Total Wireless My Account

Total Wireless My Account

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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Total Wireless My Account App

Here at Total Wireless, we have something new! Introducing the new Total Wireless My Account App! Now, you can manage your Total Wireless Account anywhere, at any time. Features: Activate your Devices. Purchase Service Plans Add a Service Plan with a PIN Card View Service End Date Manage Reserve Manage Group Notification Inbox Enroll in Auto-Refill Customer Support Chat Account Creation and Login. View Transaction History Manage Credit Cards Retailer Locator Edit Profile And More! Not a Total Wireless customer? Switch now! visit


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Total Wireless My Account app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By P+L
    Pretty Neat!
  • Total wireless $60 plan for 2 lines 5/5

    This is awesome, very good signal, cheap and it will save money per month. I'll tell everyone to switch to total wireless
  • Perfect 5/5

    By bnorto
    I’ve been with various carriers and have had some good and some bad experiences. I must say so far after 4 months with Total Wireless I have had nothing but good service.. at a great price!
  • Great updates 5/5

    By BeardedGorilla
    All of the updates have made using the app easier.
  • Really helpful 5/5

    By AndreeUC
    It’s really helpful to see all the plans available, also easy to use.
  • Loving total wireless 5/5

    By % beadaholic %
    I buy my refill card and from total wireless app on my phone with just a few steps can add it to my plan. So easy! Love the refill reminders before I’m out also.
  • Widget needs fixing!! 1/5

    By kiraaae
    You can fix the app and everything but you can’t fix the widget part? 👍🏼 great job!
  • 6 digit zip code? 1/5

    By sisodoom
    can’t get past the zip code to even use this app
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By fnkyscotty
    Not only is the app hard to use, it won’t even let me sign up for auto refill it just says ‘error’ that’s it.
  • Simple barebones app 1/5

    By lchad1
    Only been a customer for little over a month. It’s a basic app with not much use. Not seeing data add on balance any longer with the new update. Quite frankly this was the only useful thing in the app for me. Now I’m either an idiot, blind, or it’s not there any longer. Looks like I’ll be uninstalling.
  • The older one was better 1/5

    By FrankSmarts74
    This update you can’t see data add-on reserve that pay separately now you have text 611611 able see now and it looks clunky And blocky this update, But I’m going to quit this service because there data service runs very slow and there tech support or there customer support is unable to fix it and there’s no refund for iPhone se Totalwireless branded phones
  • Widget stuck 2/5

    By Matt Wyant
    It’s a half decent app.. it serves its purpose although the UI is a little clunky. However, I have one major problem. Widget is stuck ever since the update. So I have to log into the app to check data usage, which is pretty annoying. Please fix! Thanks! Well they updated the app and the widget updated.....once..... now stuck again
  • Lipstick On A Pig 1/5

    By Hawaii Skydiver
    New app looks nicer but is just as horrible as the old one. Still doesn’t tell me how much add-on data I have.
  • Can’t rate it zero stars 1/5

    By Bcisu3
    I’d give it no stars but it won’t let you. App is worthless and dated. It won’t load data usage on what’s the point.
  • Amateur Hour 1/5

    By Doctor Rhythm
    I'm not a fan of the Big 4 carriers, but at least their web and mobile interfaces seem professionally done. The Total Wireless app, in contrast, looks like it was put together by total amateurs. Explanations and labels are cryptic. For weeks, I was unable to find my add-on data usage & balance anywhere on the app. Finally I found it, displayed in black against a near black background and only visible if you crank up the screen brightness. Even the navigation buttons are camouflaged. The app lets you scan the service PIN # from a refill card, but the optical character recognition was so inaccurate that the feature was useless. Update: The app was updated but remains a hot mess of nonfunctional features and bad design. It's really the worst app I've ever downloaded.
  • Wrong Zip Code 1/5

    By SuitmanX
    When setting up an account it asks for a 6 digit zip code, when they are only 5 digits. It then won’t let you enter anything more than 5 digits. Completely useless.
  • Website has more functionality 1/5

    By Hard2findgoodnickname
    The app is meh, the main thing that I wanted it for (home screen widget) doesn’t work anymore and the mobile site is better designed and does more. EDIT: Was three stars, it I’ve dropped it to one. Why have a mobile app that does less than your mobile web while refusing to fix the only thing that makes it worth having (data usage widget)? The service is dirt cheap so I’m not expecting a Big 4 kind of mobile experience, but this app is pretty worthless.
  • Okay App 1/5

    By CDizzie
    The app works for the most part. Although changing my info on the app is a pain and as far as my device goes, the data reporting module does not work. Update 11-13-2017 App is broken on my 6s. Can not access dashboard. Am receiving “internal error” remark. Update 12-16-2017 Works again except for data reporting module. So back to original state.
  • Data Manager Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By troubadork
    Can’t check my data usage from the app and the app pushes me literally 10 notifications in one minute multiple times a day.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Shek5150
    The “Data Manager” feature NEVER friggin’ works. . . What’s the point of the App if you can’t keep track of your data usage.
  • No Data Usage Monitoring 1/5

    By JHK107
    Can’t view data used, which seems like the only feature I’d want out of this app.
  • Nice app, but.... 3/5

    By Gillette63830
    I enjoy having this app as I can keep up with my data usage and service end date, but mostly being able to see all of that on the iPhone widget screen. Every since the last update (Version 2.7), my widget froze. I can delete the app, hard reboot my iPhone, and reinstall the app to update the widget, but as I use my phone data, it still remains frozen. Please fix the widget to sync with the app.
  • My Personal Experience Detailed! Poor Costumer Service! 1/5

    By HCPC84
    TOTAL WIRELESS REVIEW!!! I purchased the Total Wireless SIM kit and a $35 plan about 2 days ago at best buy. Per all of my research, it seemed to be a pretty good purchase, especially since I could use my own phone. Just insert new SIM card, activate the service, and go on with life...or so I thought... I called the company to make sure that my AT&T, unlocked and contract free phone would work with them, and to make sure that I could transfer my number. They answered all my questions and concerns so I went ahead and happily bough a SIM kit and the plan. When I get home, I follow the instructions of making sure that my iPhone is compatible with the Total Wireless service, before doing what I needed to activate the service, it stated that My phone is only compatible to the carriers below and to pick a company: 1=Straight Talk 2=Net10 3=TracFone I put the new SIM card in and turn the iPhone on to get everything started, hoping that the text was all a mistake, I get a message that the SIM card won't work....not because of anything wrong with the phone, but because the phone is locked to a AT&T carrier services. My phone works with the sister company but not with Total Wireless (of course). Called the company. First operator confirmed that the service will not work with iPhones that were purchase with AT&T. I forcefully asked WHY, my phone is not locked, I have no contract, and works with any other carrier SIM card, and why do you confirm to folks that their iPhone are compatible, when they are not? This was not advertised anywhere either, in fact it says that it would work with any unlocked and contract free 4G phone. Got transferred to a supervisor, who refused to give me a refund. Then I asked to speak with corporate to make a formal complaint, and got placed on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes (see attachment), when I finally got the supposedly corporate employee, he asked for the SIM card number, I left it at home because I though I was just making a complaint. So asked him to call me back, he gave me a number for me to actually call him back (1-800-626-4883 Ext 3224), I have called and left a message many times an he never answers. After many attempts I was able to talk to the refund department who wanted me to mail then everything and pay for the shipping that was not refundable, only through Fedex or UPS company. Going to the store and paying for the shipping would coat more, instead of just blocking the card or something. She made me scratch the back of the card, Im now worried that the card has no money I hope you don't make the same mistake I made! Be careful!
  • Can’t view data usage 1/5

    By Erica Sugatan
    I called twice about the problems with this app and both times I wasn’t helped. The first person who answered was nice, but the second on was rude. She said there wasn’t really a problem with the app and they didn’t know when they were going to fix it. I first log into my account then get sent to the dashboard, but it says “ no device found” and sends me back to the login screen.
  • Not a working app!! 1/5

    By Kurious Kaydenn.
    It keeps telling me to tap security question but there isn’t anywhere that that’s an option, it won’t even let me create an account!!!!
  • No device found 1/5

    By JJ Allen 88
    Stupid app was probably outsourced for the job of writing the code and app layout it's most likely done by the same person that answer the phones at customer service when you call 😡👎🏻
  • No device found 1/5

    By Ericasj22
    App doesn't work to log in to add minutes. There's too many other companies that offer the same kind of plans without issues like this. I can't even load minutes onto my daughter's phone. I'm going to try to return and get a different, more reliable service.
  • Almost there 3/5

    By brickere
    This is a good app, but the data use functionality has been broke for what feels like forever now. C'mon TW, give this app a little love!
  • Simple 2/5

    By StooksC
    With a simple design, this application is fairly user friendly. With background refresh privileges the app is disappointing, as it does not provide real time data usage reports.
  • Update 3/5

    By Tre' 56
    Update y'all app and I'll give y'all 5 stars but love y'all service
  • Data 1/5

    By jrbucs
    Data screen doesn't work on my i5s please fix from reading reviews the last update was a dud
  • So easy to add time! 5/5

    By whikeynacker
    I live out with no service but have wifi. Adding my time was a snap! Thank you Total Wireless!
  • Works great 5/5

    By AZKelBel
    Love the widget. Gives me all the info I need with just a glance.
  • Total wireless refuses to let me use purchased data 2/5

    By Why Me???!!
    I attempted to bring my own phone only to find out my compatible phone isn't compatible with a total wireless byod sim. And since the sim allegedly isn't compatible (though it fits) I can't add a line or use data I've paid for
  • Data manager screen broken 3/5

    By Bomber man001
    After the last update, the data manager screen stopped working. It's probably not a difficult fix, but I don't think total wireless puts a lot of technical support into their app since it has been broken for about 6 weeks now. Other than that, I can still see how much data I've used on the dashboard, so 3 stars it is.
  • No device found?? 3/5

    By Memphis3458
    I got this app as an easy to keep up with my data and manage my phone time. Only to discover when I log in I have no device found. Using a computer I can login but I'm not able to access the same info this way. Total wireless wasn't very helpful either. They claim not give app support, then why offer it.
  • Needs to be fixed 1/5

    By Cyber2-71
    The usage screen stopped working with the update. Please fix.
  • It's dead Jim, they killed it... 2/5

    By RandomTNGuy
    Latest update broke the Data Manager screen.
  • Works great ! 5/5

    By Steepo1994
    Glad there is now a app for total wireless... it gives all the information I need .
  • Doesn't work 2/5

    By Jl465
    I can see my device but won't show my data usage
  • Most things work well. 3/5

    By CliverDiver
    I'm not able to Add $10 of Data (3gb) using my Credit Card on File. You get to the end and it says "Invalid CVV" it never asks for a CVV and there's nowhere to input one. I've tried reloading the App (per useless online text support) and I have 2 credit cards on file. My credit cards works fine for "Autorenewal"
  • Nice idea, poor implementation 1/5

    By BigWLindale
    Shows my plan end date, but does not show data usage. Day 4
  • Device not found/invalid password 1/5

    By Aepalisades
    I just switched to total wireless yesterday. Today I downloaded app and tried to set up account. It says device not found. So I chatted with CS they said they fixed it. Tried to login in but now it says invalid password. Ugh! I can log in on web, just not with app. My device is also found on web. App is bad. Doesn't even kinda work.
  • Fast and helpful 5/5

    By MonetMom
    First time customers and we're pretty happy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By LollyLocutus
    Anyone else get "device not found?"
  • FINALLY... 5/5

    By _danielkeener
    Also I have been waiting for this day, now this company is fully up to par with strait talk.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By YounggFly96
    At last! Woohooo!
  • Nice App! But?? 3/5

    By Chopper54
    It's nice to see the app,but you need to add end of the month bill. I would have given 5stars but you only received 3 due to the billing issue
  • Thank you!! 5/5

    By lucas.french1
    I've been waiting for this app's release, and it's finally here. It does everything I need it to do. And I love the widget for the iPhone! Total wireless is awesome.

Total Wireless My Account app comments


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