TracFone Wireless My Account

TracFone Wireless My Account

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  • Current Version: 3.71
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TracFone Wireless My Account App

Take command of your wireless service, anywhere at any time! The TracFone My Account App lets you manage most aspects of your wireless service right from your phone. Here is how it works: -Once downloaded, open the app and after agreeing with the End User License agreement, you will have the option to log in (if you already have a TracFone Account) or you can create an account by selecting Create an Account. - Once logged in, you will be able to see your Service End Date, keep track of your Balance on your home screen, refill your Airtime by selecting Buy Airtime or Add Airtime if you have an Airtime PIN. -Other features include Credit Card management, Adding or Deleting a Device from the Account, viewing your transaction history or you can use our retail locator. Airtime PINs are located on the back of the TracFone Service Card or on your register receipt. To read the PIN on the TracFone Service Card, simply locate the grey strip on the back of the card. Scratch off the gray strip in order to reveal the Service Card PIN. Service Cards are sold at over 80,000 retail locations across the United States. Not a TracFone customer? Switch now! Visit us at for more information


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TracFone Wireless My Account app reviews

  • App works as stated 4/5

    By westy39
    I can add time when ever I need to and it is so convenient to use. Thanks tracfone😀 I use it for all of our family’s phones
  • Mina 4/5

    By cabrera42
    It’s very easy to get your bal and activate your phone .
  • Phone Service 3/5

    By Lavalover1358
    So far great service and at a great cost. U little adjustment is needed but Im so glad I switched, keep up the good work.
  • Tracfone 5/5

    By KevinKd1257
    Easy to use, service is as good as the other carriers!
  • Best Thing on Airways 4/5

    By CoColivesat2419
    I have been with Tracfone since 2005, just keeps getting better and better. Great reception, great carry over, very reasonable prices on phones and airtime, super customers service, excellent choice of top quality phones.
  • What happen to data summary? 1/5

    By 75 Grad.
    Both my iPhone 6 and iPad are not displaying my data as this app previously did. Little wheel keeps spinning where data info should display. If I can't see my data by opening the app leaving me in the dark, I will likely find another carrier. Common fix this ASAP!
  • Tracfone doesn’t deliver service and doesn’t care 1/5

    By I need a signal
    Great app; terrible service, so many dropped calls I lost count. Calls dropped on a daily basis. Many texts not even delivered. Multiple people have tried calling me and the calls aren’t even connecting to my number. They are using Verizon network. Why won’t tracfone and/or Verizon fix service!
  • Wow 5/5

    By dgrampie
    Best thing since sliced bread!!
  • Great again 5/5

    By jm007633789
    Glad you got the widget fixed. 👌 It's really all I use the app for to keep track of everything
  • Can’t purchase data 1/5

    By btitusjr
    Great app. Keeps getting updates but, Still no ability to purchase stand alone data cards. This feature was removed a few months back for no reason. I should be able to purchase more data only thru the app. Once this feature returns stars will go up. I should not have to log on to the website from the same phone to purchase data when the app is available.
  • Crap! 1/5

    By buffalopete
    This app doesn’t allow me to login to my account even after changing the password! CRAP
  • Patricia’s iphone 4/5

    By Patriciasgirl23
    After Apple has a update you have to uninstall the app and reinstall to get your balances at a glance. Maybe next update on Tracfone app this could be fixed. One other thing the on line shows a different end date than the balances at a glance. I am going by what is on line because do not want to lose my service and time for minutes text and data.
  • Minutes 1/5

    By a-0k
    Sure great new look but i can find my minutes and texts anywhere. I liked how when i clicked on a profile I could see how many texts and minutes i had right there but now thats gone😢 It would be great if you could add those in
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Matt Sahlgren
    One more reason to bemoan tracfone’s “service”.

    By Cjhcfjncxdgk
    This joke of an app literally doesn’t even let you create an account. After you’ve filled out your info, it says ‘select a security question’ but there IS NO SECURITY QUESTION. You can’t even do anything after that. Don’t waste your time with this useless app. And to Tracfone: seriously get your crap together. There are tons of other people that are having this same exact issue in the reviews & you’re not doing ANYTHING ABOUT IT. ????? Hello
  • I’d give zero if that were an option 1/5

    By Binx921
    This app barely works. I can’t see how many texts or talk minutes I have left. It just says 12__ and if I refresh it just says loading. If I log out I can’t log back in because it says that I’m using the wrong password. Someone please read these ratings and fix this app so it works properly!
  • Can't even use it 1/5

    I got a new iPhone tracfone and I want to add airtime to my new phone but I can't because when I make my account it wants me to put in a security question but there is no place to put a security question. So now I don't know how to do my phone
  • Hope they see their bad reviews 1/5

    By Farquhar Farquhar
    Stops working after almost every IOS update. Then they charged me for the time it took to fix it. 54 minutes.
  • can’t create account 1/5

    By DraAI
    the create account page has email, password, security PIN and date of birth. But you can’t select okay at the end without a pop up that says to select a security QUESTION. Yet there is nowhere to do that. So basically stuck with useless app......
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By Jbnett304
    What idiot designed this app can’t even make a account because it wants you to choose a security question and there is no option for it
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Andross.87
    I think it’s actually worked 3 times. Every other time it shows nothing for the remaining talk time, data, and texts.
  • It's fine 4/5

    By Isak25
    I the user interface was better and there was a data plan with less phone and text usage.
  • Not working 2/5

    By ~TappaSt4r~
    After buying minutes now my phone can't find services, make & receive phone calls or any text messages.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Ratore
    Constantly locks up - unable to process credit card payment to buy additional air time - dropping all three Tracfones and going with a more reliable carrier
  • Lack of technical intelligence 1/5

    By Hammeridaho
    Using IPAD IOS 10. The app allowed a refill but that's it. Tried to use contact support. The window opens with the choices of contact methods. Chose chat, the icon does nothing as is with the other options. Mail only opens a window telling you that the 800 number in the remaining contact option is for California INTRASTATE only. Tried support via NOTHING. Used FB, made contact but with not much of any help to a resolve to the original app problem. Was provided a link via FB for a chat and it appeared to go and open the appropriate window to begin chat. Using Samsung tab 3 via and was able to open chat. End result of chat was no resolve to original problem. Was told that I needed a newer phone. A phone model has 0 to do with opening a chat via website. Have contacted help many many times but no one yet has enough technical IQ to understand much and therefore can't be of any help. FYI. I am a customer of nearly 15 years with 0 problems until December f 2016. Then my phone roams only at home location when it never used to. I understand why but never did I get an alert to this situation that it was going to take place because tracfony updated their system making obsolete many old phones.
  • Can't create account 1/5

    By Dluez
    After filling out the email address, password, pin and dob and choosing Save Account, a bubble informs me of "Incorrect Security Question. Tap choose a security question to pick a question". But THERE IS NO OPTION to choose a security question, therefore it won't create the account. Pretty much useless at this point.

    By Jjdevon
    I tried to sign up for this and it keeps saying "incorrect security question" when there is NO option to choose one. Please fix this. How is anyone supposed to use the dang thing when they can't make an account???
  • Unresponsive; hard to use 2/5

    By Eric Staples
    Pros: -it displays remaining minutes, texts, data -allows you to purchase on demand Cons: -seems to take awhile from the time the app is opened to display usage data -auto pay doesn't seem to work. I select autopsy every time and still have to repurchase time -the UI is clumsy. Hard to navigate
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Nate Keech
    It does take a bit to load up the numbers but it's easy to use and saves me a lot of money.
  • Couldn't be slower 1/5

    By Cigarmonkey
    Takes F O R E V E R to load details of acct minutes, data, and texts. By the time I get the info my plan could be expired. Seriously why the delay it's the one of the few reasons to use the app.
  • no icon for iPhone download 1/5

    By lynnekz
    I thought this would be useful to have so I could add minutes to my iphone from my phone but it didn't put an icon on my phone. In order to use the app I have to go to the app store and open the app from there. I might as well used safari and went to the tracfone website on my phone. Since there isn't an icon I can't delete it from my phone unless I reset my phone and then reinstall all my data -- not going to happen so I'm stuck with this stupid thing that isn't helpful at all.
  • Track Fone My Account 1/5

    By Joe q nobody
    On my IOS, I get as far as agreement. Then when asked about my last high school it won't let me enter that info. But it will allow me to enter a password. Then when submit is tapped it tells me not all info entered. Guess what, I know that, but the screen won,t let me enter all information requested. I downloaded this app on an android and worked just fine. In fact it loaded faster then the web version of Track Fone,s fast track portal. I tried 3 separate times to install on IOS device and gave up. So I use the fast track portal.
  • Overall 1/5

    By bddgdh
    Very slow with lots of issues that do not get fixed
  • Widget does not update 2/5

    By A. Commuter
    It seems the notification widget will not update unless you enter the actual app and do a refresh, which defeats the purpose of having a widget in the first place. Speed at which the app proper updates seems to have improved.
  • So slow! 3/5

    By Cblwolf
    This app works, but it takes at least 45 seconds for the balances to show up. Also, in the newest version, they have increased the fonts on the balances. The texts and minutes balances only show the first two numbers and then dots. That's not really helpful.
  • Very slow, but works 3/5

    By vvanhee
    There's no spinning wheel or other indicator to show that the app is requesting information about data/minutes/texts, which is probably the reason for the negative reviews. It does take quite some time! I would recommend that the developers add a message "getting information from carrier..." and a spinning wheel or progress bar to show that something is actually happening.
  • Use website instead 1/5

    By jf954
    Worked for a few minutes until I tried to delete four of my old inactive phones. It then somehow deleted my current phone and only showed the four that I just deleted!
  • Slow but useful 5/5

    By Buckeye80906
    Takes a short wait to get minutes, data and messages remaining, but they do show up and it is easy to check my five lines. Far cheaper than VZW, just moved my iPhone six here and have no complaints. I miss the personal hotspot capability a bit, but not enough to pay what VZW was charging me to get it back. Good app, good voice and data service, great pricing. Thank you, TracFone!
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Regena111111111
    Won't let me sign in the app but I can sign in on web page so I know I have the correct credentials.
  • Super easy 4/5

    By *Subpar*
    For me it takes about 30 seconds for my minutes and all other information to show up. This app is super simple and really doesn't need much more.
  • Mo 1/5

    By Mo2259
    I have had this app for a long time and it never did work correctly. Now I can't use it at all. Thinking about going to another service.
  • Truly Terrible 1/5

    By A woman who got this app
    This app is by far the worst I have ever used. It is extremely slow, makes me re-log in EVERY time I open the app ( even though my settings are at "stay logged it"), and will not let me check my balance ( it comes up as --). The whole reason I got this app is so that I could easily see my airtime and purchase some if needed, and this app is too poorly made to allow me to do that. It is not worth the time and hassle, for it could have been better made by a 4 year old. I sincerely hope that their coverage does not become as bad as this app, or they will have one less customer.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Yeehaw4pecos
    Have logged in several times and still can't get minutes to show. Current version is not working properly.
  • Unbelievably stupid!!! 1/5

    By Esprezzo
  • Barely functional 1/5

    By Acey P
    This takes a full minute to open, only updates information like "texts remaining" maybe once a day (tops), and so far has done nothing else. Might be enough of a pain to make me change carriers, we'll see...
  • Lying - false advertising 1/5

    By Kid who likes video games
    We were thrilled that we could manage our BYOP subscription on our phone and used it successfully for several months. On Christmas Day there was an opportunity in the app to renew our subscription for 3x the minutes, SMS and data for the same price. However, after the purchase none of the promises were fulfilled. After several calls (more than 2 hours of our minutes) we were told that it was a glitch and it could not be "honored". So, watch out for glitches and false ads and don't expect tracfone to have honor at all.
  • Useless 1/5

    By BooRissaRoo
    What's the point of it if it can't even tell me the minutes i have left? All it says is the expiration.
  • Can't login 1/5

    By fdlkwjfoiewjfoiew
    I hope I didn't screw up getting a tracfone their app doesn't work. I can't even login which you would think if they tested it at all they would know that. Leaves me wondering if they can't make a phone app work if their service is any good Update I consider this app spyware. There is no way it does nothing but I can't use it so it must be doing something on its own. Tracfone seems behind times anyway. They have smartphones but no way to check balances. They never got past flip phones guess I can't expect them to be able to make a phone app when they are that far behind technology
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Beach Girl 606060
    I have been on the phone or chat for two days now as I have not been able to access my account. I continue to get an error message. I called by phone, was given a temporary password with instructions to change it,and still cannot access my account. Also I have not been,able to check my balance via the Tracfone web site. I am very frustrated!
  • Cripes! 1/5

    By LNBootyfly
    Yup. This app was useless to me and I immediately deleted it...

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