Tuner Lite by Piascore

Tuner Lite by Piascore

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  • Current Version: 2.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: plusadd,Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tuner Lite by Piascore App

** More than 7,000,000 musicians are now using the Tuner by Piascore! ** "Tuner Lite by Piascore" is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your iPhone or iPad. "Tuner Lite by Piascore" can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympani, and any other instrument that can sustain a tone. Full version (paid) is offered. supports a custom temperaments, transposition, notations such as solfège, adjustable calibration and more. By spectrum power indicator, you can understand sound more intuitively. ** Features ** - Needle meter display - Ultra responsive 50 cents range fine tuning display - LED display easy-to-understand high and low sound - Accuracy ±0.01 semitone (±1 cent) - Pitch Pipe/Tone generator - Automatic reference note calibration - Changing the wallpaper ** Contact ** : http://piascore.com/service/tuner/ : contact@piascore.com


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Tuner Lite by Piascore app reviews

  • Works great 5/5

    By madpickinskills
    Simple and easy to use. Nuff said
  • Can there be an option where you can choose to tune for an instrument? 2/5

    I play B flat trumpet and it’s my first year. I was told by my director that this app works. It doesn’t. I can’t even choose what instrument I want to work with so I can’t use the app correctly. None of my trumpet notes show correctly. I NEED THIS PROBLOM FIXED SO I DONT FAIL MUSIC CLASS!
  • Tuning constantly interrupted 2/5

    By Ndk161
    Some weird dog video goes on every 3 seconds or so. I will have to stop using if this doesn't stop.
  • Ruined by the ads 1/5

    By ilviolin
    I used to love this app because I found it to work well. I would have given it 5 stars. The last time I tried to use it, though, there was an ad at the bottom that automatically expanded to engulf the entire screen with a video clip of a puppy. When I closed the full screen ad, it would pop back open again within a few seconds, rendering the app completely useless. This problem persisted after closing and reopening the app several times. Now I am on the search for another tuning app; a friend of mine uses PitchLab and it seems to work well for her, so I might give that one a try.
  • Usually pretty good 4/5

    By An alpaca
    It’s a nice app the whip out quickly to tune. It’s a little challenging to play and watch for intonation while working on a piece of you have the lite version. The ads will pop up covering the whole screen. Sometimes very frequently and times it’ll make you press play so you can get the video started so you can go back to tuning. That’s a little annoying. Also I ran into problems where it will stick onto one note and as play other notes, it’s frozen on that precious note until I exit out the app again.
  • Great! 5/5

    By flowe
    Perfect app for quick accurate tuning or pitch finding
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By LaTosca2
    Hey great little tuner just what I need to try to keep me on the straight and narrow as a squeak away on my fiddle.
  • Very simple and Very useful! 5/5

    By El guappo
    One of the most used apps I have! It’s great for a quick check and as another source to verify my onboard tuners!
  • GR8 APP! 5/5

    By Al Mariach-chee
    It has gotten me out of a jam When the battery on my clip on tuner goes out, or if I forget to bring a tuner! Works great! I love it!
  • Wouldn't recommend for harpists. 2/5

    By Moody Teenager
    I tried using this to tune my harp for about 5 minutes, and it didn't pick anything up very well. Could be user error, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Wrong Tunes set 1/5

    By Violinist666
    I was tuning with this app for quite a few weeks after which I realised that the tunes are not accurate. I compared them with some you tube videos and they turned out to be out of tune.
  • Better than all tuning apps 5/5

    By TalkingBed
    Aesthetics aside I have no clue why I had to sift through so many bad tuning apps to find this one. It's the way a tuning app should be, easily accessible while not being over simplistic- like the actual, physical, established tuners. Alternative tunings are free as they should be!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Chris102938
    My go to for a quick tune!
  • This is horrible! 1/5

    By Chghjugghji
    I hate this app!! I literally spent over an hour trying to time my guitar using this app. It would say that it was perfect but when I tried to play it, it sounded like a dying cat!!!!! I’m so unhappy with this! DO NOT GET THIS APP!
  • It’s good 5/5

    By Marching band hawks
    This is sooo awesome it really helps bc my marching band use it more than anything. It also tells you if your really flat or sharp. And when it’s on green that means you are good. Your are in tune
  • Out of tune!! 1/5

    By kalikid01
    If you use this while playing with anyone else who uses their own tuner, you will notice YOU are always the one that’s OUT OF TUNE. The frequencies it measures on your guitar are off by a bit, but enough to notice with the trained ear. It’s got a nice layout tho?
  • Update caused my app to fail 1/5

    By Dr. Bruno Sanchez
    Now I can’t even use it
  • It works well 4/5

    By MrPhillip
    Handy tuner, easy to use.
  • Good tuner for my acoustic 4/5

    By hardtdc
    Good little tuner. I use it in a pinch for my acoustics.
  • Super Great. 5/5

    By Conan Orona
    Super Great, has the chromatic number and key. I recommend it between Christmas performances.
  • Very helpful😁 5/5

    By Mjohn5
    It helps me with tuning and scales on my violin
  • Rex ainsworth @ I cloud. Com 5/5

    By D R.
    I love this tuner
  • Great tuner 4/5

    By John Tails
    For banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, it just works better than the others I've tried
  • Not just for guitar 5/5

    By Magalex
    I use this to tune my uke and banjo also. Better than other aps I’ve tried
  • Great tuner 4/5

    By LancTodd
    I use this tuner for my students and to touch up the tuning in my piano. Before the update at least, it is very sensitive to all sounds in the room and interprets each as a tone, which they are actually. I am so glad to find an update today. Great tuner for any instrument.
  • Great Tuner!!! 5/5

    By dhruval2
    Amazing tuning system. As a cellist I always use this app and have never experienced problems.
  • Stops working 1/5

    By C OD
    Used to use this without ANY issues and was totally dependable. Now have to restart the app at least 2x every tuning. And have had to delete and reload the app several times in hopes it will eventually work. Nothing as perfect as it used to be.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Daboi73
    Good until it stoped working
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By MacKenzieS2004
    I love this app! My orchestra teacher suggested it and ever since she told me about it I use it everyday when I practice my violin. Thanks you Mrs.Royer for the great suggestion. 😍😍😍
  • Literally terrible!! 1/5

    By Uptown____ funk
    Worst app ever. Told me to move the knob and I broke the violin. Would rate 0 stars if possible!!
  • You can't play loud 2/5

    By Bob Jules
    Using this to practice being in tune with stopped horn. Doesn't work. It was saying I was playing notes that I definitely wasn't playing.
  • Saunders Violin Shop 5/5

    By Allagash Violinist
    Excellent tuner!
  • Great application 5/5

    By Glynnsrv
    Great application I am learning to play the flute and this really helps!
  • Simple and it works 5/5

    By Brandavhotpod198556789111
    There is nothing better than a simple app that does what it promises. Thank you. It’s the only tuning app I use for my violin.
  • Works well, good interface 5/5

    By Purple_frogs
    Works accurately even in noisy backstage environments.
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Cheri 174evr
    This tuner app is perfect for tuning my small instruments.
  • Mouthpiece pitch 1/5

    By Scorned wife
    Does not work for mouthpiece pitch with a tenor saxophone mouthpiece.
  • stops working 1/5

    By Zdcvhnmjl
    Terrible. Stops working all of a sudden.
  • The only app I've ever used for 7 years 5/5

    By dianenguyen23
    Love it. Would give it 6 stars if I could!!
  • Awesome must have app 5/5

    By Cpu1001
    Must have for any day-to-day musician! Thank you for this awesome app!
  • Trumpet 4/5

    By AngelThat1
    I have a question does this work for trumpet
  • Daniel 5/5

    By stringong Dan
    It’s the first one I could get to work with my cello, had two duds, absolutely impossible, this one is so quick and accurate. Works great with my fiddle too.
  • good 5/5

    By PoniesFartRainbowSprinkles

    By Catie Bellone
    whenever I tune it can’t make up its mind if the note is to high or to low fix this rite away or I’m deleting the app
  • Love this app 5/5

    By strings mom
    Very handy for a quick tuning of a lot of student instruments.
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By Gamer police
    What else can you say about a free app that saves you 25$? Thank you!
  • 20 year pro review 5/5

    By zack rosicka
    I’ve been playing professionally for 20 years. I know a good/accurate tuner. This app has been amazing when I don’t bring a pedalboard to a solo gig as well as changing strings. Perfect pitch and very accurate, yes I’m disagreeing with the other reviews here. This free product is Amazing! Thanks to the owners and designers, way to give back. Thank you. Zack Rosicka
  • Just does exactly what it needs to do. 5/5

    By Ulydacop
    Perfect for tuning my violin. Works great, not an issue. I’m glad to have this app and i’d recommend it to more. Keep up the great work!
  • I Really Like It! 5/5

    By Budluck
    It does all I want. Help me tune my violin.
  • Great free tuner 5/5

    By Xenahorngirl
    Works better than some of the more expensive tuners I have bought in my career as a full-time musician!

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