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Truecaller - Spam Identification & Block

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Truecaller - Spam Identification & Block App

Identify and block spammers, search for unknown numbers, call friends and much more! With a community-based spam list from over 250 million users, Truecaller is the only phone app you’ll ever need. AVOID ANNOYING SPAM CALLS - Automatically identify spam and fraud calls before you pick up - Block unwanted callers (Enable Spam Identification and Blocking on iOS 10 by going to Settings-> Phone-> Call Blocking & Identification) FIND NAMES OF ANY CALLER - Enter any number to lookup name and other contact info - Lookup phone numbers directly from your native call history using the Share extension - Copy a number and look at the Truecaller widget to see contact details POWERFUL DIALER - Make calls directly from the app - Use T9 search to call friends quickly - See when your friends are free to talk - See more information about your phonebook contacts Truecaller respects your right to privacy. Your phonebook is never made searchable or public. Support: - Email: - FAQ: - Twitter: @truecaller - Facebook:

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Truecaller - Spam Identification & Block app reviews

  • Never works when u need it to 1/5

    By numsey40
    Have to delete this app from my phone. Cannot get the names of nos calling me unless it's in my phone book.
  • excellent app 5/5

    By Simplesadia89
    keep it up & free
  • Great 5/5

    By Semo Alzaid
    👍🏻 very good app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Reda Abdelkhaleq
    Very nice app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Palest9
    Greatest app
  • True caller 5/5

    By Cpufarmer
    Helping to find and block spamming. No solution is perfect. But app seems better than doing nothing.
  • So helpful 5/5

    By simsima84
    Super useful and helpful app! I heard of it from a friend and immediately downloaded it! Super happy I did!
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Beatafea
    I downloaded this App to believe it will identify incoming calls. Instead, it stored SPAM contacts in my contact list. So frustrating. If I were you, just don't bother to download the App... If I could, I would give it rating of Zero.
  • Not bad 3/5

    By Mariokuwait
    Not working very well with iOS 10
  • Dr Yasin 5/5

    By Dr.sharif
    Great nice fabulous
  • True caller 5/5

    By Natura kenya
    Great application It indicates also how many numbers are not correctly registered
  • Good 5/5

    By خليل الزيات
    Good program and very special thanks for all
  • Letgoleticiaaaaaaaah 2/5

    By Letgoleti
    I had high expectations because of all the great reviews but ended up disappointed... it does things the average phone does, caller ID, block spams or unwanted callers, and store contacts. There is really nothing special about this app. It would be something worth downloading if it allowed you to see who the private callers are but it doesn't. Don't waste your memory on this app. Not worth it.
  • Pretty good, but... 4/5

    By Drtomrug
    Still many of the numbers that the service identifies as spam are not flagged as spam, leaving me guessing. Better than nothing, but really should be better at flagging (perhaps identifiers as "Definite SPAM >100 reports" "Probable SPAM > 50 reports" "Possible SPAM >20 reports" and "UNCERTAIN <20 reports" would help)
  • Super 5/5

    By Georgina1103
    Me gusta mucho pq ya sé quién me llama bloqueado
  • Just downloaded 4/5

    By Pissednpeeved
    Just got the app, so far so good, this app actually gave me a name to the number which is far more information than any other app has provided. Still testing it out to see what the limitations are
  • Undecided 2/5

    By Skittleseer
    I have to question an app that requires my phone number, full name and email address. Is that really required to block spam calls? Plus, the app accesses other things. Optionally, it can have access to my contact list and I don't know the advantage. After recently installing this app, I've received calls from "unknown" and it isn't blocked.
  • Probably the most valuable app on my phone 5/5

    By Petahr
    It lets you know if spam is calling and the name. Then you can block them. But... you still need to read who is calling as most people marked comcast and wells fargo as spam. So I do not block them but use my instincts to guess if it's promotions or an actual issue that they are calling me for.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Kenny Ax
    Good app, only flaw is that they copy all of your contacts to their database.
  • Ok app 2/5

    By Karar00
    Doesn't identify all the spam calls I get. But it is good.
  • This has worked great 5/5

    By Ceelotte
    This app has been a blessing. I have to make sure I update the app to keep the spam list updated, but I also have to do my part and report spam when it gets through their filter. I saw someone ranting about how horrible it is - I had to make sure to go into my settings and allow the app to access my calls to filter them as they came in..... and that's been wonderful. Most of my spam calls are caught by this app and then I can block them. There are some that do get through without a warning. I will copy and search that phone number in tru callers database and add it if necessary .
  • Good App for Spam Numbers 5/5

    By yrk wgl
    It's really good one to find Spam calls
  • Getting better for Hong Kong 5/5

    By Gthoooooo
    I'm starting to get more hits for HK. Good app
  • So far ok 4/5

    By Flygirlpainter
    I don't understand why calls that have previously been marked as spam still get through to my phone! Why arent they blocked!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jkinsley1
    I use this when ever I need to check a number. It always helps
  • Can be improved 3/5

    By Jagan007
    Can be improved
  • Truecaller 5/5

    By Jerry Gibson
    The best had it about a year love it.
  • شكراً 5/5

    By المهناوي
    شكراً التطبيق رائع
  • ا 5/5

    By مشعل شريم
  • Quick info 5/5

    By Rex2403
    Great app, give me accurate information about who's calling me or just bothering me with unwanted sales calls and spam calls, truly recommended
  • Now I see it very well this app 4/5

    By Chispirito1
    But if I leave see more with the free version 5 bad star and compares the Pro version
  • Nice to know who is calling 5/5

    By Johnaton
    I really like this app so I can see who is calling the majority of the time and ignore spam callers.
  • Automatic search of copied numbers in the clipboard is not working 4/5

    By abo salah 18/7
    Truecaller doesn't search for copied numbers from the clipboard. Whenever I receive a call from an unknown number and it's saved in the call log, I copy the number and open truecaller. It then asks me if I want to search for the copied number so I press yes. Instead, it takes me to the calls screen, not the search screen. And it doesn't search for anything. I have to manually open the search screen and write the number I am looking for.
  • Better then not knowing 5/5

    By Creeperplayer68
    This app helps a lot because I keep getting this phone call from the same number but I didn't know who it was, so I found this app and it told me it was a spam number so I blocked it and it never called again. Even if I blocked it in settings it still called but this app blocked it for real. Thanks Truecaller.
  • Doesn't always work and... 3/5

    By dubuuk
    Doesn't always work identifying the number during the incoming call and it is trying very hard to get access to all my contacts ! It works without and IT SHOULD! Stop asking people to share contacts. You are not going to build your database on our contacts so you can sell it to spammers and then try block them :-(
  • A Must App!!! 5/5

    By CallCentersHater
    Get it now, believe me
  • Good 5/5

    By LiveAtWOT
    Does a great job and it's free!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Sculvis
    just started using app no identified 3 spam callers
  • Simply does not work 1/5

    By Spongeman329
    I have the app on my iPhone 7s for few months. Application is completely useless. It never identified a single spam call. Emails to support were ignore. Strongly advise not to install and delete if you did.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Golden Mohd
    The best till now
  • A good watch dog for unwanted calls 5/5

    By SJPartridge
    I'm pleased with the app. It is effective at identifying spam & unwanted callers.
  • ❤️ true caller 5/5

    By TakeAChillPhill
    I love True Caller. Now I can glance at my phone and know right away whether a call is legitimate or not.
  • Prof bashir 5/5

    By Prof. Bashir
    Very good application.
  • Works for me!! 5/5

    By Steve-LI
    This app does everything it said it would, and that's more than I can say about many other apps.
  • Mr 5/5

    By Wilson-1
    Very good app
  • Israel 5/5

    By noor yaseen
    Very very good
  • Phenomenal App 5/5

    By The Illusive Gay
    Love this app!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Runsabunch
    This app identifies and reports spam calling.
  • Semiworks 3/5

    By Lowly Jimson
    Part time useful. Not intuitively easy to navigate. Better than nothing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Michiganhockeymom
    Works good

Truecaller - Spam Identification & Block app comments

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