TrackR - Lost Item Finder

TrackR - Lost Item Finder

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  • Current Version: 5.7.2
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TrackR - Lost Item Finder App

Description Lost your keys or wallet again? Find them quickly and reliably with TrackR! Use the TrackR app to find just about anything you might lose: keys, wallet, purse, laptop, car, pet, remote... TrackR is built into products from leading brands like Amazon, DoCoMo, Cross Pens and more. As seen in Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Business Insider, USA Today, Macworld, Gizmodo, SlashGear and more. TrackR ensures nothing gets lost. With the TrackR app you can: * Ring your missing keys, wallet, bag or any item * Locate your phone quickly even when it’s on silent mode * Be alerted when you’re separated from your phone or tracked item * See your item’s last known location on a map * If you lose something, receive a confidential location alert when another TrackR app user finds it! * Find your phone just by asking your Alexa device * Find and share items with friends and family * Be alerted when the battery is running low * Order free replacement batteries for all your TrackR devices! (1) Helpful hints: * Leave Bluetooth and Location Services enabled so your phone can communicate with your lost item and flag the area where it was last seen. * Keep the app running in the background so you can record your item’s whereabouts or ring your phone if you misplace it. * When out of Bluetooth range (40-110ft.), TrackR's Crowd Locate Network automatically searches for your lost belongings and sends you a location update if another user comes into range of your item. There’s just so much you can do with TrackR! Features: * Item Ringer * Call your missing keys from the TrackR app. The Item Tracker’s loud ringer and LED lights say, here it is! * Phone Finder * Press the little button on your TrackR smart tag to ring and find your lost phone. * Free Find My Phone skill for Amazon Alexa * Now, finding your phone is as easy as saying, “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone.” * Crowd Locate * Find lost items on a map. A new alternative to GPS, TrackR’s Crowd Locate network helps find over two million lost keys, wallets, phones and other items every day. Unlike GPS, there’s no monthly fee and it works well indoors and in urban areas. When another TrackR app user passes within Bluetooth range of your item, you’ll receive a private and secure alert with its updated location. No one knows your item is lost except for you. * Family Sharing * Find and share items with friends and family. Perfect for shared items like a TV remote, car keys – even the family pet. Compatibility: * Requires Bluetooth 4.0 * Works with the entire TrackR product suite: sticker, wallet, bravo, pixel and atlas * iPhone 4s and newer, iPad with Retina display and iPod touch * iOS 9.0 or later * Amazon Alexa-enabled devices For further questions contact customer support: 1-855-981-1690 (1) International customers receive free batteries and pay only $1.99 for shipping & handling. ** This app requests to use location services while backgrounded to give the most accurate location of your items.


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TrackR - Lost Item Finder app reviews

  • Useless 1/5

    By Beverly465
    I am in Orlando Florida with 3000+ trackers nearby and it can't find my keys that are in my lap
  • Sooo disappointed, feel deceived 1/5

    By Ghost rider GJ
    Update from my previous review, these are so terrible and completely useless that I have gave up using them and deleted the app. These trackers don’t even make a good paper weight! Their Bluetooth so don’t track very far, but even when they are tracking its horribly inaccurate that will have you hunting for your valuables in the wrong direction completely! In the video it shows a lady walking to a parking lot following the tracker app where her car is supposed to be! Well first of all she likely wouldn’t have any Bluetooth power outside in those areas! But just for argument sake saying she did! If all these tracker are as inaccurate as my 10 I bought are? She would never find the parking lot where her car is, much less the car! Had my separation alarm go off on my keys the other night when my keys were right next to my phone. First thought was, did someone sneak in my house and grab my keys? Grabbed my phone and pulled up the tracker app that showed my keys a good 200ft. from my bed where I left my key in the middle of our dead end road! I grabbed my pants where I last seen my keys and my keys were still there! Not even 5ft from where my phone was! That’s how terrible these TrackRs are! Don’t buy them for your own sanity and save your money till they make a REAL TRACKER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! If you have a enemy you really hate with a passion, this is the perfect gift to send them to drive them completely insane trying to get it to work right where they can find their stuff. Hide their toys under the cushion of their favorite chair and the tracker will have them hunting for those same valuables outside blocks away! For a gag this could be funny! But as a working device to keep track of anything this is a lost cause and the manufacturers of this device should be taken to court and charged for deceiving customers and have to repay all their victims they lied to how these devices really work! All these reviews can’t be wrong, not a review says these work as advertised cause they don’t! Don’t let this company scam you too, do not buy for any reason otherwise you’ll be sorry you did!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Mmahurin
    We bought these and they do not stay paired with our iPhones. When we launch the app and try to use it (just testing it right now) it goes into search mode and will not find the device unless we are standing right next to it. If it is in another room it won’t “find” it, it just stays in search mode. Sadly I thought this would be good for putting on our dogs collar and on some keys but if we have to be right next to the device for it to find it then that kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe future generations of it won’t be this way.
  • Not great reception 1/5

    By infinitenious
    My hubby bought 4 of them which was $128.69. It was buy 4 get 6 free deal. I tried to see if this product was that bad after I read the old reviews. I put the device in my bedroom and I was in a living room where is not that far away at all. I would say maybe 10 steps away from the bedroom. There are 6 gauges to see how close the lost item. And I saw only two gauges was the max reception I could get. Which means, there’s no way to find our dog if he lost her. We would like to return the devices.
  • TrackR 4/5

    By Old Man River 22
    I took a deal for 5 pixels however 1 doesn’t work and 1 has a weak battery. I guess 3 out of 5 isn’t bad.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By MrMcgirth
    What a fail. App and tag have major issues linking, or not linking, I can say. It SHOULD be simple at this point with tech, especially a piece of tech that only has 1 job! Bottom line: it’s junk.
  • Junk 1/5

    By DennisInTC
    Junk device will connect unless I take the battery out and put it back in. Even then it still won’t ping the TrackR. Never ever will buy any again.
  • Doesn’t work w iPhone and echo plus 1/5

    By Normally happy customer
    I have an iPhone 6 and echo plus. Alexa is saying she’s ringing my phone and nothing happens. How are u going to publish an app that doesn’t do the most basic thing!?
  • TO TINY 2/5

    By Pjb2005
    It is to small you need to make it bigger
  • Misleading Box & Company 1/5

    By Brett J. Lewis
    The box is totally misleading. U have to be within the 100 or so feet to be within Bluetooth range in order to find something. They act like they’re saving us $ by not using GPS & that their crowd based system (or whatever it’s called) is basically the same thing. The odds of someone with this same app & product coming within bluetooth range of your lost item have to be astronomical. It seems like they created that function for the sole purpose of being able to boast misleading claims. And if you constantly lose things in your home to the point in which u need this, you’re a hoarder with far bigger issues.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Ocse
    Wanted to use it with my slingshot but it doesn’t have a gps to you can’t track it.
  • Good Bluetooth tracker 5/5

    By bksd0
    This is a Bluetooth tracker, not a GPS tracker. With that in mind, it seems good at what it does. Setup was easy and the app is able to locate my keys within a reasonable range. I'll update with battery life
  • Confused 3/5

    By Shirajames
    I have 3 travkR bravo devices One on my keys and one in each vehicle The one on the keys works fine but battery only lasts about 2 weeks The trackr in the vehicles does not give accurate info Tells me where the vehicles were last seen 2 weeks ago I sit in my home and the vehicles are on street they are not located and that is only 20 feet away not sure if one app picks up vehicles close by and right now
  • TrackR 5/5

    By Mr Drone
    I have one of these and it works exactly like they say it does. I have gotten 2 notifications so far. Someone went past my house and it sent me a map of where it was. It was on my car keys in my kitchen which is beyond the blue tooth range of my provider. I will be getting more. It shows 257 users are scattered all around my area.
  • Shelley Holt 1/5

    By Lillynippins
    I have no idea what the buzzing sound is in this device. It it actually spooked my 15 pound dog into crying and trying to run from herself. It was to just keep eyes on her because she has gotten out of outlet fenced in yard twice. We were afraid to lose her and just planned to watch her with it. Once we took it off her collar she went in her bed and 1 hour later she is still whimpering. She remembers and does not want her collar back on. All this thing did was cause me to buy a different collar so hopefully she won't be afraid. Ridiculous product. You need to do more QA testing before selling anymore if these. If this were a heart monitor there would be many dead people. Ya, I'm in medicine do I related this to a monitor.
  • Doesn’t make iPhone ring 1/5

    By Gebie5
    Tried using it with Alexa to make my phone ring so I ca find it. Had to say the exact phrase “Alexa use TrackR to find my phone” instead of basic English, “Alexa, find my phone” to attempt to find my phone. What an annoying marketing ploy. In the end, it doesn’t work; no ringing.
  • Does. Not. Work 1/5

    By The mom & teacher
    I ordered the 5 pixels for $50. I was able to team up one device, but as soon as I added the second, the first did not work. Then I tired to add a third and nine worked and the third would not team up. I agree with the first review- don’t spend your time or money on this. We had tiles and they worked, but after a year you have to repurchase. But they did work!
  • Upload app? 1/5

    By trakmik
    I have tried on three occasions to upload on my IPhone 5S...with no success, although it did load to my IPad?
  • app will not update your current location 1/5

    By rem736
    connection of app to trackr device is fine. but the app will not update the device’s current location on the map. so according to the app, the trackr has been stuck at home for months. i travel all over the place with my trackr on my car keys to work, to other places in town, and each time i open up the app to see where the trackr device is, it still shows that it’s at home on the map.
  • Buyer be ware! 1/5

    By OSZUR
    I have made the mistake and bought 8 of these devices. 5 of them are still brand new and soon will end up in the garbage. This product has not been tested because if it did they would clearly see that it does not conform to the required standards. Let’s go down the list of promised features and TrackR’s ability to deliver on it: The objective of the device is to help locate lost items. 1. When you loose an item and you open up your TrackR application it report that the last time your device was seen was few weeks ago at some obscure location although the device is right in front of me. 2. Now I tried the other way around I pressed the locate button on the device to locate my iPhone and nothing happens. 3. Support suggested that I remove the battery and then re Pair the device to my IPhone, well if I lost my device how am I going to do that? I did remove the battery and then put it back in but the device can not connect to my IPhone I have to pair it as a new device. 4. Battery barely lasts for 2-3 months 5. My son owns a tile tracker, he owned it for almost a year and to this minute it never failed him. Time to switch to Tile.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Trackr Fail
    Does not work as advertised. Can’t even locate the device when I am looking right at it!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Mark Dumn
    Battery died after 12 hours of pairing it with my phone. This device has no useful purpose at all. I’m throwing it away. Along with the 30 bucks I spent for it. Their website is deceptive as it makes it sound like this device is a GPS device. It is not. Don’t waste your time. Learn from my mistake.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By RaynstormWU
    Lately I have been misplacing things more than I use to. I picked up a 5 pack of TrackR Pixels today. Right out of the box 2 of the devices batteries died while trying to pair them and a third is about dead. I tried to open the backs to check the batteries but I am unable to open any of them. I even went on YouTube and tried what they suggested but I am still unable to turn any of the backs to open them. So even if I get replacement batteries I won’t be able to change them. I suggest you make them easier to open and put a removable tab between the batteries and the device so the batteries are not being drained while in the package. Sadly I am very disappointed and due to the hours I work I won’t be able to return them to my local store.
  • Fraud company 1/5

    By Marien04714
    Do not download this app or even buy the product. I really hope that you guys look at the app first to read these reviews before you buy this fraud piece of device. On all of their sites they claim this is a GPS that can work and search anywhere. That you could locate and track anything when you lose it. Not once did you say you can only track things that’s in Bluetooth range, but even when you submit a refund, you have to click a reason why, and one of the reasons is That it says you thought it was a GPS. Of course we did because that’s what you advertise and falsely advertising and this company is a complete fraud. Do not buy.
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By Lol elf
    I spent $95.00 and got 5 little useless pieces of junk. They don’t work. Period, I have one on my sons car who goes to school and work within a 6 mile radius. I don’t get crowd updates, Accept when he’s home, and that’s the only time it works.... when he’s home. So a waste of $95.00?! Yes! I never should have this crap, it’s the most frustrating thing to sit and watch the dial say “searching” all day, just to see it still searching hours later. Waste of money in my opinion, I’d never recomend this to anyone
  • Poor choice 3/5

    By willmesi
    Does not pinpoint location. App continuously reboots. What a waste of money Will
  • Same problem. Batteries don’t last. 1/5

    By Charley1953
    Looses Bluetooth connection constantly. Have to keep resetting it. Put new battery in a week ago and it’s down to 2 volts now. Have two Bravos, both have same problem.
  • New, but Happy 4/5

    By Hundo3287
    First heard about TrackR from the TWiT network, and bought a bunch as Christmas gifts for my family (and a couple for myself). I’m really surprised by how naive some of the other reviewers are. It’s a Bluetooth tracker for keys, bags, etc. TrackR offered a lot of features that Tile didn’t, like the replaceable battery and the ability to ring a phone. This app specifically was easy to setup. The only reason I gave it 4 stars out of 5 is because I am a little confused by some of the settings. It’s not clear which setting rings my phone and which rings my TrackRs. I also don’t know what happens if I turn off my phone. When I turn off my phone at the movie theater will my keys start ringing because the Bluetooth signal is gone? Not sure. I plan to reach out to customer support to find out.
  • I am normally smarter than this :-( 1/5

    By duped consumer.
    I can’t believe I bought this (x5) piece of sh!tdevice. It is utterly useless!!! I guess if you are such an idiot that you are constantly looking around the house for your keys because you haven’t grown up yet this might be a helpful device but I doubt it. Just grow up and designate a place for your keys when you get home at night and save your money because this device is WORTHLESS!!!!
  • Totally USELESS!! 1/5

    Thought this would track one of my work vehicles....found out that my phone won’t track the trackR if it is not in BLUETOOTH RANGE! Yes, I said BLUETOOTH range which is like an entire 40 feet. Lol!!! WHAT A JOKE! A complete waste of $29.00. Very misleading in the sales pitch. Perhaps this item may appeal to the pot-heads only who are the only dumbos who lose their keys on a regular basis to have to buy a tracKer to be able to find them. Wow, just wasted precious moments of my life that I will never get back by anxiously awaiting the arrival of this retarded, ridiculous, waste of space on an object-equal to dog crap-trackR! DONT BUY! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHAT SCAMMERS THESE PEOPLE ARE! PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE!
  • Better than tile 4/5

    By rere jo
    I have gone through perhaps seven or eight tiles in the past two years, with great frustration and disappointment. I was reluctant to try the TrackR because I had heard/read some negative reviews and comments about it.That is why I had bought all those tiles before trying trackr. Granted,I was extremely disappointed when I purchased two trackrs from bed Bath and beyond and neither of them would activate, probably because the batteries were dead. So I wasted a couple of hours trying to connect these dead devices to my Bluetooth. After I took them back to bed Bath and beyond and bought new ones My initial problem was completely resolved. In fact, I could not be more pleased, especially after my horrible experiences with the Tile. All of the tiles that I bought stopped working with in a week or two! Yes, the trackrs stopped working as well because the battery life is not great. But at least you can replace the batteries, which you cannot with the tile. In fact, tracker sent me two free batteries After I reported that my batteries were dead through their iPhone app. I think based on my own extensive personal experiences with both devices that trackr is a better product than the tile, looks better, and is more Durable, And is a better value for the money. You just have to be realistic about the capabilities of any of these types of devices.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Xris Coke
    I purchased two on August 5th and guess when they were last seen? Yep that day. I also have 4 tile trackers and my lord those actually are working as described. Don’t waste your money on TrackR bravo, trust me you. I’d give negative stars if I was able
  • Like It 4/5

    By HeidiHu65
    I bought this because I constantly lose my keys and it’s great works every time!! I had to write this review because I read a review that someone wrote that they wanted it to track their car if it were stolen and it didn’t work for that. Really? So instead of purchasing say a LoJack system for a few a grand someone would think a $20.00 TrackR would replace high technology for stolen cars and they are upset at this company because they don’t understand how Bluetooth tech works and on top of all that to return it they have to print their own return label but they don’t own a printer!!! I like the TrackR and recommend it for its intended uses.
  • Someday This May Work 1/5

    By jazzmonk
    I have used multiple devices/tracker's from this company and am part of some beta program.. it all works great if you are in the same room as the "missing" trackr and the battery is less than a week or two old. Upstairs? Forget it. Next room? No way. And the devices fall out of sync all the time. Total waste of time .. and money. Try some other company.. oh yeah.. be prepared to go through batteries very quickly. I have also waited over a year for a couple of devices that were promised a long, long time ago. Great idea. Awful Product and Company.
  • Awful Products and App 1/5

    By Jets21NY
    Purchased the tracker with my Ekster wallet. Tracker is dead and no longer works. Charged it fully and it worked for 2 days and now is completely dead. Worst purchase I have ever made. Even when it worked the app hardly picked up the device unless it was literally right next to it and even then it didn't show a full signal. Just a terrible product, there's a reason why the app is averaging less then 2 stars.
  • Not thrilled 2/5

    By Me3542789
    I live in tiny South Texas town, I bought 5. But exactly how many OTHER ppl own TrackR here, otherwise it’s useless to me using this on my dogs. Add GPS, surely it wouldn’t hurt to be thicker. Besides, other ppl helping? I’d be afraid of them keeping my dog. I don’t know.
  • Better after iOS 11.1 update 3/5

    By Morac
    Alexa Integration works again and I’m no longer getting random Bluetooth device required messages. I still need to turn off separation notification because of too many false alerts though.
  • This is good 5/5

    By SuperAwesomerGamer777
    The app work as expected and the bravo works perfectly would buy again
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By John Apocalypse
    The advertising is deceptive. I wanted this to be able to locate my car if it ever got stolen. We've got a lot of stolen cars here. Come to find out you can't use it for that at all! It was the most pointless purchase I have ever made all thanks to their marketing team that doesn't disclose this information that it connects to your phone via gps. So if your phone is too far away, well tough you aren't gonna find anything. I don't understand the purpose of this product. You can't put it on your phone you can literally only use it for keys. I never lose my keys so this was a complete waste of money and time. These people need to be more honest in their marketing. You can't track ANYTHING you can track keys, that's about it. Companies can literally say whatever they want even if it's a blatant lie and there no repercussions. I wish I could get my money back as I have zero use for this stupid piece of crap. Don't buy it. UPDATE: developer contacted me trying to get me to like this very useless device, which has a battery life of like maybe 5 days. They then gave me the option to return it. They sent a return label via email and I have no printer. Apparently it’s too much of a hassle to send one via mail. Glad this company is tanking.
  • Produce is useless 1/5

    By ProBoxService
    False Advertisement on your product everywhere on the internet. Too many bugs with app. Overall useless and a waste of money.
  • Light flash alert for smartphone 1/5

    By Coworo
    This is my second request about add feature of light flash alert for smartphone, no response at first, hopefully this 2nd request be responded.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Keith202
    I put these in my vehicles about 6 months ago, the last locate was July 28th it’s now October. Says 363 other users in range. Still no update. Battery meter shows full. They are junk and ineffective. Don’t buy them.
  • HORRIBLE Please Read. 1/5

    By Xtremelow
    I am not the type to leave reviews, but I hope this helps at least one person. I bought the 12 pack with high hopes and regret it tremendously. In short battery life is horrible (mine wouldn’t last 3 weeks), range is horrible, and the sound is worthless. I had the TrackR devices on all 3 of my pets along with some things like keys/bike/wife’s purse. I could stand directly above them and never get a signal connecting, so if you ever lose a pet or item never plan for it to help you in that aspect. Please don’t waste your money or depend on one of these in an event your pet needs you.
  • Small suggestion 4/5

    By Mpowell411
    Not bad I had an issue with figure out how to get it to work but since I got my wallet from a third party I will blame them not sending me any instructions. My one and only gripe is we should be able to tell the app we have found our phone or maybe turn it off when we want to? My wallet is in my house and I don't need it going off to tell me that when I walk my dogs or I'm just in the bathroom. Hopefully that makes its way to an update soon :)
  • Always On Location Required 1/5

    By shotta_56
    I'm not really interested in ANY app that requires location service even when I'm not using it.
  • Crowd sourcing isn’t working 1/5

    By Mother_2
    I put these TrackR items on our Halloween inflatables and one was stolen. Now I assumed I would be able to track it but to no avail. I purchased this so I would be able to track anything that was lost. I put the device in a discrete area in the inflatable so it wouldn’t be noticed. I also received an error message that the online chat help folks asked me to remove the software and reinstall however it would also remove my data. I took a picture but can’t upload here for this review. There are over 8,000 local trackr devices according to the app when I open and check out if there’s a new status of my stolen item. I would not recommend this device or downloading the app as again I had an error message.
  • Alexa skill is not working for me 1/5

    By burlison
    I followed the (outdated) instructions to enable the ‘Find my phone’ Alexa skill and paired it with my phone with the pin. However, my phone never rings or receives any notification when I use Alexa to ask TrackR to ring my phone. I reinstalled the app, unpaired and re-paired the Alexa app, and ensured that the app had the proper notification permissions. Unfortunate.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Ice-da-man
    It partially relays on other people having the same tracking device for it to work. I also wanted it to track my vehicle Incase it was stolen. Not the device for that. Misleading in what it can do
  • Pretty Good So Far 4/5

    By JetFuelPerfume
    I just read a review claiming false advertising. I probably read the same advertising as that person, but I find that it does just what they said it does. My only complaint is the battery life isn’t as long as I’d like, or they suggest it is. Several months is the best I’ve gotten so far. Better battery life in the dual battery powered Wallet device, around 6-7 months. The Bravo (key fob) unit is about 4 months. The app seems to have a more reliable battery indicator in it now than previous versions. We have one unit set up as a group device, and put it on the dogs collar inside the optional Bravo’s protective sleeve (which doesn’t really do enough to protect it from water damage, but it does help). Last year I bought in volume direct from the web site and the price was quite reasonable, with the idea of giving them away as Christmas stocking stuffers. One problem you cannot blame completely on them is the Bluetooth connectivity. With all the versions of iOS, Apple has messed up the BT connection on some of my OTHER BT devices, but the TrackR devices still connect reliably (TrackR seemed to have dodged the issue).
  • Junk App, devices and service. 1/5

    By Radicalliberal
    Total junk. Of the five trackrs I bought, one was defective and three weeks later, my replacement still has not been sent. Utterly useless customer service (here, let me paste entire web pages into the chat window) and software that only does half of what it purports to do (event after all the "helpful" troubleshooting i went through like "have you enabled data?) App located items within reason (read if you're in the same room and there isn't a book of over 10 pages on it). But the worst part is that the crowd locate function (their killer app) simply doesn't work. It will tell you repeatedly that your device was located bit then won't tell you where. Utterly infuriating and no help from customer service. Two more months. This functionality does not work. Hoping for an update to the app to fix but given the poor customer service I will not be holding my breath.

TrackR - Lost Item Finder app comments


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