The Weather Channel: Forecast

The Weather Channel: Forecast

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  • Current Version: 9.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Weather Channel: Forecast App

The Weather Channel App for iPhone is your best option for accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. Make confident decisions this fall, whether you are planning for the day, the entire week or the next 15 days! KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Learn what the forecast is, whether hourly, daily, weekly, weekend or 15-day. • Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most. • Hurricane Central: Monitor tropical storms and hurricanes and get safety and preparedness tips. When a tropical storm or hurricane forms, track it and stay safe with Hurricane Central. • Detailed Current Conditions: Get “feels like” temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. • Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future doppler radar. • Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with real-time National Weather Service notifications of severe weather including severe weather warnings about lightning, hail, flooding and severe storms. PLAN YOUR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES WITH CONFIDENCE • Need weather information to help plan for road trips, picnics, camping or hiking? – the app lets you track and read detailed weather information in multiple locations around the world. • Dress, pack and plan appropriately – know the rain and wind forecasts, tides, sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon and even pollen counts! • Get high-risk allergy alerts directly from the home screen, links to allergy insights, and a daily pollen outlook with our improved allergy tracker. • GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can create a personalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like “When should I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?” Scroll to the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let us know what you think at FREE DETAILED WEATHER PROGRAMMING & FEATURES 24/7 • Watch our morning show “The Lift”: a 6-minute weather show that airs first on your app. Join Domenica Davis as she covers breaking weather, cool science, and amazing nature clips first thing in the morning. Available on your home screen weekdays from 6-11 a.m. Great for people on the go! • Weather News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date. • Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions. • Sponsors allow us to bring you The Weather Channel app for free AD-FREE VERSION For those of you who want an ad-free version of our weather app, it is here! Our iOS app includes a $3.99 in-app purchase to remove all ads for 1 year. Simply go to the Settings menu in the app to complete the purchase. WEATHER ALERT APPLE WATCH INTEGRATION • Get precise weather updates, rain and lightning alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch. • Watch Glances: To activate The Weather Channel Glance, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, go to the "Glances" section, click "edit," and add "The Weather." To activate the new The Weather Channel watch face complication, press firmly on the watch face that displays the time and tap "customize." Then browse to the complication showing an umbrella icon. THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go: find us at, like us on, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel. PRIVACY We respect your privacy! Please check out our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, which can be found here: FEEDBACK We love feedback! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at with any suggestions or questions.


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The Weather Channel: Forecast app reviews

  • February update crashes; unreliable app. 1/5

    By RiceGirl
    02/22/2018 Please update again, latest version crashes as soon as you hit the search icon. It's been consistently UNreliable with each update. Orig Review: Used to be a great app. With the latest updates - problems: 1. Repeatedly keep getting the prompt that my data cannot be updated, check your internet connection... running tests, nothing wrong with my networks or other weather apps; 2. Used to be able to swipe to get my next selected location - nothing happens; 3. Loading wheel takes longer to update info or just spins. 4. Paying 3.99 for No Adds is offensive when the app does not work properly.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Pink14Diamonds
    Won’t open since the update today 2/22/18
  • Force closing 1/5

    By Rgunny32
    Worked fine until last update. Now it won’t open.
  • Faulty update 1/5

    By Jooska
    App will not stop crashing since new update. Reinstalled the app and it temporarily fixes the issue but then crashes again.
  • Way to politicized 1/5

    By Tim222222222223
    The app was OK but the continuous stream of politicized news just got to be painful.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Nottt happy
    Won't even open with the new Apple updates.
  • Update to day just crashes 1/5

    By M4rc1tym3
    App just crashes now & will not open.
  • Hope the weather channel fixes the app 1/5

    By X2km74
    I have the latest iOS update, I have the latest weather channel update, I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, I have cleared out all running apps and shut down my phone. I have tried to contact the weather channel app support where I get directed to general questions and answers, I have tried everything I can think of. As of 2/21/2018 when I try to open the app it comes up as if it is loading up with a pinwheel in the middle of the screen with the weather channel app behind it, and then it shuts down and goes back to the home screen.
  • Crashing upon opening after latest update .... need to fix 1/5

    By klosteranz
    The latest update broke the app 2-22-18 ... will look for updates to come ....
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By cortineyb
    This was by far my favorite weather app, until I updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 11.2.6 ... now it is COMPLETELY NON-FUCTIONAL. Crashes immediately upon opening EVERY time. I’m now looking for alternative apps to replace it. PLEASE FIX IT.
  • Yuck 1/5

    By Nyl2691
    Terrible since update. Won't open keeps crashing
  • Nice update 1/5

    By Wa1tx
    App no longer works. Good job on the update.
  • Weather app 3/5

    By Smsrcg.
    Since my last update on the osi and my weather app - I cannot get my weather app to open. Are there others with this issue?
  • App crash 1/5

    By mscorpiokid
    Ever since my update two days ago I can’t get the app to open. It just crashes as soon as it opens !!!!

    By SinkeBGNY
    App is crashing, I cannot open it!!!!
  • Latest update only crashes 1/5

    By Tardis.key
    2/22/18 The newest update only crashes upon startup.
  • Downhill 1/5

    By Djschiff
    It’s been getting tougher to use with each update. I want quick access to forecast, hourly details, and radar. Latest update? Won’t even launch.
  • Latest update 2/5

    By Satisfied mostly
    App won’t open since the most recent update, tried several times but no luck.
  • Keeps on crashing. 1/5

    By TJisRet
    Since this last update it just keeps on crashing and crashing. Forgot to mention this is for both a iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Air 2. It just keeps crashing and with the latest IOS.
  • Doesn’t load after updating 1/5

    By Random ride
    Just updated. Now will not load...?!
  • The weather Channel 1/5

    By Nanee's I-Pod
    My app hasn’t worked since last update.
  • Latest update renders app unusable 1/5

    By sds2965
    I updated this app on 2/21/2018, and since then, have not been able to open the app. It continually crashes and reverts back to my home screen without ever truly opening into the actual app. If that is the future of updates for this, having the app on my phone is pointless as it cannot be utilized.
  • Weather channel 9.7 1/5

    By busacca3
    Ever since I downloaded the update the app will not open on my phone. I have yet to figure out why. Pete Busack
  • Doesn't work half the time 1/5

    By Redrider17z
    2-22-18 —- latest iOS update makes the app unusable. It opens and closes every time, even with turning the phone on and off. Doesn't work half the time. And the other half when it does work is constantly crashing and needing to be restarted. This app use to be my most reliable app. Now not so much. I guess it is time to say I am Switching to noaa weather app.
  • Will not load 1/5

    By Gov Bonnie
    I hate downloading a new update and then have the app not work. Fix this please. Next rime I'll check first to see what others say before I update.
  • Lags and lots of ads 1/5

    By Maxakamickey
    Horrible lag even with good connection to high speed internet and you have to watch an ad before every video. Would give three stars if it stopped there but the video titles are usually very misleading are just click bait, I have no respect for that.
  • Crashes every time I use it 1/5

    By Real CFarrell
    Ever since I updated it I can't even use the app because it crashes while it's loading. What's the point of updating apps if you're just going to make everything worse?
  • Update screwup 2/5

    By Starfan09
    After I ran the latest update, my app no longer opens. I don’t know what did it. I have deletes the app and will add it back and see if that helps
  • Like app. But with new update keeps crashing 3/5

    By Joshverholtz
    I do enjoy app when it is working properly but with newest update it keeps crashing. I hope they can fix problems.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By JesterCC
    I use this app often. Easy to use. With yesterday’s update it is now crashing.
  • Very slow getting on to the app 3/5

    By maddiethekangaroo4200
    Whenever I get on to the app, it takes so long to load that my phone turns off because it took too long. Also, I would like the app to have the schools and/or businesses that are closed so I can be prepared for the day and know ahead of time. But overall, I think this is a great app and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.
  • Yuck 1/5

    By L K B
    Updated app one morning (2/21/18). By evening it was not working. Sooo disappointed and upset. Had everything going for it until it was “improved.”
  • Errr 1/5

    By Bobby Digital
    I don’t know what happened to this app but it wouldn’t let me open it. Deleted. Reinstalled. Now it won’t let me sign in. Needs to be fixed!
  • Last update causes app to crash 2/5

    By maincook6
    Since your last update 2 days ago, I can no longer bring up this app. It starts to bring it up, then goes back to my phone’s app icon page. Up til this last update I liked this app. Now I can no longer get into it. I don’t know what to give in the star rating. By the way, I have an IPhone 7 Plus.
  • Won’t open anymore 1/5

    By Laura from IA
    I just updated my OS and this app. Now it won’t open. This isn’t helpful.
  • Latest Update Not Working 1/5

    By Conner Michaels
    A formerly reliable app now always crashes after this last update! Please fix!
  • Latest update causing app to crash 1/5

    By Fosbar
    I went from loving the weather app which has helped me know when to exit the highways to find a hotel because of severe ice storm to hating this recent update since I can no longer get any info because the app keeps crashing before opening enough to see any weather. Please fix whatever is causing this so I can get a far more thorough and detailed report than Alexa gives. However at least Alexa is working which this app does not presently.
  • Worked until the latest update 2/5

    By krisstephen
    While the future radar was always sort of iffy, the app at least worked. With the latest update, the app no longer opens on my iPhone.
  • Legendary∞ 5/5

    By FatFish'
  • Widget doesn't update 2/5

    By vaw310
    App works okay for the most part. I mainly use it for the current temperature widget but lately that has stopped working. It gets stuck on a temperature number and doesn't change for hours even when the weather has.
  • Problematic 2/5

    By Mrgdevuti
    Just did the newest update, won’t even open now. Crashes upon start up each time.
  • New update 3/5

    By RBickel
    The new update causes the app to crash upon opening it. I use this app a lot and when it works it will give you all of the needed info! It is easy to use and I like that I can store multiple locations where I can easily gain access to the weather of those locations.
  • App crashes on startup 3/5

    By LT_BP
    Just that. Start the app. It crashes. No way to contact developer. When it works it is great.
  • Won’t open after latest update 1/5

    By Kalikus
    Won’t open after latest update
  • Crashes and is totally unusable 1/5

    By cjones
    This is my fav weather app but it’s suddenly completely unusable. It crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME when I tap to open. 😭
  • Crash issue. 3/5

    By Joanna_liz
    I had been using this app several years and works fine in all my iPhones but with the last update from yesterday, Feb. 21st, 2018, it’s crash every time using in my iPhone 8 Plus with the latest update iOS 11.2.6. Even id I try to open using “Weather” app that is embedded in the iOS. So please, tech support, verify the last update to fix it.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By ASGapple
    Ever since update on 2/21/18 I can’t open the app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By LBelle822
    App crashes every time I try to open it. It will start to open and fetch data then closes. I can see the app in the background if I double click on the home button but not able to pull it up. Very disappointing since I use this app daily.
  • App Won’t Run 2/5

    By JCRFun
    App displays splash screen and crashes. Tried restarting phone. No change. Trying something else.
  • Poor development 1/5

    By Super sonic boom 115095
    If your gong to litter your app with click bait and sponsored content, at least make sure the links work.

The Weather Channel: Forecast app comments


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