TrackR - Lost Item Finder

TrackR - Lost Item Finder

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  • Current Version: 6.0.1
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TrackR - Lost Item Finder App

Find more and search less with the TrackR app. Our Bluetooth trackers are small and lightweight so you can attach them to anything you don’t want to lose: keys, wallets, bags, remotes….Pair them with our easy app and use your phone to find them fast. TrackR is also built into products from leading brands like Amazon, DoCoMo, Cross Pens and more. As seen in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Business Insider, USA Today, Macworld, Gizmodo, SlashGear, among others. Keep finding with TrackR. With the TrackR app you can: * Ring and find your missing keys, wallet, bag or any item. * Ring and find your phone quickly—even when it’s on silent mode. * View your item’s last seen location on a map. * If you lose something, receive a confidential location alert when another TrackR app user passes near it. * Find your phone just by asking your Alexa device. * Be alerted when the battery is running low. * Keep finding with in-app ordering of free replacement batteries for all your TrackRs! Helpful hints: * Leave Bluetooth and Location Services enabled so your phone can communicate with your lost item and flag the area where it was last seen. * Keep the app running in the background so you can record your item’s whereabouts or ring your phone if you misplace it. * If you are beyond the Bluetooth range (up to 110 ft.), turn on Crowd Locate notifications to be alerted when someone passes nearby your item and updates your item’s location. There’s just so much you can do with TrackR! Features: * Rings your item * Just tap the app to make your missing keys ring and light up so you can find it fast. * Phone finder * Press the button on your TrackR Bluetooth tag to ring and find your lost phone. * Alexa Skill * Use TrackR’s Find My Phone Skill with any Alexa-enabled device to find your missing phone. Just say, “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone,” and Alexa will ring it loudly, even on silent, or tell you the address of its last known location. * View the last seen location * With the app running in the background you can view where and when you last had your stuff. And you can enable Item History to view the last four locations it was seen. * Crowd Locate * Rely on TrackR’s global network of users to help you find what’s lost. When a TrackR app user passes by your lost item, the app sees it and automatically sends you a private, secure and anonymous location update. Compatibility: * Works with the entire TrackR product suite: sticker, wallet, bravo, pixel and spot * Requires Bluetooth 4.0 * Requires iOS 9.0 or later * iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X. Works with iPad with Retina display and iPod touch. * Amazon Alexa-enabled devices For further questions, please contact Customer Support at ** This app requests to use Location Services while backgrounded to provide the most accurate location of your items.


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TrackR - Lost Item Finder app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By Grantyboy32wcgssxji
    Absolutely terrible, never works when you need it to. Lucky it was a gift and I did not have to waste my money on this product.
  • Annoying and malfunctioning! 1/5

    By sandraleo
    I got a tracker for Christmas so I downloaded the app. Worked fine a couple of times. Then my iPad started a loud and annoying alarm that I was unable to find or turn off. I finally reset my iPad to original settings and the sound stopped. All set! Then I used the app to track something and the alarm started going off! So it was the culprit! I then tried to find my items after deleting and resetting the app and it couldnt find the items I had set up with trackers. So it is completely USELESS!!! Don’t bother!
  • Horrible scam 1/5

    By Nymph Rider
    I bought this it was advertised to be a gps tracker and get it 3 weeks later I might ad and low and behold it’s a junk blue tooth tracker——- straight in the trash thanks for the waste of my cash trackr Donald Ross
  • Fix the software!!! 2/5

    By Aznpixie
    I bought trackrs from Within two days of opening and activating these trackers brand new, low battery warning on all of them. The separation alert doesn’t work. It actually starts to go off when you come back in range to your separated item! (Backpack I left in car didn’t indicate separation until I returned to my car from a shopping trip). I was in chat with reps for two hours troubleshooting. Uninstalled, reinstalled smartphone app (iPhone 6s) and all 8 trackrs. After all that “oh it’s a known problem with the battery life indicator, our software engineers are working on it” “just ignore the low battery warning” WHAT?!!! They say they are going to send me new ones and get a confirmation email.......Nope...that never came. So I’m within my 30 days return period. Another 30 minutes of chat later, I was to be emailed a return label....never came. Horrible!!!! I’m just keeping them because I bought 4 and got 4 for free. I had the tile too but got the TrackR for replaceable batteries and separation alert. Both features that are defective. Disappointed! False advertising in my opinion. Just say what you are and don’t make false claims.
  • Great Idea! (If it worked) 1/5

    By ByteBowser
    This system works great when I’ve demonstrated it to someone, and the items are right next to each other. When I’ve actually tried to find one of them, it’s failed about 85% percent of the time (item disconnected). Save your money!
  • Horrible Software and Customer Support 1/5

    By Lynn_McPee
    I bought an 2 pack TrackR from a Brookstone. I changed the battery because who knows how long they sit in a store. The first day of use my key ring broke while on military duty. I used the App to try to track the device but it was off line and only gave me my last location for 6 hours before. I kept getting the Crowd Feature notifications with no update on location. I put in a customer service ticket for help and was told technical support would help...almost 2 weeks ago. Terrible software and customer support. I suggest y’all invest in Tile for a better device, software and support.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Rustlor
    I’d give 0 stars if I had the option. I bought 10 bravos and got one free last Christmas. This Christmas I wanted the pixels because my dad can’t hear the bravos. So, I wondered why the batteries were going dead so fast. At first the batteries lasted about 2-3months. Now with the latest app upgrades the batteries ARE DEAD AFTER 3 days. Initially I bought replacement batteries because it was such a hassle to “order free”. But, after this fiasco of useless devices I’ve tried getting free replacements. You have to go through such a song and dance it’s time consuming. So if time is money you’d be ahead to get another manufacturers similar device. And now to the Cheapest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. The pixel. They don’t work. Some will flash lights. Some might make sounds. The cheap plastic is a pain to remove the back in order to change battery. Because OF COURSE THE BATTERY LASTS 3days. And 1 of the pixels back was not connected when received and will not close tight. DONT BUY IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO FIND YOUR DEVICE. DO BUY IF YOU WANT TO SPEND HOURS CHATTING WITH UNHELPFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND CHANGE BATTERIES DAILY.
  • Failed me the one time I needed it.. 1/5

    By Colby8408
    It's ok it's helped me a few times when I was too lazy to search my couch cushions. But the one time I truly didn't know my keys were I assumed I had left them in my wife's car since it couldn't connect. So I made the gamble and left the my apartment building. I have lost 30 minutes of my day waiting for someone to open the door.. it keeps saying my phone spotted near where I'm standing but it won't connect to ring it!! it's kitschy but don't rely on it. I am so beyond frustrated!
  • Connection 1/5

    By Proseto20202020
    I lost my wallet this week and the Trackr cannot locate where it is. The idea of having to be within bluetooth range for it to work is incredibly counter productive. terrible product
  • Same problem as Tile 1/5

    By Brian-Star
    Tile refuses to allow its user the simple choice of whether or not to disable the “find my phone” feature. Having this in my pocket while driving creates a MAJOR safety hazard as the trackr is accidentally bumped while driving and it causes my phone to ring until acknowledged by pulling it out of my pocket, and having to take my eyes of the road to stop the noise. Same thing at work when I’m in a meeting. People look at me like I’m inconsiderate and unprofessional because I didn’t turn my phone to silent.
  • Great Tracking Device and Works With Alexa 5/5

    By Oalexz
    I purchased 4 and received 4 free. I put them on my Kane’s, wallet and keychains. Yes, sometimes they come apart, but I purchased the leather holder for them since my keys and Kane’s take a beating. I tend to leave my Kane’s throughout the house, mainly because I don’t really need them to walk all the time. I had tiles but they were too big to attached to items and after the battery was not replaceable, so the $15 was like a rental fee as it cost another $15 when sent back for new battery. I loved the MYNT, which gives you 2 batteries which you can replace, but again too big. My pixels are perfect size . The only improvementsI could suggest would be to make it slimmer in the future and make it LOUDER. My husband complains It shows a lump in his wallet and he can’t hear it very good. Hey!!! Can you make it light up and blink? 😉
  • Terrible, Terrible & Horrendous 1/5

    By Hose2023
    These idiots promote a half-baked product and the software is LOUSY that you have to keeep on resetting the Pixel 10-Times a day - anddddd you need to let the TrackR software run 24/7 non-stop otherwise it will disconnect your device and then you MUST reset by opening & closing the battery again , again & again. I made a mistake of buying 5-promotion pack and all of them annoying & useless piece of krap
  • App or device or both 1/5

    By papaMiller
    After updating the TrackR app, I thought I’d update my review. Can’t pick less than 1 star. Now I can’t even connect to the device. Removed the battery to reset and still nothing. Unbelievable! Not sure what's worse, the app or the device. I vote both. Impulse buy, should have done my homework. Returning!!!
  • Died after a month 1/5

    By Narcotic79
    This is not a good product and the support is terrible. Mine died after about a month and a half, do not buy this product.
  • Complete s***! 1/5

    By danielwmartin1
    It is the worst tracking device/app I have ever tried! Do not waste your time or money! And you did not fix the low battery issue. I received one that had a low battery. I replaced it. And yet it still shows occasional low battery or battery unavailable. Then all of a sudden that shows full battery. They disconnect all of a sudden and I have to take out the battery and reconnect them and sometimes they never connect again. And you did not listen. The developers should Quit developing. Listen to this
  • Got a free replacement battery BUT 3/5

    By steven_taylor
    Within two days it says I need to order a new battery? And then next time I connect it says full battery. Obviously it’s not sending appropriate battery status OR they sent me a dead battery.
  • Terrible and annoying product. 1/5

    By Amadeus Tha Great
    I got a TrackR as a gift and decided to use it for my wallet since I already owned the superior Tile tracking device for my car keys. I decided to set separation alerts to let me know if I’ve walked too far away from my wallet or phone, yet the alerts are extremely inconsistent and sometimes go off when both my phone and wallet are in my pocket. In the two times I misplaced my wallet since I’ve owned it, neither time was it able to help me actually find it, making the entire product completely pointless. My wife’s trackr came with a dead battery out of the package. Sometimes, my trackr acts as if it doesn’t have battery power either, then it starts to work again for no rhyme or reason. If you bought this or received it as a gift, please exchange it at your nearest retailer for a Tile.
  • About pets 1/5

    By Notme-mydaughter
    This app is worthless in trying to find lost pets.
  • Discouraging 1/5

    By dube5217
    I bought 5 with a promo, but only have used 1 so far and am very disappointed. The only way it tracks items is if someone else has this app and the app is open. It does not just work. Thus, unless someone else is in search of an item near your lost item you will never locate anything. It defeats purpose. Wish I could send them back for a full refund... don’t waste money as they are not live trackers and won’t help if you truly loose something and have no idea where it is...
  • Do not buy!!!! 1/5

    By Scamp978
    The TrackR is the worst device I’ve ever gotten. Thank god I got it as a gift and didn’t have to pay for it. It is never connected when I need it, the help section of the app is always “temporarily not working”. I gave up and threw it away. Buyer beware!!!!
  • Separation alert does not work reliably 1/5

    By AX5704
    Purchased 3 Pixels - non of them alert me that I forgot my keys, again! TrackR support sent me 3 replacements which were Bravos not Pixels. 1 was dead 1 had low battery 1 worked for a day. The one that worked did make my phone alert me that I had left the TrackR behind but only sometimes and not reliably and that quit after a day. I was hoping for a lot more from this device, will not purchase again until the reliability is fixed. If I want just to see the last place it was seen I can just go with more reliable Tile/tile pro.
  • To Late For Me 1/5

    By JLCMusic
    I should have looked for reviews before purchasing. It’s challenged by distance. Once located (if your lucky) you can’t cause it rebroadcast location. GPS Is OK but no help if you lost item in your house. Can I do zero stars.
  • Good, definitely could be better! 3/5

    By Algh
    Volume is low. Should be able to change volume and or sound.
  • Battery hog 3/5

    By Gozo269
    It seems like every two months I replace the battery. Because the app tells me that my trackR may have an issue? Also tells me that my Bluetooth is disabled. When reality it is not.
  • Worst Devise 1/5

    By Simon Engineer
    It’s horrible. It doesn’t work. Waist of money and time. Crazy
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Jerm Ohma
    Great idea but terrible app, unreliable when needed most. Pairing pixel was a hassle now doesn't find it with full battery. Has clunky app that won't stop asking for location. Just want blu tooth not stupid crowd spying. Cold kills battery temporarily til warm, FYI.
  • Not sturdy enough for a dog collar 1/5

    By Andy:VA
    I’ve only had it on my dog for 2 weeks and it already broke off. It happened in the house, so I saw that it was because the metal is too thin and broke open. It’s not made for a dog that has a tag on his collar (which is absolutely necessary) and shakes his head. Too much stress on the thin, weak metal of the Trackr And I tested it while my husband took my dog for a walk - and couldn’t locate him at all. The gps still showed him at my house the whole time - even though they were a mile away at one point.
  • Never works right 1/5

    By Lebrennan
    The app never notifies me when the battery is low and when the battery is completely dead it still shows it as full battery so there no way to order free replacements. When the battery is new the app never seems to be able to find my items even when the item is right next to my phone. Useless.
  • Worked great until 2/5

    By Nosagg
    The device worked great. Batteries lasted almost a year. However the one time I actually need it as my wallet was stolen this morning from my truck. I happened to be hit with the low battery not connected
  • Free battery for my device! 5/5

    By Stacypop
    I got an warning saying I had a low battery on one of my devices, so I went through the ordering process and got one sent to me for free! Thanks TrackR!
  • Great way to locate items. 5/5

    By SNDawson
    I started to use TrackR in 2017 and I now have several of them keeping track of my paraphernalia. Prior to using TrackR I was such a loser- I lost nearly everything. Now I have TrackR working and running in the background so that I don’t have to go crazy lookin for keys, wallets, journals, and bookbags, and purses. When I once had an issue with a TrackR not being located I spoke to customer service and they kindly replaced the non functional TrackR. I am pleased with it as a locator. I now have 6 of them.
  • 2015 and then 2017 update – I wish I could give no stars 1/5

    By BeevdOut
    Update2017-Wish I hadn’t wasted my investment money After two years they finally sent me new ones – half of them had dead batteries – And while the software worked slightly better – it was so resource intensive for the six of 12 that worked on new firmware and seeming hardware update – I have gone with tile instead and deployed nationally because they are not able to be scaled to an enterprise level. Beyond being resource hogs, they are fragile especially the wallet version which you sit on all day and makes no sense – and the batteries dream within a few days because of the constant Bluetooth connection is using your data exponentially. T***is the way to go. Low-frequency Wi-Fi devices that only need to be active when you need them to be active –Where is the atlas? Never delivered although I paid for it –And a subscription service??? These guys are out of their minds – I wish I could give no stars. 2015- It's been a year waiting for 12 replacement devices and they have no market competition what a waste of Xcode hours I'm glad Alexa can find my phone using your technology however you're still unresponsive when it comes to customer support and product delivery, big shame, also it might be nice if you figured out a way to get the devices to actually distinguish the difference between each other when I do get them working they all seem to show up as my wallet and not perform exactly as the directions state. I wonder if your product manager has any SDLC experience.
  • Waste of my money. 1/5

    By Sir Johnsonruhles
    Nice idea but doesn't work & even when the thing beeped there is no way you can hear it. Save your money.
  • Needs these updates 3/5

    By TheGadgetinator
    Add back Bluetooth signal strength bar ASAP! Allow users to track other Bluetooth devices such as our Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and anything else that already has Bluetooth in it. Your competition “Tile” is doing it. So get on board. Please create an app to run on my MacBook so I can track where I left it. Please add Apple Watch support. TrackR devices need firmware update to allow user adjustable power saving mode to make Bluetooth tags transmit less frequently for better battery life. Needs ability to show estimated range to device in feet based on bluetooth signal strength. Has problems connecting to tags that are inches away that are on and have full battery. Needs map display in the app showing estimated coverage area based on all active users average location data. TrackR sticker & TrackR wallet no longer make any noise when activated from app.
  • Sharing is completely broken 1/5

    By Halt & Catch Fire
    Adding for yourself and finding is fine. But all of the sharing is complete garbage. Tried 5 times unsuccessfully to get it to work and all support says is to delete and recreate. Why sharing doesn’t launch the app already installed is unfathomable. What garbage software.
  • No signal strength bar 3/5

    By None abcdef
    Where is the signal strength bar!!! It amazes me that you could think taking away the bar is an improvement!!!
  • Battery munchers 2/5

    By Club Belgique
    Seem to work. But eat batteries. Can’t tell you when batteries are almost eaten. So when battery dead, can’t find device.
  • Batteries dead 1/5

    By Luis Real
    I bought 10 of them, gave five as gifts, now that I tried to use mine, the batteries are not functional! Seems that the batteries don’t last!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By BeachieK
    I feel like I wasted my money. It will find my keys if I’m with in 5 feet of them. Useless using the TrackR to find my phone. I have to find it myself an open it up so it can connect. Big disappointment! In theory it should be awesome - in reality no!
  • Alexa and TrackR don’t work with my IOS 11.2.1 1/5

    By Amanda-RR
    Alexa and TrackR don’t work with my IOS 11.2.1
  • Really low & sneaky! 1/5

    By Phoebe92fab4
    Glad I read the reviews before installing on my kids phones! I despise companies who are using sneaky tactics to collect and sell information. This is especially dangerous considering that many devices are used by children! SHAME ON YOU! We should not be forced to used the crowd location feature in order to use this product. What a waste of money!
  • Crap Crap Crap 1/5

    By gmanyancy
    Has never worked. No connection. Waste of money.
  • Help 3/5

    Not a review but where to go to buy these tracker devices?
  • ZP 1/5

    By Pyt70
    Disappointed batteries don’t last and can’t find object keys most times.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kittydog313
    Received one for Christmas. Couldn’t find my phone and tried to use it. Nothing. Finally found my phone and it wasn’t connected. This morning I couldn’t find my car key and tried to use the app, said it wasn’t connected. Just now tried to find my phone with the TrackR, you guessed it: NOTHING. As far as I’m concerned it’s a piece of junk.
  • Haha this device is as responsive as the company. JUNK 1/5

    By twocik
    Bought two of these "I never work trackers" at Target and they simply don't work. Emailed & facebooked the company, the response I got was you need to change the battery. lol I've bought the little $$$ 1616 batteries myself and they're usually dead within a week if that. Now I'm out $125 :(.
  • Glad I bought just 1 1/5

    By TheH7
    I was going to buy a pack, but I just bought 1. I’m glad because it doesn’t work.
  • Run, don't walk. 1/5

    By C.J.219
    Set up is cumbersome and doesn't work. Crowd locate enables the company to sell all your location data. This is not a device to find misplaced items, rather it is a way to allow a company to surreptitiously collect and sell your information to google and other data aggregators.
  • Finally Threw TrackR in Garbage! 1/5

    By retrolike
    I learned my lesson. I should have only bought 1 of these pieces of crap...not 4. From the get go these have been basically worthless. They’d never connect properly to my phone when testing them...constantly get the “Bluetooth is Disabled” error (I’m a computer nerd...I know how to work these). I live in Charlotte and tested the product by leaving my item in a busy area and seeing if anyone else found my item. Nothing. After a year of trying to see value in the dollars I paid..I ended up throwing them in the garbage. Worthless trash.
  • Won’t pair with more than one device to one phone 1/5

    By pbogrammy
    I bought 10 of these to pair with my iPhone and my husbands iPhone. We were able to each pair one item successfully, and after that it was impossible to pair a second device. We tried getting help from the company via their chat room and the first guy could not help, and the second person just ended the conversation… Supposedly a supervisor! They asked us to take out the batteries, to look at a YouTube video, and to follow 15 steps which we did and it still didn’t work. that’s when they hung up on us. I’m hoping I can get my $120 back for the 10 devices.

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