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The Wall Street Journal. app reviews

  • Well-organized, Objective 5/5

    By JR_FL
    My only source for un-biased news. Always a great, daily read.
  • I hate it ... 1/5

    By mirajo
    I don't see anything positive in the changes. Find it difficult to navigate. Give me the old one back!
  • Better, but still not as good.... 2/5

    By DinerDan
    7/17/17: another "update" has degraded readability further & now makes it even more difficult to see articles beyond what's featured on front of each section. I now go many days without even downloading the latest edition--not because stories aren't relevant and well written, but instead because it's SO difficult to use app & much easier to go elsewhere. Sadly, I doubt I'll renew after this subscrip expires. So sad. Been reading WSJ forever, but app "updates" in recent years seriously degraded performance, especially tickers in articles which can't be turned off and hog data usage. As a result, I now read WSJ less, and get news and market info from other sources. Why someone isn't listening and fixing these issues, I have no some point the lines will cross, and I'll get enough info elsewhere and not renew unless this is fixed.
  • Works Well 4/5

    By Tom the Huple
    I like it. I can find most of my questions and interests without too much trouble.
  • New app is awful, no way the programmers use this app 1/5

    By Andy Dev
    Like most WSJ users, I want to read Business articles but they get buried under menu upon menu. Nobody is reading the WSJ for the Arts section. He last version let me click Business on top right and see all the headlines in that section, all of them, easily. The new version eliminated that menu. So annoying, but hey, they added a crossword puzzle to the new bottom menu. Gimme a break. Maybe the programmers should consult the actual users...
  • England is my city 1/5

    By dvbil
    My colla stay poppin
  • WSJ app 1/5

    By aalidina
    Why does the app get stuck on an ad, rendering the WJ unreadable unless the iPad is turned off and rebooted. happens 2-3 times a week
  • More keystrokes to get to the LATEST NEWS or current issue. 2/5

    By Mikey Boone
    Latest update adds complexity and keystrokes to get the the place you want to be. I preferred the prior organization (intuitive grid of each issue, tap and your there).
  • Another Step Backward 1/5

    By Joeyb7
    The developers of this app should all be fired. It's constantly updated and deteriorates further with each release. Saving articles causes my iPhone to freeze and then run hot. WSJ needs to put forth a better product for the price - I've always read WSJ, but considering the free content available on other sites they really have to step it up.
  • Worth the price 4/5

    By this is not a a real name
    Good coverage and nice page navigation.
  • Non-bias news. Real balanced news all the time. 5/5

    By William Michael
    In a world of political bias and fake news with a constant negative focus on who's in the White House as our leader, the Wall Street Journal is the best source for all news.
  • App is not the Best. 3/5

    By Rudy Serna
    News wise, the WSJ is great but the app needs a lot of work. Just as we had a handle on it, WSJ decides to change it.
  • No 1/5

    By Skaren2430
    Thanks for Slandering Pewdiepie ya Idiots!
  • My favorite mainstream media outlet and app 5/5

    By nikrdc
  • Love the app 5/5

    By MereBear78
    Wish it would refresh automatically each day.
  • Text is easy to read... 5/5

    By Sd579043
    One reason I like to snooze up is because the text is easy to read compared to other apps. I also like getting the news quicker then when the paper arrives at the doorstep
  • Awesome 5/5

    By willcole100
    Everything I Expected and more
  • 1 year later and still Update problems, otherwise fine 1/5

    By makeitagreatday
    I am a current subscriber to wsj online. My issue on the iPhone app is the lack of updates. This morning articles from last week and the app telling me it's up to date.
  • New version fails quick scanning 1/5

    By TGM46
    WSJ WAS my favorite app. The new version lost the right hand menu which allowed quick scanning of articles. If this is not rectified ........ I will CANCEL as it makes the app useless for a busy person who reads hundreds of articles. It is too slow and time consuming!
  • Best 5/5

    By Hickory huskers
    Awesome app
  • Wsj on line newspaper 3/5

    By JCL_iPhone
    Thanks wsj I like being able to see a days " full day copy"...... thanks I do not see this on any other paper I use in eVersion The format changed .... darn I did like seeing the past papers on a page?. Keep up the good reporting an on line version Note I read most via iPad And some via pc. JCL Houston TX Past print sub reader And over 4 yr on line !
  • New version worse 2/5

    By shottysafa
    New format clunky in appearance and lack of quiz is a step down.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Dinozza
    The latest update has less glitches and runs much faster. Occasionally slow to transition from email summaries and sometimes requires logon again before reading selected article.
  • Great 5/5

    By faded elegance
    WSJ online version easy to use
  • Best news app 5/5

    By FPB77
    The WSJ iPad app has consistently been the best one that I've ever used.
  • WSJ 5/5

    By Time waster 1413
    My wife and I very much appreciate the educator's subscription rate. Solid news coverage and worthwhile editorials.
  • Latest version 1/5

    By Sheincpa
    Now that I have had a little more time with the new app - it is a major step backward. I used to be able to find articles by scrolling - now I have to look at every article to find the ones I want. If it doesn't get any more user friendly, I'm not sure I will be renewing. Not happy that the list of articles by section has been removed. I miss being able to scroll through each section with the list.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Candykniferopebubbleboy
    Yet another "improvement." One good thing. Lots of articles presented in an orderly fashion on a page. Beyond that, even even worse. I want ONE menu, not two that switch randomly. When I go to a category I want to go through it and finish, then go to another category. Not a random flail across topics. If you take me to another location, I want to return when I'm done. And why would you put your scroll arrow in the center bottom where the iPad control panel is? Ask real readers before your next rev. "Improved" version is even worse. Not only did we lose the scrollable list on the right, forcing lots of needless menu taps, but now we're also forced to page through slow-loading ads stuck in the middle of articles. And yet prices keep going up.... Update: I've learned to live with frequent crashes, but now your drop down category lists flip randomly between old and new sets, with things like latest news disappearing then later returning --makes no sense. Do you ever use the app?
  • Keeps getting worse 1/5

    By Justcured
    The navigation is much harder to use. The last version allowed you to see all the articles in a given section in a much more concise fashion. I am often a day or more behind in reading the Journal. The previous version opened to the issue and article I was reading before I last exited the app. This was wonderful because that is where I wanted to start reading. If I wanted to skip to the latest issue that was simple to do. Now the app opens to the current version and I have to search through previous issues to find the last article I read. This is NOT an improvement.
  • Better 3/5

    By Mel150000
    So far links work, but moving drop downs a pain.
  • WSJ 5/5

    By Dbwalnuts
  • Missing Articles 1/5

    By theilaleigh
    We get both electronic and paper copies. Friday's electronic edition was missing the Mansions section. The new "updated" format is confusing and time consuming. Prior to the update, I would have rated 4 stars.
  • Gets worse by the week 2/5

    By Mrelyv
    About to cancel subscription. Most difficult app to use of any media publication also the slowest
  • App is really functional 5/5

    By Ron83616
    The app allows easy navigation on tablet and iPhone and that why I give it 5 stars. The news should be factual and less reporting of WSJ or reporter opinions, but that's not part of rating the app.
  • Update is Downgrade 2/5

    By myWSJ
    Loss of the section index (was upper right corner) wastes time looking for content previously visible in the dropdown. Reading position is lost. There is no improvement and a loss of function. Content continues to shift toward fluff instead of finance, technology and industry news. Has WSJ given up on the electronic version?
  • News immediately!!! 5/5

    By Squizee
    News I want to know about instantaneously. I have the ability to look up information anytime. The push messages keep me informed. Functionality perfect.
  • Dislike app 1/5

    By Schwartzman Lions
    Which has made me regret WSJ digital subscription
  • My Go-To app for news 5/5

    By The Doge Commodore
    WSJ gets it right. News that is more than a snippet, but can be scanned as well. An alternative to the politicizing of coverage. If it has an opinion, it is clearly labeled.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By LongCT
    Great source of news and well organized app. Able to read offline (e.g. an airplanes).
  • Perfect 5/5

    By peteyballzzzzz
    Everything i could have wanted in theapp. Format is easy to read. Well organized newspaper. I also love the wsj
  • Best Newspaper -- more than just financial neqs 5/5

    By Sabreur38A
    I started my serious reading of WSJ when I was working on my MBA. I liked it because of its financial news, especially the"Heard on the Street" column. For regular news, the left side of the front page has summaries of all major stories. There are excellent crosswords. The weekend edition is a true gem with all kinds of "off duty" articles. Political reporting and.analysis is outstanding.
  • This one's a fail 1/5

    By John Galt Fan
    Sometimes in the quest to keep an App new & fresh we get a revision. Even in 2017 "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" This has to be the worst update since this App debuted. WSJ, please go back to the previous version that was functional and easy to navigate.
  • Inching towards redemption 4/5

    By Cap'nPissGums
    Just when I get used to the app they change everything - the latest update changed the classifications used for articles and I lost any saved articles. Oh well. Plus the daily news quiz seems not to have been left on the cutting floor for the latest version. Despite that it does seem more stable.
  • Cant copy a paragraph anymore to share brief concepts or ideas. 2/5

    By Dimilus
    Hasn't changed same as before: Dont like. Cant copy. Only can screen print. A real load of hooey. Only a paragraph at a time. Wish more like bbc ap.
  • The app 5/5

    By rkcanaan
    I like it. I use it daily on my iPhone and have not had any issues.
  • App Review 3/5

    By KMoody001
    It would be nice if you could figure out a way to have issues load more quickly. Regarding the recent navigation changes did you test run it and get feedback before you just rolled it out? It is obvious to me that the "update" wasn't done with the users in mind. The inability to see each article in the section being read is aggravating and needs to be made available again. We pay enough for this subscription to not have the navigation capabilities be downgraded.
  • New update is really good 5/5

    By Katie Guvs
    Great update, but I wish there was a way to save articles to "collections" so I could keep them better organized.
  • New Version 1/5

    By W 7/21/17
    Terrible. Bring back article search bar. Being forced to flip through ever story hitting the "next article" button feels like print again.
  • Hate The New Version 1/5

    By gb3161
    The latest update to this app that supposedly is "With a more seamless and engaging news experience" is disappointing and frustrating. I really miss the list bar for each section. It was important to me to be able to see the authors of the editorials, now you can't, as one example. I wish you would return to the prior navigational structure. Before the new release, I looked forward to reading the paper, now I read much less. I am very unhappy with WSJ because of this change.
  • New July/17 Version is OK 4/5

    By jjmmss01
    Update: 07/21/17 I got used to the commercials as complained about below. I note that the newspaper business if difficult right now and I want to see the WSJ stay in business. Ad revenue is a necessary evil. For the new version, I really miss the side menu on the right side where I could browse all the articles in a particular section at the same time (each with a couple sentence overview). However one can scroll up and down the front page in each section and still see all the article overviews, which is OK. Another note is that the feature where one could select a word and then get a definition pop up (that was somewhere eliminated along the way) is back. ************************** Old review: Still annoying video adds. Please fix. Fancy new interface, but still annoying video adds. It seems that the WSJ has gotten a little greedy by running commercials before allowing the user to access any of the imbedded video content. Even after a user has watched the commercial one time, he is forced to view it again and against the start of each embedded video. I haves already payed for the news paper, so why am I required to watch these annoying videos? Update. For a while they stopped putting in the commercials, now they are back. We pay them money for the paper, so why do they need to be greedy and force us to watch video advertising.

The Wall Street Journal. app comments

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