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Total Trivia App

Are you good at trivia and quiz games? On Total Trivia, you can play trivia to win real items from your favorite brands by competing in tournaments. If you're the player with the highest score at the time the tournament ends, you win the item for free! Choose from thousands of popular items including tablets, cameras, fashion, household goods, and more. Did we mention shipping is always free? Download the app today and start winning! TotalTrivia works directly with brands to promote their products. This means TotalTrivia players can convert their attention into savings compared to lowest traditional online prices. Is your brand looking to get its products in front of a new audience? Contact us at for our media kit and information on how you can get your products featured on Total Trivia. Each tournament is sponsored by TotalTrivia Inc. and TotalTrivia Inc's exclusive brand partners and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Inc. (Apple). See the TotalTrivia rules at - by playing on TotalTrivia, you confirm that you have read and agree to TotalTrivia's Rules, Terms, and Privacy Policy. We created Total Trivia to offer Shoppers who like quiz and trivia games a unique opportunity to convert their attention into savings from their favorite brands. The economic savings are made possible by the fact that Total Trivia generates up to 1/3rd of its revenues by brands paying Total Trivia to promote their products. Using Total Trivia is safe: Each Shopper will earn a discount on the item they were competing for even if they don’t win the tournament. Total Trivia is not a game of chance as there is no systemic chance involved in any of the elements of Total Trivia. The questions and the order of the questions are presented in the exact same fashion to all shoppers.


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Total Trivia app reviews

  • I just one my first item 5/5

    By Diamond320
    I’m so excited it was intense but fun at the same time...I won a $219 watch and only spent about $22 to achieve that yay!!
  • It’s a total sham 1/5

    By Clabby23
    I know they say they’re trying to fix the bugs, but they clearly didn’t because there are so many bots that are just stealing all of the prizes and I feel like no matter how good I do I still have to spend coupons to even get in the top 10 which is ridiculous, and there’s almost no way to win because the only people that are getting the prizes are just bots on the app
  • Please beware! 1/5

    By Sarahann5566
    I’m writing this because I don’t want anyone else to get scammed like I did. It seemed legitimate at first but after winning and receiving products, I found that they are completely worthless. They promote high end items that are worth pennies (I had them appraised professionally). Please don’t spend any money on this app.
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Falker0988
    Another app to scam you out of your money. Don’t think because you play a game you’ll win a prize. Carnival tactics 101
  • fun but has its downsides 3/5

    By kadylande68
    First things first this trivia app is pay to win, if you’re willing to spend real money then you have a real chance of winning something. On the other side of the coin why wouldn’t you just buy the item instead of risking it in a game? For the actual trivia (which is all i play for, im not about to spend money on this haha) it’s okay at best after my first ten minutes i was already receiving duplicate questions which is sad for a trivia app. I honestly could see a news article down the road that this app is a money laundering scheme.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Lindseys ITunes
    I’m gonna be real here...I thought this game was a sham, BUT IT ROCKS!!!!
  • Scam! 1/5

    By Spdemon68
    Another scam. You can’t play without buying “coupons” and you can’t win anything without playing. The trivia is pointless it’s all just a scam and a waste of time. Unless you want to be one of the people buying $50 in credits you stand no chance.
  • Sponsored video doesn’t download and it sits with a blank screen 1/5

    By Vonerpower
    Sponsored video doesn’t download and it sits with a blank screen. So it will not let me go further.

    By Myrmal
    I was very closely tied with another "player" who was somehow able to break the rules. The rules state that if you're in first place you cannot keep playing to increase your score. However I watched this "player" (more likely a bot) increase their score over 1000 points while in first place! Do NOT DOWNLOAD and more importantly DO NOT GIVE THIS APP YOUR MONEY!
  • You can’t win anything free 1/5

    By bthgyj
    They have changed this app. Something’s are better, but the overall idea of winning items for free is gone! I was playing a tournament I answered every question right, even their stupid sponsored questions, it ask me 8 questions then said I had to have 4 “coupons” to keep playing. It says in the rules that you can either buy “coupons” and keep playing or you can watch a video. I played more than 20 different tournaments from a $20 swap gift card to more expensive items, not once was I offered to watch a video. The items are not free. Be prepared to pay. False advertising! I am uninstalling.
  • Bots ruin game 1/5

    By Karma mommy
    How many “tournaments” does Rusty-Star win each day? I lost count. 90 % of prizes I try to win are won by Rusty-Star. They and a few others ruin this game. You can say there is a real person behind each player, but how do we know they are not cheating? The scores and the way they jump outta nowhere into first place are not natural. I loved the elimination tournaments.. Not the same old prize hoarders. I would love a mix of all types of contests.
  • SCAM ALERT 1/5

    By Scootrdud
    They have a formula that lures in new players, making every game free- little by little, the “free” games get fewer and fewer until there are no longer ANY free games. The games are then putting players against each other, and the way the rules and format are, you will end up paying more for a “win” then the item is worth...what a scam- DO NOT USE
  • $$$ 5/5

    By Pinprickprod
    This is the best app if you want to spend your money money money money and don’t win nothing
  • Horrible change to a gun game 1/5

    By LadyAdriane
    With the latest update the focus has changed from knowledge to money. It is now practically impossible to win any item. I won before the change based on my knowledge and have now spent $100 only to not even get close to winning. That was spent on trying to win 2 items. I can buy a bedding set for less then that, I refuse to spend another penny on this game. Too good to be true, very sad...
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Littleangel51902
    I have been playing this game since August of last year and in the beginning it was awesome, I was winning busted my a** to get to platinum trophy and now all of a sudden you get rid of the fast track, what’s the point in even having it if I can’t use it, now all that work I put into it is gone. Won’t play this game anymore extremely disappointed, concept is good execution is bad, if your gonna make changes then don’t offer something you can’t use
  • Not as fun as it used to be 3/5

    By Charelise
    This was a lot of fun when you could win items through elimination tournaments. Now those are limited to discount tickets. To win the items, you have to be glued to your phone to make sure you don't miss when someone takes the lead. It's really lame.
  • Fun game and concept, with a cost 4/5

    By Meeeeeeeeeesh13
    The game itself is fun and competitive - but not without an investment of time and money. I was skeptical at first but I’ve won two quality items, one from an elimination tournament and one from a bidding one. Both cost a little to enter, but the bidding tournament costs a LOT more to play, especially if you lose. I do really like that you can choose your category and that there are small daily ticket challenges each day. There are two ways I think it can be significantly improved: I wish there were more small-entry elimination tournaments for prizes, instead of the current update, where all prizes are bid tournaments and the elimination tournaments are only for more tickets. I also suspect there are bots that play - there are three/four separate users I’ve seen in 8-10 active tournaments at once, and they have the same number of points scored in all of them. Then, they stop playing at 9,000-12,000 points. Whether this is nefarious or not, it’s running up the total for everyone else spending money to play, and this needs to be monitored. I’ve had a few heartbreaks down to me and one other user, and it makes your heart race! Overall great experience!
  • Save your cash till they get the bots out 1/5

    By Gatorfan81
    UPDATE: an you can see from the typical responses provided by the developer, they refuse to acknowledge or stop the bot (or paid player) issue. As said previously, it is inconceivable that people would pay hundreds (perhaps thousands over several games) for items. I now believe it’s rigged. Save your pennies! In the beginning, this game was usually a ton of fun and I didn’t mind spending some money to play and win. Lately, there are the “same” players playing who keep buying more and more coupons and challenging players in many of the contests. It appears these folks are either compensated to do this or they’re bots. It’s inconceivable that normal people would pay more than $100 in each contest and then do it over and over - possibly hundreds of times. Until they fix these problems, keep your cash in your pocket.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Np1515
    The app gives you 2 free lives for getting questions wrong but you are eliminated on your 2nd wrong answer. Makes 0 sense. If there are 2 free lives i should be eliminated on my 3rd wrong answer not my 2nd. Garbage app. In response to the review below: trivia based on pinball rules? Yes because that makes so much sense lol just give everyone 1 life then. At least it would make sense that way.
  • Total Trivia Works The Mind 5/5

    By LizaDreams66
    I love this game ever since I downloaded it . This is the first time winning something and even the check out was simple and I like the way Total Trivia makes sure your address is updated to make sure your still at the same place . Great game . I’m hooked .
  • The new update makes it much less fun 2/5

    By Moves_user
    This game was truly addictive until they changed it so it forces most people to buy credits if they want a chance of competing for anything. Except for the tournaments to win free credits, you just answer the questions by yourself, and you really can’t compete for prizes until you either win a tournament or pay money. I hope they go back to more open prize competitions. The older model was a five star game. This version is two at best.
  • Loved the elimination tournaments! 5/5

    By BerryWee
    This is my second review. I loved the elimination tournaments that were running this month. So much fun and you actually need brains, not $, to win. Like real trivia! This idea is super popular right now- with HQ Trivia and others. Would love to see this full time!
  • I think it’s a scam!! 1/5

    By celseyjenkins_
    I’ve spent money on this, always in lead and all of a sudden goes into overtime! This isn’t right!
  • Not great 2/5

    By Xcutionist
    I don’t like the concept of extra lives. Pay to win is never a fun concept. I’ve played plenty of rounds without getting any wrong but have lose because someone else keeps buying extra lives. It’s really not enjoyable. It drags the game out longer than it needs to be as well. They’ve changed this app like five times in a week. It used to be free. Now it costs money to get tickets. Or you can try to win tickets for free but people will still spend hundreds of dollars to get tickets and you will still lose. It’s absolutely garbage, avoid at all costs.
  • Great until they added advertisements 1/5

    By Derek Costa
    Loved this up until they updated it to include advertisements. I would understand this if they didn’t already sell your information to marketers (this is clearly stated in their privacy policy). If I’m providing authorization to monetize my information, you don’t need to be wasting my time with ads. Don’t be greedy - get rid of the ads - OR - keep the ads and stop selling user information. ** Update - got a response from developer on my review, which I appreciate, however the privacy policy clearly states they monetize user data. Wether it is sold or not is irrelevant — they monetize the data. As stated in the privacy policy: “You agree that we may use your personal information to: provide the Services and customer support you request; resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems; prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities, and enforce our Terms of Use; customize, measure and improve our Services, content and advertising; share the deals that you won with your friends who have registered with Total Trivia so that they could benefit from the same offers; tell you about our services, targeted marketing, site updates, and promotional offers based on your communication preferences” 5. Sharing Personal Data to Third Parties We will not share your personal information with third parties unless you have clearly consented to such sharing except in the following instances. We will share your data with service providers who assist us with the Services, marketing, supply of merchandise, and our operations, such as payment processing or post-purchase fulfillment. We also reserve the right to use information about the tournaments that you won together with your public Total Trivia account details in advertising and marketing campaigns. Additionally, Total Trivia may also share your data for law enforcement purposes, to protect our business from fraud or abuse, or in the event another party purchases our company or assets.
  • New update makes it impossible to win 1/5

    By Taxi 300
    With the new update, all of the actual physical prizes are set in this new “tournament” mode where basically if you don’t pay a bunch of money there is no way you can win.
  • I liked it BEFORE the update! Now deleting. 1/5

    By Itsybitsyblondy
    Prior to the fundamental game change/update, the elimination style, timed games where you had 10 seconds per question WERE so fun and you could genuinely win without spending tons money using your intellect and could play most games for free by watching an ad. (For context, I spent about $15 to win something I would spend $50 for and was entertained while doing so.) I HAD to spend money because after several times getting to the final 2, I got beat by people who paid and got over 5 answers wrong and still got to keep playing and WON because they paid — not because they knew more than me. So, it never was 100% fair like other quiz games, but I still enjoyed it. NOW it is a SCAM (like their sister “bidding“ site deal buy, whom they are very clearly affiliated with based on the quizzes that used to provide coupons for deal buy and identical offerings, despite the app owner not having the same name), where now you can keep playing as long as you can afford to keep PAYING to answer questions for “points” that allow whomever spends the most money to win. Basically, it is now just a huge algebra problem/trick to get you to spend money by converting money to tickets into chances to answer 6 questions for 200 points each for a ranking to win an object. Got that? Super convoluted, by design. They are hoping you don’t actually think about how much each of you are paying for the chance to maybe win the item, while they get to keep all the money you pay to bid. It would be like as a bidder on EBay you had to pay what you bid was even if you didn’t win the item!! The actual questions give you 20 SECONDS to answer (so, literally anyone has the time to google/cheat) and you can only keep playing past the first 6 questions by spending “tickets” and it is pretty much any idiot that can win since you pick your topics which are as easy as identifying logos. If you think it is fun for a company to set a bunch of people against each other to collectively overpay for an item, while only one person wins, then you should love this game.
  • Please change back!! 3/5

    By mousechamp
    I loved the previous version of this where everyone was in a tournament at the same time. It was challenging and fun and five stars. Then this morning it suddenly was different. The new version really isn’t the same game at all. Now it’s just about spending tickets to get items because you only have one “free” set of questions per tournament. It makes sense I’m sure from an economic standpoint but it’s not fun at all any more...and not a game, really. Please consider returning to the old format!! Updating: developer replied very quickly and appropriately to my concerns and so am updating to 3 stars, and if elimination tournaments come back will go to 5. This game was awesome with those!!!
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By duches$
    I like total trivia, but I wish they didn’t update it so that the only elimination tournaments are for total trivia coupons. I liked competing for other stuff, like jewelry and gift cards, as well as coupons.
  • Bots 3/5

    By Idengaged
    There are clearly bots playing these games. To developers— I understand that you say your company isn’t using bots, but that doesn’t mean other players are not. Also, reading some of these posts makes me realize how dumb people can be. Don’t spend a stupid amount of money if you’re going to throw money at this app. I have no sympathy for people that say “I wasted 400 dollars on this app.” That being said, it’s entertaining and fun, but the goals of the game are virtually unattainable.
  • App was great one minute, terrible the next 1/5

    By The Secretary of Boehner
    I started playing this app last week and really enjoyed the format. There were a finite number of players. Everyone faced the same questions. You didn’t have to spend coupons/money if you were smart enough. That has now changed to the point where the app is basically an auction site. The questions are so easy in certain categories that it isn’t fun. Reading reviews, it sounds like this may have been the original format, but I can only tell you that I won’t be playing anymore. Don’t waste your money.
  • Add more payment options 3/5

    By Viralflipper398
    I really like this app and how it lets you have access to all of these amazing products, and I would have rated it a 5 star, but I can’t pay with my apple account
  • New Version is a Major Bummer 1/5

    By north_farthings
    This was so fun at first. We won a couple of items and they were great quality! Very confused on the brands they have as prizes. None of the stuff is worth the price they put on it and it’s always the same unheard of brands. Still great quality, but very curious. It was still all well and good until they updated and made it impossible to win without spending tons of money on diamonds. You used to play the quiz like any other quiz game. Answering questions until you are the last man standing. Now the whole process of the quiz is different and there is no way to win unless you shell out a lot of cash. Altogether it was big disappointment and I ended up deleting the app, along with friends that also played along.
  • The real McCoy! 5/5

    By Matt O'R
    This app is great. I am a trivia nut, so being able to win real prizes for it seemed too good to be true. I’ve won and received an online gift card. This app is great fun!
  • Like a shooting star that is already gone 2/5

    By Scramet
    Was really smart concept and super fun when it was elimination tourneys on all their stuff, won things, people I invited won things. It was great until they got greedy with their new concept now it’s all about getting money from you for coupons to even play.
  • Update RUINED game!!!! 1/5

    By silksmacjazz
    The update ruined this game. The new format is horrible and 100% favors people who use LOTS of tickets (money) to win prizes.
  • Sponsored Questions = Broken App 1/5

    By Eeik5150
    Loved this app (even though I have yet to win anything) but now you have sponsored trivia questions? Weren’t the ads enough? Sorry, deleting the app as soon as I post this review.
  • Amazing game!! 5/5

    By Aremub
    Best game on the internet!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kresskress
    This whole game is a scam to trick you into buying credits to try to win products. The trivia questions are really easy and you spend half the game watching commercials.
  • Fail 1/5

    By Swimsnycs1313
    The game has a few decent questions offset with ones about their sponsees. Not knowing about a knife can throw off your streak. Also frequently questions that are unrelated a category show. Almost a good game ultimately fails.
  • Scam 1/5

    By lovexlc
    Pretty scammy. If you are looking for an HQ type experience don’t bother.
  • Awful 1/5

    By hokiem09
    New version is awful. You’re basically forced to spend money to “win”. No more elongation games for free? Ruined it for me. Deleting.
  • Rule changes 2/5

    By jab355
    This app used to be fun. But now the tournament types and rules are changed so often that it makes it hard to strategize to save for an item that you want to win. Definitely don’t spend money as the rules will likely change in a way that hurts you.
  • Ad scam at times 1/5

    By Itsalexk
    The game is great buuuuuut, to often do I watch an ad and to enter a tournament. I wait the time for it to start and it proceeds to start the tournament with out me. I have full WiFi connection and more often then not I get kicked out before even starting. This is a bug that really needs to be fixed. THEN it would have a 5 Star rating from me...
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By trisha0679
    I like playing this game. So far I've only won one item because I refuse to keep buying tickets simply because I have bills to pay. The only thing I don't like is they shouldnt use the same questions over and over again in each category. They should change up the questions
  • Great customer service!! 5/5

    By Moishe1
    I had many difficulties/errors in my game, and their customer service representatives responded in minutes, solved all the problems. Special thanks to Erin!!
  • L O V E this app! 5/5

    By RealSlimRamey
    i had it for about 3 days, and i already won a cutting board and a queen sized duvet insert! it’s a really cool app, but there is strategy involved, it’s not just random luck, which is why i love it so much!
  • Be honest not sneaky 1/5

    By therealappeal
    Naturally people are going to be skeptical of this kinda app. Why wouldnt a company have bots or even real people with the answer playing along with the public to make money? That would be easy, profitable and shady. But that's not my complaint. My complaint is with the tournaments. It says you get 2 FREE LIVES. But that's a lie you actually get 1. Because you're only allowed to miss my key question before you're eliminated. Let me break it down I hand "2 lives" I Miss a question. I go down to 1 life as normal I miss another and I use my second life and im out of the game. That's not two free lives. If it were I'd lose my free live and continue on to the next question. The next one i get wrong would eliminate me because I have 2 lives. How does someone have two EXTRA lives only allowed to answer 1 wrong before before being eliminated. Makes no sense.
  • Game uses bots to outbid you 1/5

    By Tharlow21
    Game has been using computer systems to ensure you do not win the items shown.
  • Pay to win, not trivia 1/5

    By GrumpyDT
    Yes you can save some “lives” by getting the questions right, or you can just pay to stay alive. Not really a trivia game, just who wants to spend the most money to win the prize.

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