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See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live commentary. Be part of what everyone is talking about and get videos, live footage and Moments, direct from the source. Join in on all the action by sharing what’s happening in your world. On Twitter you can post comments, photos and videos. There is no better way to have your voice heard.


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  • Buggy, crashes often, and doesn’t support the new character limit 1/5

    By severdia
    This is a sad piece of software from one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It’s clearly no longer supported and you should save yourself the headache and find another app.
  • Very Annoying: accidental swipe on mouse dumps compostion! 2/5

    By Buckfunster
    App dumps a composed email message if I accidently swipe on my mouse. I don’t see how to recover from that. I’ve taken to composing in an editor to avoid this. Otherwise a good App, time for a new release.. This is coming up on a year old. Thanks Twiiter!
  • The redheaded stepchild of Twitter clients. 1/5

    By packetrat
    Twitter has only done surface updates on the MacOS client for the last year. It doesn't support the new longer Tweet format, so you're still hard-limited to 140 characters. It crashed frequently on the latest version of MacOS. And its handling od media is horrible. The web client is actually more functional than this native client. Worst possible experience from an oficial app ever.

    By intermisssion
    Twitter created new features (like how they doubled the character limit or the thread in one tweet option) that were included right away in the iOS and Android apps yet the Desktop app has failed to stay updated and it’s honestly really frustrating to use it knowing that I could do way more from my phone. We really need an update. P l e a s e, give us an update.
  • 280 Hello 1/5

    By dogolaca
    When are you updating to allow 280 character tweets?
  • UPDATE? 1/5

    By Majorip4
    When will this app get updated to support the 280 characters?
  • This app still limited to 140 characters! 1/5

    By Robocub
    WHy is the official Twitter desktop app still limited to 140 characters???
  • Terrible. Not even updated for extra charcters 1/5

    By panoptic
    Maybe the worst client I’ve ever used. They have not even updated this app to allow for use of 280 charcters. I guess I will spend money on a different client.
  • Pretty much junk 1/5

    By gumbright
    Mostly a steaming pile. How long now is it that 280 chars was introduced and this, their own app, still does not support it? The only thing the app has going for it is it gives you a reasonably clean sequntial feed, without all the crap the mobile app throws in. I assume that will go away should it finally get updated.
  • The 140 character limit 3/5

    By Robert Ryan
    I believe it’s been a month or two since the 280 character limit was rolled out. I’m disappointed to see this hasn’t been integrated with the official macOS Twitter client.
  • Crash city. 1/5

    By chung123
    Will this app ever get updated? At least to get it stable.
  • Pay for Twitter apps, or don’t have one worth downloading 1/5

    By Will1477
    So… Just downloaded this and I notice all the paid apps have the 280 character limit, but this one doesn’t. I’m just like… okay… not paying $10 for thatt. Twitter, get yo ish togetha please.
  • Needs 280 characters 3/5

    By chadbowen918
    This app worked very well for what I needed, until Twitter updated to 280 characters. It’s silly that a native app is keeping up with Twitter policy months after the rollout.
  • Wont log out 1/5

    By Macutore99
    app wont log out on Mac. its useless, rather to to the site
  • wut 1/5

    By qbn
    Why do I need an icon in the menu bar? Thanks for taking up space.
  • Needs Update 1/5

    By wsrphoto
    Twitter hasn’t updated the app for 280 characters as they have IOS apps, and it’s buggy at times, losing stream compared to IOS app. You have to remove cache, quit and restart app to fix.
  • Can you update your application please? 2/5

    By Michiev0us
    The character limit was increased to 280 but you haven’t updated since last March.
  • Still doesn’t support 280 chars 1/5

    By Mickeleh
    Twitter’s own official app for Mac OS is stuck at the old limit of 140 chars. Not worth discussing any of the other feature until they update it. Only thing worthwhile is the price: zero If you want to tweet up to the full limit, Try Tweetbot ($9.99) or Twitterific (19.99) instead. Or stick to the web client (free)
  • The Fogoten Client 1/5

    By Andygergen
    I actually have always prefered this to other apps. Its light weight, thin, suports mutliple accounts easy enough and auto scrolling is nice. The problem is, all the updates Twitter makes universally come to their official MacOS app WAAAAAAYYY late. Its the begininng of 2018 and its still limited to 140 characters!!!!
  • Buggy software, crashes, not honoring the new 280-char limit 1/5

    By arpieb
    The software randomly locks out live reloads on my MBP when it comes out of sleep mode, or my desktop when I restart, requiring a Force Quit. Spurious outright crashes on post, and buggy update notifications re new tweets or interactions. Also not allowing use of the new 280-character limit (still restricted to 140). Twitter hasn't touched this app since May, so obviously doesn't care about the macOS community. Which is ironic considering most of Twitter's dev team is probably using macOS... :P
  • Not updated app 1/5

    By Abdulla 87
    The app is long time not updated; many features are not included. Please update; I have to use the web.
  • UGH :) 1/5

    By Sara96a

    By -Chase
    The page doesn’t fit the screen at all ( its so small ) the version of this app is like the very old version of the same app on phones but worse.

    By oxfdblue
    Let’s see where to being the list of horrible: 1) Doesn’t support 280 characters 2) No built in translation like the phone app 3) Crashes on a daily basis 4) Spinning wheel several times a day 5) When you want to see other info about a tweet- constantly sends you back to the original screen. 6) Search function shows just accounts and/or just handful of tweets- no option for “Latest” It is appalling that the iOS and Android apps are kept up to date, but this one hasn’t been touched in 10 months. Twitter really needs like an massive enema to get rid of the stupid. From the racist and bigoted accounts that are left to spread their miserable hate, to the inability or just laziness to undertake the relative simple mission of updating this app. Some might I ask, why I don’t just use another, third party Twitter app. Well, I have, and they too, while more stable also just are miserable in what they don’t do as well. The Twitter iOS app is just fine and works like a charm. I find it incredible that the same group of people just obviiously couldn’t care about the MacOS version of their app.

    By RickXX6
    Why wouldn’t the Twitter app made by TWITTER not have 280 characters? Please update this app.
  • Unloved application makes it unusable 1/5

    By davidbressler
    Months after Twitter increased the tweet limit to 280 characters and it still doens’t support longer tweets in this mac app. Beyond insane. This app is really terrible, and there’s no reason to use it. Might as well use the browser interface, or better yet, stick with mobile for twitter.
  • Slacker 1/5

    By 96aman96
    Its been so long since twitter transitioned to 2280 characters and the app is still stuck with the 140 character limit… Shame.
  • Abandonware 1/5

    By @nash_
    Complete garbage. Abandonware.
  • Quite good, nothing to write home about 4/5

    By racerhomie
    Please update Tweetdeck. The App runs fine on my MacBook Unibody from late 08 with El Capitan.
  • Are you there?! 1/5

    By Shahin Katebi
    It’s been days since Twitter got 280 characters. But the app is not updated since March! Won’t you plan to update the app with even the little change of character limits?! I’m an App-Lover and I have never used Twitter for web in these 10years. The app is total mess now as it is not synced with “own” companies updates.
  • Not updated tot he new 280 character limit, still janky. 1/5

    By burnte
    This client has been left for dead by Twitter. Avoid.
  • It’s a terrible application! 1/5

    By Rudy_Chasal
    I waited and waited and waited for Twitter to come up with an edit feature. It hasn’t happened. Therefore, I’ve logged out and have no plans to use this application until it comes up with such a feature, which if you think about it, shouldn’t be anything out of this world. However, Twitter has chosen the many account users’ requests to include and edit feature. Either Twitter’s out of touch with its users’ requests or those who are in charge of it don’t care. I can only wish more people would stop using Twitter until it comes up with such a feature.
  • Shameful, disgraceful 1/5

    By LogicAndFacts
    Months after Twitter supported 280 characters this still only does 140. And it counts links. And it counds usernames. This is an abomination. Just quit already.
  • I’d laugh at how bad this is - instead I am crying 1/5

    By KIrkDouglasSD
    This app just isn’t at all what I expected from Twitter, especially at a time they are really trying to create some longevity and win users back. The design of its app is just dated — No true dark mode (black), tons of wasted space on the left navigation bar and worst of all - it doesn’t even support the longer character count they have rolled out. It really just sends the message theat the company doesn’t care and hasn’t made this app a priority at all. Pretty much any other option is a better one than this. Very sad to say because i’d love to have a quality product direct from Twitter but i’m still waiting for that and sadly I am not surprised.
  • Still not updated 1/5

    By BJDeriso
    Still no 280-character support. Tick tock, Twitter.
  • Where is the 280-char support?????? 1/5

    By Walden44
    You’re the last Twitter client on earth to implement support for 280 characters. It can’t be much more than changing a constant somewhere in the code. Let’s get on it!
  • Where’s 280 character limit? 2/5

    By open ambush
    Overall I would prefer using Mac’s twitter feature than from actual site primarily because I have the option of not seeing images till I click on them. Another I’m waiting for twitter to release it’s 280 character limit for Mac OS and get the feeling the app developers aren’t on top of it as much as they are by iOS apps.
  • 240 characters much? How about it??! 1/5

    By ImJustSayin, tho
    Why is this app not updated since May? Its embarrasing that the rest of the world immediately updated to double the characters but this crap that holds so much space is stuck in 2008. What a joke. Find another app, im trying to. IF anyone has suggestions for another client, please share with us frustrated users. Thanks!
  • Not up to date 1/5

    By SP33DRCR
    I’ve tweeted and begged Twitter to update this & I haven’t gotten a response. It’s just ridiculous. Last update was in May? Come on Twitter.
  • In desperate need of an update 1/5

    By Dani_EG
    The iOS app, even the website, is better, but I need multi-account login. I also need my 280 characters, which we can't have here, because it hasn't been udpated yet.
  • Hasn’t been updated since the Clinton Administration 1/5

    By AngryTwitterbot
    When twitter rolls out a new version of anything - photos in tweets? 280 characters? Ability to edit tweets… (admittedly that will never happen on any platform), the MacOs App is always the afterthought and the last to see any features. Might as well just use the browser based client because it’s waaaaay more functional than this crippled and neglected app. It’s actually easier to use your phone than your MacBook with twitter. Jack should be embarrassed.
  • could we get an update on this app please….??? 1/5

    By Tyndale
    It’s been more than a month since the new update released on mobile, Hootsuite and all the other apps that support twitter use. And yet, on this app, it continues to be stuck on 140 characters. May 2017 was an eternity ago… let’s get with the program and get this updated… NOW!
  • Obsolete 1/5

    By Amin3B3n
    It needs to be updated...
  • Why? 1/5

    By Douglas Brown
    I guess this is why Twitter, the company, can’t rise to the levels of Facebook and LinkedIn. This app is horrible. A month after Twitter allowed 240 chars their app does not allow it. So sad… but also.. It crashes and lags. It’s just a sad excuse for an app. Get with it Twitter.. You are, or at least, should be better than this…
  • They haven’t even bothered to update this to 280 chars yet 1/5

    By renevas
    Which tells you everything you need to know about how Twitter handles this.
  • Abandonware 1/5

    By Cazorp.
    Clearly Twitter doesn’t want people using this app. You can’t even make a 280-character tweet. Apple needs to remove this from “Essentials” - it is essential to no one.
  • This app is way too old! 1/5

    By Dimitri Baz
    twitter updated their iOS apps to support the 280 Characters but this app is WAY TOO OLD! TweetDeck is updated frequently!
  • Its become great again 5/5

    By debashishm
    Cool and awesome no bug
  • Awful 1/5

    By Hamsenpai
    Slow and buggy. Don’t know why Twitter won’t fix this idiotic app.
  • Abandoned 1/5

    By NJSeattle
    This app is abandoned. Character limit is still 140 characters. You can’t drag and drop pictures to tweet them.

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