The PCH App: Cash Prizes, Sweepstakes & Mini Games

The PCH App: Cash Prizes, Sweepstakes & Mini Games

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.6.99
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Publishers Clearing House
  • Compatibility: Android
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The PCH App: Cash Prizes, Sweepstakes & Mini Games App

Could you use an extra million dollars? Getting that extra cash could be as simple as showing the Prize Patrol the PCH App on your phone if you’re our “Win For Life” SuperPrize winner. See below for Promotion Details. Imagine, the Prize Patrol knocks on your door to surprise you with our next huge “Win For Life” SuperPrize. Of course you’d be thrilled to be the winner, but then it gets even more exciting when you whip out your phone and show the Prize Patrol you have this app on your phone — and they give you an extra $1,OOO,OOO.OO! PCH App $1 Million Extra Promotion Details This special promotion for the PCH App is only valid for Giveaway #6900 matching winning number prize event. In order to claim the extra $1 Million Dollar Prize, a user: 1) must be identified via matching winning number as the winner of a “Win For Life” SuperPrize, 2) have downloaded the PCH App prior to midnight on the day before the prize award, and 3) show (unprompted) to the Prize Patrol within 3O minutes of the surprise winner notification that they have the PCH App installed on their mobile device. It’s that easy — plus the PCH App gives you even more than our sites with 2X Sweepstakes Entries & 2X Token Payouts, BIGGER Instant Win Bonus Opportunities And So Much More! Publishers Clearing House has awarded Over $290 Million in Prizes since 1967 and we're still giving money away! Don't let others do all the winning! Get the The PCH App now and you could become the Winner we're searching for next! That's right -- The PCH App could point the legendary Prize Patrol to your door with: • FREE entries for our famous, millionaire-making PCH SuperPrize! • FREE shots to win hot prizes and thousands of dollars in cash! • FREE BONUS OPPORTUNITIES sent to PCH App players daily! But that's not all! With The PCH App, you've got a direct, instant passport to all our other amazing PCH Sweepstakes on apps like: • PCHlotto App • PCHPlay&Win • PCHFrontpage • And So Much More! So don't wait! If you're interested in Winning, download the PCH App today! Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with these contests or sweepstakes.

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The PCH App: Cash Prizes, Sweepstakes & Mini Games app reviews

  • Pch 5/5

    By Scooty-pooty
  • PCH App 4/5

    By Flipetta
    This app has most of the games, i.e., Lotto, Play and Win, etc.; one stop playing.
  • Good timekiller 4/5

    By Ethansmama1107
    I never play these kind of apps trying to win. I know better. But i do play to kill time. Entertaining for that at least. Lol
  • Feel Cheated! 1/5

    By NYCGirlyGirl
    The app freezes often now. I never complete an entry by way of notification! You know the "special" entries. The commercial thing is getting way out of hand! Way too many commercials for each entry!
  • I'll Love the knock at the Door 5/5

    By Jamie's hourglass
    I'll love the knock at the Door
  • I actually won something 5/5

    By Sailbatnite
    I had to read the check to make sure it didn't say sample. They sent me a $10.00 check. Not much but still is something.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Fun time app
    Cool app
  • PCH App 5/5

    By Mimi the bookworm
    Great app! I like playing PCH and dreaming of winning.
  • All the ads turning me away. 1/5

    By TheUnderbite
    With the new upgrade, it is now one pesky invasive add after the other. Multiple video ads between each game. I won't be playing anymore.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Lisa354
    This updated app is so much better and it works well. I see myself using this app more today and in he future.
  • Decent 4/5

    By Ospfox
    Wish it paid off a bit, but a good time killer.
  • Could do better 2/5

    By Strwrshplotr
    I have a lot of issues with the ads not letting me go forward so i have to close the app and try again. It does this all the time
  • Review 2/5

    By BAM9171
    Too many crashes and black outs
  • An Excellent Update To A Revered Classic 5/5

    By jalesandrok
    Anybody remember the skit on SNL with PupPup🤔
  • Just not happy 1/5

    By 2psycho1
    I have been playing for awhile and won nothing. Games are rigged and the app does not match what you win online. Also the over abundance of emails each day to get you to play.
  • Longer ads than site 4/5

    By Tela MCGORSKI
    2x tokens is cool, but you're forced to watch video ads that you can't skip through, unlike the website
  • Great app. But!!! 4/5

    By fedex78265
    I enjoy playing all the games, but app freezes a lot.
  • What's up??? 1/5

    By Rebelsrose6165
    I LOVED this app until this last update! Now it either won't load at all or continually loads the same ad over and over and over NOT allowing me to enter any of the games! Not fun especially when you refuse to shop with the retailer the ad is for in the first place!
  • The app hangs up during game play 3/5

    By Pmbriktar
    This app hangs up and I'll play several games and it still does not unlock the next level. I also have to download three other apps to play an app that I have under the pch app? Why is that?
  • Prodidy 1/5

    By Prodiddy
    This app is lots better fun, however it always freezes up! It operates very poorly! PCH needs fix this app!
  • It's okay 3/5

    By WildDog117
    It's okay I guess haven't won anything
  • I wait through a lot of ads, but load faster 2/5

    By Bob the Bear Wrangler
    Wish the app didn't take 3mins to load.
  • Can't get past the ads. 2/5

    By Aden05
    If it works it is great but lately I see the same ad 6 times before it progresses or this screen go black and you are done for the day. It has some really bad bugs. I have contacted PCH yet no improvement in the function of the app.
  • Newest update 1/5

    By Irisheyes_Alicia
    Newest update is a little rough. It's constantly freezing now, mobile airstrike add never ends, and stops loading after a game.
  • Gets stuck all the time 2/5

    By DjDiverDan
    The first couple of days I used it it worked fine - LOTS of ads, often repetitive (like having to watch that 30 second ad for Maserati about 5 times in a row between scratch off games), but a good way to pile up tokens. Then it started getting stuck ALL the time - try to start a new game, and screen just goes white and remains - doing nothing. Restart the app, and again, stuck. If I left the app for a few hours and restarted it, it worked fine for a couple of games, then started getting stuck again. Annoying.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Tonetta57
    Love the double points, but I hate the way this app freezes. I used to be able to complete all levels, but not for the past 6 months. Very irritating, even when I delete and reload to my iPad.
  • Not worth the time/effort... 1/5

    By DonutHole
    v2.6.99 The app just got worse, now you get to watch 1-5 ads after each game, because 1 wasn't enough. After watching an ad, the screen goes black, gotta force-quit the app. The app is more likely to freeze now as well. - - - The odds of actually winning any cash or prize is basically ZERO! There are so many ridiculous, repetitive video ads! Games take too long to play- each game requires 1-2 taps/clicks to play, plus load time, plus a 30-60 second video ad. So to play 1 game is about 2 taps/clicks & then up to 90 seconds of waiting. Token payouts, which is what you get for playing games, are usually about 750 or less per game, sometimes you get more but not often. Then there's a chance the game won't load at all or the app crashes, so then you get nothing. Kind of hard to get to the top of the leaderboard that way. Sometimes there are several pages you need to scroll thru that try to sell you a bunch of crap (the "fingerhut"-type garbage). If you do play online (desktop) it's worse! There are always 3 banner ads on screen, many repetitive. The games are Flash-based which is becoming outdated. Then there is a video ad before AND after each game! Plus there are many more pages of the "fingerhut" crap that they try to sell you. Token payouts are preset (as someone else mentioned), start a game on your phone but don't play it, look online & you'll see your token total change) In order to play all the games on the apps, mobile web & desktop web it would take well over 6 hours- and you win nothing of any real value! Who has that kind of free time everyday? Do you know anyone personally that has won a PCH prize? Probably not...
  • Ads 1/5

    By AppleinAK
    I use to be able to tolerate the ads, but with the most recent update you'll get 2-4 ads in a row after each entry. When you do get a single ad, they tend to black out the app about 50% of the time and you have to reset it. I swear I've had to reset this app at least 10 times today.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Deer Holder
    I like the different games PCH offers and different ways to win.
  • Just hoping for the best 5/5

    By star1978bjs
    Love the thought of winning. Wish I would. Hope I will.
  • PCH App 4/5

    By Jennaroo2310
    Love it! Keeps my occupied when I'm needin clear mind and games are cool and could so win some cash ! Love it !! Does however freeze up occasionally but not a lot .
  • Pc 5/5

    By Trekie3600
    Fun app can
  • Love it 5/5

    By Diamond Tiff
    Great app
  • Great but glitchy. 3/5

    By DLTLM
    Too many times I tap on a selection and only get a white screen. I cannot complete all 7. Phone and app are up to date and it doesn't matter if I'm on data or wifi.
  • I want to win! 5/5

    By Adam Dez
    I use the app every day. I really want to win this.
  • After today's update 3/5

    By excoast
    The app is freezing up AGAIN.
  • Could be my door! 5/5

    By Ferguson64
    You never know, could be my door next.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Leyrosa
    I love PCH, I am a member since 2012 and I do my tickets every day and if I won a prize, it would be wonderful 😉
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Everlasting Ch
    Love the app!
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By Nateman79
    Fun and easy to use.
  • Nice 5/5

    By KelliOb
    I like this app, more chances to win and more entries for the big one!
  • Can't win if you don't play 5/5

    By Rocksimo
    The only cost is time. Ads pay the way for a chance to win without you having to pay for entry. I really enjoy the games when time permits.
  • Not too bad 4/5

    By Reviewerofalltime
    Given its possibly free money at stake I can ignore the ads
  • Glitchy App 2/5

    By Retired Mitch
    The PCH App is generally fun to play. I, however have regular occasions of it locking up. I have to force quit/restart the app. Often, while playing scratch off games, the add will of course play, but the screen will go white. I have to go to the home page and start again. Quite annoying.
  • The PCH App 5/5

    By New AT&T user
    Awesome App!! Saved me so much time and is so easy to play!!😍
  • Problems fixed 5/5

    By Mea59
    I had major problems with the new/updated pch app this morning. (May 23) Finally gave up and removed the app. Then I rebooted my iPad and reloaded the app. Works great again. Hope it lasts and maybe this may help others with the same issues. (Freezing up & multiple adds)
  • Sometimes can't get past the ads 2/5

    By Trucker4Life0485
    Sometimes we cannot get past the ads and they lock up the app. Was a good app, however this past release with increased advertising per game it's just making it more and more frustrating. I have a very limited time slot to play this for fun, and the ads eat up the majority of it. If the goal is for people to utilize the app then decrease the ad times and frequency. If the sole purpose is advertising only, then bingo you've hit the mark.
  • Great, Fun app 5/5

    By Tyler Macias
    Its pretty simple and the games are fun besides for all the advertisements, but hey thats where the money comes from for the big winners! Anyways great app and keeps me intrigued and hoping someday I have the chance to win.
  • Great app 5/5

    By kasmouse
    Wonderful app love it very easy to use and simple

    By ms_tko
    SCAM?! check tokens before playing each game & you can tell your 'random award'. 🙄 if tokens increase by 500, i already know that i will 'win' 250 (2x) before i even play the game. 🙄 there is no mystery. if supposedly random winnings are pre-set, my guest is the winners are pre-determined as well, which sounds like a scam and not worth anyone's time except not so 'random winners'. 😐 they may change this glitch, but not the scam. i do not even know anyone who has won $5 let alone millions, a truck or iPad! 🙄

The PCH App: Cash Prizes, Sweepstakes & Mini Games app comments

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