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Tinycards - Fun Flashcards App

Memorize anything while playing a game! Tinycards is a brand new app from the team behind Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world. *Tinycards. Big fun.* Have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn. *Memorize anything quickly.* Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material. *Choose from thousands of topics or make your own decks.* Learn almost anything with delightful, animated decks. Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’ll find country capitals, vocabulary in different languages, history, constellations, hat styles, you name it! Always wanted to learn Chinese on Duolingo? Now you can exclusively access Chineasy’s lessons in the form of beautiful flashcards. *Simple and free.* Easy to use, 100% free. Love Duolingo? Easily import all the words you’ve learned to Tinycards to keep them fresh in your memory.


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Tinycards - Fun Flashcards app reviews

  • Adjust to needs... 4/5

    By babarayray
    If you keep missing a word, it automatically makes you practice. --- simple, but keeps adding words. --- I like it a lot.
  • Neees iPhone X support 3/5

    By Shane-C
    Neat app but needs to support the X!
  • The best learning app eveeeeeerrrrrrrr 5/5

    By Hesy_ghp
    It truly has the whole package that makes an app perfect. It is awesome. Thanks Doulingo for making this.
  • Sooooo helpful! 5/5

    By Draculittle
    I use these cards to enhance my Spanish lessons with Duolingo and other my iTunesU Arkansas Spanish I class. It has been really great! I saw another review say it was not for beginners but I am a beginner and am learning so much. Only thing I would add would be an option to have the Spanish words spoken out loud automatically. I would pay for this app but they offer it commercial free! Muchas gracias Duolingo!
  • Useful. Thanks for creating TinyCards 4/5

    By Begryphon
    I like this app and I’m frustrated with it. I’m an off and on user of duo lingo basic French. I’m at 37% fluency when I started using Tiny cards. Scoring algorithm isn’t very smart. Answer for d’accord is “okay” but “ok” is wrong. Ça va bien is “I am well” but not “I am fine”. I would like to set the length of time the feedback screen is presented so I can process my errors better. If I misspell “aime” as “amie” I want time to mentally practice the correct response. At the moment I don’t know which if either of the two is correct. Maybe a “Continue” button on errors? If I’m prompted to type a particular response it’s frustrating to start and have the desired response disappear. Especially when it is long and only the second time I’ve seen it.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By HappyFunLife
    I downloaded this app to help reinforce the Duolingo Spanish lessons I am working on. It is great except for the fact that it makes you practice far too often to be able to move forward to new material. You can have full strength in all lessons, come back an hour later, and have to do 12-15 practice sessions to get those same strength bars refilled. It's irritating.
  • Great app, just one tip 5/5

    By chulochinaling
    I think the fastest way to recall and memorize information is by saying it quickly out loud. It would be helpful if we could say the answer rather then type it!
  • Nice app, but it keeps crashing 3/5

    By Meg💝
    My device meets all the standard system requirements to use this app, but for some reason it likes to crash whenever I scroll through cards or switch to a different deck. It happens every time I use the app. I have very little apps on my device and every other app aside from Tinycards works very well. Please fix ASAP.
  • Good 5/5

    By Aromas <-- in game
  • Very good, very easy needs some tweaks 4/5

    By tumblrisbad
    I find this app very helpful. Though when I get an answer incorrect I’m able to get it right a second time, due to the little tip telling me to “type ___” that is actually the answer. Somewhat of a stepping stool and feels like a cheat.
  • Great app for me 4/5

    By ItsDatNoobAgain
    I think the pace of the learning is pretty fun memorizing words. Sometimes if I forget, I turn off typing and I’ll remember
  • Swipe 4/5

    By Mae_be_nerdy
    The swipe thing isn’t really working for my iPhone SE, could you please fix or tell me what to do? Thanks so much!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Happyhorticulturalady
    There are no instructions to use this App. Secondly it sent me to the App from Duolingo, but there are no Japanese cards. You wasted my time, and battery. Don’t put out a garbage App that doesn’t work. This is junk ware to sell more Apps.
  • Good Duolingo Companion - Couple "Quirks" 4/5

    By LostEcho
    I’m using TinyCards with DuoLingo to get a start on learning Spanish and overall I really like how well the two pair, but there are a couple things I find a nuisance in using TC (with DuoLingo, that is). 1) Some of the pronunciations by the female voice in TC is *very* different than those in DL, which for someone who is learning can be frustrating when you speak to the bots in DL and the voice recognition doesn’t accept your TC pronunciation but will if said the way the word is pronounced in DL. 2) I’ve run across vocabulary words in TC that appear to have incorrect definitions, or at least, DL will mark you as incorrect. Ex: in TC "Different" is ‘distinto’. In DL, you’ll be marked as incorrect, as ‘diferente’ is the word they’re looking for and in DL ‘distinto’ is "distinct" in English (which makes sense). According to iTranslate, distinto can mean different, but DL only accepts one answer, diferente (even though both distinto and diferente are in the same DL lesson). Since these two apps are created by the same dev and marketed as companions, there should be strict cohesion among the translations. 3) Some of the words found in the DL lessons aren’t even included in TC until later lessons or not at all, which makes trying to learn the vocab in TC before tackling a DL lesson irrelevant. 4) This one is more a request than an issue, but it would really be great to be able to move the flash cards around in TinyCards. If I could pair “start" and “finish” right next to each other, their visual proximity would help me remember the Spanish translations quicker. The cards are grouped by theme for the most part in TC, but having the ability to move them around freely would really be helpful. I love using this app with DuoLingo. I feel like it’s really helped me pick up the vocabulary quicker than if I were using DuoLingo alone.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Wine-with-cheese
    I love the flash cards, they help me sharpen my mind; revisit things that I have forgotten and learn some new things.
  • I can’t log in 1/5

    By lovelyppl
    It won’t let me log in . :(
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Tomtheyak
    I tried the desktop version first and the audio plays automatically every time you see the card. On the app this isn't happening, which is seriously detrimental to language learning. As an aside, in language decks the user should be asked to translate from the target language into their primary language first, THEN from their primary language into the target language. I tried to send this feedback directly, but the app said I needed an email address attached to my account to do so, despite the fact that I do have an email address attached to my account and double checked this fact.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Rosebuddear
    Fun app to practice words!
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By Mkiana
    Awesome and fun.
  • Tiny Cards, as in tiny amount of content 2/5

    By Glenna Ann
    I dowloaded this app as a study tool for the two languages I am practicing through Duolingo, Spanish & Irish. I come to find out that Duolingo itself only has eleven official companion decks paired with the lessons. They don’t even have an official one for Irish. The only Irish deck that pops up is a personal deck that has typos and only sort of correlates to the lessons on Duolingo. Seeing as how this app is supposed to be a companion app to Duolingo, I am very disappointed that they don’t have decks for all available lessons. The decks they actually have are very helpful, but they need to expand their content.
  • Units 3/5

    By norvinwestjr
    We should have the option to separate our decks of cards into specific units to better organize.
  • Cool idea 4/5

    By Tune Addict
    I like that I can do these for just 10 min a day!
  • Great for practice. 5/5

    By UnicornsLikeABos
    Really good for practicing things you know or need to remember.
  • Good App, Distracting Animation 3/5

    By dea.ces
    Almost perfect app. Super helpful. Problem: when I stop to study a card an animation shows up that says “study then swipe” repeatedly as a banner on the screen. Having ADHD, I can’t focus with a bright colored moving thing on the screen so I’m forced to go to the next card whether or not I adequately reviewed it. I’ve been using the app for a bit and it still happens, so it’s not just a beginner tutorial. If you’re better at focusing than me, this app is just fine. As is, I’m just about ready to walk away from it.
  • Love it so far 4/5

    By Leelee_1359
    I've only been using the app a few days but I like it so far.
  • Says there is a notification when there isn't on the home scrn 1/5

    By Truculent65
    Don't get me to use the app more because you put a false notification there on the home screen. I don't like being tricked like that. It's also very annoying. It's a shame because it is a good app.
  • Kind of frustrating 3/5

    By wtfihateitunessomuch
    I really enjoy this app and feel I am learning a lot. I’m using it for polish currently. It is frustrating that the audio does not always work. Polish words are hard as it is and not being able to hear them is frustrating! I do feel I am learning more than I do from duolingo itself!
  • Yas 5/5

    By HanMaj
    I like the quizzes after a set of cards and how I'm able to retake it to strengthen my memory. It really makes learning more enjoyable.
  • Great learning tool 5/5

    By Revnmaynard
    I use this duolingo and it's great to practice with before you take the tests and quizzes on duolingo so you don't make mistakes and have to stop mid quiz because you get 5 wrong you gotta wait for turns to regenerate
  • Helpful and easy to use 4/5

    By Niqlock
    Visual aids with the reinforcement of sound is quite beneficial.
  • Fast skill drilling 5/5

    By vicho473
    This is an awesome app that allows you to drill basic language knowledge and quickly recall what you have learned in Duolingo. I recommended to anybody that is committed to learning French.
  • Not for beginners 3/5

    By Aaaaaaaaathena
    I got this app to correlate my lessons with Duolingo. I opened the app and started my first basics lesson. I was overwhelmed! It went on to show me a few cards with words connected to phrases/pictures but then it would ask me to type out words with like 8 letters in them. I didn’t mind that but when I misplaced letters and went to look at the spelling errors I made and connect it to the correct answer the card would swipe away and it would start with the next question before I could even look at what I just wrote. I feel like if you are far in your Duolingo lessons this might be a good app but I deleted it after a few wrong answers with no explanation because I knew it would be of no help to me. Also, if you could include a turtle version of the sound that would be nice as that helps me connect the letters in the word to the sound. Hopefully I will be able to use this app in the future because flash cards are proven to improve the memory significantly.
  • Evaluation 3/5

    By Mingtoi4
    It was great til this update! I can't get back to a functioning area
  • Love but one thing 4/5

    By Hanna wight
    I love this App!! But something is missing from it. There needs to be something you can write on see you can remember what you're learning or if there's a test you need to have somewhere to write down some information.
  • Duolingo, it's not 3/5

    By BillyDinPVD
    I teach European Portuguese in a public school in MA. It's disappointing that Duolingo has a 1 size fits all attitude towards languages, as witnessed by the absence of a Luso-african / European Portuguese course. But at least Duolingo recognizes European Portuguese vocabulary and doesn't tell you you're wrong for calling what it thinks ought to be a "menina" a "rapariga." Tinycards doesn't do that.
  • so helpful 5/5

    By DRich566
    must download
  • I can't swipe!!! 1/5

    By Bbean2004
    I thought that this app would let me learn new languages, and this isn't it! I much prefer its cousin, Duolingo.
  • Great supplement to Duolingo 5/5

    By skizzzizizzz
    Tinycards works great when used alongside Duolingo. Tinycards makes sure you know the vocab and Duolingo takes care of everything else. Makes learning Spanish very accessible, in my experience.
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Wack-a-doodle
    This app is absolutely amazing! It's helping me so much that it's unbelievable! You need to get this app if you want to learn a new language!
  • Love 5/5

    By Monty Sue here
    This is a wonderful addition while learning the beginning of French
  • Love it 5/5

    By Gdjsbsgs
    One day, I wanted to learn a different language, but the one I had was really boring and I never had interest in it. Then the ad for Tiny Cards come to me and it looked a lot more fun than the one I had. So I said,"Ok, I will try it and see what it is like and if I don't like it, then I will delete it." Probably five minutes into the app I had already loved it and learned two new verbs that really helped me put sentences together. If I were you, I would get it. 👍
  • Helpful until it's not 2/5

    By Kevin71481
    This app was critical when I noticed that duolingo (Spanish for English speaking) wasn't testing me on all the words in each of their sections. The only way to get some words down solid was to review tiny cards, even though it didn't count toward my duolingo xp. I'm only on the last topic of the first section of duolingo and I see that in tiny cards, not all of the words in that section are there. Mis and mío are nowhere to be found in the possessive section of tiny cards, as an example. They built these apps to compliment each other, but they don't do that well.
  • Fun way to learn. 5/5

    By Swedish trip
    Hope it helps me when I get to Japan!
  • Great Memory enhancement 5/5

    By Shaun in Brooklyn
    German can be tricky. Duolingo and Tiny Cards are great to refresh or learn. Do it daily.
  • There are no words 5/5

    By Suhhie
    This app is great!! I love it to death! It makes studying what I've already learned from Duolingo so much more fun! When I use Duolingo I usually write everything in my notebook. I still do even with this app, but when I want to get something through my head well, then I use this app to help me memorize everything I need to know! If you're looking for a good way to test yourself, this is the PERFECT app! I highly recommend both Duolingo AND Tinycards as a couple.
  • Amazing!✨ 5/5

    By child_of_the_cosmos
    I feel like learning a new language got a whole easier since I started using this along with the Duolingo app 💚💚
  • Very good but some minor issues 4/5

    By Kal-70
    First off, my review is based on the Italian deck for English speakers. Overall this app works very well for memorizing words and even verb tenses. The way the app forces you to work in both languages is effective and has generally helped my learning. In addition, the app itself is very stable. The issues I've run into are with the restrictive answers. For example, in one exercise, the clue is 'he is' and TV is looking for the Italian translation of 'è' with no pronoun, marking 'lui è' as incorrect (which it isn't). Then in the next exercise, 'he has' is expected to be 'lui ha' and not 'ha' ( both of which are correct). Similarly, words that have multiple translations can be marked wrong, even if the translation is correct. Lastly, singular you and plural you are not labeled well and can be marked wrong if one doesn't give the answer TC expects. For example, 'you eat' could be 'mangi' or 'mangiate' depending on singular or plural, but no hint is given as to what TC is looking for.
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Styles80123
    This is a great supplement to doulingo! I am loving both!!!
  • Duolingo quality 4/5

    By roscomcmillan
    Great app and platform for learning. I did run into quite a few problems with the top Ukrainian decks. Cards would require answers to include words like "Transliteration:" and some cards would have both the Ukrainian and English word on them, then you had to select the answer in Ukrainian, which makes no sense. The app itself is great, but the user decks, for now at least, are pretty rough.
  • Great app 5/5

    By iGotMoxie
    I'm trying to learn Italian and this has been very helpful.

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