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TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants App

Millions of traveler reviews, photos, and maps from TripAdvisor. Know better. Book better. Go better. With over 500 million reviews and opinions by travelers, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go. And booking options for hotels, restaurants and flights are just a tap away. The TripAdvisor mobile app is free and easy to use. • We compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites to find the lowest price on the right hotel for you • Browse millions of reviews, opinions and candid photos by travelers • Find the best hotel for you, including Travelers' Choice award winners • Explore restaurants and reserve tables online • Discover cool things to do in any destination • Compare airfares and find great deals • Use Near Me Now to discover places near your current location • Get answers to your specific travel questions in the forums • Add your own reviews and photos • Download maps, reviews, and your saves for over 300 cities worldwide onto your phone for free; avoid using expensive data roaming plans while you travel Note: We optimized this app to conserve battery power and only use GPS where necessary. However please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The app uses your location to send you personalized hotel, restaurant, attraction and vacation rental recommendations as well as remember the places you visited via our Travel Timeline feature. These locations are collected even if the app is in the background. Location settings can be configured in the Settings app.


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  • Excellent Stay 5/5

    By soccermom1620
    My daughter and I came up this past weekend for a soccer ID camp and we were pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff and whole town of Eugene. We will definitely be back!
  • Very slow and not workable on the go 2/5

    By ncdroneman84
    I have used this app several times and it always crashes or goes so slow I don’t want to use this app anymore. If they’d only fix the app and make more streamline like the website it be way more better.
  • REALLY! 1/5

    By janetlillyleigh
    I tried for 45 minutes to write a review on a delightful hotel where we stayed. The mobile app referred me to trip advisor which showed me NO PLACE TO WRIRE A REVIEW ON THE HOTEL, only a place to write a review on TRIPADVISOR. Well here it is. TRIPADVISOR STINKS!
  • TripAdvisor Rocks! 5/5

    By rginesjr
    When it comes to planning a trip or a vacation, TripAdvisor is the way to go! It gives you the 411 on everything you need to know!
  • Love the APP 4/5

    By GreenwaveDave
    but I would love it if TA allowed responses. In other words if I disagree I could tell the reviewer in 10 words or less.
  • Sampling Bias 1/5

    By Eijh
    9 out of 10 negative reviews are rejected while 100% of positive reviews are accepted. This is why every hotel has an artificially high rating. So regardless of if you’re checking up on category 5 Ritz or a middle of nowhere motel overrun by bed bugs, you’ll only see happy people checking in with 4 of 5 stars. It makes bad hotels appear good. At the same time it punishes good hotels by drowning them in sea of biased reviews! Talk about abusing customer trust! Perhaps there is a conflict on interest moderating reviews for the same hotel they’re trying to sell. I’m glad their stock is sinking like a rock. It’s time they return to their roots and regain customer trust. Till then, I will never spend a dime via Trip Advisor. Update: They have been caught deleting reviews from users who was assaulted or raped at hotel resorts. Update 2: Apple is now deleting negative TripAdvisor app reviews. Not very ethical and a disgrace to the assault victims that were silenced by Trip Advisor (and now Apple).
  • Out new “go to” traveling ap 5/5

    By NMacG
    We’ve been using TA for about a year and it is consistently helpful on our travels whether for meals or accommodation. Most recently in the Czech Republic it was invaluable. We try to review whenever possible, sometimes the travel gets in the way but that’s what it’s all about 🙏
  • Becoming more useless over time 1/5

    By phyzal
    TripAdvisor and especially this app is barely anything more than trying to sell tours. Hardly ever find any useful info anymore.
  • Best travel tool 5/5

    By Ellypie
    I Wouldn't go anywhere without this little gem alongside. Takes the guess work out of what to do. It has made my adventures in Europe that more interesting, showing cool museums and parks to visit that I never would have known were available
  • Use the website on a desktop 1/5

    By SergentCucpake
    Seriously this app blows just look up the site on a computer
  • Not even close to 5 Stars 1/5

    By Triplet toting mama
    After driving 4 hours and looking forward to relaxing at the hotel, we were told at 4pm that our room was not ready. We even used mobile check in and had advised of a 3pm arrival. AND, we are rewards members. An hour later we still do not have our room and are standing in the lobby with 3 kids who need to shower before we go to dinner in an hour. They have made ZERO effort to accommodate us and not one apology. Customer service is awful. Worst experience at a Marriott i have ever had. We are still waiting to get into our room...
  • No copy option?!? 2/5

    By freeze framer
    Cannot copy anything on your app?! Stupid and useless. Reviews are helpful but use browser.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By JaimeSunshine
    I don’t go anywhere without checking Tripadvisor first. Best for hotels, food, local attractions, TA has it all.
  • My best guide for new places 5/5

    By Cocojacqueline
    I used TA for any trip even in places I have been before, wether in USA or elsewhere in the world. Very useful infos from other travelers. We have used it recently for our trip to Lisbon to find a good private tour , we booked it in advance and were not disappointed. Used it in Paris too and discovered a fun activity called the Bustronome (I left a review). It gives you good addresses for restaurants and hotels . I like the ranking which , so far, in my opinion has been accurate. I always check it out . Very useful!
  • Ap does not work effectively 1/5

    By Journeyman 664
    Went to show travelers where to go in cities around the world I have reviewed on Trip Advisor. Ap not user friendly, and all my reviews and pictures have been lost on this site. They were more disappointed than I was. Very disappointing. Waste of time writing reviews for the Trip Advisor site. Certainly would not trust Trip Advisor with any bookings.
  • Help! 1/5

    Some things about this app are good, but why is it impossible to contact you???? I put contact Trip Advisor in search bar and it came up with local resorts! 😜 What a joke! I wanted to ask why a review of mine was not published. Impossible to contact you. 10 thumbs down!
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Woody75-78
    This app comes in handy when gathering perspectives on something you’re about to visit / try. However, I do recommend the app being updated to allow the original author to go make minor corrections to his/her review after submission without having to completely delete it and start over. Along with that recommendation, I believe a review submission monitor should have to review and approve the change to avoid reviewers totally changing the meaning of their original post. Additionally, for some reason this app doesn’t pull up all my photos on the iPhone 7 which hinders me from uploading pictures with my review.
  • Very informative app!! 5/5

    By Chipster1948
    Like that I can check a place out before I go to it, and decide if I want to try it. Like everything else not alway completely accurate but very close. The app it’s self has improved immensely, easy to navigate and check on the venues I am looking for! Keep up the great work!

    By Nihal64
    Very informative, very useful, interesting app. A must have if you are a serious traveler. Keep the good work going .
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Coacholi
    Got married and excited to use my new name but the AP won’t let me....😢
  • Can't clear their search term 1/5

    By ClipperSE
    So they send me a note asking me to do a review. I go to do the review for a NYC hotel. STUCK in the search box is the term PINE MOUNTAN CLUB. I try to clear it and no matter what, it says PINE MOUNTAN CLUB. I type in the name of my hotel and it says X hotel NEAR PINE MOUNTAN CLUB. Can't find the hotel though because it is not NEAR PINE MOUNTAN CLUB. I try everything all over and I can't get away from PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB. People, if you want me to write a review for you, don't morph your advertising efforts w my search attempt. Stupid, stupid feature. Bad programming, too.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Mostlyscm
    This is the holy app I use for restaurants, hotels everything. I love it
  • Great app 4/5

    By Dbud76
    You get real reviews from everyday people.
  • NO we don’t want a hotel!! 3/5

    By Mamafortwo
    So we have family to the South of us and East of us and often take road trips to stay with them. I have found the ratings on here very helpful, but anytime I search a particular city along our route this app harasses me about hotels. I want information about attractions in cities but we never stay in hotels we always stay with family and there is no way that I have found to get the app to give you updates on city attractions without having to sort through a bunch of hotel junk which WE WILL NEVER USE!
  • Great resource 5/5

    By Suwannee Drew
    I have been using Trip Advisor long before there was an app. It’s a great travel resource and I always check it before traveling. It’s such a great idea allowing the consumer the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences and also the hotel, restaurant, etc; a way to see and respond to the consumer and hopefully improve their business.
  • oversized, slow 1/5

    By fuzzywuzzywaza
    200+MB for an app that is largely a wrapper for a website. Deleting.
  • Easy and Intuitive 5/5

    By CoffeeRob
    I like the app. It's easy and intuitive. Impressed with the scope of coverage TA has in the world. Ate dinner at a one table resturant in the middle of the Mendoza Argentina wine country away from everything and it was rated on TA.
  • Used Constantly 5/5

    By Medel wolf 45
    I use this app weekly, at least. It has good reviews I can trust.

    By Frank Corbett
  • Only reliable review app for restaurants 5/5

    By Joedbc
    Yelp only has 1 star or 5 because it’s people who are trying to get back at restaurants for not giving them free stuff or catering to them or 5 stars from people who got free stuff or catered to. TripAdvisor seems like more real reviews from real people with more honesty and more 2, 3, or 4 stars, not all 1 and 5’s.
  • Research Research Research 5/5

    By Heritage355
    Great app with valuable information, but you must do your own research.
  • Go to travel and restaurant app 5/5

    By Homebob
    I have been using TripAdvisor for many years and it has been invaluable. Of course you must take some reviews with a grain of salt as there are always some people with an agenda, but it is fairly easy to weed those reviews out. I enjoy being able to contribute to this great global data base by submitting reviews when I travel.
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Genuario
    Have the app on my IPad. Works great, no problems to this point. Not sure I like getting emailed recommendations so I need to explore settings. Overall, user friendly app.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By pilotmichael
    Trip advisor works very hard not to give customer service. They hide their contact information extremely well. You will find it frustratingly difficult to find a way to get tech-support or customer service. And if you do, the people are not helpful, it’s really sad. I would never trust buying travel from these people, because if something went bad, they would not be there to help.
  • Not as big a fan anymore 3/5

    By Lulu5001
    Trip Advisor remains a good resource for planning our long term travels, but i don't completely trust it. I've found that it doesn't list hotels that I can't book through TA. It's an obvious bias to push me to the hotels TA gets a fee from. Also when I've looked for a list of nearby restaurants it doesn't show me the closest spots, only the most popular. Both these things should be changed and then I will love TA again.
  • Traveling 5/5

    By Pearlywhites2
    I always stay at the Hilton where I can. I always check the reviews on this app people tell it how it is the best part is they might have found a incredible restaurant or a great club to go to, also places to go.
  • Good app but little slow and heavy 3/5

    By Dani Bat
    I love to use trip advisor, but unfortunately it is a little slow and difficult to navigate mainly when I need the most - when traveling.. hope this can be improved.
  • مهول التطبيق لايدعم العربي 1/5

    By Ishosho0
    لا يدعم اللغه العربيه للأسف
  • Great APP 5/5

    By vallerd
    This app is a must have! It’s easy to use. Saves time and money! When I travel or eat out I want the best for my dollars.
  • Clumsy navigation 4/5

    By USA5
    Love trip advisor but the app limits my ability to review, add photos.... disappointing
  • Getting better 5/5

    By AshleebCC
    Just began using again. Was tremendously helpful for us planning a weekend day trip to Savannah GA. It’s great that people are posting reviews and I’m working on doing the same because they are so helpful.
  • Crashes on iPhone X 1/5

    By gopalzz
    Please release only stable versions. Crashes so many times on iPhone X
  • Iphone app sinking 2/5

    By JBCN
    I don't know how it happened, but I can no longer use Trip Advisor app on my IPhone. I used to be able to type in restaurant as a category and it took me to nearby locations, or I could go to a map and zoom in. The app reverts to worldwide map or search without my urging....and there is no “go back to prev screen choice. I often cannot find my saves for a city I have been to...cannot find button to go there. I no longer use Trip Advisor because I cannot navigate it any more. I am crazy in the head trying to find what I need or finding my way back in to where I was. I am not a fan of Yelp...but I use it exclusively now because it will show me in map mode where I am and what is nearby. What is weird about all, that I am a level 6 rater...and I cant use the app. I cant even find a phone nr to call with a suggestion or ask for help. What has happened to Trip Advisor?
  • Impossible to create an account 1/5

    By ericnigg
    I for the life of me am unable to sign up and make an account. It keeps telling me “user name already taken” and I am writing in the most ridiculous combinations of words I can imagine. Nothing. Something is clearly broken. DELETE.
  • It's ok 5/5

    By millie mama
    It's ok, I guess
  • I like TripAdvisor, but I take it for what it’s worth 4/5

    By 3032@SGlebe
    I utilize TripAdisor often when planning trips, but I always pay attention to how many reviews for a certain spot are written, and how old the latest review is. The app definitely helps me prioritize travel stops, look at lodging options, and off the grid spots of interest. I don’t typically use it for restaurants, but if I find a gem in a place we have visited I do write a review. I think restaurants are something most often found on the go. Overall I like it.
  • Mostly awesome! 4/5

    By RieDefine
    The one and only complaint I have is that one of the recent updates took away the ability to view hotels near attractions, so now you have to go through hotel after hotel to find one near where you want to be.
  • Secret weapon 4/5

    By Jeff29720
    *****updated review still very slow in a mobile device****Great app, it appears to be much slower than before. With that being said, this was the only thing I have to say negatively. This app allows to compare, and get reviews from real people. Not saying there not some fake reviews from employees or staffers. But when you got a couple hundred reviews. You can make the judgement from there. This is the ONLY place we check out when going to a restaurant, hotel, etc....get the TripAdvisor app.
  • Honest reviews 5/5

    By natenacho70
    I trust TA to post reviews and allow the customer to make a educated decision. I know from experience that their competitor hides good reviews if the business doesn't pay or if the writer hasn't written multiple reviews. I love how easy TA is to post a review and unbiased it is.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By E&Es Meme
    Relatively new to this app but I like what I see! I love the choices available even places I have not tried in my small town!

TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants app comments


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