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Twitter is the best way to connect, express yourself and discover what’s happening. • Connect with people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives. • Express yourself with photos, videos and comments. • Discover what's happening. Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.

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  • No settings 1/5

    By ReadyWife
    Need to update in order to have settings like the original twitter. Let alone to be able to use dark mode. The iMac version is horrible compared to all the other systems
  • Very Broken 1/5

    By aforty
    I’ve watched this app get worse and worse over time and I’m about ready to give up on it. After I bring my computer back from sleep then almost every time Twitter will complain about “Live Stream is Off.” It will does this for every account (and I have about 5 enabled) but then keep presenting the dialog over and over again, multiple times per account. I can’t even quit the app inbetween because of how rapidly the dialog fires continuesly. Maybe just automatically handle this (stay offline and come online again when possible?) or maybe just show this ONCE for the entire app, not for every single account. Please get your $**t together.
  • Lag When Scrolling on Sierra 3/5

    By ClassicsRox
    The app does what it’s supposed to do, but there’s a lot of lag when scrolling on the new MacBook Pro with Sierra. Also would be nice to have a full-screen view instead of small window.
  • Unusable for DMs 1/5

    By daraeman
    Revised review for 4.2.4: DMs take forever (if at all) to update, which is completely unnacceptable. Twitter is obviously ignoring its desktop users, while refusing to allow access to the full API, which would allow third party developers to make usable desktop clients.
  • Stops updating 1/5

    By tommasz
    Once upon a time the official Twitter app could scroll new tweets as they came in, just like every other Twitter app. But now, the official Twitter app from the people who bring you Twitter can only intermittently manage to do that. The competition (Twitterific) works just fine, oddly enough. This app shouldn’t be free, they should pay you to use it! Or you can just get Twitterific and not have to restart it every ten minutes.
  • version 4.2.4 1/5

    By scam artists here
    This app is the greatest disappointment . . . EVER! It NEVER keeps up with the notifications on my computer! It FREQUENTLY freezes and hours can go by without bringing the posts current! What a waste of time and money to try making this BS app try to work on a Mac! Please think twice about throwing your money away on this app! No matter what I put for a nickname, it will not accept my review! I wonder why?
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By Steve Gunns
    Every time I try to tweet something, it crashes! I uninstalled and downloaded it again and it still happens
  • Embarrassingly bad 1/5

    By Sam_Marcus
    No excuse for such a pathetic application from a company this size. They claim they don’t have suficient resources to develop this internally, which speaks to their level of commitment to macOS. Just use Tweetbot or stick to the browser, don’t even bother with this.
  • App crashing on 2 macs using # 1/5

    By MikeCFII
    When trying to type a tweet on my macbook pro and my iMac using the app, as soon as I type a # followed by any letter the app crashes and I need to restart the app. Has happened many times this morning and is unusable as is.
  • 4.1.1 1/5

    By Mach.80
    4.1.1 is worse than 4.0 on Mac. Keeps crashing every few minutes. Thanks for finding those bugs and sticking them back in there. Just did an update. Now it crashes when you try and tweet. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1.
  • App Keeps Crashing!!! 3/5

    By Michael Kennedy
    Twitter app on Mac keeps crashing over and over. It displays an error dialog box that says to download the app from the Mac App Store. I have done this multiple times and it still keeps crashing over and over and over. What’s going on? Fix this ASAP!
  • Crash & Burn 2/5

    By TheRaggedyMom
    Love this app. Use it on a daily basis. But don’t use a #hashtag or you will CRASH & BURN and wonder if you tweet went out! Not cool.
  • When will this be updated? 1/5

    By Garys Itunes
    New features abound: Mute, Group DM. Not on the Mac App. Oh, and if you use it to block someone, be extra careful as it tends to block someone you were following instead. Come on, twitter. Fix this. Update. It’s slow. Painfully slow. It’s rediculous. Come on Twitter. Fix this!
  • Crashes using hashtags 3/5

    By negece
    Worked fine until the update that contained ‘various bugfixes’ not it constantly crashes when I use hashtags. Makes it unusable.
  • Few problems, but one irritates me. 2/5

    By AduroTri
    Well, while I’ll likely continue using it, with the latest update, I’ve found that it crashes with the use of HashTags. Which is odd as I didn’t have the issue after updating. It just seems like…the issue just sprang up randomly. It’s such a strange bug. Please fix this issue as quickly as you possibly can.
  • Wish I could rate ZERO 1/5

    By Majorip4
    Crashes when typing hash then any character. Report gets sent to Apple but I never hear anything. Twitter needs to get their act together. No wonder they are laying people off
  • I want to like it but it keeps crashing my computer 1/5

    By aaronrjs
    Seems really useful, but after a while it just crashes and takes down my computer with it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Alex Rodriguez
    My app will not close/quit. I have uninstalled it on my brand new MacBook Air just bought 2 days ago, and it still is staying on my screen. It will not let me shut down until the app is closed out but I cant close it out
  • Two Factor is Fixed - Finally! 4/5

    By Binaryspiral
    Finally they updated the app to support TFA on OS X 10.10.
  • Seriously? Crashes when typing a hashtag? 1/5

    By Random Gemini
    Twitter is all ABOUT the hashtag. You may as well not tweet if you can’t put a hashtag on things without the app crashing. And yet, every time I type a hash mark… BOOM! It crashes and I send a report to Apple. I know what app I won’t be using anymore and you shouldn’t either.
  • Just absolutely horrible. 1/5

    By mikes63737
    == 4.2.4 Still bad but getting better. Auto scroll-to-top very broken. Doesn’t crash as frequently as it has. Still weird issues with images, like closing when when a new tweet comes in, taking a long time to open, needing to click things 12839 times to open, etc. 4.2.4 Edit: Nope, nevermind… NOT getting better. Now if you’re viewing someone’s profile you’ll get kicked back to your timeline if a new tweet comes in. == 4.1.3 Still garbage. Expanded pictures close when a new tweet comes in. Videos that are playing inline restart when a new tweet comes in. Crashes when opening an individual tweet or account. New update introduces HUGE delays in new tweets showing up. == 4.1.2 This is an embarassingly bad app for a company such as Twitter. Frequent crashes if you interact with the app at all. If you enlarge an image, the next incoming tweet will close it. Some buttons/links take multiple clicks to work. The app is fine if you use it 100% passively (just watching new tweets come in. Has gotten WORSE in recent updates.
  • Freezing Issue Seems to Be Fixed 3/5

    By Matt Shepherd
    Looks like it at least doesnt freeze up every 20 minutes. That is a start.
  • Can’t log in 2/5

    By Alexey Chernyak
    After pushing sign in button, empty window pop-up and there is nothing in it.
  • Really unfortunate 1/5

    By kevpru
    As mentioned in prior reviews, this app does not allow for signing in with two-factor authentication (tested on macOS Sierra). Bugs are a reality of software, but after several weeks without recognition or word from Twitter Support (@Support), it leaves one wondering if this is app is actually being taken seriously.
  • Please fix add to list bug 3/5

    By gfxman65
    The add to list drop down menu only shows 20 lists but Twitter allows more than 20 lists to be created. I totally manage my use of Twitter using lists and this bug means I cannot add people to a list if the list I want to use is not in the 20 shown. 3-stars for me until this is fixed. - This is still a problem with the latest update. Surely this is trivial to fix?
  • Doesn’t support Two-factor Authentication 1/5

    By kmjansenNCSU
    C’mon Twitter, this is a great app that is unusable because of this persistent, universal, two-factor authentication bug. Fix it, and I would use this app a lot and probably give it 5 stars. But, since I cannot even login, it’s 1 star useless.
  • How many updates before fixing 2FA in macOS Sierra?!?! 1/5

    By brianmatiash
    Honestly, Twitter. It’s embarassing that you haven’t gotten around to fixing this ridiclous blank 2 Factor Authentication pop up screen when logging onto an account that uses it. Rather than disable it, I’m moving back to Tweetbot. It’s a shame that I have to lose out on native features like Polls but I’m not about to degrade my account security because you guys are too slow to fix this issue. Such a shame.
  • authenticate 1/5

    By MrAgapiGC
    the autetication screen is blank no where to add the code. i get the token but no where to added on the screen
  • 2 versions in, and still no fix for 2-factor authentication. 1/5

    By redningja
    After logging in, a blank popup appears (I assume for 2fa), and then nothing. 2 versions, and the most secure users are unable to use this app.
  • Memory usage bug is still not fixed 3/5

    By ZoraLink
    (nor is the bug I reported 4 years ago, the bug is in iOS app too, with the timeline not letting me start off from where I left off (it did do that before Twitter bought the company that did the app)) The app easy hit over 1GB of RAM usage after just a while of use, other than that it is a good app. New bug occored recently where if you view your DMs Twitter will CPU spike to 15% CPU and cause the Mac’s fans to go full speed, this is in the last 3 versions Why are there no relase notes that have info about what was fixed in the last 2 or more updates?
  • Two factor authentication popup shows blank screen 1/5

    By Kin Gold
    I try to use Twitter mac app with two factor authentication enabled on my Twitter account. Everytime, I sign in, it texts me with my two factor code, but the popup where I suppose to enter the code is always blank. The app doesn’t work on macOS Sierra
  • Still really funny 1/5

    By Farmikev
    I don’t know what the bugs were with 4.2.1, other than it not being able to deal with two factor. 4.2.2 still couldn’t deal with it. 4.2.3 came out today. Can it deal with two factor? Nope. Listen, Twitter, if you don’t want to support this app, that’s fine. I’m sure not many people use it. But if you aren’t going to support it and make it work, take it down from the app store. I find it to be more convenient to have this app open than use my phone, but I’m not going to turn off two factor out of sheer principle. I want to see how long it takes for you to fix this.
  • Terrible. How is this app getting *worse* with updates? 1/5

    By renevas
    Lol “bug fixes"
  • Worst MacOS app 1/5

    By hot-wasabi
    This application is awful. If I stop the twitter stream it never restarts again properly. It hangs when I pick “scroll to top”, and won’t properly scroll down. I have to kill and restart this frozen app multiple times a day. Was this even tested on Sierra??? Please fix this application, it makes the Twitter service look bad having such a horrible app.
  • Can’t even Log in using 2FA 1/5

    By Undercurr3nt
    Not able to log in using 2 factor authentication - text verification screen just white - GG.
  • no send tweet via dm? 1/5

    By deadheadded
    or sticker capability???
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Neumuzik
    Needlessly causes my Mac to slow down at startup, crashes 4-5 times a week (sometimes more) and is generally something to avoid. Use the iOS version instead. This one’s trouble.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By AngryRedCardinalBird
    In my experience, the app is getting smoother and the quirks are resolving. I’m not having any of the issues that other reviewers are having with the latest update, but I just did a clean install of MacOS. The app is worth it.
  • New version is broken 1/5

    By EzE1313
    You’ve got like one more day to fix this Twitter App before I decide to pay for someone else's App. I was always good with the stock Twitter App but this update is broken. Everything loads super slow. You literally get the spinning beach ball everytime you click anywhere.
  • Sierra... 1/5

    By Grafovich
    Was not bad before the last update. Now it’s freezing like hell :( Not good.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By thomasruns
    It constantly pops up saying “Live stream interrupted, would you like to reload or turn off?”. Every single time it bounces the dock icon (no option to turn off) and there’s no way to tell it to just default to turning it off if it’s not working.
  • 2 step verification on macos sierra not working 1/5

    By stiassni
    Since the update, the 2 step verification on macos sierra not working window is blank. I do get the code from Twitter, but I can not type it in...
  • still a mess. how?? 1/5

    By bmosley
    *Updated review for 4.2.2* Crashes every time I get a DM now. Constant beachball and performance issues with new version to the point where i have to use the webclient to actually use twitter on my mac now. Using a recent MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and current on all OS X updates. Fix this. Also, the UI is massive and needs to have a tighter/smaller option. takes up too much space and isn’t needed. I like where you’re going with the dark design.. just feels unfinished. Twitter should be lightening fast, super responsive and lightweight. Hire a team of engineers with macOS experience. They are quite abundant in your area.
  • MacOS Sierra Issues 2/5

    By Satiated
    Was sluggish and running poorly after I did a Sierra update. I ended up doing a fresh install with Sierra and the app is still having issues. I’ve see memory issues (taxing the processor), slowness and freezing when clicking any images, etc. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon but as of right now, a pretty poor experience and I need to restart the app from time to time.
  • Nice Update…NOT 1/5

    By Ja3s0n
    With this recent update to Twitter they really dropped the ball. The app freezes EVERY SINGLE TIME you click anything on the app. It only works to scroll on your feed. If you want to click a link or any kind of button on the side of the app, it crashes and you have to force quit. I am running a MBPr 2015 and running OS Sierra. TERRIBLE UPDATE. Do they not test it before it goes out? The app doesn’t work. Advice to Twitter…fire whoever was in charge of quality control for this. oh, and LOL @ the last update being labeled “bug fixes”. Was the app actually working considered a bug?
  • merrr 2/5

    By -no
    Ever since updating to Sierra, this app freezes EVERY TIME I use it on my otherwise well-running mbp
  • 2 Step Verification Issue 2/5

    By Golucid
    Since updating to Sierra, unable to verify 2 step verification with the Twitter App. I am propted, but all tha tappears is a solid wide square screen where I should imput data. Nothing populates. Una le to verificy. Called AppleCare. The brilliant mind at Apple suggested I disable the fearture at Twitter, log in to the app and then re-emable 2 step verification. Voila, it works. Please Twitter, fix this issue. Thank you Apple!
  • A step back with this “upgrade" 2/5

    By The Mace
    I was actually really happy with the prior version of the twitter client. My main gripe was the lack of video playback. For some reason Twitter decided to not only add those missing elements but change a lot of the interface. Now its slow and clunky, I can’t copy usernames from their profile page, I get odd notifications and the colors stink. If I could downgrade to the prior version I would as the video playback is not worth all that was lost. I found an older version that hadnt updated on one of my other computers. I saved it aside and copied it back to my other machines so im back to running 3.1.2. The trick to not have it constantly update on you is to put the old version somewhere else (outside of Applications, like your user home folder). Then run the old one and pin it in your dock etc. The new one will keep updating and being crappy and you can ignore it. Several updats since the original review and yet its still slow as heck and slows down over time. Still a terrible update.
  • Not working on macOS Sierra 1/5

    By JoseloMiguelo19
    I’ve tried to log in into my account, but nothing happens. Can you guys release a fix for this?
  • Used to be great a while back 2/5

    By patrick-vrd
    Since Twitter stopped allowing third party developers to improve on it’s client it really doesn’t do much for me anymore.

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