Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys

Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys

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  • Current Version: 2.12.1
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  • Developer: Tile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys App

Welcome to Tile, the world’s largest lost and found. Tile makes tiny Bluetooth trackers and a companion app that allow you to locate lost or misplaced items in seconds — like your phone, keys, and wallet. Compatible with Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Original. You can order Tiles at http://www.thetileapp.com *Ring your things. Attach or stick Tile devices to anything you don’t want to lose and use the app to ring your stuff when you’re within Bluetooth range. With Tile Slim and Tile Mate you can pick from one of four unique ringtones. *Ring your phone. Can't find your phone? Press any one of your Tile devices to make your lost phone ring —even if it's on silent. *See where you had it last. Keep the app running in the background and it will automatically record the last time and place it saw your item on a map. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first. *Ask others to help. Still can't find your Tiled item? Our “Notify When Found” feature puts every device running the Tile app on the lookout for your lost stuff. If anyone comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, we'll let you know where it is. This feature is 100% private, so no one knows you're looking for a lost item but you. *Find your phone from any device. Our app turns any phone or tablet into a virtual Tile. Simply download the app on all of your devices — and use the app on one to find the other. It's cross-platform, so no need to choose favorites. Notes: * The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is 100 ft. * The app utilizes Location Services to record the last known location of your Tiles, based on your phone’s geo­-location data. * Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. * Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen.

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Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys app reviews

  • Worth the extra money 5/5

    By Michele1696
    I love my Tiles! I have about 14 and hate to think about repurchasing them all in a years time because of the battery, but reading the reviews of similar trackers with replaceable batteries, I will definitely replace/repurchase each and every one. Just worth the extra money to get a device that works consistently and reliably. Tech support is awesome too. Great product. Really, don't know how I managed before them!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jmdrev
    It saved me so many times already. I Love it!
  • Top battery drainer! 3/5

    By Schmagagled
    Good app for what it's purpose is but unfortunately it leads the pack as a battery drain (41% on my phone).
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By Te'a Pule
    This thing is dope. Buy it.
  • Perfect for everyone! 5/5

    By SnoopGodzilla
    This thing is amazing. Best invention ever.
  • Love it...Very helpful! 5/5

    By Timmy T KC
    Works as advertised. Has been very helpful. Ordered three for key chains. Then, because they were so helpful, I got a slim Tile for my wallet. Very pleased.
  • The best invention ever 5/5

    By 27922792
    Suuuuuuuuper. I love it
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PlayaHermosa
    Just get it
  • Love it 5/5

    By 1847652578447747863754
    Solid great product tracks my wallet everywhere👍👍
  • Great app 5/5

    By Crunnkkyy
    Wish it didn't have to stay open to work all the way but it does work wonderfully when it is open ! Love making sure my bag made it to the same plane I'm on.
  • Love it buttttt 5/5

    By Fuk mf
    Love it! I just wish the radius was wider...
  • Love it 5/5

    By Cghyon 222222
    I always walk out without my wallet this gives my phone and watch a buzz to remind me oh yeah go back and get it great!!!
  • I love this! 5/5

    By NySkye
    I am one of those people that continuously misplaces my phone and my keys so the fact that this ties them together makes my life so much easier. If you were an OCD perfectionist I would skip this item... if you ever lose your keys or your phone I highly recommend it!
  • Tile...Find & Track 2/5

    By Norwood526
    This was a great product & App for a year. But that is all you get after that Tile expires & you must buy new Tiles for your products. Do not purchase if you want to deal with replacing & setups over & over. They need to come done on cost if you have to do this.
  • My sidekick 4/5

    By Where the heck are they?
    Tile is fantastic. The only thing I could suggest, is to make the ring louder. I'm hard of hearing so I have to pretty much be right on top of it to hear it at all. But it's a great help.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Carpsizzle
    Saves me so much time because I lose my keys all the time.
  • Don't know what I'd do without it! 5/5

    By Sjoejoe74
    Love it!!!!
  • Best thing I've ever bought!! 5/5

    By Drea1230
    Literally saved my life countless amounts of times!! Love it! Would recommend to every and anybody!
  • Helpful for finding keys, phone, and luggage items 4/5

    By Old Fuddy
    I still wish they could be a little smaller so we could use them on items such as eyeglasses, but they serve a useful purpose.
  • Grateful for technology 5/5

    By OrthoRep
    I honestly don't know how I lived without it... now if only my phone battery would keep up.
  • Great 5/5

    By stephen carey
    It's a great time saver. I've been using this about a year. It's saved me loads of time and frustration. If it's not perfect, it's really close.
  • Love my Tiles 5/5

    By 3Chip
    Ease of set up and use. I have the key ring and slim products. No problems....recommend this product
  • Love the tile. 5/5

    By Rollercoaster62
    I can't get enough of the tile ringing the phone or the phone ringing of the tile it's absolutely fantastic fantastic piece of hardware to have you shouldn't be home without it love every minute of it and the ringtones are great.
  • Garb 1/5

    By ClintHeckman
    This product is absolute trash. It only rings about half the time and I still spend forever looking for my keys. It says it's ringing and then I find my keys yet it's not ringing. Do not buy this product it is not worth it.
  • Great idea, not impressed with product 1/5

    By TwinkleSteffieStar
    The idea was awesome. Attached the tile to my very hyper dog's harness since he keeps on trying to escape and socialize with the neighbors and with other animals outside. You need to be close by to make the tile ring. And, what's up with the need to replace the tile in exactly 1 year? It's too much of a hassle. I mean, it's barely even used. I bet it could even actually last at least 5 years. It's a load of bull crap business strategy so their customers would be forced to buy a new one each year.
  • Seems to work as advertised (however) 3/5

    By gadg8
    This only works if you live near a populous of somewhat techie people. The crowd sourced idea is not new, just need the crowd. Also, very annoying how blatantly, Tile, price gouges innocent people. $8.00 dollars for some sticky tape???? Come on. Just so everyone knows, you can change your own batteries, it's the app that actually blocks you. I foresee a class action in the near future. Come on Tile, stop ripping people off for a so so product.
  • Great 5/5

    By KingHP3
    Always losing my keys. Type of person if are heads were detachable I probably lose that as well but Tile has came in clutch. Definite recommend for college students like me who are always on the go.
  • He best 5/5

    By Steamy mc 8213456
    I forget everything. This changed my life
  • Mixed Feelings 3/5

    By Loti15121
    I like the tile and the fact that it easily stores in my wallet but the ring is much too low. Even when it is close to me I barely hear it. I do however use it if I misplace it...at least I will know if it is home or not
  • Needs a replaceable battery 1/5

    By MacMacMac555
    The $$$ grab is too obvious
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Akima Ligna
    Haven't had to use it for a serious situation yet but I have peace of mind knowing it won't be so easy to lose.
  • Location won't show in list if tile is more than a year old 1/5

    By Kxv137kris
    Seriously. I know for a fact that the tile lasts longer than a year but you want to keep spamming me to replace the tile if it's more than a year old.
  • So much wasted time looking for stuff 5/5

    By Steve ause
    I am always misplacing my stuff. My usual way to find things is to say "Honey, have you seen my.....". I love that I can find my stuff so quickly and not waste so much time of my life looking for stuff. I put one on my wife now I can find her! Lol
  • good stuff 5/5

    By sirmeadows
    helps me find my keys
  • Love it 5/5

    By borninoaklandca
    Greatest invention since GPS
  • So-so 2/5

    By Jojomanza
    The product overall is a great concept but when Tile introduced the slimmer "Wallet" version I immediately jumped on it. I had been using the clunky square tile in my wallet so when Tile introduced the newer wallet version I just HAD to get it. Today is the SECOND time I REALLY needed to use this service and to my surprise it DID NOT live up to what it was intended for. I was at the gym and I'm running around in a panic retracing my steps and nothing. I decide to open my app. Noting!!! It wasn't even registering at all. Then it made me panic even more. I decide to leave the gym and rush home freaking out in hopes I might have just left it at home. It wasn't till I actually had the wallet in my hands that the stupid thing turned on!!!! That's twice!!!! I think I might just have to put back my clunky square tile back. The wallet is NOT dependable AT ALL!!!! Tile NEEDS to do something about this!!!!! #onepissedoffguy
  • Siri integration already❓❓❓ 3/5

    By 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹
    Still no 'HEY SIRI' support. Annoying tones -too happy and melodious, feels as if the app and Tiles is mocking me, esp if I just had a hard time trying to find something -thats usually when its not a good time for ecstatic joyful songs.. and no it doesn't cheer me up.. This is however no doubt the best product on the market of its kind, even though the only setback is replacing the Tiles, it sens makes sense nevertheless esp when it comes ergonomics and ease of use.
  • Seems to be working fine now. 5/5

    By Awesomesauce609
    Love my tile!
  • Works great 5/5

    By GB2 Esq.
    I use my tiles all the time. At least a couple of times a week I am using it to find my keys, phone, money clip, or wallet. Fortunately, I have never lost them, but I am always misplacing them inside my house. It saves me a lot of time when I have to find them.
  • Saves an un-knowable amount of time 4/5

    By Beau Nerman
    Only problem is the Bluetooth connection. If it's not in Bluetooth range of someone with Tile, it won't be helpful. Also, new tile is too quiet!!! But still love it!!
  • Won't open 1/5

    By alexandrajam
    Tile app wouldn't open when I lost my wallet today. Uninstalled and reinstalled and having same issue. Latest iOS and updated app version.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Dylanisdamanhomie
    Tile is amazing! When I'm running late in the morning and can't find my keys, I just use the app and presto my keys are ringing.
  • Great 5/5

    By SoonerJK12
    Love it.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Bi62777
    I lose my phone or kes dayly and this never fails to find them love it👍
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Smartiekds
    I love my Tile!!! I am always losing either my phone or my keys!! My Tile saves me a lot of time and stress!!!!!
  • Don't waste your money 1/5

    By MikeHensley
    This product is garbage. It only rings my keys or wallet or whatever I've lost about 50% of the time, even when these items are in the house. If I'm in the living room and the keys are in the bathroom, they're too far away and won't connect. If the keys have fallen down between couch cushions, the tone is yo quiet to be heard. And, as others have said, you've gotta replace a $40 device on every item once a year. I actually find it more frustrating when I lose something and Tile doesn't work than I did before I had Tile at all.
  • Unsatisfactory performance 3/5

    By Brett Santore
    The idea is fantastic. However, they never seem to work. I bought a 4 pack and only use 2 of them since I get so frustrated with the ones currently in use. The titles rarely connect to the mobile app making for a disappointing experience.
  • 👍🏾👍🏾 5/5

    By Rukesh
    Love it!
  • Good for travel 4/5

    By J.Maloley❤️
    I always am loosing my wallet and keys and these little things are perfect for that
  • Name each tile 3/5

    By multiple drivers
    I wish I can name each tile. I've a couple sets of keys and it would be nice if I can name "Keys 1" and "Keys 2".

Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys app comments

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