Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
1,615 Ratings
$ 2.99

Toca Life: Hospital App

Experience the excitement of a busy medical center with Toca Life: Hospital! Welcome newborn babies into the world, treat sick patients and even say goodbye to loved ones. Toca Life: Hospital is a place where you can play out the joy and pain of life in your own way. LIVE THE CIRCLE OF LIFE THE BEGINNING Welcoming a new baby into the world can be a little scary and very exciting! Share in that excitement as we welcome newborn babies to Toca Life! Family members and medical staff can love and care for these tiny, swaddled cuties. THE END Sometimes sad moments happen in hospitals, too. The farewell room in Toca Life: Hospital gives loved ones a chance to say goodbye in a peaceful setting. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN Toca Life: Hospital lets you tell make-believe stories or real-life stories about checkups, X-rays and all the everyday things that happen in a hospital. EXPLORE UNITS ON FIVE FLOORS In the basement, sound the siren on the ambulance in the garage or crack the code on a mysterious machine to open the doors to a secret lab! On the entrance floor, check in at the reception desk and have a seat in the waiting area, or grab a snack from the cafe. The treatment floor has tools to diagnose patients, a lab to check specimens and an operating room. The family care floor has a unit just for kids and a maternity unit with an ultrasound machine, nursery cribs and newborn babies! Patients on the general care floor can visit a peaceful garden to reflect on life. And when a loved one dies, say your final goodbyes in the farewell room. FEATURES - Explore five floors: basement, main entrance, lab and treatment, family care and general care. - Move characters from floor to floor in the big elevator. - Baby on the way? Use the ultrasound machine on the expectant patient! - Aww, newborns: Welcome babies to the world! - Use the CAT scan machine (ours has cat ears!) and X-ray machine to diagnose patients! - Check surgery patients’ vitals on the medical monitor. - Use all the tools you’d find in a real-life hospital: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs and more! - Crack the code on the mysterious machine to explore the secret lab! - Find peace and say goodbye to loved ones in the farewell room. - Set the tone for your story with just the right music, from a dramatic hospital theme to a relaxing, mellow tune. CREATE VIDEOS OF YOUR OWN HOSPITAL DRAMA Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice and your characters’ movements as you’re telling the story. Create videos up to two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share later! GET INSIDER INFO EACH WEEK Don’t miss Life Weekly! This is your source for hilarious videos, insider tips and awesome fan art. Tap the lightbulb in the top right corner of the start screen to get updates every week. This free feature gives you fun insights into the whole world of Toca Life! -- ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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Toca Life: Hospital app reviews

  • Best game 5/5

    By snowleapardlover
    It has many secrets and fun things to do!!,
  • Review/game idea 5/5

    By Papa pat 73
    So first off, Hi Toca Boca! I love all of your games. Now my game idea, Toca life college. The buildings will be a collage, a mall, a café and an apartment building. In the collage there would be different classes, a cafeteria, and dorms. When the kids get tired of being in collage they can have a graduation. The mall would have some stores .The cafe would be where they have lunch and get coffee. Finally, there would be an apartment for if they graduate or want to live there. Thanks for listening!
  • Add a button for babies 5/5

    This game is totally awesome but you should add something for the babies because you can't really make them??
  • READ ME🤪 5/5

    By Pimsspwkwwkpib
    First off I think your apps are awesome, but there is only one problem you can not connect them. Lets say that my person from Toca Life: Farm has gotten sick or wants to take a vacation, but the person can’t because we can’t transfer them from different apps. Maybe if you make Toca Life: Trains this wouldn’t be a problem, if we could have this app which can cost 2.99-4.99 it would be amazing. We could have a train station, car dealer, car wash, restaurant/fast food chain, and airport were you can actually travel places. At the train station we can buy our ticket wait 1-5 minutes and get snacks while waiting. In the train station it should be a little gross/old looking, have snacks, benches, when you buy the ticket can it depend on how far away from the train station it is ranging from 5-10 minutes on the train, and can we have train stops like every 1 minute we have one. Can we also bring the cars to different places? Please make this happen and I know you just released this awesome game, but I would really like this to happen. Thank you for taking your time out of the day to read this. 👋👋💐🎄☃️🛍❄️❤️. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Toca Boca Company (and to whoever is reading this right now. ❤️🧡💛💚💜🖤💙💞💓💖💗💘💝💕❣️! Also can we have a Christmas update in every app/every Toca Life app? I know that was pretty random lol 😆!
  • Fun, but... 5/5

    By EveeLoveGamer23
    I really like this game! Great job on making these great games!!! But I have 1 bug complaint and 3 suggestion. 1. When the patients eat the germs, it's like they're the hamburger or the pizza or stuff like that in the café. 2. It would be really cool if you could actually make them have babies rather than changing the outfit and giving them random babies. 3. It would be more fun if you dragged a character over to an object and interacted with it (For example, they have mucous in their mouth and you either give them a bag or drag them to a garbage can and you have ten seconds to do it or they spit it out on the ground and you have to clean it up). 4. I would enjoy this game 100000,0000000,0000% more if when you place on of the patients on the surgery chair, it would say "Would you like to preform a heart transplant, tonsil/adenoid removal" and so on. These updates would mean a lot to me! If there was a such thing as 10 stars, that's what I would rate this game if you update it to do my requests and fix the bug. Thank you so much! Keep up the extraordinary work!!!
  • Amazing but.... 4/5

    By Saturn_Fox
    I absolutely LOVE the Toca games! I always try and get them the day they come out, and this one came out so I bought it. I will honestly say that this game was perfect except when I read the comments and watched the trailer. I agree with the people that said they were sad about the viruses not working, and I was sad about that as well. I wasn’t sure if it kept crashing with that feature or if the makers just didn’t like them, but I would really want them to be in the game.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Toca fan! :3
    You guys should obviously do a toca life zoo! It would be adorable to see the styles of animals that you would make. Please make toca life zoo!
  • Toca boca rules!!! 5/5

    By toca life luver
    I love the toca boca games and I think you should connect them too and I also think you should add more characters to toca life hospital
  • Love it but also hate it 3/5

    By Nikok24
    Make toca life zoo pls pls pls I love it make the zoo like the Oklahoma zoo by the science museum and photographers and a food stand and toca life museum so a museum with kids and make lots more houses like five in each game for each family and people can really mail people make the seacrets easy I can’t find the head band in toca life office so thx byeeee!!! 👋
  • Awesome but I have some concerns 3/5

    By GIANThearts
    I love the Toca Life games and my favorite is the hospital. But there is a problem with mine, when I give people the germ critters it doesn’t make them sick for some reason and the pills have no effect either. However when I downloaded it on my brother’s IPad it works. But it doesn’t work on my IPhone 6 S. Everything else is fine I just want the full hospital experience like everyone else so please try and fix this issue. Thank you!
  • Updates 5/5

    By Figureskatercc
    I always have played toca life games since I was little I just think this needs some changes and a update please
  • A few app suggestions. But its amazing 5/5

    By GamingGirl122
    This app is so amazing I can’t even explain how amazing it is. I also wanna tell you some bugs. If I ever wanted to use the elevator I would crash. Ok so my suggestion is Toca Life Zoo. I know you guys are making Toca Life pets but Toca Life Zoo is just another suggestion that you don’t need to do. So there can be different shows like lion shows, horse shows, dolphin shows, etc. And the little secret of course! So to unlock the secret you need to go through the employees only door.. BUT, you need 5 keys to unlock the door. The first key is found in the tank in the dolphin pool. It is hidden inside the pool so you should sneak in the backstage of the pool and put on the trainer swim suits. Then get in the pool and you will find a hidden brown key on the ocean floor. The next is in the lion exhibit. You find the highest mountain in the exhibit and press on a button that’s on the mountain. You will hear a rumbling sound and the pond the lions have in their exhibit, all the water in the pond will disappear and you fall into the pond, walk though a tunnel where you find the key. The next key is in the monkey exhibit. There a bucket full of bananas and if you take away the bucket there is a key behind it. The next is in the gorilla exhibit. There will be a bunch of gorillas that are blocking your way of looking at something.. hmmm suspicious right? If you politely move the gorillas away there is another key. The last one is in the fish tank. There is a tank that has a sign on it and the sign says “TANK IS CLOSED DUE TO UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE FISH IN THIS TANK” all you gotta do is dive into the tank. Ewww there’s so much dirt on the coral reefs. You will find the key behind a coral reef. Now take all of the keys to a machine (feel free to have other characters in the game help you) and drop all of the keys in a tunnel that’s in the machine. The employees only door will open up and when you walk in you will see a rainbow dolphin, fish, killer whale, and cheetah. And a MEGALADON. Kids that are fans of dinosaurs will totally love that Megaladon and use it as a valuable animal in to role plays. Characters can be: Park rangers, park guest, park employees, animal trainers, a gift shop seller, food stand sellers, waiters (that work at the cafes at the zoos) receptionist for the zoos hotels, and maybe even a scientist who is studying animals. Kids could imagine that a shark broke out of its tank, a scientist studying a dolphin, a waiter running a busy cafe with customers who want weird desserts, a park ranger giving a family a tour, a gift shop seller who has angry customers, a suspicious employee, a energetic park guest, a old grumpy food stand seller, a crazy receptionist who makes two strangers stay in one hotel room with each other, or even experience being a trainer and interacting with the animals! Btw I love your games!
  • One tiny thing to add 5/5

    By 😜🍩🍰💗💙☮️😎
    Please make a game we’re all toca life games are put together
  • Toca life zoo please! MUST READ 5/5

    By CupcakeCool18
    This app is amazing! I have all the Toca life apps! I saw a review by #PIINKLIFE saying that she wanted toca life zoo. I love that idea! Can you please do it?! Whoever made these toca life apps, are geniuses. I LOVE them! And I'm 10! My BBBBBBBBF, (that I've known since I was a baby), loves the apps too. Her sister does too. (She is also my BBBBBBBBBF), and so is her other sister! So I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you can make a toca life zoo. If you are in the middle of making it, I'm so excited. Shout out to #PIINKLIFE if you are reading this! Sorry this was a little long! Toca lover, CupcakeCool18
  • Ok 4/5

    By awsome girl😎😜😝
    I think this game is awesome! But just like any other toca boca game after a few days it gets boring so can you please please do an update more recently please thanks!!!!
  • Great game but.... 4/5

    By Jayboogy
    the only reason why i wouldn't like this game is because the diseases don't look affective when u first made the game, when the characters ate the diseases they actually looked like they had a disease and u would have to give them a pill to get rid of it but now when they eat it there normal like they don't look sick🤢can u please fix
  • amazing 5/5

    By Sid does stuff
    you guys should create a toca boca game like this but with all apps combined!!
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Official_alycat621_123
    I love this game so much. I just wish there was more stuff in it other than the hospital like a home so you can take the baby home and care for it. Or a baby stuff store to get stuff for the babies.
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By Briepup
    Toca Boca is awesome and I think they should make a toca zoo some time
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ⭐️ Luna Bye ⭐️
    I love it I got all the apps so I love this one great good I will give you 5 stars also you should make more and I’ll buy it!! 🤪
  • Make it free for the game of the day or week during christmamas 5/5

    By Haley stevenson
    Hi Toca staff you all need to make toca office free for game of week for Christmas Thank u❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 make it free like u do like the other games game of the day or game of the week for christmams.
  • Toca gym 5/5

    By READ NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!😀
    Can you make a toca gym or gymnastics gym
  • Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By killkat💋
    So this game is SO FUN BUT I just wish the game would update and be connected with the other games that is it so please =(
  • TOCA! 5/5

    By 🦄Kawaii Cupcake🐱
    I AM A HUGE FAN! One update for Toca city, you can make mustaches and beards in the hair salon. And make a kitchen.
  • I️ love this 5/5

    By Míñèćráftmáñ
    So I really like this game and I don’t have any problems I️ just want to so you should totally make a toca sports with swimming and all that and a toca war zone!
  • Game idea for Christmas! 5/5

    By Axgrcgjgrjkjf
    Hi it's me again toca gamer you all probably read my review on toca life office but I think it would be cool to make a toca life game for Christmas! I know you all would not have a lot of time to make it but maybe you could do one next year. Anyway what I was thinking is that there would be four places to go to. 1.A Christmas tree farm where you can pick out a tree that you like or something like that. 2. A skating rink where you can ice skate and choose a pair of skates that you like and skate in the rink. 3. A house where you can decorate a tree go outside and play in the snow and also have a dinner. 4. The North Pole! Where you can see santa,elves,and his reindeer and sleigh and wrap presents! I think I would be great idea so you should definitely make it at some point so please think about it! Your friend, Toca gamer.
  • Awesome needs a few updates tho 5/5

    By nikki fangirl
    I LOVE this app but I was watching vids of this game and they gave them like a weird thing and they turned sick however when I do it it does not work pls make it work because I REALLY want to have sick patients😍
  • Ok app but needs a little help 2/5

    By Eliza becknerd
    It's OK. There's a couple things I want to suggest maybe a house because it gets kind of boring for every day to be at the hospital and there's not many people either. Maybe add a couple more people that look like because it's very hard to make a family. Sure it's fun but there's a little bit of fixing to do for this app. I rate this app two stars because I think it can get boring time to time.
  • Idea but amazing plz make 5/5

    By Golden Punk
    I absolutely LOVE the game but I wish that you would make a Toca:Hollywood with apartments for the actresses and movie set ups and a hair salon and clothes ora zoo with a polar section and a safari section and a grassland section or a Toca with different templates so if you choose Hollywood for example you can play in that and then play in the zoo for example Plz make, Toca fan
  • Great app but one thing 4/5

    By felicity girl 300
    Make it so they have houses, because all it is is a hospital , like what do you do with a patient when there all fixed, I need homes so if u can make an update and do houses that would mean a lot to me.
  • Make more!!!!! 5/5

    By Emilycara🤩🤫🤑🤨
    I LOVE THE GAMES!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️but make more like 10I love toca boca and its a good game to play like if you have no wifi! So please make more add add updates more.😉😊😁

    Ok so me and my friend made up ideas for a Toca life:hospital without asking you guys and OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE! but I want to tell you something you could add first like when someone’s in the bed in the baby room maybe a button on top that only works when someone’s in the bed and you can create a baby and choose its gender decorate it give its swaddle blanket a color make a skin tone and make it so it can grow up into different ages and choose what the older versions will look like to and its birthday yeahhhh and then when you click the character in the bed the baby will come out and choose the name and under the character it will show its name also in the secret room can you make the secret room bigger and um so when a charecter goes in the tank in the secret room when you take her out she has circling eyes and she looks like a bloody scientist and you can decorate her lab coat,goggles,hair and then when you click on her she’ll turn back to normal or scientist! 💋Toca life fan By the way my name is Sophie
  • i love it 4/5

    By Mystictail456
    its great game and i share it with my little cousins when i visit them, all of the interactions are amazing. one thing we’d like is maybe a bandage roll that you can put anywhere on the body instead of set bandages for different body parts. also i think that making a toca waterpark or zo would be a good idea thanks
  • Toca Mall 5/5

    Me and my sister love toca life games! And we have some suggestions!! We would love love love a toca life mall, zoo, aquarium, neighborhood, college, mountain resort, New York, We hope you take these suggestions into consideration!!!! And also..... WE LOVE THE GRANDMA’S IN EVERY GAME SO PLEASE KEEP MAKIG THEM!!! Go Toca!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Toca pet life 5/5

    By Fun gurl🦄
    I love this game. My friends and I were talking about a new app idea, toca pet land life, with a vet, home, groomers, puppy park, and dog mall. We also talked about a water park one but we are still thinking about it. We also thought of Toca North Pole
  • Germs don't work 4/5

    By DJ.llama
    I love this game and all the other games but the germs don't work for me and my friends I try to feed it to the toca characters but nothing happens. Otherwise this game is amazing!!!!
  • Idea 5/5

    By hi_i-write_reviews
    I love all of the toca life's that I have. I have an idea for a new game. Most likely you won't see this but if you do my suggestion is Toca Life:College. I think that this will be a cool one because it's different then the school and I feel as if it will be more interesting then Toca life school. I think you could have dorms and then of corse the school campus. Also I think you should add in a family home so the College kids can visit there family. There could be a train station as well that will "take" you to the beach or like a movie theater or maybe even like a hangout spot. If you see this thanks for looking into my idea!
  • Where is the secret lab? 5/5

    By Zeldadog99
    I got it but I couldn’t find the secret lab, if you know where it is, please tell me! But it is still a really great game!😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • :D 4/5

    By Trishlivesinthewoods
    Hey! I saw a few suggestions about a "Toca Train" and the train connects to the different Toca Life's. that's an amazing idea! Toca Boca, I'd love to see this happen.
  • Great all around 4/5

    By hTRRR
    This Is a great app! I love the interactive gameplay and the flexibility of the story line You can keep playing and find more surprises! I just LOVE that. I do have a few notes 1. Could you add some houses for healthy people and doctors? I think it would be more realistic. 2.can you fix the bad glitch? When you put a stuffed and I also or real animal or object in the bed you can’t put a person in. 3.could you add more doctorss I want to have one doctor work at each station.
  • A question 5/5

    By PureGenius77
    Were is the last red button? I can’t find it help me find out how to finish getting into the secret lab please.
  • I give it four stars!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5

    By Luckypennymake
    The game is sooooooooooooo great but......... can you please make a update that has like three houses and some clothes that is the same as the pregnant clothes but not pregnant?Please! Please! And please! I am begging you for this update!!!!!! 😬🙏🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🏘
  • Awsome I want you to make... 4/5

    By Turn off chat please
    Omg I love this game and all the toca boca games, but, I really really really, really!!! Want you to make toca life mermaids. I would defiantly play toca mermaids. It would be Awsome if you could❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Super awesome can u add some stuff 4/5

    By Tocalifefan
    So, this is like my favorite game ever. It's so cool all the stuff. Could u add that the pregnant person can give birth and that u can change the baby's clothes? If so, thanks!! Also could u please please please make a toca life zoo?! Plz update it
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By horro obe
    So the pills are not working please fix that and thanks
  • Glitches glitches glitches 4/5

    By marinathepoet
    I love this game at all but there's one problem whenever I goto the science lab and I'm trying to go to another place and in the character disappears behind it and then the character ends up in the wrong place please fix this😰😰😰
  • Awesome!!!! 5/5

    By SJH🐵🐵🐵
    This game is great but on my device the pills don't make people sick like their supposed to but anyways I love the sloths!!!!!!!!😜I also think you should make the apartment 5 stories on Toca city and you need to make more cute outfits on the farm. Also you need to make a train station or plane that connects all the toca life games you own.i also agree with#PInkieLife you need a zoo with🦉🐵🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸🐔🐧🐦🐤🐥🦆🐣🦅🦉🦇🐺🐗🐴🦄🐝🐛🦋🐌🐬🐡🐟🐠🐳
  • I have another idea 5/5

    By Keuenskjenabd
    All of the Toca life games are so fun! I think there should also be a Toca Life Waterpark. I have been having this idea for a long time and I REALLY want the creators to make one. That would be my dream! :D
  • Madison 🦋🦋😃 5/5

    By Madison🦋🦋😃
    I ❤️ every single toca boca game,but in the hospital game,you have a 👶🏻 and never go 🏡.So I think you should ad 1 more location,like you did with toca life:City,but instead of a post office,you should add a house.And I'm sure lots of other toca fans out there think the same thing!!😘😘
  • Needs work 4/5

    By gjjdbjdjs
    I love toca boca but you need to be able to travel from the school to the city. I want all of the worlds to be connected

Toca Life: Hospital app comments


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