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Be a part of the world’s leading live social video platform for gaming. With Twitch for iPhone and iPad, you can watch live streams of the video games and activities you love, and chat with streamers and other viewers, from anywhere, anytime. From League of Legends, to Overwatch, to live art demos, if it’s worth watching, it’s live on Twitch right now. + Live and recorded video of top video games, esports events, art, cooking, music, and more + Interactive live shows by Xbox, Sony, Riot Games, Blizzard + Completely unique programming like Bob Ross marathons and exclusive video game events + Full-featured live chat with one of the largest gaming communities in the world + Dark mode quality for late-night viewing + Simple, intuitive navigation that makes it easy to discover the content you care about most + Mobile broadcasting, putting the ability to go live right in your hand at the touch of a button For feedback and questions, please visit our support center


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  • OK what's next 1/5

    By Michael112211
    The new interface is crap, they are forcing you to sit through ads just to close whatever idiot is being hosted that you have no interested in before you can access the persons profile that you actually chose to follow. I'm just over it...time to leave twitch to the grand parents and move on to something new and not controlled by corprate greed.
  • Great App (Minor problem) 4/5

    By Hilolwhat
    Chromecast v1 has troubles when first casting a stream, there is video lag and lots of audio lag. After enduring 30 minutes of skipping and stuttering you can smoothly watch streams.
  • Stream Cuts Out after 30 Minutes 1/5

    By HTarango
    After the update the stream will shutdown after about thirty minutes using airplay. Very annoying. Do not update.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Therealistpersonalive
    Trash always freezing ever since these stupid updates where it moves your stream to the bottom of your phone never works right and it ain't my connection.
  • JFK 5/5

    By hfksid
    Great job

    By Warriorbabe
    My app is constantly either shutting down and I have to restart or its pausing and I have to back out and restart. It's been this way for at least a year. Every update I think oh maybe this is the one. I've had multiple phones so I know it's not my phone. Just fix it already. Android doesn't have this issue. Just iOS. Other than that I love it.
  • Old version = best version 1/5

    By Datkiddjoe
    Older version of the app was way more user friendly, New version of the app is so uncomfortable to use the whole swiping feature is the worst function I've ever seen / used.
  • Chat 1/5

    By Roger rerun
    Its way to hard to get rid of chat in landscape i tried for five minutes then gave up and deleted the app
  • Bugs, bugs, and... BUGS❗️ 1/5

    By sourgummyworms
    There are so many bugs, tapping on a stream sometimes will take me to the wrong stream or the app will crash. Something that isn’t a bug but needs to be mentioned is the ads, what happened to the old twitch? There are TONS of ads now, some of them are two minutes long.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By etelle
    I never used to have problems with this app before the "upgrade" to the new layout. But now it freezes video, won't play audio and flat out crashes all the time. I don't care about the "pretty" features. I want a usable functional app.
  • New version is awful 1/5

    By Adtr3545
    My app constantly freezes my livestreams and literally every time I click on a new stream I get hit with a 30 second ad.
  • Twitch 5/5

    By WindyBay
    Pretty cool App .
  • Old vs new 1/5

    By Broken twitch
    The new twitch is broken and does not function properly sure the new bits for iOS is good but the old hud vs the new one the old one wins cause it's easy to use and you don't constantly accidentally press your profile please put in the old one and fix all the freezes and crashes I know you guys work hard but the people like the old hud and thx for putting in the effort to improve the app for iOS viewers
  • App almost useless 1/5

    By SR Ballard
    When I get "live" notifications, I have to wait a few minutes before twitch will let me watch a stream. Also, I can't look at my list of followed games, or I can't figure out how. Pointless...
  • Glitchy and needs work. 4/5

    By Zalezagoon
    My main problem is the audio only setting. When I have the streams on audio only, it sometimes will crash or will 'pause' the stream, thinking I'm listening to something else when I'm on something like my email, or playing a game on my iPod that's compatible with listening to both the stream and game audio at the same time. Other times, it'll crash, and I don't like that. Streams will also stop and have a brief moment of nothing happening and just being a black screen, like the stream itself crashed. I'm not sure if those moments are when commercials are supposed to be playing or not, but it gets annoying. Other than that, app is decent. Clean, but a bit confusing to get around sometimes.
  • Twitch is Savage in a good way if don’t understand then your clueless 5/5

    By Jdilly24
    Twitch your cool and thanks for all the stuff you give👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
  • Chromecast Network Error 2/5

    By Lchs202
    This app seems to be really great to access Twitch except for there is always a problem when trying to playing videos from past broadcasts to Chromecast. It's been like this for the past few updates. I wish they would at least attempt to fix this for once
  • Loving the app! 4/5

    By PrimeBlondie
    Needs sub button area and request for Xbox one app being able to use emotes would be an awesome add on.
  • Get this game thing 5/5

    By It is the BEST!!!!😍😍😍
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Coldfite989
    Ton of bugs that Twitch never fixes and ignores when reports are given.
  • FIX THIS APP. 1/5

    By Mrlhxc
    Airplay works pretty awesome. Watched Smite Launch Tournament from iPad mini to Apple TV for 5+ hours solid with no hiccups. Very fast and speedy. ********** Latest version is terrible. Terrible UI. Stops air playing randomly. What happened???? I went from having 5 hours interrupted to disconnects every few minutes with the only change being this apps latest updates.
  • What is the issue? 2/5

    By Young Link
    Well, thanks to one of the reviewers I now know why my airplay will no longer work with this app. It is the stupid black screen that happens when I watch it on the IPad. Every ten minutes or so, the screen goes completely black for like ten seconds and there is no audio as well. There is other things I dislike thanks to this update, but the screen going black is the most annoying. Please fix!
  • Trash 1/5

    By elJayyzuhhs
    Wouldn't let me comment, said I hadn't verified so i did, afterwards i did the process and the page came out that said Email has been verified, but guess what, it still said I hadn't been verified, would not recommend, so lame, like fix this, excuse that this review isn't well organized, but I'm a bi flustered at the moment. Fix asap thank you!!!
  • Annoyance 3/5

    By serwestfall
    I love twitch but lately it's been a nuisance to watch even just 10 minutes of a stream because of the constant problems. Mostly it's the chat just stopping and only my comments showing up until I close it out and reopen it. The video will also just stop sometimes while the audio continues which is bothersome and that sometimes will be fixed by continuing to watch but usually I will have to exit the app and open it again. My last complaint is that when watching in landscape mode you do not have the option to remove chat which can get in the way and sometimes is unnecessary.
  • New version very buggy on ipad pro 1/5

    By jeffy777
    Way too buggy compared to the old version. Multitasking PIP video on the ipad pro randomly stops working but audio keeps playing for some reason (never had this with the old app). Also the swipe left to right interface is a real pain since it conflicts with the default ios swipe from right to bring up the ipad pro multitasking.
  • Twitch App 5/5

    By Kristiâna
    A great viewing experience on mobile.
  • Inconsistency 4/5

    By Luc Boone
    There are some basic consistency issues from desktop to mobile preventing a five star rating. Biggest annoyance is that Markdown doesn't register on profiles in the app, making links unusable and text with line-breaks and styling illegible. Please fix this. That's crazy basic for a company with Twitch's resources to have overlooked.
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Sapparu
    Not user friendly.
  • Don't ask for reviews 1/5

    By loocorez
    I hate apps that ask for reviews

    By Nurikita
    The ad loop bug is really annoying especially when you are just trying to watch a previous broadcast, but you have to time and skip after the ad plays out. Fix please
  • Confusing 2/5

    By Lupinfan83
    Had to verify to chat, didn't work
  • Sub par 2/5

    By #longtimeplayer
    Great thing to watch my favorite people on. Sick and tired of it randomly logging me out and making me reset my password. Has been saying cannot use the same password as before.
  • Trashbag 1/5

    By Maddogg5i8
    I Used To Love The Twitch Mobile App Now I Literally Hate It
  • Add 5/5

    By Richard”Spiderman"
    Keep adding more stuff, amazing!!
  • New updates broke the app 1/5

    By HaterzOpP
    Basically every few minutes the stream pauses/freezes and you have to switch to a new channel and back to fix the issue which is annoying. Too many bugs with the new interface, just made everything more of a hassle to navigate. Lack of optimization, with the old app everything worked perfectly. New app is utter trash. Not even worth watching streams on my phone anymore. They took away the mobile convenience.
  • Swiping is too sensitive 1/5

    By Josholson1233578t
    Why is it that if there is dust on my screen, I can't wipe it off while watching a stream unless I want to be forced to switch to some random stream that I don't care about? This is honestly the dumbest feature I've ever seen, no one just wants to scroll through random streams accidentally
  • Why 2/5

    By Heart if coal
    I can't stand how ads with will show up in the middle of the steam. Also the updates won't download from the app store?
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By HadokenGnarly
    While I do enjoy the night mode (I've never switched back ever since), the several updates that has happened since STILL have not fixed the abrupt pauses that occur randomly (for both iPad & iPhone). And now there's an even worse bug where the same short ad (15 seconds, more or less) will get caught in an odd loop when watching playback of a previously recorded stream. What'll happen is, it will reach the point where an ad will play, the short ad plays out, then it resumes a few seconds before the ad originally started and replay the same ad. It gets stuck in this loop unless you fast forward a couple seconds to after the point that activates the ad. Previous to all these updates, the streams ran fine & I had no issues. Now it's the annoying, abrupt and random pauses, and endless ad loops. If I may add, a multi-twitch option should be native with the app, especially with the iPad version.
  • Version 5 is trash 1/5

    Since the major revamp a few months ago, the app freezes all of the time while I'm on Wifi. The only way I can fix it is to restart the app. If you have the version of the app before the major update, seriously don't update. Zero improvements, worse UI... only bugs and poor choices by Twitch. PS: Nobody cares about Twitch Pulse.
  • Commercial Repeat Loop 1/5

    By TruckNorrisLA
    If you watch replays of streamers because you don't get to watch them live, app is wildly frustrating. Any time it goes to commercial, playback rewinds to a few seconds before commercial. Then, when commercials and and playback resumes, you have a few seconds to fast forward over commercial start time or you have to watch them again. The loop just continues. Unwatchable
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By Nick125634
    Terrible since ur last major update finally am tired of using it YouTube and Netflix here I come :(
  • Annoying ads 1/5

    By RebootedReboot
    Ads in the middle of tournaments makes you miss the action
  • Why is this a thing 1/5

    By Hahciskabxusn
    Considering nobody's going to read my review, I won't waste too much time on it. Twitch is a poorly made, unenjoyable pos. F this ish yo.
  • Acceptable 3/5

    By Mixehfnvuek
    Still i miss the viewer list, please can it be added in a future update.
  • Abrupt pauses 1/5

    By Molotov9
    Latest update seems to have introduced a problem that freezes streams after a few minutes. No way to start it again from within video controls, I have to close it and reselect broadcast.
  • I can't make a account 1/5

    By malloygamer101
    That's all
  • Awesome 👏 5/5

    By Eddy_555
    Awesome 👏 Twitch App! 😃
  • Awful 1/5

    By Kappa Face no Space
    Very buggy and extremely obnoxious ads.
  • Used to work great... 1/5

    By ClemTiger117
    Now I can't get the cast button to show up. Cast works on all my other apps but not this one. Incredibly frustrating.
  • Still hate the new UI 1/5

    By Muzical84
    I'm sure there's a totally good reason why when, in landscape mode (aka the mode in which I use this app the most,) my request for light mode is 100% ignored. I can't even tell who is chatting because dark blue chat handles do not contrast well against black. This app still feels like Twitch wanted to "fix" what wasn't broken.

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