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Total Trivia App

Are you good at trivia and quiz games? On Total Trivia, you can play trivia to win real items from your favorite brands by competing in tournaments. If you're the player with the highest score at the time the tournament ends, you win the item for free! Choose from thousands of popular items including tablets, cameras, fashion, household goods, and more. Did we mention shipping is always free? Download the app today and start winning! TotalTrivia works directly with brands to promote their products. This means TotalTrivia players can convert their attention into savings compared to lowest traditional online prices. Is your brand looking to get its products in front of a new audience? Contact us at for our media kit and information on how you can get your products featured on Total Trivia. Each tournament is sponsored by TotalTrivia Inc. and TotalTrivia Inc's exclusive brand partners and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Inc. (Apple). See the TotalTrivia rules at - by playing on TotalTrivia, you confirm that you have read and agree to TotalTrivia's Rules, Terms, and Privacy Policy. We created Total Trivia to offer Shoppers who like quiz and trivia games a unique opportunity to convert their attention into savings from their favorite brands. The economic savings are made possible by the fact that Total Trivia generates up to 1/3rd of its revenues by brands paying Total Trivia to promote their products. Using Total Trivia is safe: Each Shopper will earn a discount on the item they were competing for even if they don’t win the tournament. Total Trivia is not a game of chance as there is no systemic chance involved in any of the elements of Total Trivia. The questions and the order of the questions are presented in the exact same fashion to all shoppers.


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Total Trivia app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By KCP25
    People are just stubborn that they can’t think hard enough to earn prizes so they decide to take it out on the game, Imfind this game magnificent and that it could be used for something great one day the prizes are real and I am hecka glad of that
  • Good deals 4/5

    By kscsmomma
    I’ve got some great products for minimal price!
  • I won 5/5

    By Egg drags
    It’s not that hard you just have to work for it and the trivia is so much fun
  • Cheated game 1/5

    By fool-lady-playing-stupid-game
    My advice for you is not playing this game. Do u believe I have played this game for a week, and everyday I spend 15 hours to play this game and spend a lot of coupons for this game and every game I see same people to play that game and their scores are not much different, and they always catch up me. Some game the coupon I spent more than the gift value. And 1 thing I realised that when you are winner, you can’t play game and have to wait for other people to catch up but after someone catch up and their scores still rise up, that’s impossible. This game is fake and they will fool you to spend money to this game and get nothing. I warn you to be smart to play this time and better to not waste your time and money on those game
  • I wonn 5/5

    By Brandy Lee❤
    I won a $10 dealdash card! It’s wonderful
  • This is a must have app 5/5

    By QueenB48
    Update 11/22/17 I still love this app and am working towards the platinum trophy. But are we ever going to get our fast tracks back? It’s been a couple of weeks now where we’re not able to use them in the tournaments. It makes it much more difficult to advance to the next trophy level. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I downloaded this app whether the prizes would be any good OR if I'd even win anything. Much to my surprise, I have found it to be a legitimate prize app with awesome, high quality items. I've been playing for a couple weeks now and have won 4 prizes and bought another at a discount. This has become my favorite app and is quite addictive if you like trivia AND winning. I highly recommend this app and would give it 10 stars, if I could.
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By LGD35
    I have been playing this game for months and even spent some money on it but I ended up uninstalling today out of sheer frustration. There are no caps on discount coupon tournaments meaning one person won 2 20k discount coupon tournaments back to back. Unless you are willing to spend your whole paycheck, to even up the odds this player is now unbeatable. Winning trophies used to give you a competitive edge but the app springs random "special tournaments" on you without warning making your free fast tracks useless. With fast track unavailable you are left with just having to buy discount tokens to actually win.
  • Not very impressed 1/5

    By nopicnic
    First clue that this is more of a “smarts and talent don’t matter, you have to buy to win” game - when you look at the contests leaders, it’s the same players winning. The way points are awarded each trivia round - doesn’t matter how fast you answer the question so the amount of points won is locked, forcing you to buy more rounds to bring your score up. If you lose, they offer you the prize at a discounted price - so this trivia game actually revolves around this marketing/selling tactic.
  • Lag but it’s ok 2/5

    By Junn hoo
    It’s glitching and lagging for me. I also caught a bug.. so can you fix it? Thank you!
  • SCAM ALERT 1/5

    By DamitJo
    Very dissatisfied with this scam of a business! I put 25$ towards winning an item. I was super excited when I won, it was a bottle of cologne for my significant other. It’s been quite awhile and I still haven’t received it. I don’t have any updates, no shipping information, nothing. I tried contacting customer service and have yet to hear anything back. This is a SCAM!!!! Do not fall for it! Do not put your money towards winning any items on this app. Don’t make the same naive mistake I did!!!
  • Love hate relationship 3/5

    By Slyphox123
    You have no chance of winning if you don't buy coupons. When they say nothing is free it's true nothing free! I love the trivia tho!!! It's so much fun! I would just like to be able to win stuff for FREE like these apps say. I'm like kinda poor. Lol. Would be nice for the little guy to win not just the person. Spending cash.. that makes it not free!

    By Karate20
    Can you add Alaska to the states because it's part of them!
  • Very fun 4/5

    By WhiteCoco29
    I’ve had a blast playing throughout all the different categories for the quizzes n have won a few different items very fun n entertaining game pretty easy to win a decent amount of points for prizes Invite code- WhiteCoco29
  • Great app 5/5

    By codedestroy
    Fun app that can earn you free real prizes.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Duckie227
    The amount of reviewers complaining about this game is horrible. They are complaining because they can't just win the item without a little work. And what fun would that be? I play the game daily and win the daily challenge. It takes me a couple weeks to win (100% free tickets) and when I feel I have enough, I go for an item. You pick a category to answer questions and every 5 questions, it lets you try again. If you're under 6000 points, the game pretty much lets you try again FOR FREE. Just watch a video. That's it. You get to play again. And it lets you SKIP the video a few seconds into it. Every. Time. After 6000 points, it lets you post to Facebook for free. If you don't want your friends seeing your posts, change it to "only me" and bam no one sees your posts and it still counts! So why are they complaining about posting a status? People are such complainers haha So why is everyone complaining? I'm at the top of every tournament I've played and I haven't spent one cent on this game. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the game (unless you download it thinking you're going to win free items on day one) It takes a little time to win enough tickets, but that's the fun of the game! Don't change anything. Ignore the sore losers who don't want to work for their items haha!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By DaringMe
    This is an app for people with money to make money, you have to pay for tickets and without paying you can’t get enough to win anything.
  • Shipping 1/5

    By Mojoemo
    This app does not ship to Hawaii, so I'm out. Would have cool to try it but not worth it if it can't send possible prizes to me
  • Completely Ruined 1/5

    By Riotq
    Yesterday I just recently reached a silver trophy. I was so excited to be more competitive and use fast tracks. But guess what? There now useless! You can’t use fast tracks anymore. More fun? Yeah right. This game is only fun when you your whole entire paycheck for tickets. I am out until they make fast tracks available again.
  • Says that I need to Update 3/5

    By Wugley
    It says that I need to update it but it won’t update it just says open
  • Total Trivia 5/5

    By Prin Wen
    Great game !! Addicted!! Love the items I’ve won!!!
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Tiff✌🏻️
    I don’t think that everything should be free however, Beware! You have to buy tickets just before you reach first place to win a prize. Don’t be swayed by the reviews this app is not free. You can not win for free unless you purchase tickets. Terrible because you watch videos that they get paid for. I know that if your playing these apps 9 times out of ten you don’t have money to just spend on tickets.
  • What's the point 1/5

    By Skye3650
    No point in playing if you aren't going to put money into it. Only way to win is to spend money on discount coupons and whatnot. Ruins the trivia competition part of it, whether you know the trivia or not you can just win by having money. The game says "win real prizes by answering trivia questions" not "win real prizes by having the most money". Might as well get rid of the trivia part and make it an auctioning app.
  • Fun but... 1/5

    By KayBella421
    Fun to play but with how many tickets you purchase you could literally just buy the items.
  • Gavin Bergstrom username GRBergstrom 5/5

    By liv101231012310123
    The prizes are real and come in a reasonable time frame thanks total trivia !!!
  • Trishyky 4/5

    By Desiree1921
    Great app and legit. I play daily and really enjoy the daily challenges. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Omg 5/5

    By Cydddddbick
    It's a wonderful game.Even though I wasted 100 tickets on a game it was worth it. It test your knowledge of what you know and too see what your good at!Another good thing about this game is you don't have to buy tickets you can just watch videos and log in your Facebook to get tickets !Overall,I really love this game/trivia ❤️😊🌿🍃
  • A++ 5/5

    By moonioo
    Love this game, I won quite a few things already and I play everyday for fun!! The topics are great! Can't get enough of it! And get rewarded for playing is the way to go!!!
  • Shipping 1/5

    By Still won't work
    I didn't even get to try this app before I had to delete it. It doesn't even have my state as an option to click for shipping.
  • Fun 5/5

    By rtwynveen
    Very good app a lot of fun and it’s actually free!
  • Wow!!! I won 5/5

    By Crvr1106
    Now I'm hooked!
  • Total Trivia Review 5/5

    By DonAllen67
    I absolutely love this game! I have only been playing a month and have won several awesome gifts. They’re support team is awesome should anything go wrong Such as my daughter got my iPad and bought so many tickets I am shocked my credit card on my iTunes didn’t freeze. I contacted their support and they refunded all charges she had done that day. I like the game because the trivia is challenging and fun to answer the faster the more points also that down to the last minute back and forth challenge is pretty cool too. Overall would definitely recommend downloading this app. And if ya have kids use an iTunes card or hide the app ... trust me lol
  • Like it! 4/5

    By Ef this App
    Great concept. I like it!
  • Love playing this game! 5/5

    By Scottman1976
    I get to learn while playing trivia and winning some cool prizes! Love it!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By turley68
    This is an awesome and competitive app to win some cool free stuff. Good luck!!
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By GloriaLipe11
    I love this app! It’s super fun and very addicting. I wish the categories were better but that’s just my opinion.
  • You really can and do win! 5/5

    By hot_wire
    At first I thought to myself, "well, this is probably just another scam app that has tons of ads and doesn't really pay out anything" - but, oh boy! Was I wrong! TotalTrivia is actually fun to play on. You have many trivia topics to choose from to play on. I'm a nerd so I enjoyed Geography, Science, and Flag Images. But there's also Art, Celebrities, and Food Images. Overall, full disclosure: I'm not very patient at earning discount coupons so I did purchase $30 worth... however, I won 4-5 items well worth those $30.
  • I love it 5/5

    By tesha277
    Awesome game
  • Fun!! 5/5

    By danceamix
    I found total trivia some time ago and to be honest I didn’t like it that much, plus I got whipped with 50 dollars worth on discount coupons, I was going back once in a while to collect some free coupons until I decided to give it a second try; they changed a lot of stuff and now it was easier for me to finally win a tournament. If your going for the big prizes, be prepared to invest a lot in discount coupons, or as me, you can always go with the small ones and get some practice. Also with the daily challenge you can collect free coupons. So far it has been fun and I also have won some items like jewelry and bags.
  • Jengrubbs 5/5

    By Jenbadbishfromdasouff
    When I won a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond ring I was a little skeptical that I'd actually receive them but the hype is real! Love that you can earn to learn
  • Winning! 5/5

    By hodous
    Cool game and I won stuff
  • Awful. Sold my phone #. 1/5

    By Tinarex
    Avoid this app! The trivia itself is fine. But I deleted it after a few rounds since I had no desire to spend $ just to play more rounds. The worst part is that they obviously sell the information they ask for “shipping purposes” since I’ve suddenly today started getting spam texts for products, vacations, etc.
  • The best game online I ever play.. yay! 5/5

    By kaytiephuong
    This game free up to $600 then you need to buy any pack of discount coupons to continue to play, else you have to file tax as other income. I join this game for 3 months and I won some book bag for my son, jewelry for my daughter, cooking pot for my mom, and perfume for myself. Best place for you to get your Christmas presents. I love the support team too. They are very nice and helpful. Total thanks to TotalTrivia - Best wishes to everyone!
  • Ms Jana Porter 5/5

    By Jansjunk
    Love this app. Fun and easy to win prizes! My Christmas list is nearly complete with very nice gifts I couldn't otherwise afford. This makes win #18 since joining in March and I've only spent $55!
  • Good game 5/5

    By nerak1067
    Won a ring last year when I played.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Tayj0813
    Yes you have to play to play, but so far I’ve at least discounted my prizes by 60%, and my prizes were shipped on time and in good condition
  • Great App! 5/5

    By JChiapp
    Fun and exciting trivia app that allows you the chance to win REAL PRIZES. They have individual prize tournaments. The prizes vary and you'll find something you like.
  • Love! 5/5

    By ashgam
    Love this game! Play it all the time. Trivia is awesome and I’ve won a few items that are spectacular!
  • abc3 5/5

    By 30topyes
  • Trivia 5/5

    By Elibeli91
    This game helps refresh my memory and also it’s fun to pass the time while at work, or when I’m bored at home. It’s also helps with winning more and more prizes
  • Great game 5/5

    By tberaldo
    Able to learn fun facts and earn actual gifts at the same time. Love this game.

Total Trivia app comments


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