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Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • a bit worse now 2/5

    By DanR_in_CO
    Night mode for navigation is good ... how about night mode when not driving to pick up or drop off? The glare is still dangerous. There is now no way to report uber navigation issues - and they have definitely gotten worse. The text directions didn't match the map display. Uber, are you effing kidding? do you think you don't need feedback on nav issues any more?
  • Newest update is the most annoying!... 3/5

    By Fnktrp
    The most recent update for the driver app has proven to be the worst!... the "new" earnings tab removes the option/feature to be able to compare past weeks and days that may have been most lucrative.. tho I will say it does better outline or explain all transactions. Also they have completely removed anyway to contact support in-app.. they've basically made "help" into a pick and choose style format. Category, then and explanation by uber, and the classic follow up option they give you with the 😊 or ☹️ I would like to see the night screen for the dashboard display as well, and not just on the route map on trip.
  • Insanity 1/5

    By Callmemell
    Uber Drivers: the only people in the world who provide and service and it has become OK for the public not to tip us. Thanks to who? Thanks to UBER!! This is just crazy. Someone needs to stand up for us. This is just one of MANY things wrong.
  • Navigation 3/5

    By College Student (Antonio)
    It should tell us where the client will be going before we pick them up. I understand this might stall the pick up time in some way. While it may reconfigure a new driver, For the client destination.
  • RoadStarxXx 3/5

    By Cosmopoliten
    I'm driving for uber now 2years and I never had issue with the app like other guys writing here. Uber is good company to work for but my only issue will be and stay the tips through the app. My customers never care cash, like my self, so tips in the app system who'd be much easier and more convenient. That's the only reason for 3 stars. Allow us tips tin the app system that's all we need!!!
  • Less than Minimum Wage, NO TIPS 👎 1/5

    By kx11
    Mandatory MUGSHOT: 😡 Use fingerprint, PLEASE like the bank apps. --Not everyone wants their picture taken for Microsoft database. TIPS: not allowed in-app: Not accepted through Uber app -even if the "independent" driver wants/needs this feature. BUGS: 😧Waited over 2hrs: App just kicked me out of queued Airport line (for a nearby non-Airport pickup). --Had to wait ANOTHER 41 MINUTES in the parking lot for a Terminal pickup 😟 Earnings will be deducted 20-30%... even if your trip(S) equal less than minimum wage per hour. Another TNC startup charges drivers a more reasonable 10% Uber should be a flat monthly fee: Per trip deductions of 20-30% are unfair as they do not take into account your time and car costs (fuel, repairs, depreciation) Car Control: *allowed* inefficient, gas guzzling 4-door, 5-seatbelts SUV & pickups are allowed. *Not allowed* hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and or electric vehicles w/ 4-doors, 4-seatbelts.
  • Listen to your Riders & your Drivers Uber!! 1/5

    By Janciiiiii
    Give your customers the choice to tip the drivers!!!! Shame on you Uber! Greedy AF!
  • Add Tip, Apple CarPlay and higher Fare 3/5

    By CordelleHD
    The app tends to freeze during the most busy hours of the day and need to include a tip feature. Please install software so we can use the Apple CarPlay for our vehicles. Another thing that would be nice if Uber mailed us bigger bags to deliver meals with less problems. We should also get Uber T-Shirts for free since we get charged so many fees. Other than that so far so good.
  • Needs to display destination prior to accepting 2/5

    By Firefighterdad44
    This app works fine, but not finding out someone's destination prior to accepting it is stupid. How can I accept a fare and then find out that they want taken someone 1.5 hours ago vs 5 mins away
  • Alerts 3/5

    By VtngBbxdz
    When I have passenger and receiving new request, sometime I can't see it. Specially if I stay on cross street for turning and watch oncoming traffic from the side. If you move alert sound from audio line to phone line, will be great! I have 9 missing requests in 10 days. Alert sound will really help me.
  • Drive with ease 5/5

    By Sugar Ray4
    I love the app. They are always updating it to make it more efficient and easier to work with. The maps are very close to perfect. All my earning have been clearing explained. Uber has been doing a great job for the drivers to stay driving and making money. I also love how they keep me aware of my driving skills so I can better my driver/rider experiences. Five star for sure. If your not a driver you should start.
  • Poor company Communication 2/5

    By Seacoastguy87
    I signed up in January 2017. to be a driver, was told everything was fine and They would be getting back shortly and I never heard back. Since I have an impeccable driving record I am puzzled why they never got back to me one way or another.
  • Needs tons of work 2/5

    By Indiana driver
    No tip option! Does not pay very well unless there is a huge event downtown. The company does not treat drivers well and is involved presently in numerous scandals. Company always sides with rider if there is a complaint. In short, save yourself the trouble and drive for lift. Uber is going to go out of business soon. #deleteuber
  • Application Issues 2/5

    By Sam - Louisville, KY
    A lot of times when I open the app the navigation system doesn't register my actual location. I need to delete the app, restart my phone, and reinstall the app for the system to register my location. I've gone out driving not realizing it before and had to cancel rides because I was 30 minutes from a fare. The system needs an upgrade because I'm tired of doing this every other time I go out to drive. I've been driving for Uber since February 21, 2017 and I've had to do this about twice a week since. I just had to do it again this morning, March 22, 2017, which prompted me to write this review.
  • Fix 2/5

    I would like to say I hope this app makes it to the Apple Watch.. I would fit perfectly with accepting trips while my hands are on the steering wheel as appose to me having to have my eyes off the road to return to the uber app to then accept the trip to then again return to my navigation and continue driving.. if it worked on the watch then I can accept the trip while my eyes are more on the road than looking at my phone.. that is the only reason why I don't have an Apple Watch.. make it work..
  • Add the most requested feature "IN APP TIPPING" instead of useless social media integration. 1/5

    By cbDejaVu
    The biggest issue is still the lack of in-app tipping ability like the competitors such as lyft have built into their app. This is by far the most requested features I hear from customers second to the fact that they hate the new interface. I'm constantly hearing that passengers think new overly complicated interface with all the social networking garbage baked in is frustrating most of my passengers now. They liked it they way it was. Quick and simple. You used to just hit the request ride and you where good to go and now they feel they are being grilled about what they are doing and where they are going and being pestered to share it with other people.
  • No pandora 3/5

    By Jaydogg271
    Like the app. Easy to use. No pandora connectivity thru this version on my iPhone. Not even in the settings. Hopefully it's fixed
  • Bring back the Ask on every trip option 1/5

    By Bigbiy2398473
    Bring back the Ask on every trip option for the gps!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hot jay man
    I am a driver and I love this app.Uber needs to include the in app tip feature.
  • Terrible company, terrible app 1/5

    By Theasiandudeguy
    Uber is an awful company to drive for. They could care less about their drivers. They see ALL drivers as endlessly replaceable. Riders make false accusations and then uber will deactivate drivers, no matter how good every ride before then had been. The riders reflect the disgusting attitude of the CEO. Riders trash your car, puke in your car, slam doors, bang up the trunks, put their feet up like they're at home, the list goes on.
  • Uber Driving Great, Uber App Horrible 2/5

    By PBearBAK
    This is not a statement about driving. Driving is, 99% fun. This rating is about the Uber app and the horrible support from Uber when you have problems. Uber loves to have you on the road making them money and you are reminded of that everywhere you look. But when the problem less with Uber... Forget about help. Help is some offshore center that sees a word they recognize in your message and then sends back a canned response that in no way is in the same zip code as your inquiry. App freezes or will give you a pickup without giving you an address or directions. To summarize, you can make money, you should have fun, and if you have a problem with this app, you will absolutely be frustrated beyond belief.
  • Driver App 3/5

    By Txarmydad
    Enjoy job, thanks for hiring me. I don't complain just to complain, but this weekend something went wrong. When I got requests to accept a rider request while I was transporting a customer, the app won't respond, and I got penalized for not accepting the request. Please look into this issue. Thank you!
  • A great app and a great company 5/5

    By Dkndbdbs
    Great app for Uber drivers. I have only had a few issues with the app over the two years that I've been driving for Uber, and to me that says a lot about how serious Uber is when it comes to making sure that they are quickly resolving issues, and ensuring that they are putting out an effective, and quality product. I notice that there are people who have complained about Uber not being a fair, and good company. I can't speak for those folks, but from my experience so far, Uber is top notch. A great company and I am thankful everyday that I have an opportunity to be a partner with such an amazing company. When I work my butt off, I get a very good paycheck. The Uber staff has taken the time to listen to any issues that I've had thus far, and have quickly resolved them for me. Any inquiries, or questions that I've had, they have been quick to answer me back. Honestly, if you don't like Uber, you can always leave and go to other ride share companies that's out there. Why is that so hard for some people to figure out? I've never heard of Uber forcing anyone to stay with its company. Just like America itself, love it or leave it. 🇺🇸
  • Riders get overcharged. Drivers get jipped! 1/5

    By ScannerJammer
    This company treats drivers poorly and this app is evidence of that. Trips get stuck "processing" when they're done so riders and drivers can't see that the totals don't match, even when fees are taken out. Shame on this company!!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Anisa0223
    Very bad company and very bad customer service
  • Fix This App (Delivery) 3/5

    By RoeLuv
    My app crashes during food deliveries. In the middle of a delivery my app crashed and i had to pull over to reboot my phone. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!
  • Exclusive über app 5/5

    By 7ataR
    Dear Uber, Could you give me some gift, example a car, or give me the good order
  • Uber monopoly 1/5

    By Fight4whats Right!
    Pretty much every complaint as the others rating low. Don't want to waste my time listing in detail, I think enough about Uber's terrible service to its drivers has been said. Boycott this company, use lyft eliminate the monopoly unless their corporate sees the light soon!
  • Missing alerts 1/5

    By amar rideshare
    Notifications sound keep missing
  • Severely lacking requested features. 1/5

    By mnece
    As a driver, Uber is a great way to earn cash. However, the app is setup to restrict information and puts drivers at a disadvantage. 1. Not showing destination before accepting a fare - A driver can drive 15 minutes to pick up a fare and until the rider is in the car, the destination is not known. Therefore, a rider could potentially request a 3 hour ride outside of an area of the driver. I had a fair to an airport 3 hours from me. Sure it's roughly a $200 fair, but then the driver's day is essentially done and you are paying gas for the entire trip. Something like that, you want advance notice. 2. No notifications of Tolls not covered to pick up a rider. -Tolls are only covered when a rider is in the car. If you get called to pick up a rider on the side of a toll, it isn't covered. So, if I get request where I pass through a toll BEFORE I pick up a rider, I'll ignore it. So I won't be crossing any tolls without a rider. Its unfair to pay out of pocket without reimbursement. However, ignoring it brings down the acceptance rating. It's unfortunate my acceptance rate will take a hit for it. It's a lose-lose scenario for drivers. 3. Cancel fees during surge periods do not count as surge rates - If a driver gets called for a surge fare , drives 10 minutes to get to the fare, then the rider doesn't show (after the required 5 minutes) only a flat fee of 3.75 is earned for 15 minutes of driving. RIP OFF!!! 4. Specify UBERXL or UBERX fare only - If you have an XL vehicle and during busy times, you can't limit to XL rates only. Therefore, you can be on a lower fare and miss out on UBERXL rates.
  • No tips on Uber app 1/5

    By Vernon Huang
    There are not options for riders to add tips, so many clients always ask me the same question that can I add tips for you through Uber app? Why don't Uber have tips options? But lyft does.
  • Horrible Nav 1/5

    By skipper21136
    The GPS freezes at least once per order. Those missed turns add a significant amount of travel time in dense urban areas. It's rendered it essentially unusable.
  • NYITal 1/5

    Uber rips off its drivers by surging customers after the trip is done and paying the drivers base rate minus minus. Don't drive for Uber if you have even a shred of sense of local community
  • Freezes and crashes more often than not 1/5

    By T Stowe
    This app would be amazing if not for the last update. The app has been constantly freezing while on trips, navigation stops working, and it just makes driving a WHOLE lot more frustrating and difficult. Please fix this bug ASAP so we can do our jobs well! Thanks.
  • Use my code for a $300 driver sign on bonus 5/5

    By TheUberOne
    Feel free to use my referral code if your interested in signing up to drive uber or if your a rider you'd like a discount on an uber ride. All locations can use these codes, Uber driver referral ($300 sign on bonus for new drivers): NAWWEUE Uber rider referral code ($10 rider credit for your first ride): KENESHAM2 Hope this helps! Have an awesome day!
  • Tips 1/5

    By Marcfitness
    DO NOT DELIVER FOOD FOR UBER. They don't pay well the app doesn't even have a opción for tips AND Uber cut the miles you drove so they have to pay you less
  • Suggested fixes 3/5

    By PadreTD
    I have been driving for Uber part time since July of 2016. And I really enjoy this work! No, no one has puked or worse in my car and if they did there IS a feature which allows me to fine the person who did! If you have a car that can pass the inspection and if your driving record would qualify you to do this, DO IT!!! It's fun and you can make some money. Now, While the app is excellent at sending notifications to drivers and all the logistics of making sure fees are correct etc., BUT it's not perfect and there are a few things I have noted that really do need to be addressed or changed: 1) Passengers need to be able to be able to drag the pin to their actual location (and be cued to do so) so the drivers don't get frustrated passengers entering their cars. In St. Paul, the app consistently drops the pin for passenger pickup in Alleyways BEHIND the passengers home, which has frustrated my passengers on many occasions (both dropping off and picking up) issues: poorly lighted and is not safe for anyone. 1a) Passengers need to be informed to NOT leave the place to which they have called the driver!!! These issues are linked because often times they'll realize the pin was dropped in a spot difficult to get to by car so they'll walk to a nearby parking lot and wait for me to call them and ask where they are.... lovely and generous on their part, but I had just spent an extra 10 minutes going out of my way to get to that exact location -- now where they aren't. If they could manually drag the pin... issue solved. 1b) if the passengers ARE able to drag the pin now, VERY few are aware of that feature. They need to be cued differently when they call for a driver. 2) HOORAY for the lowlight setting on the navigation page!!! I am grateful that this feature suddenly worked last night for the first time, HOWEVER, it did not automatically change until about 11:30 PM. Perhaps a toggle switch to manually override if driver prefers the lowlight option? 3) Volume control of navigation WHILE passenger is in the car. Right now it is either on (and super loud) or muted. 4) need a clearer way of letting drivers know if next ride is within the surge area or not. Last night I was in an area of 3X and was called to pick up a passenger 12 minutes away-- well outside the surge. As in "0" surge. The app took me OUT of the area with few drivers to pick up someone outside the surge area. Madness!!! 5) I am NEVER AGAIN wanting to drive 20-30 minutes for a minimum fare. Nope. THAT has to stop. Last night I had 3 of those. 6) Tips. I like me some tips, but contrary to what some drivers have apparently asked for, I do NOT want the ability for passengers to tip through the app. HOWEVER, of my 12 rides last night 8 asked me how UBER works, how I got paid, etc and of those eight 100% were under the impression that they are not SUPPOSED to tip the drivers. I simply said, "Well that changed. For all Uber drivers tips are welcome and very much appreciated." PLEASE put something on the Passenger a app informing them that your driver appreciates tips for a nice ride where you arrive safely at your next destination. 7) allow drivers to inform Uber Navigation when road closures occur, bad accidents arise, or the like. Other apps do that, but I'd prefer to NOT have to leave the Uber app to do my navigation. 8) PLEASE bring back an ad less version of pandora for drivers! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Thank you for listening. Mark
  • Uber is not a company to work for. 1/5

    By Gorberg
    I'm not going to recommend Uber Driver app. Why? Uber pulls the resale value out of your car to Pay YOU. Uber needs to compensate and pay the drivers real money so they can fix and maintain their car. Uber doesn't pay much to the drivers at all (Uber keeps about 60% of what the rider pays UBER). Once you consider your fuel cost, extremely high cost of ride-share car insurance, car maintenance, terrible wear and tear inside/outside of the car, significant loss of value at resale due to extremely high mileage Uber is not worth it. The Uber app is a very bad deal for the driver. However, the riders are getting a great deal on your dime and time. Sorry for the bad new. Thank you.
  • App Bugs 2/5

    By Khayla Jai M
    I love driving for Uber, until I found out I was being cheated out of money. Other drivers in my area get Promotions and Boost notifications but I don't. My app doesn't even have a button for me to turn on Surge notifications. And it's my app. This bothers me because other drivers get better opportunities. It should be equal and customer service isn't listening to me. Uber do better.
  • Disappointed in the app!!!! 2/5

    By Nicster3
    I love driving for Uber. But the app crashes A LOT, especially at night. You can lose rides when excepting and then the app will crash and you lose the ride. The navigation is off most of the time. The ride's destination doesn't always pop up. So using the navigation to get to the destination will talk you the long way, when there is a shorter way. The app will freeze when you are driving leaving you in the dark in to were your passenger destination is at. It will also give you wrong places to pick up riders!!!
  • Love driving with uber, BUT 2/5

    By Jodans awsome
    I love driving with uber but I only have one issue... the latest update, of which many do occur, has a bug... The driver App constantly freezes on me during trips, randomly just shuts off... This is very annoying as it happens while I'm driving... If this can be fixed then I would gladly give this App a 5 star rating. This only one issue but a big one. For me at least.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Cæ Foxx
    New navigation is beautiful to look at but it's horrid to use. Wrong addresses, not easy to see which side of the street to be on and just all around annoying. Oh and of course still no option to receive tips from riders. A feature that literally doesn't even hurt the company? If anything helps it in a time when it's public image is literally being flushed into sewage. We need a new CEO.
  • Worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By Hahshd xbbbbshahaj
    Too much bugs, they're getting worse and worse
  • Meh 3/5

    By stronzini
    Main problem is no night mode for the map - too bright!!! And where is the Pandora option?
  • Easiest way to make an income. Period 5/5

    By Clayton Hollingsead
    I have been working for Uber for 15 months and I can tell you that It's the best thing that has happened to me. I am able to pay my bills with the income. Thank you Uber!
  • The maps are jacked up 1/5

    By [nullbyte]
    My main concern is sometimes I follow the maps and it takes me thru ally ways or to behind the buildings destination. I have to use google maps because sometimes I just know by looking at the Uber maps it's gonna mess up.
  • Driving for extra money 1/5

    By SaraRoseCastillo
    I like to drive to make some extra money but it's frustrating that uber ups their fee but not the drivers. Also when there is surge charging people have got smart to order an XL because it's cheaper that's not cool. Why are XLs exempt from receiving a higher fair price?
  • Navigation/Tracking Stats/Tipping/Crashing/Rating 2/5

    By mZ@$h
    1. Option to utilize more third party navigation e.g Navigon. 2. Über should foot insurance bills if it continues to log driving mechanics. 3. Über can't expressly discourage passengers from tipping. Drivers are independent Contractors! 4. It's infuriating when the app crashes while in a queue. 5. It's Uber's responsibility to educate passengers about ratings to reflect accurate responses. 6. For the eagle-eyed out there, they would've noticed that the release notes have been consistent across several updates: Fishy!!!
  • Great Idea fot this app 4/5

    By Dj-LoCoTe305
    Uber Please make this idea happen 🙏🏼 so lets say a customer ask for a uber and she/he enjoys the ride and the rider company taking the to there location and they would like to ride with the same uber driver again another day ,how about a history list on the app that show you all your uber driver for the customers to call them uber again instead a random person show up, but just if the nearby how about that . Make this happen people will love it 👍🏼
  • Bad 1/5

    By NadimCury
    When you need to contact Uber directly no phone number, email or chat available option fast is provided to you. Also the driver referral rewards are not available for you at the same time. They don't take care of the drivers. They only care about out their fees. And the customers

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