donovan
    I guess Home Depot doesn’t want the big spenders
  • Receipt History 5/5

    By PoutyPuddle05
    Haven’t played around with all the features, but I love how the app tracks purchases tied to a specific credit card! Everything is itemized with a picture, date, quantities, costs, etc. Great way to keep track of everything...the Lowe’s app needs to onboard a similar concept!
  • Only select items ship to Alaska and Hawai’i. 1/5

    By Timbo907
    What kind of 1950’s bag of crap is that?? Alaska and Hawai’i have been contributing members of the Union for over 50 years. USPS has been providing flat-rate shipping boxes for 11 years!
  • Won’t work on iOS 11 1/5

    By Rabbi Nickname
    No matter what I try , once I open the app it closes instantly. I deleted off my phone to try to reinstall it. No use. Please fix . This has been going on since iOS 11 has came out.
  • Not showing instore stock 1/5

    By Chomio317
    The app function well until last update not showing availability of instore inventory i have to use the website in order to find my store inventory
  • Deleted 1/5

    By Chiefmanykey
    Tired of messing with Home Depot entirely! Go ahead and try to look for an in-store washing machine,you’ll always get redirected to on line items. No in store items being shown. They have lost this customer for life! This corporation does not realize bubble popped back in the 90s and no longer exists, diehard corporation that does not give up!

    By E dribble bibble bobble
    Thoughts of suicide every time I TRY to use app. Every click I wonder if it will load, or maybe it will partly! The whole way thru card info input to robot verification till the end it may drive you insane also. There should be a warning before using this app.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By HomeDepotSucks
    Just drove out because this stupid app claimed they had 5 of an item that they had zero of.
  • App works well. Don't like being forced to use landscape mode 4/5

    By siouxsieq12
    I use this mostly on my iPhone 7, and it's fine there. On the iPad version, it seems to force you to use landscape. Using the keyboard covers a lot of the screen that way. So docking a star for the heavy handed choice.
  • Random pick up person 1/5

    By Johngang xu
    No way to select pick up person and in the end with random pick up person. Ordered but it is not shown in order history. It is in the website Home Depot but not in app Home Depot. Ridiculous!
  • Good Employee 5/5

    By stan austin
    I come to Home Depot often and your checker Jenny is so professional and friendly and so very helpful. I don’t know what you pay her but it’s not enough. She is the kind of employee that is so hard to find. I am giving her A 10 for her service. Thanks Stan Austin. stanaustin1 If you have any questions.
  • Receipt 2/5

    By ninisqui
  • Really poor app all the way around 1/5

    By jfortne
    Too many issue to list them all; here are my highlights: Cart in app never matches web Searching is worthless Most categories are just flat out missing in the app that are in the web page. Lighting for example is non existent in the app Checkout frequently does not work Inventory information is mostly incorrect, both in qty and in location in the store. Web page is fine. Scanner cannot even bring up an item right in front of me on the shelf. Menu colors are frequently low contrast and impossible to read. A mountain of bad issues make this app completely useless, sorry.
  • Easy pickup at store 5/5

    By jthevar
    Easy to order and quick pickup from store near my home
  • Cannot add items too shopping cart 1/5

    By Jerry1959
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Philip's Ghost
    This is why home despot looses to the big blue box store. I made the mistake of upgrading the app again and it still doesn't work. I try to search and I get an error message or it crashes. If home despot were more concerned about customer experience instead of mining your data to sell, read the privacy policy. They would decimate their competitors. BUT guess what you get the same lousy customer service in their store. The big blue box store's app just works (they’re not as concerned with mining my data). Oh, almost forgot their customer service is better.
  • Mr. Kunt 1/5

    By M-Lewis
    Update broke the app. Pictures don't show and always fails to load products
  • iPad version landscape only 2/5

    By Junky Downsider
    The iPad version is a horrible interface with landscape only, since this makes the keyboard nearly impossible to type. It also has a strange left-to-right swiping function to read product details. My rotation lock was not on and I tilted and shook to see whether it would rotate. Other apps are working just fine.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By viciavi
    The Home Depot app has made my life so much easier. After buying a house, we've made countless, daily trips to the store. The search features and aisle locator are a godsend. The receipt tracker was especially handy when I had to return a bulk of things from multiple sales. I like having quick access to my HD credit card account, too. I haven't tried to place an order through the app, but I prefer using it as a reference for an in-store trip; and for that, it works perfectly.
  • No iPhone X support in this version 1/5

    By GazzaUt
    App developers must not have noticed that the iPhone x has a different screen size. Text is barely readable in this version
  • Forum questions 1/5

    By TDohio
    Now, rather for two months, this app does NOT allow you to respond to Home Depot forum questions. Once you type your response the preview and submit actions cannot occurr! Fix this problem or get new developers that can!!!
  • App cart and Website cart do not stay in sync 4/5

    By joedavenport
    I am logged into the website and also the app, but if I add an item to the cart on the website that item will not also appear in my cart on the app. It would be nice if the cart showed the Isle and Bay number inside the cart without having to click into each item’s page. I like to add items to my to my cart as a shopping list, but a lot of time is wasted in the isles waiting for item pages to load so that I can go find the product in the cart. The website also seems to lose track of my desired store, it should rely on the last store specified unless we choose to locate a store near our current position.
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By SilverGreeneye
    I’m not rating the Home Depot; I’m rating the app. I’m a Home Depot associate, and I use this app every day to help my customers, since there’s only one store phone per department. I need this app. Unfortunately, I updated the app two days ago, and now it crashes and takes forever to load and run searches. Now I'm left standing around, waiting to be able to scan things, while my customers are getting impatient. It’s affecting my job performance. I need a fix, and I need it yesterday.
  • List management 3/5

    By Fernando464
    This app does not let you share your list between your devices.
  • My recent experience with HomeDepot “AMAZING” 5/5

    By cyeyes
    To all of you that have given a bad review on their experience with HomeDot, I recommend to reconsider. I had a situation with them. Someone at their office made it their business to make things right. He took a personal interest, by the initials of P.R. to personally interact with me & has totally changed my outlook at the way THINGS WERE HANDLED AT THE TIME OF MY REVIEW. This gentleman “CARED”. My review is going from a 1 to a 5. If there would of been a 10 I would of given a 10. Thank you so much HomeDepot & P.R. for your sincere way of handling my issue. Mr. P.R. Home Depot is lucky to have you on their side. Thank you!
  • Parts are ok but part I need is bad! 2/5

    By Taylorboyz
    You can find things to buy well enough. Most often the location of the product is different than what app shows, so you still wander the aisles peering at tiny SKU numbers 14’ in air on top shelves. And I really wanted to use the receipt feature to help me keep track of different jobs. It has the tab for purchases but 50-75% of purchases are not there. Tried to add the receipts myself and keeps telling me “Receipt not found “ and I have the original in my hand! . Hopefully this can be fixed or maybe I should try Lowe’s and their app. Maybe it would work ??? . Frustrating..,,,
  • DO NOT process orders through the app!! 1/5

    By Lost Cosmonaut
    Decided to try the app and placed an order through it. It didn’t go all the way through the system so Home Depot’s system didn’t recognize the order even though I received an email with confirmation. This was for an in store pick up. I did it this way in expectation that it would make my errand quicker. Just a dado blade set and two hinges. My “local” 3 Home Depots are more than an hour away in any direction. I just wanted to run in and out and get on with my build. This ordeal, even after calling the help line set me back several hours. In the mean time, my $130 and purchased products are in limbo until they can work out the issues. WASTE OF TIME! So frustrating. Wrecked my Saturday! DO NOT USE THIS APP FOR PLACING ORDERS!!!
  • Has been updating for a few days now 1/5

    By Li'l Bill
    Hard to give a review on that note.
  • Horrible app! 1/5

    By Ciphouse
    This app should get ZERO STARS, but that’s not an option. You cannot add existing receipts to your order/purchase history. Which is a huge fail. You want me to link a credit card to the app then use that same card for the purchase. Which hello, in today’s day and time with security breaches happening, um, NO way I’ll do that. Plus if you have one account for the household this may mean one, Two or three credit cards?? Piss poor at best. Sad to say that Lowe’s has you on this one. Theirs does all this and more!! Don’t waste your time on this app, buy a receipt folder and then pray your receipt doesn’t fade away. Edited again after developers response. You cannot add Current receipts unless your using a stored credit card number. Which, I will never do. Every heard of data breach?
  • No Apple Pay 1/5

    By FFranksJr
    After being hacked, one would think you’d be the first on that horse.
  • So bad 1/5

    By Chilips
    See above.
  • Was good for awhile 1/5

    By Big daddy 8686
    I’m not sure what happened to this app. When it works it’s really helpful. But that hasn’t happened for me in awhile. It has a hard time processing requests and displaying information. I hope they can fix this. The Lowe’s app works a lot better and because of this I’ve been going to Lowe’s more than I normally would.
  • Ease of use 3/5

    By Sd08NC
    I have had pretty good luck with the app but use it infrequently because it lacks TouchID, making it cumbersome compared to all of my other apps. Could go from a 6 to a 10 if changed.
  • Not useful. 1/5

    By Jon Fowler
    Tried to place an order at my local HD. Just kept getting “Local store id is mandatory.” That and the search engine stinks. App deleted.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Wojo4127
    Last few times (late September- October) wouldn’t work in the store
  • Well executed! 5/5

    By altoidgod
    The fact that I can pull receipts from before I created an account with just the card number is next-level thoughtful!
  • Horrible!!!!! 1/5

    By Sylviamare
    Every other credit card we have can be paid through their app EXCEPT Home Depot. Paying your bill via the app is about the same as finding a helpful salesperson in their stores ... you would have better odds if you were searching for a leprechaun riding a unicorn. App is so useless the engineers who created it must be embarrassed. I would leave zero stars if I could. Waste of time to use.
  • Useless 1/5

    By horknfbr
    This app times out constantly. I have given up using it and just use the mobile website.
  • Okay but... 3/5

    By B1G82307
    App works well for me, plus clearly identifies where items are in their locations BUT one big pet peeve of mine is how you can no longer search their ads as if it was an ad sent via mail. Lowes still has their "Weekly Ad" which you can "turn pages" to see what is on sale versus looking by category (I.e "Special Buy", etc.) Please go back to the capability to look at your weekly ad appropriately.
  • Get rid of last update 1/5

    By supercalafragulisticexpialdis
    I use to use this app all the time now Ever since the last update now the app won't even open
  • Great 1% of the time 1/5

    By De Wildt
    This app fails so often to fetch product details and search results it is basically useless. Better off using the web page, very disappointing app.
  • Phone number does not work 1/5

    By disappointed pro
    Need Help? Call 1-866-333-3551 Nothing on the app works as it should. Even the phone number is not connected
  • Frustrating app at best 1/5

    By RJness
    When it works, it’s fine. Sadly that’s rare. It’s clearly an app that’s just a front end to their web site. Unfortunately, quite often, it completely fails to pull the data it needs to be functional. Have lost count of the times the home screen sits there with four orange/white dots and never ever responds. Or how about the message “we’re sorry, but we are temporarily unable to process your request “. Do yourself a favor. Just access the Home Depot web site directly and save the trouble of downloading and installing this app.
  • Very jumpy app w/ don't order through app 1/5

    By NavyGuyAN
    This app is extremely jumpy and will often screw up your order right in the middle of you placing your order with your credit card information and billing info. Jumps all over the place it's not very stable for an app. Next time I will just use the main website. The app is really only good for browsing that's pretty much it.
  • App lies about inventory and pricing 1/5

    By RacerRhapsody
    Before taking the time to drive 20 minutes to my Home Depot I checked stock and found a total of 18 items that would meet my needs. When I got to the store they had zero and the prices did not match at all. For example one of the items I needed was priced at $11.97 on the app but in the store it was $7.50, The other item that would have also worked was priced at $19.97 on the app but in the store it was $9.98. I'm not complaining about the fact it was much cheaper in the store then what the app shows, my complaint is the fact is, obviously you're inventory system does not work when I'm trying to find items in the store before making a Drive! If your pricing can be better in the store than this on the app it can also be better on the app and what you're showing on the store because your information is incorrect. Also a big complaint is that your app does not store my receipts like Lowes does

The Home Depot app comments


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