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TunnelBear VPN

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  • Current Version: 2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TunnelBear, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TunnelBear VPN App

TunnelBear VPN is a free, incredibly simple app to browse the Internet privately and securely. The beautiful TunnelBear app protects your online privacy, lets you access your favourite websites & apps, and secures your connection on public WiFi hotspots. Try TunnelBear for free with 500MB of browsing data every month. No credit card required. In-app purchases available for premium plans, which give you unlimited data. WHAT DOES TUNNELBEAR DO? Put simply, by using TunnelBear, you can browse from anywhere with peace of mind knowing that your online activity is more private from hackers, ISPs, and advertisers. HOW DOES TUNNELBEAR WORK? TunnelBear VPN for iOS is a really simple app that encrypts your web browsing and data (making it unreadable) as it leaves your iPad or iPhone. It makes public Wi-Fi safe and secure, and also keeps your browsing private from ISPs. Websites and advertisers will have a more difficult time tracking your physical location and browsing across the Internet. HOW CAN I TRUST TUNNELBEAR? Your browsing habits are personal and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. TunnelBear is proud to be the first and only VPN service in the world that has been independently audited by a 3rd party. You can feel confident that we deliver on our promise to secure your data. FEATURES: One-tap connect: App so simple, a bear could use it. A VPN you can trust: Along with a strict no-logging policy, we’re the only consumer VPN app to have completed a 3rd party, public security audit. Global VPN network: With servers in 22+ countries and lightning-fast speeds, access the websites and apps you love. Anytime, anywhere. Grizzly-grade security: TunnelBear uses strong AES-256 bit encryption by default. Weaker encryption isn’t even an option. No logging. Your browsing stays private. Helpful support that always responds within 24 hours. WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING “TunnelBear is an elegant, easy mobile VPN that keeps you safe.” - Lifehacker “The app is bursting with charm, but it also delivers security at a good price.” - PCMag “All you have to do is turn the switch to “ON” and you are protected.” - WSJ “TunnelBear, the gorgeous VPN app that wants to bring online privacy to everyone.” - VentureBeat PRIVACY POLICY: *Spoiler alert* TunnelBear has a strict no-logging policy. You can read our entire plain-english privacy policy here: https://www.tunnelbear.com/privacy-policy CONTACT US: Is your TunnelBear misbehaving? Do you have feedback for us? Do you have a cool fact about bears to share? Contact our support team by visiting our website https://www.tunnelbear.com/.


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TunnelBear VPN app reviews

  • Seems to work great, 5/5

    By The proofer
    I always use TunnelBear.
  • Doesn’t seem to work. Here’s why 1/5

    By DestinationSound
    I turned on the app. Selected Mexico as my Location. Went to google chrome and visited my website which has google analytics installed on it. I then went to google analytics and looked at my real-time report and it said 1 person (me) was on the website and my Location was USA. So therefore it doesn’t work....
  • Very nice 5/5

    By N6A34
  • Great 5/5

    By Bricue
  • Not working 3/5

    By beveheh
    Recently not working
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Number One Legend
    So I'm not home and I can't use the free wifi when the vpn is on. I have to turn off the vpn on my phone to login. Even if I put put it in the USA IP address. But using my own data network it works fine switching location pretty smooth acts up a lil bit tho. I like the design and concept.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Aataxi
    Very easy to use, fantastic app would highly recommend.
  • Great, when it works 3/5

    By mike130db
    Whenever I have hiccups it comes down to the VPN lagging. Can not get it to work on iMac at all despite tons of troubleshooting.
  • Fast 5/5

    By tomofpittsburgh
    Fast friendly and fun. Don't miss the iOS- only price. Hell of a deal. *update 11/21/17* Auto-connects when on unfamiliar WiFi now. Who’s a fancy bear?
  • Good but... 5/5

    By Hsjsjajsjeudhgs
    I love the app, but my gripe with it is that it kills battery life too quick on an iPhone 6.
  • Really does work. 5/5

    By AuroraDuberZ
    After doing a series of tests with the VPN on and off. When turned on actually gives you a random IP. Address. Thank You Tunnel Bear for your service!
  • Perfect VPN App 5/5

    By Impaler80s
    Update, Nov 20: now with the trustee networks feature, I can connect to public WiFi and it automatically connects. One less thing I need to do. Great update!!! Can never be too careful, and I’m very pleased this app works, is dead simple to use, and secures my connection at all times. Hopeful for this service to expand to diverse locations within the US some time. That creates a single choke point. Otherwise no complaints! Great job guys, to bring VPN to the masses.
  • Yayyy auto mode !!!! 5/5

    By MtrCtyJoe
    Thank you for adding auto mode !!!
  • Tunnel bear 2/5

    By smoke1playa
    Tunnel Bear has a good user interface and isn't leaky that I've been able to see but it slows your phone down considerably. Enough to make me look for a different vpn.
  • Best VPN Period 5/5

    By Gameman114
    I've been using Tunnelbear for a couple years now and it's the only VPN that I'll use. Its quick, its dead simple to use, and customer service is great. They're the first VPN to have their security audited by a third party. That's awesome! As soon as I found that out I immediately renewed my subscription for another year. They also just added auto connect with trusted networks which is amazing.
  • Better all the time! 5/5

    By Clemfam
    Now with auto-connect (among other great features), Tunnel Bear is indeed a very friendly app whose developers and “bears” really seem to care about their product and their customers. Thank you! Re your 3rd party audit: Very impressive and appreciated! Thank you for undertaking this process and sharing the results. I only wish your service was consistently faster than it is, swinging from very slow to very fast. Usually slowest of three VPNs I've tried. Disappointing and frustrating because I want to use TunnelBear exclusively.
  • Couldn’t imagine working overseas without this app. 5/5

    By topherwhite
    It’s a must-have.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Peyton syler
    Love it best vpn I have ever had
  • Wasted money 1/5

    By new cutomer - gone
    For the first week it seemed fine now the app won’t connect anywhere, home or away. Tech service takes days to get back to you so what good is that when you’ve purchased the vpn to stay protected and tech service leaves you high an dry on a hook. It would be service if they really wanted to help and provided a number to call to find a solution.
  • Trouble 1/5

    By hatting9
    Definitely have trouble with this app Only works with my WiFi at home Even at home can’t use because it keeps dropping out and locking up Have to wait at least 30 seconds for reconnect Will be cancelling renewal if not fixed
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By porkslapappy
    Great easy to use app!
  • Tunnel Bear 5/5

    By Bill32539
    Excellent app!!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By workingclassdog
    Only thing pandora won't work have not tried the abc app yet Netflix works fine.
  • Excellent 4/5

    By Star2water
    Works for me👣
  • Tunnel Bear VPN 3/5

    By D. Hill
    Tunnel Bear is a well designed private network application that makes it easy to browse under anonymity.
  • Not work 1/5

    By The joker's meals
    This app used to be a good one, but not any more!
  • Best VPN For Consumers/Businesses 5/5

    There are a lot of VPN’s out there but majority of them share and sell your information browsing information to third parties. I decided to utilize TunnelBear due to its stellar reputation and my geek friends which always believe in ‘trust but verify’. They are what brought me to TunnelBear having that they checked TunnelBear out fully. Read TunnelBears privacy policy (it’s easy and understandable, unlike the competitors) and TunnelBear does not collect nor share you information.
  • Works Great - No Hassles or Problems 5/5

    By Steve Rogers 1978ii
    I was going to go with PIA vpn, but their ios app has serious problems according to a lot of reviews. So I tried out TunnelBear for a month. No problems at all, plus the bear animations are funny. So I signed up for a year. Thanks TB, good work!! 🤘🏾🐻🤘🏾
  • Super!!! 5/5

    By Vitaly@77
    Very comfortable and useful app! Easy and fast
  • I'm a fan of the bear noises 5/5

    By jiggs_kc
    This VPN is cute, and effective. It's also truly free if you don't need a lot of use - and the cheaper monthly especially for iOS only gives me hope. These guys get it.
  • So good! 5/5

    By Retired Now.
    As a fellow app developer, I can’t express how great this app is. Well designed, high quality, and built with a great sense of humor. Just signed up for the updated plan, and you should, too. Well done, TunnelBear team!!
  • TunnelBear works. Set it and forget it. 5/5

    By wag65
    Safe and secure while you browse.
  • A Nice VPN With Charm 5/5

    By AndzCLiv3
    TunnelBear is a simple VPN that seems secure, has a nice interface, and is quite charming. It's a VPN, and it's everything you'd expect from a VPN. I'd recommend it.
  • Great VPN easy and almost hassle free. 5/5

    By Digisprite
    This is a great VPN and has given me virtually no issues, plus there is little speed loss while using.
  • Free runs out too quick 4/5

    The data that you get for free doesn’t last long at all, I only get a day use out of it
  • Love it! ❤️ 5/5

    By Adh987
    Totally recommend y’all to use this app. It’s just so amazing and simple to use.
  • Good job 4/5

    By NickWest27
    Does a good job at encrypting my traffic while away from home. Thanks for the free data and a nice UI.
  • Super simple and reliable 5/5

    By ohbejuan
    I have used a few different VPN apps, and this is the most consistent. I have used others that did not perform well, or did not work randomly. I don’t have those issues with tunnel bear. Easy to activate and deactivate.
  • Making the world a better place 5/5

    By jhabdas
    Title says it all. Great app guys. You rock!
  • Fye 5/5

    By Is an idoit
    Pretty lit but costs dollaas
  • Hello 4/5

    By Mudia German
    I tried to get the 1gig free tunalbear package but after twitting it as instructed,I still haven't gotten any mb up till now...I would like you to see to the issue please ...
  • perfect 👌 5/5

    By Pink Teacup Pig Girl
    it’s free and easy to use! added bonus: cute animation
  • Slow 3/5

    By Jqf5179
  • Linus never shuts up about Tunnel Bear so here I am 5/5

    By Krossv
    Ok being serious it's a great vpn, no issues so far. It's easy to use and relatively fast. I've been using Pure vpn for awhile but have been having problems connecting lately, even with a subscription. Just might make the full jump over here, great job tunnel bear team!
  • vpn 5/5

    By Hdrjdjfjdjddh
    yes get it its a solid data wall so you can browse safely
  • OMG soooooo good!!!! 5/5

    By Skye Clayton
    The best vpn ever! And so cute bears
  • All in for TunnelBear 5/5

    By TomKay53
    Easy to use and effective. What’s the bear equivalent of “woot woot?” Grrr, grrr? Anyway, I’m a fan!
  • Its legit a+ 5/5

    By Hellboy8546
    Bueno bear likes! This bear is dropping Real legit shiz in these woods!! ”wherever that is nobody knows”
  • So easy! 5/5

    By TeamByrd
    This app is so easy to use! Thank you!
  • Looks Pretty, Functionality Not So Much 2/5

    By Corey J. Webb
    When I first opened the app and created my account, it looks pretty and fun to use. Easy to connect to different tunnels across the world with nice little graphics. But then I tested its performance. Generally, I realize I may loose a few Mbps download and upload on a VPN (unless I’m being throttled by my ISP of course), but in this case, my speeds were down right disgusting. I ran a speed test tunneled in the USA (which is where I’m located). With the VPN off I received 253 Mbps Down, 29 Mbps up with a single digit ping. Turning the VPN on, I was plunged down to 84 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up, with triple digit pings. Thinking it may have just been the tunnel, I switched to 3 other locations, and my results were slightly worse. As beautiful as the app is, I’m going to take a hard pass on this one. Until there is a stronger backbone of servers anyway to keep my speeds somewhat relevant to what my ISP gives me.

TunnelBear VPN app comments


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