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theCHIVE App

*Probably the Best App in the World* All day, every day, theCHIVE brings you the most funny, sexy, and heartwarming photos & videos. theCHIVE app is a buffet of hilarity and hotness, with a touch of humanity…all served up in pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure. You must be really special! Little known facts about theCHIVE: - You will never be bored at school or work again. Ever. - 3 out of 5 dentists surveyed say theCHIVE app improves oral hygiene. - Bathroom breaks will be much more entertaining. - You will get more right swipes and give more left swipes. - theCHIVE app promotes whirled peas. - theCHIVE app is way funnier than this. Get busy downloading! "theCHIVE is the most entertaining website on the internet." -James Hibbard, Entertainment Weekly


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  • Review Update. 2/5

    By Bigdaddy1565
    I’ll say this is getting ridiculous. Windstar cruise ads randomly pop up NONSTOP! Plus my phone totally freezes ONLY with this app. I’m trying to hang in there but......
  • Crap 1/5

    By Balls815
    The best app at freezing and locking up
  • Back off my Music 1/5

    By SLa1989
    It’s still really annoying that whenever you open the app it shuts off your music. I use the app to look through galleries of pictures. There is no need for you to default take over the sound of my phone.
  • Downhill in a hurry 1/5

    By Ballewjjr8
    I’ve enjoyed The Chive for many years, from their amazing charity work and fun get togethers to the fun picture and video galleries. But i don’t even recognize what the app has turned into. Constant pop up adds, adds you can’t scroll past, and now it turns off any music you have playing in the background once you open the app. It’s just sad to see them sell out. It’s almost not even worth it to use the app in this bastardized form. Reddit and imgur have all the memes about a week before The Chive and have many more galleries to choose from. That’s where I’m heading. Anyone reading this should, too.
  • Had to delete 1/5

    By munch3r24
    Have loved the chive before they had an app but the app has progressively went down hill. I understand the adds and don't mind them. The problem is when my phone physically gets hot, uses a ton of battery and crashes constantly with the app open, I had to say goodbye. It seems like every update just made it worse.
  • Ads everywhere. 1/5

    By isaiah75764475
    I hate how I’ll be looking at “Weekend morning awesomeness” or something then all a sudden it shoots me to the App Store! I’ll click back into TheChive app and it repeatedly sends me to the App Store. So annoying please fix it.
  • Intrusive ads! 👎 1/5

    By Awesome Suit
    I understand you need to pay the bills in order to keep content free to view, but what's up with ever 2 seconds tapping into my App Store BS?! Ads are becoming overly intrusive. I'm about to dump your app. Also, Next level Sh🎉t segments use to be great before the shift to almost all sponsored content. PS: would buy a subscription to chive adult version with real nudes instead of teasing nude. Just saying... Come on chive step up your game.
  • Storage HOG 1/5

    By edmnc
    This app deletes nothing and just grows and grows and grows like a hog ready for market. That along with the obnoxious ads makes it worthless. Just use the website. DELETED
  • Great 2/5

    By NeoEclipse
  • Heading downhill 3/5

    By squarshwarffles
    The Chive has been an awesome source of entertainment for a long time. It can make me legit laugh out load, blow my mind, and tug on the ol heartstrings, all within a couple of posts! But lately, it’s been completely overrun with ads and the load time of the galleries often forces me to shut it down before a single pic even displays. What happened guys?? At this point, 3 stars is generous, but I love what you do - so let’s get back to basics!!
  • Was good now terrible 2/5

    By Billybobloydchristmas
    The pictures and videos take forever to load now. I might as well be jawing dual up connection in 1996.
  • Great app but the ads are annoying!!! 1/5

    By The Big Tank
    Ok, so I love the app and it really has some great material but unless your willing to pay for the ad free version the free version is just another example of cooperate America. There is post after post about “helping” a child that is ill but they have all these pop ups to random companies and apps. In the beginning I was tolerant of this BS but now it has grown to much for me to handle. I am uninstalling this app and though it has helped me pass the time in the bathroom I now believe this group is nothing but hypothetical a-holes tut just want money through pictures of beer, boobs, and a sick child. Nice business model and I hope gona-sphil-itis kills you.
  • Battery drainer 2/5

    By Bdhxgjdvb
    Ever since they decided to flood this app with ads that play on loop, it drains my battery an average of 10% per minute. I don’t have this problem with any other app I have. Love the app, but it’s impossible for me to even enjoy it unless I have my phone plugged in and even then, it’s kills my battery at such a fast rate, my phone will still lose charge while plugged in. It’s just insane!
  • Ads make the app not worth using. 1/5

    By Groupon king
    Ads everywhere ruins it for me. Especially on the videos
  • Way too many ads! 1/5

    By Kiddo818
    I can add to favorites but it won't allow me to remove favorites no matter how many times I click remove favorites. Fix this! Enough with all these ads! 15 second videos that no one cares about or watches. It’s just way too many ads.
  • Unacceptable Redirects 1/5

    By Osiris1953
    You guys used to be the bees knees. If I get redirected to the App Store one more time, I’m done. That is infuriating. Would not recommend this app to anyone, anywhere, ever.
  • Okay, but selling out on advertising 3/5

    By rv5057
    Used to be better...still some good stuff but very watered down with too many mediocre posts, and the ads have increased significantly and get annoying to the point where I won’t watch any of the videos to save myself from a 15sec ad
  • Crashes latest iOS on iPhone 1/5

    By New Age Aficionado
    Very user- friendly app that unfortunately crashes iOS 11.2 on an iPhone after viewing 3-4 entries. Very very annoying.
  • My favorite app, but... 4/5

    By Ranglor
    I enjoy visiting the Chive several times a day on my breaks for a quick "pick me up". But there still seems to be an issue with GIFs not playing after they load. Mostly on my iPad Air. My newer iPhone does ok with it. Chive on!
  • Was my favorite app 1/5

    By Upstate Mike
    This was my go to app. I've purchased their merchandise. I understand they are a business and need to make money, but it has become unusable. The popup ads are invasive to the point where I have to close the app to get rid of them. On my last visit, in one post, I had to close a popup 16 times in a row to clear it. I think any reasonable person would say that is insane. Not to mention the ads that popup and play with sound even with my phone on silent. If I don't double tap and swipe the app closed I've even had the ads play sound in the background during a phone call. I guess nothing good can last forever.
  • No ads 1/5

    By Shreddy30
    NO MOAR ADS! BEN STOP THE ADS!! Kcco leavenworth,wa
  • Battery Issues 1/5

    By Fishlips68
    Believe it or not after the last update when I looked at the app for 5 minutes or more my phone got very warm, almost hot. The battery drained very quickly as well. Had to delete the app.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By dka012
    The app has become basically unusable due to frequency of ads and of ads not loading correctly so you have to close out the app multiple times to even try to view the content. I get that they need revenue and that they have offered a paid ad free option but maybe try fixing what is wrong for those of us who don't want to pay for content we can get for free elsewhere.
  • Fed up 1/5

    By Maestask
    I have loved this app for a long time but the inability to stay off an add is getting ridiculous. Deleted for sure

    By SmokinJesusTittyCinnamon
    I still appreciate The Chive as a whole. A lot of positive the community does sneaks under radar to those unfamiliar with the whole shebang. Seriously though, I was already watching the video then kapooyah! Advertisements don’t getta show up at the climax! Go home you’re drunk useless information. Unless I was in the new cliffhanger chive category with a group of videos that come to an abrupt halt to mess with people. I don’t want commercials mid vine. The ad can wait 7 seconds or appear prior. It’s a new law I made up just now. Chester Cheeto in the Oval Office will pass that s***.
  • This app always tries to open up the AppStore 1/5

    By Slicknutters
    Honestly I don’t care if there are adds while I’m scrolling. But can your idiot programmers turn down the sensitivity on the adds? Such garbage having to close the chive app down just to stop the App Store from opening over and over again?
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Mrichardson050
    The app is extremely slow now, takes forever to load anything. If I am on it for more then 5 mins it goes even slower and then kicks me out. One thing I have noticed though are all the ads, they seem to work fine and take me to new screens even though I don’t click on them, so thanks for that.
  • App/Adds are broken. 1/5

    By Ace Bub
    Every time an advertisement pops up on your app I close out of it when it allows. Before the article on your app even loads back up the EXACT same add pops up again... and again... and again. I've closed down an add 15 times because I wanted to read an article but eventually had to force close the whole app because all I was getting was the same add over and over. After force closing the app I reopened it to see if it would stop and sure enough it kept doing the same thing. You have great content and I have been following you for years. Unfortunately this is becoming so frequent that it makes your app impossible to use... will this ever be addressed? Because it's becoming unbearable... thanks.
  • Ads kill this app 1/5

    By Subro03
    Now loaded full adds to the point posts/pics/gifs/comments time out and won't load.
  • Chive review 1/5

    By former die hard chiver
    Do away with all the adds and pop up BS, the chive used to be awesome! My use of the chive has been diminishing since advertisements came to the app. All the click bait articles that pop up in the chive feed, ya they can leave too that would be great. Sincerely a former loyal, die hard chicer
  • The worst ads 1/5

    By Cooley1865
    Decent content, but you can’t even use the app without being jumped over to pages on the App Store to download some app you don’t want. Ads will play with sound while the sounds off on your phone, making it impossible to use if you’re in a quiet place. This is in addition to the fact that the app crashes and freezes constantly. I used to love this app, but I can hardly use it anymore.
  • Whisky neat and my girls dirty 5/5

    By lastjdi
    Best app out there makes me laugh every time and enjoy this beautiful county and blessed 🇺🇸
  • To many advertisements 1/5

    By Tsherman16
    I liked the original format much better. Way to many pop ups. It seems like your always trying to sell me a bunch of crap with the chive written on it. I always go to eBaums world first.
  • Used to love this app 3/5

    By nkempe1219
    Still like to come here for laughs. But there are so many ads! Even interrupting the shortest videos. They they never load and I get tired of waiting. Also ads pop up and take you to the App Store even when I don’t click on them. I have to hit the “back to the chive” button numerous times. And it takes me RIGHT BACK to the App Store. I have to close everything and start again. And sometimes that doesn’t help either. Very disappointing.
  • App fail 1/5

    By Joshlu6
    Content is great but rarely does the app work properly so I can see it.
  • Entertaining yet annoying 3/5

    By Marsnick929289postthis
    I'd sure enjoy the Chive a lot more if every single time I looked at a gif I wasn't rerouted to the App Store for some irrelevant game they're pushing, and it's a different one every 3 seconds. Not an exaggeration.
  • New update isn’t great 3/5

    By shortgirl101
    Just did the new update and now my app won’t open. It just says “oops, something went wrong”. Totally bummed because I love this app!
  • Ads Galore 1/5

    By tDaWg3213
    This app used to be awesome now it blows goodbye chive
  • Ads, Ads, Ads, and more Ads... 1/5

    By Moosecauk
    Love The Chive and all of its content, but.... now there are more garbage pop up ads then there is quality content on this app. So sad to see The Chive take this route. Very disappointed.
  • Too buggy for use 1/5

    By Revprime
    More a list than a crafted review. Issues to address: Advertisements that take you out of content. Advertisements that look like phishing App shut down App not loading Poor review/edit of written content. App stops running frequently App drains battery life We get it you like dogs, beer, and charities ... and washed up subpar actors like BM For all the writing that is in the app no one possesses a spellcheck beyond correcting “you’re” Chive handle you business
  • Ad central 1/5

    By scandalistz42o
    This has gotten crazy can’t even scroll through a whole post without 10 million of the same ads popping up over and over, website is even worse with the pop up ads. Gotta give up the chive!
  • We’ve earned a good user experience 2/5

    By mjd9ball
    I’m a long time Chiver - I’ve always viewed the site and app, bought tons of merchandise, and donated to your worthy causes as often as possible. But the subscription model versus avalanche of ads is a hand in the face of your long time supporters. Many have chimed in with complaints about the ads, so how about a proposal: why not let us pay for a premium subscription with our Chive Points? We are obviously supporting you when we rack up thousands of points from merchandise purchases, so give us a break and let us get six months or a year of ad-free UX with those points! I’ve been outside HQ, seen the crew out and about in Austin; judging by the cars you guys drive, you are not hurting for revenue. Throw us a bone.
  • You wanted it... 1/5

    By JimmyGski
    Crashes, constantly! The banner ads really slow down the loading. Then, when you least expect it, the banner ad becomes a full screen ad that redirects you to the App Store. With every update, as few and far between as they are, I hope they get the bugs fixed...but they don't. Oh and the grammar. Terrible!
  • I’m out. 1/5

    By dysfunctionslbeardo
    I have religiously looked at thechive every night for years. Well, now, I’m done. It was fine on my 5, 5s, 6. Well recently it has gone to straight garbage, laggy, doesn’t load posts, freezes, force closes on its own, restarts. After looking at one or two laggy galleries, it cause my phone to run slower than anything! Not one other app I use creates these issues. Deleting until it’s fixed, I’m sure I’ll hear from someone when it’s as good as it was.
  • Ads......... 1/5

    By Patrick81-7
    Oh my god. If I could use this app for 10 seconds without an ad it would be a miracle. I’d put a million dollars on the Browns to win a Super Bowl before that.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Papa baggins 3446
    This was my go to app, now half the galleries won’t load. Just black screens, constantly taking me to the App Store. App freezes or lags to the point that even when I close the app, it just won’t close! It’s now not worth the time fighting with it.
  • If you like ads, you’ll love this app 1/5

    By Silversnl
    Recently the ads have become outrageous. Every 30 seconds an ad pops up. Gone a little overboard hunting for cash.
  • Great content - app needs a little work 3/5

    By Bigoni
    App seems to still have bugs. Worth fighting through them for the great content though. Just technical issues.
  • Windstar crusies 1/5

    By Worsteverrrrrrre
    I cants look at 3 pictures without winds star popping up and running a 1 minute video. No joke, it’s frustrating and miserable This was the best app online and now it’s COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. I have to delete it until it’s fixed. Please fix the adds!!!!! The app isn’t working you see 3 pictures then cruise line video add, 3 pictures then cruise line video add. It never stops. The app stopped working entirely!!!! It’s 99% forced video ads now. Are you guys working on that?
  • Is it cold as balls outside... 1/5

    By RIPtheChive
    And you’re finding yourself without a pair of gloves?! Fear not ! The newest version of the chive app is well equipped to provide you with a practical and innovative solution. This app will literally overheat your phone to a staggering temperature to the point where you can literally use your phone as a hand warmer ! Just simply, open the chive app for 10 seconds and voila !!! P.o.s. App ! Don’t even get me started on the ads....

theCHIVE app comments


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