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See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live commentary. Be part of what everyone is talking about and get videos, live footage and Moments, direct from the source. Join in on all the action by sharing what’s happening in your world. On Twitter you can post comments, photos and videos. There is no better way to have your voice heard.


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  • Are you there?! 1/5

    By Shahin Katebi
    It’s been days since Twitter got 280 characters. But the app is not updated since May! Won’t you plan to update the app with even the little change of character limits?! I’m an App-Lover and I have never used Twitter for web in these 10years. The app is total mess now as it is not synced with “own” companies updates.
  • Please, actually push an update for once in your life. 1/5

    By Wolveslie
    In the interest of conserving words (a very twitter-ish notion), I'm going to get right to the point. - The Twitter app for Mac has missed out on the majority of service changes introduced in 2017. — Profile images are still square, giving the newer round images unsightly borders. — Notification page lacks All | Mention tabbed grouping, requiring a settings change in order to view *just* mentions at any time — Additional blocking, filtering, privacy, and management options available to the iOS app, and the web, are absent — Still 140 characters - It behaves inconsistently - It has occasional issues connecting - It's UI lacks recent optimizations In summary, the Twitter app for Mac is outdated, unfinished, underdeveloped; and inexplicably, laughably, bad. It barely handles the basic functions of viewing and responding to tweets.
  • No 280 characters 2/5

    By Puckstein
    While Twitter’s web site and the mobile versions all are now 280 character capable the Mac version is not. It needs to be undated
  • This App really needs to be updated. Badly. 1/5

    By Adds redirecting me
    Lots of bugs.
  • no 280 1/5

    By Sgawny
    no 280
  • 280? 4/5

    By PretzelCharles
    That’s all. I’m not saying 280 is nessesarily a good thing, but if they’re gonna do it other places, they should have that ability everywhere. Because consistency.
  • Better and Worse 2/5

    By Ipstenu
    There are some glarring problems. 1) 280 characters. You KNEW this was coming and yet you don’t support this yet? 2) Mark all DMs as read.
  • New bug in this App for Mac 1/5

    By Maryoca
    All of a sudden the links in tweets don’t work in the app. If you click on a link it takes you to your browser home page - every time. Makes the app totally useless.
  • Memory usage bug is still not fixed 2/5

    By ZoraLink
    Can't contact Twitter support as they refuse support and “lose tickets” <— that is what I was told last time I sent in a ticket (nor is the bug I reported 4 years ago, the bug is in iOS app too, with the timeline not letting me start off from where I left off (it did do that before Twitter bought the company that did the app)) The app easy hit over 1GB of RAM usage after just a while of use, other than that it is a good app. New bug occored recently where if you view your DMs Twitter will CPU spike to 15% CPU and cause the Mac’s fans to go full speed, this is in the last 3 versions Why are there no relase notes that have info about what was fixed in the last 2 or more updates? Edit 3/25/17 Timeline is working better, tho there is a few crashing bugs with notifications, creating tweets and scrolling the timeline Edit 11/14/17 Lots of crashes even after clearing the cache
  • I use it begrudgingly 1/5

    By ajwagner
    You’d think a company like Twitter would be quick to update or at the very least, pay attention, to its own utility but this isn’t the case. The software is buggy. It crashes. It freezes. It pops error messages regularly. And, they haven't even bothered to update the character limit — on their on, in-house designed app. I use it because I need it, not because I want it.
  • It’d be nice if the official app updated to 280 characters 2/5

    By choi9999
    There’s a lot that’s mediocre about the official Twitter app. Still, you’d think they’d at least launch an updated version once they made the shift to 280 characters.
  • Await character extension limit 3/5

    By open ambush
    Overall I would prefer using Mac’s twitter feature than from actual site primarily because I have the option of not seeing images till I click on them. Another I’m waiting for twitter to release it’s 280 character limit for Mac OS and get the feeling the app developers aren’t on top of it as much as they are by iOS apps.
  • 280 characters - Hello 2/5

    By ThunderRoadJoe
    Still limits posts to 140.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Porfon223
    Crashes constantly and still no update to allow 280 character tweets. Just kill the app if you’re not going to support it.
  • Buggy software, crashes, not honoring the new 280-char limit 2/5

    By arpieb
    The software randomly locks out live reloads on my MBP when it comes out of sleep mode, or my desktop when I restart, requiring a Force Quit. Spurious outright crashes on post, and buggy update notifications re new tweets or interactions. Also not allowing use of the new 280-character limit (still restricted to 140). Twitter hasn't touched this app since May, so obviously doesn't care about the macOS community.
  • Charaters 2/5

    By Majorip4
    So where’s the ability to send up to 280 characters that Twitter just permitted? Works on mobile app and website but not this app. Come on Twitter
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By zxcv000
    You lock other app developers out from your API, forcing them to omit all the new features you add to Twitter. Then you neglect your own app, which you force people to use. This app is locked to 140 characters, bugs out on quote tweets, and still runs an unintuitive UI from 2011. Nobody wants to use your slow, bloated web UI that doesn’t even stream in new tweets!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Evan Collins
    I can not believe that Twitter would allow its Mac app to be degraded to that state. It constantly crashes, and is unfortunately completely unusable. Twitter, please fix your Mac app and dedicate a couple engineers to this. Thanks
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Heheh dud
    Cant reply to tweets, it just does an @ to yourself. Still locked to 140. Useless.
  • This is a very lazy app team 1/5

    By RGhünnter
    I *wish* Twitter would give its official Mac client just as much love as it gives to its iPhone/Android clients. This design is outdated, the newest features and utilities are missing, and many old things that have been on Twitter for iPhone for years have never reached Twitter for Mac. Please update it just as often and make your apps unified, WE THE USERS EXIST AND RESIST.
  • Buggy, Memory hog, Performs awful on private conversations — plus One Tip! 2/5

    By Garance-D
    I’ve been using this App-Store version of Twitter for a long time. I don’t know why it has taken so long for me to write a review, or to even think of looking at other people’s reviews! I run this on two Mac Pros, both of which have 16-gig (or more!) of memory. If this application is left running for a long time, the process for it can build up a huge amount of memory. It isn’t quite as bad as it used to be, but it’s still pretty annoying. It also crashes occasionally, which seems to be tied to whatever is showing up in my streams on Twitter. I *might* be able to go two weeks without a crash, only to have two or three crashes in a matter of a few minutes. As I type this, I cannot think of any other application that I run which crashes on my Macs. I expect that I do have some, and that I simply stopped using them. There are a few twitter users which I have long conversations with via private messages. There are times when selecting the conversation for one of those users can be hung for several *minutes* before I can do anything with it, using up 100% of a CPU all the time Twitter is stuck there. I either have to force-quit it, or I have to just wait until the Twitter app wakes up again. If Twitter has been running for a long time, then performance on these private conversations can sometimes be improved by just quitting and then restarting the Twitter app. One helpful trick I have discovered: For those of you who are comfortable with unix comands, look in ~/Library/Containers/com.twitter.twitter-mac/Data/Library/Caches. I find that if I periodically remove all the subdirectories of that directory, performance in the Twitter app can get *much* better (especially if I have gone for several weeks without doing this). This should be safe to do, since this should be nothing but a cache of information which exists at, and which will be downloaded again if it is actually needed. I have never noticed a problem which seemed to be connected to removing those directories. Although I will say that you should quit *first*, then remove the directories, and then start it back up. I have never done it while Twitter was running!
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By Aaron Burr Had it Coming
    The Twitter for Mac app used to be great - then it was updated a few versions ago and is now the buggiest piece of software I’ve ever used. I shouldn’t get the spinning pinwheel of doom just refreshing my feed. Please revert back to what used to work and fix this garbage app!
  • constantly freezes 1/5

    By trvsm
    freezes every time i scroll through a Moments story. have to force quit. reinstalled but still happens.
  • Yikes. Don’t download if on High Sierra 2/5

    By @abeforee
    Desperately needs an update. I’m on High Sierra, and the twitter app on multiple occasions has crashed and locked up the entire OS. Only thing that responds is moving the mouse. Majority of the time you have to power cycle to get working again, so good luck if you have unsaved stuff you’ve been working on.
  • hasn’t been updated in a while 2/5

    By len5
    Twitter app needs an update. still so many bugs and things that just don’t work the correct way all the time.
  • MacBook version still shows 140 characters 1/5

    By mkirk63
    My twitter account has been gracefully granted the new 280 character limit, but this app still only shows 140 for me…
  • update! now!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By cissu
    update! now!!!!!!!!
  • buggy on desktop 2/5

    By robotgas
    I love twitter and all of the information I’m able to gather with it, however this version is crazy buggy. Whenever you scroll down to read, it automatically jumps when a new tweet comes in. It doesn’t go all the way to the top- just up however many tweets came in. I’ve tried clicking and unclicking the “scroll to the top” box in preferences, but it makes no difference. I’ve restarted, yadda yadda yadda, but it doesn’t fix it. The phone version works great. I guess I’ll start using on safari until they fix it. Makes me nauseous.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Tisahi
    i don’t see why this app has such low raitings its pretty good. only thing is missing is me being able to dm someone a tweet.
  • Why 1/5

    By descripticon
    Why is this app so unbelieveably horrible? I’m not going into UX problems, because you folks know what they are. You didn’t make this app by accident. It’s completely unforgivable by any UX standards, and total BS coming from devs as talented as yours.
  • Fix it 2/5

    By Howzball
    The app works fine its just the reconnect pop-ups and the continue with delay pop up that I can’t get over. Why can’t we turn that crap off and have the app just work on its own without bothering me.
  • very good, but it crashes when sendign and viewing DMs in high sierra 4/5

    By ke7zum
    I contacted support about this, however the app crashes when viewing and writing direct messages. I have to use direct messages on the twitter website or use tweetings on the phone.
  • What happened to QC? 1/5

    By Jay Doub
    I updated to this when they blocked my previous version from connecting to this service. This is the most buggy piece of software from a major company I’ve ever seen. Just to give two examples of things that used to work but no longer work: If my laptop is off the Internet for more than an hour (say on a plane or a train) the client crashes. Also several times a week it produces a spurious message saying there are too many clients connected and do I want stop live updates (which is a pain if you have 3+ twitter handles). As a former software manager, I kept expecting that these obvious bugs would get corrected quickly, and am shocked that there have been no updates for six months. Do these people even know what they’re doing?
  • Adding a GIF file erases the “@-reply” 3/5

    By writesnrights
    I have always liked this app, but the most recent version has a consistent glitch that is really bothering me. Whenever I’m in a twitter thread replying to someone, if I add a .gif file (found using the GIF archive on twitter), it will erase the @-reply to the person I’m tweeting. So once the .gif file is added and I send the tweet, it is no longer part of the thread and you can’t tell that I’m replying to a specific person/tweet. This does not happen when I’m replying to myself to create a thread of tweets, it only happens when I’m replying to another user. Please fix this! It’s driving me nuts.
  • Update Frequency 2/5

    By Alireza3335
    The update frequency of macOS version of the app is not the same as the one for iOS version.
  • It’s ok, but...Unstable & Missing Obvious Features 2/5

    By bdizzlefizzle
    So, it meets the bare minimum features bar. BUT…very unstable. Hangs a lot, or crashes a lot. Trouble keeping a live stream connected. And how is there no ability to save a tweet before sending? Given how unstable the app is, I can’t write a bunch of tweets to send throughout the day because the app will crash and I’ll lose everything. Draft versions and SCHEDULING would be sweet! Please?
  • A total mess 1/5

    By GarrettCRW
    The macOS version of the Twitter app is an utter disaster. Since switching to it (primarily for the ability to sync with my phone, and because Tweetbot doesn’t allow you to send gifs in DMs), I’ve had the following issues: -Memory issues: As I use the app over a day or so, it will slowly take up over a GB of memory, sapping my system’s resources. Mind you, I have no powerhouse, but this gets annoying. -Slowdown: Especially when I’m DMing a friend (we have a rather huge DM history), the app will slowdown, going into full beach ball mode for a minute before my message shows at sent on my computer (long after it shows as sent on my phone). -Notifications not showing up: Notifications regularly show up well after they do on my phone. -New tweets/notifications delayed: Related to the above, it’ll take ages for new Tweets, DMs, and Notifications to show up well after they do on my phone. -Dock/app icon issues: The Dock and in-app new Tweet notifications do not go away as they should. So, all in all, AVOID until Twitter fixes this mess. If they ever do.
  • Apparently broken under High Sierra 1/5

    By cellodad
    Putting aside matters of UI and features, it appears that the application is not functioning properly under OS X High Sierra beta. The app crashes about every 5-10 minutes. I’ve done my own diagnostics and looked over the preferences. I’ve been sending reports every time it crashes. For the moment and for me, this application is not functional.
  • Embarrassingly bad 1/5

    By Sam_Marcus
    No excuse for such a pathetic application from a company this size. They claim they don’t have suficient resources to develop this internally, which speaks to their level of commitment to macOS. Just use Tweetbot or stick to the browser, don’t even bother with this. It’s miserable.
  • Getting better but 1/5

    By gnomehole
    A good way to run up the fans on your Mac. What a processor hog!
  • No nearly the same functions as ios. Do these developers not use this app? 1/5

    By Ayrtons41
    Can’t DM tweets natively. Can’t tweet media without downloading the file. Videos sometimes cannot play. Which will be nice, since videos in the ios version prevent you from keep scrolling the app. But here i could just keep both screens at the same time. There’s no handoff support, which would be awesome if it would remember my place in the timeline. Also you got so much space in the side bar, maybe you can allow people to put there accounts or conversations or hashtags people would like to keep their eyes on. No proper full screen window, which for such a large company and for 2016 is shameful. You guys own tweetdeck, you know how to make a full screen-pro user ui.
  • Please make it like the iOS App 2/5

    By jevandass
    The iOS App is pretty much (almost) perfect. Full Screen and Split screen options would be great to have.
  • App Redesign 3/5

    By The Fantastic Mr. K
    Please redeisgn the Twitter app for macOS. It looks outdated, and not only that, but it’s way too small! I want to be able to get the full screen experience. Thank you
  • Up to 3 stars now… still a quirk or two 3/5

    By Quiberon Bay
    I find that performance is very solid on the whole. It’s easier to see and switch between multiple accounts than it is on Tweetbot. However, the notifications are broken. The little bird will show blue in the menu bar, but no longer fills in below to show you exactly what account, etc. has a notification. I reinstalled but to no avail.
  • "Live Stream is Off" 1/5

    By f.x.l.
    The app constantly gives me messages that "Live Stream is Off" and offers to "Continue with Delay" or "Reconnect". It says that there are too many copies of Twitter for Mac logged in as my account. The only thing I can think of is that since my computer is connected via both Ethernet and Wifi that it is making 2 connections. But this is the only app that seems to complain about it. Since I have 6 Twitter accounts, I have to either force kill the app, or click through the message 6 times.
  • Constant Crashes on 10.13 beta. 3/5

    By cflemtx
    I know you are suprised. Twitter… please update this app to be the SAME as the iOS version! Can the NOT look and function the SAME? It isnt hard.
  • App literally slows down to a crawl over time 1/5

    By Brzilian
    I cannot leave this app open during the day anymore. If I do leave it open for several hours, it becomes unresponsive and the feed scrolling becomes extremely laggy. The only solution is to quit and restart.
  • Windows version much better 2/5

    By FilmPro08
    This version needs a serious update. The Windows version allows for cleaning up of the UI, and the tab feature is wonderful. Please bring these to MacOS!
  • Just OK; direct messaging crashes app 3/5

    By Jenamin730
    I primarily lurk in Twitter, so I don’t need a third-party app with all the bells and whistles. But there’s one feature on this app — direct messaging — that I have never been able to use successfully. Whether I click the icon or right-click on a tweet to DM, the app crashes. Very frustrating. It is a good app if you’re just reading and sharing tweets. I just wish Twitter would fix DM. It’s a pain to switch to my iPhone just to DM people.
  • it 1/5

    By 7__nirvana__2
    This app is full of bugs

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