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Designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the new Apple TV, this app keeps you informed with award-winning national and international news coverage — along with striking photography and informative graphics that bring stories to life. Intuitive browsing and a streamlined design allow you to seamlessly navigate through stories and enjoy in-depth reading. Special for new readers: Get your first month of The Washington Post App FREE! PRODUCT FEATURES ▪ INTUITIVE NAVIGATION: Easily browse through and between sections. ▪ EASY VIEWING: Swipe or scroll through articles, then select and read full stories. ▪ STREAMLINED DESIGN: Enjoy an uncluttered, engaging reading experience that makes it easier to find—and read—the stories that matter to you. ▪ IN-DEPTH READING: Immerse yourself in stories where the focus is on storytelling—enhanced by bold photos and graphics. ▪ AWARD-WINNING COVERAGE: Stay informed with award-winning national reporting and expertly curated stories. ▪ FREQUENT UPDATES: Stay connected 24/7 with breaking news and other important updates throughout the day. ▪ 3D TOUCH SUPPORT: Get a sneak peek at top headlines, right from our icon using Quick Actions SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ▪ OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access starting at just $9.99/month (first month FREE). ▪ EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets. ▪ PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. ▪ AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $9.99 each month ($14.99 for premium subscriptions) unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. Please note, you will be unable to cancel your current subscription during an active subscription period. ▪ PRIVACY POLICY: ▪ TERMS OF SERVICE:


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The Washington Post app reviews

  • Update a backward step 1/5

    By Irving Simon
    Doesn’t update during day. News is now hours old. NYTimes updates why can’t you. Why the split scree? Just confuses the reader and limits overview. Do you ever consumer test these changes?
  • The blue app 5/5

    By Bjive
    Love the blue version. It’s the easiest of all the news apps to navigate.
  • Broken 1/5

    By DeliciousWolf
    After the latest update I can no longer login with my Amazon Prime account. The app is now worthless.
  • News good but app eats battery life 3/5

    By zartanibus
    Not sure when this happened, but most recent update of the app destroys my battery. Had it open for 5 minutes, and 10% of my battery was consumed. Quit the app and it remained steady for 15 minutes. Started the app and watched the battery icon spiral down. Etc.
  • Great paper, bad app 3/5

    By xray 22
    I have a digital subscription to the Post, but the app will not sync with it, even though I use the same login info. All I can access through the app is what is available for free. Makes me want to cancel the subscription!
  • Excellent content!! 5/5

    By tscott4Christ
    Awesome content from the great reporters and editors at WAPO. The app could be better, but overall this is a must have.
  • App Repeatedly Quits 2/5

    By dmp0588
    The WaPo provides great news and insight. Unfortunately, the app needs a lot of work. It repeatedly quits while am in the middle of an article.
  • Access restored 4/5

    By Dragonoshby
    The Washington Post app on my phone did not give me access to the articles. When I signed in it grayed out. WP Support was slow to respond but I was finally able to gain access by deleting and reinstalling the app. It works now so have updated this review. I appreciate WP journalism.
  • Will take $$ but won’t say I have an account. 1/5

    By Anessapj
    Been paying for WP since July, keep getting charged by iTunes. Still only allows me to open 2-3 articles a month. Complained to iTunes, says they are only a “storefront” And I must contact WP... and they only answer the phone when I’m at work during the week. So it’s the weekend, I read a bit then forget about it till I’m charged again and denied access to articles again. Well played WP. You got my money. Why should you care.
  • App now stalls and crashes 1/5

    By News257
    As of several days ago this app comes up blank and then after about 10 seconds crashes on my iPhone X. It used to work beautifully. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but the behavior is the same.
  • Sign in problems ! Sign in problems ! Cancelling subscription ! 1/5

    By Max9978
    Like the content, but I get signed out all the time and the sign in process is completely broken. A shame.
  • Great news, crap app 1/5

    By Jaynsie
    No matter what I do this app makes me enter and renter my log-in info to the point that I want to throw my phone across the room. “Unsubscribe” is in my future
  • Love the content, Tablet app not great 3/5

    By Puffy scul
    Obviously, you guys have been kicking serious butt during the past YoT (year of Trump). The app needs some work, though. Finding stories is difficult, the operation as if it were a scroll makes me dizzy. In fact, I find myself reading your stories on other non-pay platforms like Apple News and Twitter because I get bummed out when I hand to use the app. Keep up the awesome journalism; maybe change up the tablet experience.
  • By far, superior news app! 5/5

    By axelgreaser
    We have a wapo subscription so don’t know if that makes a dif., but this app rocks for Watch 2 gen.
  • Nice app, but could use a “find on page” feature. 4/5

    By Guyho
    One of the great advantages of reading eDocs is the ability to search and find words within a doc. As I read an article and come across reference to a quote by last name only (because the person was introduced earlier in the article) I want to quickly search that name as a reminder of who the person is. I don’t see that feature in this app. I can only do it via a browser. :(
  • Too curated; Lacks customization 2/5

    By P38027391
    I feel constrained by the app's curation of articles. Sometimes you want an option to read the full newspaper content.
  • Great news - but do NOT rely on breaking news alerts 2/5

    I really enjoy the Post and their reporting. However, do NOT rely on breaking news alerts. I have the app set to just alert me to breaking stories, but for example yesterday’s only alert was “Child actors growing up in the age of social media”. No thank you. I’ve disabled alerts and will rely on another source.
  • Split screen interface is abominable 1/5

    By John888889
    Whoever had the idea for this interface was not thinking. By displaying whole stories half screen, the font is small, they are hard to read, and you can’t see the range of stories available without swiping and swiping. Ugh!
  • Worst designed app I’ve ever seen... 1/5

    By redsoxallstar
    You would think after being purchased by Amazon this app would look half decent.. this app is easily the worst designed iPad app I have ever seen. Terrible. These designers should be fired and this app needs to be taken down and redone.
  • I love WP 4/5

    By Goddess40
    I love this newspaper. I’m the articles are informative without being too partisan. It is true journalism at its core. I love the app which allows me quick access to news stories. However, I would love access to the comments section of the papers articles as it gives me an idea of what the masses are thinking. Could we get that on the app?
  • Terrible App Support 1/5

    By Top beauty user
    The links for the Contact Us support section don't work so if you have a problem with the app you are sol.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Fishnjeff
    Investigative journalism more important now than ever. Thank, really!! Thank you.
  • Great reporting, terrible app 1/5

    By Zoltani
    Why make me scroll through huge image after huge image? This is a terrible way to browse news stories. Give me headlines organized by sections.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Penben1
    Going back to the old app, this one is all bells and whistles. Bright colors, hard to navigate news.

    By whoeihewh
    my subscription lapsed (credit card expired), and it's taken me forever to get back in. iPhone finally works, but not my iPad. When I try to pay again, it even tells me I'm already a subscriber, but then won't let me read articles until I get a subscription. So frustrated. :(
  • Won’t open! 1/5

    By riqiv
    This app freezes on my new iPad pro while their other app (w/the black logo) reads “cannot connect”, even upon restart of iPad, even though I’m on my wireless channel. Really I can read WAPO on my (small) iPhone screen.
  • Sad to see 1/5

    By Tyre_spy2
    Its sad to see such a good paper (old media) go bad. Had the App for almost 3-4 years now and i saw it become and unmasked biased site. You can almost feel the hate radiating out of every article and the glee when bad news is reported. If you want to have a good day? If you want objective reporting... WaPo isn’t the app for you. PS: hope you guys improve
  • Won’t let me log in!! 1/5

    By modernbread
    Registered with my amazon account. My phone updated, this app logged me out and now if I click login with amazon it does nothing!! Does anyone even work on this app? How can such a bug be possible on an app written by anyone more competent than a part time middle school kid?
  • No comments available 1/5

    By mbira
    You can’t read posted comments with this app. I now read it on line, desktop version. I’m told that “they are working on this.” I like the traditional layout online better as well.
  • Review is of Actual App On ITunes....Logs me out every time! 1/5

    By RodJerome33
    I am so over the app logging me out and because I bought my subscription through Apple, amazon seems to purposely making it hard for Apple buyers to use their product. I guess they think we should all use their POS kindle. I am so over Silicon Valley, I actually kinda hope the repeal net neutrality leads to everyone putting down their devices.
  • Takes forever to load 3/5

    By Lostcustomer_CBS
    Since the last update the articles take forever to load. I think the text used to load first and the pics loaded one at a time, now it takes a good two minutes and everything shows up at once.
  • Weekly News Quiz 5/5

    By Retired Puzzler
    Love the weekly news quiz!
  • Wonderful, except for crashing problem 1/5

    By hydnsek
    The Washington Post sets the standard for excellence in journalism. And in general, it has a great app. But the last update introduced a crashing issue that makes impossible to use for this paying subscriber. Every time I open it, start to read a story, it suddenly quits for no reason. Over and over and over. Until they fix this issue, it's one star because it's unusable and I paid for it.
  • Breaking news alerts aren't 3/5

    By LeonDeBoucher
    App is ... okay. Would much rather read the NYTimes app. Plus the "breaking news alerts" aren't breaking news at all. A story about someone who's been in the US for 11 years and gets deported. What could cause nuclear war with North Korea. That's not breaking news. That's more like an attempt at relevance, or trying to have at least two breaking news alerts a day. That's getting shut off.
  • Can No Longer Access Comment Section! 1/5

    By Cheryljland
    It's been over three weeks now. They tell me they are aware and working on it. Getting ready to cancel, go to The Atlantic!
  • Where are article comments? 1/5

    By zbombz
    Until comments are added to the Wapo apps, one star.
  • The mobile website is better. 4/5

    By @Sigil
    Can't leave comments.
  • Full screen 3/5

    By 187364
    This app needs to have a full screen mode. Activate and deactivate by either tap or scroll.
  • Staying on the last page read 4/5

    By Blapstar Barbara
    I consider the Washington Post to be one of the outposts for fact-based news. The only problem with the app it returns to page 1 when closed. If I had the time to read the paper without interruption, it would be no problem. Unfortunately, life intrudes. It would be nice to have the app stay on the page I am on and not have to find it again when I return to the app.
  • Like it a lot but... 3/5

    By TL-LAX
    The WAPO app is the only news app I read that doesn’t have an embedded dictionary to look up the meaning of unfamiliar words. Why is that? I wrote to them a while back and asked why, I received no answer, just a reply that they would take my suggestion under consideration.
  • Pretty buggy 2/5

    By Stef Geiger
    The release notes say they've fixed the double copying or URLs. They haven't. Don't sign up for "Breaking news notifications" unless you also want notifications for two day old editorial stories too. I guess they don't know what "breaking news" is? The app regularly insists on opening the most recent article in the feed, irrespective of the fact that you've selected a different one. Yes, this means that this app frequently fails at the one thing it's meant to let you do -- read the news.
  • Kinda Facebook-ish, prefer classic 3/5

    By Skijor AK
    I'm glad they still offer the classic app. This one seems more limited. Am glad to be supporting real journalism.
  • Although you pay to subscribe you’re still forced to watch ads 2/5

    By Scroffle
    Beware! Although you pay a subscription for this app, every time you click a video embedded in a story you are forced to wait through a 30 second ad before you can see the video. Usually it is the same ad over and over. Even though this app works very well, the ads before videos bug the heck out of me.
  • Where’s breaking news? 3/5

    By Dirk Niblick
    When I get a notification about breaking news, if I don’t tap it immediately, I can’t find the story anymore. Please fix this.
  • Cancelling is a nightmare 1/5

    By Dknyc425
    Was not reading as much as I thought I would. No way to easily cancel in the app. Have to call and jump through a lot of hoops to get a person on the phone to cancel the subscription. Then, a month later, they charged me again, so now I have to call and deal with all that again. I will NEVER re-subscribe.
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Bgallagher88
    Hard to find some credible news from this or any news sites/apps. Too eager to just say what you think people want to hear rather than fact checking.
  • Nearly useless app 1/5

    By frustratednewsconsumer
    WaPo is a great news source. This app, on the other hand, is only useful for major stories. And, the functionality - loads slowly, freezes...surely they can do better
  • WAPO app 3/5

    By applemcg
    On the android I prefer the Post in a browser to the new app. The app allows only vertical display. This leaves the option buttons annoyingly in the way of the content. Until the end of the article when they mostly hide in the margin. There doesn't seem to be a motion which permits this throughout an article.
  • WAPO is great; this app is not 1/5

    By Colden_Frank
    **The original Washington Post Classic app with the black background is far superior.** I love WAPO and constantly read their articles to stay up to date and informed. After becoming a WAPO subscriber, I saw that this app was the "bonus" to subscribing that those w/o subscriptions didn't have access to. I mistook that bonus to mean this app would be better than the original, but I was wrong. I almost cancelled my subscription to WAPO for the NYT because the app was so disappointing and didn't seem to have the same quality content that the WAPO Facebook page put out ---> that high quality content can be found on the original WAPO app and although you don't need a subscription to use it, you should still subscribe to the WAPO to support good journalism!
  • Democracy dies in incompetence 1/5

    By dsp206
    Can’t login, and the “forgot password” reset email doesn’t go through to gmail after several tries. So, I’m going back to not subscribing and just getting the content for free by circumventing the paywall. Pretty lame when you make an effort to pay money for a good product and that makes the experience worse. Democracy dies in incompetence.

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