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The Washington Post Classic App

Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, PLUS complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Scan top headlines for must-read stories. Get fresh perspectives on the world from Post bloggers. Save articles for offline reading in MyPost. PRODUCT FEATURES • TOP HEADLINES: Quickly browse the always updating feed of today’s news and read each story in full. • D.C. METRO NEWS: Learn what’s going on in the nation’s capitol with stories about D.C. and the surrounding metro area. • LIVE: Follow along with our live blog coverage for up-to-the-minute updates on breakng news and events, and watch live events as they happen. • BLOGS: Find out what The Post’s most insightful bloggers have to say about everything from politics to sports to pop culture. • COMICS: Browse our library of comics, and dive into our extensive archive. • OFFLINE READING: Save your favorite and must-read articles to “My Post” for easy access anytime. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $14.99/month (first month FREE). • EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to the Washington Post Classic iPad app and The All-New Washington Post App, available on iPhone and iPad. • PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. • AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $14.99 each month unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. Please note, you will be unable to cancel your current subscription during an active subscription period. • PRIVACY POLICY: • TERMS OF SERVICE:


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The Washington Post Classic app reviews

  • Love the WP! 5/5

    By workinprogress123
    For the app, I would like to be able to limit alerts to certain hours of the day/night. News waits for no one, but I don’t mind waiting for news :)
  • Honesty !!! 5/5

    By Ryan56556
    I just love it when a newspaper tells the truth, it’s so refreshing!!!! Kudos to this poet!!! Cheers
  • Like Washington Post Classic 4/5

    By NJnaturelover
    I have been a digital subscriber to the Washington Post for almost one year. I have come to rely on their national and international reporting. I am a new iPad user of less than a month. My digital subscription includes access to the Washington Post Classic App so I downloaded the App a couple of weeks ago. The App is easy to use. I like that I see sections in a menu across the top of the window. I also have the Washington Post Blue App which does not include local coverage and other coverage I am interested in. Based on my experience so far, I recommend this App. One note I purchased my digital subscription directly from the Washington Post, so I did not go through the App Store for my subscription
  • Two Steps Backwards 3/5

    By TheHammer610
    It no longer pre-downloads the daily paper. When I zoom in to read the comics, moving to the next comic causes it to zoom out. And It Still Does Not Remember What I Was Reading Last Time I Opened The App - an annoying failure that should be easy to fix.
  • What the regular Washington post app should be 5/5

    By Flabbedyjab123
    What the regular Washington post app should be. Also love the auto black background in dimmer light
  • Paying options 1/5

    By dolcevitafrus
    Although I own an IPhone, I would like to have the option of subscribing to the Post without paying through the Apple Store. Please let me know if and when this will be possible.
  • Alexandra petri 1/5

    By Boppy12
    The digital post used to have her columns in a separate section that I could go to and see what she has written recently. Somehow that has disappeared. She doesn’t even show up in my recents. I have to search column by column. Please fix. I love her work.
  • Great writing, incredibly biased 3/5

    By davegordon48
    Tried the app out because I enjoy good journalism. The writing was first class, but the leftward bias was off the charts. They really make no effort to hide it. After about a week I gave up.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Petromagne
    The app is essentially what you get online. It has an option to save the articles to read later, but that’s never worked for me. The biggest problem is that it seems to be based on open rates, so it pushes popular articles to the top, rather than whatever the editor has curated, so there’s a lack of variety of articles in the top news section. Still I use it regularly because it’s a quick way to open the Post, which is my local paper, and one if the better newspapers. Just wish they’d improve their app and their algorithms.
  • Why do I have to... 1/5

    By Sbral
    Sign into WP via Facebook every single time despite the fact that I’m signed in via the WP app on the same device??? Super annoying
  • A Forgetful App 3/5

    By TimothyJohn1085
    I subscribe to both The NY Times and the Washington Post. It’s interesting to compare how the two papers use mobile apps to present their content. Each has its advantages, but I find that the Washington Post Classic app has a couple of significant deficiencies. On the plus side, the Washington Post is a more visually appealing and less cluttered presentation compared to the NY Times. But there are two behaviors that I find limit the usefulness of the Washington Post Classic app. First is the fact that it does not give any indication of stories that have already been read. The NY Times app, for example, dims to a fainter gray the headline text of stories that have been opened. Second, and most infuriating, is that the Washington Post Classic app seems incapable of remembering the reader’s position within the app. Leave the app to read a text message? When you return to the Washington Post app you’ll be returned to the story you were reading, but once leaving that you’re back at the top of the story list and forced to scroll and scroll to re-find where you were. This often happens even when you haven’t left the app at all and simply close a story. (Note that I’m using a current generation iPad Pro.)
  • Reality check 4/5

    By drjcs3
    WaPo’s subscription department has to be the most chaotic disorganized mess I could imagine. Constant need to reaffirm my subscription. That said, I enjoy their special interest sections, political focus and cartoonists, especially Telnaes. WaPo is a daily dose of sanity in a country in desperate need of more.y
  • Love the Post, the app is okay. 3/5

    By garrett_oh
    The app is formatted well and works well, but there are three things I wish would be changed: 1. Swipe to go back, a near universal gesture for apps on iOS. If I’m holding my phone with one hand, I can’t reach the ‘Done’ button in the upper left corner and scrolling up to the top of an article to swipe the article “down” is cumbersome. 2. Customizing the order of news sections. All I care about are the ‘Top Stories’ and ‘World’ sections. But I have to swipe through six other sections to get from one to the other. 3. Get rid of ads that move. I understand that ads are a large portion of the revenue, but it’s hard to read text next to an ad that moves, even if it’s just changing between two frames every couple seconds.
  • Washington Post 4/5

    By kalyani
    One of the best news sources around. Grateful
  • Respect for the Post 5/5

    By JWS IV
    I am moderate in my political views tending to the conservative side. While the post is more left leaning I have a great respect and appreciation for Mr Bezos using his resources to keep this venerable newspaper relevant and serving as a “watchdog” for the rest of us. I love the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” byline. For me the Post is “Keeping the lights on”.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By BobalooBooRadley
    Crashes constantly. Like multiple times per article. It’s the only app that does this on my ipad so pretty sure it’s the app. Extremely frustrating. Also the content is too limited. Going to cancel since NYT app is stable.
  • Of course I love WP 5/5

    By Mrs. Kohn
    But I think you could do a service for the political refugees here. I have one, an ESL student through our library system. What’s most necessary for them is to have a metric where their educational degrees can be brought to conform to ours. My student has degrees in both Psychology and Business Management; the only job she could find here was cashier at ToysRUs. A support group on measuring their home country degrees to find similar study here, and to check that box off sounds good. Its very disheartening for a person alone here to hear that although they have degrees in their country in psychology and business management - here in the US, the only job than can find is a cashier at Toys ‘R Us. We can do more for these people who had to run away from death. We can help/teach them a path to assimilation; a path where they feel they’re moving forward and not just stuck in limbo. Thanks Melinda Kohn
  • Opinion 2/5

    By Dave Presher
    Too much opinions and inside beltway view points. You need to add more diversity if you want to be a national newspaper. Appreciate that you still put money into the staff.
  • The Washington Post is one of the world’s great newspapers 5/5

    By Gravity 6
    It’s especially needed now with an unstable person in the White House who’s doing his best to destabilize our national institutions (FBI, Justice Dept., Intelligence Community, the courts). I can’t imagine going through our current national crisis without the Washington Post. Here you will find the truth!
  • Insanity 5/5

    By barrysmsc
    I have NEVER been one to criticize politics... EVER! But, this president has caused tremendous division among the American people. In my mind, it’s not even a major concern about the parties involved. It has more to do with what’s right than what’s wrong and to add, just because a person can doesn’t mean that the person should. ESPECIALLY when that person is talking for the American people as a whole. This is where the divide’s either “them” or “us”. It is no longer “we”. Say what he may but, the truth of the matter is that he’s consumed with himself and the power it brings to his office. In my belief, he WILL NOT be remembered as someone who moved the country forward but, made a hole so wide that it even swallowed him, in the end!
  • Not Worth the Scavenger Hunt 2/5

    By 248 Sharding
    Where is the crossword? Where are the daily and weekly TV listings? The movie listings? The theater listings? I now go to the website.
  • Critical to a democracy-freedom of the press 5/5

    By fui mama
    As the Trump administration has been perverting the executive branch and the legislative branch and now undermining the judicial branch of our nation, we are barely hanging onto a just and moral democracy if it were not for the persistence and bravery of the press. WaPo keep shining the light!
  • Politics aside... 5/5

    By Hum42
    Relatively Fair... as is fair.
  • Utter Garbage 1/5

    By Langurss
    Ancient technology and prone to crashes. But worse than that: utterly biased and left leaning opinions. You should try reporting real news responsibly instead of opposing everything the current administration does. I get that you don’t like Trump, but a lot of people believe in a more conservative form of government. Your constant petulant attacks are obvious to most. Please wake up - or better yet - do the country a favor and go out of business!
  • When you need the truth 5/5

    By David Espanol
    Normally I would read free websites but the WAPO journalism is outstanding. If you want the facts to understand an issue, this is your outlet.
  • Amazon/Berkshire/JPM healthcare Co. 5/5

    By Bruce Jessup
    Now that Amazon will have access to all of our data, why can’t we voluntarily consign our data to Amazon with the intention that they monetize it on our behalf - and then give us a cut. A data dividend, if you will. The Amazon Data Dividend: The ADD. Promote and endorse a data consignment/monetization platform where participants will earn a return: The ADD. Bruce Jessup Bend, OR
  • Great but 4/5

    By east tennessee transplant
    Greet paper but I can’t get in to my account. Technical issue.
  • Not very truthfull 1/5

    By Fox Trot Tvinnereim
    I tend to read 10 papers a day to get my news and I always find the WP a little more bias than the rest. Keep up the great work....or just try to keep up!
  • The real deal 5/5

    By NH Primary
    Standing proudly against the fake news blather!!!
  • Shame on the Post 1/5

    By sciecedaddy
    Yesterday somerhing remarkable happened in Australia. Roger Federer won his 20th Grand Slam at the age of 36. This is one of the most incredible achievments in all of sport, ever. The NYT led it’s online Sports Section with this story. The Post? Not a word anywhere. The Post should be hanging it’s head in shame. Please pass my comment to the Sport’s Section editor. I could not find a way to send it directly.
  • WaPo is best US newspaper 5/5

    By Runonwater
    No longer a single-city newspaper, the Washington Post is the nation's best newspaper. I particularly enjoy the editorial and analysis sections; Jennifer Rubin is terrific!
  • Wish Comments Were Visible 4/5

    By Mole555
    Great reporting, which is needed in this current climate of Fake News. However, comments are not visible in the app like they are online. Reader reactions to articles are part of what makes reading opinion pieces more interesting.
  • How to cancel a subscription? 1/5

    It’s far to difficult to cancel a subscription!! The process is one that a “not so legitimate outfit” would use!! If Jeff knows how it works, shame on him! If he doesn’t know how it works, still, shame on him! Needless to say, I’m very disappointed in him!!
  • Great reporting 5/5

    By Lummers4
    Great political reporting with enticing headlines.
  • Review 5/5

    By margallen
    Peg bergman Margaret Allen
  • Best newspaper app around, hands down 5/5

    By Capcityman
    The Post’s app is superb. The Print Edition gives you the look and feel of reading an actual paper, with the added bonus of links to digital articles. The Digital Edition keeps you up to the minute on breaking stories. The NYT and WSJ Apps don’t come close!
  • It’s OK 2/5

    By sheepdog65
    Con. Can’t read comments on articles, which are a form of entertainment in of themselves. Can’t write a comment either.
  • Washington Post 5/5

    By Ham98624
    This is a review of the whole digital version of your paper- I love it!!! I get more news, more information and interesting columns than any other digital site. I throughly enjoy it!!! Thanks for your honest, mature and intelligent paper! Carol Ham Ilwaco, Washington
  • My Kind of Journalism 5/5

    By El Cordovax
    Many interesting articles but what l enjoy best are the comments that follow articles. There is where l learn most since comments are apparently not censored and various opinions are expressed bot pro and con. I then draw my own conclusions.
  • These aren't facts? 5/5

    By txbui7733
    For a fake news media outlet they sure do make it seem like they're writing stories based on facts. Crazy! Why go thru all this trouble just for fictional articles?? Beats me! Well, anyways, I sure do enjoy reading all these made-up stories These reporters are doing a helluva job!
  • Love the offline reading, dislike how some articles take you to web browser 4/5

    By hcauler
    The app is great, and I LOVE that you can read some news that your phone has already downloaded offline (hello, metro). But dislike how some articles take you to a web browser view.
  • better than new version 3/5

    By Fios1715
    Why after I read an article do I have to press the done button or swipe down to go back to article list? The swipe down to go back is not intuitive (ie developer had to tell me the functionality was there) and I don't believe it follows apple standard interface guidelines. Can you add the swipe from left screen edge to go back like all other apps?
  • Not a happy customer 1/5

    By Monkemantm
    I keep signing into my account but every time I try to read an article it says I don’t have one. You are charging my iTunes account. I have written to you and this issue as still not been resolved.
  • Unbalanced 2/5

    By Brian and Moon
    The Washington Post has become an unreliable source of news in regard to anything to do with President Trump because the paper and its staff are so obviously biased against him and his policies. Most of what is written in the paper about Trump belongs in the editorial sections not the news section because what is written as “news” is so biased.
  • Great 5/5

    By DJonesy
    Decent interface and informative reporting.
  • Protecting our Democracy 5/5

    By Netrolecky
    Thank You!
  • Darkness over Washington 5/5

    By salvus1000
    Such a variety of accounts of the nuances of events in our nation’s capital. At a time when truth and honesty have become casualties in our political discourse the Post keeps its bright light shining. Essential reading in these times.
  • Media are the guardians of democracy 5/5

    By Yucachef
    Go WaPo! Publications like yours are more important now than ever before
  • Missing features, no syncing w social media 2/5

    By Bilemy
    More than three clicks are needed to access the front page, plus there is no ability to link to twitter, nor is there any cross functionality with other WP formats.
  • Thanks Jeff Bezos 5/5

    By Rosebud161
    The Post has become the necessary newspaper. Smart interesting and humane. In addition its digital design is excellent.

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