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Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Lokita Promotions
    Needs improvement. Gps. Pay rate.
  • I'm worried for our safety. 2/5

    By WesHew
    Considering the circumstances, i hope uber is paying close attention to rider details. Often times i have seen only a single letter or number where I should see the riders legal name and considering the times we live in, maybe we all should have a background checks...

    By HS7
    5/24/17 iPhone 7 Plus / 256GB / iOS 10.3.2 / Version 3.156.2 After resetting location settings the driver app fails to open and get past the blue logo screen. I have tried resetting network settings, turning the phone on and off, hard resetting the phone, and even tried recreating the issue on other iPhones with no luck (same issue if installing new app then resetting location settings). The only way to get past this screen is by DELETING the app, and reinstalling it. Once reinstalling it will go through the prompts for location and notification settings. However, after these prompts if you reset location settings again, the app will refuse to open. And thus the loop goes on again. The user should not have to delete the app everytime a location and privacy reset is done. This is very frustrating, and has been an ongoing issue before the latest version. I've tried to reach support with no help.
  • New app 1/5

    By Mrkhwd
    It is not calculating properly, it suppose to be a 75/25 cut, when u use basic math skills it does but calculate correctly since they changed the app, we are getting screwed, and uber needs phone support
  • Let's make Uber great again! 1/5

    By Phillysdon04
    I use to be a Uber fan, but the recent changes make it horrible for drivers to make money. The rate per mile is way too low after Uber takes their cut and you pay for your expenses. New drivers no longer get a sign on bonus, instead they get a guaranteed amount. Uber also charges the customer a higher amount and pays the driver a lower amount and keep the difference which makes their cut higher. The insurance deductible is $1000 which is too high. The lease program is too expensive. As an independent contractor you have to pay your own taxes, which is another expense. It was great when they started but now it's not worth it.
  • Navigation 3/5

    By Jakalek
    You have to improve some navigation. It works bad sometimes. And very hard on highways.
  • Airport queue position 2/5

    By gtdt930
    I've been waiting at the airport queue position about 5 hours but I haven't get any passengers. There was 4-5 uber drivers (I know all those drivers are uber driver) before me and just a few minutes later I got 2 blue bars on app after the drivers left who was before me. There was another few minutes later, all blue bars disappeared and there is another driver who came to the airport later than me, he got 2 blue bars(he also uberX like me) So I refreshed driver app and turn off and on again but still no blue bar. I was waiting for the 2 more flight which was the last 2 flights till midnight. There was 2 drivers at the airport queue position included me, I finally got 4 blue bars and another driver which is uber-x (like me) also had 4 blue bars but just a few minutes later mine was gone and another driver got call. I was so frustrated and this happens wasn't just 1 time. I sent a several message to uber help while I was at the airport but no answers. It was so bad day. 5 hours waiting but no rider..? but all other drivers got riders? Seriously? Man! It's not fair!!!!!
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By shady512
    First of buying a car would be expensive and maintaining it is lot of work and money, as mechanics will charge us the amount we earn for 3 days as the income using this app is way low then a average income .... I'm gonna delete this app and stick with other share riding apps at least some kind people will give us some tips . Don't trust uber as after few months it's gonna be $0.30 per mile as it keeps going lower ....
  • Learn from my mistake, do not get involved w/ uber.. 1/5

    By Gorberg
    Do not get involved with this company. I find Uber's business practices to be sneaky and despicable. I'm not going to recommend this app from Uber. The Uber app pulls the resale value out of your car to Pay YOU. Uber needs to compensate and pay the drives real money, so they can fix and maintain there car's. Uber doesn't pay much to the drivers at all (Uber keeps about 60% of what the rider pay UBER). Once you consider your fuel cost, extremely high cost of ride-share car insurance, car maintenance and the terrible wear and tear on the car itself plus significant lose of value of your car at resale, especially because of the super high miles on your vehicle. The Uber app is a very bad deal for the drive. However the riders are getting a great deal on your dime and time. Sorry for the bad new.
  • Bad connectivity downtown Santa Fe NM always there 5/5

    By Taps2134
    Really busy here in Santa Fe NM sometimes bad connectivity downtown plaza lose three to four pickups really frustrating would be nice to be tipped on line also plus at least start getting paid for at least half the way to getting to our passengers thank u for this opportunity Same issue losing a lot of passengers because of bad connectivity especially the usual ones who by random get me to drive for them in the downtown area other than that keep me busy all day please really love driving appreciate it ubber
  • App needs work 2/5

    By jmv0326
    The new update is glitching a lot and the directions are not accurate. I have complained and also customers expecting their deliveries have as well. You should also add a tip section for those that don't have cash and want to tip. Please fix the bugs!
  • Vanishing Surges(from driver) 5/5

    By juswannaknow
    I have noticed that there are too many times that I've been 4-5 minutes from reaching a surge in my area and the surge DISAPPEARS as I reach the edge of it (almost every time). Makes me wonder if this is a tactic to get drivers headed to certain areas then kill surge. Also have been sitting in an area when surge begins and never got a ride request. So WHATS REALLY GOING ON????
  • Getting there 5/5

    By Vampiregirl76
    Love Uber can't wait for all the issues in our area to go away because it's new to hickory, nc
  • Money money money 5/5

    By Chaka 8
    If you need some extra cash... this is the place!!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Juan.abreu86
    I love everything about Uber
  • Uber is greedy!! 1/5

    By aldridgeli
    This uber app is ridiculous!! All of the "improvements" aren't what people are wanting!! I am a driver and spent over 8 hours online and only made $66. What a waste of my time!! There are way too many drivers and not enough riders! Also drivers need to be paid tips in the app and uber needs to stop telling riders not to tip! They re did the app and said they weren't taking money from the drivers BUT THEY ARE!! Before the app changed on Monday the 22 we got .90 cents a mile and .11 cents a minute....NOW we only get .71 cents a mile and .08 cents a minute!!! AND THEY ARE TAKING MORE THAN 25% off the top now too!!! Thieves!!!! AND THEY SAID MONDAY's app "improvements" would not be a pay cut!!! What F$&@ing liars!!!
  • Easy and Enjoyable 5/5

    By TheGoodsWoodd
    Says it all in the title. Being a newcomer to the driving craze Uber has done everything but make everthing easy and enjoyably for me.
  • Just gets worse and worse 1/5

    By Chris, son of the ripper
    Where to begin...oh yeah, don't got time for this bs...you idiots owe me $3.75...check that map
  • No money! 2/5

    By PR349
    I enjoy driving very much, however there is very little money to be made it works out to about 10.00 per hour on a good day and that is before taxes and gas is deducted. I even signed up for Uber eats but have only had 3 deliveries so far. Disappointing.
  • Where is the tip option?! 1/5

    By AlexP916
    I don't want to hear anymore excuses, such as "the service is tipless" when a rider just told me that it says tips are included, discouraging them to tip us. Tips ARE NOT included!!!! Meanwhile even on your site mentions that we could accept tips in cash because "we earned it". Listen, we make you guys billions of dollars!!! Stop with the excuses, we need to pay for the car, gas, insurance just to operate and tips could help cover some expenses so that we can actually see some real profit, every dollar adds up. You guys already take a big chunk of our money! Every other app does it. Take 5% if you have to, but add the tip option to the app ASAP! I had many riders asking how to tip since they don't have cash on them while others tell their friend "you don't need to tip, it is included" which 100% false. People want to tip, you're not letting them. You want to have a good relationship with drivers? Then start with being fair to them, and not look for ways to pay them less or encourage riders not to tip. You're not winning nothing by saying "it's tipless. Nobody cares, if they want to tip... that's up to them. Update: Still no tips?!?!?! Come on Uber, Do your job! Do you even care about the drivers??? I've hold on to Uber for way too long and I think it's time to move on, even considering Lyft. Now you have this feature for destination and somehow you feel it's a game, like you could only use it 2 times a day... leave that option ON!!! It doesn't even work most of the time, so many times I'm far away after many hours and the option wasn't available at all. You guys keep playing with us, this is not a game! We need to make money!!! Most of my money goes in the lease I got because of Uber recommendation ($180wk), gas, Insurance, car washes, etc... I make about $400 in 5 days and I'm spending at least $450 a week just to operate for Uber!!! I need to work 7 days a week just to see some profit which also forces me to pay $80+ a month just on additional MILEAGE (which uber advertised as unlimited miles before I got the car, lies, false advertisement). I'm actually making $100-$150 a week after all the deductions (after making $600-$750), with 40+ hrs. Not worth it, I think you have a better chance making more money if you work for McDonalds. You encourage us to get a lease expecting us to work 7 days a week just so you guys make more money while we get screwed??? Here's a tip, why don't you drop that big percentage you take from us? We're doing all the work and making you rich, so stop making a big deal when loosing $1 billion but still making $70 billion. You guys wouldn't be anywhere close to where you are at if it wasn't for OUR hard work. Add the TIP OPTION!!!!!!!! Be fair to the drivers and stop being so greedy. Update 2: From 2 stars, it just went down to 1 star! Instead of putting tiny updates in order to write fake reviews trying to get the app to be 4 stars (...as if we can't tell which ones are fake reviews), how about listening to the drivers for once. If anybody signing up for Uber clicks on "need a car" and fall for their false advertisements, prepare to sell your soul to the devil. And now they removed showing the rider's names before pick up and total price they pay in order to screw you more... Really Uber?! Now the app is back to the old full black request screen where you can't see where the driver is at. What's this bonus if having 100% acceptance rate I hear about? Uber purposely force you to screw up, example, it was a busy college night where Surge was up to 3.5x in a hot zone (where only 2 Uber drivers were because I check the regular Uber app), parties everywhere and Uber finds me a ride 28 minutes away, far from the Surge area!!!! SMH! And I'm supposed to accept it?! Lol yea ok. Also on a extremely busy night I notice a surge that went up to 4.9x, I was right in the middle of it, I wasn't working but I turned my app on, got a request 3 minutes away but it then said 2.5x so I didn't accept it to just to see, I notice the surge was going down but I was the only car in the area (according to the regular Uber app) so I turned it off. I waited 3 minutes and noticed the surge went back up, no joke 4.8x, so I turned the app back on and waited a few seconds and noticed it drop again. Uber just wants you to be in the area, unless there's hundreds of people requesting then they keep it up. They really know how to screw with you. If they really need someone in the area where no Uber drivers are so customers can be happy, they should start taking out money from their pockets. If I could give them 0 stars, I would!!!!!
  • Fare change 1/5

    By Ghlfdsdfgnn
    Was going great for a year or so and then with this new update they take more than the 25% i agreed to.
  • Too greedy 1/5

    By Kel5344
    They take way too much from drivers for it to be worth it.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Speedy619
    I have driving for Uber for a while now. I wanna say it's a good way to make extra cash but Uber does not care about their drivers. Some of fairs are misleading and and unfair. Unlike Lyft, Uber does not allow in-app tipping or reasonable bonuses.
  • Balance Between The Amount of Drivers vs Requests 2/5

    By Dj Prezz
    My biggest issue is the balance between the amount of drivers being brought in vs the actual amount of request. There have been numerous occasions that I have sat for over an hour with only 1 request coming through which tells me that the market is flooded with drivers. The times I would normally get riders is not happening anymore. I believe Uber needs to start placing a cap on the amount of drivers. Cause seemingly the only ones making money consistently is the company. Another issue is from time time it takes forever to log in. Went online and literally waited almost 25 minutes before closing the app. I was able to warm up my car; drive to the store and drink my tea in this time and yet the app still did not come on. Seriously debating on giving the lease back and calling it quits from Uber. More issues than what it's worth.
  • Uber Driver 4/5

    By Jamessw
    So I've been doing this for about five weeks now, on a part time basis in addition to my career. I will say that it has been a benefit, however it is difficult even if you get surge fares to make in excess of $20 p/hour during drive hours, and $12 total time. I am satisfied to date, but feel the pay per minute should be increased, and the rider app should give the customer the ability to tip their drivers. All in all 1-10, this experience has been an 8. We will see if that is maintained during tax season next year. This activity does what it says it does. If you put in the time, Uber gives you supplemental income.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Joseppi61
    Great app! I use it all the time!
  • LYFT MIGUEL978188 1/5

    By ThugRussell
    Say no to the new terms of service and sign up with Lyft. Get $600 when you complete 400 rides. Lyft code:MIGUEL978188
  • Good but navigation could still be better 4/5

    By Jknee1
    The navigation route the app chooses isn't always the best way. Likely because riders are indoors when first requesting rides (throwing off the cell signal-determined pin position accuracy). It would help if 2 features were added: voice texting to riders using Siri or similar means (instead of taking three steps to reach the microphone keyboard method); if riders told to check the pin location and street address for accuracy and contact the driver if in a crowd
  • Uber monopoly 1/5

    By Fight4whats Right!
    Pretty much every complaint as the others rating low. Don't want to waste my time listing in detail, I think enough about Uber's terrible service to its drivers has been said. Boycott this company, use lyft eliminate the monopoly unless their corporate sees the light soon! Update: Uber is now manipulating the rate of which a driver is paid. No longer can you see the total cost to customer. No longer getting commission. Just flat rate, ripping off all drivers. And persisting adding more fake 5 star reviews in for this driver app. Do yourself a favor and don't join Uber, or ride with this extremely unethical company. Oh, and Go F*€K yourself Travis Kalanick!!!
  • Uber app map 3/5

    By Garlee57
    So to me the app works pretty good... The map needs to work faster when a driver makes a turn out needs to be that much quicker in the turns its to slow very much lagging....also fix ur map it now shows that ur on the 36 w... When actually your on Pena blvd going onto the 70w... geeze folks fix .. & the que needs to work faster.... Get ur IT person on this right away... Thank you... I just don't like or prefer Uberpool
  • A highly used app like this needs to be way more functional. 2/5

    By Dcarrasc0
    Ok for the most part this app is "okay." But needs major improvement: -Navigation: often leads to the alley of an address, as in it is the the correct destination but it tells you to go to the back. Confusing if it's your first time there, especially at night. -Uber and UberEATS should be two separate apps!! Tips in the app are mainly for uber drivers (the ones with passengers) and not really helpful to UberEATS drivers. -Map should show where there is a high concentration of restaurants that are partnered with uber eats so that drivers could be in the area. Sometimes you deliver to a neighborhood and don't know where would be a good area to stay around next. And using the uber eats app for customers is not helpful.
  • Driving for Uber 5/5

    By MetalMarineNamedWhiskeyTango
    If you're not opposed to actually working, it can be really good money. On average I make $15-$18 an hour. Bigger cities have surges which make it even more worth your time. I've gotten as high as $45 dollars an hour, however those are special trips and typically the passenger wanted to go at least an hour or longer away from their location. It's been a great way to take care of extra bills in my spare time.
  • Uber good 5/5

    By xie david

    By Horace grant son
    Google "Uber Driver Forum" to hear what drivers say You will not earn 24/7 !!! THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AND THEY SHOULD BE SUED !!!!!!! ONLY UBER EARNS 24/7. Most unethical company in America . They rob you , manipulate the app always to their advantage. "Upfront" pricing , is a way to rip Driver off . This also means Driver will get paid whatever "upfront" pricing is , while idling in traffic . Uber gets more while You , the driver , get less !! You go to your barber , waiter , pizza boy, bellhop, it's common courtesy to TIP . We are not "Partners" ,if we were you'd listen up , and fix the app and rates . The app is so glitchy and annoying, there is an issue daily . It would be nice to have accurate pickups that should be flawless . Everyday at least once, you're driving in circles , like a fool. People except good service , but drivers are not given the correct tools to make a simple job ....simple. And NO MORE $2.40 fares in Southern California, there is ridiculous amounts of traffic and drivers should be compensated for their time, stress , and devalue to Their cars . This is how you treat your "partners ?" Do better
  • New Driver 4/5

    By Pastor Ric
    Overall I'm happy with the app. There does seem to be some connection errors from time to time which costs me some pickups.
  • This app is ok 2/5

    By Hyun012898
    This app is convenient for drivers and well made. Sometimes gps tells you to take really weird route. What i really dont like is their fare calculation. If you stuck in traffic and drive for 50mins but only 2miles then you will make less than 8 dollars.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By yummychzcake
    app is easy to use and clearly understood. I enjoy the fun time with Uber.
  • No Tipping! COME ON UBER! 3/5

    By smilejon
    They made lots of fixings on the app, and it's much reliable now. But, it still drains the battery very fast! Would be nice to have Apple maps as an option in settings. Landscape mode would be amazing option in future.
  • The HERO app! 5/5

    By Face31
  • Uber is the best 5/5

    By Cloudpro
    I have been using the Uber app for 3 weeks now. Not only is it user friendly it performs great. Being a Apple developer I feel the app in in the 95-100 %. The app is robust and and Uber is always making it better. Thank you Uber!
  • Money marking 5/5

    By Pedroc26
    Best working app ever, making like $720 a week
  • App no good 1/5

    By Sprintbeaner
    Keeps taking me to wrong place to pick up people and drop off app freezez
  • Driver 2/5

    By Celcituto
    I am an Uber driver with 5200 trips and 4.9 rating. The navigation part of the app is terrible. Please stop updating the driver app with useless features. Also whenever is surging even if you are sitting in the surge zone, you dont get the rides. I think they've updated the algorithm also.
  • Right company, wrong tool 1/5

    By Dave in Central Texas
    First let me say I have been driving for Uber for about a year and I absolutely love it for the part time job it is. I feel like Uber makes an effort to treat their drivers ok, especially the ones that are making money for them. But this app absolutely blows my mind. It is hard to believe a big company like Uber expects their drivers to use this app on IOS. In a 6-hour shift today, the app crashed 8 times - all while in navigation mode. I'm not a big fan of Google Maps or Waze and hate having to use an external app for navigation anyway. 99% of the time my final destination is shown as a latitude and longitude in the external apps, so I have to switch back to the Uber app anyway to make sure I have the correct address. One other issue is that Eaters are always saying that their app continually told them I was thirty minutes away...up to the time I arrived at their door! I had the opportunity recently to try out the Android version of the Uber driver app and was quite pleased. Uber, please get this app working as far as the navigation! Maybe integrate Apple Maps? It's my main nav app and has come along nicely.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mizoo20103
    Worst company ever !!
  • Don't expect to make a living 1/5

    By FLCracker1010
    Uber is a dirty greedy company. It treats its most valuable resource, its drivers very poorly. There is zero support from Uber help, if you do get a response it's usually inaccurate although Uber starts each response with "your problem has been resolved" They don't even read your question before they send a canned response that doesn't address your question. Many rides pay only $3.00, you may be asked to drive 20 miles to give someone a ride for $5 and then have to drive 20 miles back home. Uber is uber greedy and has no problem screwing their employees. Don't take my word, sign-up and see for yourself. Lyft is a much better company.
  • Great job, horrible app! 3/5

    By AJST1987
    Uber is a great way for drivers to earn some extra cash and even quit their day job if they wish to do this full time. However, there's been many instances where the app freezes on me when trying to make a delivery. In many instances, I had to either pull over and restart the app, or completely turn around because the app froze on me and I passed up the location I need to be at. It's frustrating and unreliable. This is something Uber needs to fix now if they want to keep couriers and customers happy...
  • Carrier 1/5

    By Shifrastar
    Since Uber redid there payout structure I swear I'm being paid less and less I'm online for 8 10 hrs getting paid like $10 and what not....it doesn't seem worth the time anymore in the beginningI made a decent among but now it's nearly impossible....and the customers never tip...y encourage customers not to tip the carriers when 1. They would generally tip a normal delivery person 2.we most times have to go out much further I mean that's the perks of using the services.
  • Good app but 4/5

    By Traveling.teenager
    I really wish they put somthing in so you know how far you are in line at the airport
  • Poor pay and now fake reviews for high rating 1/5

    By VT Driver
    The app and its function is excellent. Pay is less than half a year ago, and with expenses out probably less than minimum wage. Lyft is better and every other update has 2 stars approximately for reviews now suddenly high reviews. These are fake reviewers

Uber Driver app comments

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