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Trello App

Trello gives you perspective over all your projects, at work and at home. Whether it's managing a team, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a grocery list, Trello is your sidekick for getting things done and staying organized. "Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dare I say, even fun." LIFEHACKER With Trello you can: • Create boards to organize anything you're working on • Use them solo or invite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate • Customize workflows for different projects • Add checklists of "To-Dos" on cards • Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers • Comment on items with your friends • Upload photos and videos • Attach files • Display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar Power-Up • Work offline and boards will sync automatically when reconnected • Trello is free to use forever with options to upgrade to Gold for loads of extra fun and functionality Well that’s all there is, so you better stop reading but wait there’s more. This app supports the Apple Watch, for getting things done on your wrist. Trello is super optimized for the iPad Pro, with awesome keyboard shortcuts and tons of tweaks to take full advantage of the larger canvas. Trello asks for the following permissions: Camera Usage If granted, Trello allows you to attach photos to cards, assign photos as your avatar, and record videos for user feedback. Microphone Usage If granted, Trello uses the microphone if you attach videos to cards or record user feedback. Contacts Usage If granted, Trello uses your contacts to allow you to invite people to board by their email address. Photo Library Usage If granted, Trello allows you to attach photos to cards and assign photos as your avatar.


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Trello app reviews

  • Ungainly 2/5

    By Colin Reid W
    The Trello app is more wedded to its data model than it is to streamlined user workflows. It eschews convenience. At the very least, I want quick access to cards with my face on them, across all boards. What I get on the home tab instead is a list of boards. Seeing everything I care about involves executing a cryptic search phrase over on the Search tab. It's also more wedded to its lists and cards interaction model than it is to the platform. This means tasks like list management feel completely unfamiliar because the app has gone far afield of standard table views, to no apparent benefit. Force touch is entirely absent within the app. Navigating backward by swiping isn't universal. Everything is just a bit slow—especially when deeplinked in from a notification. It's all too foreign, dissatisfying, and unexpected. I bet a purely UIKit Trello app would be delightful.
  • 🙌🏻 5/5

    By Rose123cqbc
    I love it
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By dmkravets
    Need a microscope to see my cards on the app. They are microscopic in list view. Can they be bigger? Amending: you can make list view bigger. My bad. Would be good to get notifications for any time I choose regardless if it's 24 hours out. Helps me stay organized.🙏🏻
  • Truly amazing, rock solid, any platform 5/5

    By Bhirschhorn
    I've used Trello for years on every project I do. From tech development to real estate development. From every case in my law practice to every day in my personal productivity practice. Everyone who works for and with me uses it. Trello is simply amazing. It works on my computer and idevices, auto syncs, even integrates with other apps thru third party software. Forget about using lists of things to do, apple tasks, or just typing lists in notepad. Trello gives you checklists (and more) on cards on lists on boards. And I have tons of boards. I run everything with Trello.
  • For their creativity 5/5

    By iamjustcara
    I admire the app develops for the notes in their updates. I don't use the app much but I'll never delete it bc reading notes on each release is so entertaining
  • Best Update/Bug Fix Notes Ever! 5/5

    By fsumanning
    Yes, I read them. Yes, I am a simple guy who is easily amused. Sir Collabs-A-Lot with "Trello Card Backs"...ha ha. Keep it coming!
  • Almost Everything I Could Ask For 4/5

    By From 2009 on, member
    I love Trello. I love that I can access my notes both on the computer and from my iPhone. I love how it helps me organize my thoughts. I love how easy it is to modify things. I love that the Trello team is always working to improve things. All that aside, I don't love that sometimes when I'm on a roll and typing a lot of notes in the description section of a card, the iPhone app abruptly closes. Worse still, when I reopen the app, I'm no longer able to open said card - everytime I do, the app abruptly closes again. This is a very big problem. And I don't feel comfortable making Trello one of my main go-to apps. Please fix this. I love Trello so much and it has so much potential.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Eleads
    5 stars just for the Trello teammate who took the time to come up with the Collabs-a-lot rap in the last update description! Well played my friend, well played
  • I use it for my company 5/5

    By Majimand
    Usefull app to manage your team and get feedback
  • Best Productivity App on the Market! 5/5

    By QuietStorm_53
    Survey Trello training videos and check out Youtube for some well done videos on how to use Trello. This is the formula for managing a blank board that will rapidly fill with a custom approach, based on your very own processing style. If you are a visual person, Trello is for you. Try it, you will grow more dependent on it by the day. Get the paid version that provided access to the Power Ups and your productivity will surely rocket.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Youramericanbae
    This app is so cool for coordination and collaboration. Works perfect!
  • Elegant 5/5

    By Herr Wiersdorf
    This app is simple and clean. It doesn't try to be distracting. It tries the opposite, in fact, and just works how you would expect it. It syncs perfectly with the in-browser client. The iOS UI is simply beautiful. The calendar power-up in the browser is really good for keeping track when homework, etc. is due. NO ADS!!! They don't make you feel like a second-rate customer for the free version. That's a level of decency and awesomeness that I've seldom seen. UPDATE: wait, this thing supports Handoff?! I can seamlessly switch from the iOS app to my Mac and back. So nice. So good.
  • Want to be productive? Get Trello 5/5

    By Famaswar
    Awesome app to get stuff done, and very beautiful to slide through. Also their hilarious rap lyrics in the description of their new update made me want to write this well deserved 5 star review.
  • Nice Update 5/5

    By ns2ncyke
    The new card back is much welcomed. So much more intuitive than pressing the + to open up a menu. My only suggestions 1) Make the text in the description compliant with visual accessibility settings. Every other aspect of the card back except for Description is. 2) Match the color of the card back to the color of the board's background color. That default blue really ruins the immersive feeling when I color code my projects.
  • Release notes 1/5

    By Mad Yogi
    I'm devastated you took down your Baby got back release notes. 😔
  • Super User Friendly 5/5

    By DoItMich
    I use Trello a lot at work, but m a phone user at home. This app is super user friendly. It's just like the computer interface. It's quick and simple. Very pleased with how productive I can be from home now.
  • I use this for everything! 5/5

    By Slyobis
    This app is not only good for organizing your work with other team members. I use it to organize my life tasks and even write my stories on here. It's a life saver and I definitely tell other writers to get this app. Also love the little songs on every update. Lol!
  • Trello is my favorite thing 5/5

    By QATester123
    I use it for everything; work, school, and home life. It's great for keeping track of Christmas lists or todo projects. Deserves a millions stars.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dowdyma1
    Great app, hilarious release notes
  • Hooray for links! 5/5

    By blwinters
    Really happy to see the ability to attach links now. Markdown in the description is also welcome. It would be nice to have it in the checklists as well, since many of my subtasks revolve around specific bits of code within backticks, but I understand that it's likely not available because the subtasks are edited inline.
  • It gets used. 5/5

    By Jernoiro
    I've tried dozens of Productivity tools and only a couple have stuck with me long-term. Trello is essential to how I run my business and my life.
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By Chronologist
    One of the most important productivity tools I've ever used. Trello is as vital to me and my workflow as the likes of Dropbox. Simply a wonderful app/platform/thing.
  • 5 stars for the update log 5/5

    By Rocker122703
    They better keep these fire update logs coming. I wanna buy your mixtape whoever wrote that
  • 6 years and counting 5/5

    By studio3d
    I've been a Trello user for 6 years and it is the most versatile, project / task / workflow management software I have found. #TrelloGotBack
  • Best app update note ever 5/5

    By strikeforceSOC
    Yeah, I don't usually write reviews but loved the app update notes this time I made an exception. I do use this app daily at work. I am an educator and my grade level team uses it to keep on the same page. I also have one with the wife where we keep track of vacation notes and projects for our house. Great app!
  • Taco on fire 5/5

    By Xb1fan
    Props to the release notes rap. Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud...and should be using Trello fo' realz!
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By NericaaLamarinae
    I love everything about this. Starting using it for my blog now I use it for school and everyday life. Greatest thing since sliced bread 🙌😍
  • can't add cards to top of list 1/5

    By Pigeonman99
    after all these years still no feature parity to add cards to the top of the list. sad!
  • Sir Collabs-A-Lot is the best up & coming rapper around! 😂 5/5

    By Faeridream
    I will write a more in depth review of this 5🌟 collaboration & organization app at a later date when I have time to go into specific details. Until then, I just had to suggest that EVERYONE read the app update notes from 9/11/17. "Trello Card Backs" by Sir Collabs-A-Lot (a parody of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" that's all about the Trello app) is pure GENIUS! That alone makes this app worth downloading!
  • Best patch notes ever 5/5

    By Dued711
    Wau such emojis
  • Task Management Done Right 5/5

    By Chriscarterux
    Trello is the only way I keep organized. It's amazing and you will love it.
  • Greaaaat 5/5

    By Ishanina
    Quite useful
  • Awesome project management tool 5/5

    By MacReza
    Can't imagine my projects without it. You guys rock!
  • Love the update songs 5/5

    By Hiipwn
  • Amazing functionality 5/5

    By valentinegrl
    Such a good app! Thank you!
  • Best Release notes ever! 5/5

    By noobs2ninjas
    Oh. You want me to say more? Ummm pass. I just liked the release notes.
  • Brilliant game changing 5/5

    By radiogrey
    Seriously I wish I had more ideas for this new medium... soon enough.
  • Good idea 2/5

    By Mrc67545
    It seems like a good idea. Kept kicking me of the board saying I didn't have permission. Oh well. Moving on until I can find some that works.
  • Great app 5/5

    By vtualetius
    Very beautiful and useful. It would be great if you add notification preferences to the app so I could mute notifications from specific boards.
  • It's ok 👌 3/5

    By LOL LOVE 200.9
    I don't need it
  • Good but not quite enough 3/5

    By Charaffe
    A lot of function seemed to be missing in the iOS ipad version. Might as well use the online version for full support.
  • Transformational app! 5/5

    By provocative ham
    The clean way this app operates, with so much attention obviously paid to every detail in its design, is a joy to use. As good technology should, like a screwdriver or an automobile, the user interface is designed to encourage effective use.
  • I cannot live without Trello 5/5

    By bravejoe
    I've had a Trello Account for years. I cannot live without it. I organize everything from website development, marketing and sales plans to individual meal planning from my Trello Recipe Library. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Change your life with starting today.
  • Trello is AWESOME! 5/5

    By Jn-Jozef
    I use Trello to manage my Product Development projects. It is an easy and very effective was to track project status and assigned tasks.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Sultan shalakhti
    I really like this amazing app. I am using it to manage all of my work projects and products. Keep it up guys :)
  • Excellent App - Super Flexible! 5/5

    By Xynoculydema
    In a search for a more straightforward task app as a Wunderlist replacement, I tried just about ALL of the free versions of the various task apps out there. Nothing comes close to Wunderlist (in my opinion) except Trello. The key difference is the style. It's a kanban board layout, which put me off, at first, but after playing around with it a bit, I found the functionality to be on par with what I need, and the free offerings are excellent. The paid plan is also reasonably priced. Definitely worth the effort of tinkering with it if you can accept the kanban board approach. Five stars. They're doing it right!
  • Not intuitive 1/5

    By marelemar
    I overheard comments about Trello and how useful it was to organize things. Got curious and dowloaded it and for the life of me I can't seem to know what to do with it. It all seems to be nothing but lists to jot down tasks - big deal! Perhaps I am missing something but the help is nit really help and it is not intuitive. I can't see where to change email address either.
  • Excellent ptoduct 5/5

    By Peter Kempinski
    Using fir the first time Excellent

    By Juan Luis Cordero
    Me encanta esta aplicación , me a solucionado muchas cosas en mi trabajo y en mi vida personal, se los agradezco mucho por crear esta gran aplicación
  • Some tweaks 3/5

    By tali1928
    Good app, but it's too bad you can't add due dates for tasks via the app and have to switch to the web browser. I also can't find a way to see a calendar view.

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