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Think Dirty – Shop Clean

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  • Current Version: 3.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Think Dirty Inc.
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Think Dirty – Shop Clean App

Think Dirty is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It’s an independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, track dirty ingredients and shop for cleaner options • Barcode Scanning: over 550,000+ cosmetics and personal care products majority from Canada and the U.S. are currently in our database. • Dirty Meter® a comprehensive rating is given, along with detailed (but easy-to-understand) information on ingredients, certifications, and health impacts. • My Bathroom Rating: keep track of what’s already in your bathroom. Learn your current bathroom rating, and track your progress on “cleaning” it up. • Shopping lists: save products to make shopping faster and easier. • Buy it now: buy products directly from,, • UPC Submission: Are we missing a product? Scan and submit a barcode for us to look into. For registered users who submitted products, we thank you and will notify you once they are in our database. As mentioned in: O Magazine, NPR, Fast Company, Huffington Post, TED Blog, Allure Magazine, The Atlantic, PSFK, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine, Global News, Toronto Star, City TV, CTV, App Central, Brit + Co, Refinery 29, Telegraph, The Guardian, Design Taxi 25+ Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier – TED Blog 7 New Beauty Apps You Need to Download Now – Allure Magazine 26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now – BuzzFeed The Beauty And Fashion Apps You Need To Download, ASAP – Glamour Magazine UK “It helps me make informed choices on products that I am bringing home.” – TED Blog Staff, Kyle Shearer "Tse's quest for greater transparency is personal. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, so she's sensitive to hidden dangers in the products around us." – Fast Co. Exist "Think Dirty miiiight be the best app ever" – Grist "Buying safe cosmetics has never been easier." – Ecouterre "Brilliant idea: 'Think Dirty' app tells you the ingredients in your cosmetics." – Jason Calacanis "Think Dirty is an app that makes figuring out exactly what you’re slathering on your face, lips, bod (and, yikes, then washing down the drain) as easy as snapping a picture." – Brit + Co. "An App That Helps You Find the Safest Make-up." – The Atlantic "With a tool like Think Dirty, consumers can help find and promote good companies that are using nontoxic ingredients. You shouldn’t have to be a toxicologist to know how to find safer products." – Janet Nudelman, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics "I love knowing the health impact of what's on my bathroom shelf. Every consumer of beauty products needs this free app" – Karina Birch, Founder of Rocky Mountain Soap As a small team, we are working diligently to accommodate the overwhelmingly positive amount of users' submissions (especially from our international users) to our database. We appreciate constructive feedbacks. Please email us at if you have comments or suggestions.


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Think Dirty – Shop Clean app reviews

  • Love it! Would ask for one addition. 4/5

    By (insert name of choice)
    This has exelerated the change in my shopping habits and I could not be happier. So convenient and easy to navigate. However, I would love to be able to search specific ingredient and have that info come up instead of looking through products that come up.
  • Great product 3/5

    By Sgc1211
    Great product, love the detail. Just wish there was broader inventory of reviews.
  • Could be legitimate 2/5

    The app works well, but it’s hard to trust the ratings when their “our picks” products are from “affiliated partners”. They are pushing a product.
  • I thought it was a great app! 1/5

    By Zonaja
    But...the first 8/10 items I scanned where not on their database! And they’re popular brands like L’oreal, Garnier, Crest, etc! So I took the time to manually input the data of my products and pictures, it’s been more than 2 weeks and they haven’t added! And if you’re looking for help...couldn’t find it!!
  • Horrible search function 2/5

    By Kkcb32
    I like the Think Dirty brand and concept - it’s much better than EWGs app - however, the search function in the TD app is horrible. I search for a specific brand and product name and a hundred other products not related to my search in the slightest comes up. It basically makes the app useless. Could you guys at TD get this fixed so the app is useable?!
  • Great resource! 5/5

    By gamberp
    I use it when I'm shopping all the time!
  • My go to tool for my family 5/5

    By Landon's mommy(:
    Love this app and the convenience of using it while shopping for my family! No more questionable ingredients or chemicals for us!
  • Very useful, but difficult to add products 4/5

    By Tiger stinks
    Great info for products in the database, but seemingly impossible to get new ones added.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Mindyme411
    I threw out all the toxic crap I was putting on my skin and absorbing into my body. The app offers a bunch of recommendations of products to make it easy to find healthy all natural brands and products too. I scanned Johnson's baby oil and it scored a 9! (10 is the highest for toxicity). Makes me ill to think that company is okay with selling that product for babies. You'll be boggled by what you find out about products you thought were safe. Highly recommend this app!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Seldinger1964
    Enjoy being able to lookup products and find out if they are good or not. Easy to use whenever I am out shopping.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By BabiRuth
    Easy to use. And I use it ALL. THE. TIME.
  • This app makes finding safe products effortless 5/5

    By Smashley.tiu.bbg
    Think Dirty is quickly becoming one of my most frequently used apps. It is so easy to find and purchase products. I have felt the benefits of eliminating toxins in many of my bathroom products like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. After a decade of scalp irritation my new shampoo and conditioner (found through Think Dirty) has provided me better relief than any pharmaceuticals.
  • Many of my items not found 2/5

    By Kstate80
    I've scanned many of my items and not found in data base. I've taken the time to add a few and they still have not been added. Disappointing to say the least.......
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hfeo
    Love this app! Makes it simple to make the healthiest choices
  • Great idea and good app! 5/5

    By Gaby566
    I love the idea behind the app and so far I have loved using it to at least give me an idea of what is good or bad for my skin and overall health. I think with time and slowly perfecting the rating system this can be something amazing!!
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Rubaducka
    So easy to use and great recommendations. I told my whole family about this app!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By KaiKini Bikinis
    Use it on everything!
  • Not thrilled 1/5

    By amandaladybug
    I can’t seem to log into this app. I used the “log in with Facebook” feature, which failed. I then tried to sign up using an email, after which it told me the email was already taken (probably due to the Facebook mishap?!) I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still can’t get in. I’m extremely disappointed.
  • Extremely useful! 5/5

    By JKbear87
    If you're trying to go clean and green this app is incredibly useful. Products are given easy-to-follow ratings and the ingredients are broken down and explained clearly.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Pmv418
    Helpful app for making quick decisions at the store. Highly recommend!
  • Awesome app!!! 5/5

    By gkc681
    This app helps me to find cleanest beauty products & other cleaning products to use. Thank you so much!!!
  • Good 5/5

    By Hollyprops
    I downloaded barcodes that were not yet registered. Sure hope the app alerts me when more info is available
  • Useful App 5/5

    By Powersc456
    I've recently found I'm allergic to nearly every cosmetic, soap, shampoo and skin cream due to several common ingredients. This app has helped me deal with this. Thanks!
  • VERY useful!! 5/5

    By Fantasybar
    I really appreciate being able to look up all my beauty products and try to live a cleaner lifestyle.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By MrsDinOKC
    Easy to use and very helpful when wanting to weed out harmful products, however, I wish they had more products in there! They don't seem to have covered many items off the so-called "safe" brands like seventh generation, honest, and any of the multi level marketing products that are so popular.
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By astylishdaze
    It's definitely helping with the transition to being more crunchy. Taking one step and one product at a time. 👍
  • Healthy alternatives 5/5

    By Snowburdca
    It's so nice to be able to easily find healthy alternatives. It's scary how bad many of our everyday products are for us!
  • So easy and useful 5/5

    By Jam7jewels
    Use it all the time
  • Used to love, but now... 2/5

    By tevin
    I hate that you have to create an account to use it. I have had this app for a year or two, but only use it occasionally...I just went on search for a product and I have to create an account. I don’t want or need more junk in my e-mail and am disappointed that they have made this change. At least make a partial version available for non-account holders if necessary, but to make it completely unusable? A shame. Bums me out, since I’ve had this on my phone for so long.
  • Blessing 5/5

    By kenz bullock
    Such a beautiful blessing I love it
  • Life saver 5/5

    By Frequent Reader.
    Love this app! So useful when trying to convert to healthy more natural based products!
  • Know better do better 5/5

    By all about my family
    Thanks for making it easy to see what products are good and bad for my body at the click of a button
  • Needed Improvements 3/5

    By Alli Barron
    Add prices next to products so we don’t have to click shop. Delete duplicate products, it’s confusing and they often times have different ratings. Add items in more quickly. There are products I scanned 6 months ago that still have not been added.
  • Doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By Jenniemorgan73533543
    I would like to try the app and it sounds like something I would really find useful. However I’ve downloaded it twice and it won’t work. Can’t login via Facebook (I get an internal error) and can’t set up my own account. When I do, I submit all the info and it goes back to the login screen and nothing happens. Updated my phone to most recent software update and still didn’t work.
  • Five Star App 5/5

    By clean everything
    This app is so helpful and a big part of my journey to great health
  • Very informative 5/5

    By Clover211
    I love this app, I get the information I need without having to do hundreds of searches on the web . Being aware of the good and bad personal products you use , has never been easier . Thanks to Think dirty!
  • Great app 5/5

    By SallyLikesToRun
    Finds more products than EWG's app.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mkfdrtfss
  • Helps keep my family healthy! 5/5

    By T. Beller
    I can use it all the time before making purchases- very informative!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Picapoles
    This app is super helpful and it has most of the products out there!
  • Just do it 5/5

    By Missherrera00
    Love this app
  • ! 3/5

    By lexiwalters
    add more details to what the products can lead to. the effects of all the ingredients
  • Great! 5/5

    By T3rrrr_
    very useful app!!
  • Makes keeping toxins at bay easy 5/5

    By Ashleighann04
    Love love love this app!! Thank you for creating this; we all need it!
  • Love this app' 5/5

    By Miss_Halina
    Wow! What an eye-opener with this app. Thank you for doing all the research. Even though some of the products are not all there, keep up the good work!
  • So useful 5/5

    By Hdbjfggkdj
    I'm obsessed! So easy. I will never buy a toxic product again.
  • I love the app 5/5

    By Juliet606
    It sometimes crashes which is super annoying but the overall concept is amazing
  • App needs to expand its product database 2/5

    By L_AAK
    I gave this app two stars based on its potential to be great. The app would be much better if it’s product database was larger. Nearly every product I use is not in the database, and it’s not because the items are unpopular. It’s sad to say, but I must be honest: This app does not support “ethnic” product lines. However, it has been proven that products for people of color are much more toxic, so it would be of great benefit to have an app of this nature serve us as well. I look forward to seeing this app improve.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Stephie35
    I've found there are a lot of products that aren't in the database but the ones that are there's a quick answer for me.
  • A little iffy 2/5

    By Danzg
    Not sure who the sponsors are of this app but when a toothpaste containing sls and FLUORIDE gets a 1 , I need to question this... anyone out there who is not stuck in the stone ages and is health conscious knows that fluoride is extremely toxic. The fact that the government elite deems it safe is not acceptable for me!

Think Dirty – Shop Clean app comments


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