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The Washington Post Print Edition App

THE WASHINGTON POST PRINT EDITION Enjoy a digital replica of each day’s print edition, down to every photo and special insert. Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, as well as complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Read stories wherever you are with convenient offline reading. This app brings you everything daily Washington Post readers enjoy—along with extra benefits for added mobile convenience. For our Digital Edition, please download The Washington Post Classic, now optimized for iOS 10 with multitasking, breaking news alerts, Spotlight and iMessage integration, and much more. PRODUCT FEATURES ▪ PRINT EDITION: Flip through The Washington Post right on your iPad with our digital replica of each day’s print newspaper. ▪ MYPOST: Save your must-read articles for offline reading when it’s convenient for you. ▪ INTELLIGENT DOWNLOADING: We'll learn which sections you read the most, and download them in the background every morning. Don't read a section? We'll keep it off your device to free space, and keep it available if you'd like to read it. ▪ ARCHIVE: Browse the last two weeks of Print Editions. See the top stories and lead images of the day. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ▪ OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $14.99/month (first month FREE). ▪ EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The All-New Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets. ▪ PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. ▪ AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $14.99 each month unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. ▪ PRIVACY POLICY: ▪ TERMS OF SERVICE: Questions? Comments? Please let us know at

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The Washington Post Print Edition app reviews

  • Saving newspaper industry 5/5

    By Ed Actuary
    This app is brilliant. The print edition mirrors the hard copy paper so you see all the news and ads etc as laid out - allowing you to expand your knowledge in areas that you would not necessarily reach out to for info. An article that starts on one page and continues on another can be easily read in its entirety and then return to originating page or you can turn the pages and wait to finish it later. You can easily send articles to others. You can swipe to the digital edition easily to see updates on the story. Font can be enlarged with hand movements. Prior days editions are available instantaneously. You can read your paper anywhere in the world and after the edition comes up you do not need wifi to read it so you can take the downloaded edition to remote areas. Could not live without this.
  • Still locks up often 3/5

    By Pilot195
    I love the print edition--as long as it works. Far too often I will download an edition, then when I'm on the flight and want to read the paper, the app says "must be online to download" - frustrating. Other annoyance is if the iPad is closed when the app is open the app will lock up the next time the iPad is opened and must be "force-quit".
  • Easy to navigate 5/5

    By ClarissaDC
    and a great way to read the paper when you're out of town, sitting on an airplane with minimal elbow room, or lying in bed at night. I like the new feature of being able to get older editions easily and the ease of switching back and forth between the print edition for a regular paper reading experience or the digital version if you want breaking news or have gotten behind on your reading. Also handy is the option either to tap an article for it to come up in a long scrolling column or pinch to zoom if you want to see details on a photo or read something small like baseball box scores. Very happy with this app.
  • Crashes 5/5

    By Leslieleo
    Since I downloaded the update yesterday, it crashes Every time I try to turn the page. Impossible to read it this morning. 10/21/15. This is the second time in three days that I have had to delete the app because when going onto the continuation of an article, I could not get back to the paper. 12/4/15. Still freezes every day. Have reported this numerous times. Still freezing 6/10/16. Much improved app. No more freezes. Most problems fixed. Love it. The Post has worked hard on perfecting this app. Can't wait to read it every day.
  • Washington Post app 5/5

    By waporocks
    I am a regular reader of the Washington Post digital edition. Overall, it is much more convenient for me than the paper edition, which I had for decades: much easier to take my iPad with me than a whole newspaper and I feel happier to not be polluting the planet with paper. The app is very easy to use and gives me access to many more editions besides the one for today. I like being able to send links to my friends and family and even to myself for specific articles. Maybe someday I will be able to do puzzles like the Scrabblegram electronically.
  • Love the print app but new crossword is flawed 4/5

    By Sonoma Spring
    I find the print app brilliant. I can scroll through the paper just the way I would the print edition, choosing which section and article to read. I'm addicted! I would give the app 5 stars, but the new crossword introduced on Friday is a pain to work online. The top half of the puzzle sort of works as you see the clue while you can see the grid where it goes. But once you get a third of the way down, you have to keep scrolling up and down and remember where to enter you answer. It's ridiculous. Do you guys not test the new formats before you institute them?
  • Far and away the best newspaper app for Apple 5/5

    By 30-yr. computer vet
    This app has consistently been the best app for a major American newspaper. The NYT, LA Times, and San Francisco Chronicle should pay attention to the beauty and elegance of this well designed app. Many users want the ability to move from printed edition to digital!
  • Needs to be more robust 3/5

    By bdg3019
    Generally good in translating a facsimile of the print edition to an e-edition. Two things that are frequently bothersome: (1) tapping on some of the stories in the print edition does not send you to an e-edition version of the story, so your only option is to magnify the print edition, and (2) comics take too long to load! Why not preload the comics like the rest of the print edition?
  • Review 3/5

    By Savemoney345
    The news stories are difficult to locate.
  • Page positioning is itself information 5/5

    By MRobert
    One thing I miss in online news over a printed newspaper is the information I get by the arrangement of stories on the page. Editorial decisions about the rank or significance of stories is readily apparent. I know this happens in list form online, but having the print edition experience is my choice. Best of both worlds.
  • WP App 5/5

    By Tumpone
    The new app is phenomenal. Access to articles at unlimited zoom levels is a first, and ability to go between print and digital is so helpful. Keep up these terrific improvements!
  • Great tool!! 5/5

    By keywestmike#1
    I love this app. All those years trying to chase down a copy of the Pos. Think of the energy saved by this app - staggering!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By DC19861919
    Browsing through the print layout is so much better than the typical news apps. The loading speed could be improved but overall this is my first read in the morning.
  • Great digital paper 5/5

    By kcengr
    Like having option for 'like' real paper or digital version. Recently moved from DC to Midwest, got used to the articles in WP we will continue to subscribe.
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By CyndyML
    When I moved from Northern Virginia to the metro Detroit area, what I missed the most was the Washington Post. (Sorry, D.C., not a fan of the traffic or the weather.) Back then, the app wasn't very good, so I subscribed to USA Today. You may shudder, but it had home delivery 5 days a week, and that matters. I added in the New York Times, which is an excellent paper, but, face it, it's not the Post. Finally the Post app was made awesome! A friend told me the change, and I subscribed digitally right away! No more USA Today News Lite! Real news! I love being able to read on my iPad, phone, or computer. The iPad is my favorite reading experience for this app. I still get that page turning feel and the layout of the real paper, and I can read the Sunday paper in bed. I love real paper - a morning newspaper, the smell of a bookshop - and I love technology, and this app subscription is the best of both worlds. Also - the Post is, IMHO, the best in the country. You can get other news for free, but it won't be this quality.
  • Washington Post 5/5

    By GregSpeck
    There are many papers on line, but the post gives the feel of reading a real paper. Everything is there, articles and ads. I read three papers daily and the Post is the easiest to read and navigate. Unlike The NY Times, if you need to enlarge print, the search functions still remain and the article does not jump around. As for content, it has everything. Great app, great newspaper.
  • Great morning read. 5/5

    By mDrummond
    I'm in Athens Greece, reading my usual morning newspapers. Works great!
  • What you need to know 5/5

    By WDuffer
    We subscribed to get U.S. government news and commentary in a timely manner. We haven't been disappointed. Use the iPad app for reading.
  • Good substitute for the newsprint version 4/5

    By DaveK1117
    Sharper photos and text, easier to transport than paper. No good for wrapping the fish scraps. We cancelled the regular delivery of the paper version. Wish it would allow turning the page even when zoomed in on an article - you have to get a page back to its default size before turning to the next page.
  • The Post Rocks 5/5

    By Wil Washington
    This is a great news app. Great content, nice presentation & the ability to download the print version to read offline is great for travel. Access to the comics in color is a bonus.
  • Just like reading a newspaper but better! 5/5

    By javajulie0
    Love the post. And love reading it on my iPad. I like to see articles as they are in a newspaper, old-fashioned I guess, but any article can be viewed in digital if you want it contiguous, one down-side of reading a "paper", and get extra photos, etc. You get the best of both worlds. I never thought I would give up paper because I cant do crosswords and sudoku, etc, on anything but----then I got an iPad pencil. I take a screen shot of the sudoku and import it into the app Goddnotes. Just takes a sec and I can do the sudoku with an electronic pen and eraser. Best of all possible worlds. I can now do without real paper. Awesome app and awesome paper.
  • Easy to read 5/5

    By Post_Oak
    The Washington Post app is easy to read and to use. Logical links make following a particular story very easy. And best of all, lots of full color photos, even more than you have in the paper version, plus imbedded videos, enrich many news stories. I love it!
  • NICE! 5/5

    By MikeLaurie08
    This is how the Post should be read! Love this!
  • Still love my paper 5/5

    By Glrrph
    While I still love reading the "paper" newspaper, the digital formate means no clutter and no magnifying glass. I praise The Post for maintaining the appearance of the paper edition which I prefer.
  • Downloads unselected sections. 3/5

    By MoeAlfa
  • Dreadful. App crashes repeatedly 2/5

    By 11dalya
    I can't swipe through the articles without the app crashing. I have to close and open the app all the time. I've written to complain through the contact link, and whoever responds doesn't even read the two sentences I've typed. Today the tech wrote to me saying I should subscribe to the WP app. She never even addressed the crashing issue I complained about. Since I already pay for the subscription (otherwise I wouldn't get articles at all), her comment to subscribe was stupid.
  • Great content 4/5

    By Stumpy club
    Some of the best journalism available
  • Improvements have been made 4/5

    By Tut1963
    I had problems with the app last year (2015) and sent requests in. The developers took them to heart and now the app works as expected. Now in 2017 the app works even better. Faster loads are the key improvement, but page turning works better now and linking to the digital content also is good.
  • App vital these days 5/5

    By Msgreendeans
    Works well, WAPO does not disappoint.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Reading Radiologist
    The best app for reading in standard newspaper form. I wish the NYT would do the same
  • Good app but needs some improvement 4/5

    By w2bsa
    The profile page needs to be made easier to find. Otherwise the app works well.
  • The Best News App, Hands Down! 5/5

    By jbjbr75
    I love the layout and features of this app, which make reading the paper easy and fun.
  • Wash. Post app is great (really)! 5/5

    By DC544444
    Like tapping on a section to get the whole section. I love being able to just read an article or tap it to bring up the entire article, pictures and all. My favorite newspaper app.
  • Washington Post vs NYT 5/5

    By Ptbald
    I like and subscribe to both publications, but definitely like the WP format better. It feels like I'm reading the actual hard copy! Kudos to WP.
  • Print layout an essential feature 5/5

    By Nycdcwaor
    Smooth transitions to and from print and digital helps the reader access breadth of content. Great for older eyes that prefer print layout but need larger print.
  • Content review. Bit more 5/5

    By FurbyPhilosophy
    Get through my subscription with local middle of nowhere paper, currently WP only one of those two I can even read. I am amazed at how much better it has gotten, almost as interesting s Woodward and Bernstein in the old crazy days. This is actually a review for content more than app. As long as I can read it and get pictures for my Pinterest boards. Beats the hell out of Arizona "Trumpland" papers (all but the Tucson paper are Republican).
  • WP vs. this app 5/5

    By BobTnNavarre
    I read the Post 'cause I live in "Bubbaville" and the local paper is just barely. The Post isn't my only morning read to keep up with the world, but it's a good choice. The app, though, is just the means through which I can read DC's morning paper. And the app is good; not great, a little slow to load, sometimes cranky, but I've never NOT been able to read the entire paper. No reason not to give this five stars-it does what I pay for, and what it advertises pretty well. So little in DC can say that.
  • Very happy 5/5

    By PamellaKH
    I was an old school paper print reader of the WP. Reluctantly switched to digital for a number of reasons. Couldn't be happier. Very user friendly!
  • Much Improved 5/5

    By Mike5670
    This is an update to my review of a year ago below. The WAPO IPad app works much more reliably than in the past. It's a great way to get the paper. Kudos to the post for setting up a trouble ticket system for app problems reported by readers. I think we all understand that technology doesn't always work as smoothly as we'd like, but it's great to have feedback on bugs acknowledged and responded to. Five stars. ---------- It's 9:00 am Sunday and now after downloading the latest "crash fix" on Saturday, the print edition download says today's paper is unavailable. WAPO, you can do better.
  • Works Well 4/5

    By SwanPointer
    Everything with this app works well. The only exception is the crossword puzzle app which fails to launch or shuts off half way through a game about 25 percent of the time.
  • No comments 3/5

    By Jcoses
    My biggest problem with app is the it does not have comments.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Prkola
    I wish all newspapers had this way to read the published paper copy as well as keeping current. Well done!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Caryconrads
    This is an awesome app - wonderful to be able to read every morning
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BobA1942
    App provides access to all sections in print-like format, but allows easy access to web-like format of each article by tapping anywhere in the article. Returns to your place when you've finished reading the article. Eliminates the need to page back to inside pages to finish long articles. Provides easy access to past editions, if you miss a day or want to reread an article. Zoom allows reading on small format devices like my iPhone. Connects to crossword puzzle app for solving on device, and gives access to past puzzles by date. Could use a similar app for Sudoku; I get my Sudoku fix by copying and pasting into Notes and printing paper copy.
  • Screen and font 1/5

    By MandyLove to Read
    My paid version shows white print on a black background. I can barely read this kind of print! There does not seem to be any way to change the color and font scheme. I love and support this news organization, but, evidently, it does not return the favor. Ugh!!! I may have to cancel my subscription.
  • Best newspaper app 5/5

    By Curlyhairzelda
    I read several newspapers on line. WP's is the best, by far. Not only do you get the paper as published but also the up-to-date news.
  • Needs a back button and faster downloads 4/5

    By pgk2008
    I love being able to read the print layout, and the app works very well. Two issues: 1. When following a page link in the print layout (thanks for fixing those), there's no quick way to go back to the original page. Easy fix: make the "continued from page A1" text a link that brings us back to the originating page. Other solution: add a 'back' button in the top left, and put the 'sections' link in the top middle. 2. Opening the app in the morning it takes over half a minute to even show the cover images of the sections. It should be possible to at least feed four jpegs in a tenth of a second while we wait for the section download to complete And a last request: please offer a toggle to show all photos in full color in the print layout. I would enjoy a splash of color, and I assume the original images are available in color. Other than that, great app!
  • Crucial 5/5

    By Guppmnam
    Get off the television and read. This and two other papers all you need. It will change your life. Learn so you can make a difference.
  • Very functional 5/5

    By Reading read
    Pretty great improvement
  • Very Much improved 4/5

    By No Longer Using
    The WP finally found the trick on this version of the print app. I cancelled my subscription several years ago because of the very poor quality of the app, especially the horrendously slow download in the old app., and the declining reporting and objectivity of the WP. The new app with the print download, works very well, and the ability to just download the sections I normally read is a nice feature. I have now re-subscribed to the app and am very pleased. I hope the WP reporting will follow this much improved app.

The Washington Post Print Edition app comments

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