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Timehop App

Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's like #tbt every day! What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past a day at a time.

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  • Ugh 1/5

    By rikbookpro
    I used to love this app. It's terrible now. The new design is awful.
  • Stop the Madness! 1/5

    By Quitdeletingmyreview
    I have LOVED timehop ever since I got it! The new update is so bad. It's hard for me to see all my photos and it doesn't have the comments or likes. I hate it all. Update: I don't know why I still hold onto Timehop... I guess hoping that they will go back to the old version. Every time I open it, it never even loads my pictures so I just get so frustrated every time I open it. I am so sad because I loved Timehop so much before... Please fix it back to the Timehop we all loved.
  • Relive your best and worst days 3/5

    By Htx gurl
    It's an ok app. Nothing spectacular
  • Add Snapchat Stories 3/5

    By B1GR0BB1E
    Good app but missing the best service.
  • Pair up with snapchat memories!! 2/5

    By rsahirul
    This app would be MUCH more relevant if you could sync with memories on snap, 110%.
  • Beta Not working 2/5

    By Stefanierobin
    Just FYI- the beta app isn't opening- my phone says it's "unsafe"
  • Timehop 1/5

    By BamaBarb1939
    I have trouble with viewing recently. However, I enjoy this app when it lets me view it. Please remove the text where you put on a frame. It does not work on my app. I really think it needs lots of improvements. This app has definitely not improved. It continues to not give the service I had when I signed up. It hangs up or freezes constantly. I enjoy my picture history...however, I do not like the logos on the picture. The logo and year info need to be placed on the picture at very top or bottom of the picture. The frames cover the picture and is to large...thisn't change ref
  • Love! 5/5

    By AmBeR14157352
    Need it
  • Just when you think it can't get any worse 1/5

    By THE Aaron Tobiason
    5/15/16 update completely broke the app. I guess the one bright spot is it's now consistent in whether or not it loads your media (hint: it never does). 3.4.7 update (6/11/16) New Facebook integration works well. 12/23/16 update Unbelievably inept UI change. Forces you to view every image/video in full-screen portrait mode. So, like, the worst way possible. BRING BACK A WAY TO CHOOSE WHAT TO VIEW FULL-SCREEN! 1/6/17ish update Wow. This is amazing. They've now managed to remove any functionality whatsoever. Linked services seem to be disconnected and there's no obvious way to change or even see what's connected. Only by randomly swiping was I able to figure out the thin white line at the top is a menu. UI fail of impressive proportions. 5/16/17 update Half of Google Photos content simply doesn't load.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Carla477
    It's a walk down memory lane with photos I have forgot about just shows up in my Timehop!!!
  • Return it back to the last version!! 1/5

    By inluv4life
    I do NOT like the updated version at all. Change it so I can scroll through all my pictures and posts at once. It is exhausting to have to swipe from one individual picture/post to the next. It flowed better as one fluid page.
  • Why color?? 😩 3/5

    By Hearingguy
    I love Timehop. I reeaalllly love it. BUT when sharing a memory to Facebook, it's almost unreadable because there's so much white competing with the white letters and around the colored stripes. I also reeaalllly love color- but not for this application. Please change it back!
  • Boo 1/5

    By Rherron33
    Latest update is truly awful.
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By hkb920
    The app will not let my videos play ever since the format was changed. Just change it back or fix it.
  • Tired 3/5

    By Nvillebret
    Getting tired of the notifications telling me to open Timehop and then there's nothing to see, just an ad. I want to be notified when there's something to see, but come on not every day to look at advertisements.
  • Help 1/5

    By CourtneyLia
    Timehop, please allow me to share any and all pictures you pull up each day. I beg of you.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Plmnivxj
    Used to be so much better before updates. Now I have to swipe left and right a dozen times to see everything. I missed when it wasn't all zoomed in and you can scroll the selection like a normal photo album. It also clusters some photos together and scans through them quickly and uncontrollably. It is extremely annoying and you can't share any of the pictures that are clustered like that. Honestly might delete because it isn't fun to look through anymore with these terrible changes.
  • :( 1/5

    By SteveShieldsHere
    My videos never load...
  • Love(d) it! 1/5

    By ErinHare
    I used to LOVE this app! Every day, I would wake up and look at my timehop before getting up for work. Until a few weeks ago. Nothin would load. Maybe a picture from iCloud, but that would be it. No IG stories, FB posts, nothing. Still can't get it to work. Now, some days I will get iCloud photos, which I take every day, but yesterday there were none, today I can't see anything because it's constantly trying to load. The ads are fine, but they can't load my photos. I used to think it was fun to see how many days streak I could get. I'm up to 140 but with nothing to see..... tried contacting support, no response. Are they even there? Hello? It's me. I was wondering if you could fix timehop. I hope that you're well, please fix timehop
  • Do you guys not listen to any of your reviews? 2/5

    By Spoonemore
    Bring back the old update!!! We don't want to see one picture at a time!! We want to scroll down and see multiple pictures at once!!! FOR ONCE, LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Fix this app!
  • How to downgrade 1/5

    By Tanikaze
    Let's face it: everyone who has abandoned the app because of the neverending horizontal scrolling ain't never coming back. All that's left are suckers for an arbitrary "streak" more captive/exposed to advertising. The tyrants have won. Keep your Ver. 3 and move on. ___________ Update: I was able to load up version 3.3.3 via Japan iTunes on the desktop. No streak available but who cares?!! Glorious vertical scrolling FTW. Also: zero ads. ___________ Hope you resisted upgrading to Version 4 because vertical scrolling is NEVER coming back. Advise using an older device not upgraded to v.4 or using an Android device for this once-great app. (Note: Google Play store has version 4 now. Android users now share our rage.)
  • TimeHop blocks Facebook after update 1/5

    By The Stig in disguise
    After the latest update, TimeHop cannot log into Facebook or access any Facebook content, leading to the question, "with 10+ years of Facebook blocked, what do I want to use TimeHop for???" TimeHop managed to commit suicide with this "update".
  • 4.0.12 version has bugs 2/5

    By roeroe112
    I've always liked this app, but this version only gives me maybe 1-2 years of pics and FB posts. Not like other versions where I would see posts and pics from 1 to several years ago. I know for a fact I have more memories than what comes up. Please fix it!
  • How can an app actually get WORSE??! 1/5

    By Skyttle428
    Oh Timehop....you've got this all wrong. Before the huge update I would have given you 4.5 stars, but now if I could give 0 stars I would. This update is horrible. HORRIBLE. I was on a 243 day streak before the update and now I don't even care to check it because it's so frustrating to use. The boarder options are gone, the words are gone, the rotating seasonal boarders are gone...how can you go backwards???? This app is not worth my energy. I am DELETING this app.
  • still good but needs some improvement! 3/5

    By yessica24
    one of my favorite apps, I check it every single day, but sometimes it's really annoying to use. the drop down menu is too sensitive and doesn't respond quickly to dragging back up.
  • Wish it was what it USED to be. 2/5

    By Gennanicole
    This used to be my favorite app, hands down. But as so many others have noted, after many updates, this app is just awful now. It's clunky and difficult to navigate, crashes often, and is riddled with ads. UI is horrific. The worst part though, is that so many have spoken out about the issues and been downright ignored by developers. So I deleted it, because even though I love the idea of this app, I hate the execution. Too bad.
  • Bring back old feature 1/5

    By AerykaKay
    I dislike how It's become a snapchat story! I don't want to click through my memories. I want to scroll.. Like I've ALWAYS done. Don't fix something that isn't broken!
  • Not great 1/5

    By D'urban
    It was great, but recently the photos have stopped uploading!
  • Picture scroll 3/5

    By Kkkkkkkkittttty
    This new update is i efficient. I don't like how it does a super fast slide show of pictures instead of just being able to scroll through. Doesn't let me enjoy each picture
  • Updates aren't fixing the problem: 4.0x still is awful: Timehop isn't listening 1/5

    By PKtm
    Update 5/19/2017 (v4.012): same same Update 5/2/17 (v4.011): same same -------- I launch this app now only after an update, just to see if Timehop is STILL ignoring the clear "thumbs down" from its users about its ridiculously bad new interface that they rolled out for the new year. Yup, they are. Why is this company still around at all? They've had two and a half months to fix what they inexplicably screwed up. Now they have even more advertising embedded. Run away. ------- Starting with 4.01, this update has taken what used to be one of my favorite apps and completely ruined it. Almost unusable in its interface design. I stopped using the app, but decided to wait one more update before deleting it. Alas, 4.08 (like the other recent updates) still ignores what 98% of the reviewers have clearly said: BACK THIS OUT. REVERT. It was a BAD idea. You can't fix it with incremental tweaks when the whole concept was ill-conceived to start. Timehop, why would you outright ignore such a clear groundswell of negative feedback? Like so many other long-time loyal users, I'm now gone, and I won't be back.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Meg12345677654321
    Most of the time the pictures don't load and the videos never do
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By CullensLover
    HATE HATE HATE the latest update. Wish there was a way to use the old format. I always loved TimeHop but it's ruined now
  • New Interface is Awful 1/5

    By JonWes
    I used to really like this app but the new interface involving endless swiping is nearly unusable.
  • Google photos don't load :( 2/5

    By Eloelyse
    I used to love this app, but it seems to work less and less well with every update. Now google photos and videos don't load at all, and I can't see my swarm checkins. It would also be great if the app would take into account duplicate photos so that I don't have to see every photo several times just because it exists in more than one place.
  • App ruined; update still doesn't fix 1/5

    By TJ__
    Adding advertisements is not an improvement, and makes the new layout even more annoying. Please bring back the scrollable layout. I will keep checking updates and keep leaving negative reviews until you fix this. I hate the new layout requiring swiping between screens. The app was awesome when you could scroll down a single screen and see everything. Now it's crap. Update still doesn't fix this. Give us an option already! Stop trying to copy another social media format that doesn't work here!
  • Crappy update 1/5

    By l0lali
    Loved the app before the update, hate it now . Can't do then and now photos anymore (or if you can I can't figure out how). Also can't "see convo" for tweets where you directly "@" someone so you have no idea what the conversation was about. Hate Hate HATE the update, hope the next one reverts everything. Would give 0 stars . edit: this app has been updated a few times since my initial review but the ONLY thing that has changed is that i can once again do "then and now" photos ! i never do reviews on apps but i truly liked this app and enjoyed connecting with friends over our memories . Photos won't load no matter what i do , STILL can't see the conversation for a tweet you directly "@" to someone . it's just so bad !
  • No swarm 1/5

    By sewcute594
    I love swarm, but none of my check ins are showing :(
  • Won't even load at this point 1/5

    By Idontknowwhattlput
    At the moment, there's no reason to waste storage on this app.
  • ADD TUMBLR 3/5

    By zionaurora
    i love this app but i post a lot on tumblr too and would like to see what i posted a year ago on there.
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By MadisonTakesAll
    Great way to bring back almost forgotten about memories!
  • How did it end up this bad ? 1/5

    By paigepennington
    The first versions (the first 2) were great. They showed every picture status and memory of that day on all connected devises. Now Facebook memories are a million times better! Don't waste your time. They sharing, the content and even the way you navigate the app is AWFUL. I only redownloaded for hopes of it working
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Pluns
    The new updates have fixed all the major bugs. Thanks guys!!!! This is my family's favorite app and I tell all my friends about it.
  • Best memory reminder app 5/5

    By Mrs.McDowell
    This is the best app to bring back all your memories from FB. I know a lot of people use other apps but they don't compare to Time Hop. I tell everyone about it. Thanks for reminding me of great things in my life. Things that happened almost 7 years ago. It's great Thanks, Stacy M.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Sammyliv1
    I don't mind the new look of the app however certain features are annoying. One, my pictures are always zoomed in and I have to zoom out to properly see them. Two, I don't like where you have to click to move on to your next photo, it often skips a few or accidentally I click and it goes to the previous one. And lastly I hate that any time I update the app I lose my streak for however many days in a row I had been viewing my memories. I will not update this app again and waste storage space.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kellyv96
    Still AWFUL!! Just go back to what worked...😡
  • Shutdown Rumors Must Be True 1/5

    By RSLR
    Another non-update with negligible differences. Sad. Best of luck to the remaining staff.
  • Meh 1/5

    By foundthelove94
    Really missing how it was before the big update. They would give us the option to choose scrolling down a timeline instead of tapping on the post like Snapchat. Kinda annoying
  • New interface is trash 1/5

    By Swiftenhaal
    I deleted the app but I'm going to keep writing bad reviews because it's garbage.
  • Eh 1/5

    By HeatherCAllen
    I can never get my pictures to load. Only the ads. The notification will pop up for me to check and all it shows me is the loading circle and ads.
  • New UI is still awful. They refuse to listen. 1/5

    By Edwin.........$
    Updated May 17th, 2017: RIP Timehop December 2016. I enjoyed time hop for years, but the UI (v4) is beyond awful! Forced to click through each item one at a time, rather than the simple list they had. And obnoxious coloring/graphics on texts like tweets. Why are you mimicking others - and so poorly? Go back to how it was before! It used to be great! They refuse to address this despite literally thousands of complaints. They are STILL tweeting at people about how 'you'll like the new version better once you get used to it.' No we haven't. Revert or include it as an option in the settings. It's been a giant whole series of minor updates for over five months and you still haven't fixed the number one problem!!! Listen to your users!!!!!!!! Come on!!!!!

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