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The Podcast App

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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Evolve Global, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Podcast App App

The first free podcast app for iPhone anyone can use: the easiest way to find, save and listen to all your favorite podcasts. Discover new podcasts of any topic from news, education, comedy, politics to religion, crime and many more. Listen to The Podcast App for free to: * Access more than 300,000 podcasts. * Listen to more than 20,000,000 episodes, play them and save them for later. * Browse popular shows and easily discover their best content. * Discover the best episodes based on your topics of interest ranging from sports, health and finances to career development, history or sex advice. —— Download The Podcast App for free today —— * Keep up with the latest news. * Learn about startups, side projects or a new language. * Put your finances in order and manage your money wisely. * Enhance your spirituality by listening to shows about Christianity, Buddhism and Islam.


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  • Has half of the features I want in a podcast app 3/5

    By Eroombob
    Since Apple screwed us with the new Podcasts app, I want an app that gives you a feed of new episodes of subscribed podcasts and lets you really easily listen to old episodes of podcasts in order. This app seems to do the latter well and Overcast does the former so I guess I’m stuck using two apps unless I find a better alternative. Too bad Apple hates its users and decided to give Podcasts the worst update possible, because I really liked the old app.
  • Continuous play 3/5

    By Texas Utag
    I would like to go from one episode to the next without having to click on each one to start it. I often find it difficult and annoying especially if the podcasts are short.
  • Let us pay to get rid of ads!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By RobinInSeoul
    Just downloaded this yesterday, and so far, it seems great. I can now listen to episodes one after the other again, functionality removed from Apple's Podcast app. BUT, OH, THE ADS ARE MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Please let us pay a couple bucks to get rid of them!!!!! I don't know how long I can take this annoyance. Seriously, I may go back to Apple's app over this.
  • Lame 1/5

    By chriscrans
    Doesn't refresh often or something, so available podcasts are a day old. No option to play newest releases or indication of which podcasts have new episodes. No easy next up playlist... Bare bones.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By dadams518
    The only improvement would be a timer to set to stop podcasts before bedtime. But much easier product to use than others I've tried.
  • Why do I have to keep downloading? 3/5

    By Gibsonpaul
    Good app with all the most popular podcasts. However, when you download an episode you have to listen to it fairly soon after or it goes away and you have to redownload it. Ads aren't to big a deal to me, but constantly downloading the same episodes are annoying.
  • ICatcher! 1/5

    By oznation30
    I’ve never had this app before but iCatcher! Is hands down the best podcast app for iPhone it’s rated #1 on market. It’s premium app pay 2.99 once. The app developers update it constantly and very customizable thank me later
  • Simple and Clean 4/5

    By rgreen517
    Great app. Simple to use and is perfect for it’s purpose. Would love an Ad-Free version. So I stop hitting the ad by mistake when tapping a podcast.
  • Very good podcast app 4/5

    By Nbrice
    I really like this app. I think it will be even more popular as it grow. I feel it needs to keep content updated more quickly, unless it’s an issue with the podcasters themselves. I really love how simple it is to use this app. Please keep making this app better and better!
  • Layout messed up on iPhone X 1/5

    By ambichetan
    The whole layout is messed up on iPhone X. Please fix it.
  • Ads are annoying 1/5

    By bikocincy
    Please offer an ad free version.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Evee03
    Had to download this because apples podcast app just stopped working. So far so good I can easily search for and listen to my favorite podcasts
  • Excellent 5/5

    By PineappleMand
    Excellent app.. I strongly recommend Criminal and Sword and Scale!!
  • Best podcast app but needs pay option 4/5

    By ElChivo9
    Love this app, much more than any other podcast app out there. 4 stars only because there needs to be an option to pay and remove ads. Clicking the little X is annoying and potentially dangerous if you’re one of those people who listens to podcasts while driving. Then I will give 5 stars.
  • It’s good 4/5

    By Floyd P!nk
    It’s a nice and pretty app but the ads are supper annoying.
  • This app is great, but the ads aren’t 1/5

    By Magical_smoke
    Good ux in this app. The full screen unstoppable advert are not tho. Yes I’d pay to remove them. It also crashes intermittently.
  • New Episodes? 2/5

    By GrilledCheese21
    This app is loads better than Apple’s but I’m finding it difficult to see new episodes of the podcasts I’m subscribed to. I know a new show came out this morning and it is 530 pm and its still not showing? Have to give this a low rating for being about a day behind with new episodes.
  • Good 5/5

    By Mermaid Trina
    Love the app. The only things I have some criticism on is the ads, but I get it. Also I wish there was a way to save episodes, maybe in a playlist, not just saving them to “listen later”.
  • So Long! 1/5

    By tlctn
    The recently updated Podcast did away with the feature that would show episode time on summaries. I switched to Overcast, and it has everything I need.
  • Search Button Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By tb0708
    The search button doesn’t seem to work which makes it difficult to search for podcasts lol. Fix it and I’ll use your app again
  • Decent app but.... 2/5

    By MandylTripp
    It no longer updates to give you the latest podcasts. Refresh doesn't work. Please fix. Trying another podcast app instead.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By HotMomma345
    So many podcasts to choose from!
  • Deserves zero stars 1/5

    By Jim Grefig
    It’s easier to go to the original web site, avoid the one day delay, avoid stupid adds and listen to the podcast you wanted to listen to. Is it not strange that my original negative comment disappeared? No! Now it’s up to a two day delay before the podcasts are updated.
  • Good but missing some basic features 3/5

    By WoodsMan67978
    Can’t like or save from your phone. If it’s a really good podcast, I’d like to save & forward to my friends.
  • Wonderful except ads 4/5

    By rpotter1000
    I would pay to use this app instead of Apple’s podcast app. It is much better for searching, and cleaner and easier for managing and playing. The non-removable fullscreen ads that have to be closed periodically are the only problem. Please make it a paid app, and I will pay!
  • New content? 4/5

    By bostonbubble
    Should have a way to know when a new podcast is uploaded. Have to click through all subscribed to see if new content
  • Ads too bad. 3/5

    By Lorithalicious
    Expected banner ads and would have been fine with banners, extra audio ads, or tag lines. Ads instead cover the entire screen and pop up when you press play/pause, every time a new cast starts, etc. SUPER annoying. I really hated the new layout to Apple Podcast and was really hoping for a replacement but this isn’t going to be it.
  • Need a way to remove ads 4/5

    By dkrice2
    I really like this app but the extremely frequent ads are problematic. Please add an option to remove ads, preferably through an in-app purchase.
  • Ads 2/5

    By omnivore2001
    No way to remove ads. Would gladly pay for an ad free experience. Deleted.
  • Needs updates 3/5

    By LA-SDbanker
    Doesn’t list the downloaded casts in order by date - my biggest gripe Ads .... big ol ads. I would pay to remove ads. Needs to show played podcasts better. Use a diff color or something! Not rocket science. Get rid of podcasts that don’t update their stuff - a bigger issue than just with the app
  • Continuous play, where is it? 1/5

    By N-43362892
    Why does the app have to be open every time it loads the next que’d item?
  • Leadership Wealth Wave 5/5

    By piasevn
    Amazing. Informative Pure Leadership. Honored to be a part of this!
  • Awesome Info 5/5

    By Mtcongdon55
    Great tips we can implement immediately!
  • Small town murder 5/5

    By Nana4baker
    So entertaining, informative but even more, these guys crack me up, they’re s riot.
  • Not that good 1/5

    By Minico61
    1) Cannot Force a new search for new episodes of a pod cast series. I know a new episode of my favorite daily podcast was released this morning but this app refuses to look for it (yes, I am subscribed). 2) I’m sick of seeing a full screen ad for Audible every time I start a podcast. It seems there is a minimum time you must have the ad on your screen before it can be deleted. The developers must have no respect for my time and I really resent that. For those two reasons, I have started using a competing app.
  • Simply elegant 5/5

    By 56wolfdog
    Easy to use, intuitive.
  • Great podcasts 5/5

    By Jasonbuchanan
    Amazing coverage of many different stories and amazing quality channel..
  • Deleted 1/5

    By DaveBarak
    Constantly bombarded by intrusive ads that open my browser without my permission. DELETED!
  • Podcast AP 5/5

    By Krackcorn2
    Enjoying the wide variety of podcasts. Informative and educational.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Teddmorgan
    The previous podcast app, which I use daily, was much more user friendly. New podcasts would pop up after they had been added and then could download them on WiFi to listen later instead of using data when I listen to them in the car.
  • I would PAY to remove the apps. 4/5

    By Drew.Ferrer
    I would pay money to remove the ads on this app. That's how amazing it is.
  • Sequential play 1/5

    Cannot find settings to set sequential play to make it go from podcast podcast without interruption
  • Ability to add podcasts via URL 3/5

    By Anthonygentle
    Please add this.
  • Works fine but no sleep timer 3/5

    By Gawdytucan
    I was really happy with everything until I discovered the lack of sleep timer. That’s a deal breaker for me. Also I’d prefer to pay for no ads.
  • Missing favorites 2/5

    By Mbaugh
    You can have favorites for who you want to follow, but missing ability to have episode favorites, new version of apple podcast is missing this name w too. Switch to Android and use podcast addict, best of both worlds.
  • No adds please 4/5

    By JamesB570
    I agree with the previous reviewer, I will pay to not to be constantly pestered by pop ups.
  • Feature-less 1/5

    By Jaykidd13
    Can't even import/export via opml.
  • No option to change play speed 2/5

    By Ido83842
    Podcasts are slow. There needs to be a way to play them faster
  • So far so good 5/5

    By californiagoldenbear
    It works, I'm new to podcasts. Download, search, play.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Mantj1
    Great for some well known podcasts

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