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Trello App

Trello gives you perspective over all your projects, at work and at home. Whether it's managing a team, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a grocery list, Trello is your sidekick for getting things done and staying organized. "Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dare I say, even fun." LIFEHACKER With Trello you can: • Create boards to organize anything you're working on • Use them solo or invite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate • Customize workflows for different projects • Add checklists of "To-Dos" on cards • Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers • Comment on items with your friends • Upload photos and videos • Attach files • Display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar Power-Up • Work offline and boards will sync automatically when reconnected • Trello is free to use forever with options to upgrade to Gold for loads of extra fun and functionality Well that’s all there is, so you better stop reading but wait there’s more. This app supports the Apple Watch, for getting things done on your wrist. Trello is super optimized for the iPad Pro, with awesome keyboard shortcuts and tons of tweaks to take full advantage of the larger canvas.

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  • I wish I could.... 3/5

    By Almondjoy1988
    I wish I could add labels, checklists, and attachments from the app! I am loving trello but I hate having to use the web browser to add those things.
  • Great app for small lean agency 5/5

    By Paul Keen
    Lean on Trello is the simplest way to startup working and stop worrying.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Jewels511
    I love this app!! It's great for keeping me on top of my next task due for several projects at work, for keeping simple grocery & birthday lists and for everything in between. I use it only for organizing myself. I love the accessibility of the web version & the app. I'm never away from my info when I need it. Nice job!!
  • Fantastic for Project Managers 5/5

    By 2multuous
    Seeing items organized by stage and who they are assigned to is very helpful. This is my go-to resource for organizing projects. I use it on my subway commute & it synchs automagically.
  • Great Functionality, but Boards are Dominated by Dead Space 3/5

    By Voltaic117
    I love using this app to manage tasks with my team, but the design could use some work. With no apparent option to collapse lists or stack them vertically, you can only see about 2.25 lists at a time when the iPad is in a vertical orientation. Just a couple of small fixes and it'd be perfect!
  • Perfect for organizing all of my many "hats" 5/5

    By williamlo1977
    Home, church, homeschool, piano teaching, group's all here!!
  • App is Crap 1/5

    By Amil333
    This app is crap. It doesn't work. My company uses Trello every day and their support for the app is horrible. The only way to use Trello is via laptop or desktop. Don't waste your time with this app. And honestly, this company has terrible leadership. They are on a path to fail. Anyone new can come in and do a better job!
  • LOVE this! 5/5

    By ne2tha2
    I was looking for a good task/project management app and found this to be extremely useful. I mainly use it to keep myself organized but, it also has really cool collaborative features. I was so impressed, I upgraded to their "gold" level membership. I'm not a fan of spending money on apps in general, but the features offered on this one make it worthwhile. I can see everything in once place and, make edits on the mobile app. I'm definitely not going to shell out the $100+ subscription for their business level features though.The basic version of this goes a long way.
  • Thanks 4/5

    By Uhtetgyi
    I like it
  • Very organized! 4/5

    By Yasblat54
    I had to watch a few tutorials to get the hang of it, but it's well worth it. My writing group uses it for critiques and research. I love this app. You can add pictures, links, comments, and share or keep it private.
  • Clean, gets the job done 5/5

    By freshnitesh
    One of my favorite apps. I love that it syncs everywhere. And it's so simple.
  • I really like this app! 5/5

    By Wood mite
    It works very seamlessly (like Evernote for functionality). Takes a little training,but the tutorials fill you in quickly. FYI, do not try to use their website with a mobile device since you will end up frustrated. Very useful for putting together a plan. Thanks guys!
  • Half the time the board won't even display 1/5

    By stringerhye
    This app is pretty much useless. Half the time the board will never load. When it does it is sluggish to the point of frustration.
  • Like virtual sticky notes to drag around. 5/5

    By fleshdunce
    Once it clicked I've found this great for larger and long term projects. App works flawlessly with web client, highly recommended.
  • Trello 5/5

    By marziederisi
    Good 👌
  • Enjoying Trello, but it is finicky 4/5

    By Store broker
    Using this app to organize myself, but it does seem to stall on me when I try to move cards around.
  • Laggy and Slow 1/5

    By J. Chiedo
    I really love Trello for desktop but the iPhone app is incredibly laggy. I know they'll figure it out soon but the issues persisted for months.
  • Slow and crashes too much 2/5

    By AllieDub
    What happened? This app used to be great now it lags to the point that I'm almost ready to go back to using the default Notes app that comes with the phone.
  • I LOVE this app 3/5

    By Disney Princess Jenni
    I adore this app. However, the reason I took two stars away, is because of lack of notifications on due dates. And to me that's a BIG DEAL! I'd love to be able to get a notification reminder that something is due! :)
  • Simply awesome 5/5

    By Krishvemuri61
    Simple design and effective functionality
  • Crashes instantly 1/5

    By caducusadumbro
    App crashes right upon loading, have not been able to use it for iPad whatsoever
  • Great for group projects 5/5

    By Maggz959
    This app is great to use for group projects! It makes it easy to let everyone know what all you come up with and share ideas.
  • So slow it is unusable 1/5

    By Veenas1999
    The Trello app is now so slow and unresponsive it is unusable. It is really too bad it used to work OK.
  • This software will change your life! 5/5

    By Davajon
    It's simple to use and very deep. It naturally gives you the ability to create systems and work flows for everything personal, family, and work related. I use it to manage my budget and personal goals as well as a medium to collaborate with my team at work. If you're unsure just how useful Trello can be then I'd recommend watching some YouTube videos. Huge company's use it everyday. It's so practical!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Mentalcontroler
    Works awesome with mobile phone
  • Update broke it 1/5

    By nace831
    I've been a long-term Trello user and it is by far my favorite app. I use it to manage all parts of my team, business and personal projects, but this update completely broke it. I cannot open the app without constant crashes. In the 3 years I have used this app, this has never happened. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come from Atlassian.
  • Awesome update 5/5

    By Audip1993
    App works flawlessly and has recently added offline syncing and swapping the flat colours with stock imagery. Trello helps me stay organised. Keep up the good work developers.
  • EXCELLENT! 5/5

    By Nalmedina1
    The best way to be organized. Easy and simple.
  • Awesome productivity tool 5/5

    By Lord of iCloud
    I love the flexibility of this app - you can do GTD, pomodoro, Agile, or something in between. I have a board for scheduling tasks for the week, a board for what I'm working on right now, and a board for things I want to do in the future. It works excellently for teams or just for yourself. If you do work which isn't easily completed in a single go, this is a great tool for tracking the task/project completion. I also have boards for meal prep (with automation tools to pull in recipes from Pinterest) and beers that I want to try and/or like. Again, this is a super versatile tool. Love the automation abilities from Workflow, IFTTT, and the web REST API. Really makes Trello an extensible tool, more so than most task management apps. There are some minor bugs that need to be ironed out (it's not the smoothest running task management app I've used) and it needs to be brought more in line with the web app featurewise, but all in all, it's a great app.
  • Awesome... but only on apple 4/5

    By Caddisbug1994
    I love this. Left it once and came back. Love the new offline feature!! Need better support on windows 10 for surface pro - I work across platforms. I keep going back to Wunderlist which is a very different platform and functionality... and while I like Trello better, I can't work only on Apple. I need windows too. The web and 3rd party plugin versions don't function well for me on windows. With windows growing rapidly and new devices like the Studio, please consider supporting Windows 10.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hiccups4
    Everything i need and want it to be :) Lets me keep up to date on the Tower Unite progression and helps me organize my own game development.
  • Trello vs O365 MS Planner 4/5

    By BillDanewicz
    So, I've been using O365's MS Planner at work for the last two (2) months and I like it. Then just recently I started using Trello on my private activities, home projects and lists. For me, the jury is still out on Trello. I like how a list can be organized with many cards and each card can have a due date and a check list. It's very easy to move cards around in a list or from on list to another. I did all of my work on an iPhone but also check the Trello site on my PC. I like the mobile Trello app mainly because MS Planner is not available as a mobile app. I'll continue to use Trello and then see if my opinion changes.
  • Trello desktop and app are a must have combo 5/5

    By Ran Thim
    When I first began Trello, I was not a big fan. Then I took it to a event planning meeting and made notes, assigned tasks to individuals and gave them a due date expected. I left the meeting without having to rewrite notes and send numerous email messages asking for clarification. Next task, clear my desk of all those reminder messages. I am excited about all the possibilities!
  • Great, but it's missing something... 3/5

    By Steven Berry
    iOS Reminder Sync (to cards or within a card) and Password Protection/TouchID on a per card basis.
  • I Like Trello! 5/5

    By 16violets
    Great app. Very helpful for organization.
  • No Email 3/5

    By 🤘🏽✌🏻👈🏻✋🏽👋🏼☝🏿
    I want to use this app but I haven't gotten my confirmation email it's been A month and a half!!!
  • Love this app for recipes!! 5/5

    By VanillaZombie
    I use this for my recipes. When I'm at the grocery store I can easily pull up a recipe on my phone to see what ingredients I need. When I'm cooking I open the recipe on the iPad. I'm also using the app at work to track tasks which works fine. The only improvement I would like to see is multiple sign-ins so I don't have to log out of one account to see the other.
  • How did Trello become so slow? 1/5

    By rego sen
    I've been using Trello for years and while their website is still fast, this app has become unusable since a few months ago. (I even tried deleting and reinstalling.) I'm looking for alternatives now.
  • Another month, another service like this 1/5

    By evanseesred
    Again, our developer has a new favorite communication service he'd like us to use as we are developing a new app. Wonderful. I open this one and look at all his cards. There is literally no way to add a comment, create my own card or communicate in any way. I went through the tutorial - great! Got it. Now back to my board. Still no way to do anything but enjoy reading his cards. Maybe there's a way to check what authorizations there are? Ah, yes. We all are authorized to comment. No help there. Maybe if I stop using the web version and get the app! Great! Oh wait, it doesn't seem to be able to locate the same board? I see. I'll stick with Slack and email in the future :)
  • Quase perfeito 5/5

    By Rccaon
    Achei ótimo o app, só sinto falta de uma opção de convidar membros sem incluir os mesmos em boards.
  • Trello Is Amazing 5/5

    By Kiosk idolized
    I love trello and have been using it for about a year now and it works great. The best use is the team and boards of course you can easily have multiple members working on one project and easily update and change on Trello.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Justifier1
  • Needs update 1/5

    By fearthebrow
    The offline functionality is nice but it seems like this feature has caused functionality to suffer. I have to open and close the app 3-4 times the first time I try to get in because it continually says I have no boards. Also, for some reason I cannot comment, add an attachment, or even set a due date for cards??? This app would be great, not good, if it ran smoother and correctly. Will update to 5 stars if this changes... for now I have to go with 1 star because all I can do in the app is view cards and comments without being able to add any. The app is basically view only at the moment.
  • Would love more features 4/5

    By D. WALLZ
    I love love love this app. However, I wish their was a few more editing features such as bold, italic and underlining. Bullets and numbers. It would be great! Other than that, it's wonderful!
  • love Trello 3/5

    By rafegoldberg
    👍🏾: it is definitely Trello on your phone; solid for notifications and quick board checks; pretty consistent about updates. 👎🏼: still missing core feature parity with the web app; the "fun" UI/UX gets in the way of any serious productivity (true on web, worse on mobile); navigation can be abbot awkward. 💭: a must-have if you use Trello, and if not why are you still reading this?
  • Can't connect to gold servers 4/5

    By Wtfnick
    Trying to purchase gold (because this app is gr8), but the connection to the purchasing servers keeps breaking :(
  • ROBLOX 5/5

    By marineduplicate
    I mainly use Trello for ROBLOX just to check applications... BUT THE WAY THIS IS!? THIS IS AMAAAAAZING! Keep growing Trello you have much to grow!! 😊 Btw - I LOVE ❤️ THIS APP
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By Milad.SH96
    It really helped me with my tasks... 😉😉😉
  • Like it but could be better 3/5

    By Gpelton
    This is actually my second time around with this app. First was when I was on a team and was required to use it. Not terrible then either, but didn't use it for too long. Really didn't fit my needs then. My need currently is that this app does fit now. I like the simplicity of it. A couple of elements that would be nice. Allow for uploading voice messages (likely limited in length, say 15 seconds) but these could be reminders. Make it possible to write / draw a note. Have colors available for the lists within a group. It continues to allow some form of organization. Another helpful feature would be zoom in and out to see the total of lists, and allow lists to stack and not just be in a stream from left to right.
  • Better than Evernote, OneNote, Amazing App! 5/5

    By michaelkinkade
    I recently left Evernote after frustration with their degrading app, and started using OneNote. Better, but still not what I'm look for. Then I found Trello. I cannot say enough good things about this app. Pay no attention to the tutorial - it does the app no justice. Go watch a YouTube video to begin to understand the full potential. This is a wonderful, well thought out system for project management, team projects, and your personal system (GTD works great). It has a few bugs, but they are easily overlooked (occasional lag and shutdown) and will be fixed over time. Outstanding program at a fair price.

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