Trivia Crack (No Ads)

Trivia Crack (No Ads)

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.55
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Etermax
  • Compatibility: Android
86,393 Ratings
$ 2.99

Trivia Crack (No Ads) App

Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game! Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second: -Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions -You can create your own questions in the Factory -Over 20 game languages -Chat with your opponents -Collectable card collection Need more? No problem: -Prove how smart you are -Learn something new while having fun -Make your mother proud So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game! Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit for more information. Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here: Be a social being, follow us!: Facebook: Twitter: @triviacrack Instagram: YouTube: Google+:


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Trivia Crack (No Ads) app reviews

  • “Report Question” is gone 1/5

    By grandmaofone
    Since the last update the option to “Report Question” is gone. Please fix this.
  • App Froze 1/5

    By mtsammel
    I was enjoying the game a lot playing against people, but then I tried the self challenge and the App froze. I can’t clear it and play the game.
  • Trivia Crack 1/5

    By KCM1555
    Don’t purchase the game. Did so and cannot open! Had the free version and then bought the ad free game. I want a refund.
  • Distracted player 4/5

    By Lady_YaYa
    I look forward to playing Trivia Crack everyday. But, as a former proofreader I’m so distracted by the capitalization, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. I’m glad there is a place to report the mistakes. But, there are so many of errors I wonder if they even look at them before posting.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Arleen 10:13
    There are a couple of things that I don’t like. I can not find in the app what the gems, coins etc mean or what to do with them. When playing and there is a free spin, most of the time I get the empty chest. I also think the cost to play Rush is unreasonable, and hard to get past level 3. I like the variety and quality of questions. I also like that you can pause while playing.
  • Needs a clean up. 3/5

    By Ryan554
    Too many pop ups, please let us get these things off the main menu. Needs a clean up.
  • So fun! 5/5

    By ToshaKowal
    I love all of the Christmas games and prizes!
  • Pop ups galore and horrible questions 4/5

    By efishhh1
    This game was fantastic a year ago, now all I seem to get is poorly thought out questions with all sorts of grammar mistakes. Playing casually? Don’t bother buying the ad free version, same amount of pop ups just not ads.
  • Games won’t load 1/5

    By tnmem
    As with several other recent reviewers, for the past few weeks, I’m unable to play this game. When using my home network, games won’t load. Yet, it works when using cellular data. (Using data daily is not an option for me.) Very strange. I’ve played this game daily for a couple of years. My friends and I are very disappointed with this recent problem and hope Etermax will soon fix it.
  • Please review and edit! 4/5

    By elhmimi
    Questions should be reviewed and edited before presenting to players.
  • Question Factory Glitch 3/5

    By Marissa Menaker
    This game is very addicting. However, whenever one of my questions from the question factory is rejected by the community, I can’t change the question (I should EASILY be able to change the question without an issue). Please fix this ASAP!!!!!!!
  • Awful new coin system 1/5

    By toddfoxxx
    Dec 9th I'm still not a fan of coin system. But I will give them credit the free spins / prizes after you miss questions is a nice addition. September 26th I find it very funny that the developer has erased all the recent negative reviews and replaced them with much older reviews that are not relevant to all the new updates which have moved the game from 5 stars to 1 star ........ I guess it's time to move onto candy sad .... September 4th I use to play this game multiple times a day it wasn't unusual for me to answer 500-1000 questions a week. However since they changed the coin system hardly ever play and if I want to play many of my old competitors have stopped playing. The changes didn't help the game. August 8th They reset set the days on the new retro machine but still can't purchase cards ????? Killing me !!!! August 7th Just tried to buy a card from new machine and it won't let me buy them. Not sure what the developers are doing but they are slowly and painfully killing what use to be a fun game. August 2nd I see they have done another update and the awful coin system is still in place. I have let 10 games expire. I guess it's time to spend my time playing candy crush's to bad I have enjoyed this game for years . I use to play all the time but no longer enjoy the game since the coin switch. If your reading the reviews it's clear I'm not the only person who feels this way
  • Somebody goofed 1/5

    By johnnyangel10
    Do not buy,use the regular game,you get more for less
  • Stop asking.... 1/5

    By Chriseverynamewastaken
    So annoying when apps ask every day for a rating. You get a one star for this reason.
  • Update 5/5

    By samanthamelissa
    App is working again. Thanks!
  • Fun Game 5/5

    By Gatorbond
    I really enjoy playing this game because it constantly challenges my knowledge!
  • Graphics!! 3/5

    By Nubbyfacetime
    Hahahaha! They try to stay up to date with their graphics, but most of the time they’re not timely! Today, they added Christmas stuff but left the ghosts & bats from Halloween! Timely! Funny!! Hahahahahaha!!
  • Rotate 5/5

    By MyRVSteve
    sure wish game would rotate on my iPad
  • You will NEVER get all the cards. 2/5

    By OB1knobie
    When I needed 18 missing cards the VIP machine charged 68 gems per card. The price increases for each card that you get. Now that I need only 2 more cards the price has gone to 98 Gems. You will NEVER get them all . . .
  • Love this game BUT.... 5/5

    By pianolele10
    I LOVE this game but I WISH the developers would give the OPTION TO CHANGE AVATAR COLOR. I don’t have nor do I want Facebook which I understand let’s you do what you want to it.
  • Halloween is over.... 4/5

    By Em ily Mac Enchez
    I have a ton of coins so I thought “I guess I’ll go ahead and buy one of those frames...they updated to Christmas backgrounds so the should have Christmas frames” Nope, still Halloween- I do like the new prize wheel though. Helps get gems since they cost 46 gems per card these days! That’s a little insane considering they were AT MOST 5 gems when they came out. I thought 14 was fair, 21 was crazy, 30 was insane but now 46... that’s just obnoxious!
  • Update 2/5

    By Debinark
    I just updated the app yet the black cat still surrounds my photo and there are Halloween things still there along with the Christmas stuff. It is aggravating. I never wanted the stupid Halloween crap in the first place.
  • Cat 5/5

    By Llinabury
    I want to update my avatar for a Christmas theme and there aren't any! Please offer more!!!
  • Stopped working, won’t load games 1/5

    By greenapple3317
    Not sure why but on mine and my wife’s devices no previous or current games will load. Tried deleting and reinstalling but still will not work.
  • Could be good 1/5

    By Bluerkt
    The concept of the game could make it fun, but too many questions are inaccurate or downright wrong. Tons of duplicate boring questions.
  • Nickel and dime 1/5

    By SYTxVA
    This game tries way too hard to get you to keep buying in app purchases. Especially for an that you already paid for to not have ads. The whole “buy more lives” tactic in mobile gaming needs to go away. It’s predatory.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Mackenzie Johnston
  • Single play 3/5

    By Nise7777
    While having no ads is nice I like the one with ads better because I can continually play myself.
  • Ads after purchasing 1/5

    By AppFreebie
    You purchase this app to stop ads from other companies/brands, to then get bombarded with ads from Trivia Crack about further purchases.
  • Trivia crack is so fun 5/5

    By aca149
    Trivia crack is fun game where you can learn a lot. Just need some more questions. I keep getting the same one!
  • My addiction 5/5

    By Kcbct
    I play this every day, it is so much fun.!! I need to get a life!!
  • Pop-Ups on Ad Free Version 2/5

    By Droby2532
    I’ve purchased the ad free version and it drives me crazy that when you get an incorrect answer a window pops up trying to get you or trick you to use 1000 tokens for a retry. The same thing happens when you go back to the main page if you don’t have lives left. A window pops up trying to get you to purchase more lives. It’s sketchy because of when and where they pop up the windows because often more times than not, I’ve accidentally selected to use the offer popping up instead of just clicking continue.
  • Halloween is over 3/5

    By Herf
    I kind of thought the update today (12/4) would have gotten rid of the Halloween profile pictures.
  • Halloween is over 5/5

    By CynniSussi
    I love this game. I play it a few minutes every day. But... they put a Halloween cat on my profile picture. I don’t do Halloween. And even if I did, now there’s Christmas decorations all over it but the black cat is still there. Grrrr. Make it stop....
  • Crack is right! 3/5

    By Rrogen
    The questions are submitted by players and don’t seem to go through a verification process. The grammar/spelling/punctuation is often wrong so it can make it difficult to understand the question. Some questions change with time but aren’t taken out of rotation.
  • Good 4/5

    By Jackbre
    Really enjoy this app but the last few days it hasn’t worked. Don’t know what the problem is but I wish they would get it fixed.
  • Horrible money grab. 1/5

    By naman34
    Even the paid version has micro transactions. Forces you to buy lives. Avoid this game ruined by too much greed.
  • Horrible Questions 1/5

    By Rob0513
    Most of the questions are written - badly - by amateurs. You’re likely to get one that’s incomprehensible.
  • Keith 5/5

    By @KeithScharf
    Addictive and best Mobil app game I've ever played. There is a reason they call it crack!
  • Card Collection 3/5

    By XxkjkxX
    The card collection is a joke. They all repeat; I can have three of the same card at one time.
  • Stop with the pop ups 1/5

    By Bob74
    I bought the paid, no ad version so I wouldn’t get annoying adds between games just to get two REALLY ANNOYING POPUPS about paying for coins to get a second chance and getting more life’s. I can see every now and then, but no more then once a day. It this doesn’t change I’m defeating the app. Very disappointing!!
  • Waste of money - Probably isn’t what you think 1/5

    By WLS-Review
    If it were up to me, I would totally drop this app. Unfortunately, my 9 year old loves it when it works. The regular app asks you to get lives by watching videos and fails to give you a life 19 out of 20 times and I am being generous. I thought by paying $2.99 for add free I wouldn’t need to watch ads or buy lives, WRONG! Don’t waste your money, if you don’t want to watch a video just don’t click on it. I bought ad free and then downloaded the non-ad free apps so my daughter could watch 20 ads to maybe get a life to play again.
  • Update: 12/3 1/5

    By Creetcreet
    My trivia crack has NOT worked for 2 weeks even with the new update. It keeps giving me the error “Unable to reload, pull down....” I have deleted it and re-installed, still won’t work. Sent email to etermax and have not received a response. 😫😒
  • No Free Prize Wheel 3/5

    By LogicalMellowPerson
    I bought the ad free version so I could theoretically get more gems to buy cards by spinning the prize wheel after I answer a question wrong just like in the other version. But there is no prize wheel in the version you pay for. Please include this and you will have a happy customer.
  • Fun, addicting game!!..except... 4/5

    By Jayyyy2791
    I love this game. I’ve been playing it on and off for years and just recently purchased the ad free version. Just a few issues I’ve noticed.... first off, the amount of coins it costs to get another chance at a question or something is ridiculous especially when you only get 300 for winning a game. And then on the tournaments challenge..... it clearly says “get to the TOP 1000 to win the big prize” and I’ve spent thousands and thousands of coins playing in it and I’ve gotten to TOP 1000 twice and gotten to TOP 900 and TOP 800 and I haven’t won anything. So I’m guessing that’s just a hoax to get you to spend your coins?... it needs to be fixed please guys. Thank you. Other than those couple of problems, I love the game and if the issues are fixed, I will definitely keep playing!!
  • Anyone on xfinity internet that can’t play trivia crack anymore 5/5

    By P. Newman
    Great it......however I cannot connect at all using home internet wifi xfinity ...... used to work great now last 2 weeks or so it will not connect on iPad yet I can connect through my phones hotspot......anyone have any suggestions?? I uninstalled it like 3 times now and luck.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By KRuss10
    I absolutely love this game and paid for the Ad free version so I didn’t have to deal with the annoying ads. About a week ago my game wouldn’t load for reasons unknown. I emailed customer service and they quickly responded with a fix of things I had already performed and wasn’t successful. After I deleted and added the game back for the 100th time the game did load but not for long so I emailed customer service back with a screen shot of the error I was receiving. Again, customer service quickly responded and thanked me for the screen shot and that they will address the issue-that was about 4 or so days ago and to date the game still will not load. I keep deleting and reinstalling and nothing. I really hope that a resolution will be addressed soon because I don’t want to see this as a waste of money.
  • Relieved, but annoying parts 4/5

    By nscamp
    I went ahead and bought the ad free version because I was tired of videos after every round, and I’m glad I got this version. However, while there aren’t any ads, the pop up telling me I’m out of lives and prompting me to buy life packs after every round that I’m at zero lives is VERY annoying. It should only show up if you try to start a new game with zero lives. Also, the creating and submitting questions system needs to somehow be fixed. When a question I submit gets rejected, I’m unable to edit the question to change it. And the method for approving questions should be improved as well. Another suggestion is to put the number of questions you’ve answered correctly from each category over the total number of question you’ve answered on your profile instead of just the percentages. Otherwise great game that flows well without all the ads.
  • Really great game! 5/5

    By Ella Rumzeee
    I love trivia crack. It is so engaging and can really increase your knowledge! I love all of the little details that went into making this game an awesome experience! The ads do get quite annoying at times but it's worth it. I'm playing with at least all my friends! I definitely recommend it.
  • Got my hopes up all for nothing 1/5

    By ebak23
    I don’t really like playing against an opponent so I like the single player option where you just answer questions, but the ads are soooooooo annoying. I went and bought the ad free one and guess what? They don’t have the single player part on it 👎

Trivia Crack (No Ads) app comments


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