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  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fingersoft
  • Compatibility: Android
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Transit King App

Create an empire of your wildest logistics-related dreams and become a proper transport tycoon! • Transform your island’s villages into megapolises. • Deliver yummy goods like fruit, sweets and juices. • Find natural resources and process them into fancy high-tech thingies. • Complete your collection of big trucks and other shiny vehicles. • Build roads and upgrade all the way to multi-lane freeways. • Level up for the biggest and baddest vehicles, and unlock the entire island. Fulfil the cities’ ever-growing needs of minerals, huge hats and mobile phones while making a nice profit on the side. Collect a massive fleet of vehicles and upgrade them to the max to become a millionaire! Note: Transit King has been classified as “highly addictive” and “impossible to put down”. You have been warned. Transit King for is free to play, but contains optional in-app purchases. Please check your device settings if you wish to disable in-app purchases. Hey tycoon - ran into problems? Contact our support at or from the in-game Settings Menu > Contact Support. Privacy Policy: EULA:


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  • Bugs be gone, but needs improvement 4/5

    By Green05
    Thankfully the bugs that caused the game to crash have gone away for now. That game is good and goes well when in the background. I do hope that a future release allows you to build bridges to help with connecting roads.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Asher m5587
    It's very fun to play when ur bored and the music is great and very fitting
  • Gameplay is fun, when it works, 1/5

    By Max Performance
    But it hasn’t loaded all the way since the last update, I feel like I’ve been patient but the developers don’t seem to have any interest in remedying the situation. Since the update I did 1/26/18 it won’t load. Game is a total no show; nothing . But it is still one of my favs... when it works. Developers: Please get this catastrophic connection failure fixed. When it works I enjoy this app a lot, but even when it used to load it was slow and glitchy. Get that poor performance issue fixed, too please. And after you get those two things fixed, and I mean so that the game works right and a little more smoothly, and doesn’t lock up. You could Add airplane/float plane deliveries of raw materials; add docks, wharfs, and great big old Cranes. Airports, landing strips, bigger and bigger airstrips for bigger and bigger planes. Rush deliveries on airmail like contracts... Also add ship deliveries; docks, wharfs, bigger and bigger cranes. What about railroads? Tracks, bigger and bigger cars, etc. So get these catastrophic failures erased and then move ahead with airplanes, ships, small boats, etc... I’d like to hear back from you on these catastrophic failures; then the planes, airports, landings trips, ships, wharfs, docks, cranes, and railroads, etc.... I’ll be looking forward to revising my stars back to something more commensurate with how good this game is... when it works. Thanks! Ski
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By mrsmiser
    Was thoroughly enjoying this game until I open it to play and I’ve lost a few levels. Upgrades that I had bought I no longer had and I was about 5 levels behind where I had left it, some of my cities had lost levels too, and I had different orders than what I had when I closed it
  • Surprisingly addictive game 4/5

    By SoberTKE
    My only problem yet has been since the latest update. I had 19 drivers and then suddenly went down to 17. The two drivers I lost stayed on to complete their job and the driver meter read 19/17 but as soon as they completed their run they disappeared
  • Fun until you hit bugs 2/5

    By Carlos_555
    Well I had previously written a review but was removed for whatever reason. My initial thoughts of the game were as a very fun game but after having progress reset twice from level 42 to level 39 twice in a row. I have decided to remove the game from my phone. The developers were great the first 2 weeks and since then have ignored most of the reviews and concerns of their player base. My first rank was 4 stars but I am dropping to 2 stars I did enjoy the game but I’m tired of having my progress reset, losing connection, trucks getting stuck when too much traffic, game crushing when you are trying to load it. I wish for the best to the developers and happy playing.
  • I like the gameplay but the server issues need fixing 1/5

    By kcmichaelm
    It’s not just disconnects, most of us could live with that, the main issue is the ROLLBACKS. I just got level 50 yesterday, then I wake up to find myself back at level 49 and a whole night’s work rolled back. I still have the level 50 achievement to prove it! I really do like the gameplay and dynamics of the game, it is engaging and does not feel “pay-to-win”, but losing progress is really annoying. I can’t bring myself to play right now because who knows if my progress will reset again???
  • Over it 1/5

    By Jwgator
    I’m over losing my progress in the game every time I log back in. I’ve stuck with this game long enough, but there’s still just too many glitches for me
  • Won’t load 2/5

    By Just soup
    I have played maybe a total of 2 hours on the game got to level 6 and now the game won’t load in even after I have reset the app and reset my phone just Incase it was my phone it’s kind of a bummer because I was starting to like the game
  • Can’t play 2/5

    By 16austin16
    I cannot connect to the server at all. Just downloaded the game.
  • Fun time killer 4/5

    By Viertis
    I tried 5 different WiFi networks as well as my 4G and could not get the apples to the first place in the very first tutorial. It kept resetting. Attempted this on each network multiple times as well as uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. I kept the above comment to let people know the devs responded in a timely manner. Since the fix, the game has been amazing. I love that I can play this in between rides at my job.
  • App won't load ever!! 1/5

    By spottymae
    Can't open it :(((
  • Learning about industry 5/5

    By Banana trucker
    Is extremely interesting But for me it’s all about the trucks.
  • Reset 2/5

    By almare1985
    I have now lowered my review of this game because immediately after my last review I tried getting back on the game and I succeeded. However I went from being level 20 to having to restart the whole game and I’m not too happy about that. I’m going to give it one more try because I enjoy it but that’s it.
  • Good game- won’t load any more 1/5

    By Thejamesjuice
    Played an hour or two last night and it was fun. Now it won’t get past 76% on the load and says I don’t have connection or something. It doesn’t tell you the problem just gives you a generic no signal icon.
  • Crashes at 76% 3/5

    By Ammunite
    I went to play this game this morning after downloading it yesterday and lo and behold it won’t go past 76%. I come to the reviews and see this was addressed back in November. Is there a plan or a timeline to fix the problem?
  • Fun when I can play 4/5

    By seanb3906
    It’s a fun game and helps understand logistics, however for the last 6 hours I have not been able to log in it keeps telling me no WiFi but I can log into all my other games. Hopefully it’s fixed soon
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By Mikedp10
    I would love to be able to play this game but it won’t load. It keeps telling me there is no internet connection. Funny thing is I have one. And it’s on and working. If this gets fixed I’d love to play and give a better review.
  • It's a shame really 1/5

    By PUMACAT95
    I was really enjoying this game, but I, like several others now, have my app get stuck loading at 76% telling me I have no wifi signal. I will be deleting this app and not recommending it until this issue is resolved. Another person here mentioned emailing their support, but I have looked everywhere on their website and there is no where to send a support ticket. Fix your game, I'll update my review.
  • Unable to connect to game 1/5

    By Ratatouille chef
    I did downloaded the app and launched the game. Load bar stops at 76% and freezes. The a cannot connect to WiFi logo appears.
  • Can’t play... 1/5

    By DubG41
    Game won’t load past 76%. Says I don’t have good connection when I’m right next to WiFi router.
  • Great game but oh the glitches 3/5

    By keadkins
    I love this game and it’s become a go to game when I have downtime. However, recently it stops loading at 76% (after the recent update) and will get stuck there showing a “no WiFi connection” symbol even though I clearly have a connection. This happens so much I might delete the app but I like it so much I want to wait around and see if the developers fix it. It would be 5 stars hands down without this one glitch.
  • Connection issue 1/5

    By ThatLittleKit
    Having connection issue on SE, it worked for the first time and then after that starting telling me I had no connection.
  • Never able to play 1/5

    By archimedes619
    Downloaded the game and it loaded up to 81% then showed a symbol saying I didn’t have WiFi. I tried it both with WiFi on and off, same result. Gave up and removed it from my phone.
  • Great game - question though 4/5

    By Xn4cr
    Wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the game loading? Freezes at 76% and says no WiFi ? Thanks
  • Must connect WiFi?? 1/5

    By CenaCarter2
    Can’t play because of not connect WiFi I giving 1 star anyway
  • Like so far but 4/5

    By En4cer45
    Like so far but for some reason I had to start all over again and I only just downloaded it today (1/19)
  • Bad Connection 2/5

    By Phantomspr
    Seems like a fun game but it keeps failing to load for me saying there is no connection however everything else works. One time after a few hours of it not connecting is finally loaded and a lot of my progress was wiped out and I had to start over.
  • Can’t download 1/5

    By tcbuckeyes03
    I can’t get past 81% before it gives me the no internet connection icon.
  • Was fun but now having issues 1/5

    By Lthomas6586
    Downloaded this app this morning but now it says I have no Wifi even though I’m inside of my house even attempted to use data from my phone carrier as well still same results
  • Fresh Eyes 5/5

    By Lorilielou
    😔I used to LOVE this game. I was level 33 with 30ish drivers and gobs of cash and bortworts... your new update brought me back to TUTORIAL ZERO. I am so disappointed because this game was my favorite. I don’t even know if I’ll start all over or delete. Very sad. 😎UPDATE- The phenomenal support staff is so freaking cool! I’m back to where I was before the crash and all is well. Thanks Matti, you Rock!
  • Fun but doesn't boot up half the time😡😡 1/5

    By TravelinCuz
    Really wish the gas would last longer and they drive and load a little faster. Some of the drops/deliveries are way too time consuming and clear across the map. Cotton for instance. Please fix the boot up. Can't play it, if it doesn't boot up. Good thing I bought infinite fuel for a week....I can't even get the game to boot up! You should give me another week of gas due to your boot up issues! 😡😡😡 **update** Downgrade from 3 to 2 Is it not ludicrous how many items you have to obtain to make 1 item? This would be a great game if would boot up on a consistent basis and you wouldn't need to 9+ items to make 1 item. For instance a fence post: Wood/Nails. (Easy'd think) but for nails you need steel/coal/clay pots (really, clay pots?). For the steel you need iron and (again) coal. For the clay pots you need clay and limestone. All for one section of fence......stupid!! This is one example only. Plenty of others. Deleting this game unless they make it more manageable and realistic. Second update: Deleted the game and then reloaded. Enjoyed about 18-24 hours of play before I couldn't get it to boot up anymore. Astonishing they can't get the game to boot up on a regular basis. All other games/apps on my phone boot up so wifi is NOT the problem. Deleting for good this time. Downgrade to 1 star.
  • Issue with progress when leaving the app 3/5

    By deadpoolunlmted
    My trucks won’t deliver goods if I leave the app again (this has happened before) please fix in next update
  • Update problem 4/5

    By Dwertheime
    Since the update, the game will not upload. It gets stuck 81% and will freeze.
  • Super glitchy 2/5

    By Jimmy rayne
    This game is really glitchy not worth the time the game shut down on me twice before it started up and every time I try to open the app it shuts down before it opens I see potential in the game but there’s a lot of work that needs to happen before it’s capable of being great.
  • Fun & Addictive 3/5

    By MrLowKey7
    The game is fun to play and highly addictive, but keeps crashing on my iPad mini after about 23 trucks.
  • No full screen for iphone x 5/5

    By Nayefqatari
    It was great with the full screen
  • This game would be fun if it worked 1/5

    By Braddog1212
    Updated 1/10/18.... Game was updated today and it took a step back. Screen went from iPhone X size back to iPhone 5, I have no idea why. Developers seem to really be struggling getting this game working properly 3 updates to the game and still the same bugs are present. Connection issues plague the game, gameplay is bogged down by ads to refresh sources that do not work and instead restart the game. It’s a real shame as I’ve played to level 71 and want to advance, however I simply can’t play it anymore with all of the bug.
  • Cluster 3/5

    By Radien
    Road layout would be better with more road options like roundabouts. The trucks act weird when there’s three or four roads in a intersection.
  • CRASHES every few minutes!!! 2/5

    By Ipoundrail
    I would really enjoy this game if I got to play it for more than 3 straight minutes without it crashing. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Fun but buggy 5/5

    By I l0ve music24/7
    I go to play the game but it says no internet connection when it loads to 70 or 80 and I tried it on multiple WIFI spots but it does the same thing but it’s still an awesome game
  • Total mess ... 1/5

    By velo311
    UPDATE - after multiple emails to “support” I still have zero response, the game is still resetting after I exit and I haven’t received a refund for the purchase I made that never came. BonGames and Fingersoft are not acting with integrity at all. The idea for the game is nice but the execution and customer support is abysmal. This game started out great ... but then the problems started. Lost purchases, crashes and now when I leave the game everything just stops. I have sent multiple emails to the customer support with no reply. Don’t bother with this one.
  • Developer please help 3/5

    By Kenny62309
    I’ve been binge playing this game for the last week and have gotten pretty far however half my cities don’t actually level up anymore. They are locked at zero and I haven’t received credit for the last couple days deliveries on cities locked at 0exp. I’ve tried restarting uninstalling etc. if y’all can fix this rating would absolutely be 5 stars.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PortiaFerguson
    Is it possible to get some traffic lights lol. I hate when my trucks meet up in an intersection, it causes a jam and take decades for them to get to their destination..
  • Real buggy 1/5

    By Lilgirl531
    It keeps starting my orders over
  • Logging into Facebook is an hassle... 1/5

    By DanZigadlo_1997
    After an few seconds, the screen turns White & blank.
  • Great game 5/5

    By A1?!
    Very fun game.
  • Crash on start 1/5

    By kaffra
    This update fails to load at startup
  • It's ok 2/5

    By Txmudslinger
    It's not bad when it isn't crashing and shutting down
  • Super Game Just too Buggy 2/5

    By Kgallahar
    Too many things bought using transit cash and not given just a pain

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