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The Washington Post Print Edition App

THE WASHINGTON POST PRINT EDITION Enjoy a digital replica of each day’s print edition, down to every photo and special insert. Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, as well as complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Read stories wherever you are with convenient offline reading. This app brings you everything daily Washington Post readers enjoy—along with extra benefits for added mobile convenience. For our Digital Edition, please download The Washington Post Classic, now optimized for iOS 10 with multitasking, breaking news alerts, Spotlight and iMessage integration, and much more. PRODUCT FEATURES ▪ PRINT EDITION: Flip through The Washington Post right on your iPad with our digital replica of each day’s print newspaper. ▪ MYPOST: Save your must-read articles for offline reading when it’s convenient for you. ▪ INTELLIGENT DOWNLOADING: We'll learn which sections you read the most, and download them in the background every morning. Don't read a section? We'll keep it off your device to free space, and keep it available if you'd like to read it. ▪ ARCHIVE: Browse the last two weeks of Print Editions. See the top stories and lead images of the day. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ▪ OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $14.99/month (first month FREE). ▪ EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The All-New Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets. ▪ PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. ▪ AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $14.99 each month unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. ▪ PRIVACY POLICY: ▪ TERMS OF SERVICE: Questions? Comments? Please let us know at

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The Washington Post Print Edition app reviews

  • Best e-version ever! 5/5

    By DvSP2
    The print-replica version of this paper is exactly what I was hoping for in an online newspaper. Still feels like a real paper but with just the right amount of interactivity.
  • NICE! 5/5

    By MikeLaurie08
    This is how the Post should be read! Love this!
  • Good content, bad UI 2/5

    By Busboy42
    This app is as slow as molasses. I wouldn't use it at all, except that the "new" Post app doesn't give you the comics. There's no feedback when you press a button, and sometimes it takes 8-10 seconds before responding. I would suspect network connections except that I have 90 mb/sec fiber.
  • Nice app but still has bugs 4/5

    By Captain Kadaver
    Comic section does not always load current content an requires deleting and reloading app.
  • Great way to read the Washington Post 5/5

    By Edina MN
    The app seems close to flawless and enables me to read the Washington Post no matter where in the world I am so long as there's an internet connection and these days there's an internet connection just about everywhere. Before plane rides I frequently download the most recent edition to read during the trip. Good newspaper, good app.
  • Great High Definition Newspaper App 5/5

    By CEB-NVA
    The Post has developed the best newspaper iOS app out there. It works flawlessly and love being able to capture articles from past editions. It loads quickly and provides total flexibility how how you want to consume the news. I love the Post!!
  • A Nice App 5/5

    By Napoleon0469
    I've been using the new WashPost app since it's debut, and am also a print subscriber. Like a crafty in-law, this app grows on you until you come to enjoy it's finer points. Because I'm a print subscriber, the layout is familiar, and easy to use. I like being able to read without having to fully open the article. In short, the app is laid out similar to the print versions so if your a fan of the paper version you'll find this familiar and easy to use.
  • Best Of Both Worlds 5/5

    By WapoCritic
    Apps like this are what will keep "print" media alive. You get all the benefits of the actual newspaper in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Plus, WP reporting is second to none.
  • M 2/5

    By Po------
    The app loads pages slowly and pages often and inexplicably refresh, so you lose your place on the page. I gave up.
  • What a great way to read my favourite newspaper 5/5

    By ClintonDyches
    It takes some time to become accustomed to reading your news on an iPad rather holding and folding and smelling crackling newsprint. But it is so much more fulfilling. There are two WaPo readers but this is my favourite.|
  • The end of the Post for me 1/5

    By Jerry I hate the post
    The digital app and the digital print edition have been totally unusable for me. They leave me logged in but having to restore my subscription but that never happens and no other choice surfaces. After 49 years I now end my relationship with the Washington Post. If I could rate it a zero I would
  • Bias 1/5

    By W.ya
    I have never read a more biased paper in my life when are you liberal morons going to under stand that there are two sides to every story. I don't care that you support the democrats so be it but tell the other side. Journalism is unbiased. I take this rag for one reason the comics and you even try to be bias with that. Do me a favor give my money back on the number of issues I have left and we will call it even. You do know that if enough people shut you down you will go out of business amazing.if its possible make sure your head pin head gets this.
  • Perfect!! 5/5

    By TravPerk
    The Washington Post Print Edition app is absolutely perfect!! I'm an avid reader of the Washington Post, but since I live in California, I have only ever been able to read the news app and the website. Then when I saw you could download a digital replica of the daily paper, I was so happy. I love that when you tap an article in the paper it'll open it up as a normal app article, some digital replica apps do not do that. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this app, bravo WaPost!!
  • Need to be informed 5/5

    By Totalcohen3
    Took advantage of the $9.99 6 month subscription offer. App works perfectly and allows me to keep up with important political news. So far, very happy.
  • Great app, need more tweaks 4/5

    By KxBx59
    I use this app when I travel, keep me updated whenever I am not home. App needs more tweaks, i.e. swiping pages does not skip deselected sections, wasting my time closing and go to next section to read.
  • Printed Paper in Digital Form 5/5

    By SG_Newt
    I love this app. The image of the page is clear and crisp even when you zoom in. At the bottom of each article that continues on another page is a link to jump to that page, so you don't have to manually swipe to that page. As a person who loves the design of a newspaper, the layout and presentation of the information, I am grateful to be able to read the paper on this app on the days I do not receive a printed addition. Although it can not replace the texture of a newspaper, this app is a must have for anyone that wants to read a newspaper as it is meant to be read.
  • Works well on iPad 5/5

    By MR WADT
    Easy to use if you want a facsimile of the print edition to read with breakfast.
  • An unholy trinity of terrible WaPo apps 1/5

    By GrantCavanaugh
    Which of the 3 WaPo apps is the worst? The one with tiny little pictures of the news? The readable one with tons of adds and paywalls within paywalls? Or the one that makes you sea sick?
  • WaPo Print Edition 5/5

    By MSloc26
    I read something online about the Post hiring 50+ full-time journalists. I thought that's pretty amazing considering many papers are downsizing or merging to stay afloat. So I decided to see what their app was like. "Wow" sums it up. I love the print edition option. Part of the joy of reading a newspaper is having it in your hands and seeing 3-4 articles to choose from on each page. This keeps that feeling. If Jeff Bezos had anything to do with this, good for him. I hope this paper continues to succeed for many years to come.
  • Love having home paper on the road 5/5

    By ANdrewJO
    I still get a home paper but enjoy having the Post with me on the road....thank you.
  • Great! 5/5

    By ChuckDelobe
    This app is so much better than dealing with a hard copy version of the Post. It's beautifully designed and easy to use.
  • Great newspaper 3/5

    By Treasaigh
    I'm not disputing the quality of the content of the Wash Post - it's excellent. This app could use some tweaks to make it more user friendly. For instance, it is not possible to zoom the comic pages making it difficult to read.
  • Don't Like the new format 3/5

    By ashelton3
    The new form went for th.e iPad is incredibly difficult to read, I think that mimicking the actual pages of the newspaper misses the point of alternate electronic mediums. The news should be presented in easy-to-read parts organized by topic. This is what happens when I click on a link in a newsletter sent to my email. The experience should be similar when using th stand-alone app.
  • WAPO print edition 5/5

    By DMA-VA1
    Excellent easy to use
  • Excellent News App 5/5

    By RashPoot
    The Washington Post app is truly one of the best news applications for available anywhere for iOS. Clear, concise, easy to navigate and a perfect balance of print and audiovisual material.
  • Super app 5/5

    By Herrhere
    Being a resident of Northern VA, I really missed not seeing the different sections of the paper that relate to Metro, Style, and the Friday section on what is happening around town. I also missed the formatting of a paper. This app is the best of both worlds. In reading stories through the NewsPrint part of the app, by clicking through to the story, if it has been updated, the reader naturally lands on the webpage. I feel much better connected to my community and a little less hyped by roaming around the website in search of a different presentation of the news. Thanks so much
  • Love the traditional layout 4/5

    By Mark 011235813
    See the news in a traditional layout.
  • Real paper focus and experience 5/5

    By Hampton Roads user
    I really appreciate reading in a format that doesn't constantly run click bait ads
  • Too Slow 1/5

    By Jim M Alexandria
    Takes over 30 minutes to open. Better off getting the post print through a 3rd party like press reader.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Keswicker9
    I am a premium subscriber for 14.99 a month and yet this app will only give me the minimum 20 articles a month. Impossible to unsubscribe! Zero customer service! The app itself is unstable and you have to constantly scroll down to get back to where you left off. Plus, the same articles are constantly rerun.Disappointed.
  • Memory Hog 3/5

    By RickD2005
    Used the app for a 2-3 weeks and found navigation to be lacking and slightly awkward. I notice that the available memory on my iPad Air 2 was plummeting and discovered the Washing Post app accounted for over 1.9 GB (not a typo). I hadn't saved any articles and as far as I know past issues are not stored on the device. What accounts for the app's size? Those issues aside, content was at times unenlightening, un-engaging or annoying. The presidential elections are well over. Donald Trump is president. Recounts won't change that. His choice of appointments will be thoroughly vetted. So quit your pouting and go out and get some news! At the end of the day, the Washington Post just doesn't compare with the New York Times so why should I settle for less?
  • Far and away the best newspaper app for Apple 5/5

    By 30-yr. computer vet
    This app has consistently been the best app for a major American newspaper. The NYT, LA Times, and San Francisco Chronicle should pay attention to the beauty and elegance of this well designed app. Many users want the ability to move from printed edition to digital!
  • Print edition! 5/5

    By Fair34
    Finally I found a print edition and I am enjoying reading the paper again. I wish all papers were doing this.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By JonnyAng
    WaPo does it again with a fantastic app which allows me to read the paper cover to cover, like I did when I was a kid. Thank you WaPo team, and keep these great apps coming!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Froggy1002
    Wonderful, useful, good presentation, easy to navigate. I read the paper every day on my iPad, at home or when I am traveling abroad. Being able to read the Post from anywhere is fantastic!
  • Love reading electronically! 5/5

    By uvamaggie
    Easy to navigate and pleasant to read. Perfect way to read a great newspaper!
  • Great way to read the paper 4/5

    By Eryder05
    If you want the post right at your fingertips with no fuss this is the app to get.
  • Pleasure to read in familiar print format 5/5

    By AMediator
    Hooray! I no longer have to run out into the rain or cold to retrieve the newspaper.Also, having learned to read a traditional newspaper, I value the format. The format that matches the print edition gives me a feel for how those who compose the pages classify and prioritize the information. I value being able to read the Post wherever I am.
  • Terrific 5/5

    By Wmillonig
    Download can be pretty slow on public wifi but I suspect that's not the app's fault. Works like a champ once it's loaded!
  • It's a newspaper on your iPad 5/5

    By Let me send a review
    I read the newspaper all my life. News aggregators just aren't as good a format to flip through easily and see what's happening. There are some issues in flipping pages – a bit annoying. But basically you can carry your newspaper around with you without the bulk or the paper. Probably, this is the future of newspapers. Meanwhile it's very nice when you're on vacation.
  • A 3/5

    By 9996busreader!?
    Great app when it works. Very buggy. Doesn't download automatically sometimes.
  • Great improvement 5/5

    By Ferd425
    New version coupled with the digital version makes reading a pleasure. No more blacked out pages.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mhageraus
    For a Bezos run company, I expect the technology to be spot on. Sunday's paper NEVER downloads on the iPad. Frustrating and even moreso since I pay for this privilege. Go back to the old app only and give this up until the folks in tech can pull it together
  • Best on line Newspaper! 5/5

    By Virtual Newspaper
    By far the best on line newspaper application out there! Love that you can choose how the news is delivered -- digitally by news story or a simulated paper newspaper. I feel like I'm actually reading the newspaper every morning.
  • Great, but restricted 2/5

    By Dat guy who reviews music
    It's a beautiful way to read the paper, but for some bloody reason, IT'S NOT IN MY SUBSCRIPTION. Grrr....
  • Very well done 5/5

    By Terps4ever
    Excellent for those of us who still love a physical paper, but value the ability to jump online for each article
  • Huge disappointment 2/5

    By BoomerW
    When I open the app, I expect to see the most important news. That rarely happens. Frequently I find myself reading days-old stories. Other times I see things in print that simply can't be found on the digital version. And not everything in print is available on digital--for example, I need to switch from digital to print to get my daily junk food, like the horoscope and comics. Very slow to load. Update: it's now asked me to rate the app 3 times, even though I've already rated it. Every time it asks again, I'm going to add to this negative review. It bums me out that I'm stuck with this poor delivery device to get my news.
  • Love the classic newspaper format 5/5

    By Just Nora
    Love the classic newspaper format, with the ability to click into an individual digital article and share if I wish. Great app.
  • Crashes. New App inferior to old App. 1/5

    By 1# jonas brother fan
    Loved the old App. New app you cannot navigate, crashes all the time, reinforces perception that old print media cannot innovate. Not sure who makes these decisions but apple, google or Facebook would never let this go out the door - Don Graham should know that. Has been acting this way for a month. Agile development should not allow this.
  • Finally, an outstanding newspaper app. 5/5

    By Hoo80
    WaPo gets it right with the latest version. The print edition format lets you read the paper like a, well, paper. It's today's paper but with helpful benefits such as the ability to zoom in on small print. Switch to the digital format, and you quickly get news by topic, popularity, and so forth, plus the ability to share with friends, on social media, etc.

The Washington Post Print Edition app comments

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