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Trivia Crack Kingdoms

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  • Current Version: 1.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etermax
  • Compatibility: Android
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Trivia Crack Kingdoms App

Choose your favorite topics and prove you're the best at answering questions! Test your knowledge with a game where true fans can compete and connect with their peers anytime and anywhere. From movies and TV series, to sports and history or culture and books: play and create your own trivias about any topic you can think of! Find every field of knowledge imaginable among the Kingdoms’ channels. There’s more than 150K options to choose from! The rules are simple: It starts with a set of 9 boxes. In them, you will find questions, challenges and all kinds of surprises that will help you unlock achievements throughout the Kingdom by putting your knowledge to the test. Pick a trivia, answer questions and find King Alex before your opponents with the help of the other dwellers of the realm! Enjoy some of the game’s features: Sign in with your Facebook account to challenge your friends or play with random users from all over the world! Bond over your common interests with other fans sending video, audio, and more with the app’s chat! Create trivia channels based on your interests! Are you fan of hockey? Make a channel about it. Are you a Mexican cuisine expert? We could use a food channel! Can’t stop binge-watching a series with your friends? Maybe you can test their knowledge on your area of expertise. The possibilities are endless! Open boxes to find fun and unique characters! Each will set you up for a different type of challenge: Queen: Be quick on your feet! Answer five questions correctly in 30 seconds to get a special prize. Ukko: Get ready to answer expertly crafted questions. Stéphang: Answer three questions correctly to steal a crown. And these are just a few! Get localized content in 18 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Catalan, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Come join us! Defeat your opponents and crown yourself king in the land of trivia. Ready to prove you know best? You can find out more about Trivia Crack Kingdoms on our website: And follow us on social media: If you’re having trouble with the app or have any doubts, you can contact us at: Welcome to the Kingdom!


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Trivia Crack Kingdoms app reviews

  • Close but buggy 2/5

    By Ornotholgist
    Loved original Trivia Crack. This is too buggy. Forces an ad, then back to the game and time is up already on the question. Bad ad overlay. Needs work. (On iPad with very fast wifi and latest OS)
  • Rating 4/5

    By lcosman
    Very enjoyable, however, the interruptions in "errors" are very distracting
  • TO MANY DANG ADDS!!🙄👿👿 2/5

    By Majestic Hannah
    Ok so when ever you don't answer a question right it say 2nd chance if you press it you watch an add if you don't click it you watch an add anyway!!! All I want to do is play the game not watch adds!!!!! I love the game but too many dang adds!! That's why I am giving it 2 stars!!😁
  • Kingdoms 5/5

    By capt. bumby
    I enjoy the game very much. Love being able to choose the categories. Wish there were ways to get more lives other than waiting for the time to pass though.
  • If Only 3/5

    By Xerxes2112
    The game's appeal is that you can choose the categories you really know. Because of this the game is a bit too easy. The questions (submitted by other players) are typically very simple. It's not uncommon to win the game on the first turn. Worse, though, are the problems with the way the app was built. It seems that sound is lost after an ad, mostly gardenscape or something like that. Also, when returning to a game after missing a turn, it will ask you the same question, let you answer, then report an error. Basically, a good, fun idea. It a poor effort. These are things that can be fixed if they choose to.
  • It used to be fun 1/5

    By Bman02
    The game has way too many ads. It used to be entertaining but now they force you to watch demonstrations of other video games so that you'll download those games. It's garbage, don't waste your time.
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms 3/5

    By Colleen49er
    Great game but I've been getting loading messages for awhile. Sometimes I get the same questions repeatedly. When the game runs smoothly I'll improve my rating.
  • Couldn't play with friend 1/5

    By Stefan1126
    Made best friend feel petty as heck. You don't dare mess with him because this is what happens! Don't download or you will suffer the same fate.

    By Captain Bo$$
    The game glitches and wouldn't let me play with a friend. Listen to me. YES YOU READING THIS DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT TRUST ME ILL PAY U BIG MONEY NOT TOO DOWNLOAD
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms 3/5

    By fleurdolese
    Fun game with potential but just when you start to get hooked glitches interrupt momentum.
  • Good game I guess 3/5

    By Pinkhorselove
    But I think the endless lives is a bit overkill for the price. Especially because this is a mobile game. It should be 15 dollars or at the very least 30 dollars. 99 dollars is outrageous and stupid on your part.
  • Used to be great... 2/5

    By RhoBaht75
    The new way they handle lives is garbage. Used to take a heart to start a game - now you lose one for every missed question. Won't be playing anymore.
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By DreamzOG
    Pretty good
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms 2/5

    By SnapchatSuggestioner
    I really enjoy the game but every time I try for a second chance the screen goes black and when it comes back on I'm out of time or it just stops all together!!!! Great questions and I like the fact you can choose the categories but way to many problems!!! I'll check back in a while hopefully the problems will be corrected
  • Make a Better Life System 2/5

    By DancerBot5000
    I love the game and how it quizzes you. But I don't want to use a life per turn and then wait 20 minutes to get 1 more. Please change that and my stars will go up!
  • Full of bugs and glitches 2/5

    By Tconrad86
    This game has amazing potential, but it's all drowned out by the insane amount of bugs and glitches.
  • Fun and Educational 5/5

    By BreeFlyers
    I love playing my boyfriend in all the different categories. Not only is it fun, I actually learn some cool facts along the way.
  • A little glitchy 4/5

    By TyhTheDancer
    Sometimes a classic game gives me the same question twice in a row. Overall great game and fun to play.
  • Error connecting to Facebook 1/5

    By ptothew
    Tried connecting to Facebook but if I choose to not allow this app to post to my timeline it just says "Error" and closes
  • Pictures 3/5

    By Lil_Anarchist
    The pictures of the game are in a different language
  • Dude! 1/5

    By ThatCrazyRavenclaw
    It costs a life PER TURN? No way am I paying money or waiting a day between turns! I have a hard time imagining how anyone thought this was a good idea.
  • Problemas con el juego 2/5

    By MG Gonzalez
    Qué pasa con el juego, que en los anuncios se enfrisa
  • I'm the 8th person 4/5

    By Catassassin11
    Oh yeah
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Martinallenjackson
    I agree with the other reviewer, having tot use a life for your turn is ridiculous, unless the idea is you don't want anyone to play this game anymore.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Eriksaav
    It's a really good game with multiple channels for people. Just wish you are able to see the questions you suggested like you can do in Trivia Crack
  • Not happy at all 1/5

    By Jeter28
    Have been playing this game for a year! Now all turns costs lives where before it was only new started games. Plus starting new games has issues. Not happy with the new update at all..
  • So fun 5/5

    By Kayleewillis
    Best game ever
  • TRVIA GIRL 3/5

    By SwimChamp7
    I loved this app until I noticed that I had to use my hearts for whenever I played a turn instead of whenever I start a new game. It isn't the same as trivia crack because in trivia crack the only time you use your lives is when you create a new game. I personally think this is better than the original but I haven't been likening it very much lately
  • Kingdoms 5/5

    By Aflan23
    This game is fun
  • Kingdoms Baseball Review 4/5

    By Iffer51
    I have answered over 80000 questions correctly so clearly I enjoyed the game. Has some system flaws, some answers out of date, some misspelling but Etermax responds to feedback and through action is committed to excellence.
  • Trivia 3/5

    By A flying testis
    I enjoy testing myself on the answers but the system glitches are horribly annoying! Why can't you guys fix them???? My screen freezes all the time - so maddening😡
  • Each update add something new... 3/5

    By Chrissvn
    And break something else. Now when game is finished can't do a rematch.
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By Ligan726
    I just did one of the challenges - answering 10 questions right and you get 500 coins. I beat it, but it didn't give me the coins!! Overall, this is a fun way to play trivia, but there are issues in performance that makes me not want to play it.
  • Amymay 1/5

    By Bbsosadnoheadtohead
    This is the worst. The game has so many errors now it is not even worth playing. I am just deleting this game! It now uses too many lifes and we have to pay for them. Bad move
  • Please update 1/5

    By rad3313
    Used to be a great app now it's full of error and glitches. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • Awesome but.... 3/5

    By Gamergrl420
    It's so buggy that sometimes I can't even play anymore and that's a bummer :(
  • Nice 5/5

    By SupercLadricn
  • Great potential. Too many bugs. 2/5

    By BERF1
    This game could really be a lot of fun with all of the potential content and trivia. However the bugs and error messages bog this thing down. Connecting with Facebook doesn't work properly. You open the game back up and it puts you right into the previous question and goes haywire forcing you to restart. If you do challenge mode a lot of times it will get an error and you will lose the coins you bought in with; which is terrible if people are putting actual money into it. Thankfully I am not.
  • Fun Game, but Too Many Add 3/5

    By Tobymyoby4321
    I know that this game sells an ad-free version, and that ads help them make money, but after literally every game, or every time I get a question wrong, and ad pops up. It's very annoying. We just want to play without having to pay money.
  • SO FUN 5/5

    By TheFatSeal
    I like it. But it takes a lot of data and battery
  • What's mine plus ten 1/5

    By BOB10987 skiffs
  • Game used to be fun 1/5

    By chel812
    Having to have hearts to play a ROUND is dumb go back to one heart for a game plz Game used to be good but recent changes are horrible
  • Hate the changes recently 3/5

    By MaYates
    Loved playing this game. I got my family to all play and we have a blast playing against each other. Yes there see lots of bugs that need to be fixed and they are annoying but what I hate the most is the change that was just made where you can only play 3 games every 25 minutes now. Why was this change made? Bring back that you can only START 3 games in 25 minutes and can play as many as you have started and we will all start playing again. Otherwise we will find something else. Thanks
  • Fix The Bugs!!! 5/5

    By Lc dude
    I've played this game for a couple of months now and I've really enjoyed it, I think it has a great concept of being able to choose a wide variety of categories. Only suggestion would be to fix all the bugs! my game will crash about every 3 games. Would reccomend it if you dont mind the bugs and constant crashing.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By karinaotaka
    This game is great, there is just way too many ads and pop-ups. I can't answer one question without an ad.
  • Why hate 5/5

    By Jonast124
    This game is awesome. It works fine
  • Player 1/5

    By Skunkerface
    The game keeps freezing. For 2 days now I cannot get out of he frozen screen. Very frustrating.
  • Bugs/style issues 2/5

    By Zjr88
    The game is fun but it crashes constantly and they changed the format and the new format is not as good as the old one
  • Grammatical errors galore! 2/5

    By Jeanilc57
    I do play this game daily as it is a challenge, however as a teacher, the grammar errors drive me crazy! Without exaggerating, I report these errors at least 40 times a day. It doesn't seem to help as the same errors show up daily.
  • Trivia category: bugs! 2/5

    By Zebeka
    While it is fun to play against friends in specific categories (personally, I'm a Harry Potter whiz), one issue I have with this game is that there is an overwhelming number of bugs and glitches. If you answer a question incorrectly, you get a offer to watch a idea for a second chance. However, I am unable to tap "continue" without the offer popping up again and again and again. After watching the video, however, I am NOT given a second chance at the question (the app crashes and I lose my turn). This is just one of a number of bugs that I have encountered in the game. If they were to be fixed, I might actually play it. For fluid, swift multiplayer matches, I recommend it's companion "Trivia Crack," as there are virtually no bugs to be encountered in it. However, if you are willing to put up with the bugs and glitches, I highly recommend this game as a fun way to test your knowledge on your favorite topics!

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