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Millions of traveler reviews, photos, and maps from TripAdvisor. Know better. Book better. Go better. With over 500 million reviews and opinions by travelers, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go. And booking options for hotels, restaurants and flights are just a tap away. The TripAdvisor mobile app is free and easy to use. • We compare prices from 200+ hotel booking sites to find the lowest price on the right hotel for you • Browse millions of reviews, opinions and candid photos by travelers • Find the best hotel for you, including Travelers' Choice award winners • Explore restaurants and reserve tables online • Discover cool things to do in any destination • Compare airfares and find great deals • Use Near Me Now to discover places near your current location • Get answers to your specific travel questions in the forums • Add your own reviews and photos • Download maps, reviews, and your saves for over 300 cities worldwide onto your phone for free; avoid using expensive data roaming plans while you travel Note: We optimized this app to conserve battery power and only use GPS where necessary. However please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The app uses your location to send you personalized hotel, restaurant, attraction and vacation rental recommendations as well as remember the places you visited via our Travel Timeline feature. These locations are collected even if the app is in the background. Location settings can be configured in the Settings app.

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  • Don't do it 3/5

    By Middleweight
    Rackham is completely ordinary. Ordinary service, ordinary food. Not at all comparable to other Michelin one stars. So it is VERY expensive for what you get. You have been warned.
  • Nice setting, bad accommodations 3/5

    By Jayntal
    The man we met at the counter was very kind and friendly and the resort is in a beautiful area in the mountains- that is why this is getting 3 stars instead of less. Unfortunately, the resort itself is in terrible need of repairs and updates. The carpet in the bathroom (yes, carpet) was wet. The beds were terribly uncomfortable, and the place just wasn't very clean. We were in buffalo run for just one night. Way overpriced for what you get! Didn't even bother staying for the continental breakfast. Had a nice walk up to the chapel tho.
  • Not friendly 1/5

    By outdoorzmen
    The owner needs to work on her people skills.
  • Not a good value 1/5

    By Asheville2027
    We weren't expecting fine cuisine for the buffet price, but all the dishes were very salty, greasy and heavy on the MSG. Sushi was waxy, tasted like it had been over-refrigerated. Not a good value.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ryanermp
    They use unsafe third parties to verify tickets! Ended up robbing me of over $500! And not giving me my tickets! Not to mention that all phone numbers given go to complete dead ends! youll never get to talk to a person! No matter what combinations of answers you give their machine! Plus! All inquiries I have managed to send them have given me nothing but automatic robotics responses! I've gotten nowhere and I'm looking forward to pressing charges towards this horrible horrible company!
  • Never updates 2/5

    By Gulf Coast Guy
    Sent in some places to add and well over a month later they have not added or even acknowledged receipt. Why even have a site like this if it is not up to date?
  • This app STINKS 1/5

    By FatWoodMan
    As much money y'all making put some into making a better app. This one smells.
  • Do not book thru TripAdvisor!! 1/5

    By 5$bob
    Do not book through TripAdvsior. They use third party companies that are not necessarily trustworthy. This is a sincere warning from experience
  • Beware!😡 1/5

    By Shirlith
    This APP and site will flood your email with unwanted and unsolicited adds even after you go in and deselect the options. Not worth it!! Also, it takes way too long for TA to post your reviews for others to see.
  • UX failures 1/5

    By Why bother9
    Atrocious design with the multiple back buttons. This is particularly noticeable in the forums where the wrong click leads all the way back to the city home page. Forced launching of the app for links is distracting, frustrating, and results in me deleting the app until their many gotchas force me to reinstall.
  • Can't view "likes" 3/5

    By nytimesgeek
    What kind of stupid app doesn't allow you to view your "likes"? TA, that's who. And don't bother trying to go to the desktop version as a work around. Once you download the app you are automatically redirected to the app - ALWAYS. You basically forfeit the desktop/full site options. Ridiculous!
  • Let me write my review online 1/5

    By WillyWonka73818
    This company shouldn't force me to download an app to write a review. That is bully-like and pitiful! Let people write reviews on their mobile browser for christ's sake. Don't make me download an app or I'll write a review like this. Expect more :)
  • Used to be a good App! 1/5

    By Malwuch
    I used to use this app all the time. Each update is making it more complex instead of easy. Just a few of my frustrations..... ....I should be able to choose how I want to file my saves. ....If on the road, I should be able to see what is around me. ....the app should pick me up instantly and allow me to see nearby OR choose another location. ...sometimes I can't get away from my "current" location This app USED to be so good👎👎👎
  • Not a fan of being FORCED to download 2/5

    By Soccergirl221122
    Why do I have to download the app to write a review for Tripadviser??? Let me do it on the browser. Other than that... app seems fine.
  • Doesn't work on an iPhone 1/5

    By Topper53dano
    When I took about twenty minutes writing up a review of a hotel, I submitted and then got a page where I had to confirm that I was a genuine reviewer. That's where it stops working. So you can't submit your review. What a stinker.
  • Battery Drainer... 1/5

    By Nickname is taken sikerim
    Beware! If you use this app traveling it will make you sorry for it. If you do not believe me after it drain your battery you can check battery consumption from your phones settings.
  • Must download the app to write a review? 1/5

    By USMike
    You earn 1 star from me for having to download the app. Especially since I am on vacation on a limited data plan. I will be uninstalling immediately after leaving my review. Horrible!!!
  • Fix the search feature! 2/5

    By Mimi20112012
    Can no longer search for keywords using the search feature yet the magnifying glass is still there. What's going on?
  • Difficult to navigate 2/5

    By SmeddieX
    This used to be our go to app for vacation planning however, it's very difficult to locate hotels/resorts or destinations. No longer intuitive and I rarely find what I'm looking for without a lot of hunting and pecking...
  • Can't Recommend 1/5

    By NaplesBeachBs
    Booked thru Expedia, hotel is very run down and not a place for families. Room was dark, seemed somewhat clean, unusual smell, smoke alarm going off. Went to the office to have them put new batteries in the smoke detector on the way there saw what looked like prostitutes and drug dealers hanging out in front of the other rooms many cars coming and going. We decided that this was not a place for our family to spend the night went to the office and canceled and I am still fighting to get our refund we found a much nicer hotel towards town the LaQinta which was clean and only slightly more expensive. This area by the airport seems to be older hotels full of locals and or transients who use them for drugs and or other activities. I would definitely would not recommend for families
  • Free of speak doesn't exist with Trip advisor 1/5

    By Metro north rider NYC
    I realized trip advisor is the Biggest joke ever after a horrible experience. I did the research through trip advisor for my honeymoon and there was a 5 star hotel listed on their site with all great reviews. However when we were finally there the hotel was nothing like what was described on the website. I was so disappointed and tried to submit reviews based on my true experience. However, after a month trip advisor kept preventing me publish the review. Apparently they only want the "great" reviews to be published. Not sure how much the hotels pays trip advisor but it is to me the biggest disappointment I will stop using trip advisor from now on and advise all my families and friends from using it. It's a shame on you!
  • Our place Boca Raton Fl 5/5

    By The Wright's from Ohio
    Great breakfast! Reasonably priced. Our server Randie is awesome! She makes the best Bloody Mary's ever!
  • Never again! 1/5

    By Shira999
    Horrible place.
  • Overall really good however, needs a feature. 4/5

    By Moemo916
    I recently wrote a review but mistakenly put it for the wrong business. I tried to correct it because this business this did not deserve that review however, the app does not allow you to edit your own reviews or delete them. The app creator should really incorporate this feature.
  • Photo upload broken 3/5

    By moopoints
    The UI is certainly outdated and needs a refresh but overall the Tripadvisor app is good. The photo upload when reviewing a place is however not fully functional - for some reason only a fraction of photos from the device's camera roll will be displayed as options to choose from. As of writing this the process to review a place is significantly easier on Google. Tripadvisor, please fix the photo upload and ideally also pre-select photos that have been taken at the place that is being reviewed.
  • Botrip last 5/5

    By slinben
    Excellent. Very friendly.
  • Not too good 2/5

    By E2izzo32
    I was there for 1 week, office was closed when I got there to check in (5pm). No one called me ahead of time to let me know they closed at 2pm daily. Had to call a number that was left on the door.. Poor service, No one else was at the hotel, it's dark and scary.. If you need anything you have to keep calling a cell phone number for service, no one is at the front desk 24hours.. Air conditioner was not working,😡no hot water to shower😡. Very expensive for poor service.... no security service, parking lot has no lock, its wide open and anyone can come in and rob you.. it was not a good experience
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Chullin44
    The mobile app hasn't worked since the most recent update. I'm unable to complete the update even after deleting and reloading it twice, so now, I have deleted the app for good
  • Downhill 3/5

    By Alphonso adventure
    Recent upgrade really was the opposite Flight finder is less useful. Unable to search any of the reviews for specifics even though that previous service was available. It's still offered, but when you click on it, all you get is the most recent hotel review
  • AWFUL! 1/5

    By Cindy_2029
    This app is terrible! Can't edit profile, no way to add any already confirmed travel plans, even though they say otherwise. Other travel apps let you email your travel confirmations and this one doesn't. Uninstalled!
  • Decent enough 4/5

    By G-Mo
    I use this app when traveling as a Yelp alternative, since it seems to cover more areas than yelp. Apparently their users can't tell the difference between an app review and a review of a spot they visited though. Might need to update the prompt to review the app to make that clearer, or find user's who know how to use their phone... Updates are too frequent - just release when you have something worth taking bandwidth and Apple reviewer's time.
  • Seventh mountain river company 5/5

    By lorraine and john
    Dillon was awesome. Safe trip good family fun. Dillion was awesome with all personalities fantastic guide
  • Hotel 340 5/5

    By Felcia65
    Impressive lobby. The front desk staff was friendly, helpful and upgraded us to a beautiful two room suit with a view. First class all the way!
  • Not appropriate for Children 11-16 1/5

    By hamild3
    The staff will not be honest about the appropriateness of this show for kids. I specifically asked prior to purchasing tickets and was assured the material had some adult themed material but was not out of line for kids. That is not what we found and left the show early. The material was very inappropriate for kids. One other couple had similar aged kids and left early as we did. Very disappointing and a low light if our vacation.
  • Cliffs of Moher with David F 5/5

    By Rob and Lisa
    My limerick for David F and Maria. To one of the longest bus rides ever With an MC who was all to clever And a bus driver who drove like a pro A trip of a lifetime - to and fro Something I won't forget, never
  • Nice afternoon boat ride 4/5

    By Teresa Wing
    Our family went on the Fox River boat ride on Sunday 8/13. The staff was great and the boat was wheelchair accessible. The ride itself was very relaxing and seeing some of the houses on the riverbank with amazing landscaping gave us some great ideas to take home. We learned the boats history as well which was interesting. My only negative comment is that it would have been nice to have a more developed narration on the history of the Fox River and its' development. One of our party was told that the Fox River is one of only 2 rivers in the world that flows north - the other being the Nile. That would have been interesting to hear as a group through a narrative. Otherwise we had a great time. Teresa Wing Boston
  • Stellar Stewart 5/5

    By Andreaziza
    My stay at the Stewart NYC was exceptional. Andrew and Jessica treated me like royalty. Everyone was helpful. Great location. Hotel beautiful. Room exquisite. Appreciate the historical context of this unique boutique hotel. Don't expect ultra modern or cookie cutter. I will definitely return!
  • Great breakfast and lunch! 5/5

    By Anniecat1969
    Four of us went for breakfast at 10:30am and 3 of us decided to have lunch instead. Two of us had chicken and dumplins, black eyed peas, and sweet corn with cornbread. It was very good. One of us had chicken fried steak which was hand breaded and also very good. The 4th in our group had 2 eggs over medium - perfect! Pancakes and bacon were also very good. The waitresses were attentive and friendly. Prices are really good but they only take cash or checks. Not sure if they will take out of town checks or not.
  • Dirty and outdated!!!! 1/5

    By plaroche23
    The room was so outdated the blankets are older than I am and the Air conditioner was so old it barely blew cold air and we all woke up sick with colds. The shower curtain was filthy and we didn't even want to touch it and the water had to be constantly adjusted one minute burning you the next freezing cold. Carpets are filthy. The only thing we liked was that we were parked and could walk to the beach and boardwalk. Rooms need serious updating could see stains all over the box spring and bed was very uncomfortable. I hate leaving bad reviews but people need to know this before staying here.
  • Fun with Dolphins at Sunset 5/5

    By Libby from Birmingham
    Captain Don made sure that we saw lots of dolphins then took us sightseeing on the back waters late in the afternoon. He is very knowledgable of the area and had a good sense for what would interest our group. Highly recommend this approach to the boats crammed full of people that we observed while on the water. Because we arrived a little early, he gave us extra time. Definitely hope to charter again with Him.
  • Worst dinner experience! 1/5

    By OyaB.
    We went there around 7pm, the place was still empty, one or two guests. My French is poor, so I asked for an English menu. Every time the waitress came the so called English speaking waiter followed. My daughter picked a platter for two with different cheeses. I specifically pointed out that I don't eat pork. The place was filling up and everyone was getting their meals. After people who came after us had already eaten and started to leave, I asked the waiter why ours was taking so long. He was very snappy and said, it was a special meal and couldn't be fixed in 5 minutes. We kept waiting, after an hour wait time, I was ready to leave and he assured me it would be ready in two minutes, he rushed back and finally arrived with a huge platter of different cheese dishes and on top or inside every dish was bacon and salami. I was so disappointed and told him that I don't eat pork. He blamed the other waitress. They never showed me the English menu, so I could proof there was no mention of meat in the menu. They didn't want to compensate us for any of their mistakes. I paid the full amount for something that I didn't order and didn't eat!!! Will not recommend and never go back!!!
  • Fabulous Fly Fishing Trip in Iceland 5/5

    By kmfpsf
    Fly Fishing Guides in Iceland are amazing. Matthias the owner will organize a wonderful trip for you. He can plan fishing adventures for you and friends all over the rivers in beautiful Iceland. I found him on the web 2 years ago and we have enjoyed every day on the rivets with him. Tight lines. 🐟🇮🇸 Patti 😎 Ken
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Japanese Macaque
    I used to use this app to find flights, and it used to be exceptional. However after the latest update in early august of 2017, the app's flight finder became horrible. The best part is when you are able to see the prices of the flights to see your options, this update did away with that. Now it just shows that the airlines have flights on the days you want, and if you click on the flight it directs you to the airlines site, what's worts is that you're sent to the homepage site of the airline; the information of your search is not even filled in. So basically you should just go to the website of the airline of your choosing from the beginning to start your search. The flight function for this app is completely useless.
  • The Old Kirby Place 1/5

    By Walking Mania
    My son reserved The Old Kirby Place for his wedding. The place is perfect for a wedding, right on the Madison River. The accommodations were okay for a rustic place. The problem was the person managing the place. Brent. Brent claims to be a chef. The appetizers--so-so. It does not take much to make "pigs n blanket --in my opinion. Our first breakfast, a totally embarrassment-- not just burn bacon, totally black bacon, burned toast-- how does one burn toast when using a toaster? Our table setting was a totally embarrassment-- a gallon milk carton sitting on the table, along with two half gallons of orange juice. Bent, have you ever heard of pitchers. No class whatsoever. Every breakfast was similar. No healthy fruit or other healthy food. We awoke on the wedding day to no power. Brent was still in bed at 7:00 and the power went off at midnight. His comment "this happens in Montana all the time. It will come on in two hours. Brent did not know where the main breaker was located or the fuse box and he is in control. Maybe we can have the wedding tomorrow", was his answer. Really!!!! I took control and called the power company and told them the situation. Thank goodness they came out immediately, found the source and had power restored. In my opinion Brent was a totally waste and should NEVER be in charge of running a Lodge. Sunday morning when we were all checking out, no breakfast, no Brent. Really!!! We had young kids who had no breakfast. Inexcusable. I would NOT recommend this place. No stars.
  • Very pleasant 4/5

    By jonboyford
    Angie met us at the desk and was very pleasant and very helpful. It was a joy to enter a hotel and the staff is smiling. Jon ford
  • Adorable place 5/5

    By Kellers176
    We staid sat the Sel guesthouse in Skaltholt, Iceland for one night, it was a fantastic experience that I would do again. Lovely place with everything you need, great breakfast with home made bread. Surrounded by nature and animals. I highly recommend it.
  • Best hotel 5/5

    By Joohnny-Sante
    Good attraction nearby. Fisherman warf & golden gate walking distance
  • Search function does not work 2/5

    By Mmmkay86
    The app is great while traveling abroad, however the "search" function within the reviews does not work, so I am unable to look at reviews that specifically mention things like "lobster" or "spas" in the review, and instead having to go through each and every review which then just becomes way too time consuming.
  • Search feature no longer works 1/5

    By Steelergirl93
    The Search Reviews feature does not work anymore. It was was one of my favorite things.
  • App reviews aren't for the app 1/5

    By tab1075
    TA still refuses to give us the ability to clear recent history in the ap. I'll continue to use the mobile site and will soon uninstall the app altogether. Also, what is going on with the app reviews? A vast majority of reviews on top aren't rating/reviewing the app, they're reviewing the hotels they stay at. They're giving these hotels 5 stars but it's somehow registering as an app review. They are falsely inflating the TripAdvisor app rating. Of course TA won't do anything about it because it boosts their app ratings.

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