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Stay ahead of the competition with the app that’s as ambitious as you are. Get the trusted insights and in-depth analysis you need from The Wall Street Journal, America’s most trusted newspaper—providing key decision-makers around the world with peerless reporting since 1889. Download the WSJ app today and receive instant access to The Wall Street Journal’s award winning journalism, including world-renowned coverage of the news moving markets and impacting business—from the Trump administration, to Brexit and beyond. Simple and easy to use, the WSJ app provides you with the trusted insights you need, wherever, and whenever you need it. Access real-time quotes, breaking news and the latest headlines impacting business. Plus, explore a wide range of dedicated sections, including: Politics, Opinion, World News, Lifestyle, U.S. News, Technology, Economy and more. Key Benefits & Features Include: (+) Trusted insights from a world-renowned newspaper, with over 125 years of peerless reporting and award-winning journalism. (+) Global headlines, breaking news coverage and real-time market quotes, along with The Wall Street Journal’s in-depth analysis and informed commentary. (+) Unlimited access to a wide range of dedicated site sections, including: Business, Markets, Politics, Opinion, World News, U.S. News, Economy, Technology, Lifestyle and more. (+) World-renowned business news and economy coverage, including real-time quotes, global markets data, the latest on mergers and acquisitions, plus much more. (+) Full access to, the what’s News App and WSJ. magazine—our award-winning lifestyle publication. (+) Alerts and notifications for breaking news, developing stories and live updates. (+) Multiple ways to read the newspaper including access to global digital editions of The Wall Street Journal—U.S., Europe and Asia. (+) Off-line reading, enabling you to remain ambitious, wherever you are. (+) Improved app performance that delivers faster load times and improved user stability. Always on the move? Stay ahead while you’re on the go, with the WSJ app for Apple Watch. From breaking U.S. and World news, to the economy, business, markets and politics—stay informed with the updates and alerts you need in a world of 24-hour news coverage. Key Features for Apple Watch: (+) Get the latest breaking news from around the world, instantly available on your watch screen, with the ability to save and read later on your iPhone or iPad. (+) Receive alerts and notifications with breaking news developments and updates from around the world—from America and Canada, to Europe, Asia and more. (+) Seamlessly integrated markets data available within articles, along with real-time stock quotes, company-specific metrics, historical share performance, charts and more. From breaking American headlines and World news, to the economy, business, markets and politics—the WSJ app keeps you informed with the updates and alerts you need. You can now have the world-renowned and respected journalism from The Wall Street Journal, America’s most trusted newspaper. Available for subscription for $32.99 per month and receive unlimited digital access—including full access to, the WSJ app, What’s News and the WSJ. Magazine digital edition. Your subscription will renew automatically each month and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of your subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Follow us on:

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The Wall Street Journal – Business & Markets News app reviews

  • Too slow 3/5

    By Sid Dasgupta
    Loading is slow. Don't like that it actually refreshes from last open
  • First thing in the AM 5/5

    By @mmjamallama
    I grew up during a time when you woke up and went outside to get the paper to start your day. Now I wake up and check the news from my iPhone. Great app. Enough said.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By LBongoi
    What else could you want
  • Great design 5/5

    By smoothskier
    Easy to use. Great search utilities. Articles in each section are available by date.
  • Advertisements are very annoying 3/5

    By just1way
    WSJ features advertising in the middle of page turning that are super annoying. They are very difficult to swipe through and are five pages/swipes long. But, very unresponsive to swipes. Don't even read the ads because of how hard they are navigate the news.
  • Balanced 5/5

    By Big Tron
    I am intrigued. What I used to consider WSJ as conserative, I now consider one of the more balanced source of news today.
  • WSJ helps keep me sane 5/5

    By Oldcactuswren
    Easy to negotiate site, great straightforward content, a news source I trust that provides well thought out opinions.
  • Excellent 4/5

    By 4inmyclan
    Concise accurate at the end of your fingers
  • Jane 5/5

    By Janiegirl43
    News I trust
  • Electric 5/5

    By BMister23
  • Great App 5/5

    By Got a problem here#%#%#€!
    Really like the user friendliness of this app! Combined with the actual reporting of news, this is a unique way to deliver current events!
  • Quirky 3/5

    By Oyaji77
    Some advertisements lock up my iPad when reading in the landscape format.
  • This Alaskan reader chooses WSJ first 5/5

    By dbialaska
    Concise well written content - I have enjoyed human interest features for decades. WSJ sorts out internet news wheat from chaff. In this era of 24/7/365 instant news, WSJ continues to lead in quality making a clear choice over quantity. Thank you.
  • WSJ Mobile Review 5/5

    By Seattlemudder
    WSJ mobile is an excellent source of unbiased journalism, when it comes to offering different perspectives, the OpEd pieces are outstanding!
  • Excellent topics poor transmission from the cloud. 2/5

    By Hogpashon
    WSJ provides me with a succinct view of a broad range of topics. I use it as my go to information resource.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Bluzguitar
    Lately the app constantly freezes on certain full page ads. He only fix is to delete and reinstall. A pain in the ....
  • Review of WSJ iPhone app 2/5

    By Weldon1988
    New edition does not come up automatically. When you open the app you see the last edition you were reading. A few moments later you are prompted asking if you want the current edition. DUH!!!! Another weakness: after reading an article you are returned back to the top of the article summaries rather than to your last location. Another annoying feature; the WSJ sends an article of interest to your email and you need to authenticate to read it.
  • Great but 5/5

    By Alex5289
    Love WSJ. Have a subscription. But they should have some free articles for non-subscribed users. Maybe 10 free articles a month?

    By Cbsail
    While I love the WSJ iPad app, there is any unresolved Bug with some pop-up ads that can't be closed, requiring a reboot. Can't move from ad page and on-screen commands to Close or Back don't work! Investco and state of Indiana are to culprits. Have not been successful in getting email to customer relations despite three attempts. Otherwise fine.
  • The News Leader 5 Stars 5/5

    By The 649
    I had to get this app due to delivery issues. I must say it is worth it with your subscription. Very informative and up to date. Breaking news is delivered instantly and never misleading. A must have app for up to the minute news.
  • Great app and the most facts 5/5

    By jwhit6
    After reading the WSJ and using their app for several years it has one of the best apps available. The news media, in particular on TV, has become an entertainment and social engineering outlet focused more on money and power and less on sharing the truth. The WSJ continuities to be a reliable source of real news; the kind of news that reports on what, when, how and why.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Chapsam4000
    Now they make us scroll through multiple pages of ads before we can get to the next story. Did WSJ forget that we're paying customers? You can only purposely degrade your product experience so much before people leave.
  • Investco ad freezes app 3/5

    By Ellibelle53
    The Investco ad freezes the app and I can't read the Journal once that happens. It has happened multiple times over the last several weeks. Really annoying
  • Intrusive advertisements 3/5

    By sla41
    I am sick of intrusive ads that you have to swipe up to five times to get rid of. In the process of swiping you sometimes click on the ad and have to go through a longer process to get out of it. Maddening!
  • Best paper in America 5/5

    By Jefferyjp1
    Honestly, I don't see how this paper pays the amazing reporters that write for this paper. One of the last great papers in the nation.
  • Good job 5/5

    By Wichita Willkie
    Clear, easy to follow, the best on line paper I've seen.
  • The ads are bothersome 2/5

    By fsinmd
    I enjoy reading the digital version of you paper, but the full screen ads are completely unbearable. The full screen ads that come up in the middle of a news story are completely disruptive. I'm not sure if the ads are programmed to take over the screen until you flip through entire ad or it's a bug; in either case l find it very annoying to the point that I stopped reading you paper for several days. In one case I had to turn of the I-pad to change the screen and get back to the article. If this is a ad push strategy and continues, I'll probably go back to the paper version.
  • Although i disagree with WSJ editorial policy 5/5

    By Rancocas
    The quality of the reporting is excellent and is in sufficient depth to understand the implications of the news.
  • Top notch app for a Top Notch organization 5/5

    By Chrisdnld
    Simple, uncomplicated, & you can manage your delivery issues. Not bad.
  • No access 1/5

    By user12352
    Cannot get access after the latest update. Kept saying no connection, even after I downloaded the app again. How can there be no connection?
  • Software problems 3/5

    By Dixey Doodle
    I read the WSJ on my three IPads. For years it's been great. Recently I began getting problems. The app keeps dropping pages, my record 17 times. It has problems loading pages. These problems originally affected my older IPad. Now the same problems are replicated on all three devises. Recently, messages from Apple popped up. Indicating the app version for IPad needs to be updated as it is incompatible with the latest OS versions. You would think, that a lot of business types read the Journal on tablets, yet the product delivery has degraded to the point of being frustrating and useless. I like the quality of the reporting, but will cancel my all subscription. I hate dealing with the paper edition, so it will be adios, WSJ
  • Liberal WSJ Lover! 5/5

    By gorenrocks
    I love news and reading news and the WSJ is required reading IMO. The writing is terrific, I love the op-eds, and I even understand the financial bits! Journalism at its best.
  • Up to date 5/5

    By MahuaPl
    Best way to get WSJ living in HI
  • Great content & easy to read 5/5

    By ADHD Tim
    It's the great WSJ content with a reader that auto fits the screen of my iPhone 6. The font size is adjustable. The news alerts keep me up to date with critical headlines. I rarely have time during the day to read the print version as my wife does, so this portable reader allows me to catch up during breaks in the day and we can discuss the articles when I get home.

    By John Be
    This app blows! Not only is it less usable and more laggy than the NYT app but now you have to pay for a separate subscription to view any content even if you pay for the print subscription! This is not a user-friendly company!!!
  • News Now 5/5

    By Ocweeze
    Easy to use app.... the news is there for you.
  • Great coverage 4/5

    By FortMyersGolfer
    The WSJ covers a wide spectrum of news from around the world. Although with a definite focus on financial news, there is non-financial news as well. The only challenge is to be more central in its political coverage. Anti Trump from the start hasn't helped the nation.
  • Great app 5/5

    By burgled and frustrated
    Best source of information in a world full of data
  • Love it 5/5

    By Okccccc
    Top notch! Love it
  • Loyal, satisfied customer 4/5

    By joebrahms
    A simple app that helps me enjoy my favorite newspaper on the go. I like the save article feature. Only issue I had was setting it up but customer service helped resolve the problem.
  • Can't Zoom, Sad 3/5

    By Monk3d
    The app doesn't allow zoom. The print is small, which makes it difficult to read with zoom capability.
  • So easy to use 5/5

    By Chigall in ORD
    So reliable and convenient!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Djzig
    Great app! I really like the in depth coverage of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Great articles, but irrelevant editorials. 2/5

    By Geoffrey P Forster, PhD.
    From business to science, WSJ has great articles, however their editorials are totally Neanderthal. Millennials will shun the WSJ until it moves into the 21st Century.
  • Improving Load Speeds in Slow Connections 4/5

    By antigravityguy
    Quality of news is top notch, app is extremely well designed, and the push notifications really enhance the utility of the app. On a recent trip I realized that the app is not as performant in poor network conditions. Articles take forever to load, probably because of images and other media. If there was a way to load the text in an article before the images completely rendered, you could start to read the article and then view the images by the time they finished downloading. This would really enhance the usability of the app in slow network conditions.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By PhiladelphiaPA
    Navigation is great. This app has greatly improved. There were some bugs that have obviously been corrected.
  • Search engine...terrible. Publish dates...nonexistent 2/5

    By MRoddy113
    On the surface this app looks well polished. But as a grad student hoping to find useful information pertaining to a specific topic from this reputable news paper, I find myself frustrated with the 'search' feature. Furthermore, if I do stumble upon useful information I cannot cite my source correctly because none of the articles annotate their publish dates. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Gia1312
    The app works pretty well. Only update I would suggest would be to maybe fade the articles you've read so that you know you've looked at them.
  • Love the WSJ 5/5

    By Mimito13
    This app works great and when in Florida I get the paper and prefer it, but in North Carolina I read it on-line and it is easy to navigate.
  • Dictionary Limited Functionality 2/5

    By Frustrated w Comcast
    UPDATE (2) May 24, 2017 - App update a few days ago failed to include normalized dictionary. No further correspondence received from WSJ since communication indicated in update 1. UPDATE (1) - WSJ Support Reply: "We have taken the liberty of forwarding your comments to upper management." This rating pertains to only the app dictionary: The WSJ app is the only app I have ever used that fails to allow marking of hyphenated words (at the end of text lines carried to next line) and compound words that make up single definitions, eg, carpe diem. So, if your vocabulary reservoir is not as full as WSJ's professional writers, and you want, for instance, to get a refresher on the meaning of rapproche-ment (hyphenated at the end of a text line), or the meaning of je ne sais quoi, you'll be frustrated with 'no-can-do.'

The Wall Street Journal – Business & Markets News app comments

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