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    By Push a button
    NEWS TO FEED GLOBALIZATION AGENDA OF THE BIAS MEDIA . The MIDDLE CLASS OF THE 80-90" helped make computers and technology what is today. And GET NO CREDIT BY MILLENNIUMS..
  • Auto-play video ads in PAID subscription?!? 1/5

    By Island Life
    I've never wanted to give an app negative stars... until now. But auto play video ads that interrupt reading mid-article?!? You must be joking... the lack of respect this demonstrates is unbelievable. I wouldn't tolerate that in a pop culture magazine, much less in what is supposed to be world class reporting that I'm paying for. Shame on you, NYT. Paying a premium for quality news is fine and I'm happy to do it for the Times. However, having annoying advertisements in an app that I have paid for is crazy. For shame, NYT-- this isn't print media. The ads are distracting, play automatically, slow the app, burn through data, and reduce battery life. Paying subscribers should be able to opt out of these ads. My rating will remain a single star until the ad issue is resolved. And I will seriously think about taking my money elsewhere. Print media is dying, but NYT shouldn't make users want to pull the plug on it. Update: Even more ads now appear within the articles and make for an unpleasant reading experience. I never thought I would say this, but I might consider giving USAToday a try (an ad-free experience for less than $3/month - sign me up). Honestly, reading about the state of the world these days is unpleasant enough as it is without the addition of obnoxious advertising. Please treat your subscribers with some respect.
  • NYT Should Fire Their Coders? Discriminatory App. 1/5

    By Critical Reader
    Again!? Seriously, it’s like every time you fix a bug you reintroducing on the next update. Any person that is visually impaired or has a reading disability is screwed with every update. I challenge anyone who is reading this to highlight one article. Just one, and then hit the “speak” button. How long does it take? How about a long article? Last one I tried I gave up after 3 minutes; I had highlighted 1/3 an article... Last version, I could highlight the title and drag up, which highlighted the whole article. Now it’s f’ing chaos. If any reporter is reading this, here is the headline: NYT App makes reading NYT Impossible for blind and disabled. I have written and retracted this bad review so many times now. Why can’t this team shoot strait? I’m sorry, I know you’re working hard but is there no memo telling people not to release a new version when it’s unreadable by a lot of people? Just add “select all” like politico. Seriously. ——— Below if my old review, same problem: ——— old review: Great content, BUT - Why has NYT made not so hard to select all the text in an article. Politico offers "Select All," as soon as you select text so someone who is blind or dyslexic can use the "Speak" function and listen to the article. Why would the "Look Up," tab appear when you select a paragraph of text? How would that even work! Why, oh why doesn't the "Look Up," button become "Select All," when you select more than one word? The problem would be solved. And why is it SO slow to select text? Every update makes it worse. Half the time, then you select up to an ad, it deselected everything you just selected. Every time they update the app, there are new challenges to selecting text. I challenge you NYT coders, pick a long article with a bunch of advertisements and try to select the whole thing. Try it with four articles. Now imagine your frustration if that were multiplied three times over the course of a day. PLEASE DO THIS TEST EVERY TIME YOU UPDATE THE APP! It shouldn't get worse with each update, it should get better. I used to be able to do it with one touch and swipe. Now it's way more cumbersome and changes with every article and update. This might seem like a small thing but for those who have disabilities, this little feature is essential. :( ——— My review when this was fixed: My old complaint was that you couldn't "select all," and this made it hard for disabled people to use the "speak" function. But... you can now. (But they won't tell you how, you have to guess. [Lame.] Or read below.) How: If you select the title of an article and then drag the selection up, it often auto selects the whole article. Hope this lasts, as they often make a way to "select all" and then change it with the next update. Below is my prior review which I'm leaving because I bet they'll forget to keep this feature with the next update. (Happens often.)
  • Disgusting ads 1/5

    By cp3fla
    This app keeps showing me disgusting affected human bodies for medical treatment
  • STILL Crashes on iPad 2 running IOS 9.3.5 1/5

    By Fkooyman
    At first this app seemed to work ok, and I made the mistake of deleting the old app. Now it crashes every time I start it up, and I have lost access to the NY Times on my iPad. DO NOT DOWNLOAD until this app gets fixed! Update 10/18/2017: The latest update (version 6.1.1 of 10/17/2017) does NOT fix the problem. The app still will not load.
  • Working again 4/5

    By Random-Name
    Thanks for fixing the app. Now stable and usable on my iPad mini.
  • Deleted; returned to browser version 1/5

    By 413sport
    Hated the updated iPad version for all the reasons stated by other reviewers. Simple solution: Use Safari to access the NYT website. Problem solved.
  • Thanks 4/5

    By Barry Hollander
    Thanks for the latest update as I can now read the Times again on my iPad mini with 9.3.5.
  • Very flaky 1/5

    By Hou-reb
    This latest App is very flaky. Crashes all the time. I given up on it and reverted to using the old app for the time being. I have been a long time online subscriber but am seriously considering canceling my subscription.
  • It works! 4/5

    By zanzen
    After weeks of dutifully trying to open the app once or twice a day, and succeeding only three or four times -- and then only to an app that worked fitfully and briefly before crashing -- it opened instantly today! Stories popped up swiftly! Photos appeared! Scrolls zipped along! Someone flip a forgotten switch? Happy to also see big improvements over the design I briefly saw after first downloading the new app: Willingness t mix up the number of columns, and the layout of screens in different sections; running some headlines now without photos; more variation in photo size; the "latest" story list below the first one or two screens of featured stories. (Maybe that one was there from the start, it never worked long enough for me to explore that far before.) All excellent decisions. Huzzah!
  • Slow Refresh and Load 2/5

    By MasonInTexas
    Generally slow to update content, even when you manually try to update the feed. Focus is too much on advanced graphical features. The Tines needs to get the basics set up and easy to use first.
  • Don't Upgrade! 1/5

    By Tan349876
    What a shocking disappointment! My morning routine of reading NYT and sipping my coffee is ruined by this poorly executed App. Very buggy and slow and the format is all wrong. I hope they re-do it soon as I can't reinstall the old much better App.
  • Disappointing and huge step backwards 1/5

    By Tristram:Shandy
    App doesn’t download all articles properly, despite the option to do so, leaving you stranded when without internet. Fix is urgently needed as soon as possible. Very surprising that the NYT would offer such faulty app for download to its subscribers. Disappointing.
  • Overheating 1/5

    By nthorn
    The NY Times app would receive 5 stars for a plethora of reasons, but until their developers can figure out what is causing overheating to occur on the latest iPhones I have uninstalled the app from my phone. Useless.
  • New NYT app is terrible 1/5

    By Prof_biz
    I have been an NYT subscriber for nearly 20 years, last few as digital only, mainly on my iPad. The new app is so bad that I am considering cancelling my subscription. The content density is is now so slow, and the photos so large, that it is almost impossible to engage with the great content that the NYT produces. (In fact, I continue to find the web site presentation of content superior, even to the old app.) One has to wonder if the NYT is purposefully trying to drive away their most engaged and loyal readers.
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By The Dude Of Food Loos
    Awesome, very confusing and annoying to look at tough
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Mason0326
    Seriously thinking of canceling my subscription. What’s the deal, New York Times?
  • New app fails for iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 6 2/5

    By Dance 24.7
    NYT is great but latest version of app often fails during loading.
  • Ny Times 2/5

    By read red
    Problematic. Quits frequently.
  • Terrible Performance 2/5

    By dorianworkman
    Great content, but the app’s performance is terrible. Many articles just don’t load at all, even after waiting 30 seconds or more. I have the option selected to download all sections offline, but that didn’t seem to change anything. Plus clicking App Support just shows me a list of FAQs, with no one way to contact someone for help. Looks like I’ll be canceling my subscription.
  • Ridiculous. 1/5

    By polyphemus123
    The only way I can open and read my NYT subscription is to uninstall and reinstall, then open from the app store. Failure every other time. I'm on an iPad. Please get it right.
  • Crash-arama 1/5

    By Ijafw
    Open, freeze, crash. POS
  • New App?, Same Issues 1/5

    By Piyus'a
    I seem to have installed the new app but it certainly doesn't look like the app displayed in the story about the new app. It must be new because it fails to load entirely and crashes daily on my iPad Air 2. My concerns about the app remain, even with the 'new' app. Where are all the stories from print edition hidden? I am forever seeing stories in print copies at the airport, in offices and friend's homes that are not available in the app. I search using keywords, no such story exists in the app. The browser version might find the story, but searching is tedious as so many old stories appear before recent stories in search results. Different headlines for the same story in different media also confuse things. Like other reviewers, I was very disappointed that my family lost access to the app on older devices. They switched to reading and subscribing to the Washington Post app on their older iPhones and iPads as a result. Love your expanded domestic coverage but disappointed at the loss of international stories. Perhaps a partnership with The Economist or Financial Times is in order?
  • Disgraceful 1/5

    By Light waves
    New app does not open on my ipad2 unless I delete it and reinstall. Works right after reinstall then breaks. I must reinstall again whenever I want to read on my iPad. Totally unacceptable. I will unsubscribe shortly if this is not fixed. I must be able to read on my iPad and I don't want to upgrade to new hardware just for this one app. Absurd!!!!!!
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By Neeneyes
    Since the last upgrade, the app crashes two times on the iPad before it finally opens. Otherwise, love reading the Times.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By TooGood754
    Latest update won't even open.
  • Pop up add times 1/5

    By jj314159
    Even though I pay for the subscription the program is loaded with ads. Today discovery channel adds uncontrollably started popping up that are hard to close.
  • Horrible update—constant pop-up video ads!! 1/5

    By Ralphsson1
    Why am I getting pop-up video ads every 30sec on an app for which I pay!?!? Forget it!! I’ll read it in the browser. Horrible. Zero stars.
  • Unavoidable video ads? REALLY? 1/5

    By Supercube 3000
    UPDATE 10/16/2017: I'm uninstalling this app. After the app kept playing/taking-over-my-screen with some video advertisement for some new Discovery Channel show, I finally got fed up. I'm done with this app, and I'm sticking strictly with the website version with Ad-Block. This is ridiculous! We pay a subscription to avoid click-baity, obnoxious ads. ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is a bad version, apparently released without any beta testing. (0.1) Where is the recently-viewed page? Just because I close the app, doesn't mean I want to never read this one article again. And now I can't find it because I get sent to the homepage everytime I open the app, instead of the logical place—where I left it, you know, like a real newspaper. (UPDATE 8/29/2017: I switched apps for 2 minutes and it just happened again! Now I can't find the article I was reading for the past 10 minutes. What the heck is wrong with this app?) (1) Since updating to version 6.0, the line-spacing of the articles has gotten larger, making the typography of the articles all wrong. (2) Scrolling is now very jittery. When scrolling, the page jumps in tiny, noticeable increments. (3) Everytime I open the app, the stories update immediately from the Internet. Before, an update would only occur if it had (a) been a long time since an update or (b) you manually updated it. This is a massive battery sink and depletes power quickly.
  • Ads takeover even with subscription 1/5

    By //..jules..//
    Frustrated with takeover ads that CANNOT be closed, even though I pay for content. Terrible experience.
  • New video ads are terrible. 1/5

    By Tom AB
    They interrupt reading flow, are difficult to dismiss, and pop back up later in the article. I’ve been annoyed with some of the times’ ham-handed coverage lately, but this may be the final straw that makes me delete the app.
  • Stop Autoplaying Ads Everywhere 1/5

    By AlbertBlah1234
    Video adverts auto play everywhere — when one loads the top stories, one one changes sections, when one opens an article. Destroys the whole experience. Unusable.
  • Ruined 1/5

    By Pincomark
    Today I find that although I pay for a New York Times subscription, I am bombarded with random and unstoppable video ads for a show I promise never to watch. Please get rid of them or I will cancel my subscription.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Rbnphoto
    I have been reading The NY Times on line for a long time, but it is now becoming too painful. Unwanted videos open randomly if you swipe the screen to move to the next article. And the organization of articles is not very good. It looks like a random collection of articles. I guess they are trying very hard to get people to switch to the paper version!
  • Annoying pop up ads 1/5

    By Dave.Ed
    Suddenly there are really intrusive pop up ads that play automatically. I am paying a lot of cash for this subscription. These ads are ridiculous. Also, keeps asking if I want to sponsor a student subscription. Seriously? If you want to give free student subscriptions then just do it. Why should I pay for it when the incremental cost of one more online subscriber is probably nearly zero.
  • HOW much memory? 1/5

    By Tilly Glutz
    My ipad said I was running out of memory. What? Why? So I investigated.....Surprise, surprise....the biggest hog was the NYTimes! Why? I only read a few articles looks a whole lot better on my laptop. So, now I've deleted it. Maybe I'll delete my credit card payments too. Way to go NYT. Not.
  • Won't Work 1/5

    By Oneangryoldman
    Tried too many times to load this app on my old iPad running 9.3.5. Trying to find a fix was too aggravating. The heck with it. The are other news sources.
  • C'mon team 1/5

    By Djadvent
    Does not work on my iPhone 4s.
  • I want ALL of the New York Times 1/5

    By JamesHarrigan
    This app is a huge step in the wrong direction. The old NY Times app was great because you could read EVERY ARTICLE in the paper from the last few days. The new app makes this impossible: if you want to know what the Times has published in the past 24-48 hours, this app will not tell you. Why oh why would you release an app that doesn’t let your subscribers access all your content??? Fortunately I still have the old app on my iPad and will use it as long as I can.
  • Bad!!!! 1/5

    By BabsAZ
    The new version has taken a step backward. Didn't think that was possible! Faster? Not a chance! Much slower than the previous version. Ads are now bigger and in your face every 20 lines....same ad and no way to minimize them. The subscription should now be free and the web designer fired! After using this for a week it's worse than I first thought...hard to believe! Repetitive ads in the middle of an article combined with the dreaded animated ads force you to close the article and move on. You can no longer print, etc. Fortunately I didn't delete the old app and it still works. Update: After using this for several weeks I have found everything about this to be even worse than originally thought. The same irrelevant ad over and over again one article. Ads are HUGE!! The app seems to get more sluggish every time I use it. Hopefully the design team has been fired by now! Update after a month: more bugs have surface...and no fixes! This app is BAD. It often returns "unable to login" when you click a link in an article. I AM logged in! I wish there was a "0" star option!
  • Very buggy 1/5

    By Peter in Chicago
    As much as I love The NY Times I must say this app is particularly bad. It freezes frequently and crashes often. C'mon, you folks can do better than this.
  • Unacceptably slow 1/5

    By Sub-wayfarer
    The new NYT app is deathly slow. I have to look at the NYT logo for 10 seconds every time I launch the app. It now requires an active internet connection to display many articles, which makes it hard to read in the subway. And lately it’s been relentlessly bombarding me with pop up ads. After being an NYT news junkie for many decades, I think it’s time to move on.
  • Not On My iPad 1/5

    By Comcompass
    Your journalism is the best but your app for iPad is the worst. I have an older iPad. I was happily reading my subscription on it until NYTimes came up with the "fusion" app. Since then, the app will not open no matter how many times I've deleted and reloaded it. No help from tech support either. In response to my situation described above, they sent me some pro forma reply on how to change my fonts!!! WT*? No coincidence that the NYTimes app is rated only 2 stars. That's being kind. ET
  • If you threaten to cancel... 1/5

    By Lemenrod
    I was not using my digital subscription as much as I thought I would, so I used the chat feature in manage subscriptions to initiate a cancellation. To my surprise after being a subscriber for over a year I was suddenly offered a subscription at half the price or $7.50 every four weeks. That is a $90 savings over the normal subscription price. I really dislike companies that operate this way! Had I called 12 months ago I could’ve saved myself $90! I encourage others to take advantage of these special deals given to current subscribers! All it takes is a chat...
  • Bugs galore 1/5

    By SEW18
    This version repeatedly freezes my iPad Mini and won’t even open on my iPad 2. Do I really need to buy new hardware just to read my PAID subscription? How about some backward compatibility and greater stability?
  • Just canceled my subscription to NYT 1/5

    By MROD11
    The app has gone from good, to decent, to bad, to downright awful. For years I've paid $15 per month for the NYT, but two days ago I decided enough is enough. Goodbye NYT. Your useless app, your lack of concern about it (just look at all the negative reviews on here), and your incessant pandering to conservatives have convinced me that you're expendable. I've subscribed to the Washington Post instead.
  • I really liked previous version. Very unhappy with this one 2/5

    By JFG57
    I read less in the app now. I'm not sure why. articles all seem less appealing. Feels too glitzy. 2-3 articles per session ask me for my password no matter how many times I submit my password. Why"
  • Video ads auto play full screen 1/5

    By DCNYer
    Video ad (Discovery Channel) auto plays without user tapping the ad. It's highly disruptive when scrolling through articles on the Top Stories page. I thought the ads appeared because I accidentally tapped the ad, but it appears that ad auto plays (full screen) without taps and is triggered only by scrolling past. Video ad triggered while on wifi. I don't know if this happens when on wireless, but if that happens, it would unnecessarily consume data.
  • Worse 1/5

    By Amin182
    I pay for an app that decides to show me random popup fullscreen video ads while I scroll. This is unacceptable. Shame on NYT.
  • What happened??? 2/5

    By Joe in wilmington
    Used to work just fine - updated version crashes on first startup - ok on second- happened before installing OS 11

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