Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys

Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys

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  • Current Version: 2.14.1
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  • Developer: Tile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys App

Welcome to Tile, the world’s largest lost and found. Tile makes tiny Bluetooth trackers and a companion app that allow you to locate lost or misplaced items in seconds — like your phone, keys, and wallet. Compatible with Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Original. You can order Tiles at http://www.thetileapp.com *Ring your things. Attach or stick Tile devices to anything you don’t want to lose and use the app to ring your stuff when you’re within Bluetooth range. With Tile Slim and Tile Mate you can pick from one of four unique ringtones. *Ring your phone. Can't find your phone? Press any one of your Tile devices to make your lost phone ring —even if it's on silent. *See where you had it last. Keep the app running in the background and it will automatically record the last time and place it saw your item on a map. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first. *Ask others to help. Still can't find your Tiled item? Our “Notify When Found” feature puts every device running the Tile app on the lookout for your lost stuff. If anyone comes within Bluetooth range of your Tile, we'll let you know where it is. This feature is 100% private, so no one knows you're looking for a lost item but you. *Find your phone from any device. Our app turns any phone or tablet into a virtual Tile. Simply download the app on all of your devices — and use the app on one to find the other. It's cross-platform, so no need to choose favorites. Notes: * The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is 100 ft. * The app utilizes Location Services to record the last known location of your Tiles, based on your phone’s geo­-location data. * Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. * Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen.

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Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By Nexus1001
    Great app
  • Best $24 spent! 5/5

    By Itsmish
    I would have purchased this long ago if I had known how much time it would save me!
  • Convenient for sure 4/5

    By WeyntFarms
    Good investment
  • Tile 5/5

    By Bumbo24
    I love these for my keys and wallet! Only thing is I wish was deactivating it was easier. I originally have my brothers and I have to use his account for my tiles
  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 5/5

    By JorgeDL
    Very useful gadget
  • Great 5/5

    By Tprout
    I love this thing, it's $$$ but way with the cost
  • It works often, but not always 1/5

    By Onfus
    Even since our last swap our tiles can't be found often. It is not the phone. When this happens you can have the right next to the phone and it will still not see it for a while. This is particularly bad with the wallet version. I think there is an interference issue. RFID cards? Wifi? What is going on?
  • Great app 5/5

    By HURRR27
    Finds my key every time!
  • No puedo vivir sin el 5/5

    By Drgtherapy
    Es súper práctico y ayuda mucho para encontrar mis cosas personales !!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Leep03
    Helpful in many ways! Definitely a must buy!
  • Awesome. Simplifies life. 5/5

    By andrewharveytms
    Awesome tool. Simplifies my life. Still curious to see how long the batteries last and how the replacement program works, but after 2 months of use - five stars.
  • Best around 5/5

    By Ellis9797
    It has saved me more times than a mother and her leftovers
  • No ApplePay no ReTile… 2/5

    By KillBillwithNIN
    The ease of simple in app ApplePay has me realizing that the 5 star bar has been raised. That I can't simply ReTile by putting my finger on the home button is a sign someone at Tile doesn't get the frictionless payment story or is mired in old school PayPal kickback schemes— Apple has made it so easy to roll ApplePay into Apps so there isn't a technical excuse. Well you don't get my 5 ReTiles this time, nor do get your chance to up-sell me your newer tile forms. In fact you've lost me as a customer when my other 4 tiles run down.
  • Just works 5/5

    By Cartic
    Easy to setup and find things
  • Best App 5/5

    By Titan871
    Love it, does what it says.
  • Great 4/5

    By AlexisA82
    Would give 5 starts but every once in a while one of the tiles doesn't work properly
  • Reptile 3/5

    By Darsue
    I love my time but retiming is very confusing and had had trouble connecting. Wish you would make that process simpler and advise that old tiles must be deleted.
  • Causes Apple AirPods glitch? 2/5

    By PianoGeoff
    At first I really enjoyed having several Tiles and they even saved the day on occasion. Unfortunately I had to uninstall the app. The constant Tile check-ins via Bluetooth were causing my AirPods to have maddeningly inconsistent behavior when making or answering calls. Even a replacement set of AirPods didn't help. At long last, I narrowed it down to Tile. Uninstalled the app and voila, my AirPods have been perfect now for several weeks. I'm going to try Tile again for a few days and see if the AirPods glitches manifest themselves again. Also had one of two Tile Slims I activated last September stop working after just 6 months.
  • Helps in multiple ways 5/5

    By Alex2453
    I'm so happy I got the tile cause not only has it helped me find my lost wallet but also my phone. How this phone incident happened is with my sister taking my phone and hiding it from me out of anger or jealousy. Usually when I win an award that she is not capable of winning she lashes out in weird and crazy ways. This time it happened to include my phone and some pillows. I knew I didn't accidentally leave my phone in the pillows because my mother takes our phones when we get in trouble and I recently got in trouble for not cleaning my room. So when I accidentally dropped my phone on her floor out I f my pants leg I thought I would wait till she fell asleep to get it because she would take it if she saw me pick it up and take it out her room. When I came back for it it was gone so I searched and searched and I heard my sister run down the stairs. I thought oh she's just going to get some water so I thought oh wait I just bought a tile so I had a Ureka moment and decided to press it twice. I heard a ringing come from downstairs and see it hidden under some pillows. Thank you tile your not only helping me find a wallet or keys but my cellphone phone to. now I just have to worry if she steal my tile next or both:)
  • Thank you 5/5

    By BeaNiceAndKind
    I really love this product and app. Thank you for make a great product!!!
  • 10/10 Great App 5/5

    By jakecalamita
    love my tile
  • Life saver 5/5

    By 5CC
    I have use this Tile to either find my keys or my phone so many times since I purchased it. I absolutely love this tile. I took my daughter to a camp, walked to my car and realized I didn't have my keys. I was able to use my phone and trace my steps to find the key under a bag where I left them. I would've never found them without using the tile, there were hundreds of people around and it would have been impossible. Thank you Tile.
  • Lone my sanity !! 5/5

    I have the wallet tile, my family suggested it because I was losing my mind every time I miss placed my wallet. I have to admit the quality of my life has increased dramatically, now I just find and I know where I left it last or I can find it in the couch. Well worth it.
  • Use multiple times a day 5/5

    By oregonsun
    Esp for finding where I set my phone down!!! Love tiles!
  • Great key finder 5/5

    By Hadley m
    My mom loses her keys everyday and it helps me get to school on time because it helps her find her keys😂
  • First time I needed it, worked perfectly! 5/5

    By GR347D357R0Y3R
    Once I got a tile I thought I would just stop losing my keys and never need it. Literally used it minutes ago, found my keys immediately and didn't have to waste time looking for them. Great product! Keep it up!
  • Dooooope 5/5

    By melman253
    I freakin love this thing and demo it to my customers ROUTINELY
  • Tile is ... fantastic! 5/5

    By Tutskies
    How did I survive without it ??? The concept and convenience are brilliant. Today was a weird one : where's my phone, my wallet, my keys??? Oh where oh where can they be? My phone finds my keys and wallet and my keys find my phone. I'm not senile - but I was switching around purses and it all turned to 💩 Without tile I'd be going insane. Thank you tile people!!!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Nylou 23
    The tile works so great. I'm a person to lose my phone n keys around the house. It's very helpful and you could also use the tile for different things
  • What a time saver! 5/5

    By Freehints2234
    I have lost so much time looking for my phone, my keys, my wallet, my earbuds. This is the best time saver in my life. Now can you make something to find my glasses?
  • It's works as advertised. 5/5

    By PusherRobot
    I don't lose my wallet any keys anymore. The rings are loud enough and tracking good enough to be functional. Thanks Tile.
  • Not loud enough 3/5

    By Bobb_Bobby Boy1897
    The ringer is so quiet that even in a household with no noise I can't hear it and have trouble finding it. I have this app so that when I misplace it, I know where to go, but the "last place seen" sometimes is so far away from where it actually is. And when I know it's in my house and I can't find it, the ringer barely makes any kind of noise.
  • Simply fantastic!!! 5/5

    By cjfromsville
    Nuf said.
  • Luv it 😀😇 5/5

    By Reyna Gonzalez
    Love ❤️
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By DcDubbs
    The best of these products I've ever used! Hours and Hours have been saved already!
  • Crappy product, crappy app 1/5

    By Puzzleguru187
    It's a disposable product you need to buy a new one every year. Don't waste your time with this junk. It's worth $2-3 at most.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Foots1000
    It has paid for itself over and over again. I'm very absent-minded and Tile has come thru for me!
  • As advertised 5/5

    By Rich the picture backerupper
    Works well.
  • Finding keys and phone every time! 5/5

    By Bbop56
    So much easier than 'hunting'!
  • Tile 4/5

    By Foos mom
    Always helps me find my lost keys 2-3 times a day. And if I have my keys it helps me find my phone. I ordered a new tile to put on my head.. 😂😂😂LOVE IT!!!! Also I wanted to add that someone was saying that it was none connectable with Bluetooth I use mine with Bluetooth only. I've never had trouble finding my phone with my keys or finding my keys with my phone. Or my remote control with my phone. Sometimes I do turn the locator on when I'm using a navigator other than that I don't.
  • Love tile 5/5

    By moka1612
    Live it
  • Time saver 5/5

    By beanersz
    It has saved me countless aggravating minutes of searching for my misplaced wallet.
  • My keys 5/5

    By RoyalRMH
    I rarely ever misplace my keys, but the 1st day back to work from vacation, I was running behind and couldn't find my keys... I spent all of 1 min grabbing my phone, hitting the "Find" button and finding my keys. I recommend Tile
  • 2 way awesomeness 5/5

    By Hawksfan75
    Great idea! Thank you. I either need to find my keys or my phone. Kids are amazing treasure hiders.
  • Does exactly what I need it to do 4/5

    By R Lo
    Worked like a charm when I needed it!
  • Great App/Item! 4/5

    By MrNikki426
    So I have a few likes & dislikes about this product/App. Pros: The tiles are perfect sizes and aren't bulky or in the way. They allow you to ring your mobile device/the app lets you ring your wallet/purse & phone. Even notifies you if you find a lost item. Cons: For best use App has to always be running in the back ground, you have to leave your Bluetooth connected all the time, & it doesn't tell you real time position of your tiles.(only detects them if they're close to you.) In short, these are an absolute life & time saver for those that lose their keys, wallet, purse, phone, or even the television remote. They're cheaper on Amazon but they're worth the $80 Apple sells them for. Would recommend to friends and family.
  • Best thing ever!!! 5/5

    By Kris4067
    I have it attached to my electronic smoker(vape). I lose mine all the time and I always can find it using this. And I've lost my phone and found it by using this tile. I really really love it and works amazing for me. I recommend it to everyone I know, to keep track of all their items. The app for it also works great. I'm very pleased with this company.
  • It works. 5/5

    By ulizamboni
    Found interesting when first saw it. It is really worth it
  • Really love it, but needs some improvements 4/5

    By Dikrats
    I am a very forgetful person so when I heard about Tile I rushed to buy one. It worked fantastically at first. But now, after about 3 months of owning one, the tile on my key doesn't ring for whatever reason. I have kept good care of it, maybe the signal has weakened though? Either way, it has definitely helped with my anxiety about losing things because the GPS lets me know where it is. But when I'm trying to find my stuff in a big house and the tile isn't ringing, it can be pretty annoying.
  • Dumbest app 1/5

    By Endless waste
    You lose something with a Tile attached but the app says press the "e" on the Tile. Now if that isn't the most bassackwards thing for instructions to find your Tile attached thing, what is? How about the app telling you how to find the Tile? Who cares about the "e?"

Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys app comments

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