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Stay in the know. Download the new TIME Magazine app and get all of the incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography from our trusted editorial team right at your fingertips. *Please note when you download the app you will need to re-login to your TIME digital account and/or restore your iTunes purchases within the app.* The app now includes: - A live newsfeed updated in real time so you can browse articles, photos and videos directly from the website - Each week’s digital issue which includes all of the news and features in the print edition - A “Reader View” that allows long-form magazine articles to display in a text and mobile-friendly format. You will no longer need to pinch and zoom! - Alerts when a new issue is available - Cross-device access with your TIME digital account - Offline reading for downloaded issues The TIME Magazine app is free to download. Current magazine subscribers get full access to their issues by signing in with their TIME digital account. TIME Magazine Subscriptions Available: 1-year subscription - $29.99 (automatically renewed until canceled) Single issue - $5.99 (non-subscription) Having any technical difficulty? Email: digitalmaghelp@timeinc.com SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Current subscribers may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING A SUBSCRIPTION OR SINGLE-COPY OF THIS TITLE, YOU AGREE TO THE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF SERVICE WHICH CAN BE VIEWED BY GOING TO: https://subscription.timeinc.com/storefront/privacy/time/generic_privacy_new.html?dnp-source=M


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TIME Magazine app reviews

  • Better than most magazine apps... but still worse than a pdf 2/5

    By Apoolla
    This is better than most magazine apps developed by so called Maz such as hbr, inc, Forbes etc. But still, magazines within this app are nothing more than scanned image files. Even a basic pdf has more interactivity and functionality.
  • Used to be much better 2/5

    By TonyMan13
    I still like Time but a while ago the format changed to a kind of two dimensional, flat looking document. The biggest problem is there is no marking pages for later reading. I get a few magazines on my iPad and this is the only one missing that feature. I like to browse the issue, mark pages, then read at my leisure. Now I have go through the whole issue and try to remember what I wanted to read. Another problem is the deletion of old issues. The process for this is clunky and confusing. C’mon Time, this isn’t hard stuff to correct.
  • New iPad app a major step backwards 1/5

    By holmes4
    Time recently replaced its iPad app with a very different one. While the new one makes reading the magazine somewhat easier (including a “reader view”), it has a major flaw - you can’t see new issues unless you log out and in again each time! The old app would alert you when a new issue was available and made download easy. The new one won’t - and worse, when you look at the cover view for a new issue, you’ll see a lock icon and a demand for payment, even if you’re a current subscriber. In order to download and read the issue, you have to log out and then in again. Even after doing so, it exhorts you to subscribe, even though you are a subscriber! I contacted the app’s help desk, and they told me I had to uninstall and reinstall each time! (Thankfully that isn’t the case.) I can’t understand how such a serious usability flaw made it out the door, much less why it hasn’t been fixed in several months! The help desk was unhelpful when I asked what the plans were for fixing the bug.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mike D19691986
    This app stinks. I download issues, then they disappear when I’m offline so I can’t read them. The update from the old version was not necessary and made the experience ten times worse. I only use this because the new issue is available Friday, but the mailed copy doesn’t come until Monday or Tuesday. This magazine is going down the tubes.
  • Did you fire your entire software team and replace it with a parrot? 1/5

    By nawilco
    In the ten years or so that apps have existed and I have used them, this is the most astounding regression in quality I have ever, and probably will ever witness in any sort of software. WOW.😶
  • Hate the new version 1/5

    By K2Rooster
    New version has gone backwards for the iPad. It seems super slow to bring up issues and readability is worse. I still don't know how to delete old issues as gear icon is gone. I enjoy reading my issues offline on the airplane and it is focused on giving me warnings on not being online and it is slow to bring up the stored issues
  • Major step backwards with new app 1/5

    By CynthiaJean
    Sometime in December 2017 the Time iPad and iPhone app changed. This new app is a huge step backwards - user unfriendly, have to re-sign in to download, and it keeps indicating “Buy or subscribe to Time” even when signed in. Display is unwieldy. Bring back the prior version which was great. You will lose subscribers in droves if you don’t fix this. Look at your ratings... lots of 1’s and if there were a zero, I’d assign that.
  • Miss the previous version 2/5

    By michael-f11
    Was good until they changed it… trying to be nice, but it really isn’t very good now.
  • New app is awful 1/5

    By Jcarter387
    This latest update has made it almost impossible to read my favorite news magazine. Takes forever to load. Doesn't return to the same page next time you login. Settings don't give you any options over the app. The list goes on. Of course there is no way to return to the previous version that worked just fine for me.
  • Every major update makes it worse 1/5

    By Ilonkam
    I wish I could roll back to the last iteration of this app. The new one is incredibly slow and clunky. I’m not impressed with the reader mode and it’s annoying that it tries to remind me I can use reader mode on every article. The app seems to get periodic amnesia that I pay for a subscription and needs me to sign in again to download the magazines I want to read. It’s inconsistent in saving my spot if I close an issue wanting to come back to it later. They also did away with bookmarks without warning, so I lost the book reviews list I had kept in the app. Would love if Time would go back to two versions of this app ago... in 2016, they were creating issues optimized for iPad viewing with digital content. In 2017, I was disappointed that this was done away with, but at least the app was still useable. And now, I’m disappointed with the app altogether.
  • No Bookmarks 2/5

    By StarbaseDoug
    I don’t mind the layout matching the print edition. However, how could you release an app without a bookmark feature. If I don’t read the entire magazine in one sitting, the next time I open the app, if there’s a delay of more than a couple of minutes, it opens on the cover page. Unbelievable that it doesn’t maintain where I left off an doesn’t allow me to set a bookmark. Come on guys, such an easy fix!
  • Wow! A step backwards. Now is dead. 1/5

    By iGreeley
    Why mess with something that works fine? The update is slower and much less appealing. Please don’t update unless you like frustration, poor navigation and a less attractive product.
  • Stick with the print edition 1/5

    By Bronco 34
    Latest app update was a swing and a miss. Using it on my iPad, the app no longer opens to the page where I left off. Instead it opens to a list of news articles. From there you need to select “Issues”, then tap the issue you were reading and scroll page by page to find the page where you left off. At least with the print edition you can use a bookmark.
  • Time killed the app 1/5

    By Jedab
    For some reason I cannot read downloaded issues when offline. This is a serious problem for me. Is this a glitch in the latest update or is it now policy that subscribers can no longer enjoy downloaded issues. I keep being able to read a preview but not the issues I have paid for unless I am online. What is going on? I’ve been a print subscriber for decades and digital issue reader for 6 or 7 years. The new PDF format is awful and making it worse I cannot read full downloaded issues if I am not signed in, can only read a preview. I am considering not renewing my subscription.
  • No service 1/5

    By BillyBob21
    Long time subscriber. The very worst customer service ever. Just trying to get digital version, still don’t After 5 phone calls
  • I can no longer download the magazines 1/5

    By Philip Morgan
    With the latest version of the app I seem to no longer be a subscriber. Luckily, my one year subscription will end soon so I only lost a few bucks. I never liked reading the articles with the tiny font anyway. I always had to enlarge the articles and move around the page. The magazine will not be missed.
  • Internet connection ALWAYS required 1/5

    By Iflyforual
    New version of app is useless unless connected to the internet! Old version worked perfect. Please fix this as the only time I read on the iPad is on an airplane, this is also when I don’t have internet.
  • If they don't fix it, I'm gone! 1/5

    By SK7663
    Latest update does not allow me to access previous downloads including the special issues I purchased through the app. The special issue purchases were on top of the subscription so I'm out those unless they fix it. Lost is the Library button to view personal library. Customer service pointed me to iTunes, iTunes pointed me to the app developer which is Time. No help! The app used to work great but certainly broken now.
  • Can’t access past magazines since app change 1/5

    By Jsjdkfbdvzh
    Time, Since the new app update, Its impossible for me to see any of the issues on the app. The stories are available, but the issues never load. I’ve signed in and out, but nothing works. Please try to fix this for me. Jacob Graff
  • Go Back to the old version! 1/5

    By a-non1
    The old app was soooo much better. This “new” version essentially is a pdf of the magazine with a poorly organized UI. The old app opened to a beautiful shelf of all the magazine covers. Simply just tap and go. This new app complicates things so much more and for no good reason. The app is far less clean looking. Deeply disappointed.
  • Latest review crashes regularly 1/5

    By Seeker126
    This version of TIME has to show a red time screen to a long period before getting to the magazine. Then it crashes. Try to read for less tab an hour, forget it. It takes 10 minutes to get it to boot. Then it looses your place. Finally, loading a magazine takes forever and deleting must be done one at a time. Who programmed this thing? I need to go back to the paper copy! Whoever programmed this should be fired. I have been reading time for over 40 years. THIS will make me stop! Continues to frustrate. I am canceling my subscription.
  • Downloading issues no longer works 1/5

    By Dwebtron
    When downloading issues for offline use, clicking them when offline leaves you with a blank white screen. Useless on an airplane!
  • the new updated app is awesome 5/5

    By SkiandSkiandSki
    New review: I live this new app. The new app is real mobile app and shows the content in mobile optimized view. I am 100% satisfied with the app and hope this app remains as it is and never get altered My old review: This is not a mobile app but just image of the paper magazine. I can't read the content because it is not optimized for mobile. I lost interesting in reading digital version.
  • Used to be Great! Now it’s just a photocopy. 1/5

    By Finger pointer
    If you have had this subscription in the past you know how great it once was. It used to have interactive media. Now it's just a scrolling pdf. I recently subscribed again and wish I had not. I expect more from Time. It’s clunky trying to expand without moving to the next page or navigate at all. Why did Time choose to take such a backward step?
  • No access to iTunes purchases since new app. 1/5

    By dwl7
    Since updating to the latest app, I no longer have access to my subscription purchased through iTunes! I have restored my iTunes purchases, but that doesn’t work and none of them become available. Hard to believe that an app could be released without checking this! I contacted customer service last week and reported this issue, but the responses that I got have been largely nothing to do with the problem and of no help at all, it was as if they didn’t even read my emails, just sent standard replied. To repeat, I had no problem with the previous version of the app, since this one came out, even after restoring my iTunes purchases all of the issues covered by my subscription are locked. I have deleted the app, reinstalled and tried again many times. I have paid for my subscription, it is valid through January 2018 and yet I have no access to my issues! Tried again as I have done everyday so far to restore purchases and today it worked, have access to my subscription again!
  • Newest Version is horrible 1/5

    By YuckyColour
    The older version of this app was easy and perfectly fine. Now I️ cannot even purchase or download a single issue. The only option it allowed me to select was to subscribe. So I️ then went online and paid $50+ for a subscription and then logged in on the app. It still did not work. I️ am still unable to purchase or download a copy of a single issue.
  • Font Too Small to Read 2/5

    By Jim NY
    In the past, the iPad version was wonderful — 5 stars. Then they converted to pdf and it was so illegible that it was useless. Was 1 star but upgraded to 2 11/17 since you can now actually read it without a microscope. However, no bookmarks, doesn’t keep your place so you have to try to remember what you were reading, then actually try to find it, which is not so easy. Probably will not renew. By the way, Newsweek is still very readable in the iPad format and holds your place.
  • Subscription lost with app update 1/5

    By Lochias
    Subscribed into 2018, but get only 15 pages per issue, with offers to extend subscription. "Restore purchases" does nothing. Asked to sign in, but email address not accepted.
  • Update doesn't work 1/5

    By GwendalMiami
    This update doesnt work on my iPad.
  • Much improved 4/5

    By cselin
    New version is much improved over the previous version that was a glorified PDF. The new reader view solves the issue of having to zoom to read articles and the pagination bugs appear to have been fixed.
  • “New” app is merely a reader view—what?! 1/5

    By Cw-actuary
    Review of Time’s “new” app (11/17) It took a year for Time to release a new app to replace their PDF magazine view. The only difference is now we can put an article in reader view—a feature available on mobile devices for years. What took so long?! And there’s still no easy scrolling or bonus features. Stop hanging on to your print magazine layout and go back to your fabulous digital app of 2015. My review from a year ago: I only read Time on my iPad so I have it wherever I go. Now it's just a worthless PDF of the print version. Photos split across two screens, font too small, no bonus content. I'm so disappointed! And this seems to be the only place for feedback since Time doesn't allow posts on its Facebook or Twitter feeds. The whole digital department must have been let go. Epic Fail
  • Huge improvement 4/5

    By Eric S .
    Much happier with new TIME app that was just released. Landscape use on iPad feels natural and is easy to use. Double tap to zoom in on single page of two page layout, for text that is easy to read, and double tap again to zoom back out. Reader view for longer articles is clean & enjoyable to read. Finally have the ability (in Reader view) to select words & look them up in iOS dictionary, as well as save/share selections of text. Only remaining wish is to be able to save entirety of select articles (text & images) to Evernote for personal reference & easy search. Thank you TIME for the big upgrade!
  • Bait and Switch 3/5

    By Midwest Music Master
    I decided to buy the app based on the free trial you get when you first download the app. What a sweet presentation that was full of dynamic news and graphs and charts you could manipulate and interact with. This is great, I though. The future of magazines. Content you can manipulate and see different views of. Then when you actually buys the subscription, what you really get is a high resolution scan of the actual magazine. Nothing to interact with, just the regular pages scaled down to an iPad. What a disappointment. The only reason I gave it three stars is the content is still OK to read so not a total loss. But this is not the future of digital magazines.
  • Love it 4/5

    By 上天下海
    Love the convenience of digital copies. Wish it covers more variety of topics.
  • After app update, can't download issue 1/5

    By Yjacket74
    The app was just updated. After signing in and restoring purchases, tried to download an issue and it's stuck at 5%. Went to Settings and clicked on Send App Feedback and mentioned the same thing, but when I clicked Send, nothing happened. No confirmation of Send. I have no idea if they got my feedback. What a pain!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Blagodaran
    I love because I can read Time anywhere I go. But I specially like the one for iPad because the letters are bigger
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JMsouth
    At a time when other magazines are being inclusive and adding digital access for print subscribers, Time actually removes it for loyal customers. Terrible business model and good way to eliminate repeat subscribers.
  • Printable 2/5

    By Ignorant?
    What don't I understand? I feel like I should be able to print out a copy of the article but I can't. Me or the app?
  • L-a-n-d-s-c-a-p-e mode 1/5

    By Googsem
    Seriously, bring back landscape mode.
  • Really poor 1/5

    By PV2279
    Navigating this app is anything but intuitive, getting to past issues impossible. I’ve read the print edition forever, but this electronic one is terrible.
  • new app is terible 2/5

    By Erniej504
    I agree with the many reviewers who gave it a low rating when TIME came out with a new app many months ago because it was no longer user-friendly. It's like reading a PDF in small print. I have to enlarge each page to read it but when enlarged it doesn't swipe to the next page; I have to reduce it first. What bothers me most is that these complaints have been ongoing for months and TIME doesn't do anything about it. The old app was great and had much special digital content and was easy to read. If the management doesn't wake up to these problems that's the end of TIME for me
  • Content isn’t optimized for digital readers 1/5

    By Daniel_OH_USA
    This app merely displays a non-optimized print version of the magazine on your device. The content is not optimized at all for a digital reader like an iPhone, or iPad. The magazine is very difficult to read, scale/size, and navigate.
  • Missing key component 2/5

    By PWboston
    It's a good app for reading an issue, but what if you want to share an article? I don't seem to be able to send one out.
  • Time magazine 1/5

    By Darktrini123
    The font is too small. I think it should be designed like nook, which makes the text more reader friendly. You also need to add the feature that allows you to look up the definition of a word.
  • I already subscribe 1/5

    By Dr. Goose
    Why should I pay again when I already subscribe to the print version.
  • Stop stealing money from my bank account 1/5

    By AllyMacDonald6
    Don't know how you got my bank account information but my bank is handling your false charges. Stop stealing debit and credit card numbers, I'm sorry no one wants to subscribed to your magazine. Y'all are scandals
  • Mr 2/5

    By Dave from Pismo
    The new format is very difficult to read. The format for leaving a review is just as bad. Nickname? Give me a break!
  • Updated Review - disappointed w/new ver 1/5

    By suj_meha
    The previous version of the app was excellent, tailoring content to mobile devices and providing some digital-only content. The changes have downgraded the "app" into a database of PDF-type files that are very difficult to read on my iPhone. In my opinion, it does not even meet minimum requirements for a "mobile app." I would be willing to pay a small fee for a real mobile app, but at this point I will have to cancel my long-time subscription, as the current version is essentially unusable.
  • Digital Time 3/5

    By SunnyT54
    I have always loved Time. It is convenient to have the past and present issues in my IPhone and IPad instead of piled in a corner of my den. However, I wish the app was more interactive.
  • Disappointing app for a great magazine 2/5

    By Cverwaal
    The magazine is excellent, but the iPad / iPhone app is useless and unreadable; it is just a PDF of the print version with no way to enlarge the tiny print.

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