Todoist: Organize your life

Todoist: Organize your life

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Todoist: Organize your life App

Life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Todoist keeps track of everything – from simple errands to your most ambitious projects – so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. When you don’t have to worry about forgetting things, you’ll feel more calm, in control and motivated to achieve your goals. Todoist helps get all your tasks and thoughts out of your head and onto your to-do list anytime, anywhere, on all of your favorite devices – including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS. Even when you’re offline. “If your goal is to spend as little time as possible organizing and more time doing, Todoist offers the simplicity you're looking for.” - iMore With Todoist, you can: Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your head with natural language Quick Add. For example: “Read 30 pages tomorrow at 8PM #books” will set a task for tomorrow, at 8PM in your Books project. Remember deadlines and build lasting habits with recurring due dates like "every second Monday". Free up mental space by assigning tasks to people in your shared projects. Highlight your day’s most important activities with color-coded priority levels. See your daily and weekly progress with beautifully customized productivity graphs. You can make Todoist your central, organized hub for getting things done with access to 60+ popular app integrations like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack. Todoist is free forever with the option to upgrade to Todoist Premium. With Todoist Premium, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to powerful features that’ll help you achieve your goals faster while feeling confident and in control. Teams and small business collaborate more efficiently with the Business plan. From stand-alone tasks to multi-phase projects, Todoist Business gives your team a clear overview of everything that needs to get done. About Premium billing: Should you choose to upgrade (totally optional), your iTunes account will be charged as soon as you confirm the purchase. The Premium subscription is billed annually. The App Store will automatically renew your subscription after 1 year unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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Todoist: Organize your life app reviews

  • Fix the Widget 4/5

    By holyschmidt1122
    Amazing app. Fix the widget. It shows old tasks or doesn’t update in the main app when you check something in the widget (and vice versa). Still the best there is despite that.
  • Best Task Manager for Watch 4/5

    By Andrewbp677
    I am writing this review because I recently opened Todoist on my Watch for the first time in a while, and was blown away by its feature set. Sure, adding tasks, changing due dates, moving items to new lists, etc. are things users EXPECT on the iPhone, but until Series 3 came out, weren’t really feasible on the Watch. The devs really pulled off a stunning update for the Watch, and now I can say this is hands down the best and most fully featured task manager on the Watch. Blows competition like OmniFocus out of the water. Task management makes a lot of sense on a wearable, but so far it seems only Todoist understands that. Bravo.
  • App not performing well w new updates 1/5

    By Scottev
    Been a long time user, but new update is causing lots of features to not work anymore, specifically around added tasks from other apps
  • Not Wunderlist; but close 3/5

    By knconoly
    If you could search the completed tasks for something recurring, e.g. - groceries then I would give this 5-stars. Instead one must scroll through 200 items on the grocery list. What makes it even more frustrating is you have to ask for more & more completed tasks to view them; it won’t all of them at once.
  • Will we EVER... 2/5

    By Dr. Mega-cool
    ...get an option for Dark Mode? It's literally the only feature Todoist doesn't have keeps me demoing other todo apps all while using Todoist in the background. A simple toggle to turn the 'white' spaces into pure black would be huge and extend the battery life on iPhone X! Please add this!
  • Not for Apple Watch 2/5

    By Kahrfan88
    This app has an Apple Watch app as well but lists never populate on the watch. Very odd and frustrating
  • Completes My Life! 5/5

    By Houstontexas04
    I can’t think back to the time before I had this app in my life, only because it’s too painful to remember. Haha! I have completed over 20k tasks and have been using this app for almost 2 years now. I highly suggest you download this app as it keeps your life in order. I use it for work, my non-profit work and even my personal life.
  • Best Out There 5/5

    By Tuptography
    I have spent years looking for the best to do list app. I have a 5 page document on my google drive of what I want out of one, so you know I’m serious. Todoist is by no means my dream application, but it is the best list out there, hands down. The scheme isn’t incredibly beautiful, but smooth, and it is very easy to adjust. Every feature is useful, relevant, and out of sight. It is functional but not cluttered. It can handle both grocery lists and heavy/complicated project sorting. Trust me. After years of searching, no matter how many times I quit Todoist in search for my dream app I always came crawling back. It is awesome, and definitely the best out there.
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By Seaside4
    Lots to like about Todoist but I find the Apple Watch app usually unable to talk to my iPhone and is therefore usable. Update: the update tonight fixed all my Apple Watch Concerns. Five Stars!
  • Terribly slow 3/5

    By cmcbrizzle
    Terribly slow app for the watch. Amazing on other devices though.
  • Latest update makes free version unusable 2/5

    By Jp158
    Limited to 2 devices and 5 users from latest update? Goodbye todoist.
  • watch app is painfully slow 1/5

    By Steven7600
    I have an iPhone 7 plus running iOS 11 and a series 2 watch running 4.1. Bringing up the todoist app on the watch always has around a 5 second delay before the app actually loads content from the phone.
  • Bring back the enter key. This takes app from four to one star review instantly 1/5

    By CitySean
    The enter key removal is one of the dumbest design ideas I’ve seen in awhile from a company that had a good product. Great example of how one sim idea can ruin an otherwise great product.
  • Great balance of features but a few bad UI choices 4/5

    By drtimhill
    There are a lot of great todo apps out there, but for me Todoist hits the sweet spot between Uber feature set (Omnifocus) and ease of use (Reminders anyone?). Under a deceptively simple UI is a powerful app, with all the features and integrations I need. I love the intelligent task parsing that makes adding new tasks soooo easy. The multi platform support (and sync between them) works perfectly, and the web app is as full-featured as the desktop apps. However I have to knock off one star for a horrid UI choice on the iPhone ... the almost totally hidden search function. To search all projects you have to first choose a project (yes really) then tap a menu button then tap search and then tap all tasks before you can enter a search term. The app is screaming to have a search icon on the main page .. which oddly the Mac app does indeed have.
  • Amazing For Work And School 5/5

    By NickCivitarese
    I don’t write reviews often but I’m simply blown away now that I discovered I can link ToDoIst to my Outlook. This makes having a task list INFINITELY easier than using Outlooks built in feature. It is changing the way I get through my work day. Prior to discovering this. ToDoIst played a significant role in helping me to get a 3.8 GPA in my undergrad. The 7 day look ahead was useful in terms of prioritizing my work load. I highly recommend this app for both students and professionals and I’ve been a proud premium user for 2 years now. Keep up the great work, Developers.
  • Sadly, iOS and Outlook integration is still vapor ware 2/5

    By CEJvR
    Unless you’re using Google calendar, task and calendar updates to iOS and Outlook are one-way only... which means my Premium subscription is basically useless to me.
  • Better than wonderlist, but needs better UI 2/5

    By CountryMom27
    I’ve tried multiple to do apps, and Todoist is pretty good, especially since it isn’t owned by Microsoft and it is accessible on my work PC, my iPad, phone, watch, and personal Mac laptop. That said, the UI needs some work. It’s hard to see what is on my plate for the week, or the next few days, because there is no swimlane/kaiban visualization. If there was a way to visually see my to-dos (sizing by expected time, colored by topic - e.g. work, research, home, kids...), I’d be in heaven. Even if it could integrate with a kaiban app that was decent... but alas, I have the choice between listing everything here and not being able to see it, or being able to see everything in another app like Trello and losing the project organization in Todoist. Lastly, we use outlook (which I hate) for work, and the integration with Todoist is really weak, and there is no integration between Outlook for Mac and Todoist whatsoever. Really shameful.
  • Best $30 I spend all year. 5/5

    By Max Corduroy
    Seriously. Stop messing around with other todo list apps. I keep trying, and I keep coming back.
  • Apple Watch 3 LTE Support 4/5

    By DougMcCready
    Hey guys - love Todoist. Just got new AW3 with LTE and would love to have Todoist work via LTE. Please???
  • The absolute best To Do List.. and I’ve tried them all 5/5

    By bobby-digital
    Absolutely the best To Do list app. Has everything need, and perhaps most importantly apps for every single platform (windows, Mac, android and iOS). Even supports Apple Watch! It can do basic lists, and group things into projects. What’s super powerful is sharing lists with others where you can have joint to do lists. I use this with my wife for basic things like a perpetual “Groceries” list. If either of us thinks of something we need to buy, we add it to that shared list, and the other sees it. If one of us shops and checks a item off, since it’s shared, the other person is kept up to date. My other favorite feature is the complex repeating rules for tasks. I can do things like “Remind me of X the first Friday of the month”. When I have a subscription that I don’t want to renew, I’ll setup a reminder for a week before renewal to remind me to cancel it. Overall you can’t go wrong with this app!
  • Latest update messed up Apple Watch app 2/5

    By Cf_
    I get the “Unable to reach iPhone. Please tap to retry” message every time I open the app on my watch. App lacks some intuitiveness. If Wunderlist had a complication, I’d switch to it for all of my to do needs.
  • Inefficient opening 3/5

    By GBS914
    Please remove the initial opening screen where you tell me to "Have a nice day!". It is utterly stupid and wastes my time. I use this app often and constantly have click past this screen to find do the spot where I last edited. If I wanted a motivation app, I'd install one. Just open at the most recently edited point. Thanks.
  • Still missing push notifications 1/5

    By Andyr354
    The app just never seems to update properly in the background and I end up missing tasks or notifications. I have to remember to manually open the app frequently to catch tasks added on other devices or they never get synced. For now I’m not using it again until this is fixed.
  • Does what I need 5/5

    By pfg-
    I've been looking for an app like this for a while now. My only complaint is workflow can't authenticate with it with a Google account, but that's workflow's fault
  • Please adding list sorting 3/5

    By thisisjosh
    I'm fully on board and ready to hand over my wallet, but please add the ability to sort a screen full of tasks. I need to be able to sort by priority level so I can focus on import but unscheduled tasks. Thanks!
  • Last update made it sluggish 3/5

    By Saroch P
    I really like todoist and it does help me organize my to-do list and get things done. In fact, I'm a paid member, have used todoist religiously for almost 2 years and have almost 50,000 karma points. However, the quality of the app has gone worse. The last update (for iOS 11) made the app so sluggish that it's so annoying. Adding a new task or completing a task can have up to 2 seconds delay. The update before the last took away the "last sync was 3 mins ago" thing, which helped me confirm that my task got synced to the server successfully in case the internet connection was spotty. The time zone has never worked; you're screwed if you travel across time zones often. The to-do list is just a tool to get things done so it needs to be fast and reliable. The fancy features should be secondary. Not to mention support is not as responsive as before. That said, I still highly recommend this app but the todoist team has to keep the app quality up and not down.
  • I love this APP! Use it daily!!! 4/5

    By KelKel333
    I've been using this app for a couple years and love it- use it daily. However, I've been a little frustrated lately as the app has been responding very slowly, and it never did before. When I add a task, it takes too long to add to the tasklist before I can add another task- it often duplicates the task. Then, when I go to complete a task, it also takes too long to respond. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Please fix! Ain't nobody got time (or patience) for slowness.
  • Newest update broke iOS app 1/5

    By Mardigras2014
    Love todoist in general, but not when I can't open it on my phone!
  • Probably Good for Shared Task lists 4/5

    By TimeLordWho/MrAustinFTW
    I tried using this for my own personal task list, but like every other task manager, it has no concept of things needing to be done prior to when they are due, so it is more work than it’s worth to get reminded of a task prior to the due date. The default view is Today, which shows things due today, and the reminder emails show you what is due today and past due, which is pretty useless for my specific use cases. So basically it’s probably a good app, but not for me. I wish the Pro subscription had a monthly option (or maybe even just a short trial so you know if the Pro features make it worth using without committing to a year) because I feel like I need to keep using this app that doesn’t work for me since I’ve paid for it it for a year.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By 1Halawany
    I’ve been using it for over a year now and I love it ...10/10
  • Overall a great app but I do have some suggestions 4/5

    By porschephile986
    By far the best to do list app I have found, and I've tried many. Been using the app daily for over 1.5 years and love it. Some useful features would be: -a trash bin for deleted items -a way to change the notification sound to something other than the default iOS alert -"start date" functionality that allows a task show up under "today" and automatically "float" to the next day until the due date occurs. Only after the due date has passed should the task become "overdue" -ability to add filter shortcuts under the inbox/today/next 7 days shortcuts -ability to set projects to sort the list automatically by your choice of date or priority -another one or two levels of priorities... 4 levels is not enough to really help you drill down on a long list of tasks -easier access to search functionality on iOS
  • No enter button with recent update?!?! 1/5

    By nickbaxter
    With the most recent update, you can no longer quickly add items to a list by hitting "enter". Now you have to hit a very unintuitive "paper airplane" button to add items to a list. Huh?! No thank you! Please please please go back to the way it was. I don't want to have to transfer all of my lists to a different app. :-(
  • Are you kidding?!? 2/5

    By GaDuffer
    You really expect users to pay almost $30/yr for features that are available for free on multiple apps. Including Apple’s “Reminders” app. You obviously don’t live in reality.
  • Great app 4/5

    By btitusjr
    App is great. Been working with app for about a year now. Works very well and has lots of nice features. Annoying can not use photos without upgrading to premium. And the premium version is way to expensive. $30 a year is hardly worth having access to using pictures. Make the app affordable and it could easily be a five star app. $30 for life!!!! No way am I paying a yearly subscription for life just to use your organization app. That’s laughable. Other then the premium price point, a wonderful app.
  • Found my To Do App 5/5

    By TumbleBumbleatNight
    I have gone through a fair number of "to do" apps. I think I'm going to stick with this one for quite some time. First, if you get this, you've got to get the paid version. For what it provides, the price is not that bad IMO, especially if you're using this on a daily basis. The paid version of the app is feature rich and does all the things I need it to do, which include: - Individual color-coded lists - Ability to prioritize tasks - Ability to translate natural language inputs (e.g., I just have to write "Schedule meeting by tomorrow at 5:00 PM" and it automatically does the due date, avoiding the need to scroll through calendars and enter dates separately. It will also do this with contacts and a few other items) - Ability to create tasks and subtasks (this is gesture-based and I had to google how to do it, but it works very well) - Offers swipe feature capabilities. - Can use on a variety of platforms; this is really important to me because during the course of the day, I use several computers and my iPHone, all on different platforms. The ability to access this via the web is HUGE for me. Overall, this is a very robust and solid to do app. It's great for managing multiple projects, both at work and home. I also love that it integrates with Trello, a team-based app I've been starting to use at work. I set up an IF recipe that automatically sends Trello items assigned to me to my Todoist app. It works beautifully and makes the two apps so perfect together. I also tried a couple of other apps along with this one, including Wunderlist and, but for a variety of reasons, ToDoist won by a landslide. 2017 update: just happily renewed for another year. I continue to use this app on a daily basis to manage both personal tasks as well as a variety of complex work-related tasks. At work I manage multiple complex projects and this app continues to serve me well in that environment. For me, this app has been well worth the money and has really helped me stay on top of all the stuff I have to do. I also recently started using Bear for notes and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could easily link notes in Bear to associated tasks! These apps work beautifully together for an awesome productivity suite.
  • Love the app but a bit slow since the last update 4/5

    By CandyceInCincy
    I really love using Todoist. Even as a free user, I get so much out of Karma and third party integration that I don't mind not having reminders. :) I have noticed, though, that the app is a bit slow (slow at launch, slow when checking off or updating tasks) tasks since the most recent update. Maybe it's the new visual effects and animations? If so, maybe it would be good to have a way to turn that off. Everything otherwise works as expected, but the sluggish response bugs me a bit.
  • Great, but wish notifications were free 4/5

    By PinkyKRS
    I’m in school, and this app is great for organizing what I need to do for the week! The only thing I don’t like is that to receive notifications I would have to pay... It would make the app 10x better if notifications were free.
  • Awesome app, Siri won’t work 4/5

    By duepeak
    I have been using Todoist for years and love all of its features. I highly recommend it to anyone! It only lost a star because I don’t think it will ever work with Siri. Try saying “Todoist” to Siri and she hears “to do list”. I really don’t think it’s her fault, just that the app name is too close in sound. It’s ok though! The rest of the app is amazing!
  • Siri is ❤️ 5/5

    By Elfstone19
    Thank you for adding Siri. It helps keep the edge over the stock reminders app.
  • Siri and iOS11 5/5

    By JDogg016
    First, love the app but when using Siri and Todoist in a car (through eyes free Siri) any attempts to create reminders will be met with “I’m afraid I can’t do that while you are driving “ Possible bug?
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By DJ David Gallant
    Been a paying customer for 3 years and still very happy.
  • Perfect for time management 5/5

    By Binaun
    I’ve been using this app for over a year now and I always rely on it for school work and things I need to do during the day. I used to have problems managing my time and getting through procrastination. However, this app has made me overcome this issue and be able to handle my responsibilities on time.
  • Task Order 1/5

    By celtic-cridhe
    I just updated to the newest version and the tasks aren't in order anymore. One of my top priority tasks is down at the bottom, and some of the priority 2 and 3 are scattered throughout. Is there a setting to fix this??
  • What Happened!!? 1/5

    By Prometheus Boombox
    Lost the ability to move things around in the 'Today' and '7 Day' views... I am a Premium user. Please fix ASAP.
  • Great for organization 4/5

    By SEDunkle
    I love this app. It helps me keep my chaotic life organized. I have one small recommendation for the 7 day task feature. I love using this to see how my week looks. For tasks that I repeat daily or multiple times in a week, it would be helpful if those tasks showed up every day they need to be done, rather than just on today. It would give me a more realistic look at the week. Thanks!
  • Simple but powerful 5/5

    By Obesstrug
    Really like this app. It's simple in that it's not cluttered with anything unnecessary. But it's got powerful tools that make it useful. The watch integration and Mac app make it an affordable and great productivity app.
  • Todoist is good but Things 3 is better 3/5

    By TaylorPlayer
    Update: I have switched over to Things 3 and am enjoying it more than Todoist. The interface and features make it faster and easier to use. Todoist is still a good system, but for me Things 3 just helps me get more done. I don't know why there are any negative reviews of Todoist. I have bought, paid for, and used Omnifocus, 2Do, Things, and several other apps, but Todoist is just simpler, cleaner and more enjoyable for me. I have the Premium service which is required to gain all the benefits of the service. Using this every day is a rewarding experience because it has so many great features and they are implemented very well. I highly recommend Todoist for it's clean, easy to use interface and all of the options available for entering, sorting, labeling, and completing tasks. It works better than all of the others, in my opinion and my daily experience.
  • Start and end time for tasks 5/5

    By Lbrew81
    Love this app. I'd like to be able to add a start and end time for task.
  • Best todo app all around. 5/5

    By Jeremy5.0
    This is a fantastic app. It supports 5 levels of nested tasks and 4 levels of nested projects, which are features missing from many of the nicest todo apps. The app never feels too cluttered on the small phone screen. I'd like to see the ability to write notes on a task become a free feature, but I understand you gotta pay the bills. The best part about Todoist, though, is the Chrome extension. If anyone is a frequent Chrome user on desktop, I couldn't recommend Todoist more.
  • Matrix 5/5

    By Scorpion20111
    Please add a MATRIX

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