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The New Yorker Today App

The New Yorker Today features a continuously updating feed of editors’ selections that presents all the storytelling tools New Yorker writers and artists use: blog posts originating within the hour, stories from the current issue of the magazine, classic articles from the past, cartoons, and podcasts. Every time you open it, The New Yorker Today gives you the best writing on and analysis of the events and ideas of the moment. The New Yorker Today includes: · The latest stories and blog posts from The New Yorker’s Web site, as well as the topical Daily Cartoon, created by a New Yorker cartoonist. · A selection of recent and classic pieces from the weekly magazine. · Videos, slide shows, and other multimedia. · The Cartoon Randomizer cut: feature: swipe through—and share —a nearly endless supply of New Yorker cartoons. · Bookmarking capability: save articles to read later, offline. The app is free to download. Subscribers receive unlimited access. Non-subscribers may access ten free articles each month. A subscription costs $8.99 a month or $89.99 annually and includes a 30-day free trial, after which it will automatically renew. Most current New Yorker subscribers have unlimited access to the app as part of their existing subscription. All users have unlimited access to Cartoons at Random, which does not count toward the article limit for non-subscribers. The New Yorker Today requires iOS 9 or above. The New Yorker Sticker Pack captures quintessential moments in city life with a fanciful eye and humorous touch. Drawn and animated by the New Yorker contributor Christoph Niemann, the stickers are an extension of The New Yorker Today app, our continuously updating feed featuring the best writing on the events and ideas of the moment. If you do not already have The New Yorker Today app, it will automatically download to your device when you install The New Yorker Sticker Pack. The New Yorker Sticker Pack is free to download and requires iOS 10 or above. Information about our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy can be found by following these links:

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The New Yorker Today app reviews

  • Great app. 1 suggestion. 5/5

    By MrCrude
    The app works great. One suggestion is have the menu option at the top left corner like in the safari version to navigate between different topics.
  • Thank you! 5/5

    By JasonTM1
    I love the landscape support, thanks very much for adding that feature.
  • So Far I'm Lovin' It! 5/5

    By Egone
    This makes me so happy. I know the app just came out today, but this appears to be the type of app I've been waiting for The New Yorker to come out with. Elegant, fun and great reads constantly a flowing. A wonderful start to a new app and look forward to its incremental improvements.
  • The best way to read The New Yorker 5/5

    By mjdescy
    I love the iPhone version of this app, and now that the iPad version has landscape support it is finally usable to me on the device I prefer to read on. If you subscribe to TNY, this app is a great way to read it.
  • Well done! 5/5

    By bvanmunc
    Really enjoying the newest app from The New Yorker!!!
  • Amazing & keeps getting better! 5/5

    By TravPerk
    The NYer Today is an amazing app! I'm a subscriber to the magazine, and this app is my favorite part of the subscription!! The updates keep making it better too!! All I ask for is a dark theme, for I'm disabled, and bright white can hurt my eyes, so I'd love to be able to have a dark theme! Other than that, perfect!! The New Yorker Today has definitely earned my 5 star review!
  • Good concept needs work 2/5

    By Wick256
    I love the concept. But it is broken in so many ways. This app was clearly on a deadline and released before finished. You can't magnify images. So cover page jokes can be indecipherable. 'Cartoons at Random" is like the Roach Motel - you start looking through cartoons and there's no way back to other content. I hate that it doesn't know how to rotate on an iPad. You expect such behavior on inferior iPhone apps, but this app tries to scale to larger screens.
  • artist 2/5

    By paint dress
    I find this app frequently AWFUL!! Why? ...because every other day I am told that I have already read my 10 free articles for the month!! My subscription is already linked (a multiple number of times) and yet I cannot seem to proceed to read. Today is only the 6th. I may be locked out until February. There must be a way to fix this!! I LOVE to read every article each day; hence, I must relate my frustration here...
  • Enjoying it 5/5

    By beyobe
    Quick access to the latest content.
  • Need iPad version 3/5

    By NRFro
    For small screens only.
  • Wonderful Reading 5/5

    By Campman1
    The New Yorker makes for a pleasant night after a long day.
  • Elegant 5/5

    By Memphis Gal
    A beautifully designed app. Elegant, easy to read, not cluttered. I am long time subscriber (yes, in the mail). This is a welcome addition. I wish ALL apps could be as well thought out as this one. TY NYer!
  • Great stories 5/5

    By rock38climb
    The New Yorker has the best stories around. The app is simple and gets out of the way to let you read.
  • Great 5/5

    By ArtW0125
    Easy to set up and easy to use. Perfect for those interminable minutes while waiting in the dentist office. As usual the cartoons are great, but their presentation is superb.
  • No Search 2/5

    By Peter12534
    Cannot search for articles. Stories begun in the paper version or in a browser can't be resumed in the app as there seems to be no way to find them.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Ezra L.
    Thank you, as ever, for your amazing work. An isle of sanity, sobriety, hilarity and piercing humanity. Great app too!
  • Good, with one major flaw 3/5

    By JonShow
    This is basically the iOS version of the New Yorker website, with current content including magazine articles and more. As such, it is a great to have this material available for iOS, especially not having to download full issues as with the magazine app. The one big problem, however, is that the font size is humongous, too big on an iPhone and incredibly large on an iPad. I haven't yet found a way to decrease the font size, so prefer to go online for this content.
  • New Yorker Every Day! 5/5

    By Creekrunner47
    This addition to my portable library is a joy. No other publication has such terrific writers. And they cover a wide area of subjects. Love it!
  • I kissa you ring, New Yorker 5/5

    By Lifecake devotee
    The New Yorker app cleanly delivers one of best periodicals available to my IPhone. Just like the magazine the app is well presented and sleek. The content of the New Yorker? Come on, we all know it's some of the best writing out there. Now more than ever we NEED the New Yorker and this rockstar of an app.
  • Great magazine. Terrible app 1/5

    By TexSan
    Never works. Never has. Probably never will
  • Love it - clean and easy 5/5

    By Reader99
    Loving the new app. It is easy to read and focused on the latest and most popular content so it is easy to choose what to read.
  • Slick app 5/5

    By Noppanit_toy
    Really like the cartoon section. It’s very slick and well designed.
  • Slick! 5/5

    By Lalalalashadoop
    This app is super-slick! I especially love the interaction when browsing the cartoons. The app is simple, intuitive, and clean. Very impressive.
  • Great content, awful apps 3/5

    By Oscarssf
    For years this magazine has failed considerably to stay competitive in the e-world. Apps are buggy on an I Phone and lack basic features, such as a button to login when it crashes. This necessitates a call to a less than helpful call center where someone tells me to login in again. Circular incompetence!
  • Excellent news companion 5/5

    By psmweb
    A truly unique app, offering new stories and commentary sometimes mixed with older pieces related to a current theme. Excellent way to keep up with current events and also get behind a particular story - this app is a solid way to set context for the news. As a New Yorker subscriber, I wish I could search for stories, read all posts from a selected author and not be limited in my bookmarks.
  • Best magazine app 5/5

    By Gerryfs
    This is really a superb app. No issues, flows well,
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Jshimp
    Nice improvement over the website and the subscriber app, which to me was a bust since it wasn't optimized for iOS. This one is much easier to navigate and strikes the right balance between give-away content that which is for subscribers only.
  • Shaky. Is it iOS or th 3/5

    By Lumsden Clan
    Love my iPhone and love The New Yorker. But the app is a little shaky. It literally shakes at times. That said, my phone has been a little funky since the last iOS update with the cursor bouncing around. In this app, sometimes content jumps back to the previous article without my prompting it to. And the screen shakes. This does not happen in other apps. Hoping Apple and the app developer work out these bugs in the next update!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Phrenology
    Much more readable than the actual magazine app. Love the cartoon presentation!
  • Stand together and laugh together 5/5

    By JessaMaeJack
    Since the initiation of my subscription, I have read aloud many articles from the humor section to friends and family, always warranting a great response. I check the news section daily and am always pleasantly surprised how well my liberal views match the articles. It feels like talking, standing beside and laughing with a friend. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to something that delivers horrible truths in the most beautiful way. It's both reason and remedy. I read everyday.
  • Not the magazine 1/5

    By mavenaut
    I want to read my subscription on my device not a curated list of "top" stories.
  • Great 5/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Apple Keychain support?
  • Subscriber for years 5/5

    By mindcentric
    Always great content
  • User 5/5

    By MarkPEngineet
    Great app. I use it every day. It would be nice to be able to zoom. Especially for cartoons.
  • Cool but iPad version is requisite 5/5

    By nhuhuan
    please make it for the iPad!
  • Must read no matter the device 5/5

    By Morgan Ward
    I find myself reading the New Yorker on my phone because of this app. I usually read it on my laptop or in print. So this is best endorsement I can offer. The content is so compelling I have to read it no matter the device.
  • Horrible customer service, total rip-off 1/5

    By andmcc
    Says newyorker digital subscription, which I have, will enable the user to use the program, but turns out if you bought your subscription through apple store, then they charge $89.99 per year for this. Doesn't tell you this anywhere. I was so angry, that I wanted to cancel my newyorker subscription altogether, but newyorker so you have to do that through apple, and apple won't refund a partial year subscription, even though I just renewed today. Total scam rip-off, and new yorker has worst telephone customer service I've ever encountered. Am trying to cancel the sub via Amex. Will never subscribe to anything from this company ever again.
  • Love it! Thanks New Yorker! 5/5

    By Ac32323
    Great app. Have used it every day since downloading. Love the decent font size on the iPhone version. Clean, easy interface.
  • Good, but no save place feature 3/5

    By Magicbirdmaster
    I like the design of this app, and dang near everything about it, except it is missing one crucial feature. When I exit out of it and restart it, or when the app has been sitting idle and reboots itself it never remembers the place I left off in the article. I have to scroll down each time to find it, which on the longer form articles is a total pain. Please fix this issue!
  • Should be ashamed 1/5

    By bluestreak426
    I can't believe how this publication attempts to literally empty the pockets of its readers. Your fees are shameful. Instead of trying to help the public in anyway, you have decided to get fat and rich off the working class people too. Enjoy your holidays and happy new year, my your profits be many...
  • Typical New Yorker—all class 4/5

    By ajhook53
    But for the sadly unbalanced ölprovning
  • Latest version has buggy scrolling 1/5

    By Mephaust
    Latest release "hitches" early into every single scroll movement. Looking forward to a fix.
  • Where are my pictures? 4/5

    By GSpeer
    Of course the writing is superb and the iPad is a handy way to read the articles but for some reason on my iPad 3 probably less than half the pictures load. This definitely degrades the experience. As another reviewer commented, a picture can be worth a thousand words. I hope this gets remedied.
  • So far, so good! 5/5

    By Cape MacMan Dave
    New subscriber. Am enjoying the digital experience. Do not read print anymore. Very happy to have this option and happy to pay for help support an American institution. Also a digital only subscriber to the NY Times. I enjoy being able to access great articles on the go and share them with my friends. Wish this app had a Facebook share button, as the Times does!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By GoodDogma
    No menu? No choice of type size? Am I supposed to use the other New Yorker app as well?
  • love love love this 5/5

    By Sosoisme
    this is the best place to pass the time. best writers, best access, current and interesting stories, EASY to read and changes all the time. New Yorker has figured it out. Thank you!!
  • Great UI 5/5

    By oluallday
    The user interface for this app is great, it's easy to navigate and use. The only complaint I have is that it is sometimes hard to get out of the article you're reading, the back button should be easier to see.
  • So so 4/5

    By Fred from Detroit
    Some cartoons are unreadable on an iPhone or iPod.
  • great, for an app 5/5

    By Ignatius_J_Reilly
    I find it hard to get through a long article on a phone screen while actually retaining any of it. I prefer the print edition of the New Yorker. But, for quick browsing, this is a solid, well designed app.
  • Great app just got better! 5/5

    By Teddy_baehr
    So glad I can resize text to make things more readable!

The New Yorker Today app comments

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