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Toyota Entune

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  • Current Version: 1.21.58
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toyota Entune App

Entune® App Suite is a revolutionary in-car multimedia experience that keeps you and your 2012 or newer Toyota connected. Entune App Suite is a collection of popular mobile applications and data services integrated with select 2012 or newer Toyota vehicles. Entune App Suite is included with your vehicle, at no additional or annual charge. Once the phone is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth® wireless technology, Entune's App Suite features are operated using the vehicle's controls or, for some services, by voice recognition. Entune App Suite includes Destination Search, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio,, OpenTable®, and Pandora®. Additional Entune App Suite apps include fuel guide, sports scores, stocks, traffic and weather. Select 2014 and newer vehicles also include Facebook Places and Yelp. Please go to for details and applicable phones. Entune App Suite for Prius Plug-in/Prime Hybrid Advanced model, RAV4 EV, and Mirai also include Remote Charge Management, Charge/Hydrogen Station Locator, Remote Climate, Vehicle Finder and Eco Dashboard with 3-year complimentary trial. Access to Prius Plug-in/Prime or EV apps requires an active Safety Connect® subscription after the 3-year complimentary trial. Please see for details. Slacker Radio is only available on the following Toyota multimedia systems: Entune Premium Audio, Entune Premium JBL® Audio, Premium HDD Navigation with Entune® App Suite, Premium IntelliTouch Navigation with Entune® App Suite and EV Applications, Display Navigation with Entune® App Suite.


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Toyota Entune app reviews

  • Entune is not what I expect from Toyota. 1/5

    Worthless. The navigation system sent me in the wrong direction 3 different times. My solution? Google maps on my phone. CarPlay is the solution.
  • Needs Improvement-Needs Toyota Kata 1/5

    By KickRock
    App keeps logging me off. Gets aggravating after some time. Always having to log into entune. Weather needs to update regularly instead of every time I turn the truck off and then on. I can be driving for hours and the weather will still show me my home location. Not really useful.
  • Toyota is doing Very Bad and don't take action 1/5

    By Guatemala Centroamérica
    Toyota is doing anything to fix this problem. This can affect people is going to move to Honda. I will you should be do.
  • Soooo behind the times! 1/5

    By KCDude14
    This app has been pretty terrible from the start. Even the look and feel of the app is from way old versions of iOS. Has no one informed Toyota that there have been some improvements to the user interface elements that should go into an iOS app since about seven years ago? The most frustrating part of this app is that you lose your login credentials periodically, and for no reason, you must re-login to the app which is hard to do when you're trying to start your car and go somewhere! This is a totally lame implementation of something that should be so simple for Toyota to build into their head unit to make it work much better. I do understand the need for a drivers own iPhone to provide needed Internet data for his or her Toyota vehicle; this could be accomplished in so much more of an elegant way. Basically, Toyota has abandoned this app, leaving it for dead.
  • Only works for 1 User 1/5

    By BikeFolder
    A big warning should be mentioned for any shared Toyota Owner. I purchased the Prius Prime Advanced expecting to use the Prime functions available in the App. Unfortunately there is no way for both myself and my spouse to utilize this functionality. We must choose her phone or mine. This means only she will be able to use the advanced functions like where is a charging station or using the remote functions. They have come up with a complex scheme for primary and secondary users but remove the functionality needed from the secondary users. What a pathetic system.
  • Worse than worthless 1/5

    By dgthompson
    Worthless. On top of that every time you get in the car the app pops up to ask for your approval to connect. Why wouldn't you include an "always connect" option in the settings. Deleted the app
  • Come on now 1/5

    By Blksnak
    I rarely review apps but this app is pathetic. I have to log on to this stupid app pretty much every time it connects to my 2017 highlander. Also, it really doesn't do anything that I can see is different than what my 5 year old Nissan can do without an app. This needs some serious improvement. I will probably delete the app due to it asking me to log on every time I start my car. Heck it doesn't even remember my sign on or password and I have to enter it each time. Pathetic to say the least.
  • Entune is great!! 5/5

    By Vernon Lindholm
    Love it!!!
  • Sad. No excuse for an app 1/5

    By dangros
    Useless functionality which ends up getting in the way of standard functionality. I like pandora but these implementations are pointless. Difficult to use and mostly disabled when vehicle is stopped. There's only one thing that would make this worthwhile and that's google maps but no chance. Don't waste your time with this marketing refuse. Some idiots in suits thought they could con people into thinking this would be like apple play
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mikey1223567
    This app is totally useless. And it loads the radio apps on your in car system so unless you have registered the app and accidentally hit it on the touch screen the radio gets stuck looking for it and you can't back out and you're lost in a loop. I wish I had never downloaded it as I can't get the apps off my onscreen audio menu on my 2017 Highlander JBL system. I promptly unregistered and deleted this mess from my phone. Toyota should be ashamed at this terrible junk they rolled out just to not have Car Play which is great. Be warned do not download it and sync it to your vehicle system. You have been warned.
  • Complete waste! 1/5

    By Cameco
    Toyota needs to completely scrap this app. It requires log in every time you start the car. That requires email/user if log in with does not remember any information. What's the point? At the very minimum it should only require Touch ID to reconnect. Because of this, I never use it! Which means I never use iHeart radio or Pandora radio, much less the other applications it claims to offer! Once you are connected, it never seems to work. Often choosing an application from the car's touch screen is greeted with a message that it's "not connected" when it is! Then from the iPhone you can't even select applications. They should swap this out and put in Apple Car Play! My daughters Hyundai has it and its 100% better and works every time!
  • I like it. But they removed the fuel prices button. 3/5

    By Some lil girl
    The fuel price button was my favorite part. And it's gone
  • This is pathetic 1/5

    By Bromandizzle
    Can't believe this is Toyota's connectivity solution. It's crap and diminishes the functionality of my iPhone for what? Fix this. Connectivity should transparent not cumbersome. Sept. 11, 2018. 3:00MT It's still crap. I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited over a highlander because of the crap connectivity in the Toyota. This should be easy. Fire the engineers in charge of connectivity. September 11, 2018 3:22MT Toyota corporate Customer Feedback line could car less that their head unit and Entunes software is garbage. Was told to piss off in the nicest possible way just now. Just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe instead of a Highlander. The tech integration was the deciding factor. I hope my Tundra isn't the last Toyota I buy, but it very well may be unless they get this fixed. I'd give them zero stars if I could.
  • Wow! stick to making cars 1/5

    By Mister apple mac
    This was a huge disappointment. Never connects correctly. Does not have a send (share button) to open address to gps. Interface looks like a 2008 app. Can't imagine anyone signing off on this junk.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mzahrte
    8SEP17 Update: Still garbage. It's so bad I'm going to purchase an aftermarket system. Tired of Entune and it's failure to provide basic support. Hard to believe Toyota would allow an app this bad. They apparently don't appreciate feedback either because they removed my previous rating. Bottom line; believe this and all the other reviews. There's a reason it has a 1.5 star rating. Earned and deserved.
  • Behind the times... 1/5

    By SpenJam
    Should be scrapped and allow Apple CarPlay. Pigeon-holed into old technology.
  • Stop logging me out - Suggestions for Toyota 3/5

    By DaMan7676
    The app is fine when it connects for the most part. I like that I can manage my pandora through the head unit. However, it's when it disconnects that's a problem. For some reason, you get logged out of the app and have to re-login in order to get your dash-based functionality back. This is where Entune fails. Toyota needs to retain the login credentials so you can simply click the login button or integrate with Touch ID. Having to retype my login information after I've started moving in the car is obviously a problem. I have to pull over and put the car in park in order to do this safely. This would improve the user experience exponentially!
  • Worthless apps 1/5

    By PriusPrimePrincess
    This whole configuration is pointless. It creates more work for the driver and is more distracting. None of the apps (iheartradio, Facebook places, pandora, sports app, etc) are ones that I would use. Needs Spotify and some other useful apps. Not sure what Toyota was going for. The phone and car don't really talk to each other very well either. 👎
  • Needs so much improvement and.... 1/5

    By Opheliathegodess
    Usable apps. These apps are worthless. I prefer to get apps that I can use versus having them pre-determined. How about a customer survey to see what is useful and what customers prefer?! Thank goodness it doesn't cost anything....yet.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By crader1
    List of apps is worthless. Why can we have the option to have Apple CarPlay? And why must I buy a CD to update the maps via the navigation system? Biggest gripe I have is how truck will automatically start playing music from my phone via the USB connection, then Bluetooth. Then it will start playing iPhone music again via USB then Bluetooth!!! Why can it just connect with automatically starting my iPhone music? Please fix this Toyota! You're vehicles are great, but your radio systems are horrid!
  • Simply not viable 1/5

    By AppGuy22
    It is obvious that this app and Toyota Entune function just well enough to be used in a sales pitch. In real world usage however, the system does not stay connected, requires constant re-authentication, and this app does not allow you to save your username or password or use authentication through Touch ID. All in all, Entune (and this app) is so useless, I fully expect notification of a class action law suit eventually.
  • Ok but... 3/5

    By MikesterB
    It would be a lot better is it didn't constantly require you to log in. Why doesn't this save login info like most apps do?
  • Useless 1/5

    By castevens
    This app feels like it was created in 2004 and hasn't been updated since. Toyota doesn't support CarPlay, and this does not come close to filling that gap. I stopped using entune and just started using Bluetooth to play music.
  • Unreliable at best 1/5

    By Man Of men
    And it's disgraceful that Toyota couldn't care less.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Redanddone
    Why should I have to register to get this app? The app reject my VIN. No matter how I try to enter it. All I want is the navigator. Manual says the system should recognize any navigation app, but so far no luck. Guess we still have to use the windshield phone mount.
  • Password... 2/5

    By Phases
    TouchID has been around for a while...most banking apps support it. Why do I have to keep putting my email and password into this app - could it AT LEAST remember my email address? Why does it pair half to my phone and the other half to my wife's? I don't really see the value on the rest of the tools, CarPlay support would be much more helpful. Pandora is nice...
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By Duncandraw
    Thankfully, I can just use an auxiliary audio cord and Bluetooth connects without needing this app. (2016 Prius)
  • Fine when it's working 2/5

    By Psouturhj
    There are a few simple ways to fix this app. When it's signed in it's fine It isn't anything special but I can use pandora through my car. But every day or two I have to sign in again. All of the other apps on my phone can stay logged in for years why can't this one? Fix that and it's 5/5 for me.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Ciscoguy
    Seriously the worst app ever. I honestly can't think of a single reason to use this. I wish they would just do CarPlay and stop trying to make their subpar system happen. It's not going to. Ever.
  • Text messages to my iPhone does not work 1/5

    By No Amazon Alexa
  • A solid 2... repeated logins make it useless 2/5

    By waveecho
    I saw the reviews before buying a new 2017 Highlander, so I was forewarned. I thought it really can't be quite that bad, but it is. Pandora did work for me, and it was better than using my phone like I had to in my old Kia Sportage. However I just can't get past the fact it makes me login every couple days. Come on Toyota, that part should really be easy. Really, giving it 2 stars is generous given the constant logins. Makes the Entune app all but useless. What, am I supposed to login every day when driving!?
  • Terrible 1/5

    I have to constantly log into the app once my car starts. It really needs a keep me logged in option. It just makes it inconvenient for me to try and do things the right way as opposed to hands-free laws. The android app is definitely much better in terms of keeping a list of my messages and not just what is being sent to me. It also logged me in automatically when I turned my truck on making use of on board apps much more convenient.
  • Worst app ever existed 1/5

    By luismesas
    Is like going backwards on the evolution of the humanity
  • Does not connect 1/5

    By Wolverine562
    Even though the app is open on the phone, pandora won't work. Horrible.
  • Insulting 1/5

    By Jcl071884
    I'm baffled that you can buy a vehicle with such sophistication but a smart phone companion that falls so short. Like I have nothing better to do than to fight with the login with my email and pw when I get in my car. The limited app support is also pretty sad. I wish I would have known before making my purchase cause I would have used the lack of this feature as part of the negotiation.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By RTS78
    Absolutely terrible app and setup for Toyotas. It is the one glaring dislike on our new 2017 Highlander. If considering a Toyota, the Entune system may be reason enough to avoid one.
  • It was mediocre at best 1/5

    By Jlgindallas
    Now with this latest update it won't connect to the Internet. I try to use Pandora and it says no internet sure entune is running. Of course it is! I try to reboot my iPhone 5s and restart entune and even turn off the car and turn it on again. No luck. I finally give up and then 5 minutes down the road it suddenly starts working. Come on. I love my Prius, but my neighbor with a Ford just keeps laughing at me when I try to make entune work. Update 8/17. Now it's even worse. Sometimes connects and sometimes doesn't. I travel a lot, and would love for traffic to work. Sometimes it works when I start a trip and then suddenly for no reason all the traffic info disappears and I can't get it to work again. I've updated the app and the NAV head. No change.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Rav2017
    Once you enter your username and password you better burn them in your brain because you will need to do this almost everyday! Why this app can't save it is just stupid!!! How about updating this please!!!!!

    By Knnjfkshfkf
    How hard can this be? I have called Toyota twice to complain. If I decide I want to listen to Pandora mid-commute, then I should be able to hit the damned Pandora icon and have it work!!!!!! "Tether error...please risk your life typing in a stupid password while you drive so you can listen to some music." Please pay a programmer one hour's wage to fix this.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By sree933
    Really? I must give this permission to connect every single time I turn my car on? Every single time? And I have to enter my credentials nearly every single time? To do what? Play pandora? Not worth it.
  • Junk 1/5

    By KOS49749
    Will not stay connected, now it can not download the update that was there. What a waste of technology!
  • Surprised Toyota Put their name on this 1/5

    By 1637996
    Wow so many bad things to say... I don't know where to start.. it makes me regret I bought a Toyota
  • Just how many times do i have to log in 1/5

    By Cypreetree
    Simply tired of having to sign in what seems like every stinking day. Ever heard of Touch ID. Get with it Toyota!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stop logging out please 3/5

    By Mwolfe83
    It's a great attempt. It would be great, if I had to have the app installed, that it would at least stay logged in our have a save my creds option. 2016 Tacoma trd off-road.
  • Whack! 1/5

    By potrerokid
    For the love of Jesus, can you let Apple Car Play happen. Entune is the worst product on planet Earth.
  • Add a log in user name save 2/5

    By Gmann525
    Nothing is more annoying than getting logged out and having to type in your email address over and over. Especially since this app is primarily used when DRIVING!
  • It's pretty much useless 1/5

    By utgiann
    It's the worst Bluetooth connect I've ever experienced. It's junk. I wish I could say use another app but that would require you to buy a new car.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By jessicafm
    Why, oh why, do I have to sign in with my email address and password all the time? And just after I've turned on my car... how IDIOTIC. At the very minimum, the app should use the fingerprint reader from my phone so typing is required. Ideally, the app should remember my login information. Seriously, is there a security issue the user needs to worry about here??
  • Worst app I have downloaded in a long time! 1/5

    By Jhhhjygfghgf
    If there was a way I can give a zero star, I would. Also, just bought a Prius Prime 2017 and the Entune 3.0 is not compatible with it?
  • Entune is a bad joke 1/5

    By doubleodd
    1. Requires regular trips to dealer to update software off a USB drive they must custom order for you. Did they ever think about giving the satellite receiver the ability to download updates off, say, a satellite? 2. Navigation is totally unusable. Period. Full stop. I've had Entune for 4 years in my 2013 Highlander and it's never worked. I gave up after 10 trips to Manhattan Toyota (side note: the most corrupt dishonest dealer of all time). I've been propping an iPhone running Google or Waze on my dash since I bought the car and Entune navigation crashed on the way home from the dealer. 3. Toyota engineers have decided out of stupidity or stubbornness not to integrate with Apple CarPlay. This is the final fatal flaw of all Entune's fatal flaws. I won't buy another car without CarPlay. Too bad. I live the Highlander but my next car will have to have CarPlay.

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