The Weather Channel: Forecast

The Weather Channel: Forecast

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  • Current Version: 9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Weather Channel: Forecast App

The Weather Channel App for iPhone is your best option for accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. Make confident decisions this fall, whether you are planning for the day, the entire week or the next 15 days! KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Learn what the forecast is, whether hourly, daily, weekly, weekend or 15-day. • Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most. • Hurricane Central: Monitor tropical storms and hurricanes and get safety and preparedness tips. When a tropical storm or hurricane forms, track it and stay safe with Hurricane Central. • Detailed Current Conditions: Get “feels like” temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. • Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future doppler radar. • Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with real-time National Weather Service notifications of severe weather including severe weather warnings about lightning, hail, flooding and severe storms. PLAN YOUR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES WITH CONFIDENCE • Need weather information to help plan for road trips, picnics, camping or hiking? – the app lets you track and read detailed weather information in multiple locations around the world. • Dress, pack and plan appropriately – know the rain and wind forecasts, tides, sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon and even pollen counts! • Get high-risk allergy alerts directly from the home screen, links to allergy insights, and a daily pollen outlook with our improved allergy tracker. • GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can create a personalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like “When should I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?” Scroll to the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let us know what you think at FREE DETAILED WEATHER PROGRAMMING & FEATURES 24/7 • Watch our morning show “The Lift”: a 6-minute weather show that airs first on your app. Join Domenica Davis as she covers breaking weather, cool science, and amazing nature clips first thing in the morning. Available on your home screen weekdays from 6-11 a.m. Great for people on the go! • Weather News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date. • Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions. • Sponsors allow us to bring you The Weather Channel app for free AD-FREE VERSION For those of you who want an ad-free version of our weather app, it is here! Our iOS app includes a $3.99 in-app purchase to remove all ads for 1 year. Simply go to the Settings menu in the app to complete the purchase. WEATHER ALERT APPLE WATCH INTEGRATION • Get precise weather updates, rain and lightning alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch. • Watch Glances: To activate The Weather Channel Glance, open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone, go to the "Glances" section, click "edit," and add "The Weather." To activate the new The Weather Channel watch face complication, press firmly on the watch face that displays the time and tap "customize." Then browse to the complication showing an umbrella icon. THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA Forgot your phone? Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go: find us at, like us on, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel. PRIVACY We respect your privacy! Please check out our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, which can be found here: FEEDBACK We love feedback! If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at with any suggestions or questions.


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The Weather Channel: Forecast app reviews

  • Final fantasy ad 1/5

    By richard greystear
    Please take away the ridiculous and deceptive final fantasy advertisement
  • Adtastic 1/5

    By corbett12
    Watch an Ad before every single 30 second video? Smh
  • Had to delete. 2/5

    By Emmle273618362
    The application is extremely slow after the new update. Also a portion of the links do not work. Unfortunately I'm forced to go back to Apple weather... please fix your software. This weather app was my favorite.
  • Marketers run amok! 1/5

    By NCgolfer21
    There are so many ads and useless videos that opening this just to check the weather is now completely impractical. Takes forever to load and then another forever to navigate!
  • Update to a downgrade 2/5

    By Frthstooge
    With the latest update to the iPhone software, this app has been horrible. In the time it takes for this app to load my phone locks out. It should not be so sluggish for an update version of the app. I use this to see the weather and not a bunch of stories and videos. This app needs to be updated to be quicker, more responsive, less social media BS, and more accurate forecasts. On the chopping block for sure. Much easier to call an AWOS or other aviation service to get a quick and accurate forecast.
  • Won’t load after update 1/5

    By Fix this app! Rip off!
    Since the last update the app won’t load, it just turns and turns and nothing ever happens. I tried to send a report through the support but you can’t tell them a problem, only read about common questions. Currently looking for a new go-to weather app.
  • MY RADAR app is better 1/5

    By Brandwar87
    This app is seriously in the decline over the last year. It’s raining right now where I live and this app doesn’t have any of the correct information on it. However the My Radar app does. Much smoother radar sequences that are very accurate compared to this app. You guys need to step your game up.
  • Disappointed recently 3/5

    By carolina.baby1
    Just stops working on my iPhone. The “DAILY” works when it wants to. I don’t know... not what it used to be for me.
  • It’s getting worse 1/5

    By cmorton8
    I am about ready to bail on this app. It is slow and lags! Please fix this!! I have used this app solely and would hate to have to find another.
  • Find something else to download 1/5

    By Kclarry
    I want a weather app. Not a commercial. Plus I want one that works and not lags. You can’t even scroll down anymore. Plus it doesn’t change my location anymore. I can be 500 miles away from my home and it gives me my weather there. This app is pretty much just like their tv channel, worthless and all about the $$$. So I’m finding something else to download.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Breezie2114
    Having issues with it loading all of a sudden and glitching my phone out. Ready for a new update.
  • I want weather not politics 1/5

    By Ljm51777
    The Weather Channel has dove headfirst into the political realm and is using every weather event as a chance to lampoon our president, and his stance on global warming (or at the very least his questioning of it). Honestly...this is not the place for that. Grow up, Weather Channel! Stop using weather as a sneaky way to edge into politics. I’m deleting your app as soon as I finish writing this.
  • What have you done to this App? 1/5

    By dgpapke
    This used to be a great App, but the last few updates, it’s gone downhill BADLY! Can not scroll thru favorites anymore. Doesn’t default to home anymore. I’m going back to the Apple default weather app. This doesn’t deserve to be in the App Store anymore!!!
  • So slow and buggy 1/5

    By Jimwaddles
    Why is this app slow slow and buggy? Please get rid of the ads slowing it down.
  • Upgrade Has Small Text 3/5

    By Mrs. Coolboomer
    I love the Weather Channel app but with the IOS 11 software update, the text is too small and does not fill the screen! I would look at the app multiple times a day, but wish you could make it easier to read!
  • Updated review! 1/5

    By Tina & Gracie
    Where is the weather app I paid for, to keep all the ads away?!?!?! I had quit using the app, until I paid and got the ad free one, of which was fine. Now, we are back to all the ads!!!! PLEASE fix this!!! I will use another weather app until you do!!
  • Weather Channel 1/5

    By gtojohnr
    Now, lousy piece of sh t app and no longer supports I-Phone 5c Works with other I-phones but no longer with the 5c
  • Getting worse... 1/5

    By Biz Trvle
    I have used the Weather Channel App for years and it keeps getting slower and slower to the point where it has become unusable. I am going to delete it and get a different app.
  • Horrific 1/5

    By DocRun
    For being a major company, your iOS application's performance is abysmal. Between the glitches, freezing, and overall slowness of the application, it makes me wonder what in the world is going on with your development team.
  • Horrible 1/5

    This app makes me so mad. First off, With the new update you can't swipe from location to location. Second, I live in tornado ally so when there's a severe thunderstorm there's always the option to look at what's coming and it won't let me click the button. This app has gone downhill, very downhill😂
  • Pushes political videos on you 1/5

    By socal photo dad
    The weather portion is ok, but it now just pushes political videos on you
  • Never loads upon opening 1/5

    By Mldbffdkd
    Can't even use this app anymore. It just shows the start up screen
  • Updated review - Loved this app for years. But keeps crashing 4/5

    Used this for years. But now crashes every time I open the app. Waiting for update to fix. My phone is fully up to date and so are my apps. I finally deleted the app and reinstalled. Looks like it is working so far for first few minutes. Will see. Update After reinstall it is working great for few days. Love content. When complaint a year ago after update that they took away best feature of how to view hourly, then they added it back. Happy and changed back to 4 stars. Not 5 because instability of app at times.
  • Sad 1/5

    By JMONEY4100
    Used to be such a good app, now it struggles to run, crashes if you go too fast for the app, and my biggest thing about it is the weather channel is bringing politics into their app and bashing Trump on everything. I come to see the weather not politics, if I want current politics I’ll go to a news site. Going back to using The weatherbug.
  • Deteriorating 1/5

    By Froggy girlie
    Since I updated the app, it is so glitchy, I can't stand using it. What a shame as it used to be my favorite. Reliability is also a big issue now. The location feature doesn't work half the time. The Weather Channel should fire the tech people who screwed up this app.
  • Videos for the weather channel 2/5

    By dbritt561
    I’m not sure what is going on, but the videos either stop working, lock up or don’t play. The ads play but the story information doesn’t. Give me a break I’d rather have the story. Sincerely Very Unhappy
  • Used to love it, now annoyed 2/5

    By PurplePainter
    My weather channel app froze. Could not get it working, so I deleted it and added it back. It came with the most irritating ads on earth. I previously paid for an ad-free app. I would give it 5 stars but I HATE the ads. Can’t seem to find the ad-free version which I would gladly pay for. Grumble
  • Please Fix It 1/5

    By TexasCableGuy
    Whatever happened with the latest update REALLY ruined this app. It freezes and won't even let me scroll..... can't access radar or even the 48 HR weather report. Don't even try to watch a video. 😡
  • Slow & Radar Stinks 1/5

    By Bsout2
    This is by far the slowest most unresponsive app I have downloaded. Radar often does not work correctly either.
  • Latest update ruined it 2/5

    By Lynnie123454321
    What did you do? After the latest update this app lags endlessly even when you are trying to scroll down the home page. Additionally, now when you open the app, it shows the last location you looked up instead of your current location. Going to have to find a better app.
  • Down hill 1/5

    By luther31
    Two years ago, this was my “go to” app. I used it constantly. Now it makes me angry every time I activate it. App designers, listen to me. Stop with the ads, the streaming video, and eve thing else you put in there. It is preventing even the newest phones with the fastest WiFi, to spit and sputter and be unresponsive. You are ruining this app. But... it’s free. So do what you want I guess.
  • App just keeps getting worse 1/5

    By Stardream7
    First the app slowed way down making it hard to view anything and now the app doesn’t even open.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By JJ880
    Terrible since latest update (Oct 17.) Slow, virtually impossible to look at anything but opening page or ads.
  • Laggy and Unusable 1/5

    By JDarkly87
    As a product designer myself, I am not sure what type of testing was done to gauge why users were using the app and what additional value needed to be added. What problems were you trying to solve with this update? The scrolling is laggy, the navigation doesn’t work, views render and lag. The previous version was excellent, but something went very wrong in your organization to launch this version. I recommend reverting back and re-examining how you reconcile your business objectives with your users’ needs.
  • Horrible on ios11 1/5

    By anotherwriter
    How can an app lag so much. Get with it and fix this thing to run properly on iOS 11.
  • Very Slow Scrolling 1/5

    By Z e u s 1 9 7 4
    You can rub your finger like crazy over your screen but it will not scroll to the location you are looking for on your list. Every update seems to make it worse for me. Wish I could get rid of all of the professional, expert updates they’ve done so I can get my speed back
  • Slow, too many ads 1/5

    This app used to be great a couple years ago but now is so cluttered with ads and videos I can’t even scroll to see the main points of what’s going on with our weather. It’s really annoying and I may just have to reinstall the iPhone weather app because this app is pretty much useless now.
  • Nice update 1/5

    By djohn17
    Used to love the AP but had enough of your politics. Deleting now
  • Speed is lacking. Ad experience takes away from app. 2/5

    By kgundrum
    I love all of the information available within the app but it seems the app continues to get slower and slower as the app updates. In addition, the ads are large and get in the way when scrolling, often resulting in a click, further slowing the process of retrieving weather data. Videos would be great if housed in a separate area or tab that is navigated to when desired. They are not important to me and bog down the experience that is retrieving pertinent weather info.
  • Filled with negative news clips. 1/5

    By Kimball639-
    Negativity sells....sad
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Jap86
    I used too like this app for weather . Updates made this slow and crappie Erased app
  • Got Worse with Updates 1/5

    By Edgecrusher93
    This app use to be responsive and easy to use. With the latest updates the app is so slow and unresponsive it is almost unusable! Needs a quick fix asap.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Kbdubs21
    App is slow and is turning into a political platform for them. I just want the weather.
  • Too slow and full of ads 1/5

    By outdoorsmunn
    Very slow to load due to the overwhelming amount of stupid videos and advertisements taking up all of the screen.
  • Used to be okay but terrible 1/5

    By wareagle04
    App doesn’t recognize location anymore and ads have ruined this app. So slow loading. So many good weather apps out there. I’ve had The Weather Channel’s app for long as I can remember and it’s only going downhill.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Meave3474
    It’s almost impossible to scroll (horizontally) to other saved/favorited cities. (I thought it was me and perhaps my phone’s screen was losing sensitivity, until I read other reviews with the same issue). And, when scrolling vertically, if you don’t do it just so, and mistakenly touch an advertisement, then you’re taken to that page. There are so many ads on one page that it takes awhile to actually get to the weather details. Yikes. What happened?
  • Good app, can make improvements 3/5

    By Markofka7
    Please stop making anti-trump headlines in your news stories. It’s getting old, annoying, and compelling me to stop using the app. Keep your political bias out of the weather app please.
  • Will not update 3/5

    By stumpped
    I've been using weather channel for years,now there's an update for my iPhone and the app keeps telling me it can't be downloaded to my phone
  • Doesn’t update always on in location too no radar option 2/5

    By Cooray45
    I press to see temp and it’s no where close to actually the temp it’s the old temp from hours n hours ago iPhone 3D Touch the app symbol temp doesn’t update it used too was very dependable not at all now tho boo hoo
  • Newest version is horrible 2/5

    By Sunshinegurrl
    The newest version has taken away the options to swipe through your favorite locations. It has also removed the default for selection “current location”. When I. A location you can no longer scroll through to view the hourly updates you have to wait for the screen to reload again and then go back if you want to view other details. It used to be so easy to view all the information in one place.

The Weather Channel: Forecast app comments


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