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  • Current Version: 1.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TIDAL Music AS
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tidal is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial by music journalists, artists and experts, making for a simply superior experience. Try it out and see for yourself • High Fidelity Sound Quality No compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. Unlimited access to over 40 million tracks. • High Definition Music Videos Watch more than 130,000 music videos. No ads. No fuzzy images. Just crystal clear pictures. • Curated Editorial Find your next favorite with tailor-made recommendations, album presentations and playlists by experienced music journalists. • Stories behind the music Read our integrated music articles, features and interviews. • Offline mode Download albums, playlists and tracks, and bring your music with you anywhere using our offline mode for up to three devices. • Favorites Build your personal music collection simply by marking albums, artists, tracks and playlists as your favorite. You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more… Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the price in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal from your iTunes account. Monthly HiFi prices: HiFi US 25,99 USD / UK 25,99 GBP / AR 6,99 USD / AU 34,99 AUD / AT 25,99 EUR / BE 25,99 EUR / BR 11,99 USD / CA 25.99 CAD / CL 11,99 USD / CO 9,99 USD / CY 17,99 EUR / CZ 15,99 EUR / DK 259,00 DKK / DO 15,99 USD / EE 17,99 EUR / FI 25,99 EUR / FR 25,99 EUR / DE 25,99 EUR / GR 17,99 EUR / HK 138,00 HKD / HU 13,99 EUR / IS 25,99 EUR / IE 25,99 EUR / IL 79,90 NIS / IT 25,99 EUR / JM 15,99 USD / LV 17,99 EUR / LT 17,99 EUR / LU 25,99 EUR / MY 11,99 USD / MT 17,99 EUR / MX 259,00 MXD / NL 25,99 EUR / NZ 35,99 NZD / NG 13,99 USD / NO 259,00 NOK / PE 13,99 USD / PL 13,99 EUR / PT 17,99 EUR / RO 13,99 EUR / SG 25,98 SGD / SK 15,99 EUR / SI 17,99 EUR / ZA 269,99 R / ES 25,99 EUR / SE 279,00 SEK / CH 32,00 CHF / TH 15,99 USD / TR 34,99 TL Monthly Premium prices: US 12,99 USD / UK 12,99 GBP / AR 3,99 USD / AU 16,99 AUD / AT 12,99 EUR / BE 12,99 EUR / BR 5,99 USD / CA 14,99 CAD / CL 5,99 USD / CO 4,99 USD / CY 8,99 EUR / CZ 7,99 EUR / DK 129,00 DKK / DO 7,99 USD / EE 8,99 EUR / FI 12,99 EUR / FR 12,99 EUR / DE 12,99 EUR / GR 8,99 EUR / HK 68,00 HKD / HU 6,99 EUR / IS 12,99 EUR / IE 12,99 EUR / IL 39,90 NIS / IT 12,99 EUR / JM 7,99 USD / LV 8,99 EUR / LT 8,99 EUR / LU 12,99 EUR / MY 5,99 USD / MT 8,99 EUR / MX 139,00 MXD / NL 12,99 EUR / NZ 17,99 NZD / NG 6,99 USD / NO 129,00 NOK / PE 6,99 USD / PL 6,99 EUR / PT 8,99 EUR / RO 6,99 EUR / SG 12,98 SGD / SK 7,99 EUR / SI 8,99 EUR / ZA 139,99 R / ES 12,99 EUR / SE 149,00 SEK / CH 16,00 CHF / TH 8,99 USD / TR 15,99 TL By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://read.tidal.com/terms.php

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TIDAL app reviews

  • Way better interface 4/5

    By Juniour_0
    The interface of this app is now sleek, beautiful, and simple. I now find it very easy to navigate across albums and playlists! I love this new update and hope Tidal continues to make more innovative improvements such as adding CarPlay support.
  • Came back for Hov. 3/5

    By kamilamila
    I love Hov's music wholeheartedly so I came back to Tidal for his (now exclusive) discography but I'm thinking about leaving for the same reasons I originally left. The competitor in leaving Tidal for has shared PLAYLISTS! I get to listen to other people's playlists. The handpicked playlists by the app are all over the place and don't always stick to their theme. Plus, they are really short. Also, a huge gripe I have with the app is that the "offline content" area aka the place where my saved music is, is not easy to navigate AT ALL. It's only available to see by album cover. No lists! Come on, Tidal! I was rooting for you!
  • Great Core technology but... 3/5

    By Realisticdad
    Who designs these things? There is a serious disconnect between those who use the products and those who design. Fir example: one of the key benefits to MQA are the small file sizes. Yet I can't use the small MQA versions on the iPhone? Why not? I'm using camera adapter, power and explorer 2 and I can't get to the goods. The interface is just unwieldy. Hard to find what you're looking for and when you return from viewing a list item your place is lost and you're back at the beginning. I LOVE the sound from MQA but wish there was a better interface.
  • Glitch for months no fix in sight 1/5

    By DeevaC
    My playlist has had a glitch since February, & it still hasn't been fixed. It appears they only have one customer service rep, because each time I have submitted new claims the same person responds. I've told them countless times this glitch is negatively impacting my use of Tidal, but they don't care. Their IT department is inept. Don't download and don't pay for a subscription
  • Is there a shuffle option? 3/5

    By Undisclosed NY
    Can't find the shuffle option in the app. Do they even have a shuffle option?
  • No Metallica?? 1/5

    By Jaydencd8
    How can they not have Metallica?? I'm going to be switching If they don't get them soon...
  • $ 3/5

    By marcuss39
    What happened to the 9.99 price? Spotify and Apple Music are 9.99 and I don't hear any difference in the music.. as far as sound, Spotify is the best because it actually offers an equalizer.. granted I can find music on tidal that's not on Spotify ( I. E.-Anita baker) but seriously tidal you'll REALLY compete with the big wigs if u at least offer a 9.99 price point..
  • Love ❤️ TIDAL 5/5

    By 💎dawnsimone💎
    Great playlist and videos!
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Hccucdhchcxyc
  • Wow 5/5

    By Lizzbbbeethhhh
    Best app
  • Great quality but lacks features 4/5

    By FayeRichardson
    I recently switched to Tidal and really I am enjoying the design and sound quality. However, Tidal lacks certain features that other music streaming services have. Sometimes searching for a song or an album, it does not show up and you have to go through the artist's page to get what you want. I also think that the first six cover albums should change when you move the position in when they come not just when the playlist is created. There should also be a way to prevent duplicate songs in a playlist and the ability to search a song within a playlist.
  • Great quality, bad interface 2/5

    By Ridiculo333678
    Interface needs to be overhauled, especially in the offline mode section. Just make it exactly like Spotify's.

    By Bigbada12111
    Why can I still not search within my offline playlist? Every other streaming app had this feature built in from the start.
  • DONT SIGN UP on App, its $5+monthly. 1/5

    By Paaaaaaaaaagkgmfm
    Use the website/browser to sign up at $19.99mo. Apple charges $25.99 mo if you sign up in the App. After you sign up on web browser, log into the app directly. Shame on Apple for trying to scam people out of money. A business plan designed to put profits first, an example of how Apple is overpriced and greedy. Shameful. Tidal should add a message encouraging users to register on the web for the regular price, or stop allowing registrations on the App altogether.
  • Don't get it kids 1/5

    By Mk&@8
    This app has to be paid for. So kids don't get this app if you can't buy a subscription.

    By Shortharder
    In short words let me say... This App is Fantastic.... I have purchased every Streaming services.... but this TIDAL is a TIDAL forever.... Awesome Hifi quality.... Awesomely good... But the problem with me is all about the search engine... Sorry to say that it's terrible... But I neither don't want to give 4 stars... I wanted to give only 5 STARS! Deserve that Jay-Z Make sure to add more Indian songs as I come from there.... Hope of Good UPDATE of solving the problems which I had listed above and release more bombastic features ever seen....
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Fix hoof
    Don't bother downloading unless you plan to spend a fortune on sub-par music without choice. Just stick with Spotify or Pandora if you plan to dish out cash for music. At least you get what you pay for there.
  • Gr8 5/5

    By Driipy_Mike
    Very gud 10/1O woOd r3cOmend
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Shenelle👊💥
    I was charged for a double subscription and attempted to get a refund. The horrible customer service agents keep telling me the policy over and over when I keep telling them I wasn't aware of the other subscription and they just don't care. I hope the company goes under!
  • App is fantastic, please add Apple CarPlay! 5/5

    By Stevem12t2 reviews
    As a feature request for CarPlay, that would add some nice functionality. No issues, always works, quality is impeccable! Love Tidal!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BrittNicole2012
    Dropped Apple Music over a year ago for Tidal and haven't looked back. The playlists are amazing and I love all of the features.
  • Best audio 5/5

    By Digga_may
    Love the exclusives. My favorite app!
  • Jay-Z Saved My Life!! 🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾 5/5

    By Orgunbase
    This app gives me unlimited access to "real" hip-hop music and they have every one of your favorite songs both old and new. I couldn't take listening to the radio deceive its listeners anymore with this new aged weird beat, random hook, sounded like a good idea while I was high type of stuff that they have the audacity to parade around the greats like Jay, & TIP as music. Thanks again Jay!!
  • No 1/5

    By Flappy king69
    The app is gutter trash, do not download. If only I could give it 0 stars
  • I love it!! 4/5

    By abenah04
    but why it gotta be so expensive, $25 a month? not even pandora is that expensive. If your lower the price Im sure more people would pay. Please lower the price or make some deals atleast.
  • Jay 5/5

    By Jaybaby2020303040
    The best
  • Playlist Cover 4/5

    By yungsnapper
    On Spotify, you're able to change the cover art of custom playlists you make. Please make this feature available so the playlists can be even more personalized and 'My Playlists' section can look more uniform.
  • Best Sound; Missing One Important Feature 4/5

    By E Man 123456
    In blind listening tests all of my friends and I can immediately choose Tidal as the best sounding streaming service compared with Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. The price is a little intense, especially for a family plan. Apple Music get you up to five simultaneous streams for $15; Tidal charges per member. Still, the difference is two significant to ignore him and I can't listen to those other services anymore. I do really miss Apple Music's "For You" section. My sister actually went back to Apple Music because it's important to her to discover new music and she found it too difficult with Tidal. If TIDAL could provide an endless supply of great suggested playlists that match my tastes, and bump the stream to at least 24-bit 48k, (without bumping the already high price) it would be perfect. Well, I guess perfect would be 24-bit, 192 k
  • Love this app... 4/5

    By LovinJoe24
    This app is awesome... the only thing I don't like is that when I'm adding a song to a playlist it doesn't notify that I've already added the song... so now I have the same song on the playlist... please try to fix that...
  • Tidal!!! 5/5

    By Falsington
    Keep it up
  • Purchasing 2/5

    By A1itzel
    I've purchased my subscription but now it doesn't let me play any of my songs, it keeps telling me to pay which I already have and now I haven't been listening to music because of that !
  • 🙌🏾 5/5

    By Yezzytaughtme04
    Love it!
  • Too much work 1/5

    The music catalog is great but finding music is too much work. I don't care about all the social features or the curated celebrity play lists.
  • Awesome music selection & prizes 5/5

    By Realtaycoleman
    This application really connects the people not only with the top music chosen by the people; Tidal also finds concerts and ticket give aways so their audience can experience the music first hand. As someone who writes articles about hip hop/rap performers, I appreciate this tremendously.
  • Tidal is Slacking.!. 3/5

    By LockPav
    Honestly I like Tidal but I don't love it. The truth of the matter is that they are supposed to be the music app that has all the Music first. More like they Had it all at first. Tidal needs to update its content. I feel like it is definitely missing a lot of fresh mixtapes that I can only find on YouTube. I want to be able to listen to music on this app but I am forced to go through other outlets to get the underground stuff. The app isn't the most user friendly thing when I'm searching for content. Downloading is also troublesome since you have spend more phone memory downloading the same song. Downloading playlists can be a challenge on this app. One other thing that I greatly dislike is the shuffle feature, it plays the same songs like 5 times in a row. The number one buzzkill at a party is jamming out to a song once and having to hear it additional times. A shuffle bouton should mix the playlist/album every time, not have one definitive order. I think helping aspiring artists is a noble thing, but what I really want is my jams on Tidal in Hi-Fi. I dislike that the company had taken albums and songs that were here in the past. Overall I think that the shuffle, downloading compatibility, search bar (as in add an auto correct for misspellings, a lyric search feature in the same search bar, and provide closest audio that the user searches for), and the music choices need to most definitely be updated to include the (underground/this song came out 5 minutes ago) music that should be found on this app. P.S. I don't hate the app, I just want it to be better than all the other music apps like the company founders promised. Tidal needs to up their game and put out some really exclusive material in the service.I wish I could give this app the 5 stars it deserves.
  • Love you guys 5/5

    By Best there is seriously
    Best hands down love will not go anywhere else, waaay better than Apple Music or anything else
  • 🚫 1/5

    By Preston Buckley
    Okay. I really hate this app and I really hate how artists are starting to put music videos exclusively on here. I don't want to pay $12 just to stream a music video.
  • Confused w new update 2/5

    By Ohreniishiii
    I loved the app before this new update! I can't seem to find the shuffle option!! I've looked it up on google four time and they all are saying same thing use menu on left side click shuffle etc but w new update the menu is on the right and there is no shuffle option!! It's not the end of the world but def won't be using it as much..
  • Great audio quality, but everything else... 3/5

    By Dr.Chernobly
    This is app is the closest streaming service to lossless audio (this is not lossless audio; see note at bottom) and audio quality-wise, it's great. Everything else is questionable. Favorite tracks, albums, and artists are all separate lists, which means that favoriting a track will not display under artists, and so forth; this feature exists in most other apps. There are no customized playlists based on user input. In terms of top 20 lists and biggest hits, most of the playlists are composed of music that....well, is pretty much crap. The music library is decent, but for a great selection of tracks, Groove and Google Play take the spot. Note: The service is advertised as lossless audio, as it uses FLAC. However, FLAC is not lossless audio (even though lossless is in the name itself). Any true audio industry guru will back me up on this.
  • Perfect now! 5/5

    By Raynie81
    I like the UI revamp. Much easier and intuitive to use than before.
  • Major interface improvement 4/5

    By LittleAngus
    Very glad that they unburied the search button. I'd still like to see more accurate dating of albums, maybe in a separate "original release" field.
  • Tidal 5/5

    By German_fag
    I love the app.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Alxsmd
    I love Tidal, i find every song i love from oldies old school to modern new school , Thank you !!!
  • Noticeably High Quality Sound 5/5

    By JBM3
    Latest update cleared up my issue with playlist accessibility at a glance. Sound quality far above any other streaming service. I only wish charts were easier to find, but that's a minor grievance. Don't hesitate to get Tidal. I love it.
  • To me worth the price 5/5

    By Siena G
    Compared to Apple Music I'd rather pay for Tidal.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By ashleymeggan
    Yes yes yall
  • Tidal 5/5

    By YounGates
    Tidal is where it's at.. From exclusives to shows to you name it.. No completion.. Point blank.. Period..
  • The best 5/5

    By Mwhore
    I love it
  • Yezzurr!!!! 5/5

    By eldrex
    Tidal is just the Awesome 👏 nothing but the best.....😍😍😍
  • Tidal 5/5

    By Chickenishqua
    #1 app

TIDAL app comments

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