TrapCall: Stop Blocked Calls

TrapCall: Stop Blocked Calls

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  • Current Version: 6.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Eli Finkelman
  • Compatibility: Android
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TrapCall: Stop Blocked Calls App

If you are troubled by harassing blocked calls or the dreaded "No Caller ID", TrapCall will solve your problem. Sign up & get freedom from unwanted blocked calls, Unknown and "NO CALLER ID"! The world famous privacy app. TONS OF AMAZING USES: √ Find out who’s hiding behind "NO CALLER ID", Unknown & Blocked Calls! √ Get the evidence you need to file a police report √ Track down digital stalkers √ Protect your privacy and safety √ Make annoying unwanted calls stop √ Automatically blocks over 100,000 known spam callers and telemarketers √ Continuously updated spam call protection √ Record your incoming phone calls for evidence (requires our Ultimate package) √ Avoid needing to change your number! √ Get your voicemails as text and SMS or emailed to you √ Turn unfamiliar numbers into names, photos and addresses with Live Caller ID TrapCall's new spam call blocking will automatically block over 100,000 known spam numbers to your phone, so your phone will stop ringing with unwanted calls! When your phone does ring, you can be sure that you'll know who it is, even if the Caller ID was masked, thanks to TrapCall. We are the only service in the world that helps protect you from harassing or threatening calls, by being able to see who’s calling you blocked. A must have for anyone who is concerned about their safety, trying to track down a digital stalker, or wanting to put an end to annoying phone calls. How's it work? Easy! When you receive a "No Caller ID" aka blocked call, just decline the call so it can be sent to us for unmasking, and within SECONDS we send the call back to your phone — with the number unmasked! You can even get the name and address associated with the number instantly via SMS! **** To decline a call on the iPhone, simply press the Power button on the side or top of your iPhone two times! **** AS SEEN IN: √ The New York Times √ Wired √ MSNBC √ CNET √ Gizmodo √ The Washington Times. ** TrapCall does not cost a fee to download in the App Store but the service requires a paid subscription ** Patent Pending.


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TrapCall: Stop Blocked Calls app reviews

  • Kind of useless, Nomorobo is better cheaper and more fair 1/5

    By Andre251
    1. TrapCall doesn’t work on MOST no caller ID calls, because there’s no info to unmask. In those cases trapcall assigns a madeup number so it seems like the service is doing something. 2. The cancellation process is unfair, ending your services immediately, even if your billing cycle isn’t close to over. Essentially they’re punishing you for wanting to end your service and taking away something you paid for 3. The reason they charge a setup fee is #1 - the service doesn’t really do much, so they want to get money out of you upfront.
  • Would give this 5 stars buttttt... 1/5

    By hmmmm01
    I had this app a couple years back when my Bfs crazy stalker ex was nonstop calling me with threats and hang ups all day and night for a couple months from a blocked #. Always had a feeling it was her but couldn’t prove it...and this app absolutely solved my problem on day 1 but I continued to let her call for another full week so that I could gather proof...then I provided her with some of that proof...and threatened prosecution. Never heard from her again...! Moving forward 2 yrs to now I’m with a different carrier and I Reactivated my account today just to try to get rid of unwanted telemarketers but I’m having trouble getting my phone to decline their test call that’s supposed to activate TrapCall. Wasn’t until I went to troubleshoot that I found a list of unsupported carriers!!!! That really should be the leading bit of info on the site because now I’ve paid for a service that’s not even offered to me!!! Andddddd there is no phone number to contact support, you can only email and hope that they this would techically be 5 stars for me based on performance last time I used it but now...since unsupported carriers are buried in fine print on page 1 billion(exaggerating a bit)...I’m at 1 star until I can get a refund...then I will gladly update with 5 star!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By KNe26
    I have had Trap Call for 3 yrs and it was better in the being. I use to get all my calls through this app even when I was on the phone now it doesn’t work. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! 😡😡😡😡
  • Exelent 5/5

    By M.sanchez22
    It workssss 🎊
  • Calls 1/5

    By Flyezeg
    Won’t block private block calls it does shows I’d but i hate receiving private calls can trap call do something better about it
  • Useless 1/5

    By harley8647
    Apple should be ashamed of themselves to allow this app to be sold-it simply doesn’t work and is one of the biggest Scams so far-I have reported it to the Federal website for scamming and will report to all that I can-simply tired of this crap period-it does not unlock the so called unknown caller and give the number must less give you a picture-come on and get real-please do not waste time or money
  • Long time user 5/5

    By TabbyDarling
    Hello I am a long time user [i redownload and download off and on for the past 6 months or so]. I used to get a text with all of the callers information, name location and address every time I unmasked a call, now that doesn’t happen anymore. I just re downloaded the app today and paid for it once again. Is that not a feature anymore? If it’s not please bring it back! Thank you!
  • Didn't help with spam robocalls 3/5

    By veggrrrl
    So, I didn't have any phone stalkers. I was looking for something to manage the multitude of marketing and robocalls I get. This was no better than using the stock block on my phone. And since these robocall people switch numbers so quickly, blocking them doesn't really do any good. Burns one of their many numbers. I used to get such better apps on my Android phone. I'll keep looking.
  • BEFORE and AFTER 2/5

    By CrashyAppy
    It is interesting that the developer says they can't delete reviews and yet nonetheless my previous review went missing. Oddly, the developer even says they responded to my previous review, and so they do acknowledge that it did exist and they reviewed it -- and yet it mysteriously disappeared. Hmm. Perhaps they "had it deleted" for them, though they deleted it not themselves. Moreover, I am not the only one having such issues, as is implied by the developer, as the clause "fueling both sides of the war" was actually borrowed from another reviewer who complained of the same kinds of things I'm experiencing. No coincidence. ======== They actually deleted my previous review: I guess it hit too close to home. BEFORE installing this app I had a few spam calls a week. Thought the app would be useful, so I bought it. AFTER installing the app I now have DOZENS of spam calls a week. Coincidence? I think not. But now I am indeed "Trapped": because if I now delete the app, all these spam callers (who "mysteriously" obtained my number AFTER I signed up for this app and service) would get through. The Trap is actually sprung on the purchasers of this app and the service -- after they buy. The app and service seems to be fueling both sides of the war: seems to be (metaphorically) like a service that gives out your address to arsonists ... so that they can then act like the hero fireman. VERY SUSPICIOUS APP
  • Urgent! 1/5

    By *Sprinkles!
    So I just purchased this app in hopes of identifying who's been endlessly calling me private only to find that this app doesn't work for my phone!! I completed all the steps required but when it comes to enabling "TrapCall" in my settings, my phone doesn't give me that option AND I was told that I wasn't going to get billed until the 11th of December yet my funds were taken out of my account immediately! Someone of superior authority please help!!
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Mama says.......
    Didn’t even get past setup because it kept saying to enable them for call blocking in my settings even though i already did it. Tried 3 times had it was a bust.. I was charged immediately but got no use out of this stupid app which is probably why you have to go through their website to pay instead of Apple lol.. and their “technical support” hours are conveniently only during working hours so unable to reach them lol what a junk app
  • Annoying callers have found workaround 1/5

    At one time this app was great. Now, however, spam calls are preventing unmasking by using spoof numbers so you have no way of knowing who they are and the next time they use a different number.
  • It is not free 4/5

    By AzukarDR
    You need to pay 9.95 monthly and 4.95 one time fee
  • Costs $$$ 1/5

    By The Mad Twatter
    All plans they offer cost money. No free trial either. $5/month at the lowest.
  • App Freezes and Doesn’t Allow iPhone to Connect 2/5

    By Squiggys2
    This app is substandard at best. The application freezes and it doesn’t allow my phone to connect to its server. I now have an iPhone X and most times I cannot use the app. I understand the developer says they will send an update next week but it’s no consolation when you are paying for a service you cannot use. Your payment isn’t prorated when you cannot use the app, therefore, the service should not be prorated either. This is so frustrating.
  • Contact me back ASAP 1/5

    By hongNYC
    I cant activate my trapcall. I use the simple mobile service. And you do charge me for my plan already. What should i do. Im so annoying about the unknown number which keep calling me 10 time a day. I found ur app and thought that helpful but now i was disappointed that I can't event get activate my number
  • Starts off with lie 1/5

    By rake16s
    Only the app is free to download. The moment you open it you have to pay for the service. Shady
  • Login Issue 2/5

    By Ju1iet
    I would give the Basic version 4 stars if it would not make me sign in and set up my phone EVERY time I open the app, even though my phone settings have it running in the background.
  • Does not block unknown number calls at all 2/5

    By ScooterRT1977
    I don't care to unmask callers, I just want them blocked. If using VOIP service, all callers come back with same number anyway. Getting several calls a day from unknown number, trap call still let's them through and I have to reject them. Not worth it. It also hijacks your voice mail as part of the service.
  • Rude director and customer service 1/5

    By Susie 121201
    I absolutely love this app but their customer service and director are rude. I had an issue with them all of a sudden Reactivating my account so I went online and put a request for someone to contact me as this is the only way. The person that called me regarding my problem was the director and he was rude and not professional at all. He wouldn’t let me speak and wasn’t letting me finish my sentence before he interrupted and wasn’t listening. When I asked to speak to someone else (not knowing his position at the time) he said no because he was the director, I was stunned to hear that because of how unprofessional he was. I will make a suggestion just like he did, hire people that have better customer service skills and have better phone etiquette then you. I hope any one else’s experience is different when they speak to a director of a business. What a shame.
  • Stopped working NO SUPPORT 1/5

    By Apple IPhone 6 PLUS User
    This app stopped unmasking calls completely! I’ve had this app for a few years. I hardly ever had to use it until recently and it’s failed me completely. I’ve sent messages to support that have simply went unanswered. I even titled my last email “PLEASE RESPOND” and still nothing. This is very upsetting that I’ve been a customer for so long and this is how I’m treated. I no longer recommend this app to anyone!
  • Saves Blocked Callers in Contacts List 2/5

    By BroadClarity
    Why in the world was this app saving blocked callers to the Contacts List in IOS? I had to cancel because of that. I do NOT want an address book full of callers with profiles that say “Identified by TrapCall.” It’s a shame because this app was otherwise excellent.
  • Not all features working 2/5

    By wwalker4
    Not recording calls
  • Issues 3/5

    By Ggfgggg
    It unmasked the caller but unfortunately it requires me to log in every day or else it won't work. Also it doesn't block the caller from continuing to call me.
  • Great App, but..... 3/5

    By michaelboase
    Great app! Love the fact it can look up caller IDs… Sometimes. PLEASE make white listing a number much easier to accomplish. Like the blacklisting method.
  • Why am i spending real money for crap 1/5

    By polarbeartoenails
    The app has major bugs issues that has been going on for over a month I didn't want to give the rate one star Deserves none 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Disappointments. 3/5

    By Mr. smiley.
    If I went out, tried to listen to my voicemail with the TrapCall app, people were able to make it impossible for me login to my TrapCall account, if I was able to login to my TrapCall account, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my missed call, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my voicemail, in order words, they were able to remove my voice message so I could not see it, then they returned the voice message so that I can see it again, they made it so were able to bypass if I placed curtain callers Into my TrapCall blacklist.
  • Not blocking any calls 1/5

    By Kat'sIphone6+
    Not blocking any calls!.
  • Can’t block numbers! 1/5

    By Xombie Hunter
    Paid subscriber and for some unknown reason I can no longer block numbers!
  • Phenomenal app!! 5/5

    By NARRAN16
    What a great tool - stopped my stalker in his tracks!!
  • SCAM!! 1/5

    By Nmxk
    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP! Basic membership is 4.23 but they charged 9.09 to my account!! they’ve blocked my outgoing calls & i can’t figure out how to stop that issue. oh and they offer you a 7 day free trial that you will never get!
  • Not working at all 1/5

    By neto suicidal
    I set it up and called my phone from a blocked number and the app will not provide me a number, text or email. Very disappointed!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Trwguitar
    It’s such a pleasure to be able to tell who’s calling you with this Trap Call app. For those of you who are fed up with unknown caller ID calls that can be so annoying, I recommend you try this app.
  • Very pricy 3/5

    By didntwantopaythat
    This is higher than your typical app anyway but the price listed is the price PER MONTH. so it was a big surprise to see my account hit for the entire year upon the initial purchase. If I could have found a way to demand a refund I would have.
  • Stops harassing phone calls! 5/5

    By EinsteinInc
    Once people know that you have their number, they freak out and DO NOT DARE to call blocked again! Awesome app!!
  • It works 1/5

    By Juss jess
    It used to be a great app, until they made changes. Sometimes it doesn't do what its suppose to? It works but its weird. Jussjess
  • Woow love it 5/5

    By Alexmix3
    Perfect to see who it’s calling (no caller I’d) Now I know who it’s call me hehe 😃😃😃
  • Crashes every time I start it updating database 1/5

    By tomturbo2000
    Crashes every time I start it updating database
  • No Luck 1/5

    By prettee hustle
    Tried to sign up and cards were repeatedly declined. I tried THREE different cards and all had funds and credit available. I even tried to go through my PayPal account and still nothing. Couldn't find a customer service number to call and try to resolve this issue because maybe it's something minor on their end.
  • 👍🏾 3/5

    Works great so far and got a few friends to get the app

    By NancyInTexas7
    TrapCall was able to immediately unmask the person who had harassed me for over a year!!! I went to the sheriff’s office to file a report with the unmasked number and recorded voicemails and right there in front of me the deputy was able to call & confront my harasser! The deputy was also able pull up this person as a criminal with a record. I was finally able to file a police report against my harasser. The customer service with TrapCall is superb! They genuinely care and made sure that questions I had on my app were thoroughly answered. This app is worth every penny! I pay for the whole year up front to save some money. If you are concerned about your personal safety, cut out a couple of lattes/eating out per month and commit to investing that money into TrapCall. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent!!
  • Didn’t work and now can’t remove! 1/5

    By Jabbott0090
    I’ve been on chat support twice and they cannot get this stupid app removed from my phone! I still got the unknown calls and was told that it dialed through VOIP that they couldn’t unmask, well a lot of annoying calls are! Now it continues to flag spam calls on my phone which ring even when my phone is set to do not disturb! Seriously? Can’t block them since they’re forwarded through this stupid app! I’ve dialed *73, *900 *901 and all others trying to deactivate my number with no avail! Support can’t figure it out either! No choice but to restore my phone to a prior backup hoping it will fix the issue! In theory it would be a god send, but unfortunately it’s stupid, annoying, garbage!
  • TrapCall 5/5

    By Khem NY
    Extremely happy with this app. Great App. Special thanks go to the developer of this app. I
  • 99% 4/5

    By Plzgoaway
    When it works, it works great. It still has some bugs. I’ve reported errors. Sometimes it fails to connect during a call. Otherwise I would give 5 stars
  • NOT FREE 1/5

    By Gianinatio
    I asked ATT to block unwanted calls and they sent me here so I could pay another monthly bill to do what they should do for free? Looking for another carrier.
  • Terribly disappointed 1/5

    By jeff in mass
    I followed the instructions several times, over 40 times and didn’t work. WASTED COUNTLESS HOURS! I Notified TrapCall 20 times till I got a response , then telling me it won’t work on BOOST MOBILE. Funny, it worked on my other IPHONE FROM BOOST MOBILE. SEEMS LIKE THEY COULDN’t be bothered. No way to run a business! If you have Sprint or Boost Mobile- Don’t bother paying for it. It’s a SOB TRYING TO GET A REFUND!!!!!!
  • Absolutely worth the $35!!! 5/5

    By JeannaHarrison
    I have been receiving harassing phone calls by multiple people who were blocking their numbers. I had downloaded a couple of other apps to try and record them but it was very difficult to start the recording and it wouldn’t actually patch through until 15/20 secs in. This app is amazing! It gives you the blocked number and allows you to record from the second you say hello. Works perfect with the iPhone, the app is super easy to use and it logs all the information nicely as well as send you a text with the blocked caller info. ☺️ The only feature I would like to see if the ability to email/text the recorded message so I can get it to the authorities more easily. Thanks again for developing this app!
  • Not a free app. Monthly fee. Lol 1/5

    By Chuy @ Sacramento CA
    Not a free app. Monthly fee. Lol
  • Also disappointed 1/5

    By alsoDis
    Repeatedly tried enabling on iPhone settings, app keeps giving error message. So can not enable TrapCall
  • error enabling extension 1/5

    By Mobilesignal
    i am forced to re-install the app every single day because call blocking & identification always gets turned off by itself. trying to turn it back on, i get the error message "error enabling extension" and the switch turns back off. re-installing everyday as a workaround is annoying and takes time out of my busy day. once my subscription expires, that's the last time i'll be using this app. it does nothing with looking up telemarketers, who always show up as unlisted. so far no telemarketer caller id has been unmasked, which is also suspect. it doesn't handle sms spam either, so not a total package for dealing with phone spam. not as good as i'd hope it to be.

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