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Timehop App

Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's like #tbt every day! What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past a day at a time.


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  • I’m gonna loose my streak! :( 1/5

    By ThatTallRedHead
    I can’t play the video to end my streak since getting my new iPhone X. Using iOS 11.1.2
  • Lacks user friendly notifications 2/5

    By Rjdsteffs
    Would have rated higher if I could set up when to be notified so I do t miss so much
  • Retro videos at the end 3/5

    By Nick Hall
    The woman who narrates these has the worst voice in the world. It makes me close the app every time she talks. Please get rid of her Timehop. Thank you
  • No notifications on iPhone X! 3/5

    By escobem
    Ever since I upgraded to my iPhone X I have noticed that I no longer get a notification o look at Timehop. The notifications are set not in my phone settings and the app settings it still no notifications. Can this be fixed?
  • Can’t turn off Facebook event memories... 4/5

    By Jjliop
    I need the ability to edit which types of memories I get from Facebook. I run a business through a Facebook group and create events for my online parties. Honestly, I don’t care that I threw a party for so-and-so one year ago today. There should be a way to turn off which memories you get...such as events. There’s a high likelihood that I’ll end up quitting Timehop if I can’t stop these types of notifications from coming through and that’s a shame because I used to love the app and the warm fuzzies I got from looking back at things from the past.
  • Improving! 👍🏻 4/5

    By KendraHCOCK
    The app is getting much better!! Im happy with the recent improvements, I feel like it was way too cluttered in the past years. I mean I feel like you already have a great app & it’s a great concept however for a while you guys were super annoying with the pushing your “Abe” mascot guy 😒. In my opinion you should just cut out the dinosaur guy all together. I don’t think the app would suffer at all; if anything you guys could focus more on a multitude of different filters & stickers to go with memories!
  • Videos say “failed to load” 1/5

    By TarenO
    I didn’t have a continuous problem until today not sure what’s going on but will only load a few pictures and videos won’t load.
  • Zuckerburg is smarter than you 1/5

    By rorymcstory
    Confused about how fb shows me a pic saying it is from 5 years ago today but time hop seems to have missed it
  • App Ads won’t let me unbreak my streaks! 2/5

    By missmac16
    Love Timehop, especially having young kids I love seeing what TH is going to pull up. On a 129 day streak, went to unbreak a missed day and twice the app ad makes it impossible to move past. Seriously, show a video ad or something because this is obnoxious.
  • Bug? 4/5

    By cvand3
    Everything else is great, but I’ve been stuck on the 147th day streak for about a week and a half 😂🙄. Is there a possible update coming soon that would fix it?

    By Deme222
    I used to LOVE Timehop, but I hate the new update where we have to swipe to see each picture. It's not user friendly and I miss the old scrolling version so much more. I really hope they bring this back.
  • what 3/5

    By 01i3
    not getting any notifications since the last ios update?? not sure if it’s my phone or the app but somethings wrong :/
  • Empty 1/5

    By Dxjdjdjeb
    My time hop is empty, have 209 days in a row and the last couple weeks there is nothing in it. And yes I have updated my phone and the app.
  • A gift each morning 4/5

    By Toyladyjanet
    Love this app! It's fun each morning to see what is waiting for me there. There are some memories I would like to not be reminded of each year. I would like to be able to block some posts from showing again
  • Facebook videos won't load/play 1/5

    By Mamajill
    Please let me know how to resolve this.
  • No longer enjoy this app 1/5

    By Benwarpup
    I used to love this app. It would only send me a notification on a day that I had a "memory". Now, however, I get a notification every single day saying to check Timehop, yet it's not for a memory. I have to click through and see what happened 20 some years ago and watch their retro video. I feel as if I have to check every day now so I don't miss an actual memory, because I never know when it will be. Please only send notifications for what I have subscribed to, not for your daily throwbacks that I don't want to see.
  • Google Photos 3/5

    By austboston
    For some reason, Timehop has stopped including Google Photos in the things it shows me daily. Please fix this issue and bring back this functionality.
  • Gray pics 2/5

    By ccole87
    11/12/17 Every time they update, it says they’ve fixed crashes and bugs. I never had a problem until this last update. All the pics are gray, and won’t load. THIS is something you actually need to fix!
  • Not everything is there 3/5

    By Asian and I kno it
    I think Timehop is a great app overall, HOWEVER, sometimes i find that there aren't some tweets/instagram pics in my daily timehop, but should have been there??? Not sure if it's a deeper, technical thing, but please include everything that you can. There are some huge milestones that I missed without realizing because it wasn't there :(
  • Still crashing 3/5

    By Free fries Friday
    I get through a couple pictures and it shuts down! Please fix. ASAP !
  • Good app 4/5

    By 2twitters
    It gets all the information necessary but I would like to add another twitter account since I have two so if that could be an option then I’d definitely give it 5 stars!
  • Crashes 3/5

    By grneyegrl143
    Apparently the last update was supposed to fix crashing. Mine wasn’t crashing before, but it is now. It didn’t fix it!
  • Updates aren't fixing the problem: 4.x still is awful: Timehop isn't listening 1/5

    By PKtm
    ONE STAR FOREVER. Update 9/23/2017 (v4.1.7): nine months now of Timehop ignoring user consensus. Update 9/13/2017 (v4.1.6): no better. Update 8/25/2017 (v4.1.5): Timehop continues to ignore the overwhelming consensus of its users' feedback. Update 8/9/2017 (v4.1.4): status quo Update 7/29/2017 (v4.1.3): they're still not listening Update 7/5/2017 (v4.1.2): uh-uh Update 6/17/2017 (v4.1.1): nope Update 6/5/2017 (v4.1): same same. Proud declaration in a prepended "state of the app" message from Timehop: "For those asking, no, we’re not going back to scrolling. There is a MUCH bigger world in new Timehop." Wow. Update 5/19/2017 (v4.012): same same Update 5/2/17 (v4.011): same same -------- I launch this app now only after an update, just to see if Timehop is STILL ignoring the clear "thumbs down" from its users about its ridiculously bad new interface that they rolled out for the new year. Yup, they are. Why is this company still around at all? They've had two and a half months to fix what they inexplicably screwed up. Now they have even more advertising embedded. Run away. ------- Starting with 4.01, this update has taken what used to be one of my favorite apps and completely ruined it. Almost unusable in its interface design. I stopped using the app, but decided to wait one more update before deleting it. Alas, 4.08 (like the other recent updates) still ignores what 98% of the reviewers have clearly said: BACK THIS OUT. REVERT. It was a BAD idea. You can't fix it with incremental tweaks when the whole concept was ill-conceived to start. Timehop, why would you outright ignore such a clear groundswell of negative feedback? Like so many other long-time loyal users, I'm now gone, and I won't be back.
  • Images fail to load 1/5

    By monsj1122
    Timehop worked great until recent updates...both images and videos fail to load. Used to check this app religiously but now go on it every once in a while in hopes that it’s fixed and realize it’s not!
  • Update no good! 2/5

    By Chastity52
    Just updated yesterday, now my Timehop will not show me any pictures or videos...fix this please. I miss looking through my memories 😞
  • Fixed the X issue! 5/5

    By DubbaCTrumpet
    Updated to 5 stars after iPhone X issue was addressed.
  • TimeHop Discrimination 3/5

    By TajaSexiCool
    Obama presidential nomination as president wasn’t not documented. He made history was do I have the memories coming up? Yet, Timehop doesn’t?! Obama made history. This was epic! He did 2 terms. Is that not important enough to be documented? Yet, the app documenting The Waterboy movie & etc.
  • Add More Media 4/5

    By Cookie123400
    Great app overall, but I think snapchat memories should be added for more nostalgia!
  • New update 1/5

    By MBC71107
    11/5- The app still crashes even though you said it was fixed... 5/17- the majority of my stuff isn't showing up From Facebook. The new update is terrible! I loved reading the comments on my pictures and now I can't do that...
  • UI is still awful. They refuse to listen. 1/5

    By Edwin.........$
    Updated Nov 5th, 2017: RIP Timehop December 2016. I enjoyed time hop for years, but the UI (v4) is beyond awful! Forced to click through each item one at a time, rather than the simple list they had. And obnoxious coloring/graphics on texts like tweets. Why are you mimicking others - and so poorly? Go back to how it was before! It used to be great! It also took them 10 months (Oct 14,2017 version) to bring Swarm check-ins back. They refuse to go back to the classic style despite literally thousands of complaints. They are STILL tweeting at people about how 'you'll like the new version better once you get used to it.' No we haven't. They even released a 'state of the union' explaining they need advertising money (ok, advertise away) but the graphics and non-list style are awful. Revert or include it as an option in the settings. It's been a giant whole series of minor updates forever and you still haven't fixed the number one problem!!! Listen to your users!!!!!!!! Come on!!!!! Stop pretending it'll be ok. Originally I'd have paid for "Timehop classic" app version but now you guys are so adamant about refusing and ignoring your base that I don't know, but I'll continue to download updates only to check for reversion of your horrible changes. Do the smart thing, and be the app that we once loved.
  • Swarm Check-ins 4/5

    By Tyrannosaurus-Matt
    I’m really glad that Swarm Check-ins are back! Only one thing I feel is still missing from them though is that on some check-ins you can choose if you are at a place for an event or not (for example what movie you are watching) and that info is absent from Timehop. I think it used to be there though. Please add that if possible.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By dan_schan
    When I have a page of lots of photos from my phone, when I scroll down and more pictures start loading, the app crashes. It doesn’t crash if I scroll down slowly, or if I click on one of the pictures and flip through them one at a time. All of these photos are already on my phone, so it seems silly that the app would have to work hard to render the thumbnails of them, but it’s crashing when trying to do so. Also please update for iPhone X!!
  • Crash city 2/5

    By Robin Ophelia
    Please fix the constant crashes when viewing large albums from Google photos - so frustrating!
  • Problems 2/5

    By Jkmfr3
    I LOVE seeing old pictures. I love the idea of this app. However it freezes up and has to be shut down and restarted multiple times. When you try to share a picture it does the same. I have to try sometimes a dozen times to send it.
  • Multiple Photos Crashing App 1/5

    By JoeandAnn
    God forbid you have taken more than one photo on a day! This app has been crashing so bad when I have a group of photos taken during the same timeframe like Halloween. I tried 20 times to look through all my Halloween photos of my kid and crashed every time halfway through. This has been happening for the last few months once they started adding all the ad space between every picture.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Tiger nurse
    I usually love Timehop but with this new update, it keeps crashing. And it takes forever to load my pics. And I’m not a fan of the “sponsored” ads. Please fix!!!
  • Frustrating! 2/5

    By RachNP
    Constantly crashing. This is one of my favorite apps, and y’all just can’t get it right. I have opened and reopened the app so many times and it just keeps crashing.
  • Good to remember 4/5

    By koontang
    I love the trips down memory lane. Just wish that we could go back to other dates once we pass them.
  • Newest update crashes every time I use it 2/5

    By InggyBinggy
    Love the app but it is unusable currently on my phone!!
  • Great, 1 desired feature 5/5

    By Mike Nelson - Peachtree City
    Great app, would love it if I could connect both my wife's Instagram account and mine so I could see more photos of my family over the years.
  • Add Snapchat! 5/5

    By itsadrahay
    You guys should add Snapchat to Timehop. I've got so many saved and I think it would be cool to intertwine these two apps.
  • This app used to be so much better... 2/5

    By Booooooooooooooooo24
    I just don’t care for it anymore. I used to check it everyday and now I don’t. I just use the FB one...less ads.
  • 10/26/17 bug 2/5

    By jenL88
    App keeps crashing
  • love the app, just missing one more thing 4/5

    By savbieber
    the app is great and all but i’m really waiting to be able to see snapchat memories in my timehop :))
  • I have a suggestion 5/5

    By Current me
    This app is really great and I love it but you guys should maybe include Snapchat memories because some people have a lot of Snapchat memories and maybe you could include that
  • Ads load better than photos and videos 1/5

    By brettod
    Ads load better than photos and videos
  • Nostalgia 5/5

    By It._.RRaiyan
    It’s feels so good for people who has so much photos and they get to see their memories. I recommend this to everyone who has a lot of photos! 😀👍
  • vsco 5/5

    By Lanly
    awesome app.. you guys are usually quick to fix bugs, very appreciated. maybe consider adding vsco? if that's possible
  • Still shows deleted tweets 3/5

    Timehop still shows me, year after year, old tweets that I have deleted. If I deleted them on a Twitter why does Timehop still show it?
  • Why does it keep saying you need Twitter to see post???? 1/5

    By GIGO FG
    UPDATE: New design is TRASH. Why does it keep saying you need Twitter to see post???? When I already have Twitter installed and I use to be able to view the conversation thread within time hop.

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