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Make time for the news app that’s as ambitious as you are. Get the latest headlines and interactive features from the Wall Street Journal, the world-renowned news organization with more than 125 years of peerless reporting and award-winning journalism. The WSJ app gives you instant access to breaking stories from around the world plus the latest on business and finance, politics and technology, as well as expert commentary and analysis and up-to-the-minute updates on global stock markets and company news. Whether you prefer browsing the contents of our daily edition or the latest updates from our real-time news team, the WSJ app delivers exceptional writing and captivating visual journalism to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Every section features videos, photo slideshows, data and interactive graphics and cutting-edge experiences like virtual reality and 360-degree videos. The WSJ app also offers a wide range of special sections like the WSJ. Magazine and customizable stock quote watchlists and saved article sections, as well as coverage of lifestyle topics and features on media, marketing, arts, health, personal technology, social media and real estate. With the WSJ app you can find the news you need wherever and whenever you need it. Key Features: - Global headlines and breaking news with embedded multimedia, full-screen video and interactive graphics. - Notifications sent to you instantly as important news breaks so you will be the first to know what is happening around the world. - Fast load time and downloading of new content, rapid and reliable updates and improved stability. - Enhanced iPad versions of the Journal’s U.S., Europe and Asia newspaper editions. - Informed opinions on finance, business, politics, personal investments and careers. - Articles on arts, film, television, fashion, food, design and travel. - Market data integrated seamlessly into stories, displaying stock and shares performance for companies. - Special investigative projects and in-depth series on global and financial news. - Full access to WSJ. Magazine - Virtual reality video and innovative technology such as WSJ news on your Apple Watch. Download now for a free trial to access coverage of breaking global news, business, finance and politics, corporate shares information and everything else that makes the Wall Street Journal essential daily reading for world leaders and daily readers alike. Key Features for Apple Watch: - The breaking news stories you need to know immediately, instantly available on your watch screen, with the ability to save and read later on your iPhone or iPad. You can now get the WSJ’s award-winning journalism for $32.99 per month and receive unlimited digital access on your iPad, iPhone and WSJ Online. Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. All cancellations will take effect at the end of the current period. For more information visit: Privacy policy: Terms of use: Follow us on:

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The Wall Street Journal – Business & Markets News app reviews

  • Don't Spead the Word 2/5

    By hoya63
    This app is rated two stars primarily because it allows you to forward a story to someone, then when they get it, they have to subscribe to the WSJ to read it. Besides making you look like a shill for the WSJ and stupid for forwarding it to the the recipient, it's horrendous marketing. The ipad app is ok, the iphone app is much better and contains a much broader content as well as access to a particular story.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Willie Earle
    Love the editorial neutrality. The Economist and WSJ are a bastion in a fake news and partisan world
  • All the news at my fingertip 5/5

    By gnbarry
    Quick and easy to get accurate news
  • Good news 5/5

    By Drk8435
    Love to read the WSJ on my i-pad pro. Great way to alway have the news handy when I travel.
  • Why doesn't update issues? 3/5

    By Jhbemmer
    Why does the app have to be running and in full display for it to update the issues? What's the point of having auto update if you have to leave the app running and the pad on? It's useless to not have it update the issues automatically. So there you wait for it download the latest issue, that should of been done earlier. It's so frustrating. Please fix this.
  • Buggy but essential 3/5

    By Mjhangiani
    I use the WSJ app primarily on my iPad as it is is very convenient to read. I like the way articles are presented. But starting up the app is slow and lately the issues preview and date has stopped being visible Also annoying is the fact that pictures flash every few seconds
  • Disappointing 5/5

    By Ty Coon
    The latest version is very disappointing. The news appears stale, with little apparent updating. In the old version, one could choose a "Now" edition. Currently the best that is offered is a tab that supposedly displays current updates. I've virtually abandoned the app, since it essentially presents the print version of the paper, which is of course dated when issued and only grows worse through the course of the day.
  • Convenient and simple 5/5

    By noting
    Very easy to use and navigate
  • WSJ 4/5

    By Tristan Laurore
    Awesome APP!!
  • Mr. B 5/5

    By Zztpper
    Love how you get notifications of some important news and then can find out the details if you're interested.
  • Best News App 5/5

    By St3ve R
    WSJ has the best news app on the market. Easy and intuitive. Very engaging
  • Keeps getting better..... 5/5

    By G.carr
    Outstanding Weekend Editions. Great App for catching up quickly. Always seems to be getting better. I'm not talking about Trump news... much broader..... life news. What really is happening, not reporting what could happen, might happen or should happen. Reading about real news around the world keeps getting harder. Tweets aren't new FYI.
  • Excellent for smartphones 5/5

    By Bald Iguana
    A great way to read the WSJ on a mobile device. Very helpful in keeping up, especially when my printed paper arrives after I've left for work!
  • Top notch app for a Top Notch organization 5/5

    By Chrisdnld
    Simple, uncomplicated, & you can manage your delivery issues. Not bad.
  • The opinion articles are biased garbage 1/5

    By Brayton
    The app overall functions fine. Most of the news articles are correct. But then you get to the opinion section and realize all they do is justify the rich and corporations screwing over everyone else. As Trump would say "sad"
  • Gets the job done. 5/5

    By Sbumsantos
    Good app. Nothing to complain about
  • Can't turn off breaking news notifications 1/5

    By DGK279
    Can't turn off breaking news notifications
  • Great News Source 5/5

    By jmwitt
    I just became a member and I have been very pleased by the quality of reporting at WSJ.
  • Improved navigation but don't expect e-reader quality 5/5

    By Heinrich 34
    After getting an iPhone 6S Plus I now really enjoy the WSJ app. The updating during the day is OK for the main topics. So five stars for now. My previous review gave it 4 stars. =================== Since there are only two font sizes, reading my beloved WSJ in the iPad resembles reading a downloaded PDF rather than the pleasure of reading an ebook such as Kindle on the same device. Some ad pages load quite late or never load at all. The latest news are updated too rarely to be really up to date and I have to quickly check the WSJ Web site for the real latest. But unfortunately the Web site keeps asking for my password again for every article. Still, the WSJ app is my preferred reading every morning before starting the day.
  • WSJ for iPad 2/5

    By EgStafford
    Cannot tap on and highlight word to get definition. Cannot save as PDF part or all of an in either iBooks or Adobe Acrobat. Cannot print articles in whole or part.
  • Good app 5/5

    By SKTorrence926
    I'm am able to read the stories when the paper doesn't get delivered.
  • Great news, data hog app 3/5

    By DucFanDan
    Love the news source, worth the subscription. The data use on cellular is ridiculous, though. C'mon guys, it's a news app. 1.0 GB cellular in a month? And half the time I download the day's issue at home on WiFi. That's inexcusable data usage. This app just became wifi only, I disabled cellular data for it.
  • When will you allow comments via app 4/5

    By OhPancakes
    I read via safari because comments aren't enabled via app.
  • Great articles 4/5

    By Tek Vazquez
    Excellent writing
  • One complaint: no way to view "today's paper" 4/5

    By Fizzle0196
    I only wish that you could see the "today's paper" and the front page of the paper on the app rather than having to go to the web version.
  • Content great, app clunky 2/5

    By FrancesSchultz
    Content great, of course- it's the WSJ. But the online version of the paper is clunky and always slow to load. Compared to NYT and NYPost, it is a VERY distant third.
  • Great 3/5

    By Geoffrey Boink
    I love the WSJ. Two things they need: -integrate apps that read to you -integrate the horizontal feature for when you turn your phone. The newer larger phones are heavier and its easier to read sometimes on its side. I would also love it more if there was a section for the podcasts of the day.
  • Great app but battery killer 3/5

    By Jd7189
    The interface is great, but there's no landscape mode and the app drains your battery.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Schmidlapin
    Enjoy the app
  • App is just OK 3/5

    By Jersey789girl
    App is just Ok. Buggy, intrusive ads, hard to open, no comments available like are in The NY Times app, hard to see the graphics with the articlesI had to rewrite this review 3 time before it would let me submit it. I am a big WSJ fan but the subscription is not cheap and the app should be better for this price
  • Vital Reading At Start of Each Day 5/5

    By Veromon
    Easy navigation of latest and most important business and World news. Best way to begin the day if access to print edition or time to read paper is impeded.
  • Over my price point 3/5

    By 3llyh
    Great layout, excellent reporting, everything I need for financials.......content is 5 functions excellent.....another 5 stars; but the price is too high and not truly consumption based. Most days I do not have enough to read enough of the paper to warrant the price so I let my subscription expire. I would be happy to pay if there was a better price model where I could pay based on what I read......
  • Only Paper Worth Reading 5/5

    By Dave Smart
    Great app - great writers - great paper!
  • Works great for this news junkie 5/5

    By eastbaypianist
    All is well for me. It's good!
  • Better but still terrible 1/5

    By Lyricskipper
    Awful app that the Journal has just made worse. For a long time haven't been able to access the print or desktop editions' feature writers. Now the whole Opinion page has been deleted from iPhone and iPad access. What moron decided to go against the worldwide trend to make everything accessible on mobile devices? The contrast between the journalistic quality and the user experience couldn't be worse -- it's like wind shear. The Murdochs are supposed to be so smart -- they should fire everyone associated with this effort and start over. Who's thinking around here? Ugh.
  • This Alaskan reader chooses WSJ first 5/5

    By dbialaska
    Concise well written content - I have enjoyed human interest features for decades. WSJ sorts out internet news wheat from chaff.
  • The least biased news you can get in America. 5/5

    By Schertz8
    If you want coverage of the world. If you want to get coverage of US policies and US actions this is the place to get it. They still have true journalists. Please stay as unbiased and factual as possible! That's what the world needs in a news Agentcy. Thank you!
  • Review 5/5

    By bahvldbakvkdba
    Great app
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By iamthelummox
    I have scores of apps and the WSJ app is among the worst primarily because its excruciatingly slow to load content on ANY network. Just mind boggling bad.
  • Long time WSJ reader 4/5

    By Kudrick Kid
    Work to more closely replica WSJ hard copy version to the web app to source segments efficiently and more consistently aligned
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Onion Okray
    Over the time I have been using this app, most of the time it has behaved. Recently, it did start to re-direct to web sites that were not what I wanted. And I understand that the app does not work to just download any longer. That is unfortunate. It was working well before that issue. Maybe someone wants to try to repair that part.
  • Works well 5/5

    By rlampton
    Works well
  • Good app easy to use 5/5

    By TC@chicago
    Good app for reading news throughout the day
  • Good news, problems with logging 3/5

    By Decocvx
    I like the news of the Wall Street Journal because it's moderate – halfway between Fox news and CNN. However even though I'm a subscriber it won't let me login so there's a problem with the app.
  • The best news source 5/5

    By jalvrz
    The WSJ is by far the best news source, and the app works remarkably well. I was previously subscribed to the NYT, Washington Post, and the LA Times (not all at the same time; was trying to find the right one). I found the WSJ to be better than all of them: the market news is the best, the US and World news has a lot (A LOT) of relevant, in-depth articles. And the Opinion, Life, Tech sections are interesting.
  • Great for on the go "real news" 4/5

    By Tuffy 413
    I receive the WSJ as home delivery and have it as home page for my computer. I like having the app to read while I'm waiting for appointments or traveling. While hunting down an article can be a bit time consuming, I like being able to send one to myself or friends via text for later reading. The content is predictably first rate, and I'm a 23 year subscriber, so having the app is another platform to supplement my readership. Overall, I find it predictable and well organized.
  • Five stars++++ all the way! 5/5

    By Giro knifepoint 37754778899
    Simply my favorite way to read my favorite news source. SO much better than the print version (IMO) in terms of ease of access,getting the latest breaking news, organization and continuity of articles, portability, no clutter or paper waste, etc. If there's any way this app could be improved upon, I can't see what it is. Expensive, but worth it, if you have the time to use it to it's fullest (and if you have an iPad, of course).
  • Best Balanced News Available 5/5

    By bboxley
    As a media specialist and English teacher, this is my favorite news resource. A+!
  • Needs to be updated for larger iPads 3/5

    By squalamack
    The app is fine, but it looks silly on my iPad Pro because it has not been updated for the proper resolution.
  • Not worth thr yearly fee 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Took a test drive with WSJ. Same news a weekend long with no updated info

The Wall Street Journal – Business & Markets News app comments

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