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  • Current Version: 2.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Publishers Clearing House
  • Compatibility: Android
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The PCH App App

Install now and see why fans are ***obsessed*** with The PCH App! Publishers Clearing House has awarded Over $360 Million in Prizes since 1967 and we're still giving money away! Don't let others do all the winning! They call us the place “Where America Plays To Win®”… and the PCH App makes it happen with winners EVERY SINGLE DAY! Here’s what’s in it for you: Get Instant Access to FREE Scratch Cards And FREE Instant-Win Games For Your Shot At REAL Cash Prizes! Win $2,500.00 With Just One Play! Big instant win bonuses –Win up to $40,000.00 INSTANTLY! Claim 2X Chances To Win & 10X Token Rewards you can redeem for even more big prize opportunities! Hundreds… Thousands… Millions of Dollars in Prizes Are Waiting… it’s time for you to get in on the action! Plus, the PCH App has more for YOU with prizes you can’t win on our mobile website… reserved cash prizes and BIG TOKEN REWARDS! Make your game play worth more – get the app now! And, with the PCH App, you've got a direct, instant passport to all our other amazing opportunities like: • PCHslots – spin the reels for your shot at REAL CASH and Tokens! Winners Are Guaranteed Every Single Day! • PCHlotto App – pick your PCHlotto numbers for millionaire-making nightly drawings, or try your luck at our newest game – PCHkeno! • PCHFrontpage App – search the web and read the news to unlock your shot at CASH! • PCHgames App • And Other Ways To Win You’ll Love! If you’re looking to win, PCH is the place for YOU -- so don't wait! Download the App today! ATTENTION PCH FANS: Already playing at PCH and want an EXTRA $1 Million? It could happen JUST FOR HAVING THIS APP ON YOUR PHONE… here’s how: PCH App $1 Million Extra Promotion Details This special promotion for the PCH App is only valid for Giveaway #8800 matching winning number prize event. In order to claim the extra $1 Million Dollar Prize, a user: 1) must be identified via matching winning number as the winner of a “Win For Life” SuperPrize, 2) have downloaded the PCH App prior to midnight on the day before the prize award, and 3) show (unprompted) to the Prize Patrol within 3O minutes of the surprise winner notification that they have the PCH App installed on their mobile device. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with these contests or sweepstakes.


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The PCH App app reviews

  • Mrs Reba Anthony 1/5

    By publishers
    I have been playing these games entering at least 30 times a day and never won anything . And then it says in your instructions that making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning. But you then say make a purchase. Is all it takes to win. I think it is all a hoax.
  • The best up 5/5

    By Obelix333
    I enjoy so much but I wish win some real money
  • ♥️💕 5/5

    By Angey7
    Love it
  • Luveeet!!! :) 5/5

    By Jaks521
    I love this app! Having so much fun. All games is worth it! This app I highly recommend.thanks!😉❤️👍
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Leka1231
    Waste of time. Never win. Confusing and annoying app. It try's to sell you stuff.WASTE OF TIME!!!
  • PCH 4/5

    By Barneyzak
    Not a fan. Slow and sometimes it doesn't work.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Zstork
    Unless I win or someone I know wins I’ll always believe this is a scam.
  • Major Waste of Time... 1/5

    By Jeff Rocketman
    The “PRIZE” lol..... was to be awarded 7 mos ago - that didn’t happen ! This my last email regarding my entry into the awards’s ALL BOGUS.....
  • Thanks for Dreams 4/5

    By Boss ack binch
    I like the dreams of what would I do if I won I would like to start a foundation to help many others It's a good goal The app is nice Beats going the long way around
  • Not Sure PCH app prizes or promises are real 1/5

    By HollyHays
    I thought it would be neat just to follow all of the rules, flip through the games, and fulfill are required adds and see if I even won anything. Nothing. Even the gift cards you “win” from their affiliates require you to pay and enroll in a contractual subscription. Fine print and continued a dangled carrot. They use classic capitalized letters in red with “URGENT.” “Last Chance” signs. What I thought would be a great experiment to test the site proved my suspicions, you’ll never win. Read the fine print, know that you will subject to constant adds, and endure Spam with little reward.
  • What a garbage app 2/5

    By Shotster36
    Makes you wonder how legit PCH is?? They can’t even develop an app that doesn’t crash and lock up every 5 minutes.
  • Cdwoods1005 5/5

    By GrandmaCarol1956
    Love this app
  • Order 1/5

    By Bastaiger
    I ordered a car vacuum & never received it! It was sent to the wrong address. I have notified FedEx but they can't help me. I am NOT paying for something I never received. I have no idea how to notify PCH but when I get the bill, it will show my correct address if I ever get the bill. I told FedEx the address they delivered it to so why can't they help! They are as bad as PCH. I am not ordering anything again!
  • Frustrating! 2/5

    By Malcolmsh
    Takes a long time to get through the games, since the app freezes and crashes very frequently! I'm not sure if any of the prizes, other than the super prizes, are ever awarded. Very frustrating and disappointing!
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Mg361
    Yet I play

    By wgrandle
    I know how you feel, and I normally not a complainer either. Yet I have been a participant since 2002, and that is just in my own names and addresses. I have even ordered magazines in my moms name, and from her address, during some periods I had to go live her temporarily. Because I thought maybe you have to order magazines, maybe you have to be a home owner, maybe you had to be over a certain age. Through it all, have never won a dime in cash, but have accumulated millions in tokens. I am starting to think when they say preselected winners, they truly are. I give up, you spend money, you don’t spend money, you download app, you don’t download app. After 15 plus years, of loyalty, @ 60 years old now, you’d think it would count for something. My dream of seeing me hugging everybody, screaming, running, jumping, doing my praise dance, celebrating a true life changing experience, for once in my life, is beginning to fade quickly.
  • PC Apps 1/5

    By Praying gi
    Wow I guess I am not the only one that feels like you are going in circles. I understand that they want all of us to buy the apps and play but to me I don't like to gamble with peoples emotions but it seems thats what they are doing would we all like to win big? Yes! But it seems we are putting out the money by buying products and yet I don't know anyone who has won. So we shall see PC!
  • Great fun!!! 5/5

    By Gracy LOL
    I've entered every day and won money. Sure there are some glitches but what app doesn't have them
  • PCH App. 3/5

    By BooBoo57
    At first it wouldn't load for Months. Only the last 2 weeks left on contest did lt load where l could play. That's why l only have 2 millions of coins. I could go to searches but the same old ads over and over. I had most of the games you showed. So l never got to get extra coins or enter contest. The my iPhone got hacked and was charged for thing l never ordered. Thank God that my Credit Card 💳 don't make people pay for what Hackers charges. Other than that. I love the last 2 months. Hope l win . Please!😘💰💰💰🎊🎊🎊😊🚗🎈🎈🎈
  • Crash Crash Slow Crash 1/5

    By NOW I SEE!
    Horrible app. Guaranteed to crash MOST of the time. I’ve NEVER gotten through a series of games without having to close and reopen at least 50% of the time.
  • Don't get the app 1/5

    By Rabb531685
  • Super Entertaining 4/5

    By Heleenaoshea
    The app is a fun entertaining midday distraction. It's really fun to gain points and the sponsors actually have real fun games!
  • Stress Relief 5/5

    By Winnerinprogress
    Awesome way to take a break from computer and hard work. Also it gives you a chance of winning real money. Love it!!
  • Denis Meyer 5/5

    By denimeye_4
    I understand that people are upset for not winning but I won $100 in December and yes, I did get the check in the mail and it was legitimate.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Noob123321
    Way too many ads
  • Love the app. 4/5

    By T.B.I. TY
    This app is great way better than using the web!
  • If only 3/5

    By BFarley5
    I have played this for awhile and never won anything after a year I stopped playing and I’m going to try one more time hoping to be able to give it 5 stars! I have started playing again and the ads are ridiculous that it makes the process so long to enter the sweepstakes! With that being said ... the app freezes every other entry/ad and makes this process even longer and aggravating!!!!! (All this to what; to never win anything) I hope not !!! It will be a big disappointment!!! But hey it’s a try hopefully not a waste of time of precious life !
  • Don’t download, waste of time 1/5

    By BeliBoo1
    I’ve been playing this for I don’t know how long, long time, you can say . And I have never won anything, not even like a dollar or $5. Nothing. What should only be like 10 minuets to play, takes hours to play because of all the ads and videos. I used to play a lot back then but it’s just not worth the hours you put in a day to not ever get money at all. If they can approve the time of playing and at least letting people win some bucks, cool I will come and play again. Also I should mention that every winner who wins is older I never seen like anyone from 18-35 win. Like no offense but the videos are always way older people. So I have no idea. Do young people not play. I mean I’m 26. And I’ve never seen the younger people win these cash amounts. Just gets you thinking about all this.
  • Have anyone won anything 1/5

    By Petereric
    On this app
  • No more cry babies 5/5

    By jdlewsader
    I've been playing for 40 years & have never won either but I play the games for fun. I have no issues with the app.'s. Enjoy the fun for the games & entertainment & still content with them! Get your head right! Keep offering the fun PCH & I'll stay with for another 40 years 😄
  • Life is about winning 5/5

    By Carebear532
    It not about what we can get, it is about how we get it. Being patient, my mother used to do these via the mail and she always wished. I do it online as it is easy And quick. Yeah like every one! I would like to win. God knows my path, my riches is through him. Have faith, not bitterness.
  • Charles Neel Alexander 5/5

    By CharlesNeel Alexander
    PCH is something I can't get enough of, going home bored and she and I wish to be together God i ask please don't blowout stay cool all in being strictly for Love and Life
  • Apps 5/5

    By Jackee01
    I only get thousands and thousands of tokens. Can I get some money please. It would be so wonderful if you guys come to my house with that big check. I have been playing for so many years. Don’t you think it’s tine for me to win 😩. Please come to my house with my check and flowers
  • PCH Winner 5/5

    By Wizzo //// " Walt M "
    I'm willing 2 bet $100.00 a week that I don't win. Been playin 4ever and it always ends up the same; U always C somebody else all surprised and happy. Never me.
  • Entertaining and excited 4/5

    By Luzifer G
    You gotta play everyday if you want to win, I think it's because I got to a sapphire color in a week is the reason why I'm luckier than most, but keep playing and you will win there small prizes! Hopefully get that huge prize that'll be awesome though this app is very entertaining I love games of chance without being disappointed , can't be negative and expect a positive result!!
  • If it's meant to be so be it! 5/5

    By bobby buché
    It's a good way to pass the time. We middle class need some kind of hope. This is our little bit of hope. Just trust in Jesus Christ and he'll take care of us.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Quinsational
    It doesn't lock up and moves through ads quickly enough. It's great for introducing new apps and games that might be interesting to you. I down loaded three or four while entering to win. If you don't like them you can always delete after trying. The odds of winning are long but I'm sure there are real winners. You can't win if you don't play :)
  • LenoreB 3/5

    By royal718
    I give this app three stars because it always freezes up on me in the middle of a game plus the advertisements are so long. and I want to try and play other games. I spent hours trying to play on the app it’s easier just to play from the internet without all the glitches. Pch itself I give five stars love the games but the app freezes up to much. Please fix soon I enjoy pch games but this app needs to move faster and not freeze up
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Ellesappelle4
    It's a fun and simple way to stay engaged with the sweepstakes!
  • Infuriating! 2/5

    By Numerican
    You spend a lot of time redoing the same thing over and over again. It also crashes a lot and doesn't give you the tokens all the time, and forget bonus games. Even if you get through all seven of the entry forms, chances are the App will crash, and you will be denied your bonus game. I've never won anything. Don't really expect too. Expect disappointment and aggravation.
  • Hoping 3/5

    By El oSo 21
    I'm hoping to win
  • Not horrible, still waiting to win 4/5

    By DudeDad83
    Hopefully one day!
  • hope to win 5/5

    By girlgiant1987
    I am hard up and need help! Hope to win!!
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    Pch is just a ploy to get you to buy cheap items. People think they are getting a bargain until you look t the shipping that is added. You continue to buy but never win!
  • Jeremy Scott 4/5

    By thunderman77777
    This is the first time using the app. I do like being entered into drawing for a fighting chance to win. I do like that there are many chances to win prizes. If I do win big, I would have a fighting chance to be a dad in the near future.
  • PCH App plus 1/5

    By Miss Ellie Caregiver
    Time will tell. I have bought some products and am due at least 2 - probably 3 free cards, but have yet to receive them.
  • Fun time 5/5

    By Dave in Palm Springs
    I never think that I’m going to win anything. It’s just fun playing the games. I don’t take it seriously.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Big Jake Dawg
    App keeps locking up, Terrible!
  • Do I have a chance!? 3/5

    By Becks word
    I have been reading the reviews! Makes me wonder! This year the prize is given away on my birthday! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • False, BS, 1/5

    By duckiewaddle
    I’ve been playing games and buying their junk for years since 1976 and I enter daily but have never won a dime. I think someone needs to investigate this PCH BS. The odds of winning are more than a trillion to one. Not to mention how they screw with your head and your health. It literally makes me ill to play their games. But the way they keep you hooked I think for some people it is like a drug addiction they literally get you addicted and you can’t stop. I’ve bought stuff when I was broke and had to use my food money cause I was so sure I was on the edge of winning just from their encouraging words to keep going.

The PCH App app comments


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