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Timehop App

Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past with your friends. It's like #tbt every day! What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Tap through your old photos, videos, & posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Swarm, and replay your past a day at a time.


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  • Feature needed 4/5

    By Haley0489
    I love this app and use it every day. I do wish there were options to add multiple Instagram accounts though.
  • Continues to go downhill 1/5

    By kidsgotjoekes
    Still not a fan of the UI after months of being exposed to it. The app doesn't even show you old Facebook posts anymore, just old pictures. And the constant brushing off of these issues by the dev team is disheartening. Been using this app for years now, but I'm done with it for the foreseeable future. Update as of 9/13 update: still the same!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Picorian
    Love the app, even more so now that competing app memoir will be shutting down . Keep up the good work. I just wish you can see prior days instead of just one day, in case you miss a day or two
  • Cool I guess 4/5

    By Fabulous Maddie
    It's cool I guess
  • Still issues with the updates 1/5

    By Jcb34thr
    I am in the camp of loving the former version of Timehop but really not liking the update at all. When there is a video, I get a screen wth a still shot, then the video plays behind/underneath the still shot, so there is no way to view the video.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Nmauk
    Love it. Nice treat to see pictures and posts that I had forgotten.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Itsyaboyskinnyp3ni$
    I don't mind the new update its not bad
  • Why? 1/5

    By Kspear2
    Bring back Facebook statuses
  • Ignore the negativity, this app is great! 5/5

    By skyiffland
    I don't know why this app isn't working for people but it works fine for me, Abe is great and the service is great, much better than Facebook's version. Now if they had a paid version (say $.99) to get rid of the ads it would be even better!
  • Stop telling me how many consecutive days I've used TH 1/5

    By Luke.Remis
    Stop telling me how many consecutive days I've used TH
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Yensid
    Always fun to check. Love being reminded of my blessings :)
  • Okay 3/5

    By Qewsed
    I like the retro videos they have on the app now. But sometimes the app runs slowly.
  • Fun place to remember the past years 5/5

    By Ed Mills11
    Nice work Timehop
  • Each update is missing what people want (4/22/17) 1/5

    By GioVan78
    Update is more of the same. Still Disappointing I've used this app for a few years now and it's a shame to see it fall so far in quality and enjoyment The past few updates seem to focus on small things. Not the big stuff people want I get they need to pay the bills but the ads are awful. Never relevant and often repeats the same ad 3 or 4 time in the same day Some (not all) of the images are still cropped or zoomed for some reason (even with the feature turned off) The design feels claustrophobic and messy. The streak at the end is hit or miss. I'll have a long streak going and then forget to make sure I go an extra page back to make the streak count. It should be on page one. I miss"this day in pop culture histiry" videos. I think you should give the option to see the day before just in case someone missed it. (But only the day before)
  • Updates aren't fixing the problem: 4.x still is awful: Timehop isn't listening 1/5

    By PKtm
    Update 9/13/2017 (v4.1.6): no better. Update 8/25/2017 (v4.1.5): Timehop continues to ignore the overwhelming consensus of its users' feedback. Update 8/9/2017 (v4.1.4): status quo Update 7/29/2017 (v4.1.3): they're still not listening Update 7/5/2017 (v4.1.2): uh-uh Update 6/17/2017 (v4.1.1): nope Update 6/5/2017 (v4.1): same same. Proud declaration in a prepended "state of the app" message from Timehop: "For those asking, no, we’re not going back to scrolling. There is a MUCH bigger world in new Timehop." Wow. Update 5/19/2017 (v4.012): same same Update 5/2/17 (v4.011): same same -------- I launch this app now only after an update, just to see if Timehop is STILL ignoring the clear "thumbs down" from its users about its ridiculously bad new interface that they rolled out for the new year. Yup, they are. Why is this company still around at all? They've had two and a half months to fix what they inexplicably screwed up. Now they have even more advertising embedded. Run away. ------- Starting with 4.01, this update has taken what used to be one of my favorite apps and completely ruined it. Almost unusable in its interface design. I stopped using the app, but decided to wait one more update before deleting it. Alas, 4.08 (like the other recent updates) still ignores what 98% of the reviewers have clearly said: BACK THIS OUT. REVERT. It was a BAD idea. You can't fix it with incremental tweaks when the whole concept was ill-conceived to start. Timehop, why would you outright ignore such a clear groundswell of negative feedback? Like so many other long-time loyal users, I'm now gone, and I won't be back.
  • Latest update is awful 2/5

    By SC2KH
    The latest update to Timehop looks really bad. First, I can't tweet about it and now the frames are gone. Please fix it ASAP.
  • Too many notifications 1/5

    By Interobang
    I can't take it any more! Deleting!!
  • Came crawling back and still hate it 1/5

    By 773202LUNA-12345
    After the great Christmas betrayal I downloaded Memoir and swore off Timehop for good. Or so I thought, until Memoir shut down. The new UI is still awful and it's still missing posts I see in other places like On This Day. But I guess we have no choice now....
  • Get it together 1/5

    By winedahpoo
    Can't even log on now. Says retry!
  • Awful 1/5

    By ecf13
    It won't load my memories. If it isn't broke, don't fix it!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Thaly Love
    Brings back perfect memories
  • Nothing Shows 2/5

    By cilapantss
    So before it wouldnt let me connect with my camera roll at all. Now even when connected to my Facebook and Insta, i still have NOTHING showing on my feed. i know there should be posts because FB shows me memories in its app. So uhhhh maybe try to fix this broken app please.
  • Keeps crashing. 1/5

    By WeezayFBaybeh
    Won't load up my TimeHops. Fix it.
  • This is not the Timehop we want 1/5

    By PDelahanty
    Bring back the scrolling timeline! Justifying it by saying "ads" does not win us over. Figure out how to put ads in the scrolling timeline if you want them so bad! It's obvious users hate the 4.x version more than they hate things like the IRS, Comcast, or Congress. Swarm 4 is like the POTUS ignoring all the critics...except POTUS has an approval rating in the 30% range. Timehop is under 10%.
  • Too many ads now 3/5

    By Laoajaknso
    I used to love this app but now I can't even tap through with out 2 minutes of ads
  • Stop with the notifications 4/5

    By rjgf100110002
    I love the app but WHY does it tell me I didn't view my TimeHop when I ALREADY viewed it 20 minutes before. Kind of annoying
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Iphone_Dude9977
    I always like looking back at my past doings. This app makes it super easy to do that and it's really fun to use. I love that dinosaur, he's so funny.
  • New UI is still awful. They refuse to listen. 1/5

    By Edwin.........$
    Updated September 13th, 2017: RIP Timehop December 2016. I enjoyed time hop for years, but the UI (v4) is beyond awful! Forced to click through each item one at a time, rather than the simple list they had. And obnoxious coloring/graphics on texts like tweets. Why are you mimicking others - and so poorly? Go back to how it was before! It used to be great! They refuse to go back to this despite literally thousands of complaints. They are STILL tweeting at people about how 'you'll like the new version better once you get used to it.' No we haven't. They even released a 'state of the union' explaining they need advertising money (ok, advertise away) but the graphics and non-list style are awful. Revert or include it as an option in the settings. It's been a giant whole series of minor updates for over nine months and you still haven't fixed the number one problem!!! Listen to your users!!!!!!!! Come on!!!!! Stop pretending it'll be ok. Originally I'd have paid for "Timehop classic" app version but now you guys are so adamant about refusing and ignoring your base that I don't know, but I'll continue to download updates only to check for reversion of your horrible changes. Do the smart thing, and be the app that we once loved.
  • Not that great, honestly. 2/5

    By DerfNoVowels
    The app serves its purpose, sure. It lets you know your social media history. No fail there. But, why does it feel to have an add after every hop? At least, that's how today was. It's pathetic. And no, I'm not interested in retro video. Also, side complaint, why does the dumb dinosaur put itself in every last "on this day?" It's pretty stupid.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By CEAlcott
    I've only had this app for about 2 weeks and I love it! I laugh everyday about thing from my past. It's great. I get to show my kids how silly I was and see goofy pics. I love it.
  • Love it! 3/5

    By mommy2Briana
    I loved this app. I changed my rating because recently it has only been showing me around 3 memories a day. I have been on fb for over 8 years and I'm not even seeing 1/2 of my memories
  • Plz fix it 1/5

    By corrieeeeXD
    The new updates are literally terrible. The app is basically useless now that you have to swipe, and swipe, and swipe, and all forms of social media look the same. I used to love the app SO much but I don't even use it now. I'm actually only writing this because I found it on my phone and tried to look through it before I deleted it, but it just isn't user friendly.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Four square was best.
    I love being able to see l of my old pictures and posts! And whoever does this app is also a Whovian so it makes it even more fun! I love the fact that occasionally it has the serious stuff too. Thank you for including 9/11 and never forgetting.
  • Hate the new update 1/5

    By AnastasiaRae
    Giant thought bubbles and forcing you to swipe? Horrible. Considering deleting it. I loved the app before. Also. Why is the form 80 size? Horrible.
  • Great 4/5

    By crystal88teeth
    I check mine every morning! It's nice to see how we've grown in a year! Love how they respect the holidays and their tribute to 9/11 is beautiful.
  • 2 weeks and still nothing loads 1/5

    By Lynnda1971
    I am unable to load anything. It just keeps spinning trying to load. Everything is updated but still nothing. No reason in wasting my time any longer. I hate that but I'll just rely one what Facebook shows me.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By davidman2147
    I am liking this app a lot!
  • Bruh 1/5

    By CaptainCompton
    Better hope you didn't tweet too many times one day 3 years ago, because boy if you do you aren't gonna be able to see anything from 7 years ago. It seems to have trouble loading a lot of items and that's inexcusable tbh
  • Fun 4/5

    By Easy/challenging
    It's fun so see what comes up every day from my past. I have not done the upgrade to the app, looks like it might crate havoc!
  • Awful. 1/5

    By Sugarglorykid
    9/8/17 edit: the app refuses to show anything but photos from all my linked accounts. I'm so over TimeHop being terrible. This is the first time in 222 days that I did not like looking through TimeHop. (Thanks for keeping the streak, at least.) The nostalgic feeling I usually get was replaced with annoyance. The current update is just awful. I dislike "flipping through" pictures that are closely zoomed in. The captions, comments and conversations are gone. Change it back please (and fix the wrap around text problem.)
  • I've moved on to another app, the ads are getting out of hand. 1/5

    By Kkitty113
    ** Timehop had purchased memoir and is shutting it down. Doesn't mean I'm going to re download this. Ridiculous. I have fully moved on to the Memoir App. Timehop consistently doesn't load and if it does, it never shows everything and none of my pictures load. If I open up Memoir, not only can I see things from a few days ago (not just one day at a time), my pictures actually load. Also, Memoir has no ads! I tried checking timehop today and literally the first three things were ads. Ridiculous. Timehop used to have zero ads, then they added one at the end of your slideshow. Then they added one at the beginning and one at the end. Then they added one or two in the middle. All fine. Now it's 2-5 ads between every single "memory" I'm shown. Seriously? I get timehop has very little ways to make money, but two ads minimum between each single memory? I don't know if timehop got bought out or brought someone fresh in, but they're messing it up for the user base. Listen to your downloaders, stop all of this nonsense.
  • I'm Out! 1/5

    By Holy Crap Batman
    Deleted this morning off my phone since this is yet another app that has sold out to advertisers and are now forcing video ads to be watched before you can move on to the next step. I get that the developers at Timehop aren't working for free, but wasn't placing the ads in between our event days enough? Annoying.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Quaris mom
    Love it bc not only does it show things from the past but u can post or save the memory! Helps me remember things I forgot about lol
  • Time hop 5/5

    By cool dydjux
    I love that I can look back at the same day
  • Sellouts 1/5

    By Whyte Meat
    I'm about to forego my 460 day streak. Video ads??? REALLY? Straight garbage.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Gingin5760
    Love it
  • Love the app, hate the adds 3/5

    By Mention696969696969
    This app is awesome and it's fun seeing old memories, but the new feature where you have to watch a 30 second video is ridiculous. You can't skip it. So now I only see memories up to that ad and then close the app.
  • It doesn't open 1/5

    By Star Kitty Vixen
    I used to LOVE Timehop but these update is bad!! I deleted the app and downloaded again! Still the same problem!!! Fix it guys ..for the iPhone
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Maya The Mexican
    Timehop never shows me my memories, it just shows me when old movies came out or random things in history.
  • the highlight is my memory not the cutesy new design 1/5

    By anniejotime
    My memories get lost in confusion of swiping and zooming and over designed cartoon bubbles around my post to the point where I don't recognize right away which platform the update is coming from. And why are we swiping our memories away? Swiping is for tinder not a linear storytelling app. I think the Keep It Simple Stupid mantra is the best way to go here so that our memories are the highlights not the "cool new features" that may work for other apps but not necessary here. I want so badly to love this app :(

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