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Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • It's okay, but... 3/5

    By Ccvvcbch
    I've only been driving for about 4 months, and my first problem I had was with the navigation. I like using the Uber navigation because I didn't like having to leave the Uber app to use other navigation systems, but the problem with the Uber navigation, is that it's not very accurate. Passengers are constantly having to correct where to turn or tell me to keep driving to a different spot. Also, where it pings for me to pick up passengers is inaccurate all the time. I'm often given an address and my passenger isn't there. This is an operate error as well as an error with the location services. Overall, I enjoy working for the company, I just with the app were more accurate and more cooperative.
  • App Maintenance 1/5

    By Mamajc56
    I have had a problem with having my app cleared of indicating I need documents that are showing as being there. I refuse to reset my phone and lose important info because the company has technical difficulties. Perhaps more focus on improving what they already have rather than constant expanding would help. I consider this problem very unprofessional.
  • I don't like Uber. 1/5

    By fishsaysno
    If the app can keep up 4.8 stars, we'll keep it in the app store.
  • Shouldn't have changed it 2/5

    By Zeta Sigma 1036
    I got the app and got used to it then they completely changed everything. Switched what side of the screen certain things were on and the navigation isn't what it used to be. It also takes a couples days for support to get back to you on a simple issue.
  • A $62 billion company, w/ an unsat. driver app 1/5

    By MovieGo-ee
    Uber Driver app has not changed despite updates and is trash. Uber sets a high expectation for drivers and claims to be a tech company. Uber sets high standards for drivers but won't back us up. The UI (user experience) is not driver friendly. The app takes a significant amount of time to startup, no in-app tipping, no way to clear messages that I no longer want to view. If you seek to improve the driver experience, fix these issues. Put your $$ where you app is! Lol 😂
  • The worst app ever! 1/5

    By Vale Stefano
    Hey, Uber team, you should be all fired!! All of you!! I've been working for years with uber and your driver app just getting worst and worst!! The app has a million of bugs but instead of fixing it you keep making new futures with tones of bugs!!! Recently you relieved the new navigation. Why do you thing I do need this navigation I NEVER USE A NAVIGATION! Could you make it optional??? And this navigation is the worst!!! This navigation gonna help you to get lost!! Okay, there was an option in the app to rate this super bad navigation and I wanted to do my first review and couldnot have done - it does not work!!!! Okay as always with every bug you have I just get used to it, always pay attention, double check and never trust the app....today we got one more "improvement" - dark navigation! Are you serious??? Who told we need this?? I can see nothing now!!!! What a team!!! Please fire all of them! This my first review in three years with you! Thanks for reading!!
  • Version after version & the same bugs persist. 1/5

    By BobSz
    Broken airport queues constantly log you out for no reason costing hours of lost earnings time without a care or compensation from Uber. Why isn't location information cached for recovery when the App crashes, which it does a lot. Airport queues that give you local non airport rides from TNP lots robbing drivers of income and violating TNP agreements with airports. Broken surge maps that don't reflect reality. Insane Uberpools with nonsensical pickup and drop off orders. Pandora's explicit filters don't work, playing fbombs over & over for families heading to the airport. What a mess.
  • So called updates 2/5

    By iRoper
    Most of the things such as freezing and voice overlap haven't been fixed despite the claims for the past several "updates".
  • Less than acceptable! 1/5

    By Tammi D
    Anyone who says the app is great must be paid by Uber to write reviews. This software has cost me money and have gotten bad ratings because of it. This "new" app actually took away features such as counting the number of rides I had till I made the promotional amount, the tab to look at current promotions and I no longer see waiting times at the airport. They have yet to fix the problems the old app had of wrong wait times and bumping you off the platform when there was a surge at the airport, registering rides as missed when there was no ride given to accept. I call these the ghost rides that they can't tell me which I did not accept but they somehow know I did not accept one and when accepting a ride would claim there was an error but then register it against your percentage of ride acceptance claiming it was your fault. Then it would take me offline for no reason and I would have a horrible time trying to sign back on. DONT GET ME STARTED IF YOU ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO GO TO THE "help" and ask for a correction. Don't bother because those people in "help" don't even read your actual question they just send a canned response that usually has nothing to do with your actual question/problem. I think they hope you just go away out of frustration for all the time and money you lost, lol.
  • Problem accept the trip 3/5

    A problem that I and noticed is when accept a trip the application says that is sending the information and then cancelled the trip
  • So many bugs... 1/5

    By tyler1205
    I can't even start working even though my background checks cleared ages ago. A seriously flawed app! You'd think uber could do better than this!!!
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Geeeeezus
    Uber is a good way to make money. The app is problematic though. It often crashes when zooming in to see surge zones. Also, any time u get pinged it interrupts any background music that's playing. But I appreciate Uber and I make over $1000 a week after gas...so all the haters on here, just don't drive for them, it's just more money for those of us who do drive!
  • Don't, just don't. 1/5

    By Mr. Germany
    The subject says it all. It's not worth it.
  • Good app. 4/5

    By Dwyatt2015
    I really like the app and it is really user friendly but to make navigation and safer use it would be nice to see the app use Apple car play so that way you wouldn't even have to hold or look at your phone that it would be incorporated into cars with Apple car play. That's something I would really like to see.
  • Friends 5/5

    By William Marvin
    I love to work for Uber because it gives me the freedom to spend time with my family members thank you very much God bless
  • You'd Expect Better 2/5

    By Rickerr
    This app being the backbone of the company, you would expect Uber to be on top of this app with frequent update but no! The new GPS upgrade is terrible, and Uber continues to downplay tipping while Lyft allows tipping from within the App! Uber claimed they would start this but never did. As drivers, we are part of the service industry and tipping is strictly between us and our riders! If the rider chooses to tip then It's none of Uber's business, and tips naturally provide incentive for us to strive to do better!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Gz178
    This unstable app and the garbage Uber map are the nightmare to drivers!
  • Trips get stuck "Processing" 1/5

    By ScannerJammer
    Earnings done update correctly. DO NOT USE THE GAS CARD! My earnings have been wrong for more than a week. Support sends you to outdated links and gives copy and paste responses.
  • No to drive UBER 1/5

    By Jahdidhdbxbx
    Hi folks, plz plz no to drive for UBER, your life would messed up if u once entered to uber for driver! If some one takes 50 percent from your hard earned income then how would u survive and feed ur children! It's not jock to drive whole hour in road and at the end UBER takes your all income ! So...? Plz plz not to come on road specially to drive UBER and LYFT!
  • Queue number accuraccy 2/5

    By Zee94849948
    You need to put the queue number at the airport like it used to be so everyone knows their position at the waiting lot , instead of having , (1-10 cars ) , put it back the way it was i mean the exact number of cars ahead of you , thank you
  • Good 5/5

    By Mikey.........
  • Opaque and Over Burdened 1/5

    By Executive Producer
    With each update the driver app gets worse and worse. First, they've buried the vital information driver's need to make riders happy. Riders most often want to know at the end of each trip, from the driver, how much the trip cost or final fare tallied to be. This is for accountability but also in case they want to tip the driver. Uber buries this information. The app and its communication with the server is exceedingly slow and often the last trip even fails to appear until well after the rider has exited the vehicle. In just the most recent updates Uber has buried fare information and trip detail further and further down requiring more selections to get to the screens showing this information. Second, the Uber driver app doesn't play well with maps and often sends driver's to the wrong locations or mid-trip changes riders and the the map fails to instruct the driver to the new rider location. Third, the app is burdened with poor design and its purpose is clearly not for the benefit of the driver or the rider but for their data mining purposes. Forth, it's almost impossible to get support or answers from Uber if problems arise and the "Help" functions are deeply embedded and obviously designed to prevent direct contact and written questions or feedback from both the driver's and the riders. The app obviously reflect the companies contempt for its drivers. The values that guide the company are reflected in their top down abuse of their greatest asset - the drivers.
  • Keeps freezing and other issues 2/5

    By amenter18
    A. The app keeps freezing. I've had to close and reopen this app more times than I opened there other app in a week. It especially crashes when I'm trying to see the surges and when I'm in the earnings tab. B. It's not showing me the last ride I took today before stopping for the day. When I login to the website on safari, it shows me it, but not on the app itself.
  • Freezes to often 2/5

    By Samirwashere
    The app has been freezing a lot lately especially when pinching to zoom on the map. It happens at the worst times and sometimes without even touching the screen. Once it took a few miles to realize that it was frozen so I was unable to receive any trip requests during that whole time. Rating will improve if this is fixed. Thank you.
  • It's a horrible company "Uber" 1/5

    By Roger BALADI
    It's all about them "uber" they don't care about drivers and drivers income they soon will replace every one with a self driving vehicles. Sadly That is why they are pushing on uber pool to get pax used to riding with others so when they have the cars out people will be used to it and more excepting of it.
  • Probably same useless crap 1/5

    By booshmom
    Having been an Uber driver for well over a year, I am very experienced...so, I will say upfront, without having used the new one yet: I'm sure it will be more crap. If this turns out to not be the case, I'll be glad to revise my assessment...I seriously doubt that will be the case. Uber doesn't seem to understand that this company will live or die by the app, so I'll spell it out in case anyone from Uber reads this: FIX THE PROBLEMS AS SOON AS THEY OCCUR OR BETTER YET, don't PUT OUT CRAP! Uber is valued at something like 66billion and they can't get decent app developers? WTH??!! If the app doesn't work no one makes money and no one will get rides. Period. I also drive for Lyft and I can count on one hand the number of times that app has froze up. Uber's app does it several times a week! We'll see....
  • What's the point of having it here? 3/5

    By Gogetta202
    I'm a driver who recently renewed my inspection a few days early, I haven't been able to receive passenger requests!!! That's money out of my pockets I'm pretty sure I won't even get considered for any type of compensation. Like the presidential elections; this is the beginning of the end..
  • Roundtrip 3/5

    By Bruttaaaaa 🎭
    The app is decent. Could use a lot of enhancements. Such as taking pandora out and not interrupting music, accurate gps navigation. Most importantly an option to do round trip.
  • Uber takes big cut 1/5

    By Zubyii
    Uber takes big amount of profit out of the drivers.
  • Invite code - willn1007ue 2/5

    By Will Nweke
    I drive out here in San Antonio and the app support is completely trash. There is no number you can call and emailing them is frustrating because they never allow for a solution and easily avoid helping. And for goodness sakes please add a tipping method!!!!!!
  • Glitches 4/5

    By Tinker's fav app
    When I first got the app it was fine including the new navigation system but with the recent update I get booted offline quickly and I am not getting many pings for rides. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice now I can not check my ratings or compliments only comments. Hopefully this gets fixed.
  • Option for tips would be nice 2/5

    By Fowiedaywowie
    Giving the client an option for tipping their driver would be wonderful. From what I hear Lyft has that option. The navigation doesn't work well and I had that pop up as a complaint from my clients... I'm using your navigation thanks for dropping the ball there. The fees are a little high. Taking 1/3. I'm in a college town and have short drives. A lot of my fares are only $3 and some change after your fee.
  • It's awesome 5/5

    By Sawkat
    We are love
  • Uber is amazing! 5/5

    By Mario E23
    Anyone against Uber is either a taxi driver or an idiot. The time of over paying for a ride is now over. Uber allows anyone to be an entrepreneur, and for that I love them! I run my own business during the week, and Uber allows me to make extra money on nights and weekends. Thank you!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By nico darnese
    Worst customer support ever If you have a problem then you are in your own They'll answer back at you eventually a day or two or good luck after
  • Terrible platform 1/5

    By zeeyarah
    Seriously pennies a mile , don't waste your time it's a scam literally below minimum wage and destruction of your asset 'Car'.
  • Uber is GREAT!!!!! 5/5

    By Pepindrum
    I m an proudly Uber driver since April 2015, this Job has been great for me! I can not complain about Uber at all! And yes... i make a lot of money driving for this company, and i will say THANKS UBER!!!!
  • Uber Driver 1/5

    By Abdelwahab Alkhatib
    Stupid app go back to the old version This stupid app kept jamming out and loosing our location
  • Landscape mode 3/5

    By Henry984
    This App doesn't have landscape mode which is awful. I hope they going to add it soon.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Jingo652
    When driving around a game doesn't work map freezes after u pick someone up misses ridess
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Jenny Hatch
    I am looking forward to driving pool commuters now that it is up and running in Boulder. Jenny Hatch Singing Uber Driver of Boulder Colorado
  • Uber 1/5

    By Donb44444433339999
    WACK AS HELL🙁🙁🙁🙁
  • Great app 5/5

    By SNutz
    Very user friendly for drivers. It any lag behind a bit but it's always catching up
  • Driver 5/5

    By mitchnca
    Love the independence & freedom of this job and money is good if you make yourself available!!!!
  • Dr Jones 1/5

    By DJonesBoyz
    The Fuel Card Page FAILS to LINK! Can't activate or get a PIN
  • Need phone contact 3/5

    By Saxmanor88
    Huge delay in me even trying my first Uber drive, simply because Uber doesn't offer any way to communicate with them via phone. Lots of questions that could be answered in two minutes or less. Sick and tired of this run around via email only.
  • Airport Queue Issues and Uber Pool Issues 4/5

    By Nikkinev
    Very user friendly app. I haven't had too many issues except for two. 1. After entering the airport queue, you are given a status bar at the top that states what your position is in the queue. It only stays there for maybe 5 minutes. After that it disappears and you are left guessing what position you are in or how long you are stuck waiting for your turn in the queue. This is very frustrating as a driver since our time is our money. 2. The Uber Pool is extremely frustrating. A few times I have picked people up from the airport, received a hit from the pool to pick up another passenger and then been forced to cancel Pool rides because the app tried to fit more people into my car than seats that are available. It should be a limit or an option to state how many seats are left for other riders. Other than these issues, I love the app and love driving for Uber. I recommend it to all of my riders!!
  • Uber pool needs to fixed!!! 3/5

    By TonyG1023
    Overall the app is fine , navigation needs to be tweaked it's laggy often. Uber pool has to be able to be cancelled or not accepted because many riders are on their own time constraints and Uber just automatically adds riders which makes one or more people late for things. It's not fair and not smart. Customer service is our goal and if we are going to force people to ride with other people than we're not doing our jobs. Give us the option to either accept and Uber pool or not. Makes no sense that it's automatic added and we get docked fares when a customer complains that they are late due to multiple drop offs. FIX ASAP
  • Thankful 5/5

    By ~*Shonnie*~
    I've been driving for over seven weeks now I have had the opportunity to network with so many people today I'm driving here in Houston and let me tell you I'm having so much fun driving for the Super Bowl... I'm a cosmetologist driving over so that I can send my son on a trip to Fiji for a graduation gift I would never be able to do this in such a short period of time if it wasn't for over allowing me to drive I'm thankful.. #LAHUoils
  • Tipping and map 3/5

    By Jake28394920394820
    There needs to be a tipping option for when the ride is done and the maps need to be fixed so that it shows you the fastest route and avoids traffic.

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