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  • Current Version: 1.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tropical Smoothie Cafe
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tropical Rewards App App

At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, we believe in serving bold, flavorful food and smoothies by inspiring a healthier lifestyle. Our delicious menu, all made to order from the freshest ingredients! The Tropical Rewards App makes this lifestyle easier and more convenient than ever. *At participating locations. FEATURES: - Earn $5 for every $55 spent when you scan your QR code on every purchase - Order ahead and Skip the Line® - at participating locations - Find the closest Cafe - Achieve Higher Status Levels- Earn More Rewards! * Boosted Status Level: Earn $5 for every $55 spent * Energized Status Level: + Free Menu Item on Birthday (up to $10 value) * Supercharged Status Level: + Free Supplement per Week and Exclusive Offers


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Tropical Rewards App app reviews

  • Put in some work 1/5

    By Wam13170
    While this app has rewards for purchasing, it doesn't take advantage of all Tropical Smoothie has to offer. My location offers a Happy Hour during weekdays, but there is no support for the discount by location on the app. Definitely something that should be worked on by your app developers. Also, the national coupons that the franchise sends out aren't supported. Seems like they could at least make it an option to use each national coupon once per month or even just once while the coupon is valid. It would save a lot of time for your customers and your franchise locations if the app were more versatile and updated for these options.
  • Mostly works 4/5

    By Belzan
    I really like the ease of online ordering with this app. However, I am unable to bank rewards. There is no toggle switch to save for later.
  • Good start on the mobile app 3/5

    By nmdunn
    First, thank you for developing the mobile app! I greatly appreciate the ability to order in advance. Feedback: 1. From my list of favorite/recent locations, it's too easy to accidentally click (REMOVE) when selecting a location. Maybe move that text to the end of the row, create a button for it, or create a separate screen for us to manage favorite/recent locations. 2. I feel like the menu is too separated. It's based on the products as you know them, and not as we as customers think about them. What's the difference between a "superfood" smoothie and a "classic" smoothie? I don't know, especially since items move within the menu with each upgrade. Just put all smoothies into one "smoothie" category, and list them alphabetically. 3. The options at the bottom of the screen for Find a Location, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us are too easy to accidentally select. This is especially true when customizing something, and I have to use the scroll wheel that appears at the bottom of the screen, below those four options. If I accidentally select one, I lose my place in the ordering process. I also don't feel like they're absolutely necessary on *every* screen, especially once I'm in the ordering process. 4. The smoothie/food selection process could be improved. If I select a smoothie, I see the following options in the scroll wheel: "Smoothie Only (+$5.29)", "Smoothie and a Wrap", "Smoothie and a Sandwich", "Smoothie and a Bowl", "Smoothie and a Flatbread", "Smoothie and Breakfast", or "Smoothie and a Half Sandwich." 4a. Why is Smoothie Only the only option that shows a price here? I know why - because you can't price the other options yet - but I feel like the smoothie price should be shown on the main screen with the other information about the smoothie. And why is the price shown as (+$5.29)? The parentheses for finances can indicate a negative amount, which is offset by the plus sign? Or maybe the plus sign indicates that this is an add-on charge? Again, I think this would be better by just showing the $5.29 price on the main screen with the other smoothie information. 4b. I feel like the "smoothie + food" options are overwhelming here. I'm not ready to choose between a sandwich, bowl, flatbread, breakfast, or half sandwich here. I just know I want food with my smoothie, and I want to focus on customizing my smoothie. Let me select "smoothie only" or "smoothie + food." Let me finish customizing my smoothie, and then present me with the food category options (and the food categories actually make sense, so kudos on that). 4c. The "Quantity" field is too small, and doesn't provide good options (like a scroll wheel or plus/minus buttons) to increase or decrease the quantity. 4d. The "Smoothie Only or Make it a Meal" option is too small. More white space here, especially between the drop down option and the "Next" button. 4e. The "Next" button could be bigger. 4f. The Customize checkbox could be bigger, and perhaps rethought as a button. The checkboxes for customizing options could be bigger. Well, I feel like that's enough feedback for now. Thanks.
  • Chia banana boost 5/5

    By Praizs2u
    Cassandra is awesome.thanks for helping me start my morning .
  • Tropi-licious 5/5

    By O See
    Simple easy and fun to use.
  • Never is done correctly is register 1/5

    By Dacookie monsta
    Bad training
  • User friendly not included 1/5

    By Pokey253
    There is no back button to look at other menu items. It's so time consuming that it's not worth having an app. No benefits gained.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Amber2037
    First, I constantly have to re-log back in and re-enter my credit card info. Second, the employees NEVER have my order ready when I get there. I have to stand in line to tell them I ordered online. Now for the app, 1) it allows you to order from stores that are closed 2) the buttons are tiny and hard to use "on the go"
  • Bring back "no sweetener" option 3/5

    By MaryT66
    I love the convenience of this app. I can order and just run in and grab my smoothie. However, the last version had a "no sweetener" option. That is gone. You have to choose sub sweetener to get the option of no turbinado, but then your order says sub sweetener, no turbinado. Most often, this leads to substitute sweeteners added, and me taking the smoothie back to get one with no sweetener. I've stopped ordering on the app because I end up with the substitute sweetener. Please add the no sweetener option back in.
  • Does what it's supposed to do so far 4/5

    By suckmycox
    Read title
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Brandon625
    I was sad to learn I can't my my recite to claim my points. It's only valid for time of purchase if you remember to scan appropriately. Wasn't too impressed with this linked up to Level Up. Seems to be a dying service. Would rather have a full functioning app with a points system. Too much work here.
  • Improvements 3/5

    By Hrtygfhjiyff
    There should be an option to use multiple debit/credit cards. Work vs personal, maybe. Collect points paying with cash instead of added card.
  • Needs a simpler way to add receipts when purchasing outside of the app 3/5

    By Knokout16
    I absolutely love this app, the ease and efficiency of the use are superb! I truly enjoyed being able to skip the line, however I'm giving it 3 1/2 stars because if you make a purchase outside of the app it is difficult to get your points added. Developers please add a simple way within the app to add receipts outside of paying with the app. Also I would like for there to be an option to not add turbinado, but Splenda. When making an order through the app that option is not available. Or at least a notes section to we are specificities of food preparation can be communicated. So just remember if you are buying use your app because otherwise you're going to have to go through hell and high water to get your points added.
  • You can't save points 2/5

    By Chodges1
    They automatically take the money off. I would like to have the option of when to use my points.
  • App ok, but... 2/5

    By Wxchecker
    App is ok, still needs some tweaking... but recent price hike overnight at Tropical Smoothie Cafe is quite ridiculous.
  • Super user 3/5

    By Hokies98
    I love tropical smoothie cafe. So far this have saved over $90 and I get free supplements loaded to my account every week. I love being able to preorder and skipping the line. However, now that I have the free supplements I have to stand in line 89% of the time because the app won't automatically apply my credit. Sometimes it gives me a spot to select to use it but usually it doesn't. :(. I have complained numerous times and they tell me it SHOULD allow me to apply the credit but it doesn't always. I would give this app 4 or more stars if they could fix this issue. Also, all the items aren't on the app nor can you modify the smoothie totally. You can take away but not add. Lots of room for improvement here. Thanks!
  • Erased History 1/5

    By Steeler Gyrl
    I was almost at the highest tier. On one of my visits I noticed my entire transaction history was erased and started my efforts all over to the beginning tier. As often as I WAS going it's nice to earn some kind of reward for $5+ beverage. When I finally spoke with someone over the phone, I was told to send a email. 😟 False promo benefits.
  • Cannot place an order ever! 1/5

    By MEB reviews
    When I first got the app, things seems ok. I placed a couple of orders ahead of time and picked them up with just a little delay but no big problems. Now the app doesn't work when I place an order. It gets to the end (waste of time) and your total doesn't change. When you press the final button to check out, a red box appears saying to call the store. The store doesn't take payments over the phone, so now I cannot send my kids to get food unless I have cash on me.
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By DoctorPurp
    The app has lots of issues when browsing the menu if you enter a section and don't find anything you want, there is no way of going back. You have to hit home and start the entire process over to include entering your address. I usually get the same smoothie so no big issues there but one day I wanted a sandwich. There was no where available to not 'no cheese'. You could not customize the sandwich at all. My other biggest complaint is my local store opens at 0700 but the app didn't place my order until 0715 for a 0730 pick up. I couldn't choose any earlier. I ordered my smoothie at 0705 and left my house. The workers hadn't even received my order yet so I had to stand and wait. Might as well have just ordered it in person.
  • Double ordering 1/5

    By kenforster
    All of a sudden it is forcing you to order 2 smoothies at once. Please fix.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Katie1111666
    I order from here in the store 2-3 a week, i download the app and use it, come to find out it charges me 4-5 more dollars more just to order with the app .. deleted it real quick .. it's a scam
  • Ms. Green 5/5

    By Elaine's phone
    Love the food and the smoothies but the app needs some work. I hope you make it better.
  • APP needs help 3/5

    By ebieger
    You need a way to save your orders so you can order your favorite with one touch.
  • Add a receipt..... 1/5

    By Mel b1103
    Didn't know about the app until after purchase and there is nowhere to add a receipt. I haven't really looked further into the app to see what else it's lacking.
  • App is great 5/5

    By knitmay23
    Easy to use and I had problems with rewards loading at POP and support was able to get them loaded with great customer service.
  • Store can't get orders right 1/5

    By Sean275
    Tried the app twice. The store got both orders wrong.
  • Great smoothies! Tons of healthy options 5/5

    By Swaggmeister
    Love how many options are available with their food/drink products!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By MandyHS
    Can't see nutritional content before ordering. Can't change sugar levels in smoothies. Very disappointing and makes the app completely worthless to me. I will keep it for another month in hopes they make necessary changes, but honestly at this point I see no reason in keeping the app and taking up space on my phone.
  • Okay, but don't connect to wallet 4/5

    By Pearl747
    Like it but it keeps adding to my percentage need go qualify for a higher level. Not cool. I have been to 8 % twice and had atleast 2 % points added to it twice so that's a good $40 more that I'll have to spend..that I've noticed.. please fix. No telling how much I have actually spent with the app.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Lys22992
    Not user friendly at all, horrible set up.
  • Provide custom options 2/5

    By Ciscophillip
    Like half sugar, no sugar, etc for smoothies
  • Love food hate app 2/5

    By golfstar21
    My store does not do bar code receipts so I do not get credit for purchases
  • More Info 4/5

    By frankwhite44
    More info on the receipt would be great.
  • Love Tropical SMOOTHIE Cafe! 5/5

    By Roccie1
    Best place Ever!!!!
  • Awful App 1/5

    By Burbgughsgdhdhhdhundheusjjs
    I never write reviews, but this deserves one. Got the app to be able to earn the free credit. Added my husbands credit card (while he was with me) so we could get points for the purchase. They closed my account and when I asked why I received this as a response: The pause on your account is the result of a systematic safeguard we have monitoring behavior that falls outside of typical user behaviors. After review, this account will not be restored and is unavailable for use moving forward. Any additional accounts found linked to this account will be denied access. Any additional inquiry regarding this account or linked accounts will result in reiteration of this message. If I'm not allowed to change cards, I should be able to get points without paying with my phone!! Utterly ridiculous.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By derekprelude2
    Even more awful customer service at the store. Didn't want to use the $5 credit. And it does it automatically rude manager no help. Restaurant very dirty too. This is what happens when owners take Sundays off. You leave your business to be run by kids. Predict out of business soon
  • Cannot customize my fave smoothie 1/5

    By SteelerFanLisa
    Blimey Limey. No strawberries, substitute peaches. If I could order that using the app, I'd use the app.
  • Not even one star 1/5

    By The oreo
    I went in and used the app earlier and ended up being charged for 2 different orders. When I went back into the store later they told me it happens to a lot of people and that they could do nothing about it. I then called corporate several times with no answer or any calls back. DO NOT USE THIS APP FOR PAYMENTS!!! They will charge you for multiple orders and they do not care about getting back in touch with their customers! If your app chargers people regularly for multiple orders, then maybe you should fix it!
  • App needs a lot of work! 2/5

    By Love your food. ot your app
    Not a big fan of the app. When you select a menu item and add it to your cart you can't make changes to remove things you may not want. You only get to choose from what is showing. For instance, when I order a smoothie I can't request light sugar (turbinado). Why? Also, once the item has been added to the cart you can't go back, you have to hit the home button and start from the beginning. There are several restaurants that have much better apps than tropical smoothie. Please work on the app. Once improvements are made I will use it...a lot.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Lebrun jams
    Tropical smoothie is amazing! The workers are so nice and polite. It is a warm welcoming place. Every time I come here, I feel happy. If you haven't been here, I highly recommend coming.
  • Never recognizes purchases 1/5

    By Ilovelucy5553
    I've used the app several times while ordering. It never acknowledges my purchase or gives rewards.
  • Nutrition Info 3/5

    By Needs more flare
    It would be great if y'all could add the nutritional info. for each item. Love you wraps & smoothies!
  • I like the old version better 3/5

    By Slvvvvv
    Since the new update I can't tell what my status is. Also I referred three friends they received $5.00 credit but I didn't get anything for their purchase. The old app used to get me credit for referring friends.
  • Tropical smoothie cafe, nothing smooth about this app. 1/5

    By Llw83
    I deleted this app almost immediately. First of all I don't appreciate sharing my email, phone number etc. with a sandwich shop. No other fast food place cares about my identity. Second, when I browsed the order section in order to get back to another food group i had to go back to home where I again had to enter my location. Not good, needs a lot of work.
  • Needs a little work! 4/5

    By Callie H.
    Overall, App is super user friendly. However, when placing an order online, there is no space to add comments or notes. For instance, I wanted to add chia seeds to a smoothie. There was no place to select chia seeds as an add-in, nor was there a note section to add additional notes. Please include on next update! Thanks.
  • Supercharged level. 1/5

    By chrismcg3235
    I have been having regular issues with app. I am now at the supercharged level but no VIP INVITES and no supplements for the last 2 weeks. You need to fix NOW.
  • Love this app. 4/5

    By Kaiden Shihan
    It is easy to pay and easy to order with this app. I love their smoothies and food.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By ame_leo
    I think this app is great. I've never had any problems. I just wish you could save your $5 rewards instead of it automatically applying. I also think there should coupons added on the app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jadenhanyer
    Works great and the smoothies and food are even better
  • They don't know the name the order is made under at the store 1/5

    By stefankulk
    I like to use this app so someone other than me can pick up the order. They can't say the order is under my name because it lacks that functionality. So I still have to say everything we ordered to the person picking it up so they get it all. Employees are dicks about it too.

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