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TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants App

Millions of traveler reviews, photos, and maps from TripAdvisor. Know better, book better and go better. With over 350 million reviews and opinions by travelers, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go. And booking options for hotels, restaurants and flights are just a tap away. The TripAdvisor mobile app is free and easy to use. • Browse millions of reviews, opinions and candid photos by travelers • Find the best hotel for you, including Travelers' Choice award winners • Explore restaurants and reserve tables online • Discover cool things to do in any destination • Compare airfares and find great deals • Use Near Me Now to discover places near your current location • Get answers to your specific travel questions in the forums • Add your own reviews and photos • Download maps, reviews, and your saves for over 300 cities worldwide onto your phone for free; avoid using expensive data roaming plans while you travel • Support for Apple Watch. The TripAdvisor Apple Watch app shows you the best places to eat, play and stay wherever you are. Want to visit the suggested places later? Just save it on your Apple Watch and view it later on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or on Note: We optimized this app to conserve battery power and only use GPS where necessary. However please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The app uses your location to send you personalized hotel, restaurant, attraction and vacation rental recommendations as well as remember the places you visited via our Travel Timeline feature. These locations are collected even if the app is in the background. Location settings can be configured in the Settings app.


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TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants app reviews

  • Used to be my favorite app until 1/5

    By 吕晓小
    Trip advisor used to be my favorite travel app until the recent updates. It used to let me mark places I have been to and save places that I want to visit. Right now you can only save a place to your "trips" which is a weird category to save lists. Why should I save a list of places under trips if I live in that city? I used to use the app almost everyday even thought I am not traveling. Just wanted to see what are around in the city and places I haven't been. Now I use yelp more often. That's sad.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Pinning Happily
    I love having the TripAdvisor app! It has made finding hotels so easy for my last two vacations. Definitely my go-to place for information.
  • Not that easy to navigate 3/5

    By bertram
    I don't like the navigation through the app. It is not right up front to review a place. It is impossible to communicate with others on TA too.
  • Caesars ac 1/5

    By tcksr
    In 35 years going to AC this trip a got the worst room. No view with a window that was smaller the a house window. It may be because I asked for a smoking room
  • They keep sending me Dutch emails? 1/5

    By Freemarkit
    They keep sending me Dutch emails, of which I cannot unsubscribe from. From this review, you can tell I’m not Dutch. Bug fix please.
  • Myrt & Lucy's chat & chew 4/5

    By P-sue 1102
    Fun restaurant with a great waitress, Heather. Food was excellent and homemade. Prices a little high but the kids and adults cleaned their plates. A large play area for the kids; hopefully cleaned often. But a squirt of hand sanitizer took that worry away. Recommended by this family💗
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Felicia D S
    I like this app a lot. It’s easy to navigate, and its so handy being able to read reviews before trying s new place.
  • Trip advisor app 4/5

    By Sharon280
    I really enjoy trip advisor on my laptop, not as easy to navigate on the iPad. The maps are a bit of a challenge but when I travel I have a gps. Love the things to do ideas. Keep up the good work. Sharon
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Nursejere
    Love this app for finding things to do and places to eat. Usually go on the app before I traveling to find interesting places to go. It's great for spur of the moment decisions for dinner ideas. Keep up the good work.
  • Best hotel in the keys 5/5

    By Sirsmokealot124
    Amazing services clean rooms beautiful pool area and liana Rivero has the best guest services I've ever seen she's an amazing person
  • Awesome Time! 5/5

    By Ke$haisthecoolestchickever
    Had a great time in villa 3108 w the girls. Great service. Wonderful time. Food was amazing. Fun pool bar. Enjoyed both sister resorts. Had tacos at the taco bar. Had breakfast at La Casona. Watched the turtles being released. That was amazing! Went to Cabo cantina. Felt totally safe the entire time. Would stay here again!
  • Great app, love the user photos! 5/5

    By Erik2575
    Glad there are user photos of places! Excellent way to see exactly what you’re in for!
  • Sampling bias 1/5

    By Eijh
    9 out of 10 bad experiences are rejected while 100% of positive experiences are approved. This is why almost every hotel has a 5 star rating on trip advisor. So regardless of if you're checking up on Category 5 Ritz or a bed bug infested motel in middle of nowhere town, you'll only see happy people checking in with 4 or 5 stars. This results in artificially high ratings for bad hotels. This also punishes good hotels by drowning their good ratings in sea of biased ratings! Talk about abusing customer trust! Maybe there is a conflict of interest with them trying to sell hotel rooms while they moderate reviews for the very same hotels. I took my $30k annual vacation budget and made sure trip advisor and it's affiliate such as Expedia doesn't get a penny! Glad to see their stock sinking like a rock lately. They need to go back to their root and regain customer trust..
  • Love this APP 5/5

    By Tall D
    I can always count on trip advisor for their reviews. Before I book a hotel, I check it out on this app. Mostly, I LOVE the forums for places around the world. Thank you TripAdvisor for all the advice and different ideas that people share with you!
  • Yuck! 2/5

    By NP Maven
    I hate this app. I can never find what I want easily. I accessed it from my email via a trip advisor email asking me to review a specific restaurant and I get a page that has nothing for me to do that...certainly not with a single click or a struggle🤢
  • Nice and functional 5/5

    By Scottman0
    Nice and easy to use.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Zizzabez
    Helps us plan activities, find places to eat, and places to stay.
  • Issue with crashing 1/5

    By Benny Honah
    It crashes. All the time. It's too slow to load even when it doesn't crash. Basically just unusable.
  • opinion x niveles mayores 4/5

    By giuseppe mario muscolino
    saludos. deberia de colocar las opiniones por niveles de los lectores. darle mas valor a los miembros de mayor trayectoria
  • Disgruntled 1/5

    By Breakable Dj
    All I wanted to do was leave a rating on a hotel I stayed at...there's no need for me to have to sign up for this app and disclose my email and my name. However, because I wanted to warn people about a particular hotel stay I had to download the app and disclose my name and email. Irritating that a 2 minute ordeal took 15-20 minutes to do...
  • Doesn't provide summary of activities you're looking up 2/5

    By AndersonsAbroad
    We tried to use the app to find tours and adventures, but the app only shows the activity title, photos, and reviews. A summary of the tour is absolutely necessary. For example, a description for the activity "Island Bike Tour" should explain it's a 1-hour tour of x portion of the island led by an experienced guide, kids are/are not accommodated, and participants should be able to handle 3 moderately steep climbs.
  • Super helpful app when traveling in an unfamiliar place 5/5

    By HeiserFam
    We have used Trip Advisor countless times in our travel around the country. We have found diamonds in the rough that we wouldn’t have known about, both restaurants and hotels. It is fun to see what others recommend and actually feel like you are local in a place where you have never stepped foot! I use the app mostly on my iPad and have had no issues with ease of use.
  • oversized, slow 1/5

    By fuzzywuzzywaza
    This app is oversized, and slow.
  • Solid App 4/5

    By Cleveland Jr.
    Decent app for my purposes. Appreciate that TA still has discussion forums.
  • This app is terrible. 1/5

    By showlowjoe
    This app is the worst. I don't know if I'm reviewing the app or the hotel.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By ynnej nil
    App lags with every click. Especially with hotel search. The app is tooo slow please fix the problem! This has been happening since June
  • annoying 2/5

    By Sick at home
    I am trying to get into trip advisor. I’ve forgotten my password. It says it will email me but it doesn’t. annoying
  • Why do you need my location on always? 1/5

    By waltafhgdbjmhdc
    If I search for restaurants nearby, I do not understand why I must change my settings to allow location data on at all times.....
  • I don't get how to use it 1/5

    By Emilee2002
    Trying to write a review for a restaurant and it says it's easier to write a review in the app and won't let me continue with going to the app .. then I do .. where do I write my review of the restaurant?????
  • Stop forcing the download 1/5

    By Rotorheadc45
    Please stop forcing people to download the app to write a review. How many reviews etc are you missing due to you making 3 extra steps. This sounds like someone with a marketing degree's "great idea" to bump up app downloads. Just stop.
  • Used to be my favorite travel app 2/5

    By Gigoole
    Before getting to the review of the app, I looked through the reviews to see if others had similar issues. I'm not sure why the reviews for the app include all the reviews for the places you can find with the app. My main issue with the new app is with the offline maps. It used to be much easier to use. First of all, they seem to have done a good job of hiding how you can download maps for a city. Once I figured it out, I realized their offline maps are not what they used to be. It was much easier to see all your liked places on one map and additional information like the metro lines, etc. As soon as I bring the map up, it shows the hotels right away and there is no way to turn that off. Navigation in the app has also become a lot more complicated and confusing. I'm not sure when the changes happened, but I liked the old app much better.
  • Poor user design 1/5

    By Seekfind
    As a heavy app user, this one is a total disappointment. It feels like it was a low budget project where they didn't bother to do user test or the creators themselves didn't use this app. The search filters are limited. And you can't look at the custom search results on the map. The only time you can use the map is in one of their preset searches. When you accidentally press on the home from a search, you have to do the search all over again. My best suggestion is for TripAdvisor to look and mirror Yelp's app. (I have no connection to yelp except as a user.)
  • Search cue 3/5

    By Bobbiroger
    Hi, It would be nice, when searching for live music in 'nearby' that the results could be accessed. When 'poking' the results, the music reviews do not come up. One must scroll from the beginning. Who has that time? This is not helpful.
  • Terribly designed app 1/5

    By sunset.symphony
    This is the worst app I have had on my phone in a long time, and I just uninstalled it because I was writing a super long review and then after trying to attach a picture the app crashed and my whole review was lost. Thanks a lot, Trip Advisor. But that’s just one of many problems I have with the app. When I try to open up TripAdvisor forums on Google, the TripAdvisor app always goes straight to the home page and doesn’t go to the forums! How useful, right? The home page I find to be incredibly unuseful and difficult to use and barely compares in any sense to the TripAdvisor website. Fix the bugs on this app, make it more user-friendly, change your homepage to make it as helpful as your actual desktop website/more user friendly and then maybe I will consider using it again, because for now it’s totally useless to me.
  • Excellent app/ very slow 4/5

    By Catz2kittlez
    Been using TripAdvisor for years. Wonderful service never steered me wrong when searching for eateries and hotel recommendations. Great way to organize leisure/business trips all in one place. Reviews are honest and to the point. However the app was updated sometime in early 2017 since then it's been incredibly slow, making it difficult to navigate. I was hoping with all the updates that the issue would have corrected it self by now. I have an iPhone 6plus S.
  • Pontiki 5/5

    By bsmith88dj
  • Using my location 1/5

    By *Chelle*Belle*
    I have enjoyed and contributed to the Trip Advisor app for a while and am extremely disappointed to learn in iOS11 that the app will now be using my location even if I am not in the app and that this may cause battery drainage. Remove the location tracking or I will need to remove the app as there is zero justification for your needing the info.
  • Great site App alright 3/5

    By LoobyLibby
    I love using TripAdvisor for planning all my vacations. The app is very convenient when I need a quick look up. The app is not that great when I need to save things or navigate the forums or look up extra information that's only available on the website. I also wish the app utilized Apple Wallet.
  • It keeps crashing 2/5

    By Lauradefra
    I have an iPhone 7 with the last software update and the app keeps crashing on me. I tried several times to write a review just to have the app crashing on me and losing whatever I was writing. I love this app and the website I just can’t use it! Please fix it!
  • Can’t upload pictures 3/5

    By Sergio Hk
    I love this app, I always use it but for some reason after an update I am unable to upload pictures. The app only shows pictures taken days earlier. What the hell : (
  • Frozen 2/5

    By h0k1e
    Just started using the app on a great trip I'm having.. Too bad the app freezes while I'm typing. Delete a few characters and try again.. No dice. For all I know there is a review lockout after you first 3 reviews.
  • App is completely unusable - website works 1/5

    By tinhead2
    I hate having an app shoved down my throat but I'm willing to accept it if the app works. Unfortunately the stupid TA website always forces you to either open the app or download this garbage. Having the app pause/freeze/siesta inexplicably when trying to hit an option is unacceptable. (every keypress clicking on a venue is delayed for seconds) I'm not running an old phone guys, iPhone 7Plus. YOUR APP SHOULD NOT FREEZE! Period. If I was the exec in charge of this project, I would: 1) take this app off the rails and either A) roll back to a functional app B) go back to test flight and only offer this app to brave souls who have time on their hands to waste when looking for options C) a combination of both A and B 2) send my freaking development team to the firing squad. Word is you can shoot cows with a bazooka in certain SEA countries. Recommend you save a cow and volunteer a developer instead. Bloody incompetents.
  • Crawdaddy's Restaurant and Oysrer Bar. 5/5

    By Babsbme
    Excellent service by Gary. Gave us a lot of tips for out Of towners The food was great. Mario made us some oysters with marmalade sauce Wow. So friendly and humorous.
  • My little kid found a strip club 1/5

    By Paranca9011
    He was looking for the Mickey Mouse clubhouse
  • It's unresponsive 1/5

    By Not in New York
    TripAdvisor has long been my go to travel app. Over the past few months they have cluttered it up so much that it basically freezes up when using on mobile devices. I'm a big time contributor but they desperately need to fix the app. I will re-review when (and if) they fix it.
  • Much improved, but crashes a LOT 4/5

    By Charlie in NE Vt
    Update: 16 Sept '17 Much better interface since last I looked. BUT woe to he who uses the filtering. Every time I put in multiple criteria (price/distance/time) it crashes. Update: 2 Oct '15 Worked OK for months. Then went on vacation to Spain where it might have actually been useful. Almost immediately, started to abort as soon as I started it up. Now trying delete and reinstall. IF I can remember my pw. Yuck. Maybe I'm biased b/c I just spent 20 min on a review only to lose the whole thing b/c the app decided I wasn't logged in. Overall I have a very hard time getting this app to do anything useful.
  • Bring back search nearby 1/5

    By Pioneer Bob
    You removed the feature to be able to see what's nearby an attraction. This was important for trip planning. Please bring it back
  • Biased reviews and advice 1/5

    By Jengelmann
    There are too many opinionated "know if alls" that that think their way is the only way and continue to criticize others and suggest trip changes based on their own interests not the person asking about THEIR vacation. Take forum responses with a grain of salt and enjoy YOUR vacation.
  • Mercato 5/5

    By Jiujiang 2
    Three lovely ladies joined me for dinner at Mercato last night. Firstly, the restaurant ambience is pleasant and sophisticated. The staff was very attentive. Most important, the food was impeccably presented and delish. All of us plan to return soon. Not one complaint from my world traveler friends. Thank you, Mercato.
  • Exceptional Service and Care 5/5

    I have to tell you honestly; that we were extremely impressed with the courteous professionalism exhibited by the entire staff; especially their manager Amanda; during the most difficult of times. In the aftermath of hurricane Irma; the crisis that affected over 1/2 million FPL customers in PalmBeach County alone; this hotel and their staff( with all that was demanded of them to serve and accommodate their guests); bent over backwards in a genuinely caring manner. So many families were displaced with no power, no air conditioning; and the Wyndham staff did all that was humanly possible to make temporary homes to keep us comfortable; even accepting our family pets in these dire times. The hotel itself is immaculate, the rooms are spacious and their rates were amazingly reasonable... when so so many hotel chains took advantage of the tragedy that was Irma and "gouged" their customers ; the Wyndham hotel actually "discounted" their rates for the fall. Find a hotel chain that would do that in the middle of a hurricane recovery. I was particularly proud ; as a Veterinarian, how they welcomed families' pets to keep them safe and secure after being displaced from their familiar surroundings. Their restaurant, The Farmer's Table was one of the other highlights of our stay; top quality, healthily prepared meals that customers from all over love to dine at. I have nothing but Kudos for this hotel and their entire staff and will always and forever be grateful to their management and staff for what they did for so many us. Respectfully Barry M Wander Ms; DVM WANDER ANIMAL CLINICS OF FL. WOOFGANG BAKERY & GROOMING

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