Timehop - Your past photos & memories, every day!

Timehop - Your past photos & memories, every day!

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  • Current Version: 4.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Timehop
  • Compatibility: Android
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Timehop - Your past photos & memories, every day! App

Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's like #tbt every day! What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past a day at a time.

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Timehop - Your past photos & memories, every day! app reviews

  • It's fun. 4/5

    By Aterna Legato
    It's just fun to see things you did in the past. Why not have a little help?
  • Timehop streaks 2/5

    By Lr7a7
    Every single time you guys update your app my streaks get wiped out and thrown back to zero. Absolutely fail.
  • Love Timehop 5/5

    By McLover87
    Reminds me of good times and bad times and far I have gotten thru the years
  • Updates 5/5

    By naturalwitch
    I like it most of the time the latest update has been good . The update before this last one was terrible.
  • Timehop 3/5

    By Rocket dog6573
    Love seeing my memories but I wish you could go back to the previous day
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lindsay2426
    Love the throwbacks everyday!
  • Not working correctly 1/5

    By TinyPixie777
    I'm not seeing any of my history, just the ads. I know I have posts on this day, because FB is showing it to me. Not sure what happened.
  • Update is horrible 2/5

    By julialynn0909
    Update is horrible
  • Version 3.3.3 Forever 1/5

    By Tanikaze
    I was able to load up version 3.3.3 via a third-party app on the desktop. No streak available but who cares?!! Glorious vertical scrolling FTW. Also: zero ads. _____ Official Timehop position: the new UI is the best way for big buck$. No sense pleading: just try to downgrade and live with the good old days... ________ Let's face it: everyone who has abandoned the app because of the neverending horizontal scrolling ain't never coming back. All that's left are suckers for an arbitrary "streak" more captive/exposed to advertising. The tyrants have won. Keep your Ver. 3 and move on. ___________ Hope you resisted upgrading to Version 4 because vertical scrolling is NEVER coming back. Advise using an older device not upgraded to v.4 or using an Android device for this once-great app. (Note: Google Play store has version 4 now. Android users now share our rage.) __________ I thought those five-star "reviews" were automated frauds. But now I really think they're peeps who don't know any better... Go crazy. ___________ Yanno, even the ads aren't very diverse. I see the same itty-bitty game app a few times while scrolling through dozens of pages. Hope it pays the rent...
  • Dumb 1/5

    By merrivy
    The new update is dumb. Why would I want to see things the company, app makers, or the dinosaur "said." I have the app to see MY history. Probably deleting the app.
  • Obnoxious additions 3/5

    By Photog in TN
    Timehop was fine up until the moment they started adding their own comical inserts into my "hops" world emoji day is annoying. Smh
  • New update is Trash 1/5

    By This App Is Literally Useless
    This update is absolute garbage. Can't click links. Can't view conversations anymore. This is absolutely terrible. Way too much of their own crap in the app that can't be turned off sad it can't go lower than 1 star.
  • Removed 2/5

    By Tim'N'Tina
    Used to enjoy this app. Now shows notifications for ads.
  • ugh, keeps getting worse 1/5

    By anji✨
    new UI is still awful. also, i'm getting a bunch of posts by Abe for world emoji day dispersed between my own posts. why???? i don't want to see this. i get that you have to show ads but why this?? it's so unnecessary and makes the app even more cluttered, especially with the new UI where i have to look at every single post, even ones that aren't mine
  • What is this? 2/5

    By Sharnidaeshia quandala Johnson
    It shows me some memories of mines, but then there's other random stuff that I would never even think about posting.. does it show me memories of the stupid dinosaur mascot's too? That's dumb af
  • If there's one hangup 3/5

    By joelzmole
    I do enjoy using the application, it's very nice to go back to old memories and enjoy the posts from back then. But I cannot stand the use of ads. I get you need to find this application but the way the ads litterally will not allow you to continue a streak because you "have to watch a Video" is bogus. It sounds silly but when you get to almost 200 days and have it reset to one and then two days later, reset again. I'm sorry that's a bit of a joke.
  • what happened????????? 1/5

    By Alexisajul
    this had been my favorite for a solid 3 or so years but the second your update changed the list format to having to click each post one by one I debated deleting it and never looking at it again. today my timehop feed was filled with bs from 'abe' about world emoji day and his 10+ posts made it tedious to find my other posts. I don't know what you all are on the last few months, but go back to what you were doing beforehand. it's clear no one likes this new version and the fix for this is relatively simple, so what's the deal?
  • Current version needs a bit of work 4/5

    By 220+ streak
    I love the time hop app (one year club)! Most of the issues that bugged me have been addressed. Keep that up! Currently the only one left on my list is that the picture comments from Facebook are too small to read easily. Please fix soon!
  • Love time hop 5/5

    By Tena Albers
    Love ❤️ Timehop look 👀 back at what I posted in the past 😊❤️
  • Fun & nostalgic app! 4/5

    By Yo yo yatzee fans
    Lots of fun to see posts & pics from years past! I think this version is just fine the way it is.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Sonneillon90
    Love the app and the service but j hate the new UI.
  • Enjoy! 3/5

    By SmilinMegs
    I enjoy the app again, but would love if it would also sync up with some of the journaling apps like memento and 5 min journal, so i can see those entries also!
  • Love timehop 5/5

    By Bella4ever886
    Great app!! I do have the same issues with the frames though....y'all need to have more frame choices
  • Meh 3/5

    By Gfdscjhbcsstydaass
    I'm not a huge fan of the update. Also, you guys should add snapchat memories
  • Connect to Snapchat 4/5

    By avari safari
    I love this app but i really feel like it would be better if the app could connect to the snapchat memories! so you can see videos and pictures from years past!
  • Used to be so good 1/5

    By Swatshock
    This dev team is just awful. They don't listen to what people say at all and they release updates with tons of bugs. Videos from Twitter play completely wrong and everything is clunky and annoying to use. They should revert back to the old ways
  • I love timehop 5/5

    By itsmactime
    Best app ever!!! Love how it jogs memories of the past!!!! The best is that you get save the memories and share with friends and family reminding them of the happy, silly, fun times of the past as well! When I share these memories with others I always get responses of .. wow I don't recognize these children... or wow .. what fun we had .. or .. isn't it crazy that was only a few years ago!!!
  • Nice seeing most old memories 5/5

    By jluv1231
    Wish there was a delete function sometimes people don't want to be reminded of certain memories.
  • awesome app, have used it for years 5/5

    By #wow
  • I want my old timehop back! 1/5

    By S.1234456677888
    This new version is awful!! What happened to the simple list that I could easily and effortlessly scroll through?
  • Broken streak or broken app? 2/5

    By Noservice?
    Twice now I've had to watch a video because my "streak broke & froze over." My streak has begun broken! If you want me to watch a video to continue using, just say so!
  • :( 1/5

    By Noelle M
    won't connect to my camera roll
  • Storage bloat 1/5

    By Doofevilinc
    There have really been since good improvements this year but the app bloats like crazy and uses up storage. We're talking a gig within a week or two. The only fix is to uninstall/reinstall and log back in to everything.
  • Timehop 2/5

    By Lisa Blonde-N-Easy
    Could use a lot less space, offer a lot more options😱. Am hopeful for an Upgrade that's worthy of being called an UP GRADE.
  • Where's my streak!! 2/5

    By csdame
    Mine reset on July 4th!! I know I looked through my Timehop the day before because I was showing my family pictures from last year!! I was at 280!!! And it just reset again today!! Get rid of the dumb streaks if you can't even keep up with them!!

    By Takes my coins/
    This use to be a good app but now uses SO MUCH storage space I might have to delete it! Uses more than Facebook and Instagram combined and all I have is 1-4 photos a day! I only go on it once a day and is eating storage like crazy since new update! I was trying for a year streak and am on 331 days but I might delete it for storage space for my essential apps. This is garbage when it barely used any before now it's almost as much as my whole camera roll! Bad job Timehop, you need a new programmer or designer!
  • Doesn't show all of your previous posts 2/5

    By Hodge511
    Love that it brings up previous posts including what you may have written along with a photo but it doesn't show photos along with comments a lot of the time. Disappointing to. It seems all of previous posts!!!!
  • No syncing/communication with Swarm 2/5

    By QuirkyGriff
    This app used to be great when it would sync with Foursquare/ Swarm. I loved looking back at all of my check ins. I keep hearing that they are trying to sync up again but honestly it's been so long that I might delete the app, which is sad.
  • Love the app...but needs some fixing 2/5

    By Danielle_Thomas
    7-10-17 I don't know the dates of my reviewed below, but what still applies is being able to tag people. If I'm sharing a post that originally tagged a friend, I want that friend to be tagged in the repost. One thing I hate about the current version is that there's no space between the yellow frame and the picture. Often times the top part of my picture is covered up with "1 year ago", etc. There should be an option to move "1 year ago" to the side or bottom of the picture; even better, no back to having it IN the frame instead of on the picture. This is also a problem with the other "frames". Abe or a birthday cake should be able to be moved so it's not covering an important part of the picture. Lastly (for now), I want the option to keep my original comment posted with the picture as part of the timehop. This has been requested by many people from the beginning. Please make this happen. ----------------- Previous Review: The comments below still apply but I'm becoming increasingly annoyed that I know I posted last year and the year before but It doesn't showup on timehop. How do I know I posted on FB? Because the FB flashback shows me those pics. And I know I posted every day during the month of October last year. BUT here's the big problem!! I was going to email support before dropping my rating, but that feature wasn't working. Let me say that again. The "contact us" feature in the app does not work. What in the world is going on?!?! ----------------- Old review: That about sums it up. I love the idea of seeing what I posted over the years. BUT I hate that when posting from the app, I can't tag people in Facebook (until I go into FB and edit the post). This isn't a problem for Instagram because it brings you to the app before you can post. Can this be fixed?
  • Never work anymore 1/5

    By Nanny_j
    Always says "oh fiddle sticks" retry
  • Got a new phone, lost my streak 1/5

    By m_gan
    I was at a 256-day streak, trying to make it to a full year. Got a new iPhone and all my apps were there - except with timehop, I have to re-login to everything and I've lost my streak! I don't want to have to sign in with my other phone for the next 100 days (even though I really just want to get to the full year because I'm neurotic like that). You need to have accounts, or something like gamecenter, where our info and streaks and everything else can be stored.
  • Intermittent 1/5

    By Cadens Dad
    Doesn't work at times. When it does it's great. Seems to miss years, mainly the "1 year ago." It also seems to put wrong days with year, as in a year ago today would be July 10th not July 11th.
  • Lots of problems lately 1/5

    By Jen's07!
    We love Timehop and it is so disappointing when the pictures don't load. It spins and spins and we will never know what happened that day!
  • App ruined; update still doesn't fix 1/5

    By TJ__
    Adding advertisements is not an improvement, and makes the new layout even more annoying. Please bring back the scrollable layout. I will keep checking updates and keep leaving negative reviews until you fix this. I hate the new layout requiring swiping between screens. The app was awesome when you could scroll down a single screen and see everything. Now it's crap. Update still doesn't fix this. Give us an option already! Stop trying to copy another social media format that doesn't work here!
  • Miserable App 1/5

    By TMinerd
    Timehop was one of my favorite apps until recently. With the new update came a plethora of new problems: nothing - literally nothing - loads except their own ads and the occasional twitter update. If they keep this up, Timehop will be obsolete in no time, especially considering that Facebook has their own "memory" capabilities now. This new update ruined a perfectly good app.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By MeredithDobb
    But now it's cluttered with ads in a really poor interface/user experience. And that's if the app gets past the loading screen (which is rare these days). $$ over substance I guess.
  • Like it 5/5

    By Deathbyfarts
    I like the new update. Seems more intuitive, still great memories.
  • Streaks clearing 1/5

    By Tyjkhhgrgv
    Thanks Timehop for clearing my streaks when I viewed my page at least 3 times yesterday. Then you ask me to watch a stupid video to restore, it restores then resets anyway. Disappointed this is the we one time after 250 days.😡
  • New update is great! 5/5

    By Lin1234567
    LOVE the newest update! Happy to have a better format back for an app that I love looking at everyday.
  • Frames 3/5

    By tmcaby
    What happened to all the GREAT frames you used to have??? It was fun to use them!!! Now, the frames you have are...BORING!!! The birthday, anniversary & celebratory ones should be constant but you stopped having tropical, love themes, "miss this", holiday and other fun frames...WHY???

Timehop - Your past photos & memories, every day! app comments

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