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  • Current Version: 3.161.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Uber Driver App

Uber Driver – the app for drivers • Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses. • Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive. Hitting the road • The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money. • We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security. Getting paid • You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in. *This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • The whole package 5/5

    By Jim B / Chicago
    I have 3 1/2 years on the Uber partner platform here in Chicago, and can honestly say that my experience on all fronts has been excellent. Driver / partner technical support at the Green Light centers has been great. The potential for earning is terrific and limited only by ones willingness to drive during the busier times of the week and weekends. I'm retired and drive maybe 15 or 20 hours per week and have given thousands of rides, and have never experienced a problem with a passenger. In fact I've had a lot of fun with them. If you're good with people and want to earn $ on you're own terms, you outta consider giving it a try.
  • Drivers Support 1/5

    By Lifeisgood2mel
    I've been driving with Uber for about two months and when I first started I was amazed with how much I made and the support I received from Uber, but the day after that and up until now there's been a big difference. For one, the GPS that Uber recommends is not that great. It's not up to date and I lost count how many times it said to make a sharp right turn and to only realized that the street is no longer a two way and is now a one way. Secondly, many times when I'm en route to a passenger and the GPS made me go through a toll and when I notify Uber support they ALWAYS say and I quote "Toll routes are only when there's a customer in the vehicle. So of course I don't get reimbursed. I would tell them since I was following the GPS can't you tell which route I took to pick up the passenger so you can see that it made me took a toll route and the response I get would be nothing. Like literally, they just stop responding. The last thing is I thought drivers get 75% of earnings? Too many times the fare is $7.71 and I would only get $3.76. Correct me if I am wrong but that's not 75%. I understand Uber also calculate by time and distance but is it my fault that I know shorter routes and get to the destination sooner than expected and only receive $3.76 because the trip only lasted 5 minutes. To be honest it's the passengers who benefits from all of this. We drivers add so much miles to our vehicles, passengers slams the doors and leave our cars dirty and of course there's a lot of wear and tear. I currently drive in NJ and the rides to NY for the little bit of cash is RIDICULOUS. $12 to the city, $30 to Brooklyn. Let alone we sit in traffic for HOURS bumper to bumper trying to get back to NJ for only a few bucks. It's not fair and it makes no sense.
  • Do NOT Update 1/5

    By Uber9999999
    I have driven for Uber for over 2 years and have never encountered this problem until this weekend. I accepted an airport pickup at a surge rate. If the airport is not surging I never pick up from there. I was in the airport queue and it went from 14 cars ahead of me to 4 to receiving my request in less than a minute. 10 minutes later I drop off my rider and the airport is still surging but my last ride summary pops up and shows no surge applied to the fare. Uber Support says that at the time of the request the area was not surging. The airport had literally just started surging at 2.2 when I logged on and was almost 3x when I got my request minutes later. The pickup literally stated what baggage claim area to pick up at and the entire airport was the only location surging in the area. Even though support was very quick to reply and follow up letting me know that there was no valid surge, they have been silent for hours since I have made it clear that the surge in the request was valid and that drivers need to be compensated based on what the app displays during the request. This is the first time EVER that I have not been paid the rate that I accepted. If this is the kind of change uber drivers can expect over the 180 days of change, I'll be so sad and disappointed. This is your opportunity to do the right thing Uber. I can live with dramatic rate decreases and all the other policies that make us feel less than human but if I can't trust what the app displays on the screen and the support team refuses to help over a valid surge on a $6 fare, then I cannot recommend your app.
  • Imagine a job where... 1/5

    By ScannerJammer
    Imagine a job where you're not told your customer's name, their address, or how much the job pays until you agree to do it. That's what it's like working for Uber.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Myroc
    The quickest and easiest way to make money,only downfall is u never know where a person need to go until u get there,the trips are long sometime and u don't want to let the rider down but I've seen it happen...glad we have a support live now :)
  • Uber is a corrupt company.. 1/5

    By Gorberg
    Do not get involved with this company. Check your review in about a week, it will be deleted. I find Uber's business practices to be sneaky and despicable. I'm not going to recommend this app from Uber. The Uber app pulls the resale value out of your car to Pay YOU. Uber needs to compensate and pay the drives real money, so they can fix and maintain there car's. Uber doesn't pay much to the drivers at all (Uber keeps about 60% of what the rider pay UBER). Once you consider your fuel cost, extremely high cost of ride-share car insurance, car maintenance and the terrible wear and tear on the car itself plus significant lose of value of your car at resale, especially because of the super high miles on your vehicle. The Uber app is a very bad deal for the drive. However the riders are getting a great deal on your dime and time. Sorry for the bad new. Here's a timeline of Uber's troubles so far this year. - Jan. 28: After President Donald Trump releases his first executive order on immigration, New York taxi drivers protest by refusing to pick up passengers at Kennedy Airport for an hour. Some protesters say Uber tries to capitalize on the protest by picking up passengers anyway, prompting a Twitter protest urging people to delete Uber's app from their smartphones. - Feb. 2: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits President Trump's council of business leaders amid mounting pressure from employees and customers over the immigration order. - Feb. 19: A former Uber engineer, Susan Fowler, discloses sexual harassment and sexism claims in a blog post about her year at Uber. Fowler says her boss propositioned her and higher-ups ignored her complaints. Kalanick calls Fowler's accusations "abhorrent" and hires former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate. - Feb. 23: Waymo, a self-driving car company spun off from Google, sues Uber. Waymo alleges that Anthony Levandowski - a former top manager for Google's self-driving car project - stole pivotal technology from Google before leaving to run Uber's self-driving car division. - Feb. 28: A video emerges of Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver. It includes yelling and profanity and ends with a combative Kalanick dismissing the agitated driver's claims that sharp reductions in fares forced him into bankruptcy. In an email to employees, Kalanick admits he needs leadership help. "I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up," he says. - March 3: The New York Times reveals that Uber used a phony version of its app to thwart authorities in cities where it was operating illegally. Uber's so-called Greyball software identified regulators who were posing as riders and blocked access to them. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating Uber's use of the Greyball software. - March 19: Uber's president, Jeff Jones, resigns less than a year after joining the company. He tells the tech blog Recode that his approach to leadership is at odds with what he experienced at Uber. - April 18: Sherif Marakby, a global vice president who leads Uber's self-driving car program, leaves the company. - April 27: Levandowski announces he is stepping aside while Uber defends itself against the allegations from Waymo. - May 11: A federal judge in San Francisco rejects Uber's request for arbitration and refers Waymo's case to the U.S. Attorney's office for a possible criminal investigation. Days later the judge bans Uber from using technology taken from Waymo, but doesn't order Uber to halt its self-driving vehicle program, as Waymo requested. The case is set for trial in October. - May 26: Kalanick's mother dies in a boating accident. His father is seriously injured. - May 30: Uber fires Levandowski. - May 31: Uber's finance chief Gautam Gupta says he plans to leave the company in July. - June 6: Uber fires 20 people after a law firm, Perkins Coie, investigates complaints of harassment, bullying and retaliation. That investigation, which was separate from Holder's, checked into 215 complaints; 57 are still under investigation. - June 11: Uber's board meets with Holder and adopts a series of recommendations based on his report. - June 12: Emil Michael, Uber's senior vice president for business and a close ally of Kalanick, leaves the company. - June 13: Kalanick tells Uber employees that he's taking a leave for an unspecified period, but will be available for "the most strategic decisions." Uber's board releases Holder's recommendations, which include removing some of Kalanick's responsibilities and replacing Uber's chairman and founder, Garrett Camp, with an independent chairman. Holder also recommends many cultural and policy changes, from establishing an effective complaint process to recruiting more diverse applicants to prohibiting alcohol and drug use during core work hours.
  • Great job 4/5

    By jjnorthwoo
    I think tech guy done a very good job its a great improvement for the software.
  • Just one minor issue 4/5

    By Purple_Dyno
    I've had the Driver App for four days now and I have NOT been able to save my Home address under the "Set A Destination". Also the GPS can hopefully be updated because sometimes it takes you through the "long way around" and it's inconvenient sometimes. At one point it wanted me to go through this little walkway that wasn't even a road.
  • Indignado 1/5

    By kikin202
    Está es mi experiencia. Está semana de lunes 19 a viernes 30 estaba supuesto hacer 21 viajes por 95 dólares y porque un cliente me canceló un viaje la porqueria de Uber no me dio los 95 dólares veré si me voy a Lisft quizá no sean tramposos
  • Great app, but has its quirks! 4/5

    By Christi.Bowers
    The uber driver app is a great app, but it has it quirks when it comes to different things such as problems with being slow, as well as problems loading fast, and a couple of the features will not load.
  • BosLau 5/5

    By BosLau
    Very nice
  • I love uber 5/5

    By Los415
    I lost my mom to cancer in February 2014 after going threw depression I decided to buy a car and drive with uber and it was the best decision I ever made talking to people to cope with my lost I would find myself driving around threw places I had memories with my mom and would be in tears but with time I felt a better I met a few ppl that lost there moms to cancer as well we talked about our story's and found we had similar stories also they had similar dreams about there moms like I did only thing I wish uber didn't take a 30% commission when I started with uber x it was 20% commission but when uber select came they take 30% of my fares why not only take 20% from your original drivers and let them make more money for each trip that's the only thing I wish uber would change hopefully that is part of there changes in the next 6 months
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lynnjenn7777
  • Appreciate your drivers 2/5

    By EvilD13
    ..the driver app gets progressively worse.. I wish the "brass" would focus more on the business and less on hitting on interns. Smh
  • Uber app has a lot of glitches it needs to fix 4/5

    Don't be sending me messages about problems I tell you you have, without fixing them
  • Uber is obviously amazing 5/5

    By Wazcheber
    It's great.
  • #NEVERUBER 1/5

    By mike194654
    Unethical Leadership. They are not creating social change, they are the cause of the problems in society. They break their promise, they break the backs of drivers, they break their own privacy policy as well as Apple's. I feel sorry for other drivers and the honest employees being told to unethical things. They track user's phone locations even when the app is not in use, or even when the app is deleted. Travis is a terrible person and I can't support him or his company until he's replaced. Until then, here I am Lyft. Good luck Uber, deleted.
  • Hmm... 3/5

    By MuppetsMostWantedFan
    I had given the app 4 stars but I had to take one. My app has really been glitching lately while I'm out delivering orders. I'll be at a red light and suddenly the map changes directions and reroutes me if the light doesn't change right away. Also my acceptance rate keeps going down although I accept every single ride and it hasn't yet reset or gone up even though I'm still accepting every delivery request. I don't want to go back to Lyft but I am considering it. 😒😔
  • Best Rideshare Platform 5/5

    By Sassydyme
    Prefer it to other services because its user friendly
  • Uber 5/5

    By Goldie24kt4u
    Uber has been a life changing career for me. I have been driving for Uber since January. I have been able to make money, spend more time with my family, take off when I want to and go on vacation. I have meet some very nice passengers, network with people, and learn about new restaurants, beaches and all of the surrounding cities I live near.. Thank Uber for changing my life!!
  • Best Driver App ever!!! 5/5

    By Juan Uribe
    The Uber platform is awesome and the driver app is way better that the Lyft App. If you ask me, there's is no comparison. I drove for Lyft for 2weeks and made the decision to exclusively drive for uber period!....Uber supports and delivers first class quality service to me and my riders. I an Uber driver for life👍🏽
  • Gigi 5/5

    By Hiswifey39
    I have only been driving for a week now but i am really loving it!! I enjoying being able to work on my schedule, meet new people, and just have fun!! I'm able to do more for my family now!! I will say though that some of the rates seem a little low as far as mileage and time. Other then that I'm very happy with my app!!
  • Get rid of Uber Pool 1/5

    By Heyyoucanfinish2356
    -Uberpool rips off drivers they do more work for less money. It's also dangerous changing course while driving. Put a tip option LA & everywhere. They keep raising the fake safety fee. But pay drivers less. Raise your per minutes fee we get nothing sitting in traffic for an hour for a few mile drive. I got $2.94 for 15 minute ride to LAX. should be an airport surcharge or at least pay minimum $5 not worth even leaving my house for that---.
  • Queue 4/5

    By Flaws n all
    I'm ready to #Pushit ...#gogetthemoney.... There is too long of a wait time between pick ups.
  • Efficient, but needs work 4/5

    By Greywood25
    Works fast, sometimes takes routes through parking lots, thinks very wide sidewalks are roads, uses a lot of power, gets stuck when driving through downtown Chicago, a night mode would be nice with darker colors instead of the bright white map that's strains my eyes, add different accents to the boring robotic navigation lady accent, should integrate security like apple touch I.d. Or face recognition, a child or stranger could easily log you on and really mess things up, hot spots where you could get at least one rider in an area should be visible not just surge
  • frozen app 2/5

    By T uber
    app keeps freezing, i deleted it to redownload and now i can’t download it at all.
  • Very disappointed.... What happen to "CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION"?!?!? 1/5

    By Jordan786574358842
    When I first sign up for uber I went to the store to do my referral the guy said " once I hit 75 trips I will get 490 dollars I thought that was cool" but no he did not mention if I make more money then 490 dollars within the 30 days, I will Not get the 490 dollars that was promise to me !!!! I worked very hard for those trips , and very disappointed!! The uber place in Miramar a girl help me out named Dona did not help me out, she was practically saying I was lying and I was wrong ! Even though the guy never mentioned that to me about incentives, so practically it's my fault even though it was the guys fault for never mentioning that. What ever happen to "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION"??? The customer service in Miramar was horrible!!!!!!!!!!! Very disappointed:/ I Even talked good to you Guys in the all the trips I have done
  • Thank you UBER 5/5

    I wish you Uber pay me $1.25/mile $0.25/minute if this happen For Lansing Michigan Drivers I will more Thanks to UBER.. May God bless UBER... Amen.
  • It works terrible!!! 1/5

    By Vaniushi
    It doesn't take the orders. I can be hours and don't get any. I make sure to be with a very good internet and I actually been in a restaurant that had a request and never beep. The owner waited 7 min for any driver to pick up the request

    By HS7
    6/24/17 iPhone 7 Plus / 256GB / iOS 10.3.2 / Version 3.161.3 Location bug fixed after 3 weeks of contact. About time. Tips are now being added by end of next month. So far headed towards right track. Next issue, drivers should be able to rate canceled trips, when a passenger cancels while the driver is already enroute, and especially for Pool trips that inconvenience other passengers. Also drivers should also be able to opt out of pool. PREVIOUS: After resetting location settings the driver app fails to open and get past the blue logo screen. I have tried resetting network settings, turning the phone on and off, hard resetting the phone, and even recreated the issue on other iPhones (same issue if installing new app then resetting location settings). The only way to get past this screen is by DELETING the app, and reinstalling it. Once reinstalling it will go through the prompts for location and notification settings. However, after these prompts if you reset location settings again, the app will refuse to open. And thus the loop goes on again. The user should not have to delete the app everytime a location and privacy reset is done. This is very frustrating, and has been an ongoing issue before the latest version. I've tried to reach support with no help.
  • Nice gig, easy money 5/5

    By The Gale Woper
    I didn't expect much out this, but thought I'd give it a try. I've meet a lot of nice people, learned San Diego better, and have just been myself with the passengers. Working part time still qualifies you for nice benefits that can make things easier for your everyday life. If you're interested, give it a shot. You may like it.

    By Horace grant son
    During promotions/quest your acceptance rate will drop . This is considered malpractice, this is Uber's way for you not to meet promotion criteria, and there is nothing the DRIVER can do ...except : TO SCREENSHOT EVERY TRIP BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU WHICH IS RIDICULOUS Should be a lawsuit for this !!! Google "UBER DRIVERS FORUM" to hear what drivers say BEWARE OF FAKE REVIEWS, MALICIOUSLY POSTED BY UBER !!! You will not earn 24/7 !!! THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT ONLY UBER EARNS 24/7. Most unethical company in America . They rob you , manipulate the app always to their advantage. "Upfront" pricing , is a way to rip Driver off . This also means Driver will get paid whatever "upfront" pricing is , while idling in traffic . Uber gets more while You , the driver , get less !! You go to your barber , waiter , pizza boy, bellhop, it's common courtesy to TIP . We are not "Partners" ,if we were you'd listen up , and fix the app and rates . The app is so glitchy and annoying, there is an issue daily . It would be nice to have accurate pickups that should be flawless . Everyday at least once, you're driving in circles , like a fool. People except good service , but drivers are not given the correct tools to make a simple job ....simple. And NO MORE $2.40 fares in Southern California, there is ridiculous amounts of traffic and drivers should be compensated for their time, stress , and devalue to Their cars . I had a guy tell me he paid $7 dollars for His ride and I got half of that , while doing all the work This is how you treat your "partners ?" Do better
  • Uber driver 5/5

    By Red hot red5
    Love the app, easy to use.
  • Needs work 4/5

    By Bkraf
    Great extra money but when you figure in the gas and Miles on your car, isn't as good as it looks. GPS is awful at times which makes your ratings go down as they blame you. GPS has you going way out of your way at times or just wrong directions. Nice to have money put right in your bank account weekly. Insurance a problem and driver do not get enough to make it a great experience.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By parrish1006
    Great company to work with!
  • ⚠️MANDATORY Selfies - Crash Danger 1/5

    By kx11
    REAR-ENDER DANGER! 🛑😣 🤳📸 -> 🚗💥🚚💨 Uber makes you take selfies: At a red light, you take a selfie to log-on. At the side of the freeway, you take a selfie At congested streets, you take a selfie, if you can pull-over. At night, this app MAXIMIZES YOUR SCREEN BRIGHTNESS, reduced vision ensues --reduced night-vision is dangerous! -NO SELFIES! Please, use fingerprint authentication, like the secure apps (bank) Who wants multiple, unflattering, "mug-shot" DRIVER gig pictures going to cyberspace; no one!!
  • Needs a roundtrip & multiple stops option 4/5

    By NowhereNearDone
    Out here in the burbs, I OFTEN get requests for round trips and multiple stop requests because they are hiring is because their car is in the shop, or they got a DUI. You are leaving a LOT if money in the table. Charge a premium for this premium service they'll pay it.
  • Why 5 stars? 5/5

    By Vtmiami305
    Uber is a life saver company. And the best if you can work it out in 24 hours a day meaning you can get to work anytime any hour in a day! You will get serious earnings if you dedicate yourself! Not like turning on the app and give couple rides, you need to see it as a business owner not like an employee! There are hundred thousands of people living their lives because of Uber's system! Uber is not only a transportation system, it is the system that connects people and help them socializing! Most importantly, The major cities in the World now running with Uber's system!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Leo Alvarado4
    Never crashes anymore, used to crash all the time a few months ago! so that's awesome, pandora music integration needs a little work, sometimes music doesn't want to play for no apparent reason.
  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By basa702
    It keeps freezing while I'm taking a pax to there destination and keeps freezing when I get a ping and result in my acceptance rate to drop
  • Surge 3/5

    By Concern Uber Driver😳
    I share some of the same complaints that I have read, what I do like is where is would show a surge and I do not get a call until the surge is over....can't figure that one out??????
  • Awesome 5/5

    By coachpearce74
    I have been driving for 2 weeks and having a ball. Making good money too. Took me a week to figure it all out where and when to go places but getting the hang of it now. By trade I am a plumber and have been for 27 years. I am done with plumbing and going full time Uber. The gps is great I never have an issue. 5 star all the way. Thanks Uber I love my new job.
  • App broken 1/5

    By Fizzlefist
    Latest update left the app unable to start. Completely broken right now.
  • Love Uber BUT.... 4/5

    By Sangurl
    I'm a new driver...2 weeks..The GPS took a while to learn. I HATE when it indicates a freeway and it just informs of what's on the sign instead of saying it's a freeway. It makes me think the name of a street. Also there's no way to ask for help in general. It seems like it's only via a specific ride. I would like to see the WHY I was rated low so I know what I need to fix or be made aware of for my next riders. I received a lot of high ratings then got one very low rating which brought my overall rating down. I have no idea why. If there was a way to see that immediately then I could rectify future rides. As it stands I'll await a response from Uber. An update on the app to reflect it under notes would be a great addition. It's a bomber to see high ratings then a slump with no idea of why especially when I think I'm giving great service to all of my riders.
  • Still no driver support, uber getting better now. 3/5

    By Mas_non
    7 months and still crap driver support. I love driving and getting Drunks off the road so they don't get DUI's or hurt someone. With the new changes to uber underway, I am enjoying all the updates so far! Destination filter finally got to my city and finally got FIFO. Hope uber adds a way for the drivers to see what place they are in at the airport. Still having issues with replies from uber when I ask questions. Love the new driver profile for the passengers to look at!
  • Driver relations 5/5

    By sercia69
    The app needs a lot more technical work as well there servers,app freezes occasionally while on runs possibly need more servers to handle the demand of drivers, also this UberEATS I just tried all honestly if your a town over and get a signal to head out to the pickup place you should give the drivers a traveling fee since the trip doesn't start till you pick up the order and drop it off at its destination, example I was signaled in Naperville to go to Wheaton which is about a 15 mins drive and only got paid for pick up and drop off this was only 5.74 for this trip so it still needs work to make it worthwhile for the driver, other than these problems I have no problem with driving for this company and love the quest challenges they offer. I also believe the rating system for drivers and riders should be removed since it can be unfair to both special when drivers can't defend themselves when riders rate and write a review we can't see that we can respond too
  • GPS could use some work, but solid 4/5

    By Uuga-Booga
    Idk what everyone's complaining about. GPS is a bit off, but not crippling/detrimental by any means
  • Do not get involved this company. 1/5

    By Hf-aks68
    I do not like driving with Uber.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Poke' fan
    Make money, meet people, and enjoy the ride!
  • Uber 1/5

    By Hwerfelli
    Uber needs to tell driver the pick up and drop off for the ride immediately. Sometimes it's not worth driving 12 minutes to take someone 2 miles and only make 3 bucks. Also tuner should not be making more money than the driver. 9 dollar service fee when the driver makes 5 is ridiculous.

Uber Driver app comments

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