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Uber is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Uber, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in select cities. Whether you’re going to the airport or across town, there’s an Uber for every occasion. Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide—download the app and take your first trip today. Requesting your Uber is easy—here’s how it works: - Just open the app and tell us where you’re going. - The app uses your location so your driver knows where to pick you up. - You’ll see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and can track their arrival on the map. - Payment can be made by credit card, cash in select cities, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more. - After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback to help us improve the Uber experience. You’ll also get a receipt by email. Need a simple way to get from A to B quickly? Take uberX, our most affordable individual option. Want to save money on your ride? Take uberPOOL—you’ll travel with other riders headed your way and enjoy a lower fare. Want to elevate your experience? Take a high-end vehicle with UberBLACK. And there’s still more options—whether you’re traveling with a big group, or need a vehicle with accessibility features. See if Uber is available in your city at https://www.uber.com/cities Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber Have a question? Visit uber.com/help. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • Second in line 3/5

    By Demothness
    I'm not a fan of this whole "your driver is completing a trip nearby" thing. They're basically grabbing you and making you wait for who knows how long instead of letting an available driver in your area pick up the request. When are we getting a feature to limit the amount of time we can wait for a pickup. When ppl have to uber, it's cause they're in a rush. It makes no sense to show me a car that's like 4 blocks away and allow someone who's still on a trip to lock me down, saying 15 minutes away, completing a trip "near by."
  • Uber has not been working for over a week 2/5

    By Mrstarmack
    Saying issue with connection. I have full connection. I live in NYC. Clicked on help button. Says "we are having issues reaching your content". I have deleted and redownloaded app 7 times and still not working and saying unavailable in my area. Had to download Lyft ):
  • nah 1/5

    By Kitty2469
    Location drains battery, poor customer service, sexual harassment scandals, only redownloaded the app for a week because there is no Lyft in Puerto Rico
  • Bad service 2/5

    By Diva123456677
    I'm really starting to hate uber . Every time I request one my driver always cancels or they are 35 minutes away . It's really annoying . Some of my drivers creep me out they say innapropiate things I know that's for any one but it's constantly . And sometimes I'm still charged even after they cancel . Might end up going back to using lyft
  • They steal your money 1/5

    By Workaholic1991
    Uber charges you a cancellation fee when your driver never shows up. DO NOT USE UBER!
  • The app eats all the battery! 3/5

    By Stradefi
    I can't wait for an update fixing that!
  • Use Lyft instead 1/5

    By User1234567abcdefg
    Awful customer service.
  • Surprised by the negative reviews 5/5

    By itsmechris
    I'm really surprised to see that the Uber app has such a low rating. I've used Uber hundreds of times, and in the rare case where I've had an issue, support has quickly sorted everything out.
  • Awesam 5/5

    By Rashel Sobhan
    It's excellent service
  • Do not update. New version is a step back 1/5

    By Papaouitek
    Multiple issues with the new version. the new location tracking is a big issue for Privacy and battery usage that has to be fixed. Add tipping
  • Location service annoyance 2/5

    By Jkosten1005
    Uber is great. But I hate having to share my location with the app at all times. It's really frustrating.
  • Fake Reviews, Constant Tracking 1/5

    By CmdrShepardsPie
    Uber seems like a pretty bad company. Everything I've read (and having rode and driven for them) they seem like the absolute worst example of corporate greed. Aside from the business practices in general, it's super skeezy the app constantly tracks your location. Also it looks like all the positive reviews are from employees, the latest one is just a blatant advertisement for themselves. Done with these a*holes.
  • So much negativity 5/5

    By Luna_B
    I been using UBER for over 2 years and never have I experienced bad service or outdated vehicles. I'm just curious, based on all the negative comments posted which state are you all from?
  • Use Lyft instead. Thank me later 1/5

    By JuvenilaJames
    Uber=Garbage scam
  • Add a picture of the driver's car 3/5

    By Magemancer
    I use the app often because I'm an out of state student and need rides to the from the airport, along with sometimes just needing to use it to get around in general because I don't have a car and my friends who do drive are too busy to help me. I have not had a problem using the app but as someone who doesn't know a lot about cars, unless it's a make and mode that I have at home, I have no idea what I'm looking for. Is it too hard to have a picture of the driver AND the car they're driving? That would make me much more comfortable when I call for an Uber so that I know who and what vehicle I'm looking for.
  • Allow only sharing location while app is running g. 1/5

    By GetSource
    There is still no way to only enable location sharing only when using the app. Having location sharing on all the time is a deal breaker for me. Uber: Re enable the option to only share when using the app.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By TatiNikole
    Your app and uber website are not user friendly. I try to sign into my account and it will not let me proceed. It says please correct the following with no information telling you what to correct. So I tried to use the uber driver app and it says I have to enter a phone number when my correct number is there. It still didn't allow me to sign in to be able to make any changes. I don't want to go to lyft. It I just might. Their sing in is much easier.
  • Bad costumer service 1/5

    By Tevy Bear
    I recently had a terrible uber experience and put in a complaint but they couldn't do anything about it because they claimed to already make similar adjustments. Which is total bs I have never once put in a complaint before up till that ride. The uber driver said he "accidentally" cancelled my ride once I got in the car told me to request again but I got someone else then he told me to cancel that one and ask for uber x now looking back I should have just left the car and waited for a different uber the whole thing seemed like a scam. Plus he played loud dance music and was a terrible driver. I would switch to lyft but sadly it is a bit pricier than uber but if I had to bank to switch I would totally do so!
  • Invasive settings 1/5

    By markuess
    I have stopped using Uber. The reason is that they want the location setting to be on at all times. I consider this an invasion of privacy and will not support a company with that philosophy. Go Lyft!
  • No stars if possible 1/5

    By Anon123443211111
    Always on location is a terrible idea. If you shut it off there no way to get to your ride history or settings. I was using Gett in NYC already pretty frequently and Lyft in other cities. Deleting Uber finally.
  • Hostile Driver, Poor Navigation, Late Arrival 1/5

    By Ruben Rico Ramirez
    Hi, When I requested a ride in your app today, the driver took an excessive amount of time to arrive to my location. When he arrived in my complex he drove in circles on the opposite side of my complex. After finally arriving to my apartment building, I immediately began walking toward his vehicle on my crutches (I am disabled). From the point of arrival to the point where I reached his car door was about 30 seconds. He lowered his window and said "you are late where were you I am not your ride anymore"; I explained to him I had to crutch across the parking lot about 600 yards from where I had dropped my pick up location pin he said "well that's too bad buddy" I was also charged $5 cancellation fee! He was extremely rude and hostile, I've have had this experience with another uber driver also. These drivers are poorly trained in customer service, no sense of professionalism or basic courtesy whatsoever. The navigation for pick up and drop off is terrible! I have not had these issues using LYFT, their drivers are always respectful, courteous, on time, efficient and safe drivers! Another terrible experience with uber, I will now be late to work!
  • Use if you have to 1/5

    By Fios1715
    Horrible company. They treat their drivers terribly (ask any of them). Management does unethical things. And now, they want to track you at all times. Please use only if no other options. Support the other car services. Here are a few great alternatives: Gett via Lyft Juno
  • Customer service 1/5

    By None9325040613
    The customer service for Uber is horrible. I had trouble with the app changing its self over to XXL and charging me more than a regular Uber and got told it was my fault that Uber had a glitch in it. Nothing is been done even though I have contacted them more than once
  • Oh, Uber! What have you done? 2/5

    By DSJ.
    I'm getting close to doing the #deleteUber thing. First, my recent Lyft/Uber driver said that Lyft treats drivers better (and allows for tipping; word has it that if you don't tip an Uber driver, your star rating may suffer, but there's no way to tip with the app). Next came Uber's "Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Week" per USA Today two weeks ago: 1) a former engineer sued Uber for sexual harrassment and discrimination, 2) investors berated the company for fostering a toxic work culture 3) sued by Waymo for stealing driverless car technology (denied by Uber) 4) VP of Engineering dismissed for not making it known that he was the subject of a sexual harassment suit at his former employer, Google 5) a video surfaced of CEO Travis Kalanik berating a driver (leading to an apology to the company) 6) the week's not over yet! Authorities report that Uber's been using their secret "Greyball" program to evade law enforcement. OK, unless Lyft's not around, is there ANY reason to use Uber?? Sheesh!
  • The people behind uber are idiots 1/5

    By Dejthebraider
    I'm completely done with this app. They do things like pair you in a pool with people and you will be going two completely different ways. They charge you for cancelling rides even though the driver may not have shown up. The prices change everytime you take a ride even though you could be going the same place everyday of the week. One day it's $9. The next day it's $14.
  • Inept Support 1/5

    By Macdaddy
    I would not be able to accurately explain how inept uber support was in regards to understanding my request as to why my cc was being declined as an payment option, even though I contacted my bank to determine if my card was having issues. Five days and countless reps asking the same questions. It was as if there was no history of multiple msgs as well as screenshots of ubers declined msg. Not one rep had the vaguest idea. In the end it had actually became comical. Adios duber
  • Great in Guadalajara Mexico!!! 5/5

    By Geli426
    Been using app for a week. So far no problems. Very safe and reliable.
  • Insanity. 1/5

    By Callmemell
    All the uber customers who do not tip the drivers should be utterly ashamed of them selves. Especially waiters/waitresses and anyone whos job requires tips. Its disgusting how it has become normal to not tip the driver. Do you realize the driver needs to buy water/chargers/aux cable/gum/ keep car clean (inside and out) and all these things are coming out of the drivers pocket.
  • Try Lyft 1/5

    By whydontyoudance
    It is was better than this.
  • Privacy concern - location tracking 1/5

    By Alexinrhody
    Don't make me use location services all the time- you don't need to know where I am if I am not using your service. Also, be a better company and don't condone sexual harassment
  • Service worsens with new releases 2/5

    By David.Moser
    Uber seems to be prying into our lives by removing certain privacy controls from the app and accessing more and more personal information. Their drivers are often asleep in the early morning when I arrive from a red eye flight. So, I wait a long while to eventually have to cancel and rebook. Big waste of time and there is no way to report a non-responsive driver. There is no way to block drivers you had unsatisfactory experience with. The latest fiasco involved a driver not honoring car pool pickup at airport. Driver called me asking me to cancel and rebook for regular Uber service for a higher fare because not enough space. I told driver he has to cancel. So, what he did is to drive up the departure ramp instead of the arrival ramp, waited 2 minutes then canceled. Funny thing is that when I rebooked my ride, the same exact driver came to pick me up at a higher fare: where were the other passengers taking up all the luggage space??? I think that dishonesty must be against some corporate rules, right? I don't recommend Uber.
  • Contents of updates 1/5

    By PaulJohnsonPgh
    Please in all cases describe the changes in updates
  • Works great 4/5

    By TrentVano
    I would give 5 stars but I do think that one should have the option to tip in the app. Also, I would like to be able to choose my driver from a list of nearby drivers, but the app always chooses one for me. Why have a rating system for drivers if you can't even choose from them?
  • Needs a tip feature 3/5

    By locke3891
    Please allow us to tip drivers through the app. Change that and the privacy concerns for a 5 star rating.
  • Great platform! 5/5

    By Superfan22
    Uber is a great ride hailing platform. Period. No company is perfect, but they have revolutionized travel and have made business travel a whole lot easier for me.
  • Stop with the tracking! 1/5

    By JBOZ99
    Wants 24/7 access to gps location - not just when using the app. KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE SPYWARE. Give us back the "when using app" option.
  • Horrible app and company 1/5

    By Dimi01
    Their "God View" feature allows their employees to spy on you anytime - who they think they are?? They are nothing without customers, it's our dollars paying for their exaggerated salaries! Also, now the app tracks your location all the time (you can't select "while app used") Delete Uber app and/or account! "Uber’s lack of security regarding its customer data was resulting in Uber employees being able to track high profile politicians, celebrities, and even personal acquaintances of Uber employees, including ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and ex-spouses,” Samuel Ward Spandenberg, a former forensic investigator for Uber, who is suing the company for wrongful termination, said in a court declaration filed in October."
  • I will be uninstalling this app right now! Would not even download if I were you 1/5

    By LulY04
    I'm not judging in only one experience. I have years using this pp but this is the end of my pacience! If I could give 0!!!!!!!! Stars I would but it's impossible! First, drivers cancel your trips and you are the one that have to pay the cancellation fee. Second: how come a costumer like me that does not even talk in the car gets a bad rating. Third: a driver it's not supposed to be giving me attitude or complaints about where they are taking me! It's so unprofessional it's the first time I write a review about anything in the world and it has to be this! I'm erasing this app right now! Would not even download if I were you
  • Location Options 1/5

    By 12343234321
    There shouldn't be an "Always on feature" without an option to only use in app. Like many other complaints this is unacceptable and I will be using lyft until I can use your app without giving up my privacy
  • App still has payment method issues 1/5

    By ScannerJammer
    I keep seeing payment method invalid messages, but when I close the app and reopen it my ride is on the way and my payment always goes through fine. Why? It's like they're secretly asking for extra payment info.
  • Wth was this lady doin? 2/5

    By Um I think not . ?.
    Me & a friend took an Uber to McDonald's an the Uber lady said she would wait for us to get done ordering our food and then take us home when we got outside to get in her car she left and we had to walk 35 minutes home💀🙄
  • Why cant a schedule a ride even when it says i can in the help section 2/5

    By mrAR12
    Seriously link your help section to the parts of the app each article relates to. It is not hard. Stop simplifying the interface with stupid hieroglyphs. Just put an advanced tab in the top right corner and let people do all the complex stuff in one place in their chosen language. Do it quick or everyone will switch from uber. How you can keep making this app worse every time you update it is beyond belief.
  • What a piece of junk 1/5

    By Itsyourcaptspeaking
    This app doesn't even deserve the one star it took to write this review. App crashes constantly and makes you resubmit ride requests. After all the restarting it never lets you know if the request went through or not, so you're stuck hoping it did go through. Just a terrible app
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Edwin Fion
    Disappointed with the service, philosophy and what the company stands for.
  • Location Services 1/5

    By bschurm
    Limiting use until I can turn on location services only while using app. Tried my first few Lyft rides and see no reason to go back to Uber until that is fixed. Also like ability to tip on Lyft.
  • Location services 1/5

    By Pissedoff77
    Location services option needs to go back to switch on only when using app. There's no reason to "Always" require sharing my location. Lyft doesn't have this problem. Keep updating to clear the bad reviews out everyone's just going to keep reposting them.
  • Not lib so I'm not going to give low stars. 5/5

    By MattBostian
    I imagine there's a lot of one star ratings on here from liberals who don't like Uber's head having a seat on Trump's advisory council. Unaware that the heads of a whole lot of companies are on team Trump. Unfair to Uber. So here's 5 stars from a logical human. The app works, you get a ride. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Flaws ruin Uber, lots of better providers. 1/5

    By Lance J.
    I have used Uber quite a bit in the past 3 years... but now they've run totally off the rails. Their privacy posture is truly nutsoid. And full time GPS drains batteries too. Uber doesn't seem to care. But I am happy to report one AWESOME thing about this change - Uber convinced me to try Lyft and Fasten. Both are excellent, less expensive alternatives to Uber, and without the personal privacy abuses offered by Uber. Thanks Uber, for showing me that there are better fish in the sea. I'm pretty sure that Uber hopes that all the negative reviews are by robots working for the competition, and that Uber is working hard to hire an army to counter attack. Nope. There are just a lot of disappointed customers. Fix your service and the reviews will improve. Original Review: Since the app and service are tightly coupled, my review is for both. Overall, very good. Generally better than a cab. I have had one problem driver - crazy guy - but likely no less crazy than some cab drivers I have had. App could be easier to use, but it is quite good.
  • Charged when driver never showed 1/5

    By PBGDave
    Requested a ride for my wife and me at Orlando airport. App said driver was one minute away. Map showed driver not moving. 15 minutes later, the app STILL showed one minute away although car was still in the same spot. I tried to call the driver several times and texted as well. Received no response. Finally cancelled the request. UBER CHARGED ME $10 WHEN I FINALLY HAD TO TAKE A NASTY CAB. Obviously the driver was too busy chatting with his girlfriend/boyfriend on the phone and ignoring the fact that he accepted my ride request. UBER is losing its edge and is no longer any better than the smelly cabs on the curb. At least THEY show up.
  • request fail 1/5

    By shyel natre
    i use uber everyday but today it kept failing on me 😭 kept getting request fail. please fix this!

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